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Alpena Argus from Alpena, Michigan • Page 2

Alpena Argusi
Alpena, Michigan
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ALPENA WEEKLY ARGUS. Wttlnerfay, October 3, 1877. Sannttrlngs In the County. The clearing (at Oilboe'a school bouse) is soon left behind, and be fore long we are in a burning con taining thousands of acres. A per son sitting in a buggy ertn see over the low nnderbrush for miles.

Dead trees, standing at wide in terrals, burnt and hideous looking, the victims of the destroying fire, gte a gloomy aspect to the re glon. And wbat does loo it more hideous than a burnt wilderness? The trees, which when in leaf have such a cheering appearance, become absolutely cheerless when blackened and defaced by fire. Yet even here is some advantages. The trees being dead, they will bo the more easily got rid off, and the roots are decaying, so that there will be few obstructions to the plow when the land is cleared up, as it will bo at some rot very re mote day. There is a gentle wind, ladened with the fragrance gather ed from the berry bushes, sweeping softly over the burning, a bird or two can be seen, but everything else, except ourselves, is quiet and still.

But this dreary solitude will yt be woke up by the ringing sounds of civilization. Those dead trees are doomed to disappear, and their places will yet be occupied by waving fields of golden grain, by green pastures, by houses, barns, fences, and orchards. The glad shouts of children will yet echo where, now, are heard nothing but the whisperings of nature, and the click of the reaping and mowing machines will yet send forth their cheerful sounds. You smile, evidently thinking that our imagination has got too enthusias tic over a burnt wilderness, but wait and see if tho coming years do not fulfil our prophecy. It will then be our turn to smile.

A little further on is a farm bouse and clearing, belonging, we believe to Mr. McCoy. It is an oasis in the desert, and stands as sort of sentinel to the regiou we are ap proaching. On again through the wilderness until we come to the large clearing of Mr. Marston.

The road to the left, just behind us but a short distance, leads to Hopper Speechly's saw and grist mill, but a short distance from the main road. The grist mill department is not in running operation yet, but soon will be, and, no doubt, will prove a great benefit to the adjacent farm ers. The main road leads us through Mr. Marston's clearing and close by the house, a comfortable looking residence. On the right is a large barn.

A deep gulley cuts the clearing in two. The clearing is mainly devoted to grass and pasture. Mr. Marston, we are informed, has another clearing, but we did not see it. A well stocked garden is situated on the right, just beyond the house, and at the end of the clearing is a new cleared fallow, which presents lien appearance, ine soil is no longer light and sandy but con sists of good clay loam, and the timber is beautiful maple, not ex celled in any country.

But it won't do to be stopping too long in one place, for a glance at the watch tells us that noon is near at hand, so let us be moving. But did you ever see such beautiful maple woods as those we are just passing through! The look on your face says plainly that you have not seen sny superior. Then just observe the soil and tell us if you can find better landf You think it would be hard to find. Well, so do we. The road now tarns abrnbtly to the right, then on again for a 6hort distance and a torn to the left, and a yellow stubble field appears to view.

A few yards futber and the "Burnt Lands" are before os. How pretty I How beautiful I Well, this is worth coming to see The first real evidence of farming I've sen for years I Such are the exclamations of our party. The scene Is more like a pleasant dream than a reality, something nnex Dected. bnt it causes a trill of joy to pass through the mind. Can't farm in Alpena county I You can't grow enough to eat! Pshaw Just look at the farms that lay in front of us for miles.

Look at the newly sprouted fall wheat over there to the left, look at the rich clay loam and see if they do not answer the dUparaging re marks that bave been made about arming in this county, by the iroakers. To be continued. The Tatent Office Fire. Washington, Sept. 25.

A careful investigation of the results of the firo at the Patent Office shows that the loss does not seem to be so great as was apprehended. Out of the 182,000 models contained in the model room, about 10,000 were distroyed. All of these were valuable. Those not of intrinsic worth, as entering into patent litigation, were valuable as curios-itiso. The rejected models, numbering 20,000, were entirely destroyed.

