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Public Ledgeri
Memphis, Tennessee
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COAL AND ICE. -i i i pittsbubg COAL AND LAKE TP 395 'Main St. 1W-74 FOR RENT. RESIDENCE 185 Carroll avenue, with bath-room, sras, etc Also l'Jl Second str-et. Apply at lyibeccndst.

ED STACK. 21-26 SINGLY or together, two first floor offio-t over 2ti6 root street, tuilable for cotton factors or buyers. If rented together one would answer for business ollioo, the other for cotton room. Apply to 21-2o H. B.

HOWELL. Til AT desirable residence, I rooms Ne. 1(2 Main. C. W.FRAZER.

20-25 772 Main, or 27 Bouth Court st. A MEAT oo'tase in geod repair, 6 room), No. Avery street. Apply to VVM, ROQTES. 1K0 Madison st.

NO. 1:9 Court street, in first-clam order; water, hath-ronm an s-as. Apply to 18-4IS (i 001) LETT A 282 Front ft. fTUVO ROOMS over Seessel's market, H-t 124 Main -street. THE COTTAGES No, 310 L'nden and N.

'U8 Lauderdale Appl to 16 1 S. C. TOOF. 15 Court St. OAP SE''OSD ST.

Apply to Mi-tl J. 3 IUL L. 314 Main st. mWO story brick. No.

353 Washington st. I Apply at 3.Vi, pniTiirnf nr'enns 1481- FOR BALE. A NO. 1 Elevator, Cincinnati make. for a four-story house and cellar.

Apply to 21-25 A. 8. BROWN, 342 Mi street. fpWO pony phaotons, one two horse pbae-L ton, two good second-hand catriages and one fine stnll'on, at a bargain. Call at J.

K. Third st. 31 ONE good second-lund rockaway and open back, both in good repair; and a new toi kutiiir, lor sale by 19-24 JOHN DUNN. 42 Adams st. CHEAP-A complete lot of Confectionery fistuies, consisting of two soda water fountains and marble slubs, fancy jars, one counter, three silver show cases, carpet, oil cloth, chiiirs, marble-top tables, candy kettles and sundries Apply at 18 23 A.M.

STODDARD'S, 228 Main st A NICE lot ef dray mules at llendron'i ii. Overlon stables Alain St. 17 22 Qlfiftfi of Bluff City Cotton Mills stock, OllMU at Mechanics and Traders Hank, No. Madison street. 9f CHOICE LOT3 in the block bounded by Main, Linden and Mulberry streets three on Main, two on Linden, two tn Mulberry, licit bargains on the market IRJSZEVAAT lie C0NAWAY.

9 31 8 Madison streot. A COMPLETE outfit for a cont'eman's room, comprising a handsome pet ot furniture, Uo. Apply T1IOS. 11. ALLEN CO.

Vt mO THE TRADE, Bologoa and bain sau-JL sage as well as all other ds of sausage, ll.SEKWSKLhll AHOtt. l-2ii Corner of JeBorsoo and Second, T0RSALE-0LD-NEWSPAPERS. 40c PER J. hundred, at tlas omce, tne cnea iett wrap-ping npi- ou can get. 56-1 Banbitt metal for light, fast running machinery, at this office 33-t 1.

0K HALtfi NEW FORM OF TRUSTEE'S I l)K(St'. lint out for sale at Lodger oft'eo. WANTED A experienced salesman in retail grocery bus ines No one ncod apply unless well recommended, 2i-t 11. b. QT0NH-0UTTER3 at James Maydwell's IO steam stone saw mill, corner of Bub and AiUms strtets.

lt WILL exchange a highly improved farm of 4'. 0 acres within six miles of Wittaburt. Arkansas, lor improved unimproved prop or iv in Sleuipnia. KU1U. i 110-t 17 ANTED THE PUBLIC TO KNOW that I will not be responsible for any bills bought by any one directed with the Ledger oCiceorout ol it, and will not allow such bills in settlement of my accounts unless accompanied Dy my written order.

W-t B. WHTTMOKK TAKEN UP. a-NEblaok horse mule, branded Eon the lett shoulder; 17 bunas high. Inauire at A Tl WIMIIKHLY'S. I'fi Jefferson.

