The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1946
Page 7
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I MONDAY, MAY 27, 194G CLASSIFIED | ADVERTISING INFORMATION ^ r*U par lint for eoitt.eatU* !»• MOM: btaua Ch*rr« _ fo. im» 9*1 Uu IS. w pu UM pu **r lit P«I 11.. pur by BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.); COURIER NEWS PACK Sevan Concrolo Mock laying. tirpcMilcr wBrk. house iinimhil;, 1'lioiip Hirjy. 6-27 jik 0-10 Ail types belter dre^mak- j ing. See Mrs. Sherrod. I Moore's Hotel. Phone 2!tG(j I or 935 5-25-pk-G-l per fin. p.r d*r 1* Curtain* anil blnnkHs laumlcreil. 110 p» Uu p. r (U/ ft. pu liu • too tout *«« iT<ra» wordi I* tt« llm. ordertd for thr»« or «U tlmx »nd t*for« expiration will b« ah*rti4 atuntor of time* the .d ftpp«tr»d •djmtment at till mid!. II ClEiiWed Adiortklrm 'MPT lib- Ud by pergoni residing outllde ol U« moil lx! acconn.wileil by out. Htl.1 b« *UJ1 7 eomimted <roiu tlie .bom •. Ldr«rti<lnj ord*r for Irrfiul.r lo«»r- • Uk«« the on* time r»te. o reipu£jtlbililj- will lie Ultett tor start ft ODe Incorrect l»»ertloa of IDT <3»l•d »d. Wesl Hose. . I"T Inmr. Cull . or 403. 21-tlli-K For Sol* oil fitove nceJi ctcmiliiK c:ill 3094. All wijrV K« MAX LOGAN KEAL ESTATE, located in Lynch Building. Phone 2034 or 502. I buy and sell farm and city property. See me for FHA, city, and farm loans. List your properly with me for quick sale. 5-14-ck-5-28 11'iHRi'S moved anil fuiinJatiunri reijiiirL-il Call 4112 ur E.e Frank Crockett. J Bill ew G.I. 22-h.p. Johnson motors. .1. C. Ellis Jr., phone GM or 2097. G27ck.'{() nncrete Block Business w ?i* r j. ln *i"J 1 ^ M ifi°" in11 " rr ;, I ' l J l ,^ 1C || 1 ° r T ?."-' h Complete. Located on East I 'f' 1 ' '"""^""tii'ild CM" 'j'c'u i-'innt 1 Main at edge of BlytheviUe ! *• mti.»-»y ci. a-vk-cio city limits. Outfit ready to House-moving, leveling, re- operate. See J. K. Hazel, ' pair of foundations. 12 yrs experience. Meccssarv equipment. Virgil Foley, phone 3917 or 3292. 5-7-pk-6-7 Slcele, Mo., phone 158. 5-27-pk-'iO or Fine Portraits It's O'STKKN'S STUDIO :>im:u . HKAVIKS. I'OSITIVKI.V • I.|':I;UOKNS—STKONC HKAI.TIU' IICKN! .NO Clill'l'l.KS! NO | UULI.S! OS'l.V !f.1. ':•:,— luii 1'OST- | fJKNI) CHUCK Olt MOXKY i K KOII I'llll.MI'T SI 11 I'M KM'. DKI.IVKHV <;l:A1tANTKl-:i). ATI.AS ClllCli (ruMl'AXV, UKI'T. •iAK. ST. I.OUIK, Mo 57-ck-2« J.awn mower* itmriienui] and reiuilrn. All types ftutj kinUa. W« "Iicclftllr.*) in liower uiowcr ilianioninit ,n«l molnr uvorliaulinu. \««, wu itirk un and deliver. Ulyihevillo Miu-litne Shop. • 112-ck-l! Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene velding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 3-15-ck-tf Irlr rofrj^or^tor 2 Mia a(1i-r I in K«u,\ rjliiJilii,,). I 11. in. a--21 |ik G-3 Personal II Cr irliiili cnm|jlHHy r.'cotulitionoil. l> lu-lc.u cpilini.— rirliiilini; now moK.r lu-lc.u cpilini.— I rivillc OWIUTS. 1>I,,|||<. :932..2f,-|ik.