Public Ledger from Memphis, Tennessee on February 2, 1876 · Page 3
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Public Ledger from Memphis, Tennessee · Page 3

Memphis, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 2, 1876
Page 3
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it-'- n i n Vi Li U d U ' SZi-rx0p Speoiiil .A-tttnitioii to MOUNTING DIAMONDS arc Main J. K. RANDLK. JiTtnerly of Randle Heath. J. W. HEATH. Formerly of Rendle A Heath, and J. W. Heath A Co. CHICKASAW IRON WORKS. RANDLE, HEATH & 1IVERH0RE, (Successors to J. P II O P It I E T O II 8 , mo. es second street, Memphis, tenn. e MANTJFACTURKRS OF COTTON PRESSES. HORSE P0WER8. GIN GEARtJJfl. IRON Buildings and front, Air aud Cellar ttratin, all kinds Iron and Brass Outings. Cook & Heath's Improved Jail Cells, Door and Window RAILROAD AND STEAMBOAT WORK A SPECIALTY. All kind! of Maohlnery Famished and Repaired. Orderi aolicited and promptly execute 142-ixi-ltl Cnh paid for old Brass and Copper. PROCLAMATION. HAIIDI-GRAS! PR0CL1MATI0X ; -BY THE- Kiflg of the Carnival. TE IT KN'OWN. THAT WE. KINO OF J the Carnival. -OTerei!(n Ruler of the fusion of Min'i. Folly aua PeUiation. will e:braie the Anoiveraary of our INineteenth Centennial in our v LOYAL CITY OF MEMPHIS, And that we maybe received with becoming pleader, we hereby proolaim our Kojal W ill: 1. Attended by our Armiej and tiaviea by oor Hi(th Digni'aries of btste. by our lleuae-hold Uuards, by Harlequin and Pant loon nd their Fun Loving Hoa'a we will receive the Key of toe city trom our loyal Mayor, at kih noon. n theSiu '' 8?6- 1 And therefrom, until our departure. Traffic. Labor, Trade and all other occupation! rhall cease, .and Alomui and Motley ahull rule mereme. , , 5, On Mardi-Urai, . FEBRUARY 29, 1876. The Jay dear to our gentle and loving heart, we eo'nmand that all Promenadera, Kevelera . and nVummere ahall appear in Mak. that ,' their visions may not bo consumed by the re-'j algenra of our imp rial free. . - 4. WeeJimmon the genial , i TJlks audi the Krews of Motley r tapaaa before our Regal Presence in review; , and when the ahadei of sight descend upon ' our geodly city, let the MEMIJHI t Appear in gorireoui besuty and floods ef et-den lirei. end thou shall the multitude! gather to our fcunrtuoos Placea ol ientivity, and to the atraina of musie revel till the Lenten Day. 6. Railroad, bteauibeate and other public ear.iere will transport our aubjaots at hall ratea to and from our joyous Cainival.and our good people of Meinphia will recoive them iwith generoua hospitality.. , The King Commands ! Long Lire the , Kin?!, Attest: TYPnON. ' MOMUb. HEX CABNIVALI. 1IT-r JflAJMCIAS ORDLHS ITiOSI REX ! KEDUCED FARES TO MEMPHIS. "ttTHa'REAS, RY" ROYAL rROCLAMA-W tioo. the KINU haa declared hie intention to enWr bis loyal city of Memphia cn tho athdayof February, lbrt; and. Whereat, it it bis sovereign pleasure that his subioots from all quarters of the realm ahall assemble to honor hie Imperial person. For the better execution of hie will, and for the comfort d economy of hia poule. it 11 Deoreed, by Royal jandte. that ADi STORM Be and ia hereby empowered t tnke charge of II Water Crnfts touohioft at the eood port nl Memiihia. and to caue tha Masters