19-24 PTRSOrVfAL DP. II1N80N, DENTIST, 3.19 MAIN Memphis, lonn. N. more than twenty years of ttudy and successful practioe, 1 tcel that 1 am conipeiotu i) lender you i rerrii-o. and impart information tffat will en ablovou toretjiin your natural teeth brough- out this lilo.

b. IlUNbUi, Alain St. 20-t fn MKJOU, Attorney-at-Law, JL. 13-381 'i'J MADISON ST. PERSONAL-J.

M. COLEMAN, JUSTICE ol the Pcwo, Nvlary Public and Commissioner of Deeds, Special attention given to collections in the county. Ofnco 2V4 Front st, 118. '1IION. HA DWELL, GARBLE WOBKS MANUFACTURER OF Monuments, Tombs HEAD AND FOOT STONES, CUIiBING.

No. 38 Union Street, Main and S-icond), Tcimcssco T.T.AVOP.K fXF.CUT out of I u- ben Hiii vn and American Jlnrb'e. and bi.iti-in o. r-h Imuios. fir Dtsigni, li'iiiiflnil free ul charge.

1:7 7 HOTEL, 01 kIM'l) fT. IMIU. COURT. 0 f'tll All modern go, and in. 1 J7 VI ivoiiiu, ii.r udiug eleva- ii wnt.

ovory room ii rn'p II. UAIION. I l.iLUIILIN Mahon McLauffhliD, 11G and 118 Heal Street, CoUXKR Of BlSNANUO. EST TEA IN THE C1T7 AT Wo TUB I pound. AIoa complete lino of lloiuted and round ionees.

Yinos, Liquors ami ligars Amcrioa's Favoiiio brand of gars, tho liott in fe city, tot mod in. cucn. Leg ett In ii nd. an cii'ullont t-i, ar, 0 lor 15c, pjl up in unit pot-k el packages. l)ont Forptt the IVpuhr Fa mil urvciTCs 1 7a -iil FEME WAIT, LUMSZR DEALERS.

Building Material CYPRESSr POPLAR AND Yellow Pino lumber In large or imall quantities at 119 per 1000 ft. Shin gleg, from $2 to $4.50 per 1000 Laths, $1.50 per 1000 WILLIAMS Lumber Dealers and Manufacturers. H9 17 CROCERICS. EXCiSLSlOll 100 bbis Plant's Exira Flour, 50 bbh Queen Flour, 100 bbla Silver Moon Flour, 9" lihta Japb Vraat Vlnn (Best in America.) All these Flours are first-class and cannot be beaten anywhere. 100 bbla Silver Moon Meal, Extra pure white, the very best flint corn, ground in a peculiar manner.

50 tubs Creamery Batter, Sweet and golden color. 50 boxes Extra Ureakftst Bacon, A streak of lean and a streak Oliver, Finnic Co. 13-t BILLIARDS. CONVERSE JOKES CHICKASAW Billiard Parlors AND TEN PIN ALLEYS, Cor. Main and Monroe (Opposits Pkabouy Hotkl) MEMPHIS, TESNES8EE gy A fine bar well stocVed with good liquors, and also a cigar stand.

are altflrlipd 1o ilie moms. 10 RV SACDLRRY. JOHN Cr. SICK, MANUFACTtTRKR OP AND DKALK2 SADDLES, HARNESS, LEATHER, SHOE FINDINGS, 366 Main MEMPHIS, TEXXESSEE Repairing promptly attended fo Wi BOOTS AND SHOES. Jfl'li! GGIiDOSli DEALER IN BOOTS AND SHOES, HAS REMOVED TO 234 Main (Opposite the Worshara House, MEMPHIS, TENN.

lli-fln JEWELRY. JET PALACE. TEWELRY MANUFACTURING ANDRE pairing establisnment, removed to No. 385 Main IN A Six. OVER KENOCHSBERQ'S PICTURE STORE With, skillful workmen and all necessary machines, we Ve prepared to mako to order all kinds of jewelry.

Pricoa reduced oa all repairs. Ou consignment. A LAilGF. AND SELECT STOCK OK Jewelry and Fjiucy Geoda which will be sold extremely low for cash. Loose Stone Cameos, Amethysts and other settings on hand.

