The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 29, 1947
Page 2
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'AC1E TWO BIA'TIIEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL ^0, l'J'17 Emily Wxson, Society Editor r W IHioue -HH B. H. S.^GIee Club To Give Concert At School Tonight .Baptist Seniors in B. H. S. Clcss of '47 'Honored at Breakfast in First Church The annual Baptist br:al:ii<&t li< orins Baptist students of Blythevilb High School graduating class was given this morning in t'.creation raoms of First BaptLsl Church. Ill addition lo the 28 sjtuars who were guests were W. B. Nicholson, superintendent ot cily schools, Miss Hosa M. Hardy, principal of Uly.he- villo High School, A. E Cnldwell, Junior High School principal, and Mrs. Caldwell; Miss Eflie IMS Terrell, assistant high school principal, Miss Luna n. Wilhelm slid Miss Frances Bowen. ' senior sponsors Raymond Kemiey. W. D. Tomine/, Karl WadenpfuMl. John Mayes. Mr;s Klvira Sellers, Firman liyi:um nud Bill GoijwiivBaplisl teacher.-:. The "'roaming spirit of tlie Gypsy prevailed;' with decora'ions, costumes', "place cards and programs currying, out a Gypsy ihimo. Gypsy- bracelet designs for thi. girls and-daggers for the boys ue- ffan Oft ' Icstlve breakfast. '" centerpieces were realistic Gypsy .scenes - with hand-made cardboard mt!-., women and children, cnmpfin .scenes and hoisc-draw.i caravans Tiny strips of crepe paper in many] colors added to the seithij! and programs featured Gypsy cauldrons of boiling liquid.. The menu was wr.t- ten in Romany.- Miss-Adaline Lee received guesli and opSnlng 1 HID program were WortlijD. Holder, who gave Ihe invitation prayer, and 13. R BhulsOL 1 , ' who presented the welcome address. HespOifse from "the Gypsy campfire" >VBS 'given by seniors Bill Williams, Joe Mack Hester, Dan Caldwell and Stanley Hood. i Those who participated on the program and assisted in iT.tertiir.hiji; v.ore Gypsy costumes. Alvin HulTmsn Jr.. sun-; the "Gypsy I.ove Song" nivl Miss Pearl Lee fold.fortunes ol each guusl. The Rev. E. C. Brown, pastor, dHcvissed the "Open Road" and Mrs.~Rus.seli C. Farr tout the story •ot th*~ Gypsies. To conclude the program, guests joined h.uuls and sang""Elest Be the Tie flmc Rinds." Favors were Gypsy kcrcblfls for j the girls and nccl: scarves for Ibe' boys'and each senior was presented a miniature daily Bible, given annually to Baptist tinidualcs Mi's, Rosco Crafton \vu3 chairtnan <*of the group who ina.le prepani- tions for the breakfast. She was assisted by Mrs. W. M. Williams. Mrs.' Jim Crafton, Mrs. Jodio N;i- bcrs, Mrs. Thomas Bell. Mrs. E. w. Simmons, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. C. W. Afriick. Mrs. E. B. Wooclson. Airs. Charles Peiin. Mrs. Farr raid Miss Jettye Clair Huffman. Vliss Anne Bomlwlnski Will Wed Chicago Man Mr. rmd Mrs. Joi lay announce tin 1 "nc ipproiichimi iwunM" daughlcr. Miss Am,now of Chicaf,') i'.n I IJlythevillc, to Il'-vi):- Jlikago, son of Mr;, lolph and the The- wedding May 3 in :t cr-r.'in.v:,y Jahalh-s catholic clunvli jo nt 10 o'cluu-. i'i thi- The briuc-cl -a v.n. from Blyllievill • where active in and resided hi'iv. Chicago, whi're with I'lK-lps-Ddd-i pany. ol WCII'.S liadiu cat'n. Bits of News mu Mrs. O. A., llu.i to her Immi' in f'r aft"!