The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1934
Page 4
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TUESDAY, MAY 8, 1034 KLYTJ1KV1U.K, (AUK.)' COUIULOH NKWS KAQH Dimes Came to Him By Thousands > r«:notci > Abandons Plan ;is Postofficc Fraud Order Is Sought liy NKA Srrvirc '1UI.SA. Okla. Nobody know.s o.sactly how many people .sent i dlmr each to Or. .fame;; K. Pojx 1 Perhaps lliciv were 500.000 of Ihem. Mostly old peoplr. or poo- pl 1 .- witli l!;e fear of old ape ul- rcady UEHin tliem. l;r. Pope had stalled ilu 1 Na- Old Ace Pension Assccia- U',n, with himself as head, and he made these people members fnr llu-ir silver dimes, llul the . l ilver llorxt wllicii Iwte. more than ?'2f\000 lo Pojje's olfiee here has dried up. For Pope has filed with (lie .so- licilor-iwncral an iilllrtavit promising he no longer will solicit dimes by mail from Ihc aned pco-| lile wild want M) much lo see their diram of security come true. In return, tho Po.stolfice Dcpart- nient abandons its plans to issue a fraud order against Dr. Pope. So llic fight for old age pennons yoes on; perhaps even Dr. Pope's Nalionnl Old Ai;e Pension Association may go on; but the • lolii'je of dimes is over. DIMES I'OUR IN Two years ayo Dr. Po]ie was a liumble foot doctor, with a .small downtown olfice. Few of his ncigli- - tors knew llitit he tiad been twice convicted in federal courts of u . Ihe mails to defraud. Few knew lhat (he doctor had abilities and visions beyond the ills to which feet, are heir. Hut he had. And a year later a .stall of 12 izirLs answered his cdMesjioiidence. anil 2000 letters a day. moM of (hem t;<jarih^ dimes, came piling inlo his tiirec- room suite. What did this Picri Piper of Pro- mulion promise thai brought (he lame. Ihe halt, and the used lol- lowhu; afier him in hundreds of ihoiisands-? Cllli.S TWO AIMS Very liltl?. definitely. His liter- all,re consisted of just two print- id p" sheets. Onv slates the purpose of his association plainly: "Mi; inirjxjse of Ihc National Old Age Pension Association is twofold: First, lo obtain realized pensions for Ihe ngrd of the U. S. A: and. Second, to continue (o look iiKcr the interests and pro- i.Ltioty C'f every member of this a.v.oriatinn until [jrnsion paytr.cnls ••uiiillv Mail. We shall cany out this program (o the very best ol our ability." i ruspi dive meinl>crs attracted b> lhc?e purposes sent their dimes ;md weie le^islcrcd a.s members v\:<.i ' voH'ri 'YES' fov a reasonable Imn;: pension for iH'opIc of advanced years." EUit Itiey also applied for fiv? thinks with which to sign new iiH'iiibi'i.s on UK- same teims. McKlwain Second in State Debate Contest Mahlen MrFlw.ilu \\on second h"llo:s in boys' deb.ile al the Ar- iiaiiMi', Inlcisri o<>[ ionic.-.*, at Con- w.iy Saturday. H: 1 was winner of hanoi.s in the meet tei'enl- Yumii; Mean cai;le scon: in [roop :|7. IHylhi-vilIe hlnh whiml \\M, also •presented by the Ij.iy.s 1 (|llarlel hi.-h won liusl hunois in the '.lls- 'M meet. Evangelistic Meeting on South 21st Street An rvaiiKeifctic mtrlim; is i>c I.eld at 420 Kuulh :!!,: street at 1:'M o'clock each main with till) K'-v. U. O. Ij-wts in chaw. The l-.iblic us invlteri . Yarbro Club to Meet 'I lie Iiomc Uc ! Yinbro will im-ci Weilnesdiis' in-iKiiin. -1 o'clwk. at the new 'laiiiiuiiity kitchen. house Friday nlnht. After the Raines and contests refreshments were served. hYanV Wheat xiul Miss Nash were sponsors. Mrs. lien Aycotk had us xuesls Sunday, Mr. mill Mrs. 1. A. mcetlni; Wednesday,. May. 2, llic school • building. fieporls of commltlcc chcurnien showed numerous desirable nccoin- ' \Vulk-' pltslimcnls. Money has Ix'cn ap- of'bwcoln. Mr. and Mrs. Kills ||noprla(ed for n new slide, $20 for for niaKEi/.lncs to help tlic A-Bi'iul cralhiK. A telephone lias Ix'cn provided for laiiiily Tpi'iii. the week "end wllii i lllc «l"*l. "J8 typhoid shots were ol lim-delle. Donald fumily of I,uxoi a. Mi. anil Nn'6. O. C. Cobb anil AjTock a:Kl'' XK> * ;s ' " maintain relatives nl West Memphis. P. T. A.News Clven muter the supervision of the H'.