thereof to publish reduced rales of fare during the tar-nival; And tiut the authority of the aforesaid AD. rU'OHM may be respected. Ilia Majesty, TUB KIM, doei hereby create turn .Ad miml of the Fleets. By command of the King. ' ppCjj ' Pursuivant to tlw King. By Royal Mandate, It is further decreed, tiut EJUEY HUGHES &JAS SPEED Be and are hereby clothed with plenary power over all Railways in hia Majesty's realm, and shall order them at once to promulgate Reduced Rates of fate to and from Mamphis; Aho that their authority maybe respected. His Mnjesty. the King, does hereby create tbm Quartetrnastera ttcueral. with the rank of Grand Marshals of the Empire. By oommand cf the Ring. pfjcK ' Pursuivant to the King, Dene at the Palace of Misrule, this 13th day K)fJaniia'y KW. 'I'1 ?ICAR FACTORY. XlIO HONDO Cigar Factory, lOff 31nin Wtreet, 3IE1PHIS, TENIf. K ONI? BUT THE BEST QUALITY OF 11 iOOtCrO UBCU IU luo Li.....-.-- i -vrioua grades of my cuar ; employ the 1 best work only i and sell at pnoos as low, and lewer, then aieuilar goods cun be bought any-whoroathnr -lis-""';. The trade of dealers, and orders for any Class of oigars. respectfully sol cited. I will tdaoo my cigara in price, quality and work-nrnship against any cigrs mado anywhere, .lid on fair teat, wll guarantee .atisfacUon. I Employ No Jeddler "Will not make tha kind of goods that will !taev to be forced to tell that way. GEO. L. Git iYSElt. ii.vv.y I u LABOR. . SPECIALW OTIOS. F,A7iTI0N HAN US .FURNISHED AT Vicashurgby e-pplyirg to M. K. Oheek. tpaaterol iteamer Illinois. r (1. W. Cheek. .Buperintsn'teiit, Memphis, i.enn. CRANK MARIUOLD. J-uilutant Aet.. Wi lli ' K'kaouty . .Miss. ovon o pa U I llU OL VjVii U t C U lid 15 Street! A. 8. LIVKKMORB, Formerly tfen'l Supt. M. k T. K. K alio M. Jfc L. R.R. W. W. Heath A Co, INSURANCE. WASHINGTON FIRE AND MARINE Insurance Company. OFFICE j 5 MadJson St., Memphis, Tenn. BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR 1876: J. W. Jefforaon ...of J. W. Jefferson k Co J. N. Oliver..... of Oliver, JKionie k Co T. B. Dillard of T. B. Dillard k Co Wm. 8imnon At Pettlt k 6iinpon JohnW Dillard (f Dillard 4 Cofhn A. llatchett.... ..f Uatchelt k Bogrs K. M. Bradford... At. Baltimore k Ohio R. R OFFICERS: J. W. JFFFKRON, t t PrraKloat. i.t. OilVI U, i i s'rtHldrnt. iuUS JuMSsOl, t I t Becrrtary. Does a general Fira and Marine Insurance business. Policies issued for one to five years on dwelling houses. Loasea equitably ad justed and promptly paid. 111-l!Vi JEWELRY. JET PALACE ! ATTENTION, EVERYBODY I ON ACCOUNT OF HARD TIMES AMD 10 REDUCE MY LARGE STOCK, I WILL SKL.Ii' FOR THE EXT THIRTY DAYS Gold Watches, Solid Gold and Fancy Jewelry OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS T COST! H. HO ESC II EI?, 320 Mftln Street. , IM.t SAUCE. LEA & PERKINS' CELEBRATED PRONOUNCED r CONNOISSEURS To bath EXTRACT of a LHT l'KR from a MKDIOAL (ifcN- TLE.VAN at Madras, to h'l brother at WOKCKHTfcR. Ma, UM. "Tell Lea k Per rina that thei Sauce is highly e teemed in India, and is, in my opinion, tha meet pal atabie as well . the most whole-loma tianoa thit le mads." "only good Lm SAUCE," And applicable to EVERY VARIETY OF DISH. FlRfi-J Worcestergblre Sauce. Sold Wholesale and for Exportation by tie