Public Ledger from Memphis, Tennessee on February 9, 1876 · Page 3
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Public Ledger from Memphis, Tennessee · Page 3

Memphis, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 9, 1876
Page 3
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pl e.L BYRD&GO.i Diamond Merchants f?? e.2.. ',-'-zzzjz-;yf J i-vixA .-aa. tiuiiLiiit i. vj nOUNTIN r Main 9 14fi J. K. HANDLE, t Formerly of Handle 4 1 J. W. HEATH. Formerly of Randle k. Hutu. I and J. W. Heath CHICKASAW IRON WORKS, HANDLE, HEATH & LIYERMORE, (SutHMiN to J. W. Heath Co.) ' ' : ' PROPRIETORS, NO. 98 SECOND STREET, MEMPHIS, TENW. 0 MANUFACTURERS OF COTTON PRESSE, HORSK POWERS. GIN GKARtNS, IRON Building! and Fronts, Air and Cellar Grating, ail kindi Iron and Brwi Castings. : Cook dc Heath's Improved Jail Cells, Doors and Window j RAILROAD AND STEAMBOAT WORK A SPECIALTY. h All It.,) f ir..kln.H Vnmlaliawl anil T(jmllTrl fiPAM anl irtl vsasl anrl mAnn1 avaAfita ! 142-ixi-lll Cub paid for old proclamation: MAItDIGKAS! ' ' r ' PROCLAMATION -BY THE King of the Carnival. T)K IT KNOWN. THAT WE. KING OF 15 the Carnival, Povereign Ruler of the JfUalms of Mirth. Folly and Relaxation, will celebrate the Anniversary of our Nineteenth Centennial in our LOYAL CITY OF ME5UMIIS, And that we may be received with becoming splendor, we hereby proclaim our Royal v ill: 1, Attended by our Armies and Navies, by our High Dignitaries of titate, by our Household Guards, by Harlequin and Pantaloon and their Fan Loving Hosts, we will receive the Key of tne city trom our loyal Mayor, at Alghnoon. on tbe2Stb rrbraary. 1876. 1 'J. And therefrom, until our departure, Traffic, Labor, Trade and all other occupation! shall cease, and Momus and Motley sthall rule supreme. 3, On Mardi-Uros, . FEBRUARY 29, 1876. The day dear to our gentle and loving heart, M command that all Promenaders, Revelers od Mummers ihall appear in Mask, that V their viiions may not be consumed by the ro- I faience of our imperial face. ' 4. We summon the genial ( I xjlks and the Krews of Motley to pass befoT onf Regal Presence in review; and when the (hadei of night descend upon our goodly oitv, let the MEMPHI Appear in gorgeous boauty and floods of gel-don fires, and then shall the multitudes gather to our Sumptuous Places ol Festivity, and to the strains of music revel till the Lenten Day. 6. Railroads. Steamboat! and other public carriers will transport our subjects at half rates to and from our joyous Carnival, and our good people of Memphis will receive then) with generous hospitality. ' The King- Commands ! .Long Live the Attest: TYPHON. - MOMLb. HEX C IHMVALI. MARDI-CRAS. ORDERS FROM REX! EEDUCED FARES to Memphis. -vvniraKAS BY ROYAL PROCLAMA If lion, me mhw " v ;v r . v lion to enter his loyal city of Memphis cn the Seth day of February, 17; and. , ... Whereas, It is bis sovereign pleasure that nil subieoti irom an Qn""" r For thTbeXter execution of hi. wUI. and for the com fort e. a wenuuiy r Decreed, by .toyat jnanuaw, AD . 8TOR3I .? ske W'Jh Si Memphis, and tocaufethe Masters thereof to publish reduced rates f f"durV!". iival ; Ami that the authority of the i afore-satd-AD. STORM may-by respected. Hu Majesty. TUB KUNQ. dool hereby create him AOmiruoi luerieeu. , By command of the King. PTJCK - . " Pursuivant to the King Bf Royal Mandate, It is further decreed. th.U . . n , UXm HUGHES &JAS SPEED Tt. .t,, are hereby clothed with pleuary P?w- int'M Railway, in his Majesty's realm. .k. U order them at once to promulgate J&dnoed Klt" of fre t0 and fr0um Mainhi ; Aeanoeo , . iglhll. lv maybe rospectod. 111. , nTfi-itv" tS King, does hereby ereate HMAj".l' ;rs Ueneral, with th. rank rfGr.SdMThaT.o.'th.'''"-By oommanu of the K11' writ n ' . 