The classes were of harvesters, agicultural implements of all descriptions, and all relating to railroads, hydraulics and pneumatics of every kind and discrip-tion, and several other minor classes, including many models of considerable importance. All the models in the fine arts and lines of building, hardware, print ing, and sewing machine, including the original Howe sewing machine, were saved. The original model of the cotton gin, which first made cotton a product of profitable agricultural industry, was destroyed. The value of property distroyed in the abstract will acerecate about 10,000 Turkish infan try from Softa, supported by ar tillery, forced their way through our cavalry posted to intercept them and entered Plevna. Furth er details are wanting.

All is quiet around Rustchuck aud in the Bal kans. A correspondent at Zgalince tel egraphs that discontent and dis couragement are great in the Rus sian army. Tho officers regard success as hopeless while the head quarter's staff remains unchained No improvement seems like! v. Half of the army will be invalid soon after the bad weather sets in. Vienna, Sept.

27. the news papers announce that in conse quence of the large concentration of the Russian troops and the difficulty of obtaining supplies on account of bad weather, Mehemet Ali on the 24th commenced retreating to his former position on tho Kara Lorn. A correspondent at Schumla confirms the report of the retreat of Mehemet Ali to his former position on Kara Lorn. Bucharest, Sept. 27, Wednasday night The Roumanians have been unsuccessful in their attempt to but ns a large class of capture the Fecond Grlvioa redonbt the models cannot and will not be replaced, the actual loss will prob- aoiv not reach over or $900,000.

The Patent Office has after having sapped close up to it. They displayed great gallantry, and suffered severely. London, September Fever its credit with the Treasury of prevalent in the Cznrowiteh's the United States, over and above its earnings, a sum sufficient to meet this expenditure, but it cannot bo used without an appropriation by Congress. About, say ten per cent, of the models destroyed were valuable as evidence in patent cases, ranging from $50 to $100, according to the significance of the case in which they would form an essential feature of evidence. Some few of these may and will be reproduced by the department where the draw ings are sufficently complete to admit of it.

The very fact of the loss of these models will give rise to endless litigatoins, and where they would become valuable is in determining claim to improvements in important inventions, which will be made and litigated simply because the models are lost and thus a very vital piece of evidence destroyed. It should be borne in mind, however, that the loss of a model does not in any way affect the tights of a patentee, ami is realy no evidence of the vrlldity of a patent; but their destruction is damglng, for tho reason above stated. District Commissioner Bryan went to the Patent Office to-day, iu company with the Dennison, to ask the official there to employ such laboriug men as may be recommended by the Labor Exchange in the removal of the rubbish, debris, about the Patent Office. They were informed that, so far, such laboring men had been so employed, and would continue to be until the work of righting things is completed. War News! Special Correspondence from Seat of War.

the MB. CLIPPEItS, Correspondent. Belgrade, September 26. Two million francs have arrived from Russia. This is said to be the final settlement of the Servian loan.

The mobilization of troops continues. The new Russian Consul General is expected with instructions from Russian headquarters. Russia insists on Servia speedily finishing the work of mobilization, and complains that Servian hesita tion enabled the Turks to relieve Plevna. Servia is about to demand the withdrawal of Turkish troops from tbe bervlan frontier. It will be remembered that a similiar demand formed the preclude to the declaration of war last year.

London, September 26. Speci al correspondents confirm the Turkish story that Plevna was re-victualed and reinforced on the 23rd instant by twenty battalions of infantry, two batteries of ar tillery, 2,000 cavalry and an im mense quantity of food and am munition. It is stated that the rainy weather is impeding operations. Constantinople, Sept. 26.

Os-roan Pasha reports three considerable engagements since tbe 12th in all of which the Turks were victorious. Osraan Pasha's position is now believed to be se cure and tbe impression at Con stantinople and Sophia is that the Russians and Roumanians are withdrawing gradually from tbe attempt against Plevna. London, September 27. A Russian official dispatch, issued at Corny Studen, says: On the 22nd army, and dysentery has increased much with nad weather. lhe spir it of the troops, however, is nn changed.

