The Weekly Standard from Raleigh, North Carolina on March 17, 1836 · Page 3
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The Weekly Standard from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 3

Raleigh, North Carolina
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Thursday, March 17, 1836
Page 3
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Ss , N. C AROLUTa CNTESTfiO BLBCTip:- ITRD STATE SENATE. 7 mili:XieniH tts, f SHE SAimKXe RALEIGH : THURSDAY, MARCH 17,1836. THE PEOPLE against THE BANK. Dtartlil Van Bnrcu, for President. Rich d 71, JohllSOll, for Vice President Richard IK Spa is lit, for Governor- LAND RESOLUTIONS We have given, on our fourth page, a "brief sketch of some remarks delivered in the Senate at the last session or our Legislature, on Coh Waugh's Resolutions relating to the public domain. From Ais sketch, it will b1 seen that Col. W. 'effectually exposes the partisan character which the whig so assiduously lobored to give to he land question. Connecting Koc.i romorl.-e nf C XK? iritfi tko Into nf iuv0 iviiiuin ui vu ! uu iitv suw Li. T" fi.ll p Civ ..t ' 1. . L - TI.. of dommohs, where, every member in the least tainted With wn'iggism, voted to reject them and the iniquity of the scheme, to turn the wheJe subject to the advancement of the whig, parly, becomes the more palpable and certain. lu'ions so expressive of the views of North Carolina on the subject that they passed the Senate, some of them by an unanimous vofeS Yet, notwithstanding all (his, they were KILLED in the Com-Ttnons? And the blood of this victim to partisan rancor, stains 4he hands of every ' whig" who was in th5 House when the deed was done J We- have been favored by the Hon. William Montgomery Represented ve of this District, and the Hon.- George V. Jones Delegate from Wisconsin, with the printed Report of the Committee on tire contested election between: Messrs. New-land And Graham, from the 12th (or Mountain) District in this State. Mr. Graham obtained the Sheriffs' return, and is i the sitting member : we have already stated, that a majority of the Committee have reported in favor of vacating Mt-. Graham's seat, and of admitting Mr. N. as rightfully entitled1 to it. From the committee4 report, (which, with the accompanying vouchers is very voluminous, and mu&t have required much patient, labor on the part of the committee) we gather the following results, on which the committee found their decision in favor of Mr. Newland, viz : Graham's whole vote, as returned, 3,733 Newland's do do 3,726 Graham's majority, as returned, - - 7 Nineteen vdtes'ou G's poll, were proven, to the satisfaction of a majority of the committee, to be bad, on account of non-residence in the . county, or in the State, - - - 19 Eight votes on Newland's poll, were in like manner declared illegal on account of non-residence, &c. - - 8 ; - . - - ' 11 Graham's refctttned majority, v-ifr- 7 Newland's majority To which the committee add theie, having been wrongfully struck from the-poll of Henderson's pre4 cmct, by the judges at Ashville, Ahd the ttonuniitee add sijc other votes for- Newlnrfd, which were rejected at the polls, altho' since proven to have' been legal votes, erican Senate. The rights, and the r , trly expressed will of the States, being Bwke. We also have a letter from Burke, itica!,wiil find, in the present Senate, a which assures Us that the old Republicans COL. BENTON'S SPEECH, ori the "necessity of keeping up the defences of the couniry, Dy appropriating a portion of tne surplus revenue in repairing, rebuilding and arming our dilapidated fortifications, is a luminous exposition of the tr'ue policy of the country on 'this "subject. We shall t. -.L -.1 i : euricn our columns wun tuespeecn xu a week or two. Hon. ISAAC HILL'S SPEECH We have been favoured with a pamphlet copy of Mr. Hill's speech, delivered in the Senate of the United States the 12th ult., on the subject of the Abolition petitions. Mr. Hill takes such a practical and common-sense view of the whole matter, enforcing his arguments by facts and the strongest chain of reasoning (leaving the regions of fancy to such puff-ball orators as Preston, Sic,) that we intend shortly to publish his speech for the benefit of our fearers. . '. FROM WASHINGTON An es-teemed friend writes, under date of 10th inst. that "on yesterday the abolition dues- -lion