'vant to the King. Done at the PiUace of Misruu' thi 13tvi7tRy of Jannary. yyfi. cigar FcnrtiY RIO HOTVXOn Cigar Factory, IO CS Main Street, MEMPHIS, TEKN. NONE BUT THE BEST QUALITY OF Toba.:oo used in the manufacture of the various grades of my cigars; employ the best workmen to be had? make hand Cuban work only; and sell at pricos as low. and lewer, similar goods can be bought anywhere at. li.uio or .broad Tbo trade of dealers, and orders for any class of olgars, rospectiully solicited. I will place my cigars in price, quality and workmanship against any cigars made anywhere, and on fiur tost, will guarantee satisfaction. I Employ N redrtlorn. Will not make the kind of goods that will ,Uv to be foroed to sell that way. GEO. L. GBAYSEK. lltt-lvil-W LABOR. SPECIAL NOTICE. PLANTATION HANDS FURNISHED AT I VloksWgby ii.plyini to M. K. Cheek, wastorof steanier Illinois, or (1. W. Cheek, iiuperlntsmlent. Meijiphls. Tnn. t RANK MAlUHOliD. I'.migrant Avt.. Hj Vti'kt"'!: -XiSS. 1 . DIAMONDS Street. I - A. 8. LIVEilMORB. Heath. Formerly Gen'l BddI. M. i T. R. Co. I R.,aUoM. AL. W. Brut and Copper. 1876. THE CENTENNIAL! EXTRAORDINARY INDUCEMENTS TO THt ItEAWIIVG PUB LIC ' TWO EXCELLENT JOURNALS fo- ; THE VALUE OF ONE I THE PUBLISHERS OF TBE MEMPHIS PUBLIC LKDGltahave entered into arrangements whereby they are enabled to send to any ene address, for th year 187G, The Centennial of American Independent! 4XE COPY OF rilK Weekly Public Ledger , aki osr. t opi" or The Southern Farmer At : SB! For both publications. POST AO E FREE. Cirilmrm Tap aiihaipttlAna fnuafc h ft a aa m tiB. nied by the Cash, in all cases. Now is th. time to subscribe if you desire. atsmall cost, to be kept fully informed of the important events of the Centennial fear, in cluding Local aa well as National Politics, and of tne onangos and progress of ooutnorn Agriculture and Industrial interests. ' ADDRESS PUBLIC LEDGER, MEMPHI8. TKNN. CORSETS. 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DAVEY JOM BROOKE -PlOPKlITOI .MiKiUia ENGAGEMENT FOR SIX NIGHTS AND Saturday Matinee, commencing Monday February 7. 1870, Of the Talented Tragedian. EDWIN ADAHS, Supported by Henry E. Abbey's Dramatic ' Company. ' r Monday MARBLE HEART. Tuesday ENOCH ARDKN. Wednesday HAMLET. Thursdar-WILD OATS. Friday-DAMON AND PYTHIAS. urand Adams Matinee, Saturday at 2 p.m. Saturday Evening-Grand Peoples' Night. Sale of Reserved Seats, for the entire week, will commence Fridav. Febrn.r 1th. at 9 a.m. STRAYED. STRAYED-.5 REWARD A LIVER AND white painter bitch, with a short tail. Answers to the name Zulu. I 141 H. W, LlflHTiWRNK, ?lfi Front st. LOST. LOST-A WHITE AND BLACK SPECKLED pointer dog; had one large black spot in rear of shoulder-blades. A soitaDle reward will be paid for his return to S. Clement. No. 96 Beal street. lXt LOST -A GRAYHOUND PUP, BROWN eolor; bit In ear; t5 reward. 137-139 OH A3, KNKY. 4'i PM1 street. BOARDING. BOARD COMFORTABLE ROOMS WITH board at No. 99 Madison ft. Day board-yMjajjtHaHpjjrwBjkiM WANTED. WANTED PRIVATE TUTOR A GEN-tleman desires to find a position as private tutor on a plantation or elsewhere. lie instructs in the branches of a liberal education, and teaches' French, Italian and the other modern langunges acquired in Europe, Address EDUCATOR, Postoffice, Memphis. 137-143 w ANTED NO. 1 OYSTER COOK AT Magnolia llau, sra Main street. 134-t WANTED-TO LOAN MONEY AT REA-sonable rates, on collateral. Address Postnffice Doit 14S. 132-143 JIJOTICE. NOTICE TO JOURNEYMEN TAILORS coming to the city: A. 11. Goodman, merobant tailor, l'JA Main street, pays the same prices as any shop in the city, but he refuses to be made a slave by a monopoly. 144 FO'R SALE VANCE ST. RESIDENCE That very desirable residence, 408 Vance street, will be sold. For particulars inquire on the premises or to Chas. T. the office of the Southern Life Insurance Company 137-t FOR 8 ALE-CITY RESIDENCE ONE OR more of five of those first-elans citv resi dences in the Greenlaw Block, south side of Madison street, ea.-t of fourth street, well known as among the most eonvenient and pleasant in the city; from 12 to 14 rooms in each; cisterns, paved back yard, high walls between each lot. Hewers underground from each to the bayou. Terms easy, and price to suit the times. Apply to 1S7-0 A. tf. DEMNI8. 