I. ROESCHER, Agant INSURANCE. PLANTERS (FIRE AND MARINE) lusuranco Compaiij OF ME PHI-, TEAM. Okpick in Company's Btni.niNO, Ko. Al Mntlison Htreot 1).

T. PORTER, Presldcul (. II. JUDA1I, Tlce-President JA'O. U.



K. HLEDUE, O. V. RAM AUT, .1. M.

(lUODBAk. W. 11. HALBKEATU. Dwollinirs and churches Inmrod fo one.

tbreeanU nve years on tne most tavern Hi terms. 12U-xxv-41 jfiO.G.I-GiiSDiiLEjE Insurance Aorent OKKICK WITH Planters Ins. Co 41 Madison st. Represents following Ineuranoe Companies Miuilmttan Fire, of New York, asset Mobile Undervfritors.of Mobile. asBeu 1,100,000 ManufiK'turers' Fire, of Boston, assets uta llif.n and -nnt-nlii, Saw HI tun ami lirMTlNn Dwell-inss and Mercantile Risks insured as low as the kniard will permit.

12MI PUBLIC LEDGER. Office, 13 Xadlaon Street. LARGEST CITY CIR0DUTI0N. TTTE CITY MEMPHIS) Tuesday Sept. 177.

Tb Pablle Ledger at Five Ceoia. The Public Ledger will be supplied on all trains and at all stations on tbe following railways, at FIVE CENTS per copy, by the ogenU of the Southern Railway News Company, viz: Memphis and Louisville railway, Memphis and Little Rock railway. South and North Alabama railway. -Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis railway.

Memphis and Charlestou railway. MISSISSIPPI AND TENNESSEE AND PADCCAH AND MEMPHIS RAILWAYS. Mr. John Epperson, or employes, will supply the Public Ledger at five cents ou the above named railways. LEDUER LINES.

Advertise in the Memphis Business Directory. The first celery of the season is at Victor D. Fuchs'. The morning journals keep on howling for Smith, but Horace answereth not. The city is being billed with Kellv Leon's showy posters and lithographs.

One hundred half-barrels and barrels of new kraut at Oliver, Finnie 4 Thursday night next the school board will meet and attend to school matters, Misdemeanor cases and light felonies are up (or hearing at the Criminal Court to day. Playing chess over the wires is tb lightning way it is done in this city at present. The central committee of the Work- ingmen's party will hold a council of war night. lhis 8casoo picnic oratory not flourish so grandly as it has done iu tea- sons past and gone. Sunday last was a sporting diy with many Memphians.wbo indulged in either picnicB, boat races or long range rifle shooting.

To day at tbe city hall $11,071.55 in old bonds were funded and exchanged for new bonds by N. Long it Co Russell-vi'le, Ky. Bond funding continues to progress at the Cily Hall. Yesterday Geo. Bergman fcinded old bonds amounting to 65, and received the new issue.

Burglari and thieves, continue to prowl around town, and gambling house "cappers" are increasing rapidly iu numbers and are getting ready for the business season. Ladies' Journal, Bow. Bells, Leslie's Popular Monthly, Scribuer, and other late magazines; Middleuiarcb, by George Eliot, complete in one vclaeje, 20 cents, at Spangler's, 376 Main street. The Bohemian Girl will be presented at the theater if possible on the 5th and P.L -1 VT I urn ui iioveinDer next. luisa Jennie Magevney will appear as the prima donna on the first night, and Miss Hattie Collins on the second.

Stem, of Henry county, was ai- rested by tbe Uuited States officers and was committed to jail by the United States commissioner in default of $1000 bail on the charge ot dealing in unstamped tobacco, etc. Two wbarl boats now adorn the landing. The new wharf boat is the hull of the famous old steamer R. E. Lee that the Natchez in tbe grand twelve hundred mile race on tbe Mississippi river, between New Orleans and St.

Louis in tbe year 1870. is not probable that any varieties theater will bo opened here this season The variety business has played out of late years, and only flourishes in tbe Black Hills and other frontier plnces It is no great loss to the world, the variety business being grossly immoral in its tendencies and teachings. The celebrated and seosational Clausen vs. Claujun divorce case comes up for hearing this afteruoon before the Circuit Court. During the 'progress of the trial soma interesting developments will be made with reference to certain grades of social life in this city.