was settled in the Seriate that is, it was decided, 36 to 10 that the Memorials, &c,be received) which 4s saying that the people shall not be denied the right to pe-. lion Congress. But the Abolition question will now be put at rest, in Congress neither the abolitionists nor agitators will liave. it in their power to raise an excitement: the petitions -of the former wrll tie received, .the- committee; will nalce a trong report against them, and that will be the end of the matter. Mr. Clay made a speech on this subject which highly offended Calhoun, and the South Carolina nuliifiers who follow in his wake. Rumor says that Gov, Cass is to go to France, Mr. Stevenson to England, Gov. Eaton to Spain : and that Speaker Polk will be Secretary of War. No definite action by the Senate on anyof the important nominations. Another letter says : "The nomination of Mr. Taney will, I think, bo certainly Qrted on in a few days, and as certainly be confirmed." U y ? . 13 The majority and minority Reports of the committee, tocher with, tho whole matter, being before the House, we have given, on our outside page some remarks of Mr. BvMOM. and others, on the subject, in order that our readers may be enabled to make up their own opinion" of the Case. It is thought Mr. NewUmd will be admit-ted to the seat. We shall hereafter publish further discussions on this Subjecti HUGH WAD DELL, Estfr. was lavish in hie abuse of us and our paper, in a-speech Redelivered before a Whig meeting at Hillsbdrouh, 4th ult,so we ate informed by a gentleman (and- a political friend of Jucge White, too, who was present at that meeting. Nor was Mr. Wad-dell very choice in his terms of abuse, ac cording to our informant's account. Now there is no truth more fully tested by all time, than thisthal when n gentleman is driven to the use of reproachful epithets in attempting to controvert the positions of an Opponent, his stock of argument and reason may be presumed to be exhausted. "We have never used uncourtcous terms in speaking 4( Mr Waddcll's political course: nor enau we, oy ais r.j,umpic, w betrayed' into departure from the strict est propriety of language Robert C. Nicholas, tbe new Sena- that if thfe VJ&n n( tb " ncr-.r " anil tor from Louisiana, took his seat on the his informant from that county. 'were to 4th inst j Mr. Rives, from Virginia, on the attend at the Wilkes county court" in March, l0Sj!L o or tne bal boxes in November, they The Senate is now perfect in its nuffi- would undoubtedly, be gratified, to their hers, and complete in its. regeneration, the hearts' content,, with the sight of as many demoeratic majority bting decided arid' cer- Van Mreh Democrats as they might detain. Thus by the' firmness, the unshaken sire, without resorting to a starch warrant fidelity of the Republican Senators, arid bjr to compel their attendance, the intelligence and incorruptible ps-' tincohuX friend writes lis from Lm-tsm of the Democracy of ouf country, has tua tua a. v . our Union been preserved,--and themes ipg in LiRCOiDton, (the proceedings of imable charter of our rights, and the po- whiCh were published last week, and the y ii.un.uicvwiMiiwwn, ..committee of vigilance this) was unusual-been, rescoed from the imminent peril to iy large, every part t?f the County being which it was exposed by the predotamance fuuy presented ; and that the proceeding in the Senate, of one of the most upprin- spoke emphatically the sentiments of Lin-cipled and lerocious factions that ever dis- rfti h. graced the councils of our Country. Once a visit through the mountain counties, our more wilhhe sentiments of the fEOPLE correspondem remarks, that the cause of .., Pup uCic.. c lhe Democratic party was progressing r aju.iijr uy mere as prosperously as could be desired clea lQentlco' will nnd. in the nresont representative as firm in it mnintennn' of that county, some of wbom had been of the .first as it will irr b nrnmnt in its temporarily -estranged frdm their nartv by obedience to the latter. the artful use of Judge White's natne, were : - becoming satisfied that the cause of Mr. BENJAMIN WAfKlNS LEIGH. ) Van Buren, is the cause of the democracy This arristotratic Virginia Senator, uri- 'of the country like his higbmrnded and honorable col- Chatham. A subscriber, irt writing tis league, Mr. Tyler, who rJrO'.nptlv obeyed from thld1 HepUblican county of Chat-the Witt of his constituents) has defied tttel htftn, last week, says, arrfong other things, rmiiidate of the legislature, arid refused j I take great pleasure in assuring vou, that either id obey or resign his seal. J his is ! Chatham is becoming herself airain ; her itepuDiicans are fast discarding those whig' heresies which were last year but too successfully imposed upori fhern by a cunning and partisan use of the land reso-Jutioris &e. mc: At the ensuing election, they are determined not to be found acfine k ....... . ' in concert with their old political opponents, wno have stolen the garb ot " whigs, to lead astray unwary Democrats. 