They are always cheer ful. London, beptemoer lie. A cor respondent at Bucharest writes that a day or two of rain has made the roads almost impassible. The mud is ankle deep. The horses have eaten almost all the forage, and hay is very scarce at any price.

Communications aro daily more difficult. The Russian staff officers in front of Plevna express the utmost con fldence that the place will fall into their hands. There is an abundance of wheat and barley in Bulgaria, and very large crops of Indian corn. If the Russians can surmount the diffi culty of obtaining fuel they can winter in Bulgaria very comforta blv. Belgrade, September 28.

Rns sia demands that the Servian army shall enter the field when a success at Plevna Is obtained. It is stated that the Skuptschina will be con voked in October. Seven battalions of regulars and militia have gone to the western frontier, where the Ushitza brigade is also assembled. This seems as a precaution against the concentration of Turkish troops at Simnitza and Novi Varos. Paris, September 28.

The Me moiial Diplomatique asserts that the Sultan will send Prince Hassan to London at the end of October to give the British government an intimation of tho conditions on which he would accept peace. Vienna, csept. z. A seizure of arms and 1,000 shrapnells shells at the custom houses in Presth is causing considerable sensation. Sixteen cases of breechloaders, 30,000 cartridges and several box es of Turkish fuse caps have also been seized In transit.

The Vienna goverment has ordered a judicial Investigation. Considering the places at which these preparations have been found it may be predicted with some confidence that the plan was not only to enlist an armed body in Hungary, but to make an expedition into Rouma-nia, as no force that the Turkish sympathizers could send could influence the war. The intention was evidently to compromise, if possible, and to embroil the mon archy so as to drive it into active measures on the side of Turkey Such proceedings, however, will cause no alteration In Austria's policy. A Berlin correspondent states that a party of military surgeons on special leave departed yesterday for the Russian headquarters, They belong to some of the best regiments of the German army. Constantinople, Sept.

28. Snow has been falling in Pass since Monday, and is now ten centimatres deep at the fjot of the Balkans. Tbe Austrian and German Ambassadors, in the name of Rus sian Government, applied to the Porte in virtue of the Geneva con- vention for a premit to transport timder across the Danube for huts for the Russian wounded. The Porte has deferred a reply until it is made certain that the huts are only to be used for the wounded. before it.

Thus Thursday begins with the sunset of Wednesday; and Thursday night is what we call Wednesday night. Those who quote the Turks verbatim with regard to any night are apt to get tangled up in their chronology The Canadians are endeavoring to emulate Old Indications, whose dally prognostications arc the delight of tho United States, and whose literature ranks high among current works of fiction. On the first of October the meteorlogicat department of the Dominion will extend its system of weather predictions so that daily telegraphio reports will be sent out from seventy-five points in Canada, west of Quebec. okficial.J Council rruceedings. The Common Council of the cltr of Alpena met in the Council lie mm.

on Monday evening, October 1st, 1877, nml was called to order at 7:30 o'clock by the Mayor. Is. Spratt. Mayor; A. It.

McDonald, Recorder, and Aldermen Urown. Hice, Ravhtirn and Tims. Ab sentAldermen Uillctt and Mealy. of hcssIod hM beptcmpcr 1, and Seotembcr 17, 1S77, read uud approved. communications.

From W. V. follows: To the Honorable the Comnutn Council city of mt (Jkvixkmn My engineer has been here and hutt looked the route over from South Branch to city, and exprcve hir.i- Mir learful that It will be impracticable to bring water from South Branch when my contract designates to give you the Are protection you ask. On preliminary survey that he will make the last of thN week, If that should prove to be the case, I would submit your Honorable 15Kiy to give you direct pressure with double set of pumps situated on Long Point, one mile north of the city, with sulHeicnt power to give six to eight streams, one hundred lei-t in height, to each hydrant. W.

P. JIANCIIKTT. Moved by Alderman Brown, that be tore taking any action In reference to the introduction of water by any other route or plan, the contract or August S'Jnd, 1877, must be canceled, which the city willing to do at any time Mr. Hanchett desires. Carried.