Says the Avalanche of this inoniing: In the name of charity they bg fur bread a deserted wife and four sick, starving children in front of the hospital. Because she is hot fitted to eutor the comfortable asylums for the fallen, is she fobs allowed to suffer?" Does virtue piy? The immoral man of the Avalanche continues to talk base-bull to the moral man of the Ledger The Avalanehian has been out ou a fly, and he now rails at roughs and the demi monde, whom hp says "attended the Sunday regatta in far greater numbers than they did the Central Park bast ball contests." Our chamber of commerce proposes to cull a postal convention to be held in this city one the 2d of March, 1878, and that delegates the towns aud cities of the South and Wast be invited to The object of the convention is to iudsce the United States government to iscruase mail facilities by rivtr and rail in the South and West. On tc morrow the Ledukr will publish the list of cases for trial before the Aibi-I ration Court, which will meet in this city on Monday next. The cases on the list me from the Shelby county Chancery docket, and the attention of lawyers is railed lo the list so that they can cut it out and preserve it lor court rtth tpi iv. The cases run from number 2'J I to 07 1 Mr.

Ed Haibway, who was with llnrai-e F. Smith iu the nkifi" wben Horace fell publishes lei.gthy comuiuui- riWKJP'MMUCM tilMii calioo In the Louisville Courier Journal, describing how the boat ride progressed bt night and how Smith disappeared be neath the waters that Covered tbe Hope1 field sand bar. Mr. Hath way says that Smith was no relative ol his, only a dear friend. Dray Males.

A lot of fine dray mules just received. A. FORREST 61 Monroe st. 22 On (be "BLIto," here merchaats do most congregate, No. 346 Front street, George W.

Miller has opened an elegant saloon and set of parlors, where tbe inner man can he-come refreshed with tbe best in the orld. Georga sets a splendid lunch daily, asd has'made all preparations for the oyster season. Oysters on the hall shell, or stewed, fried or broiled, will be served up in the most artistic manner. 50 packages new OaUnieal and Grits, 50 packages Pearl Barley and Cracked Wheat, 200 boxes aew Smoked Herrings, 100 boxes Cream Cheese, small boxes, 60 barrels and kegs new plalu and mixed Pickles, 50 half bsrrels new White Fish. O.

A. ECKEIILY A UK OS. 15J-T Fine linen shirts, unlaundried, only $1, at Menken See them. 21 Election of ORieerai Tbe men of the chamber of commerce met on yesterday and exercised the right to the elective franchise by depositing ballots in a box and electing a set of flicer s. Tbe election was conducted in a quiet and orderly manner.

There were no ward bummers or whisky heads around the polls challenging voters; no ward politicians were there holding bunches of tickets and electioneering for the whisky candidate; there was no shoving in of fraudulent votes; no ballot-box stuffing; no little cigar box frauds it was an election in wbich the best men won. The result of the election was as follows: President Becjamin Eiseman. Vice Presidents James A. Hunt, F. H.

White, A. S. Livermore, L. Izlauer, A. B.

Goodbar. Treasurer John T. Willins. Committee on Appeals- -C. W.

Met-calf, F. W. Brode, W. 3. Taylor.

N. M. Jones, Barney Hughes, James R. Miller, John Lonsdale, jr. Vnlieil Slates Const.

At the United States Court to day the following business was transacted: In the case of J. D. Reed in bankruptcy, order of reference; Palliam vs. Pulliam order pro confesso, aud appointment of V. Sueel guardian; Nelf vs.

Colum bia Life Insurance Company, order for defendant to eppear on Thursday to show cause why he refjssd to obey an order of court; J. T. and W. A. Rose, indicted for illegal voting, plead guilty.

judgment suspended. Chancery Kale of Triicit Fraperty on lurliy, Neiitrmbur 29, Kilt Four brick houses or tenements cn Front Row, city of Memphis; also about acres of land in Tipton county, and about 265 acres just south if Memphis, subdivided into 140 suitable for residence lots, gardens, etc. Terms of sale Six, twelve and eighteen months. E. A.

Cole, C. and M. J. Black, D. C.

and M. 22 Tue greatest linen shirts $1. 21 bargains yell Fine Menken Bros. Kid Cook's Peabody Billiard Koom is pronounced first clans by all Tisitois. 33-t FIRE! FIBE! Go immediately to J.