6ut the coming elections will evince the continu ed attachment of the latter to the princi- pies oi tne ivepuoucan party, as practised upon by our venerable President and a will be continued and carried Out by (as is now most certain) his successor, Martin Van Daren. The schemes of the oppo sition to divide the Republicans, are too thinly veiled to deceive them any longer." LINCOLN COUNT T. The following are tbe natnes of the Gentle men appointed at the Democratic meeting in Mncoititon, to compose tne Committee ot Ylgb lance tor mat county, V12 : Capf. Itob'i Biackburn, James Simero. John Dunn, jr. Andrew Killian , Jacob Sunero, Jacob Lunt Gi Our Republican friends in Ora'.ige co.. "have repeatedly inquired of us whether Mr. Waddell's speech, delivered at the whfer caucus in this city on the 22d Dec'r ! their own ' servan i i iii I r I . T last, would bpuDiisneu f Avnat were us j tensed dv sucn overweening ana arrogan in character with the man who stigmatized the laboring class of Our population as r.o bette'r than terfsy or slaves! and who owned he would have sooner voted for a penitentiary convict than for the PatriojbenefactoT' of our country, Jlndrta Jackson! The Virginia democratic papers are indin&nt: the Constfell :ion say? i Were the cohstitu-' ency of a representative government ever before so mocked at, derided, spat upon, ay, trampled beneath the feet, by a public servant, as are the constituency Of thi State of Virginia, by their Senator Benja-' min Watkins Ligh ? Shade of he Martyrs of the devolution M ought, can, will" the. flesh and blood of this day acquiesce in sdeh outrageous, such insolent bearing? Will not the Legislate instantly demand the resignation of this would be controller and direCior of their deliberations ? Wrll the majority of that body tamely submit to Mf. Leigh's audacious impeachment of their motives in passing the Expunging Resolutions ; an impeachment, insulting impeachment, couched in language too plain, too gross, to be misconstrued or mistaken. We take the following ffrm the Rich mond Enquirer of the 10th, ''Mr. Leigh. The conflict is over with Benjamin Wat-kins Leigh The Rubicon i9 passed ! The. Senator's Letter is now before the DUblic, and will excite the Strongest feel in-js in the bosom of every Republican of Virsinln. r or our o wn parts We can scarce ly hod Words sufficient to express out niriJTZcinent and disapprobation. We cannot doubt tRat his Letter Will be regarded as a tissue of the flimsiest Sophisms, which ever emanated frorn a public man of dis tinction,, in,, Virginia. Efow truly typical. is its zigzng cnaracter ot tne anomalous, unsteady., and crocked course, which its author has pursued! When was .there paper of this description addressed to. the Representatives '7 Kwratpristics. &c: &c. The neonle of Or-! nrpsumni ion so utter lv rei?ardleas of all ange havinff a perfect right to be informed j the: maxims of discretion ? Mr. Leigh of all public expressions of opinion by mm. ' l - m i their member and know ng tnat the J!d-itor of the Register took notes of the speech, we cailerJ, at the suggestion of many Republicans in Orange, for the publication of that speech But the Register having refused, to give it to the world, reasons seems1 to have formed too high an opinion of his own abilities, and 'o have calculated too largely on the credulity nf his country men. . Let him be assured, that such Aim sy sophistry and such flagrant inConsisteri cy as this, cannot bewilder the understand ings of the People. No 1 They Will re M0 This mad-can nullifies and faflrvtraw- L 5- t . oi,:5,af naa oeen lauueu ny me wuiS urmo, ana pnfl'd by them as an Otatifr worthy of themaQjle of the great John Randolph t In orfter to j&dze of the desperation of the party, it only becomes hecesary to show the ruffian-iUe harac ter of the agents through whom they op- peruMf. ne learn oy letters irora Wash-iHgtdn that Heory A. Wise has proven himself a rujSian timl a bully. It seems, that on Monday the 2nd inst.: Mr. Wise h a ving appealed from the decision of the chair, to the House, the -Globe states : The House then determined that Mr. Wise should not be permitted to proceed, by a Vote of 100 to 7$. It was then decided by the House, tin the appeal: taken from the decision of the Chair, liaf the Speaker Rbnillrl h snefninpH vena i 4 5 rifi tro A A Prom thi tt .nAOa ..w.