The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 24, 1980 · Page 30
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 30

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1980
Page 30
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' I "T" '"I "'- n ' ( "I "H 1 1 " ' I I aj I'" "T"l"t ' 1 fH ' H'""l" U i"H'H'l"'"t"W V l I I' m " I , ' I "1 l '."f l'T ri" 2-C Tuesday. une24.1980 Philadelphia Inquirer Action Line Action Line solves problems, gets answers, cuts red tape, stands up for your rights. Call between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, or write Action Line, 400 N. Broad St., Philadelphia 19101. Include your phone number. Do not send original documents. I filed my federal income tax in February, and I'm still waiting for a refund. Every time I call the Internal Revenue Service I'm told, "We're working on it." How much time does the IRS need? M.N., Philadelphia. Not a minute more. The processing of your return has been completed and a refund is on the way. You'll be happy to know that your refund of $883.57 is $200 more than you figured. IRS explained that you hadn't taken advantage of an extra credit for those who earn under $10,000 and who meet other requirements. As a result, the IRS recomputed your taxes. Although that shouldn't have caused the delay, it did. mmmmwm.- - - v? v .- 4 v & v K fcsfe p -I yjy - ,l 'N- ilpiliillll W? sSP: fl! I recently received an application for the new Pennsylvania photo driver's license. I'm told that the license is good for 60 days until I take it to a special center where my picture will be added to make it valid. Since I am bedridden with a broken knee and expect to be for the next 90 days, I won't be able to get the photograph added in the specified time. I'm afraid I'll lose my license and have to apply all over again. Nobody I talked to in Harrisburg seems to know. Can you tell me.? D.S., Philadelphia. Relax you won't lose your license. You just won't be able to drive until you do have the license validated with a picture. But the license is good for four years. Once you're able, take the camera card sent you by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles to any one of the 87 centers across the state, including five in Philadelphia, have your photograph added and drive away. In certain cases, drivers are being exempted for the photo cards, such as those who have suffered temporary scarring of the face. However, these people still must take their licenses to a center to have it made "valid without photo." For other Action Line readers who have inquired about non-driving photo identification cards, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation tells us they'll be ready after Aug. 1 for $5 at the nearest State Police barracks. I have a collection of dresses, robes and other garments, some new, that I would like to give to an organization. Any suggestions? How about a group that helps the needy? The Needlework Guild of St. Paul's Baptist Church, 628 N. 10th St., Philadelphia, knows several people who will be glad .to receive the clothing. Mrs. Ida Garnett, church clerk, thanks you for the gift. St. Paul's is a community church with numerous missionary activities around the city. Usually the work is performed through referrals from social service agencies, but needy individuals also are helped. Donations of new or used clothing for infants, children and adults, as well as furniture and food, are welcome. Just call Mrs. Garnett at PO3-1502, Monday through Friday from 9 a. m. Rctwh Line editors consider every request you send us. We publish the ; most interesting and helpful answers. We regret that we cannot answer, or even acknowledge, each request. The Scene Home, health, n y ft 4. - ill Disney to the rescue (see Movies, below) Safetyi Dental X-rays get the bite " The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a recommendation aimed at reducing or eliminating unnecessary dental X-rays. In a formal recommendation issued last week, the FDA urged that X-rays be taken only when the patient's dentist or physician deems them necessary for diagnosis. ' The recommendations were directed specifically at X-rays required by insurance companies and other agencies to verify treatment. - Excessive exposure to X-rays can be dangerous, and health experts are seeking to eliminate unnecessary risk. Moviest Disney on cassettes There's some good news for parents who are concerned about the lack of movies for children. . Walt Disney Home Video will issue 10 full-length films and three cartoons in home video cassette form. Among the selections, to be released in September, are The Black Hole, Davy Crockett, The Love Bug and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. . The cassettes will be available at department stores, discount stores and video specialty stores. They will also be available for sale or rent at Fotomat stores. Additivest A new approach After years of