B. Ford's, 214 Main street and puichase your stoves, or have your old ones put up in working order. By so doing your stoves will be put up cheap and reedy for use. 16t THE MAJAGUA CIGAB. Manufactured of superior tobacco and the best in the market for the price.

Sold by II JESCII, 270 Second opp. Court Square. 217 Main street, corner Adams. 810 Main street, opposlta Peabody. How Not to lo It.

The police order closing saloons at midnight is virtually a dead letter. The order only affects a fw places. Lave all saloons open or none, is the square motto, but the modern peeler cannot get that equitable rule through his head. The liberality of some saloon-keepers to the guardians of tho watch is an open sesame to their henrts, and hence no arrests are made. I'oll'-e Court.

This morning tbe recorder disposed of the following cases: G. F. Hulls (white), misdemeanor, fine B. Pearsons, Joe Davis (black), escaped convicts, held for investigation; Jennie Williams (black), Mattie Perkins (white), careless driving, fine $5 each; T. L.

Sallnraos (white), drunk, fine J. Patterson (white), drunk, fine Ben May (black), drunk, Hue Isaac Johnson (black), Tbemas Gorman (white), sleeping out, fine $5 each; John Clay (white), misdemeanor NEW STOCK or TOY GOOD8I Arrivitg daily. WHEELER, PICKENS CO. 15 Cigarettes aud Sutok.ngTo ba' CO of all grades and styles, manufactured by John F. Aixeh Bicumoxd, Va at Ilarpmann A where all orders are filled at Factoht Prices.

After one trial you mill smoke no other, 37 Tue most complete stock of furniture, carpets, oil cloths, shad and luce cur-tuins at Drjson Si Camp's ever shown in the city. Prices as l-iw the lowest. Th fcbakapereiiN rolle. Our dramatic critic offers the follow leg chapter from Much Ado About Nothing to the police headquarters to be considered in conjunction with the famous police "rules and regulations," which are violated almost daily and nightly: (Enter Dogberry Verges with tbe watch Dogberry "Are you good men and trner Verges Yea, or else it were a pity but tbey should suffer salvation, body and soul. Well, give them their charge, neighbor Dogberry." Dogb.

"Come hither, captain of the watch. God bad blessed you with a good name; to be a well-favored man is the gift of fortune, but write and read comes by nature." Captain "Both which, Master Constable are thought here to be the mod senseless and fit man lor the officer of the watch therefore heir you the lantern. This is jour charge: You shall comprehend all vagrom men; you are to bid any man stand in the prince's name." Captain "How if be will not Dogb. Why, then, take no uoteof him, but let him go, and call the rest of the watch together, and thank God you are rid of a knave." Captain "If he will not stand wbeu he is bidden he is none of the prince's subjects. Dogb." No.

You shall alse make no noise in the streets, for, for the watch to babble and talk is most tolerable and not to be endnred." Captain" We will rather sleep than talk; we know what belongs to a watch." Dogb." Why, you speak like an an cient and quiet watchm'iu, for I cannot see how sleeping should offend; only have care that your bills are not stolen. Well, you are to call at all the alt houses and bid those that are drunk get them to bed." Captain" How if they will not?" Dogb." Why, then, let them alone tul they are sober, and if they make not better answer, you may say they are not the men you took them for." Captain "Well, sir." Tl II T- ii jou meet a mie', you may suspect him by virtue of your oflije to be no true man, and, for such kind of men, the less you meddle or make with them, why, the more is for your honest." Captain--' If we know him to be a thief, shall we not lay hands on him Dogb. by your office you may, but I think they that touch pitch will be defiled; the tnoit psaceable way for you, if you do take a thief, is to let him show himself what he is, and steal out of your company." Captain" If we har a child cry in the night, shall we call the uurse who is asleep Dogb. No, but depart in peace, ard let the child wake her with crying, for the ewe that will not bear her limb when it baes, will never answer a calf when he bleats. Well, maiters, good night." (Exeunt Dogberry aud Verges Captain Well, masters, we hear our charge'; let us go sit here upon the church beuch 'til two and then all go ts bed." Bites' ale, porter, and best beer in the cily, always on tap by Henry SchiiKze.