A communication was read from Secretary of lire company No. 1, regarding the company money heretofore paid to four meu be hereafter paid to the com puny. On motion it wns ordered that In the future the appropriation allowed to each rompany be paid quarterly to the fore- meu or the respective Are companies. RKPOHT9 or OFFICRRS. From the Comptroller, recommend ing the payment of the following bills for work ou streets: John T.

shchy, J.I 1-2 dny work month of heptcmber, nt 2, 47.DO Thcimu (tililKiim, 54 -2 day work month of heiitcmber. at tlM. SB.y; Zonk, 1-2 day work mouth of r-tpUro- her, nt tl 5j, 36.37 Tho. Wood. 211-2 dny work month of pepierauer, at I 3.J7 Mil.

1-2 day work month of St plumber, at 1 1 40, C. WulliT, 0 1-2 day work month of Sep tember, nt 1.40. B.T3 Voelk, 7 -2 day work month of Septem ber, at, 1.41, 11.24 R. 6 1-4 day work month of Sep. tfinlHT, Kt 8.J7 II unln 8, day work month of Septem ber, nt 1.4u, i.iO Moved by Alderman Hice that the re port be accepted and warrants drawn for the payment of the several amounts as recommended.

Carried. Comptroller, recommending the pay- mcnt of sundry bills. Referred to the Committee on Ways and Means. From Comptroller recommending the payment of the following amounts for salaries: Geo. Jf.

StiViHje 0 Column 1'ertona anwerinir sny of these advertisement, will plena ntnU) where they hw the aatne. sp Culliuif Ccutii. 1'ontpnitl. KonciiT Card for-" CilaMVUM, A'outiao, Mien. I 1W A XI II PATrNTS. nndcoiiuu'llor atl-awin ratenlcaunca. Kollellorof Amer ican and Foreign rtrnt, 87 C'onqreaabi. Wet, Detroit, Mich. Theonlv repou alble ratoot Oihee la tho SOAmS To Thoso Building Vt't nrc furnkthing the let Kuxh, llluid and IWr in the Mute, und for the Iruxt money. A clean, HHioolli, true window ia important a pnrt, una uhi'iI it tuueli im uny other purl or liuuxe then, if you cm gvt a, olenn iirtiole, with tet I'reni'h tilniw, net nnd wiirrmiteil wile homo, mid it cheap tin ii nighly-umde mtiele with common rUH, why not cociiru it lo, Freneh and American OIiihm, nil Mes, duuliln nml simile tbieknemi, whuhnnle und retmt, lor lwellimr, Stor Front, etc.

All kind fetuiiuxl. l'Vured und Knuuieled l.i cm for Side I.itlit, 1'nrlor, Mo. Send your iiit'iiiornnil'im and we will aend you Npuriul I rate. oud Nil), gin net, MM1 or mile with perfect mtety. I'.

KAUL, 42 Avenue, lfelroit. Aoim. DRUGS AND MEDICINES! At the Sign oV the ISril Mortar, Alpena. I Inrrnoeo nfl To tho wh. dual llitiea IMLlUdott Ol i hHve in.riied.

Apniy to I Milo 1). Mives 4 rCllolUllOi Pension Attorney, iMrmt, Mich. mm i Mrs CEO.M. SAVAGE CO. NlWSfAPRR Adrei lining A gent TO Conetes Street Wtat, DRTKOIT, a authorize.

1 to contract for lvertiKlnir in thU paper. They will send their AnvERTixcna' Mancal. of prices, raws byouuL JM-r sig. of red mtari IH A large and complete assortment of I'urc jjruys, Chemicals, J'atent Medicines, Paints, Oils, Varnishes. Paint jii nsuvti, jiair isrnsnes, uomos, tve, tVc.

The best and largest stock of Perfumer- wji in I I. itm-. II' rf it vv yi riiuivff i ii i ne una. ATTEND GOLDSMITH'S Bryant AStratton BUSINESS UNIVERSITY Mechanics' Hall, Detroit, Mku. I Th larpeat and best patronized institution of the kind in the tit ate.

ou0 ever oitmed lu Detroit. Colieca paper sunt free. S13ni4 KoialcM Tatent Steei Spring i3ed Bottom, irMp most omfortable, n' Luruhle. MVc-imJ' For aalo by PETER make a specialty of Bostwlck's Condi-tion Po wders, Host ick9s Compo a cough sgrup, and Baking Powder. We invite housekeepers to give our Making Powder a trial.

rescript Ions prepared at all hours, from Pure Drugs and by a competent Druggist. SIGN OF THE RED MORTAR. nuaBSEiat HARDWARE OWENS. SALESs in l'l Ft1 31mn uAGER BEER DETROIT, MICH. TERMS I lirewers, Detroit.