-unJA wJ In Mobile, at the houseof herson-h, 1aw Tt M uT t J1! ' -, ujr p. Ige22d ult. Mary H. Williams fattoiv U overwhelming foaionties.. aunnorted the w.!L ,,.,., at W wraeriy or Speaker upon all the points which he was In Columbus! Ohio, 2fth nJt. iirvM Xtr ..w called onto decide. And we: understand, navant, formerly Editor of tBe Warrenton Ro from spectator as well- as members, that , u MAKRIflD. In this City on -rhemday ereninf last Bv - - - - """""t. air. oavin .nnmhf c- tn,to Miss Emetine P .Wha.rZl?TmV- We.lev Wbitaaer, te, rf mw 2 Z$1$lWh Iust chinrh Jleeves. aged 85, to Rebecca Boulder, fc4red 3& Onthe 2th alt. "John,!. Foreman ' Bstf of In Waynesboro, ad iost, Kev. Robert Deans to Mary Co daughter of John Cox. In Sampson county, 6th inst. James Bennett, iq' eSd 65 t0is8 Tempy Cobb, artrf 14 Saliy SmHK COtf"ty' 'a Good to i In Pasquotank County, 4th ult. Dr. Thomas P. Hintoii to. Carolina Hinton of tie tfori. Celifmuh. Uth inSt- EU SOHlh to In Anson county, 39ih ult. Elizabeth T. Allen, te of Wm. Allen, aged 23. wile In Stokes county, 10th inst .Elizabeth M411ey. rr, rq. Davidson connty, John ;s,of ,hvsrkcr i t ""riz.'z, temperate, conciliatory, ana not' in the At Clemmonsviiie, DaTidsc sugniesi aegree imperative. AtteT tne ad journment of the House, the Speaker left the hall for the purpose of going into his apartment as usual; tosive directions about making up the Journal of the day, with his books and papers in his 'hands, when be Miller, asrerl about 30 in i-erquimons county 25th 'nit. Mrs. araf M. Herndon, wife of Dr John ft. RmmIm imI 26. Alo, in Elizabeth City, Penelope H. Math- rs, ipta me laie ur, Thomas Mathews. In the town qf Halifax, 29th-nh. afmiirnoiA- V W? m "e in yer of ner age, Mrs Ma- tween the two doors he was accosted by " oaniei. cqmm ot the Hon. umm j. DunicL Mr. Wise iii a violent and ihaulbriir ma?a ot-me judges of the Supreme- Court of ner, in these words: North Carolina. It were vain to atiemni. i n thm i . a j " . ' ' ' Dnei space oi aq ooituary, to do justice to her a oamned tyrant persona 11 y-pocket tne Suffice it to my, tMrt in the various relation, of insult if you choose." . life, she was the delight and admiration of 'evefy , .The Sneaker ftassed on without noticing iw5,: in which she rtoVed, rndwill ever be re- Mr. Wise, further than by making s brief b J?0 k"w, pause atthe mOtnent the abusive language armsmd caught his: earfproceedinff on hi way plished ladv. Tbthe lt moW.nt nfbrl before Mr. Wise.finisbed, a The Sneaker tence, she manifested the same nlaeid counter cnaiuering ii a wanion insult c4u,,,,in,y icmper wmcn cnarae the body Ovef which he presided, fo r a re- terised Jier through-out her life, and died witf fusal on the part ofthe H.useto permit it. ?! " order to be violated by Mr. Wise, wouW anScanrtoi a.T:1,T not have an altercation with him, believ- In -Smithfield, Johnson count v, on the '2fitk. ing such a course beneath the dignity eflttI.t" Uoc- Jnn LeHaywoodf formerly of this the station which he held. SUPREME COURT. ST 1 a OA - . -ww Wj "is years, ur. m. was a sue cesslul practitioner, and was much esteemed in the community in which he lived He has left Oplniom delivered by the : Court, ftoc. YXSST& Our last publication : I u;a i. -i. KCffin, Ch. J. delivered the Omnien red on tbe 29th, of the Court, in Den ex dim. Harly v. Hogan, from Davidson, granting new trial : Also, in Buncombe Turnpike Co. v. McCarson, from Buncombe judgement arrestee : Also, m uen ex aem. weoo v. Luim, Arle J Itees, Jeremiah Goodson.EpVfiw Hall, frem Stokes, directing a new trial. j(odson, D Barnngcr, Daniel Finger, John Car- Ai -i i u i - ti T. i x-nter, Thomas Smiih, Absolim Brown, Thom'8 . Als'fm LG,lchrS ? Pme " Equity, Wilson, capt. Jlaior