research, a California company is readying for government approval the first of a series of preservatives that improve shelf life, appearance and the taste of foods but are not absorbed into the human body. Dynapol of Palo, Calif, will submit to the Food and Drug Administration a preservative called Anoxomer, a compound that works to prevent oxidation of food, and thus rancidity. Because the molecules are too large, the compound cannot cross the intestinal lining and enter the body. Anoxomer has already passed laboratory tests for acute, chronic and lifetime toxicity, birth defects, reproductive effects and mutagenicity. Results have also shown that, unlike current preservatives, Anoxomer has not caused any significant liver abnormalities in animals at any dosage level. The company is seeking a speedy review by the Food and Drug Administration so that it can market the compound. Joggingi Be careful with your dog Because dogs don't perspire like humans, pushing your pooch beyond its limits when it jogs with you can be dangerous to the animal, warns the Humane Society of the United States. Dogs, like humans, should be physically fit before, undertaking any rugged exercise program. Start your pet by combining running with walking short distances, then gradually eliminate the walking and increase the distance. Warning signs of heat exhaustion in a pet include lagging behind, excessive breathing, coughing and stumbling. If this happens, wet the dog down and allow it to rest to reduce its temperature. If it seems to be in a state of shock, try to keep it still and call a veterinarian. Anita Myette Your biorhythms D 19BO, by Bernard Gittehon The chart for calculating vour permanent biorhyihm numbers appears Sundays in the FamHy section of The Inquirer. v PHYSICAL Critical: 3, 14. 26. 37, 49. 60, 72 Limit exercise High 4-13, 27-36,50-59, 7375 A great day Low: -2, 15-25,38-48.61 71 Can feel wiped out family finances EMOTIONAL Critical: 10, 24, 38, 52, 66, 80 Accident-prone today Highs: 1 9. 25-37. 53-65,81-85 Lite is a breeze Lows: 11-23, 39-51, 67-79 You aie less sensitive INTELLECTUAL Critical: 5. 22, 38. 55.71.88 Check answers High: 1-4. 23-37,56-70, 89-95 Propitious day Low: 6-21, 39-54, 72-87 Judgments impaired 6'? Philadelphia Inquirer RICHARD M. TITLE V Betty Small (left) and Jean Haley at the Garden Party Auction An alumnae party to restore center The Garden Party Auction, sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania's Association of Alumnae, grossed more than $54,000 on Saturday night. After deducting the costs of staging the party, a total of $45,000 or more will be go to Eisenlohr Hall. That handsome mansion, on the university campus at 3812 Walnut St., is now being converted into the Alumni Center. It will be a permanent home for the General Alumni Society. The Garden Party Auction took place at Guildford, the university's Wharton Sinkler Center in Wynd-moor, near Chestnut Hill. More than 380 persons attended the party, which began with cocktails and a silent auction. Then dinner, prepared by the university's catering service, was served under a large yellow-and-white striped tent. The live auction, which was conducted by Samuel ML (Beau) Freeman 2d, was held at the conclusion of the dinner. It went on until 1.15 a.m. During the cocktail period, there was background music by the Jay Jerome orchestra. Maestro Jerome is an alumnus of the university's Wharton School. The highest bid was $6,250 for a 2 carat diamond ring that had been donated to the University of Pennsylvania. Reservations for two spaces on the General Alumni Society's September trip to the French Riviera and the western Mediterranean were acquired for $3,000. This was a bargain. The trip is valued at $5,000. Paul F. Miller Jr., board chairman of the University of Pennsylvania, and his wife, Warren, bid $100 for an original Christmas card cartoon by Penn alumnus Bo Brown. Martin Meyerson, president of the university, and his wife, Margy, bought several items in the silent auction. Jean and Daniel J. Haley Jr. bid A hard look at a Dear Ann Landers: We are hearing a great deal about the "disease" called alcoholism these days. Do you have the guts to print this? If alcoholism is a disease, it's the only disease that is bottled and sold. It is the only disease that requires a license to keep it going. It is the only disease contracted by the will of man. It is the only disease that produces revenue for the government. It is the only disease that provokes crime. It is the only disease that is habit-forming. It is also the only disease that causes violent death on the highways. It is the only disease spread by advertising. And the only disease not caused by a germ or a virus. Can it be that it is not a disease at all ? I'm From the Show-Me State Dear Missouri: The experts whose D.C. Peopletalk2fy Peter Malatesta What a dump! Mouska Brzezinski, wife of presidential foreign affairs adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, was furious when an old-fashioned circus pitched its tents in a ballpark behind her home in Fairfax, Va. It seems the Brzezinskis were hosting a chic outdoor soiree when off-duty circus elephants wandered near their property and horrified elegant guests by doing what comes naturally alter a day of eating hay. "The county should have asked my permission before they let the circus there," she blurled indignantly to amused onlookers. A cynical Republican neighbor snipped, "Would you have minded if they were donkeys?" But as another guest asided, "Pass the crudites and pay no attention." Have you been asked to the Carters' yet? Almost everybody else has. In By RUTH SELTZER '""j - Society $210 for a weekend sail on Chesapeake Bay with boat owners Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Bedford 3d. Jean Haley and Betty (Mrs. George W.) Small were the co-chairmen of the Garden Party auction. Penny (Mrs. Paul) Rubincam was the coordinator for the entire event. Binnie (Mrs. Donald) Donald is president of the Association of Alumnae. As the auction was about to begin, David C. Auten, president of the General Alumni Society, extended special thanks to Jean Haley, Betty Small, Binnie Donald, Penny Rubin-cam and Carol (Mrs. James J.) Fitzgerald for their "imagination and real leadership in making this party a success." Carol Fitzgerald was Binnie Donald's predecessor as president of the Association of Alumnae. Nina E. Robinson and Bernard E. Zbrezeznj were chairmen of the live auction. Dave Auten and Sara (Mrs. John R.) Senior were chairmen of the silent auction. Sara Senior will succeed Dave Auten on July 1 as president of the General Alumni Society. Edith (Mrs. Percy H.) Clark was chairman of patrons for the party and auction. Hilary and lone Strauss bid $750 for a two-year-old pinball machine, originally valued at $2,000. Howard Foster bid $60 for a day with District Attorney Edward G. Rendell. The DA's wife, Midge Ren-dell, was a member of the auction party committee. The Rendells bid $180 for a week in John L. Greena-walt's mid-19th century cottage in By ANN LANDERS opinions I respect say alcoholism is a disease. But you raise some interesting questions. Thanks for writing. Dear Ann Landers: 1 need to know whether or not my friend's story is true. It kept me up all night. She told me an acquaintance took out a big insurance policy on the life of a relative and then tried to murder that person and collect. Is it possible to take out a policy coering the life of a person without that person's knowledge or consent? Is the insurance company obligated entertaining more than 32,650 people at the White House since taking office, President and Mrs. Carter have shown a marked preference for mixing political business with pleasure. The foregoing head count does not include private dinners nor personal receptions. Even though the Carters have a strong style of simple "down home" picnic-like gatherings, the General Accounting Office has put a yearly price tag of $2.9 million on the bashes. Ranging from cookies and lemonade to $50-a-head slate dinners, the Carters have entertained more people than any presidential couple since Franklin I). Roosevelt. Their parties are rarely studded with glittery movie stars, like Richard Nixon's, or elegant jet setters, like John F. Kennedy's. "It has almost been strictly political thank-yous." says v VHT x' 'f V Ml Auctioned items included sneakers signed by some of the 76ers New Hampshire. By the way, Guildford, where Saturday night's party was held, was built in the 1920s by Mr. and Mrs. Samuel P. Rotan. Mr. Rotan was a district attorney of Philadelphia. A weekend on a 35-foot Pearson boat, crewed by Sam and Claire Fa-gin, was bought for $250 by Denise Koval. Claire Fagin is dean of the University of Pennsylvania's School of Nursing. A male Vizsla puppy, the liveliest item brought to the auction party, was donated by Diane O. McGivern, an associate dean of the School of Nursing. The friendly dog was bought by Adele and Harold Schaef-fer. Jeffrey Millman, an administrative assistant for the Philadelphia 76ers, donated sneakers that were autographed by players Bobby Jones, Julius Erving, Caldwell Jones and Darryl Dawkins. Bruce and Peggy Mainwaring bid $230 for a champagne ride in a hot-air balloon to be piloted by Michael Fairbanks. The inflationary trip is being donated by Connie (Mrs. Alfred L.) Wolf, who won 15 world records in helium-filled balloon flights. Peggy Mainwaring is a University of Pennsylvania trustee. Among the trustees at the garden party and auction were Gustave G. Amsterdam, Gloria Twine Chisum, Samuel H. Ballam Jr., John W. Eckman, G. Morris Dorrance Jr., Howard Butcher 3d, Robert L. Trescher, Nina Robinson, Robert P. Levy, David Auten, Wesley A. Stanger Jr. and Robert G. Dunlop. Bob Dunlop is an emeritus trustee and a former vice chairman of the board. Bob Levy, who donated several items to