202 Main st. fJOR 8ALE-A NO. 1 8AL00N. STOCK V and fixtures camnlete. Centrally loca ted, and enjoying a good trade. Good and satisfactory reasons tor selling can be ob tained by calling on 138-t A. VACCARO i CO.. ?24 Front st. FORSAI-B-WOODI WOOD I 1EO0 CORDS ash, oak and hickory, cheaper than any one. ' a. v. a. o. u. uinntin, K15 4 no. b Court street, near iront fOR SALE VALUABLE CITY LOT ON P Mosbv street. Apply at Mechanics and traders Bank. OR SALE-NEW FORM 6F TRUSTEE'S jjbKDs, just out; for sale at Ledger olliec. fX)R SALE LOTS ON LAUDERDALE, r Orleans. St. Paul and Carolina atreets. lultable tor oneap rosiaenoes. im it r. n . s i t 11 FOR RENT OR LEASE. COR RENT OR LEA8E-MY PLANTA- wuu lu vittuuou WUU17. nr.., luiuiv diatelvon the river. 12 miies below Memnhis, Three hundred acres open, above overflow. and very' productive. Uouie, outhouses, stables and lences, in good repair, uin, gin-house and press on the place. Good landing. Apply to me at Room 2ri, Planters Insurance Bu ild ing, 39 Madison street. FOR RENT. DOR RENT COTTAGE NO. 143 VANCE r street. Also the snaoious store, fix turas. ate., at the corner of Vance and Her nando streets (uow occupied as a grocery store), ottering superior advantages 10 a good tena-t. l'ossession nrst ot aiarcn. Apply 10 JAM l,.tn.V3l. 139-142 1 3IA Saoond street r: OR RENT-NO. 99 MADISON STREET 17 suitable f r a boarding-house: furniture for sale, l or terms, Inquire of Mrs, M. K. Williamson, at the house, or Wm. J. Duval, at 2o3 Main street. lJr CH)R RENT-STORE. NO. 20 JEFFERSON K1 street: very low. Annly atonoe to W. K King or Tbos. Fisher, at tin met Bank. 143 L?OR RENT -SEVERAL ONE STORY L frame dwellings, five room; gas and wa tor-works in the houses; at tin per month Annly to MARX k BKNSDORF. AgenU. 1HA-14J No. 7 Madison street. DOR RENT-NICE COTTAGE, IS A GOOD L neignnornood; wper montn. Aaaress 130-t L. 11., this oflioe. ?0R RENT-A NICELY FURNISHED ) front room, Market street, lit-l FOR RENTA TWO STORY FRAME house, 10 rooms, No. 323 Jefferson street extended. Was, water, bath-room and good cistern. Apply on premisos. iju t (70R RENT-NO, ft EXCHANGE 6TREET extended; 7 rooms, in good condition; cistern and stable. 127-142 (j OR RENT-FARMS. STORES, DWELL C loss, oflioes, sleeping-rooms. W.D.MoCALLUM. Agent. 118-143 10 Madison street. UUR RKNT FURNISHED HOUSE: AC P cessible aud eonveniest. ' Owner will board with tenant for rent. Address JJ. E. V care Ledger IH'-t. I.'OR RENT BHICK COTTAGE. 7 ROOMS C good yard; on Street railroad. Cheap to gooa tenant. Appiyioii. n Aiiin, jo ana is Monroe street. tft-T IJOR UENT 1 WELLING 8, STORES, " nffices and sleaolnir-rooms. I. D. CONA- WAY,- Rental Agent, g M?dion st. VA jhoces T n RATON ACO..NO. 34 MADISON ST. Lit haye now complete indexes of All Existing Tax la ess, inolnding the year 1073, on all real estate in the Olb, l4lb and 10th Civil District, inoluding the eitjr (,f Memphis: also nt tha niinirv districts! ' j.heuo in oexes are by lots and tracts, not by name of supposed owner, and are guarantMa correct. 11?-M D. A. MrOMBEK.Snp't. '.. 1 - . PEK80NAL. XnUTTx. C0LKMAN. JUSTICE I at Iha Peace. NalArV Public and Commui- von.r of Duds. Special attention given to coitions in th oogijty Oflioe 2'A Front st. 11K-T Th I.ismiKa J." Office. 13 Madiaon street, is prepared to execute any" kind of job printing m a neat and tasteful manner and at as low rctcs as any other establishment in the city. t Taos, Haksok has removed his news stand from CO to 9lJ Deal street, where can be found all the principal daily pa-pars and illustrated weekly and monthly magazines and novels; also fancy stationery and school books. 71-1" ; m FaiBODT Billiard Hall, newly refitted, tao!s iu first-clam order, Call and see for yourselves, i ' ' '., ' 33t ! PUBLIC LEDGER. Office, IS XftdUoa Street. LARGEST CITY CIRCULATION. THE CIT Y. HKMPHIBi Wtsjeear Bvamlsis;, b. 9, 1S7S. LEDGER LI.MS. The General Council will meet again next Friday night. Edwin Adams will appear a "Hamlet" at the theater to-night. The number of arrest! made by the police is increasing daily and nightly. A bu tuber of young men are about to organize a Woodhulling society in this city for the reformation of immoral man1- ried men. Something unusual, but Jalca Leubrie is selling cigars and tobacco at cost, to close business February 15th. He offers stock and fixtures for sale. A ' well-dressed worthy, wearing kid gloves, now scrapes dirt on the streets with the balance of the boys of the chain-gang.. The kid-gloved individual is an ex hack driver and was "chain-ganged" for vagrancy. No nominations for City Tax Collector or Comptroller were made by Mayor Flippin at the General Council meeting last night. There seems to be some trouble in filling these important offices under the new regime. A number of humorously-gotten up in vitations of the style of the Memphi cards are being circulated by some one who Is evidently of an artistic turn 6f mind. The cards are highly adorned with pictures and the invitations read: "Admit one to the cotton-shed." The argument of counsel in the water works case is progressing in the Federal Court. Last wesk the court was ran by steam, a steamboat case being up for hearing. This week it is being run by water, but the Federal, as well as other courts, are usually run by 'that other element known as wind or gai. In the Circuit Court to-day an alterna tive writ of mandamus was issued on the petition of Isaac and Julia Happek against the city of Memphis to compel the city to pay a judgment of 12250, obtained in said Circuit Court against said city of Memphis by the petitioners. 1 he alternative writ orders said city to appear and show cause why a peremptory writ of mandamus should not be issued. Humorous Coancilme, when they see a distinguished visitor in the Council Chamber, are in the habit; of offering a resolution that the distinguished person invited to lake a seat on the floor of the Chamber. This is generally amended by inviting him to "take the chair," and a third motion is made that the resolution and its object be put on the table or re ferred to the standing committee on streets and alleys. The ordinance repealing the ordinance creating a foreman of the street force passed its first reading before the General Council last right. The object of the repeal is te give City Engineer Meigs full control of the street repairing, which be should have by all means, he being responsible to the city government and the citizens for the condition of the streets not as to the condition in which tbey are at present, but as to their future condition.. The Ulks are sending out invitations to attend their coronation ball at the Greenlaw Opera Hoose on Mardi-Gras eve. The triangular invitations are elegantly illuminated and are signed by Momus Rex Carnivalli. This society of Ulks is chartered by the Legislature; the other society of Ulks, who will give a masquerade ball at Cochran Hall on the same night, U a different, society and is not a chartered but an individual enterprise. The Ulks under whose auspices the Greenlaw Opera House coronation ball is to be given Till also giye a grand masquerade ball, open to all, at the Exposition building on Mardi-Gras night. The guests invited to the coronation ball are expected to appear in full dress A Cigar for 5c Worth lac. SOL COLEMAN'S GREATEST HIT! Smoke the new brand of cigars. SOL COLEMAN'S PICGACOHA ' ' ft fne 9",o K f. ' T- 7 Only Depot In the' City, 200 3Uin st. ton t mistake the house. Ierouale, 7" Mr. .Jefferson Davis hs returned hqrae from New OrleatjJ. ' 8enator Gordon'; 6f-Georgia, is in the city at pre8c"nt";oa; business connected with tjie Southern Life Insurance Company, which company filed a petition jp bankruptcy a few tfot pince. General B. F.'jCheathara is stopping at-the PealjtjdT, and is receiving the at. tentions of bis Memphis friends. Stovks and Tinware. ' H8r F; J. Tcrsbpll, 234 Main st. Ve Hake a Mpeeially In finishing photographs in water colors or India ink from old pictures or from life, sod at prices to suit the times. AH work guaranteed. For artistic finish aud durability, cajland examine our specimens at Cooxi.iy's rWographic and Fin Aji'ludio,.251 Main street, 4t . THE GEXEBAL COUNCIL. The) BsadccS for I7e sail otber Ioa-poriuaai Matter. The General Council met at the City Hall last night and transacted bat little business, owing to the fact that it was neeessary to adopt the budget for 1876, It was passed sn its first reading in the following shape, at presented by