- :,pi-mli!i.n five ol her ninth- Sunns, and Mi'v Mrs. Hiu-cl in Hi-.' Joyce KomiTS. Mrs. Ralph (Mini has ivUr.nul v.reki i'j-ic as r Mis. ]i!ni;ch It. V. .VlcJ'all. roomer Mis. 1 ; St. Louis Group Guests At Methodist Youth Meet Selections which will bo preseiu- •d at 7;3fl o'clock tonight In a concert bv Hlytheville School Glee c:ub in the High School, will Include songs ranging from scnii- L'kisslual to novelty numbers. The A Capella choir, with soloist Mary Ann Parks, Jo Ann Tiiisc'hiiiann will sing "Holy, Hoiy, H:>ly" by Dykes llingwald; 'To •Thre We Sim;" l>y "Tliere is a Balm ii Dawson. The Hoys' Glee Club will Sinn oilier St. '.'•Joltly at NlKhUull the Moonlight ucjpatinj; icuur.i'ji. i iMrs. ualpn i;;iun; • will KO to .'voiimm/re-l fjhlcaiio tonight t-> be mi; j',ur:,l SI-I nl' her .sister Mi:;-; Ansi-.- Horn- On- j biiliuil:!. She is f.njii; "spi'ina'ly for ji.oinlii;'._. j tin. \mldiiiK of lu-i- !.i'.sl>-, v.'bo vi-.«li::iltd i will become, the I ride May :! "'- Hi.ill Sc hoiil. | Herbert Hlldolph ol Chicago. Mi.'S Marii' Kchnjatm of St. A group of yomii! people of Emmanuel Mi'thodist chinch hi St. IAHIIS were uuests S.Uur<lay nlslil »il the Youth for i Mir is- or:;an>7R- tion mcilhH; at Ijikc Slied Methodist Church. Bill Jacobs ii clini'!<e of :hc program an:l Beverly Chamberlain f;ave the cven-n^ message Mrs. O. I.U'.'L!.I.!(»•::!, contralto and director of Ihe f!iou;>. King "I Walked Todiy Who,-;- Jesu; Waited, 1 i'.nd Misses Olie Patient, TkacM and jimi Becky Ca":oon R:I>I:; "Out of Gilead" by, IMP ivoiy I'aHcrw." The cnl.ii: fil Lnujs Louis you:i;j i>i'oi)lo | on me pr.rir.a n Cotnc.s StcalhiH" hy Koiintu and i si ]] j ;l c-i)bs, KrKly Tl-.omiui t.i.c Hill Konii 11 by Rombci-K. ! eiiirley Chamb^rl.iin. iA uirls' trio made Ann Parks, Rosemary Mary Ixni Joyner up of Mary Johnston and slug "LlWle Gypsv nay Your Guitar" by Gilib and "Sweethearts" by Hflbcrt-Kii.':;- inade up of Jim Jernlijan. G. G. Ii. C. Allen Jr.. of Jericho" 10 Sluclv Mission "Ami'iica Mii'.t UK; lilie i>l tiie nry Society of Mr;.t Ilaiiii uegan to sttuly ycMinday at circle mcctim;:;. Circle One. with i:! tli'.'i.l':;']•:; present, met wllh Mr;;. J. '... Wiill:ic:>. Miss Conieli-.i Wilhiti- f.:i'.v ihc op- ! eniiij,' prayer. Miss Victoria Ciillx-rl the study and Mrs. M. C. Outlaw,; Ihe cloiing prayer. Mrs. l-'l.'-ic Wai-1 lace of Memphis. Motisei;tn'..* nf Mrs.) Wallaci 1 . was n i-ucst. Mrs. Victor Morris was iin^tj'S? lo 15 membi?r:i of Circle Two. fur which I Mrs. K. P. Ihirdin iiavc ll'.i- o;)-nil'.'! ! j prayer. Mrs. TMiMdnre I.OC..M/ tauslil the mission Mudy, Mr:;. G"r- lie Hawks t;ave th:- dovo sal aiul Mrs. Marion William'; leil lln clos- ini; prr\yer. Mrs. .lake Ilulitiian \\-.\tt a new meinbrr. ' Circle Tbriv met with Mi.«. Harry Frit/.hiK with H) nu'iiibi-rs. iiu-ludin '. one IH-W ni'/mljer, Mr:;. El. A' Mnrri'., nttcndlni;. Mrs. K. 1.. Halo i:;;v:- t!ii' opening pra>er. Mrs. IV H. lUrd^ni 1 Inughl Ihv lesson :nul Mr,, c.!. [•:. Wilson Iril Ihe closing pi'i'.ver. Mrs. Ki'ii>ll (iill ul C:hic;\L;o, of her <lair;iilL-r. j»li.s, Jim Cralton, and family, was a truest ac Circle Four iiuvtuii.' at Ihe liome t»f Mrs. Slielijiniu 1 Mvi'wrr ,Mr.s. Charles IVnn led tlv openm'.