Mill Supplies, Builders' Supplies, Cutlery and Tools, Iron and Tinware, Glass and Putty, Oak Tanned Beltiner. THE BOSS Packing and Oils, I PhoBnix White Lead, BREWER OF Slftm! AShi FOIl SECLY'S EXTltACTS mid IViTuincr), Guaranteed the beat in the Market. ho. tie Nhoulu bear the name of J. M.

fcuclv to be ntnn. hold by nearly every flmt-elnw iirocir und Iiruinrint throiifihout the rutted HtHte. Manufactured by J. M. SEtLEV Detroit.

John i ito WHOLESALE Oyster and Fruit House, No. 218 Jeireron Avenue, DETROIT, MICH. All order promptly filled at lowest market rate. A. N.

Kpratt, Mayor, quarter ending Oct. 1, A. U. McDonald. Weorder.

rs no J. 1. iirnliull, omptroller, A. 11. Mrltoimld, Cilv Attorner, D.

Scott, it Mamhnl. lair for Arthur Irwin, engineer, liobrrt Oliver, enifinerr, D. bridire tvndur. J. Thmnpion, policeman ii.

Jotie. Philip l'hillip, teamter, i. nroiiawooii, D. Mather. In mn-liebter.

J. tiillett, Aldermun, ft eeion, at 11.50 Il-own 10 J. P. Hcaly, 6 C. II.

Hice. 9 H. Knyburn. 4 Ja. Tim.

f) A. R. McDonald, rent to Oct. 1. 1877.

J. D. Turnhiill, ire corn o. 1, pay from July 1 to Oct 1, IV0O Fire company No. 2, 2S.00 On motion of Alderman Klce the re port was accfptcd, adopted and war rants onlercd drawn for the payment of ine several amount a recommended.

I olicc Justice, report of fines for the months of July, Auzust and September. Ordered placed on flip. L1QCOR IIOXDH. The following bonds were presented for the approval of the Council Julius Potvln, HccurllicH Monro Klock and Theodore Knocli. On motion of Alderman Hice the bond was approved.

Monro Klock, sureties Julius (his mark) Potvln, and Uolton McHae. Not ap proved, Julius Potvln's pignnturc not witnessed, Holton McH.ic Arm name in place of Individual name. MF.roRTS OF COMMITTEES Ways an! Means, recommending the pajmeut of the following bills: Claim- Tar I. I. JVIallory Co. Wttfrxii 'mwjM as IMss K.00 l. 00 B2 40 ftO.Otl A (lii and yCEiin; lvarc in tlic Ifarcl- AT BOTTOM PRICES. POTTER OBER PACKERS OF Oysters and Canned Goods of erery denrription, and wholcaale dealer in FOrtEKiN nd l.H and HEHMETICALLT SEALED HOODS, 6 Jefferaon Avenue, SlOmJ Detroit, Mich. Violin, Violin Strings, civs Harps, Accordions. BROTHERS STOPJ CO.

Has for sale $1.00 to 1.00 .05 to 1.00 5.00 lo 25.0O Buffalo Robe Manufactory -BY W. Van Voorheea. inil feea. Alpena Phinifle Mill wood. Tbe Turkish method of reckoning tbe days is a constant pitfall to European editors who trp pot well erscd in the matter.

In Turkey they Legin each day with the eight 1. 34 01 fiO inj so li7.fl at. I 34 1107.IKI I AO lfliW Jti.3.1 tn S.A4 111.03 MnArthur. work nn atr.vta. W.

Mirre. work on ditch. Eddy Wrren, foundry work, II. D. htirehil), eortl.