Hull, Andrew Dickson, -Sam'l Wilson, Dan'l Lata. John R Sterne. Mi chael Reap, Boslian Bess, James Ramsy, jr. Ja sob Mull. Eh Luty Berj Hull David Johnson, capt. McColisier, Isaac Holland, Esq. col. Oliver Holland, John Noli n," Wii. Irby, Nathan Mendenhall.Dr. W. W Noland, Jihrt Patterson, John HID, Franklin Holland, W D Hanna.cant. L. A . H. SJyl0tdUavid Lides, John Eink, I Court, in the case nf Harreil &, Co. Ow- ,t,"V..iu ut--i;ai, At at W "Z . . Jacob'Voeler.'cier Warlick.Milei Ahernatby. (Jepir8 Lenord Uanil Leunar4r4arTh0lr . Whtt-ner, David McETray, Solomon Warlick, Simeon Bareer, capt. John Rmledge, Wm. Neil, thos. 1' AI'aGIHi Adam Neil, Robert BerrV. Peter Mon- -j-rrt Esq. ISpbriam Moony. Jesse Hippy, Jacob Sroubarger, maj. Whitesides, John Blackwood, Esq. capt, Andrew II. Eoretz, col. Michal Rein-hardt, cwh Henry Fulenwider. col. John Hoke, col. Daniel St aglc, col. Michael "Hoke. mai. Jnd. Harry, maj. John Michal, Leonai I E Ttjompson, esq . jc(.d a Jtamsour, jonn iiiienin, iiareus til i i ii M i l iri i t: i r . ; - ' e fel " T - EHoke, Esqs Miles W Abernathv, Esq. Daniel of Freemen, by one o 1 Lorel Esq. Will Cobb, Esq. Henry Hoke, su'r. Its," SO strongly charac- Henry Cansler Esq. Henry Hoke, jr. .ftfcob HoVle, Able Hoyle,"David Beem. Michal Quicle. Paul Kisiler,Marlin Zimmerman, Capt. William Slade, capt. Wm. Love, capt. Andrew Love, John Gsmbill, snr., capt. John Blackwood, Will. OaH, Or Blackwood, snr. Joseph Mongomery, sr. h tJ Wirson, Rob i Barber, Sanvuel Wmten, Jno Citv Taxes. NOTICE is hereby given, that ! sbs-B attend at the Court House, on Fridv the 1st dav of April, from 10 o'clock in the forenoon to $ o'clock in the afternoon, for the purpose of ts king the City Tax list for the current year. Persons failing & give in their property fdf" Irom Kobeson. affirming the decree below : taxation, on the day specified. are liable to a fine A I art in b fnaa ftitront aArri mt Slcnft ai nl I of tWO dollars . in Equitv from Hertford, affihning the in-1 ..." - . t i : -'.ja i x- I w nircc iiiuniui prctuius w um time ui teTlocutors decree- Alsp,.in Wotlers Eir, giving b the annual Ux Rst, afid alf male sfavee p. Kidennour, in luqutfy irom Vaoarr US, t working. W4thm the limiu thereof, (whether their remanding the cause owners are residents or not) are subjects ofc taxi Gaston, J. delivered the Opinion of the ation and must be given i accordingly. Raleigh; Nvrch 14, 1836:. 3X74 ' ' I mm ens, from Hertford, irvantine- new trial : A Ion tl; I'o TF" ,J .. T1 1 - r I cieim mmn. a nri IW, ill lim O IS U. UUUIICS, 11UI11 J MLfJi.TM. WBVAM Stokes, afrlrminrr the jndojfnent below :. MApKQMPETEJ&SPltXG TO CITY POINT fljHE public Are.. res JL'pectfully informed that the New SteambK EAGLE, Capt. Ghase? has commenced! rn-nintr from this place to City Pointrto meet the boats from and to .Jfoe folk, and will leave in time to ensure a passage fo or from that place. No fears need be appro hended, by delay, as the boat draws bfHtwo feet water, which will . ensure a tun at all flraea of tide. Passage SI, for hich apply on board, or to " R JtYAN, Agent. ftb23. ' 3t73 - Atthe Wmtf. bo, in Elliott ti. Elliot, in Equitv, from Ru uienora, oectaring that me1 nuvancemems re te he brought into the? common fund for distribution : Also inXJurhn & -Wugh v. Welborn & Stokes, from Iredell, grant ing a new trial. " " i5 for its suppression being j quire (in the language, he has applied to Hon. William C. Rives has been elected to the 17. S, Senate from Virginia, in place of Mr. Tyler, resigned. The vote of the two Houses, stood, William C. Rives, . . . - $5 Scattering. - - - - - - 41 Several of the Whrg.partyleft the house to avoid voting. Thus is Virginia herself arain. Her iaraiable and talented son has ; been restored to thestatioh which he equal ly graced and honored, and from which he was ejected during the ephemeral dominance of faction in the councils of good old Republican Virginia. . v Ohio arui Michigan. -it will fW seen fi-om- our Congressional proceedings, that n bill has been reported by. the judiciary -committee, to settle the differences and establish the boundary line between Ohio and Michigan, and to admit the latter into the Union as a State.