-T. A. dining Jiniiiary, Felnnaiy land March from 42 lo 19 undernourished chlldicn were served hoi Ir.nchca free by Mrs. Joe Kiifjllsh mid Mis. Sluubs. I'louriim.s consisted of the. reports of the extra curricula uroup, Ihe Audabon club by Mis. Krnest, met Tuesday morniiii! ill 9:LIO InlFicy, Safely club by Mrs. J. n. llic .school uiidltorliiin. The 1 Webster. (Hrl Seoul. 1 ) by Mrs. Ce- lollowliiK ollicei.s were in.slalSeil: ell While. Glee club and orchestra Mrs. L. J. l.averty. president; Mis. U L. Hiadley. vice president; Mrs. U. W. Mnlllns, secretary and treas- Ian; : »nd -Mrs,- J,-.R. Webster, treasurer. Mrs. Alma . Pettrs won. »1 lor most mothers present.' Mrs. J..; A. Sallba, . hospitality clialrinnn, served strawberry: short cako: and; whipped ?cr««m. The CHy Council for New Liberty by Mr. Itoscoc- Morris, lioy Sc and Hoys Athletic club by Mr Charles SlubUs. Mrs. lleiman \Val- |:ol« spoke mi "Coiuildorlng means whereby our I'.-T. A. niny belter All Fanners Urged to Attend Record Meetings Wilson .school. 7:ao p.m.:; and Mis. Miu.shall. of urer; Mrs. Ileiuian Wal|»ole, historian. Mrs. Otto Kochtllvky was Inlmect our community needs." Simi- cliiiiae ol Hie insiiilliiilun esercls- mer round up plans weie discusses. Mrs. C. W. Allllek. the rettr- luu iiresldent. presided over the business mi'ellnij. Mrs. Harry W. Hntne.s re]vnleil on the new comity oinanl/.allOK lor Juvenile protection which hns ix'inesentatlvcs film each woman^s or^anl7:ilion in the county. Mrs. 'd by Mi-s. John Buchnnai Insinuation of officers were by Mr«. Hciinun Walpolc-. New oltl- cers nre: Mrs. O. J. Kodcers. president; Mrs. Cecil White, vice president; Mrs. Luther Luvcrty. see- Thursday. Whitlon school. 2'M p '""rtaRcvillc. Miss, an- visiting Mr. Jo1 "' w - Mrlngton of O.seeola is . . , tn.. Shawnee school. 7:30 p.m.; Frt- i:l! "l Mrs. !(. 1,. Mursball and Jami day, Luxora, y:^0 p.m., Osccolu OSCEOLA. Ark. —Farmers the presUlent. Mrs. It. A. Smith n-poKeri on court house. 7:30 p.m.; Saturday, j Mr. anri Mrs. Juc Wallers ind the standards of excellency and , Keiser school, 1 p.m., Etowah 'family of Lone Oak SJK-IU Sunday eiich organization In the cily had . - i 'school. 3:30 p.m. ;wiih Mr. and Mis .1. w Kppcrsim. jenoinjh project ixilnl.s to be a su- 1 l Mis. U. Oarrall. who has been' pcrior urtiunlzntlon. illjor .several days, is improved. | M,*. M. A. Isaar.i re]>orted the the government cotton program are urged to attend the I ''mcetlrR scheduled nearest, their! Funeral at Black Oak home In the series to be hid this week. Announcing the schedule for south Mississippi county Monday. County Agent S. D. Carpenter said hat regulations of the AAA call- Until action was threatened, dimes came in a floixl mail (o Dr. James R Po|>o.... shown above supervising his olt : age iwnsion mail and sketched below. cd for the keeping of farm records by participating farmers and hat special record books prepared by the administration would be distributed the method of keeping them outlined al the mee.1- ings. Following is the .schedule tor south Mississippi county: Wednesday, May 0. Bimlcttc school. ^:3 Mr. ami Mra. l,. I,, iiearilen and , projects of each for Mrs. Rellie Cullen's™!;';^,;;.