19 Monroe Mrs DeGray Bucket's daccine academy, 299 Main street, will be opened for pupils on Saturday, September 29th. All the ladies with their children are respectfully invited to attend. Gentle men's class to begin on Thursday, October 11th, at 7 p.m. 25 Lades' Felt Hata 29 Beshaped at Goody ear's, Siiirts Wamsutta muslin and No 2000 linen, three ply bosom, unlaundried, only $1 each, at Menken Bros'. 21 Fresh meals of all kind at A.

Keessei's market, 191 Alain. 42 Fetsonkl. Mr. W. T.

McCarley, representing the Brownsvilie States, is in the city on business. Tbe many friends of Miss Mattie E. Bedford will be pleased to learn of her return from an extended pleasure tour to the North and East. The following paragraph appeared in the Aostin (Texas) Statesman of last Sunday. The writer, who has known Mrs, Collins from her childhood, says: Mrs.

Pattie Lyles Collins, a lady of rare genius, and endowed with every charm of person and intellect, has been assigned a professorship in tbe Slate Female Collene of Tennessee. She is a MiBsibsippian, and has woo grett fame for her taste iu letters aud fekill in the management of institutions of learning. Her father was the medical director of Albert Sidney Johnston's army." Seat to Hie Ileur. The preposition to admit women to a voice in the election of vestrymen appears to have met with but little favor in the Illinois Episcopal Convention last week, the subjaat Laving been ordered to lie on the table indefinitely. The fair sex in the church in that State is thoreby relegated lo what Mr.

Canon Knowles spoke of as that "lovely obscurity which the true soul alone could appreciate," and to tbe coogenial occupation of "rear'iDg babies fur the glory of God." Divorce rjrl for. At the Chancery Court to day Richard Wtathers (colored) filed a bill for divorce ocainst Emma Weathers (colored), in wbich he allezes that they iu M.iy, 1873. Ib February, 1S75, defendant dosertrd him, but returned in two months, aud in another month she ran away again, she celled naughty names, and wns guihy of adultery several times, etc wherefore he prays the court to graut Li a d.vono. Froh oyolers revel red daily by exprrsi at Victor 1 Fuchs', at) and 11 JtIeroust. Ut National KorglMtt iomuate, Two of the surgeons of this notable institute will visit Memphis, September 26, 27 and 28, 1877, stopping at the Worsham House.

Thty will have with them a fine outfit of braces and surgical appliances, and will be prepared to treat all kinds of deformities and chronic diseases, such as Club Feet, Hip Dis ease, spinal Disease, Paralysis, Piles and Fistula, Catarrh, Private Diseases, Diseases of the Eye, etc. For full particulars, address National Surgical Institute, Atlanta, Ga. 22 A. Faller Co. are selling children's line suits at $3, 92.50 and $3.

Children's cloaks and hoods at a great sttcrlllee. 8 1 Best stoves in the city. Lowest prices. 26 L. Fbitz 4 lol.Main.

In the Ledger job office can be found competent, skillful and tasteful printers, who can give entire satisfaction in the display of any job ef printing. 128t A. E. FBAXKLAND, Auction and Commission House, 306 Slain street, op poslte Feabody. Trade sales, all classes of merchandise, furniture, carpets and groceries, daily, it AT KN0XV1LLE.

Incidents of tbe Lte l'renldenllal Vlsli. Tribune, 22d. DOINO THE TOWN. During the afternoon the party in open carriages visited East Tennessee University, Fort Saunders, the National Cemetery and other places of interest in and about the city. A most pleasant variation of tbe afternoon's entertainments was the call at Major O'Conner's where an hour was sp3nt in the enjoyment of the princely hospitality of the major and his excellent lady.

Not only the beauty and general attractions of the grounds elicited universal admiration, but the elegance and profuseness with whinh refreshments were served were specially enjayed. Returning to the city the party took tea at Mr Dickinson's, whose premises were brilliantly illuminated and rendered unusually attrsetive for the occasion. Crowding close upon this entertainment came the crand re ception at Colonel McGhee's, which was par excellence the event of the whole day's programme. To compare it with any entertainment of the kind ev.r before witnessed in Kaoxville would but seem an intentional depreciation of other really brilliant ones. In the extent and variety of its appointments, the elaborateness o.f preparation, the goud taste of its orrangements, and the number who participated in its enjoyment, it excelled, by far, any social aemonsirauon oi tue Kind ever witnessed in this city.

