The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 7
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.V COURlEft LOU BROOKMAN •i-wo MUM » word tot flni in- K'tlnn and one cent • wort lor etch lubMqutot ln»cr- Uon. Mo idreruietMatUkcn lor leu limn we. count to* wtrdi ind t*""1 ttkt Mtb. 30* FOR SALE FOH SALE — Large wild' pecans, nine cents P. u. b. ueWitt, Ark. Pete Brown, Box 412. Ul'-ictl Eat FISHER'S FROST*. DONUTS—Fresh Dally. tf. APPLES—Just arrived. Qqod "grade orcliard., run. For sal?' cheap. Fisher's, across from city'hall.' ' 16cK31. FOE SALE—5 1-2 acre-lot on paved road 2 miles south of town, also 3 room, aim 6 room house for rent cheap:-1031 Ash St. Mrs. G. O. Tucker/ -Pace, • Miss. 'I6pkl8. FOR SAL&r-Hupp coupe;.. $100 cash. Apply Broadway Barber shop. ..-.-.-. . . 17p-k52. FOR RENT FOH UENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main street Telephone 197 and 511. 1511. t'OR RENT—Two room house on East Cherry. Phone 888 o,- 450J. 9-CK-TF FOR RENT — House, .completely furnished, 0 rooms and balh yanige and servant house. Good location. Call 505 or 678' after six . • . 13C-K-TF FOR'RENT — Light housekeepinR rooms') furnished. 700 West Walnut, Phone 678. 13C-TF FOR RENT —' Steam heated bed room, adjoining -bath. 603 W Main. Phone 642. 14CK-TF FOR RENT—Front bed room. Garage. 7!0 Chlekasawba, Phone 295. 9p-k20. KOR RENT—My hqma on South •Elm St. Mrs. Ed Hardin. Phone 102. ' 16pk2! FOR RENT—Two to eight room residences $8 to S30 per month IJr. J. A. Saliba. Phone 410 17ck24 FOR RENT—2 room furn'fhcd apartment. Steam heated. 210 S. Lake St.. Phone 443. 17p-21. WANTED WANTED — Family • Washings Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, •<M S- Lake St. , ITck-tJ Eat FISHER'S CAKES 1'IES—Fresh Dally. •. AND tf. LOST AND FOUND LOST— One ;bro.wn horse mule, one bluo mare'-tatte;'"Finder nolif> W. A. Oats 5tbr*rHoHami,i-Mo. 14P-K1 1 Eat .FISHER'S BREAD—Fine for Sandwiches. ' tf. TAKEN UP — October llth, two mare mules, one black, right eye out; one red, weight about 300 pounds each. E. C. Thompson, Flat Lake. 16pk20 LOST—Black leathf-r purse between Sieelc and BlythevHlc. Revard. Return to Courier. 16pkl9. TAKEN UP—1 mare mule and 1 horse mule gray, weight about BOO pounds each. Mare has C branded on shoulder. L. C. Moody, Route 1. 17p-kl8. LOST--Oct. 4th Indies wrist watch 16 jewel Milos with baby picture on crystal Finder return to Mrs G. W. Faught. Reward 17p-21 APPLE TREK VERSATILE GHEELEY, (UP)—An appio tree with full blooms on one side and ripe apples on the othir was seen here at the home, of Mrs. B. Malone. WERT He Makes 'Ein See NOTICE H'iih our recent partnership ffith Sir. Geo. Carney, we now have the best equipped independent shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pick wick (Build inf "We know we know how" PAGE JIKGIS HBIIE TODAY fattn tar life PLATE LUNCH -*-. 20c - : ; . oiimhviches and Fountain ,-gervice . . . WRIGHT'S PIVE-AXn-tES' CENT 'STORE —Auto Parts- Wliy Pay More? JACKSON AUTO. I'AUTS «»in at 21st ' Call' 66 Royal C. Mills PuMtc Accountant and Auditor { Specializing in Income Tai, | Bookkeeplne Systems I Tkone 52 | Ingram Bldg. BlytheTllle, Ark ul J1ITCHELL, IT, wkc-, »he JrnriiH tkt fatkrr «hc km •uppoard drnd t« n\\ve and wealth). gh v leivr* Lrr yniirctmllauH kutur jn Balllwurc 1.1 live Is Urn Vnrk h.;r fmkrr, JIJI1X MITUII- <aad hfr artirocrxlle Kraad- 'wntkfr. > ' ' MAKpAItKT HOREnl, Ctlla'l NL.