Councilman Donovan, chairman f tha committee: ' Honorable General Ceancil: Your committee, appointed in accordance with a resolution passed on last meeting of the General Council to make out a budget of expenses necessary for carrying on the city government for tbe year 1876, as required hy section 64 of the new charter, and to set apart the same to various departments and accounts, beg leave to submit the following: The basis upon which the budget is made is taken from the estimated receipts from merchants' tax and privileges lor the year 18Y6 and the assessments ef last year (which under the present law stands for four years), and amount, in the air- gregate, if collected, to $389,000 for cur rent expenses alone. This sum we have apportioned, as shown by the accompa nying ordinance, to tne departments embraced in the budget. Respectfully submitted. JoHM DoNOYAK. Chairman Common Council Com. THE ORDIXAKCK. The ordinance providing for the budget was presented in due form, the substance being as follows: Whereas, The value of the real and lersooal property as assessed amouts to if the assessment of 1875 remain nn. changed) $23,909,697, exclusive ef the merchants tax: therefore be it ordained. etc., that the budget for the various departments for 187C be as lollows: lbe ordinance submitted eives in this section the following as the amount of tbe budget lor 1876, the additional fizures showing the increase or decrease: Police Department. 156.000 (decrease $14,000); Fire Department, fjO.060 (decrease $2000); City Hospital, $20,000 (decrease $2000); Board of Health, $15,000; lights and lamps, $25,000 (de crease 7UUO); salary accounts, $13,000 (decrease $2,009); printing account, $1500 (decrease $1500); stationery account, $500 (decreaso $500); expense account, fuuu (.decrease ?70()U); public iraprovemenis, $150,000 (increase $41.- 500); public squares, $1200; market-hoHses,$2000 (increase $200): nuisances, $1200 (decrease $300); contingent fund, Vj,WU (increase $13,600); total budget, $389,000; -total increase, $55,300; total decrease, $46,300. j 8ec. 2 Be it further ordained, That $47,819.39, or 20 cents on the $100, be set apart and appropriated to tbe payment ot interest on the bonded debt; that $59,-774 24, or 2o eents on the $100, be set apart and appropriated to providing a sinking fund to retire the bonded indebtedness; that $23,909.70, or JO cents on tbe $100 be set apart and appropriated to the maintenance of tbe city schools; and that $11,954 85, or 5 cents on the $100, be set apart and appropriated to the payment of judgments otber than on bonds and coupons. Sec. 3 Be it further ordained, That the ordinance shall tske effect and be in force from and after its passage. THAT BRIKKLE? PROPOSITION. The Brinkley proposition came up again for consideration in the Council. Mr. ' Brinkley proposed to settle his Charleston railroad bonds indebtedness to the city of $71,000 by paying the same amount in Nicolson pavement bonds and school bonds. The Finance Committee and City Attorney recom mended that the proposition be accepted the City Attorney stating that not a dollar could be made out of Mr. Brink' ley, and if he died tbe city could not realize one cent of the indebtedness. Councilman Donovan opposed the acceptance of the proposition on the grounds that on the debt of $71,000 owed by Brinkley there was due also interest amounting to $52,000, which would make the entire debt about $123,-000. ' Councilman Hill also opposed the proposed settlement until he was better informed as te the financial condition of Mr.' Brinkley. He stated that Mr. Brinkley collected in this city large amounts inreuts and he sheuld be made to pay his1 indebtedness to the city. Tbe matter was generally discussed, and was at last referred to a special committee, consisting qI Councilmen Donovan, Blaise and Otis, and Aldermen McClqy, Cocbfan and Green. THE ASSESSMENT MUDDLE. The assessments made by the City Assessors and arranged by the Board of Equalization having been protested against as unfair by a number of merchants, and the General having refused at a former meeting to give any relief to those who