About a thousand invitations had been issued, and it was evident, from the numbers that filled the mansion.ond thronged the grounds from 8 to 12 o'clock, that but few expected guests had remained at home. Lpon approaching the grounds they appeared like enchanted eardens, peopled with reveling fairies. The gateways were arched with iets of flime. The buildings and grounds were splon- uiaij uiumicaiea ana aecrateu, and upon the spacious plateau, specially preparea lor tne purpose, youth and beauty were gliding through the mazes of the dance, while ever and anon. tbo glare of the rocket or the glow of tinted flame lent freh splendor to the auzziints scene, it is needless to add that the in-door arrangements, and espe cially tne supplies ot the reception room were in keeping with the outer splendor, and that tho parties who did the honors and courtesies ol tbe parlars acquitted themselves in a manner becoming the brilliant oacasion.

The festivities con tinued till the wee sma hours." aimed. At a a uarter Dast ten o'clock the Pres. ideutiul party took their leave, and were escorted by the committee to the depot, departing for Atlanta at eleven o'clock. reminiscence. Chronicle, 22d.

The visit tf President Kayos is the second in our history as a city that Knoxville has been hotiored by tbe pres ence ot the nation chief magistrate, the first being that of Andrew Jackson, who made occasional visitations. The last visit of tbe Hero of the Hermitage was in 1836. when he was using his influence hi behalf of Martin Van Buren, but as this threw htm in antagonism with uage uuzu L. bite, bis reception then was not so warm as on former occasions. His levees were generally held at the Lamar House, which then, as now.

enjoyed an enviable reputation, the proprietor at that time being Joseph Jactson. Tbe Late Senator Bogj'a Prophetic lueuer. Cincinnati Gaiette. As illustration of Senator Bogy's fixedness of views upon any subject, his course in running for tbe senate is rr markable. Wben he left home to study low in the year 1832, he placed ia the hands of his mother tbe following singu lar document: Ste.

Genevieve. January 16. 18.12 On this diy I left home, under charge of Mr. Wm Shannon, an old friend of mv father, to go to Kaskaskia, to read law in the office of Judgo Pape. My education is very limited, but, with hard study, I may overeome it.

I am determined to try it, and my intention is to return to my nativo State to practice law, it I con quaiuy myself, and, while doing so, to work to become United States senator for my native State, aud to work for this until 1 am sixty years old. I will pray God to give mo the rcsolutiou to persevere in this intention. I have commu nicated this to my mother and given her this paper to keep. So help me God. Lewis V.

Booy. Oddly enough, it was in his sixtieth year that bo was elected to the senate. PrevioustoVcat he bad held various positions from tho Democratic party, but could scarcely be deemed to rank among the great men of the State, btill, in the race agaiust Frank Blair, immeasurably his supi nor ability and prominence, he was from the first confident of success, and took his eleotion to the senate by the remarkable Missouri legislature of 1873 as a mutter ol course. His belief in the destiny of the thing was remark' able. Kuoxville Trihuno, 22: The friends of Mrs.

Elizabeth Massongill, relict of the Lite Colonel Robert Masseneill. received intelligence, yrstrrday, of her death at her home, uear Tarn pi co, in Grainger county, at about the age of eighty-one years, nno was the mother of S. Masiengill, Eq of Grainger; Mrs. W. C.

K)l. ol Whitesburg; Mrs. B. M. Iiriinnnr, of Mossy Creek, and Mrs.

Jos. R. Mitchell, of ibis city all of whom were with hi-r duiing her last illueus. FlCTS A XI) FANCIES. A i dtsk with elans top to putty uatioiiny.

Written vis-ting cards me the most fashionable for Udiei and gentlemen. A Russian proverb says: "Lovevnur wife as your own soul, and beat her like yeur fur jacket." "The tune that the old cow died on" must have been written in beef flat. Whitehall Times. A bathing club has just been incor porated in Peoria. It will hold regular meetings semi annually.