>iki->;- JH now 'a i>liiuir, hniluf UlvcVcrd ulirkrll r.nd Inlrr rc- younfC npw«i»nper L^uluerutiljL'r, !• li) Jove ^Hh Ike slrl *ttd Ijpf.ire K-tti-lBK Ilnlthnore Cclln |iruuif*rd 1o lir Injrnl lo kU love, MlnhcLI auk! I'.Vi:i,¥N PAH. SO.VS, lirnutlfit! n-ldnw, to introduce (he* K?rl In youuc t 1 ^( | k | ]e. >lr« I'nrkiniH n£ttc», cunalilrrlnK Oltn n inoniiM to \r\rn ^IltcNPll'a nffrrllunH tliouck »ke h jrztlou* nnd lit nnre licctm •ra«nilnrr In fTfl rid of Ikr girl. Hke ln(r<idurf« Oils to TOD JOHDAN, ln>rlntll- InK I)U( nf iluhtuuc caaracler, nHd liurM all akr ran to cacouTaffe lk« UIJLlfh, I. IS! DUNCAN, ••clnllr prnml- nent. brci'ttirii Olla'ii Inynl (rlrnd. .^lltrhcll Irnrr.t .lordnn U \tny\ng hlq' dnMj^Ijtrr nlfrn.InnM nnd far- lildK bfr tn Kre htm. Crlln ulTviiaa lipr srnnihnollirr ntid the I'lJi'rK Mr*. .Mlli-lii'll fi-! K iis lllnr»i mid UDtlnrl* fur rt rott. The Kir) Kiif4 to Mm. ^jirMunft* l.onc Entiiad home far n IpinUkj V|H|I. '1'liere .Inrdnn vnlu ( r<v|iirnilT. [Ir nad Oll^i t'o tm n Ti^'nle \*Hh I.tnl and DICKY CAlll'TIIKHS. llttore ll>rr rrtnrit >IlTrlu'll nrrivm nnt) >!rn. 1'nrKnnn Utllrvi'i ke l» uuuut to NOW en ON WITH run STOIIY CHAPTER XXXI TT was a magic moment. Evelyn *• Parsons stood with her face half averted from Mitchell. In the white moonlight sho seemed like a goddess—unearthly and unattainable. Not by the slightest movement did Evelyn betray her quickening pulse. 'Mitchell hesitated as though shocked at his own daring. - Slowly she turned lir-r head, raising her eyes to meet his. This was 116 goddess! Evelyn's gaze held tenderness, warmth and the sag- seit.ton of veiled mystery. "i wonder." she said softly, "If 1 do know, John?" "Oh, Evelyn— you're so beautiful!" The man's voice was choking with cnmtion. Mrs. P.-irsons did not' smile. Had .she overplayed that moment of delay? Surely not. In another inslanl John Mitchell v.-as going to ask her to be his wife. He took-both her hands la'.his. Mitchell's eyes v.-ere earnest, aui- lous. "•Von must have known how 1 feel about you," he said. "You've been 'so helpful, so understanding Evelyn, you're wonderful. You're the. one woman—" ... . • The sentence was ncver:f!n!sher). Someone,was coming through the living room and at-the sound of ..footsteps both Mitcbell 1 and Mrs. usually t.lent, Mitchell, looking embarrassed, listened to Cell* and now aud then made obrioui at- euipts at conrersatlcn. Presently Evelyn I'arsons «x- cused herself and went Into the house. Not for another moment could sbo contain her anger. Evalyn mounted tho stairs, hurried to licr room aud closed the door be- htricl her, Sho stood leaning against It, hands clenched and her body quivering. Evelyn's eyes were closed, her mouth a cruel, sliver of crimson. "Oh!" Bbe gasped, "Oh—!" Suddenly the woman was a tornado of energy, She picked up a book, Ilia first 'object to touch her hand, nnd hurled It across the room. Papers, inagaiiues, a clgarct case was next. nRADUALLY sho became quieter. ^ Blind anger gave way to an expression of grim deliberation. Evelyn's eyes narrowed. Nothing had been lost and on the whole she might gain from tlie situation. Temporary obstacles often creased a man's ardor. Hadn't she played that gamo frequently? She moved to her dressing table and began working with coBmetl as she framed a course of action, n a few moments traces of the cmpcstuous outburst had been re- novtd. A subtle touch of eye- shadow made her eyes more bril- lant and gave them a bint of vvlstfulness. She .drew fresh lips with a stick of carniine, dusted her ace and shoulders witb fragrani :owder. Uuder lamplight these restoratives would pass unnoticed. 