- conditioned, how- over, that the northern boundaries of Ohio and Indiana, as claimed by those States, .ere-jiot. to Retrenched upon by the southern boundary of the new State the latter to be compensated for any territory she 'tnav thus lose on ber southern border, oy a slice from the territory of Wisconsin on the north-west. The Report and the Bill on this subject, seem to have been prepared by the committee with an express eye tv a compromise of the Vexed question. Ohio and Indiana will doubtless be satisfied with this arrangement ; and we trast it may prove acceptable to Michigan, and that she" may be-forthwith admitted into the si.sterhoocl of the Union. A bill to mcorpoTate the Charleston and Cincinnati R vif Road Com pay has passed both Houses of the Kentucky Legislature, with branches from Lexington to Lotlis-yille and Mysville. - u Pro Patria" has been received and hali be nublwhed next week. ft he donbtless besi known to Mr. Waddell) We then stated, and which We now repeat, that Mr. W. spoke of President Jackson and his Administration in the. bitteres'. terms of denunciation. He diipeunced Gen. Jackson as an infatuated old man' whose rule was worse than the most galling tyranny on earth whose high-handed usurpations were plunging, this gov ernment into the lowest depths of cor ruption, and hurrying our country to a destruction more swift than the records of ages afforded any .example of! ! His language was too uneqnivoeali. and" his expressions too emphatic, to admit of being misunderstood. - This language, wc stated, did not accord with what we had been informed, were Mr. Waddcll-'s' jrV07 friendship for Gcn Jajokson; TCpeatedly made to the people ot grange. In this, we did . rib more than :duty demanded at our hands as a public-journalist we only Teponrl-ed to the calls of the Repuhlicans of Orange, for information in regard to their member's speech., tjtf the character of that speech be such, that Mr. Waddell is afraid to permit iT to be spread before his constituents, the fault is not eurs nor is Our obligation to keep the people advised of its concealment, thereby lessened. others) nets, and not profession some other and-better proof of his-devotion to the principles of the Constitution, and to the doctrines of our Republcian Fathers, than idle and ridiculous vaunting. He is riirht. foo. in supposing that so daring an attempt to bring into contempt the essen tial rincip!e of a Free Government, and defy the People and their Representatives, will c:vll forth a spirit, and kindle a flame from one end of this Commonwealth to the other. It will sweep from the Moun; tains to the Oceanf and will teach Mr, Leigh anil his compeers, (Mangum, Southard, and others,) a lesson which-they will, never forget. i . . Says the Richmond Enquirer, the work- Is not yet ,4timshed. ' Mr, Leigh has carved, out more of it for the Representatives and for their Constitutents. The former hould re-assert their great Right of In struction, and censure their contumacious Courtesy requires of us, to acknowledge r Hillsboro' Recorder's disclamer, of the- Mr. Waddell's having written a certain Editorial for that paper. - I M . Small Poa: As we feared, the three wagoners from Ashe county, who were on their way Xo Cheraw, a. nd one of whom " ' ' Li .v i. j uicu ueivie reacjUing inere, nave spcwitu the disease in that region. In Marlbo rough district, about H miles from Che raw, some 3. or 10; cases occurred : and the town council and bosrrd of health took immediate, measures to prevent its intro duction into the town. A. letter from a friend at Rockingham, Richmond sourt-Jiopsei dated . llth. inst. says: 'The small pox is now with in 10 miles of my residence. As yet there have been ten ces, and two deaths What is worst, we- have not yet been able to procare-vaccine matter. prevail? among; ;ar citkea Smith, sur,. Davi.l Miller, riederick .Miller. Pe- ler Keller, Adam Bulich, John N Frldey, Jonas Fridey, capt Lineberge, Christian Roi1e, Dan'l ilutman, jaeob Costner, Jacob Plonk, Volentine Costncr, Peter Uofuian, Jacob Rine, Peter Cost- Tier. James White, Jacob Aderholt, Abraham Mony. Esq. Frederick Carpenter, capt. Will. Aderholt, George tiovis. Afoses Roberts. e9a- Dijivid Croyn, Esq. Ephrain Moony; Samuel Blanch, John Rudesill, Levi Ruclestll; Michel Carpenter, David Carpeuter, snr. Levi Ritdder-sill. James Brown. Win. Herralson, Janles Car rol, jr. capt. Jonas Beem, David Wsrrlick, Wm. Connor Cnstopher Carpenter, capt James Ewr-. fy, capt. Jos, Carrol, Win