^ 1 ™' £ I ™ 1 ™ cullc, ,l-yea,o,d , more street. Sunday M »n Med.ey ,,f Os ee,,,a ^ ^^ lollowins :, | IIollln bak!cy alll , „„„„ WiU . ( 0 n, liricf illness from absccs.s- of the t ers .of Lone ' Oni: T. h,,.' no! uJn ii'lary; Mrs. Karl Damon,. hLslor- Plans'Long Trip in Homemade CruUtr MA.SSILf/DN, Ohio. (.UP)—Ells- wonh Myers, 32, In mi 18-foot-pow- cr cruiscr-of ihls-owni design, will spend u leisurely summer of boat- Ing where he wishes, on-inland waterways. Tr.e crubser, built at-»n outlay of only $150, plus some old-'parts from a inodtl T automobile, will Jarry htm, eventually, to New Orleans, via UK Ohio and Mississippi rivers. Despite. low. cost -of. tlM-^cran, it »lll have running water, forced by air ptwsuro from a seven-gallon Ice cream container from which he made a water tan*. A gasoline stove will solve the- cooking '.problem. Borrowing (he Pullman cnr- idea, lie arranged Ills teals so that they con be converted into .two • comfortable bunks at night. Afier u summer of week-end cmlslnz near homo, Myers will alurt ut East Liverpool, Ohio, In AugiKt on his trip to the Gulf of Mexico. Iting. spnet the week The remains were (akcn ;o Black Oak, Ark., wheie burial Monday. . _ with their uncle P. IS. Jarlatt ' Junior Itlgh P.-T. A. has eleven arnl fiimily. meinbers present al (be Mr. ami Mr.,, will WUeal und!Council at Wilson. This ....... ' fi'inily. of lilyihcvillr. s|H?nl Sun- lion liad the larscsi nimilier ... Ihe ilecca.scd is also survived byld.iy wiih Mr. and Mrs. Mnrrlss iiltenriance of any In the comity, five SOILS and daughters. 'Knuileton. • •" . Mos.> Underl;ikin s company is in j Tn<- liiletmcdialc Himday School 'I'liere were 7S women and two charr.eo( arranacmeiils. [class enjoyed a ])ar;y at the .srhoormen present at the Siidbnry 1'.- f=o Dr. Poj'f's first 100 members l.romi:.rd to secure fiflO more, anri Ihal 6CO piomiscd to add 2.F,tjn mure, and Ihe actual total mount (d in j-iimelhuiL; api-:o.\imaling lliis aslroi'.ouiic rate. The total mounted above 5(10.- OCi^. .spreaduiu across the rice]) ?in;:li. ]>cnetrnline the lai fast, and f-preaitin--; wesLwartl .somewliat more Dr. I'ope rontciulrd lljat It violated no law. even the "chain- ::elling" jx>stal law, because there, was no reward for ^ctlinu th 1 ' five oilier members, and Ihe applicant was regislercd whelher Iv did c.r not. The whole thins wa.' a labor of love. Ihe doctor c-v- p'iiined. "t never yol a icri cent of tlK moj:ey." he .--;'id. "eAcrpt for ex- prn"?s in visilin^ Washington to lobby lor old age pensions." His literature pointed this out. roiT. ONLY OF i ICI:K The association i.; not incorpo- lalrd. and lias no officers but thr ^^•:f-appo!ntfd national chairman. Dr. I'ope. ExiK'-ns^s fo:- p^stn^e and ollice WTIC considerable, of course, mid ll'.er-^ were Lroadcasts. toa: '^:ow a! liie closr of day. as dark- r.f.x'; draws itr. mantle, around you a voire crying in the. nigiil a voice pleading for justice, n voice plfiiriin? for tiie care and protection of tile old folks of our v.alion This is Ihe vole 1 : of Ihe Old Ayr ['elision Association —" and so on The answer came in dimes and :-nutiirics. but mostly in dimes. The lart Ihal old a^e tensions, already :.:;cplrd m 17 states, weie a holly r'bat'd lip;c lic:ped fan the flame. WINS rox(;m:ss BACKINO Last July Dr. Pope circularised tl;e 06 senators and 13^ represent.i- cu's- of Congress He not some T.'} answers. Half testrodo the frr.r' 1 . The rc.-l were favorable ii: p-.'