Henry Ward Beecher will visit Cali- fornia next spring, lecturing about twenty nights en route. It is gotting so chilly that ice cream dealers have to set their freezers behind the stove at uight. Fulton Times. The lady who wrote "That Husband of Mine" probably put her better-half in a book so that he could turn over a new leaf now and then. Whatever else may be said against the Chinese, no one can truthfully say that he ever saw one who parted his hair in the middle.

Chinese Herald. Some folks find fault because the New York Bible House is next door to a thea ter. Well, isn't the theater next door tn the Bible House? Free Press. What with drawbacks on sugars, and pullbacks on 'lasses, the sweet things of this earth would seem to have a difficult time in coming forward. Norristown Herald.

Cheer up; times will be easier when the professional base ball players quit lor the season and begin, to put their hoarded wealth in circulation. Worcester Press. One little grain of sand in a gooseberry tart may cause a statesman to abaudou fjr the time bis defense of the best financial theory in the world. Home Sentinel. A Passaic man who belongs to a new literary and dramatic society, at whieh only the plays of Sbakspeare will be given, said proudly that they will begin with the "Merchant of Venus." A farmer was asked why he did not take the newspaper.

"Because," said ie, my father, when he died, left me a good many newspapers, and I have not read them througb yet." Rome Sentinel. Nature doesn't know much. If hn had madp a man's head out of cork, see how nicely he could have floated about in water, and kept himself from drown-ing in case of shipwreck. Chicago Journal. A great buttle pending!" calls out an exchange.

Yes, something ig always pending. A fellow no sooner gets his wood and coal for winter than the potato bin shakos its emptiness in his face. Free Press. Naming horse cars after distinguished men has its disadvantages. A prohibitory friend of ours was shocked to hear the remark made that Governor Tallot had just gone up Columbia avenue chock full." Boston Bulletin.

Oar friend Rattlcbones told us the other day that this cool weather brought a great blessing to him. He owns a fire-extinguisher which occupies a position in his hallway, and oil during the summer the visitors to his house have fooled around the thing, mistaking it for an ice- water cooler. Every barber in Denmark must pass an examination in surgery. This is a good law, and might be adopted with advantage in this country. When a man is gettiog his hair cut, and has a portion of his ear scissored off, he likes te have the whole job done in a neat and scientific manner.

Norr. Herald. Suleiman Pasha was formerly 0a fat man in Baxter street, in 'jui citv and dined at the free sr.ap houses." tie went to Iurkey and. registered an oath that he would win fame and gold. The attention of tramps should be urgently invited to this.

Turkey is the place to go to grow up with the country. Graphic. I wa3 showing my watch to my nephew, who was about six years old. He pointed to the face of the dial and said, Wby, there is another little watch 1" I said, "That is called the second hand." He tossed his head contemptuously, and walked off, saying, "I wouldn't own a secondhand watch." He bad heard of second hand watches, and thought this was ons of them. Harper's Magazine.

The Ni-w York Mail says the seasons are retrograding, and it thiuks the time will come suy 15,000 years hence when what is known as midsummer will be midwinter. When this period arrives we can wear our overcoats to Fourth of July cok-brations, and old Santa Clause will be obliged to make his Christmas visits in a linen duster and a trotting; wagon. Norr. Herald. Secretary Thompson, in speiuilng of tho numerous joket at his expense, said: That of the hatchway was the best." Some one present bad not heard it, and he repeated: In one of my visits of in spection it was said that I was asked to define tho proper dimensions of a hatchway, and that I leplied: 'That depends upon the size of tre hen and 'he number of egr.s she is to sit Victor Hugo will begin his nes novel: "Nebuchadnezzar loved -ass.

Grass dirt at oue end and, of morniozs. holds dew-diamonds at tbe other. Sun light has a duty to the diamond. Tbe Revolution was sunlight, and Jacques St. Clair was a hero of tbe Revolution.

His eye was porcelain blue; so the wits called him 'Ciocktry But tbe ladies called him 1 the rim of tbe Jacques tho salous at night. During the daytime, disguised as a paragraphs, lie carried a small crook, like a shppheri's, and plungyj it into barrels for rugs. 0.i nielli in auinaif-r, when the sue whs at noon, it snowed," etc Herald V. I..

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