1 fot here, Evelyn." Cell* and I lire out here. Don't , dear?" Almost Here and In tlio gap en." "A man's a fool to tie himself own In a city all his. life!" Jghn Iltcbell said this as though he cro arguing with himself. Ho alanced his glass absent inlndedly ud the fragile crystal was In lui- ruln«ut peril. H$ remembered Juat a time. I don't think you ought to stay n town during this hot weather," la said firmly. "Oh—utterly Impossible to gel . "Oh,' hero you ' are!" Celia Mitchell stood In the open French window, the light (roin the. room beyond throwing her slim figure into silhouette. "It's too perfect to be indoors, isn't it?" Mis. Parsons, after the first startled glance at the girl, was ua New Orleans Cotton The action soothed Evelyn as nothing else could hare done. She would make Mitchell ask iier to marry him tomorrow. Oh yes, she could do that! It had ieen exasperating to havo the goa within reach aud then rudely snatched away, but there would be no cuch slip tomorrow. Hack In Evelyn Parsons' mlm was the thought that Celia woult pay for this interference. Anyoni who Interfered with tha widow'! clans was rjutte likely to pay. She was singing softly, the refrain of an English ballad as che returned to the porch. "It was song Evelyn had heard Miichel say he was fond of. "Hilda's bringing something coo to drink." she said. "I thought I would be refreshing." "Isn't Evelyn .the perfect hos 1 ess, father?" Cella said. "You're . Quite *• right," Mitchel agreed. -His eyes .'swept Mrs. Par sons as she sank gracefully Into wick'er chair. -. • , The bearing . tray of tall glasses aud richer I. which ice clinked -invitingly. Sh served the beverage, theu with drew. * ' •"•• "You don't know how often think of this poreh afternoons an evenings when I'm In town," Mitch. ell spoko up. "it's a great olac Besides, see how 1 Mre. Parsons' hospl- .way— now. rapose on allly!" "You know you could never do bat, John." Evelyn spoke In ow toqe. She gava Mitchell a luick glance, theu her eyes turned away. For nearly an hour the three sat enjoying the breeze and the fun- asllo pattern of light nnd shadows woven on the moonlit lawu. Then illtcbell said it was time for him o go. Ho was spending Ilia night it the country club and promised o rejoin them ucxt day after bis morning round of golf. * • • LTE departed. Cella paused long •*• enough In. the upstairs halhvny icfore going to her rooru to say to Mrs. Pai-sons: "You looked perfectly beautiful gf lilin? It sort of 1 can't help but wor- :onlght, Evelyn! I thought at first you'd done your hair a different way, hut It isn't that. I guesi It's ust bccauEO you really are beautiful!" ' : "Silly child. Tell uie about the picnic." "It was fun. Listen, fivelyn, do you think you'll be able to talk to father tomorrow about Tod? I mean about getting him to. change his opinion bothers me. ry— " Sheer Inspiration prompted Evelyn Parsons. An eager light came into her eyes. "I'll do