Goodson, Philip Craft, JToseph Shnford, Tho Jias R Shuford, JacobCjd-ninger, Drurv Collier, coh Joseph Abernathy, Miles Abernathy. capt. David Blalock, Mose Cloninger,. Peter Cansler, Peter ftddleman, Os-bjHrn HincieWill Hincle, Drury G. Abernathy, capt. Gant,. capt. Earnv Jesse Gant. Thomas-Wetherspobn, snr. Archibald Uay, Daniel Per-fifitis, Lnjene LoTane, John Hemseker, Henrv pHoke, Jacob Lipe snr, George Little. John. Lo- rane, Jes-e Bon, Frederick Hoke, snr , Daniel ttosemand, Jacob Moser, Will. J. Abernathy, George Ligman, snr. David Hemseker, Will J. Carpenter, capt. Michael Kebler, Jacob Little, George Kevlor, doctor E Col well. cant. Jos. .Gr?ef, James F Elliott, John f.nrher,q -Jas, l all,,snr. apt.-Thomas Dickson, Henry Har- man. snr. capt. Will. Gaston, Will. Scott, Mosas Texas. Last advices bring us uttwel come news from Texas. ;lt seems the people are divided in regard to their independence, not tot revolution, hut are desirous of adhering to the Republican Constitution of Mexico of 1824 ; the Other party are for absolute independence, separate and distinct from Mexico. Gen. Oatu nr. John Fproimin rant. tnm rluir capt.' George Harman.D Harlan, Jacob Bolicb Samuel Houston, and Col. James Bowie, l.awson Eaues, Peter Harman, Peter Rowe, Jno. have been dismissed, from the army by the Council of Texas and thev. with most of the volunteers, have Joined the independent party, and marched interior. -Reports-say -that Santa Anru has landed in Texas, with 1900( men.- We hope, however, matters are not as bads here represented; ; ;. Earthquake in China.-rTh Boston Commercial Gazeite has Valparaiso Chile papers to the ltith Nov j and the Mercuric of the 30th Oct. says, "the Pekin Gazette contains the details of the , most terrible earthquake within the memory of; man. The shocks continued with intervals for twenty-one days It is estimated that in PubKe Notice IS hereby given, for Warning any and aft peas sons from buying or in any manner tracing-for a certain note of hand on James Free lick, dated tbe 3d day of Aug., 183$, for the snm of two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars, payable to Jane Freelick two years after date, with interest from the same $ which note was placed in my possession as the friend and trustee of the said Jane Freelick. The said note has been lost or mislaid by me, so that I cannot possibly fiud if and Jbr as much As 1 have received froih Mr. James Freelick fail payment of the said note, and have given him my indemnity against the same, and have paid it to the said Jane (now) GuHy,fr hich I bold ber receipt me since oDservance ot tnis notice is especiar ly enjoined on the p trblie. IJANIEL. UUOSf. Johnston tMmt& fr C. Pcb. 1 ' This day Gen. Daniel Boon appeared before the four provinces, one hundred hon: TLLT1SZ rlZJV.Z j , - . , , , fill .. mmmt mmmmxMX, "a 111 111 UD I II HI MW sand houses were destroyed. The fields facts set forth in the foregoing advertisement in were covered with dead bodies, and no one egardtothe lost note on James Freelick, are to bur v theru, and the survivors were Jtf!it n5 tnjie- anji has dqfy execated this affida vit before me, . . I) tt BRYAN, J. P. JotimUm. Wm. 13, 18R. 8l7S servant. ' rM latter Should' hold everyl,Ry4t!: y Zimerman, George Garret, John Wil wnig jJeiegaie responsible tor his aenn-i rjuency, and call upon every such Delegate j to come puDiiciy lorwaru ana atone ror the participation he has had in saddling snch a "Senator upon the people of Virgin Expunging process. Before Mr. Leigh wrote his Letter, he should have, prayed the legisiature to expunge ironv theiT memory his own Ueport of 1813. obliged to live in the open air exposed to the inclemencies of the weather. At Ponff 'lehin, the earth opened and a stream of Stone Cult ing and MUU("mgm V. In. I. ...... . . . . . m.4 Cr. 1 . . . I . X. n n ... . . - - I 1 . . . HUH h wain uumiuiui uuitu vauuu away produce, men, animals, houses, and Whatever it met within its course, .r - - Mr. Tyler declines the Dinner which has been tendered to him by the Whigs of Fredericksburg. Do they intend to offal Mr. Leigh atso a Dinner? . It is said, thatarrangernentsT were making here, for a triumphant procession, a great di.ane.r &c &c. The Whigs were to : have had & great Mow up but unfortunately Mk Leigh has blown I hem all up : Enq. r . ! e. 7e Predecessor and theCoUntpqra-k