>. pra\'er, Mrs. Walter ni,;iKri> lau 'hi the lesson and Mrs. CI.\UMII th" dismissal prayer. Mrs. T. H.'Haineti war; hnsl.-s-i lo seven mensljei;; ol' Circle !• i\\\ Mrs Roy Head tau^hl. tin- !i".:icu anti prayers wt-rc it-si by ML--,. O V. mi-! "Mr.-.. Char'.c.-i Ni-,vi:.>mi). I L nr When Mrs. Ney Hunt wa., iio:.le.^] ""''""• to It mcmpLTs of Circle Six. Mr:;.| D. Toimney f^ave II yt'r and Mrs. C. S. lyht the lesson. I.<:ui>, arnvctl '.his nririi':!^ to be with Mrs. J. A. Vi:V.-.". \vh:) ir. 111 Com-! at UlyllirvillL 1 ll<.';|!ilal. and Mr. 1 Mi'ICay. ""'ii !\i rs Ki-ron Gill is Ihe i;i;csL Chi-! |»r IV.TJ weeks of hi r Oiiuclilcr, i Mis. Jim Ciailoii. r.nd 1,-unily .Slir was acccnni>ar.:c'tl tn Blyiln 1 | I'illc- In- Mrs. '-j-iif'.ivii. wl,o s];inl. ::fvrial day.s ill Clvc.vjo. Mis:: l»ru^y W'lilii'-i 1 Amer'can Air !,im.'S !ilcwiii-le.-:s whu'i: Md.d- (tunrter.s arc uov/ in Ncwurk, N. J.. is lu-i'e for :\ w^-V. as j'lLi'st of her parents. ;.!;-. and Mr.;. P. W. WMitncr, ISIti Wi-.-it lu.arn Miss WhilnoL coiuiilctcd lier A b 0 V s cjuai tet, Henry, Freeman Redman Jr., and will i-.iiu: "Tin! Battl and "Dry Hones." • Following the interini.ssion, Rosemary Johnston. Mary ixjii jnynr.r and' Fieenian Jernitsan will shin •i.Mi Kvening's Pastorale" by Shaw and "V;'.nka 'n' Tanka" by Dar;4- omijsky and the. A Capella Clioir will present "C/eriioslovakian Daiu-e Sonj; 11 , liaiken Folk Song, and "Set IJown Servant", a I-'refl Wnr- Mis. Marco !"r:ill, pianist of Oil vary Haptisl clnjiMii, wr.s accoin The St. I/)ui'i group was <-nter lained at tlu- oc'inc of •.:•«.• Vie; T^. Rofjinson. ]iasl,o\' ol t^is Half Moon and I/me Oak parisl of I'hurchfs and at I 1 . 1 !? homo of Mr. and Mrs. cur; 13. Ebcrdt Jr. of First M<'!h'.;'list Church. Jallls, roop. asslstnnt, Iroin I'.ie Luxora •irl Suffers fyc Injury Susie Crafton, M. daiiglilcr of vlr. and Mrs. Rupert Crafton. rc- cived a serious cyo injury Sun-1 day while visiting ul the home ot ler grniulparents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom F. Martin of Dell. Removed immediately to Memphis lor treatment, she v,'.is able to J:e returned to her home I 1 " 1 i oou»li night. Her condition this monnr.s: ° ' was satisfactory. She wih return lo Msmplilis nc^t week Tor fui'Uier ireatmc'iit. Woman Tells ot Seeing Elderly Man Murdered FAYETT'EVILLE, Ark., April ». HUP)-•The first degree murder trial of 29-year-old Troy Del/alley oi Suringdalc was resumed in Washington Circuit Court here today, with Judge Maupin Cuminings on Hie be|ieh. DeLancy was charged with the brutal murder lasl Jan 13 of David floor Con- Coming Events WEDNESDAY Mrs. G. G. Caudill will entertain Town and Country C)Hb. Mrs. W. J.'ppllard ciitcrtainiiin Wednesday Brid".. Club. Alpha Alpha Chapter of Beta Sitf- niu l>hi Sorority will liave Fourd- er's Day bamiuet and protiiam with initiation of pluilgrs al llutc-l Noble. THUKKDAY Mrs. WilMjn will entertain Oc- U'tLe Club. Mrs. 