-2» vinK to Ijos Angeles Tncsilny Lntc- ikl cor. Can take one Bring it to us; we'll line up your i'd til sell si.iek nf ri'nislrri'i llHTiKn-ccl .Vcu- Xnnlnnil \s-kitc. i-ililji:*, inpli'ln uilli liuu-lu^ ntul ntlnir ,n|iiij». •ill, IIUI \V. Ash, jiUuiH.- li^ll'J. 2l-].k-l linl, lial.y lm K «<r. Coenrr o[ 1 UU lilki', 24 inch. Call :i IS2 ..Muilorn lirilroom niljnluiiiK hnlh. Winiln-.r Lift.-r five. Jin sonlli Krnuklin .St. ]ioi)se: lenncssce sweet |M>latoe.s. kiitiK-n. • \\m\iia ,H,I>: .\ir«. i-:,i ; ,-:ir | Buck Mcharg, 'iOl E. Main, Jl'"^!"- J^*!"-... 3I "'• ^••n-^-'.i I'hone !)18. 22-pk-2!)' " —to restore its POWER AND PEP • c : then, you'll be ail set for spring and summer driving CALL US TODAY and summer DRIVING Don't let excessive tire wcnrruln your vacnlion. It's oflcii cnusecl by bad wheel nlL|>nmc[it. So, lake no cliaiices. DriiiR your car in, ttxlay, to have the wheels checked. Let oxir expert* set them strnight.. DRIVE IN TODAY P H I L LI PS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth— BlytheviUe, Ark. Tel. 453—454 Lost SL\- inonllLK old nn^tnn wLtli \vhilc innr^in^s. Ku-ft-r. Kfunri! [ ( , Ti'Hini. Tin spcctntor.s, and the G2 (leyrei's UiL 1 year- Wonclcrlancl Cn\'c In Arknnsns Inis the only nalurnl underground ult'lil t-liili nl Hie- nation. More I thnn 500 feet In the cnrt.U. tlic di'.nco floor accoinniodaltts 200 con- ' pics, seating is provided lor 2,000 ] Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone.2918 or 2042 Illivalrir II M Kunnnll. O I). Cray. • stroll',,- 1, :! miles i-i\st of ISlaluliiii! Ar.-lL ^'JS room residence. Good con* dition. Price ,§3500. H. C. C'ampliel!, phone 44(> or ' 5-20-ck-5-28 pew Phonographs, automatic record changers, amplifiers, microphones. A 11 makes to select from. I'arkhurst Co. 5-17-ck-C-17 ctosfi in. Attic f.-in ^]0 W. 2? |,k-G!'J2 to ft live Ucui nn.l renl pst:il,. sMi'xiiinii. SIM- A F ])i.^ tricli. UiiilcJ Insuraiir.. Afduy. 2U'Kl!S •<lrofnn, rnnynni.'nt to liath. Phnn. Just arrived large shipment. Traveling hags and acces- pries. I'arkhurst Co. 5-17-ck-G-17 l-'iirnisheil aimrniiont u-illi kitclirn privi- l"lt<'s. 1504 West 1 learn si. l-Hcino Help Wonted I'lnilcrori! "iranlnT. tl.Tr, per hour (^:ill "i »in- L 1 . A. 1'iirlnni, ^.10 Ilrldnt (ST.. .Inrksonvillc, l-'la., 1'lioiu- 7-.|;-,nil riymontli in _-ou.l cninlilion. Uolni fi t'lilcknsnwba. 17-ijk.2 |IT PAIflURST new modern gift items. Arriving daily for Graduation, Birthday, Father's Day, Wedding Anniversaries, or any day. 5-i7-ek-G-17 |>ood used radios with 31) day guarantee. Reasonable prices. Perry's Radio Service Co. Phone 3414. 1211 W. Main. 5-10-ck-ti l:loil Jrrscy Inilcli coivn. I'lionc SIM. I'icture frames made to order O'Sleen Studio. 