petitioned for a reduction of assessment, last night Mayor Flippin sent in a message to the General Council asking that a special Committee be appointed to investigate and consider the complaints made by merchants regarding the alleged unfair assessments, Tbe cociraitto appointed to consider this matter is as follows: Aldermen Dent, Harvey, Cochran;- Councilmen Kelly, Speed, Weller, Hill and Karr, to which cornroittee tha City Attorney and Tax Collector wre added. After transacting a lot of minor, bu;;. ness, tbe General CoanQ-i adjourned over to next Friday night. TREMENDOUS IIAlltiAINS IN MEN'S, SOYS1 AND CHILDREN'S (XOTUINU, . At (he Bluer. City Clothing- Hinge, 32:i Mulji St., Under the Worsham House. Fsksh oysters received daily per express by Victor D. Fuchs, 41 Jefferson. M-t ' School books, artist materials, sheet wax for wax flowers, for gale by 136-t Yqcnq & Bro., 248 Main st. to riioTOGiiAi'ni:ns. A new supply of miulature frames in Jet, Just received at the Jet Palace. 141 Coai. Oil, Lamps, Chandeliers, etc. I18t l?- Tvrnhvll, 234 Main st. r Ir you waut to pass a pleasant hour, call at Bid Cook s Peabody Billiard Hall. . 33t Men's fins hand sewed calf boot, $ 0r at J. Mf mil Co'". TILE RECORD EK'8 COURT. How that Vary Important (eirt la teauariwi aa rr.aal - The Old Ksutw system Baa Clajod . Since Colonel Wm. L. Duff has taken his seat as Recorder of the city of Memphis. quite a change has taken place in the manner of conducting business before the the Police Court. Formerly the style of doing business was as follows: Former Recorders bad been in the habit of imposing fines, and alterward, at the solicitation of friends of the convicted, the fines were remitted and the parties discharged, thereby setting an example of favoritism altogether wrong and entirely illegal; for no Recorder has a legal right to remit a fine without legal cause. If the party fined or his friends desire te have the fine remitted, the only way tu get at it is to present petition to the General Council. In this manner the eity lost a portion of its revenue, for which amount the Re orders were undoubtedly legally liable. Men were also fined for druokeness and Other light misdemeanors, and afterward a lesser amount than the fine imposed was received and the prisoners discharged. For this there was and is no law. The statute provides that a fine of not more than fifty nor less than five dollars shall be imposed by the Rcorder, which official, under his oath and the law, bas no discretion in the matter if the prisoners be proven guilty; he must impose the fine or violate his oath. The be-t way to avoid such fines is to keep sober, bebave yourself and keep out of the station-house, and the best way for the friends of the men so fined to de, is not to ask the Recorder to remit or reduce the fine, but to pay it. The Recorder's Court is not a political machine to be run in the interest of any class or clique, nor is any other court of justices political machine. Every citizen, black or white, wbo is brought before that court is entitled to the same consideration and justice, and for committing the same of fense is entitled to be tiDcd the same amount. It would not look well tolet tbe turbuleut but prominent citizen off itbout imposing a fine upon him, and to put tbe fine upon the poor, ignorant man, wbo has only committed the same offense, When a police officer makes an arrest and delivers lbe prisoner over to the station-house-keeper that prisoner is'at once within and under the jurisdiction of the Recorder's Court, and no po lice officer, be he high or low, can legally turn him out unless the proper forfeit in money bas been put up, provided the offense it of such a character that a forfeit can be taken. No police officer is authorized by law to have a man turned out of that station-house by going verbally responsible for his appearance next morniug. If the officer wishes to get htm out he must put up s forfeit for his appearance just like any other citizen. If he has been discharged on a promise to be responsible for his appearance, he renders himself liable on the charge of contempt f tbe Recorder's