'w. Ii. Tonnor will entertain Tluusdav l.unclici;i: Cliilj. Jolly 'EiKht C.uh will be Riiests ol Mrs. T. W. Golortli. a 75-year-old cemetery i caretaker, The elderly man's battered body was found on the of his shack adjoining the federate Cemetery here. The jury was completed m a morning session yesterday, and testimony got under way in the afternoon. Mrs. Sally Parker, one ol three witnesses to take the stand, told the Juri Dial she watched I)'-'-1 L-.mey kill the "aretaktr after an, argument. Then, she added, nf ~ t Laney robbed him of $10. ' Mrs. Parker was seen leaving Gough's home on the day of the crime, and she was taken into has resided in M -wa.k since lasl Blytheville Underwriters Get Charter for Clith Harry Brown, of Little Hock, president of the Slate Association of Life underwriters, addressed the Blylhi'ville association at the lunt-lH DII inretiu^ Saturday in Ilo-i | l<>) Noble. | The Girls' Glee chili will shi(;' III his speech, entitled "Why Wei "1 Will Lift Up Mine Eyes Unto Arc Hon>", Mr. Brown compliment- i the Lord" by Woodward and "U cd th.- club on their accomplish- I . . .. n e l a y et ] a Week the: past year ana pre- mealing LfCiayeil a YYeeK The dmncr-ni'ollne of the Nov'.h Mississippi County District Scant Comniittee sclieduled for tonight lins been cancelled, it was announced today by Noble Gill, ciisirict (-luiirmnn of State jrembei ship chairman. Time of the meeting has been. re- Mrs. Lond'nnie Fowler h"'.t:s> to CBC Club. May J'i'llov: hi|> pro;jr.nn a^ I,.iko Slri'Lt ".'. l'..i'di;:t church, sponsored by Council ol Cliurcli Woimii. An nual i.r.-ctiti-', ol council '.vill ;i:e- ictd the pro-rain. District Scout Committee cii'.tody shortly allcrwards. She implicated DeLaney, who was ar- re.sled on a construction project a week later. He denied all knowledge of the murder. I'l-oscculins! Attorney Ted Coxsey of lierryvillc said he would attempt to prove that robbery was Ihe motive behind the attack. set for next Tuesday night. May C, at f:30 at the Rustic Inn. he said. Tonight's meeting was postponed because University of Arkansas Coach John H. Barnhills address before the Rzorback Boosters' Club. Strange Countrce" incuts "Music" by O'Hara- rented L\nn Hrown. local president. 1 O'Hara. Hepnt)- ,'ii. Miss Whilnoi coiuijlrtcd her ii';" Irainim; st-N-ci-ui nioi'ln:; 0.7,0 :'.od ''• 'Mrs. Wilscin Henry is Glee Club iioctor and Miss Wanda Barham, Bratton 11 . "One World" by O'Hara a prrnKinenl charter, and "Battle Hymn ol Ihe Hepnt)- Also "iic.sls were l.arkin Smith, Stcffc-Wiirlng arrangement, president of the Little Rock nsso- i coiu-hule Ihe prograni. elation, Julian James of Jonesboro.! Site makes 1 '; lo Toi'onto, Canada. Chicago, r.u'ialo. N. Y., and other pninls. , Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Gny and children, Mary Lynn and Frank. arrived Sunday from St. Peters- lim'i;. Fla.. where they have made their home Hie past [ew years, to viyit his mother. Mrs. 1J. p. Gay of Half Moon. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kirhy have ; their litest this week her mother, Mr;;. J. Ii:. Wilbonrn, of Parn- tionlil. Mrs. Odfll Sanders* tif Clveeuwo'.iil Miss., i:; the i'.iiest of hev niGliu-l Mrs. M. O. tisrcy. HOT West Mail YWA Meeting llckl ^ I c-n ib cvs of 11 IP V '.>ii 11 ^ Wo; Auxi!i;u\v of l-'lrs: Hupt ir,L Churc) met lust, ni^ht nc. t>ic liv:'-it: o Mr.s. c. K. Johnson. 