4-24-ek-tf Experienced housekeeper and cook for small family. Must he honest, reliable and come highly recommended. Good home and salary. Write or call R. I, Wade, lilythevillc, Ark. 2-l-ck.Cir. An i'x|if;rilMICfiil In'ftiity n|icrnlf>r. A crnj-1 |irii[,(isilion tn tlie rij:lit pprAiin. Apltlv It'iuliy's lieauty H!io|t or I'tinnn :i:{OJ. IAII) for ji.irtimc work. 35 cents par hour, meals (iirnislicil. Mrs. Samuel F. Xorris. Call -101 rlnrinj;. day. dli-xl Wanted To Buy Motlcl A. 1'lione 2230. OIJ tioilaks and cnmcraa for parts O'Slmn's Stuilio. .117-ck-tf ood sized house. Thone 2239, 30pky|30 t |iny cash for mod (urnilnrc. one Iiioce or a hoa&<: full. Cal] 2302, Alvin Ilardv Furniture Co. 4HO'Ck-ir Situation Wanted rocerr it on wilh livinij quarters, lo- Ksi|l ,, r | l . rr< ,,| yolln| . ,„„„ j^irri. ~j.,l> si jellier with 4 rcnlal houses. Approi- ),,,,,tko,.i>rr \Vrito ll,,« IJ 1 f;,,.,,. r IMMclr 2 acres o( land. Fronls 13 v, .. , " ' "' "" xjtr „'• • "L"' 1 ' lajfrr. 61. liordi-rs on Collon licll .- N '» s - ±_J1 '' •aMMM^n Approved EMERSON ATTIC FANS 4re Available Again AT PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. ¥ It., iilt-al location for Industry. Heo I 'JJuclianan's Gorccry, N Ilfcy Gl |i-r(H)m residence. Close in. Price §3250. H. C. Campbell. I'honc 'J4G or 2930. 111 strpl trnrk botl, Avmv crtrpo typo, t<ir IVi Inn (ruck. Oni}ih'l,' \vilh sill.- lionril^ nntl sl^vra fi>r tariunlin. I'hono 3i31. 22-|il<-2!) acres lanil located 1 milo north on |>>n't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf | ne Allen Motor Tnns-np mnchine factory rrrrnnJi lion fir. I*cp Motor Sales. En at MftEn. Pliond fif>9, 4|20 ck tf 150 Ku. \Vhippoorwill Peas. Blythcville Curb Market. 130 E. Main 5-7-ck-tf llO-room residence. 100 ft. corner lot. Mostly furnished. Price $(i:WO.~ '/ 2 cash. ^H. C. Campbell. T'honc 4-Hi , «r 2930. 5-24-ck-5-28 Business Opportunities DDT Residual Spraying BlytheviUe Insecticide Co. Harold Wright, Mgr. Phone 558 907 E. Cherry I F INSURANCE Dial 2311 , linl |]ii<) . I f ym» nrc roniplotrlv snlfsfi^i 1'iisinfss. ami your financinl rnoi^i- linn, rlnn'l answer this r^l. for I!UK < ntif> of I he \wt,t inonry mnVinn P|>nnr- I nn it ion An ill,. m.irVrt toil ay out Aft -1, (*. . Ilnnleii, .10:i .irisnn, .Toncslmrn, Read Courier tt«r> Want A<fa For Complete Protection • ACCIDENT k HEALTH • HOSPITAIJZATION • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE • LIABILITY • BURGLARY • P.LATE GLASS »TORNADO • SURETY BONDS • AVIATION F'RST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108N.2nd CHAS. BinTxER A check-up in lime keeps your car on the ro;i<l! T;ikc a tip from this smart j^' . . . date your "Doctor ot Motors" to catch car ailments before they become scrioiis and expensive. Stop in now to prepare your ruito for inexpensive vacation driving. Langston-Wroten Co. Sales U. S. Tires OPEN 2J HOURS Walnut & Broadway Buick Service Mobil Gas WRECKEK SKUVICi; Telephone 553 Political Announcements Courier H*vt t»» d to >nnn»me« Ui» foilov cuidldnto, nib)ect to U Ximocratlo prlnuuy: HEHirT AND C01UOTOK JACK PINI4CT ROBINaON V/tU.lAM BKRRYMAN COUNTY JUDQK OENE K; BRAOLKT ROLAND QKKKN fOK TAX AS8KHBOK IX)YI,E HENDERAON W. W. "WINVC" WAT90N tlKCUIT CLZJKi: 11A11VEY MORKIt) COUNTV COUKT OLKKK EUZAHEriH ULYI-HE COUNTY TKrlAKUKBB BELLA PUniTX •TATE RKI-iiF.SKNTATIVI ALKNK WO!U) E. C. PI;KKMAN WBLD! "DUKIE" BPKraK L. II. AUTRY W. J. WUNDERIilCH O'or r(>-i>U'c'Uun} STATE SrNATOB J. UEE BF^RDEN JEPPKHSON W. SPECK CILtCl IT Jl'lKii: H. O. WAU1) 1. M. CiliKHR REPLACED Wo Itnve just Installed the IntcKl nmchlnn to nmkc Keys. And wo tarry « complete stuck of liliinki;. When you nerd nn uxtrti Koy, s»ie ns. 6LAN HEATH Auto & Home Supply I'honc 828 419 W. Main USED CAR PRICES v .