Ilnrnhaw merehnndiae. J. H. Minor, lumtier. Inrp Jone, rnHnnrnetiirinf D.

rtpx hlnrkmithinr, Ul.f'S t40 already allowed. 40 already allowed The bill of presented by Thomas Mi'Uinn ror surveyinjr, they recoinniend ed that It be referred back to Mr. Me Glnn and have him Mate when the sur veying was done and for whom On motion of Alderman Itice, the re port or the committee was accepted and adopted and warrants ordered drawn for the payment of the several amounts as recommended. MOTI05S ASD Py Alderman Hice, that the Cltv Mar. take Immediate steps to prosecute and make complaint ana Inst all Honor dealers who have not filed the bond re quired ny law.

Carried On motion of Alderman Rice. th. vouueu adjourned. a. it Mcdonald.

Recorder. STATE OP MICniGAN-Twenty-third Judicial Circuit M. iwrninj It neopaMIT, I 00 hereh fll and an. point hpeeinl Term of Circuit Court, for tha county or Alpena, yi mhifran, to b. held at the Court oom in Potter' block, in the City of Alpena, in a id county, eommnneing on the ixiroiin nar or ucioorr.

ja. u. 1877. at tn o'clock in the forenoon. Dated at Alpena, Auynat 13th, 1S77.

i. B. Circuit Judirt. LADIES Rend I east tUmp (and thi adTertiacment) and receive 07 nrcurn nau lIUTTUniClC 4c CO.H IWaowfullr Illnatrated Fahio arr. Injr SO new atrlee for LdiM and Childrn' rr menu, with full and complete description, for tall.

1177. AddreaaOKO. Vt WILLARD, Oea- rl A wot, Ui re. Lttxcit. 3lioml GEO.

M. BROIYIM 230 niVARD DETKOIT. Havlnff purchiiaeil a lanre amount of buffalo niuea in 1 ne iiiiinin territory, I have opened a manufactory at the above number, where, with competent workmen, I am prepared to furnish tho trade at pi im never before riven. Beinir an experienced liinni myaelf, aud hnvintr patented tbe procena by which 1 tun my robe, 1 am pre-pared to outdo all competitor. Lined and untitled roliea.

anlo hiil in th mina. io wnip and lit leather and Aliihki e-ir km, with hnir on or without. Order netted and promptly atteniled to. Mr. Itrotnin will alway b.

found at 530 llivard atreet, or SS4 CroRhnn trect. Tho ho deaire "inifie purcuaae win do well to call. Addrcaa UKO. M. hUUMil, 230 liivard tr.t.

Detroit, Mich. SilOml Stato Management And in daily operation over 87 year. 1 I OR SIS OCT. 10, AND 27, 1877. KENTUCKY State Allotemcmf.

$07,02.) OF I PRIZES 1 Prize of 1 Priieof I Prize of I I'riM of 1 Trine of IM9 Other Prie amounting to fis.noo s.iioo ft.oon S.frtH) WHOLE TICKETS 1 00; 50 WITOLK TICK- svu iuu in.Iit.IS, I IK). Chartered for Kdncatlnn. I t.ji..: voqct can ever occur. All MiiLini nni or a'awn num. ,4" N.

Y. Herald. N. Y. Su JyonUvill.

Coiirier-Jaurnal. circular containing fuU partlcnlara Addrcaa SIMMONS DICKIVBnv r. rer' Office, Sd atreet, Loni.ville, Ky. niKnramn on ine 14: and laat ay of every month during- the year. wT Job Printing NEATLY EXECUTED AT THE Arguo Ofiioo I Sheet IVJusic of all kinds and latest Publications Constantly on hand.

1 wwwmS luaciimcs, irom S5 to $135. AGEST FOIl Grover Baker Sewing Machines Hallot and Davis, Haines and Chick-oring, and other Pianos. AND THE CELEBRATED Estey Cottage Organs! Itooms on Water Street. BOLTON a mcra Dealer, in l2a Family Groceries9 It? mm HP Tl la rpeat ttock of Waoealnt.aoJtf And General Supplies. AT LOW PRICES roi tL eiie of RI.

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