13^'J \Vc> Ufani 8t.. wli'\> Mr>. ,lo!i,/-;u]\ K:\ Aliss Nclhi Sisnii^ini \vtrt' lii-:>l< w; cs to the [jrou". i Miw; Ulilfii; O\vv;nr.ji g:iv; the' (Ie\'oti')iial aiul T%Ii:;s A:ki)!Ct? L' 1 ' 1 nvul Miss ,]unt' UM 'hui'iui iirownl- ctl u program fur tlu 1 ^Cl .""inlu-r:, ]ircscrl, Thr lio.^lt'ssr.'; .-crvea i^i'ir-pli- Commitlee. and several members of the Jonesboro association. W, W. Williams, president club, thii delegation 'Hi,, Muraion crickets thai nlo the '.".'IT'S in Utah in 1S48 until Hie. [•.nils arrived were lonss-horncd j;r;'.';shpijpers. Hailey. Hulj Crew:', l>:u I'ell CriilU 1 I itml Kolu-rt Or:iv * WE BUY * WE SELL USED FURNITURE JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. j Moy.-Fellowship Day Will be Held Friday May Fellowship Day sponsored Lv «j° ra " n ot churches of the United Council will be held Friday i;at Lake street Methodist Church, it was announced today following n meeting of the executive " board of "the Council of Church Women. Representatives from each group Mr. and Mrs. Wade Qliinn. Mr. :M:'.', ' Alexander, Uraxlon Bra;;!:, NaUian will take part on the program, nill | Mrs. Max Hart. Mr. ami Mrs. Ion] I'lvwill Sr.. II. M. Penderssi ass. H. II. be under direction of Mrs. G. W- Schreick Sr.. Spcnce Dillahunty. Subject, of the program Hntler Sr., Palmer will be "The Fabric of Fellowship." Mrs. J. c. F.llis is president, of the organization. * • • GNB Club Will Resume Thursday Bunco Parlies GNB Club members wil resume their Thursday parties this week when Mrs. Boyce Moore entertains, foowing n Friday parly last sveek at the home of Mr.s. Gconje Cunningham. Mrs. Alvin Lane was a guest ather thaii club members at the affair. Mrs. Norval Humphrey .won high score prize. Mrs. Cunningham, low. and Mr.s. J. C. Frazier, bunco. Shriners Return OSCEOLA, Apr. 2D.—A large delegation of Shriners from the Osccola club was present at Hie fiibt ceremonial for the year conducted by the Sahara Temple of Pinj Bluff in Helena Saturday. H-Miicc! by L. 11 At The Hospitals iu,y niKvii.i.r: HOSPITAL Admitted: Mrs. Enrl Brownlee. Dill. Mrs. J. A. McKay, city. Mrs. M. D. Tullos. city. Robert Lee Smith, city. Wijtna Pave Richmond, Cooler Mr>. Minnie Lee Powell. Ilorncriiville, M.J. Dismissed: Mrs. Laura Lloyd, city. James Milligan. Steele, Mo. Patsy Kay Coster. Manila. Mrs. J. J. Cookston, cn.y. Mrs. Claude Wheeler, Luxora. K. W. Patton, city. Mrs. Mandy Doyle, Stee.e.-Mo. Herbert Lee llilev. city. WALLS HOSl'ITAL Dismissed: Mrs. Marguerite Ashbranncr. Ma nila. Mr::. Roy Spears. Steels. Mo. Mrs. Kvau^hn Goff. cil.y. Mrs. Ii. L. Fresser. ci'.y BAl'TIST HOSIMTAL. r. Dismissed: M. II. Whatley. Blytheville. i '—^^r_-.- Attend Scout Meeting OSCEOI.A, Aplil 2'.1. -- Vnrnon iune:i. assistant scout executive of Me lOaslern Arkansas Council, Mis. C. H. tiurns. den mother (if Pack 51 if Osi-eola and Westoll Ellis of Vicoria. attended the Scoiucn, and Jabbers meeting held at '.he Arkansas Stale College in Jonesliuro S:it- irday. Mr. Kills was diivclor of the Cul) course at Ihe meeting. A total 1-1 traininic courses ,voiv given. Olhers attendint! the meeting were Joe Gentry, scout master ant 1 . Tom Cant-Sit! PIN-WORMS CAUSE FIDCETINC AND THAT AWFUL ITCH Ons of ihn vrarninfr Biuna of Plii-Worm-i i* a iin^riiii; n-cUil ilcli wliich often c^Eon rdyi-liiii: nnd Lrukt'n Ek'«H. and may luaii tu i-vi'n morn f;oricu3 diatrcaa. H ia no lunvor ntcusaary iu put UP with tlit- IrouliTLt caus<xl Ly I'lti-Wornu. IK-CUUSO rri.