Court. The officer's duty is to make the arrest; he is not a judicial officer. Heretofore the Recorder's Court has been run "sorter loose" and not in the manner ia which criminal tribunals are usually conducted. It is a very important court and its judicial proceedings should be con ducted on principles of law and equity and in accordance with justice. - No favoritism should be sanctioned or permitted; all citizens arrested should be treated alike. When a person is arrested or looked up, he or she is at once within the jurisdiction ofjthe Recorder's Court, and no magistrate can legally, by issuing a warrant, take that prisoner out of tbe jurisdiction of the Recorder's Court for trial, unless probably when the Recorder is absent from the city or is sick and un able to attend to the duties of his office. The Recorder has full jurisdiction of all cases, whether they be misdemeanors or felonies, so far as examining ;nto them as a committing ceurt, and no magistrate has superior or concurrent jurisdiction in this connection. This we understand to be the law applicable ts arrests made by police officers of the city. Our pres ent Recorder is determined to, ca,rry out the law irrespective of persona, all of which is a consummation devoutly to be wished,. , letting; a Patent In Kngland. To procure a patent at Washington is quite an easy matter, but to procure one in England is not only difficult hut expensive, Our reporter wa,a shown a patent issued n September last in the name of Y'ctoria, by the grace of God, to James Bartholomew Cock and James Wilson Heath, of this city, for the fol lowing invention: " Improvem,onU in the construction of prijaiAS and other buildings, an,o; 0 alarm attagbraents to be employed in connection therewith.' with authority and protection to intro- d"ce the same into the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the Channel Islands and tbe Isle of Man. The patent is of parchment, and the grants and conditions are elegantly lithographed thereon. Attached to tbe parchment is the great seal of England, which seal is quite a curiosity, and was probably never seen before by any in habitant of Memphis. It is made of wax, about eight inches in diameter, one inch thick and weighs about two pounds. On one side, in relief, is an equestrian cast of tbe Queen bearing tho staff ef office, her steed being held by an equerry on foot, with hat in hand. Around the cast on the margin are the words, in relief: " RegingvFidei-Defensor-Victoria-Dei-Gratia-Britanniarum." On the reverse side is a cast of the Queen sitting in state upon a throne, with one of the Muses on each side. The patent is a curious affair, and is similar to those issued by tbe English t,overnment from time almost immemorial. Messrs. Cook A Heath intend introducing their patent jails into England, France and Germany, Tho cost of obtaining such a patent in England is about $500 in gold. Crystal Headlight Oil, ' W F. J. Tist'i.L, 234 Main st. . Indictment Asjalnst D. S. Johnston. The indictment found bv the Grand Jury against D. 8. Johnson is quite a lengthy document and charges that said D. 8. Johnson did ou the 25th of January, 1876, unlawfully administer to one Kate McCormick, then and there, a single woman, divers large quantities of deadly, dangeront, unwholesome, deleterious and pernicious pills, herbs, drugs, potions, teas, liquids, powders and mixtures with intent thereby to cause and procure the miscarriage and abortion of said Kate McCormick and the premature birth and destruction of her said child, with which the said Kate McCormick woe then and there pregnant. The second count alleges that, by means of sajd drugs, etc , the said D. S. Johnson did cause said premature) birth and miscarriage. The third count alleges that by means of said drugs, etc., the said D. S. Johnson- did feloniously cause the death of the said Kate McCormick. And the grand jurors do charge upon their paths that the said D. 8. Johnson by means of said drugs, etc., aforesaid, did then and there feloniously, willfully, deliberately, premeditatedly and with malice aforethought kill and murder the said Kate McCormick