.e. i;;il .',n:iir were hcartiT. Amor; ll:r~c w;i.-. Wright I'altnan. Texar- '.-j-;e:cnt.invr v:hn is i:csl known !••:• hi.s ciiampioniiu of war vet- {ini:.V Ixinus I':Ei5lalion. "You wiK ;rr-ive my co-operation 100 per ecu:." wrote Patman. Dr. Pope set his coal at a mil;;.-n members—5100.00!) In dime:-. And they kept coming in. as they (,i:r,c in in 1313 when James E. Pop? was selling oil slock. Itidiclcd at Tyler. Texas, Pope unr. convicted and lined. $500. In 1!>I3 he was running the Petroleum investment Trust at Fort Worth. There hs was Uidlcted a second tj-ne 'or U!in S "•< malls to de fraud, and sentenced lo CO days in . jail with anutlicr $500 fine. ' CLEARED IN DKNVKK ! In 1027 he w p a.s again indicted in : Denver in connection with a finirn- i cial firm he started there, but Uil> . indictment was later dropped. | "These mistakes," Dr. Poiw (ells, yon unabaslictl, "were made by a man who dncs not, now exist. [ | do nol want my cause to suiter ' bccaiise of my record. ' "1 hoiie to make this canso a ! .success and (lius lC|>ay society (o , i ome exlent for my previous mis- ; ttikes." ' flcprcsciuativc Patiuan. soon after writing ills "100 jier cenl" in- i doisement of Pope's project, ap- I ir.uently suffered n clliiiiRC of ! lirarl. In tile tiousn on Feb. 10 | he marie a speech in which h-j denounced Pope as "a man who j has spent a lifetime in the business of defrauding innocent people who were in distress." V ATM AN I»KMAM>S PENALTY I'atman then went to the Postoffice Department and demanded a fraud order against Pope. But Poj>c boat him to it by filing with the soliiilor-rjelieral of Ihe depart- | •nfiit nn affidavit, promising that i he would send out no more solid- ' tations for fees or memberships. ] that he would destroy his application blanks, and advise nil who '.no'.c to him lo send no more dimes. The department rr.'ierved the riqht lo issun a fraud order if Pope violated his nsrecmcnl. And Patman. no; satisfied. ror>e •n Cmiaress wish another demand I iATZ I © 1S34. 1 that Ihe Department of Justice in- < vrsllgalc Pop?, "who should b': -ent to the jvnitentinry for life." ^ Thus, for the present, at least. :ii(ls the inosl recent venture of the versatile Dr. Pope. . BTVOU«S .sfffr l Silver Dollars \Vnrrirrl Banks WALLA WAl.LA. Wastl. llll'i — f.ocal bankers want lo know where all tiic silver dollars are ccinini; from. For the past [luce, years at. least, one bank has scut monthly shipments of the "cartwheels" out to rid the cily of Ihc surplus. Banks here "export 1 aboul $5.000 worth of silver dol- 'ars a inonlh. FOR SALE Laredo Soybeans $2 per bushel Mammoth Brown $1.50 per bushel MooreBros. "1: T HE Blatz Brewing Co., Milwaukee, announces the greatest advancement in the beer industry in 20 years. Brow-Dated beer! Every boltlc of Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer now has plainly printed on its neck label the data when the contents was browed. Thus Blatz pioneers again — > and brings you guaranteed Age, There have been — and will bo — many indefinite claims as to the age of beers — but now you will know positively that Blatz.Old Heidelberg Beer is fully-aged. It brings to you that rich flavor; that mellowness and satisfying strength that judges oi goad beer prefer — found only in Blatz Old Heidelberg — the only beer that is Brew- Dated — the only beer that tells you the exact r/.iy ;'( wa.4 brewed. Don't say been say Blatz. Insist on the original Brew-Dated beer — Blatz Old Heidelberg. A. S. BARBORO & CO. Sernnd At Rose Phone 920 MILWAIJ K EE BEER

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