-nco h.-i.i nt last found u way lu lick ibcsc slnttt>orn vests en5il>- nnd 5aTi-ly. - -Ct-tJAYNE'S P-W nttht> firaLKicn of ! J in- \Vormr«. P-W in n medically ijoinul treatment l>^^l 011 nn olfici-iHy rorouRii^l druir tli-mi-nt \vbu-K has proi-t-tl vt-ry cITYcUve in aenlinn witti thi.rui:ly The small >-W tnljlvla a«-t in n fi]ircinl wny ti> vl.'ilroy 1'in-Wornia, P-W nicaiu Pin-Worm r^HcM DOES WONDERS FOR CONSTIPATED MAN Famous cei-ea.1 keeps him "regular" without drugs DREIFUS nnnds WEST MAL\ ST. Discouraged about your constipation? Then read this sincere, unsolicited letter: "I tried GO many kinds of laxatives for consliuiUion. but nfler I while they al) failwl to do th*;ir u'ork. I stactcil to eut KELl.OGG'S ALL-UKAN same time nsro ujiU \vafl surpriscil to find this woncjciful lirtxluct hcljiril me ns muny laxatives hail failed lo *Io. I eat it every day now and am Impliy to say I feel like a new mun !" Mr. U. Lee Ward. 115 I'ark Avenue, Edee- ivottd 5. R. 1. Yes, eating ALL-BRAN regularly often brings lasting relief from constipation due to lack of bulk in the diet. For best results, cat it for breakfast every day— and drink plenty of water. Try it for ten days! If by that time you arc not completely satisfied with KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN, send the empty carton to the Kellogsr Company, Battle Creek, Michigan, and get double your money bach. ALL-BRAN is not a purgative but a wholesome food made from the vital outer layers of whole wheat. Eat daily either as a cereal,, or in muffins. Ask your grocer'for KELLOGG'S ALL-BRAN. The Great Virgil at BHS Auditorium May 5. We Are In On the HALF- PRICE SALE? 31S E. Main Phone 2487 CREAM DEODORANT Generous $ 1 size jar for limited time only BINGO Wednesday Night April 30th, 8 p.m. American Leqicm Hut ° s Sponsored by Yarbro Home Demonstration Club ASSORTED PRIZES Including Farm Products Admission 50c Try Oiis fmnnus co=ineric tlcoiloraut onrr anil you'll u?o il always! IVoli-cti n^aii\!:l prrf-iiiration oilor ni\d rlxrrks \u-r?\»iraii«u inrmiurc. (iuard^ your \HT~ s«)iul charm t-ffcrlivcly, faiiltfuUv. Uii- n-nally prntlc lo your skin atul your rliiihc*. Snrnnimls yon \vidi n iK'li* »atr fr.ifranrc. Slays moi>l niul cnMiny. lutigrr. Cet yours now ami save lialfl OFF Small Charge For Alterations Get Other Tussy Products at Our Store Too! 'S G STORE West Main Phone 507 ALL SUITS ALL COATS CLOSEOUT PRICE All the Latest Styles .. GABARDINES, TWILLS, WORSTEDS CAS1MERES Sizes 10-42 See, What's New at Whitsitt's! MISS WHiTSITT SHOP "Year-Round Air Conditioning For Your Comfort" Want to Keep Healthy? Artie's Beauty Shop Continuous Show." livery Day Dox Office Opens 1:4n Show Starts 2:00 LISTEN TO KI.CN' 8:00 a.m. 12:'15 p.m. 4:3[J II.IL. Tuesday and \Vednes:lay Thiirsdav and Friday IIox OKirc Opens a( G:30 Opens Sunday 1 p lft; Sl.irts 1:15 Continuous Ki t \'\ Svit Mid Sun, Bargain Night / T«-» M 3 ht Kxcrpl Sat.r.u; »*. •*._ .cs honored «n -junilay ai tliR Koxy. Tuesday Wednesday Vvj Sclceleil Shorl Subjects

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