against the peace and, dignity of the State. The indictment is indorsed "A true bill. R. S, Jones, Foreman Grand Jury." Tbe witnesses summoned before the grand jury were Drs. John R. Fravser and D. Henning, Mrs. Widrig, Mollie Brown, J. G, Widrig and Rev. L. C. Taylor. The defendant, D. S. Johnson, will be arraigned in a few days by the Attorney General and the case set for trial or dis posed of according to law. Asnnaemante. Memphis Theater. Enoch Arden was the attraction at the theater last evening, with Edwin Adams in the title role. The play was carefully and appropriately "set" by the management, a fact which was duly apprecieted by the audience. Of Mr. Adams' rendition of the role of 'Enoch Arden," it can be said that it. was pleasing, highly dramatic. life lik and excellent. The dramatic history of the poor manner, cast away on a desert island for twelve years, is a very affect ing one, which becomes painful as the , last scene develots, where Enoch Arden, alter seeing his lost wife hannilv mar ried to Philip Ray and enjoying the com forts of his home, steals away to lnv down and die. Miss May Arlington! Annie Lee, attracted no little attention. Her voice was clear, her intonation excellent and her aoting as smooth and graceful as her face was handsome and attractive. There were really but few parts in the piece that were not admirably sustained, and no fault could be found with any. To-night Mr. Adams will appear as " Hamlet, Prince of Denmark." "Colonel Sellers" Coming. Mr. John T. Raymond, the famous comedian, will appear at the Memphis Theater on Monday next as " Colonel Mulberry Sellers," in Mark Twain's American drama of the Gilded Age. Tbe piece had a run of one hundred and fifty nights in New York city to crowded houses, and has met with the same suc cess wherever- Mr. Raymond has ap peared. Eighteen months ago John T. was not worth a cent, and now his bank account runs over $100,000, consequently he 'may safely say, "There's millions in it." Young Jos. Brooks. The popular little manager of oar theater proposes to takes benefit soon, ou which occasion he will set " 8tephen Plum " in All that Glitters. No doubt tbe theater will be crowded with a "glittering" audience, all on the qui vive to see what kind of a plum onr little friend will make. Theatre Comiqdi. Manager Gorman continues to present attractions nightly at his Jefferson street, variety theater. The company is well selected and con sists of Misses Susie Starr, Lillie Bar- rettQ, Flora Frawley. Kate St. Lcou: Messrs. Barry Maxwell, Emille Ames, fcarl fc,ing. Dan Russell, Edwin F. Adams, Eugene F. Gorman and others. Songs, dances, character sketches and dramas are presented each evening bv the management "It Don't Worse Well." Then why don't you take it down to the Florence office, 237 Main street, and have it put in good order? They have a No. 1 machinist now. Flowers plants, trees at Craiu's. 136 t COITON CLEANER! Have you seen the CHEEK COTTON CLEANER? ' It is in operation at W 1' K K It 8 ' GrIIV, - .Vance and Causey sts. I22t Gas Pipes, Water Pipes, Bath Tubs, Pumps, Hydrantst Hose, Browne, the Plumber, 263 Second street, opposite Court Sgnare. 1 lG-t COKE , Reduced to 7c a bushel. Sold at Gas office and by ceal dealers. ,148 Get fruit trees and evergreens from Elmwood Nursery. Office 346 Main street, SchwiU's seed store. 75 151 A mysterious accident has occurred at . Lyons, France. It Seems that two bakera named Jules and Yalfier kept a bakery and worked in turns, but Jules, on coming down stairs one morning to see how Valfier had got on in the night, was surprised to find neither baker nor bread in the bake-house. He called out for his partner and searched everywhere, but in v vain. Suddenly he smelt a disagreeable odor that prevailed iu the bakery, and the horrid suspicion flashed en bis mind, and rushing to the oven be opened the dor, and inside, between two half-burned logs of wood, lay tb uhurred remaiw of his poor companion. How be came, there is a mystery. The annual importation 0( iuih England bow reaches tbe valtif ot 2,500,000. , f;

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