ry. lVr. Leigh stends in a most awkwaro nniHinmpnt Vkfr Wa3 the H-llt Knr rtf thie Report of f8f 2 the Champicm. of thW Kiglft.of Instruction. Now, how does nN stand , a Ion gi side .ot nun, Whose sent m fills, and of him who hap just set .by his nAt7 nif bruh Rives and Tvhr.. Both Much alarm have res ignpi. their seats, Mr. Leigh alone son, capt. Morns, David Feiht, Lewis Linebir- .ger, Jamcfl N Harman, John Daffy r- col. Richard Hankin. Andrew Darr, Isaac Low, John 1 Low, Abner Goodson,. M Shetton, Freeman Shetton, John Linch, Owen Clark, Jacob Brem, Allen f Howard, Young Shetton, Temple Shetton, AU (red Abernathy, Jacob A mat. Jacob Heklerman, David Simero, Aaron Goodson, 9 Parker, Bery. Darr. Esq. John Shrinft, Jos- Sanders, Lemuel Sanders, M Robison, James Kisler, Jacob Kisler, Jos. Bost, John Angle, John Wdfong, snr. Wm. Long, Franklin Abernathy, Abraham Gabriel, Absolem Sherril, Hugh Sberril, Thomas Beaty, Martin Ligman, Martin Lineberger, James Reid, Thomas Ward, George Null, Alexander Ward, John J Shuford, Lawso'n Ward, Isaac ITuglas, Henry Gant, Gabriel Brown, John Turm, snr.. E lias Kale, George Oliver, Levi Ward, Wm. Reaves. Jonas Bort, fisq. W. Reid, Barrel Wil Is, Sol. Figbte, Isaac Arckee, James While, Milion Gallich. r i iii i tit Curious Dilemma. Mr. 'fylet tells the Pakhful" that he cannot retain his seat with wwor, Mr. Leigh declares, ttrat he cannot relinquish it wrih honor'." Weiasfe with the Jetersburg Constellation, which, of these oracular leaders is in the rrgnt ( - isnqutrer, Shocking death by Iniefnperance rJin- drew Anderson, an infirm, and intent per THE subscriber has concluded Jo settle in Raleigh, where be intends to carry on-ibe Stoti.e-sutting busioess. From long practical, experience in his profession , he considers himself eapabhrbf giving ample satisfaction to' those who are pleased to employ him. He intends, as toon as possible, to procure an assortment of the most: r Peach trees were in bloom at Mobile 29th Peb. ; two day after, however, the Mobile Advertiser says it suddenly turned cold, and was b 1 us lering. weather, with a hih and chilling wind. ate man. ao-ed about 50. was found deaH I approved dualities of American. Italian, nnd the 7th inst. near the house of Mr. lames 1 ?thr ' aleT-aft! Vf hY aerftiou Ellinor. Kdo-ecomb eountvfb borTv bW '"-??". d prcpf.tade in executing ,hls . 3 V V-: V J r: i coniracw, io merit tne connaence ana encourage. Lfua ii v -v rvuti-. h.- lju" o ; a. v j ovuu u in i uit ( rr ft I nir Jin rattf iue jl aiuuru tr icas, mat ue nvtm unuuppi- lv with bis family Caused by bis drunk en n ess. He had left the House of Mr. Ellinor very much intoxicated, refusing to remain until he might get sober and was found as above Stated. Siy House-worJt. Jdantleoieces. Monuments. Tomb-stener and Letterhvg in Stone, executed in in tbe neatest manner. RICHARD W. D. RIDDOCH. March W: 1836. 71 W1LH1KGTON, MjCKCH lf We are informed that Abraham Ba jLAftf) FOB. SAUK. THE Subscriber wishes to sell his TRACT of LANP four miles South west off Bmleiirh. coBlalnin four hundred Anwi mM M l.u a. urf ... i . -- v.- ; w - - ker, esq. of Brunswick, wasr shot in his Jf Joseph Hunter, Alsey Tock- bed-room, as he was reiiriDg to rest, about tJ lS' , T?e abov ffx , r , , i rSf r J. " " im) creHf good, up land as any to. be 10 o'clock, on Wednesday evening last, fo m thia countyt 5 well watereo, his a The shot came thro7 a window, and sever- comfortable Dwelling House on it, with excel - al were lodged in his back--heing buck- Springs convenient to the House. Thoa shot, much anxiety is fehr for the result. hr purshaae, eaa calj on SamM Wbha, The horrid deed is supposed ;tn Bate been irST ww,w u uf w Committed by bis black driver, who had been punished a few days previously, for some crime. ' Advertiser. leigb. March 3, 1836. JOHN R. WH1TAKER. TL MUSIC Just received at tbe North Carolina Book Store, ft lot of sevuid fksh. Editor. I here are now m the United 1 onable htm c. Also, a splendid PIAN FOIfr States Senate, three cx-Editors4 Issac. H ill, manufactared by' Drown dc Hlkett, Bos of New Hampshire, nf the N. tt Patriot ; Ion TURNER S mm i John M. Niles. of Connecticut, of- tbe TtaiTKfi cmaftt!e srAwvwr.. Hartford Times; and John NorveH. of IJ by - ?Z WILL. PRa. 4 Ucian ofthe f ranWin Gazet J OJ V v. 4hi$h, March. 1836.

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