wliat 1 can, Celln," she said. "And I'm" sure I can't fall. Let's sec— Ihe thing 'Is to manage ibis the right way." ' ' • She studied silently a moment. "I know!" slio continued, "we'll pretend you have an errand tomorrow afternoon after luncheon. You can take tho car and stay away a long time— two hours at .least! That will give me tho 'chance to have the sort of talk with your father where I can lead up to tbe subject. Don't you see? First I'll talk about how popular you nre at tho club and how everyone like* you. That will bo sure to start him oh 'his plans for your future: From that it will be no trick at all for me to mention Tod and what a splendid young man be Is.' "Ob, Evelyn!" ' The girl was delighted. "That's how we'll manage It. Now remember, your part is to go for a long drive that will giva me plenty O f time—" "I'll llnio myself," Cella assured >!•. "I'll K [vo you hours! Cood night, i:vclyn." "Gco.l night, dear!" A» Kv.'ljn I'avKuna closed tho door n[ her room sbo ivns convinced that fate was her ally, QB.I-IA was trying to learn ten_ii!s. The gnmo fascinated lur, and I.lsl Duncan, who played expertly, Ind volunteered somo lu- structtou. Cell.-i w.-ia ioo S |!j. | 0 exposo („,,. feeble c-rforla on (ho courts at ilia club, I,Lit she could bounco b.illa against the backstops on the court at I.urclivvood to l;cr heart's content. She was In the midst of an o.v cltlnc Hivalc pr.-icltce Sunday mornlui; when Ebo heard her fathers voice. "IHjrhcir!" ho called. "Throw the lull hightr hi tho air bctoro you strike it." The Klrl turned In tlio direction from n-liero bis voice came. Mitch- Cll stoo.l In tho pathway throush tho kedjto. Ills hnmls wero on Ills hips. He might have been wa^rh- ing her for somo lime. "I 'Ihln't see you," she said. "GooJ niornliii'. I'm nfrald I'll never Imn how to serve!" "Von i!oi-'( throw tlic lull lilgli cooiigli," Mitchell repealed. Ho walked out to where she stood, took the racket nnd ball In bis own hands. "Here—like this!" Tho whito sphero cut sharply across the net to the opposite cor-' ner of the court "Perfect!" cried Cella. "I hnvcn't hud a tennis racket In my hands for years," her father said, looklns down nt the object. "Have you got anotber racket?" "There are some In the honso. Walt—I'll be back In two minutes!" Celia turned and sped down ilia pathway. In a short time she was back, breathless anil eyes shining. She carried three tennis rackets. "Help yourself." Cella urged. MilcliC-ll tried them, selected ono and walked to tlio opposite side of the net. He had already put aside, his coat nnd hat. For some time he returned balls and called out suggestions as Cella practiced. The girl's embarrassment was gone. She risked questions, tried to correct faults Mitchell criticized. You'll..get along all rlshl." be assured her. "It comes with practice." Cella brushed her hair back Impatiently. In her short white dress and hecHcss slippers she looked a OUR BOARDING HOUSE Sou TRIEP \B-f oM -THAT WEUJ BOARPER TO. GET HIM -ra -TALK. , BU-T AS -Tfel-lT-LiPPEP AS A BEAR TEAR' ~~ rfc'p LOM6 D!STANCE Oi<A -THAT QUV, ScortUMD VARD BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES TEAM-WORK Martin: child. Sunshluo hud turned her fabe and arms n ruddy Ian. A-low exclamation cams from John Mitchell. '"Completely forgot!" he said em. phatlcalty. "Sorry, Celia, 