the auction, bid $775 for an appearance on Jack Barry's "The Joker's Wild" TV game show for his daughter Wendy. Jack Barry is a Penn alumnus. Wendy's visit to Los man - made illness to advise a party that a policy covering his life as been applied for? I would hate to think someone could take out a policy on my life without my knowing about it. Is there a central insurance office where a person might check to learn if someone has taken out a policy? Please answer. I am having The Heebie Jeebies Dear Jeeb: My insurance consultant says it is not possible to take out a policy on a person's life without that person's knowledge. The signature of the insured party is necessary if he or she is 15 years or older. There is no central insurance office where a person can check to learn if anyone has taken out a policy of any kind. Such a center is unnecessary. Stop worrying and get some sleep. Dear Ann Landers: Last month my boyfriend lost his wallet. It contained $40, his ID and credit cards. He re one former White House aide. "Youall come," Carter has said repeatedly throughout his campaign. Apparently, he is not kidding. Vice President Walter Mondale took a tough grilling last weekend, but he was all smiles. Entertaining over 70 nationally known food writers at a cookout in the backyard of the Victorian vice presidential mansion, Mondale allowed his reputation as a bona-fide gourmand to get raked over the co Is. "Your fish is burning," one of the guests informed him, as Mondale fussed wiih another specialty, Fettuc-cine a la Pimiento Mondale. Untangling sticky noodles, he laughed, saying, "Better throw the trout away." While his famous barbecued trout did not fare so well, the critics cried, Angeles will include air transportation and hotel accommodations. Bill Cosby tournament On Sunday, we stopped off at the second annual Bill Cosby indoor tennis tournament, which took place in the Robert P. Levy Pavilion at the University of Pennsylvania. The three-day tournament was staged to benefit the programs and services of the Urban League of Philadelphia. Barbara Hardiman Chandler, who is the Urban League's director of development, was the coordinator of the tournament. The honorary chairmen were entertainer Teddy Pen-dergrass and Billy Cunningham, coach of the Philadelphia 76ers. Teddy Pendergrass bought Mike Douglas' home in Gladwyne several months after Mike moved to California. In a special Sunday afternoon exhibition match, Althea Gibson, internationally known tennis champion, and Dr. William R. Harvey, president of Hampton Institute, teamed up to beat U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge A. Leon Higginbotham Jr., and Robert W. Sorrell, president of the Urban League of Philadelphia. After the match, Miss Gibson returned to her home in East Orange, N.J. Judge Higginbotham and Dr. Harvey played more tennis on the home court in Mount Airy of Barbara Chandler and her husband, Dr. Allen E. Chandler. This year's tournament was launched with a party Thursday night at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton Sinkler Center the scene of Saturday night's alumnae-, alumni garden party auction. Fifty-six teams competed in this year's Bill Cosby tournament. Bill Cosby, who was born and educated in Philadelphia, did not attend, but sent his best wishes. He was here last year for the tournament. traced his steps no luck. He decided someone lifted it. Today I found the wallet under my 15-year-old brother's mattress when I was changing the bed linen. Every few weeks Mom wants me to turn the mattress and there it was. The money is gone, but everything else is there. My brother was caught stealing money from my mother before Christmas. He promised never to do it again. If I bring up this wallet business, Dad will beat the living hell out of him. What should I do? His Sister Dear Sister: Confront your brother with the evidence. Tell him unless he returns the wallet, apologizes and pays back the $40 out of his allowances, gift money or an after-school job, you will tell your parents. This boy must be made to pay for his crooked antics or he will eventually wind "t in serious trouble. "Hail to the Chef," when tasting Mondale's Philippine-style pork-and-shrimp egg rolls. A little vice presidential advice to potential culinary wizards: Never, never use oleomargarine when making fettuccine. "I'm a great educator," Mondale explained while serving it up, "especially when I'm up at election time." In Washington last week for a series of cocktail campaign swings, Ronald and Nancy Reagan took a good, hard look at Wexford, the Middleburg, Va., estate built by Jackie Kennedy before her marriage to Aristotle Onassts. Wexford is now owned by Texas Gov. Bill Clements. The 46-acre spread contains a pool, tennis courts, horses and a stunning manor house. It is said to be the only residence in the area the Reagans are considering.

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