• '•• Are Still High Sell Us Your Car Now! We Need For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel Bldg, * FOR BALE CONCRETE STOKM SKWliR AM, 8I/KO Cheap** Than Hridje l.ambw OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone C9l OttxoU, Arfc. Buy Your Poultry at W. T. DAVIS Poultry House On HlKliwny 01 Norlli Wholesale ami Hetail Hens — Springs — Cox 35c 42c 29c ... Our Phone — 528 _ TIIU-S ANI> TlllllCS RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on any make or r^oi'el Reliable PHONE 2642 We Cull for Hnd Deliver Fred Callihan Klccirica! Appliance Co. Aothorirrd Molurnla Radto Bairn and 8«rrlc« 106 So. First St. GOOD USED CARS Top Price Paid. No Stalling, No Waiting. Visit Our Used Car Lot;.-] and get the Top Dollar! LO Y E 1C H CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Gas ft Oils 301 W. Walnut f HOM 571 -' We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Bgytheville Curb Market 130 E. Miiin Phone 973 Local * Long Distance Mnvlng CumpcUMl Kolli nnil o<|lllj'mtiit. Ad'- fHititoty Iimuroil. Conttact MaulliiK anil Mlic. Borvlcej. Home Scrvicp A Slnra^e Co. Perfect reimlrliiff for tflday'fl ex- (fuLsitc fiM)hvc;ir assured when re- tiuUt in flur modern shop. DON EDWARDS "Tlir: Typewriter !U:in" KOYA1,, i-MIITIF, t:OHONA mil IJKiNIINOTON ]>OUTA1II.K 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE SlUtt (Every Transaction MUST TiE SATISFACTORY) BOOTS AND HER PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed liesl ' I'rices Kirby Drug Stores Kills Rats- Roaches Biddl« Extcrminoton Member NiUT ft* Cntnl 115 8. Third 84. HM Sco us about your serf- Ice on Chrysler and Ply-, mouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly, and more economically. Have your brakes checked for safety. We have a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars aW I trucks. , , • T. I, SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Slotkii of Parts For Chester Prodieto E. Main .„„ Heavy Hunch BY - V\\ ff V W«DWl ifii FIIRCKLKS AND IUS FRTKNDS 1.» xoo e>kiO VOU'Wt V\WCH\VS6 !*' « ILDA j IMTfRGSTIMLARD BECAUSE sm- THOU3HTKE WAS TcofM! THEM SHE GOT TME MEASLES, AND WHILE S|IE WVS QUARAM71MEO, t-AtJD BOW6AEREO HER WITHCAMOY' OK, LARD, I ATH ALL TMAT CAMDV \AW,SUGAR You SENT ME / DO YOU WIMK I'M / You LOOK Too HEA.W ? i'LL. SIMPLY DIE IF 7 'CUTE ' YOU THIUIC SO.' L MLvVM i _X_Jl ' , REALLV WILL- / r ^-r^ The Diplomat BY MEHRI'LL BLOSSEJ LET ME IN, HILDA .' DID i SAY THE WROM& WHEM VOU'RE FAT, YOU oowr HAVE TO WORRY ABOUf YOUC. FIGURE / NOTHING MORS COULD HAPPEN TO IT; _AmHVIakc It Snappy •v BY V. T. HAMILTON 'ALLEV OOP _ . ED FROM THE OE- _ OP ATLANTIS... BUT __ .. KFRCUt-TIES ^v_r»i^tr / \f i 1 :f?*,v-it

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