1 brought a letter down for you yesterday and forgot to give It to you. Now where did 1 put that—" Ho began to search bis pockets, .. ''. (To B« ConUawd) NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 17 (UP)— Cotton closed steady.' Open High Low CIcsc O«i 1012 1012 1010 1010 Dec 1032 1037 1029 1033 Jail 1046 1(M9 1042 1045 Mar 1051 1072 1063 10C5 May lOSo 1091 1084 1085 Jul 1105 1112 1104 1104" Spots qutet; and unchanged at 1010. Weo? York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 17 (UP)—Co' ton closed steady. Open High Low Close Oct. (old) no sales 1016n Oct .(new) 1013 1017 1010 1010 '-'"-'" 1035 1038 1032 1033n 1035 1037 1029 1033 1014 1047 10-U 10-1511 IWO 1C48 10!1 1045 !071 10.73 IOCS 1066 1050 1093 1084 1086 1107 1113 1103 1106 Dec '(eld) Dec (new) Jan.; <old) Jan (new) Mar May Jul Spots quiet 1020. and unchanged at . FOR SALE Complete incicor golf game worth $350—will lie so ld for storage. Was forir.,-rly loc.ltcd in Meyers Cotton Office building. ' . apply • ; Gi,KNCOE HOTEL T : BONE, STEAKS ' THE 'BEST IN' TOWN 50c. ; Good Coffee TOM'S CAFE 105 X. Second St. Phone 17 •V. R. WASHAM-Tnuufer Dally trips to Memphis, will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rateJ.dn carload lots.•'•• • :• Local Phone 851 Memphis Phono 3-33) ' ', Ol!R I'HEMICM I;, goods to suit jour taste and thr iicst unrkinamhip. \Vc deliver promptly. Ton pay for uhat you get and ^cl what you p;ty for. lilj.tbevillc Upholstery & Ucpair Sliop J. H. Jenkins, Mjr Phone 469 111 S. 'hi. St. Ohio Pen's "Bad Boys" Eager to be Good Now COLUMBUS, O., (UP) — Ohio Penitentiary's "bad boys" are reported to be all in favor of reforming and going back to work. Warden Thomas lias received repeated requests from prisoners being punished with solitary confinement for activities before and. after the fire, asking that they be nut to work. They promise to be good now. The less of a meal U' day is thought to have a powerful Influence on them. BEACONS GUIDE FLIEKS ,10-mcter transmitters 1 and receiver: HARRISBUHO, Pa. (UP)—Ths ; lor airplane communication. State Aeronautics Commission an- j In previous experiments De La nounced that preparation of twoJFIcur has found that 10-meter "r^ na n rwa ?,'J outes ac !£f " lc , stft - te cthcr wavcs lmvc a " tc " dmc y to i° j upward and h,? has been conduct- hb tests at the airport to see jj iers i « he could conribute anything to ' the sraitiflc knowledge of short I gu de n in " b " Edison Entrant Studies Short Wave Broadcasting wave broadcasting. More than 30 countries have dip- jlomatlc representatives accredited TTT-rr,. v- „—TTT, r to the Vatican. The custom of seiid- imCA, N. Y. (UP)-LouisDc La ing ministers to the Vatican dates Fleur, New York state's entrant in from : the days when the pope was the recent Edison boys' contest, is' also sovereign of the Papal States FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS fi£S..,\»je. CAKT. DO A THINS AGAIUST IMNER CA\'E, HE vNAS SIS GUMS AW HARD T6LUN' V4MAT THEY DO. 1 .' 01 033N QN31Bd v Hans OHNs OTO 3rU. OJ. ca LISTS MS TO AMD FARBAR. POTTING PETER. -we Moos 51JUJT V BOd SO 'MO EVERY WORD COUNTS \ OON'T ABOUT f>. V1SVT tW. EVERV WORD C7VCR TLN COSTS EXTRA -<ou vK*yt TWELVE 1H THAT TE.UE.CiR.VM XOU o« \WTE-MO TO COME: FOR A VISIT v.VY, \iENRY

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