Proprietor!, LEA and PERRIN8, Worcester England; and Retail by Dealer In Sauoat gen (Tally throughout the World. Ask for I.ea ft Perrlns' Sane. At tha BREAK ant TAHLfclt imparts the moat exquisite reluh apd itet to Hot o Cold Meat, Fowl, rich. Broiled Kidney, ato At tha DINXKB TABLE, in Soup, with Fish, Hot Joints. Oame, and ia all Gravies, it gives a delightful Haver. At tha I.UNCIIEOS ASO SCPPKB TABLK8 it la deemed Indispensable by there familiar with iU aitimable qualltlet. From tht 1tw York Timet, There la no relish In tha world whioh is so universally liked as Lta k Perrina' famous Worcestershire Sauoe, The excellenca of thit Sauoa having caused numerous Imitations, lit SEW LABLE bears a (e ti lle of tho propiietors' signature. which it placed upon each bottle. JOHN DCNCAS'S SOiS, WWW TOSJH ELECTION. Election of Directors. OrrlCK PlKVfUl IkHtlRANCI COMTAKY,) io. lu Madisoo street, !-yKurnis). January 12, lrf6. ) mHE ANNUAL ELECTION FOR SEVEN L Uireotnrs to sorv the ensuing year, will be held at tha office of the Company on TUESDAY, the 8th diiy of February, 1876. b-tnecu tbe hours of In a.m. and 2 p.m. TllOS. U. ALLEi'.Pres't. M, R. Oi wtv. Hcrfulnrv. 11S-140 PUBLIC SALE. N SATURr).UTIIE hrn DAY OF FEB-V) ruury, 1870. in fiUl ff 'h,? State National n.. i. ti i.;. t.,k. uri sell at auction. to tbo highest bidder, fur casu. 0 account of whom it uy concorn, twenty-tour ru'i i one hundred dollars each, of stock of the Southern L.fe Insurance Company. JNO. D. RRUWSTER. L. B. Mi PiLiso, Attorney. 131-1 8PECIAU CARD. H. II I IV SO IV, DENTIST,. S0 Bfaln Rtreel, L'ptnlns (Three doors north of Oliver. Finni Co.) Momphls, - , Tennessee. 44-xiit" AMUSEMENTS. S2EUPIIIS THEATER IK I It a T and atTI'KUtT KVKa'tiH frbruary 4 mail S, ' axB 8ATTJHDAY MATINKEI THE AMERICAN HUMORIST. DRe J. JAY TILLERS. SUBJECTS: t'oany Poopla W Meet." "Hamartata of the Paal and Prevalent." ADMISSION AS USUAL. Reserved SeaU cn be secured at Peters A Co. a liat titors, under Peabody Ho el. - V.H JLOST LOST AT TUB MEMPHIS THEATER ON Tuesday, the 1st inst., a laty's brown fur rape. Ihe finder will ba liberally rewarded by aending it to 1&135 NO. 9 UNION STREET. LOST-GOLD WATCH-ON THURSDAY evening, between Avery street and 408 Vance atrett, a lady'a gold hunting ease watch ; ease much worn. Watch chiefly valued for its associations. A liberal reward will be paid for its return to 40H Vance street, er to the office of tha Southern Lite Insurance Co. Iffl-t WANTED. WANTED-TO LOAN MONEY AT KKA-sonable ratea, oa collateral. Address Poetoflice Box 145. 132-1 U WANTED-IO RENT A MALL FARM. A ddrest J . S A W E KH, this office. 131-133 WANTED-i'UKNLSUED ROOMS AND BOA HO for gentleman and wife is a private lainily; price not to exceed 150 to 860 per month. Addrewi "li," care Letter-carrier No. 2. 131-133 Af ANTBD-FARMERS TO KNOW THAT If they can procuro hand and fumilios hy addressing R. A. WILLIAMS, 202 Main ft , Mwmphi.. Tenn. 1IW-133 JIRALR. FOR SALE VALUABLE CITY LOT ON Monty street. Apply at Mechauics and Iraders Bank. 130-1 FOR SALE-WHEELER k WILSON SEW-ing maohine. Apply at 111 Deioto street 110-134 FOR 8ALK -NEW FORM 6F TRUSTEE'S DEEDS, just out; for sae at Ledger offieo. tXIR SALE L0T80N LAUDEROALY, V Orleans, St. Paul and Carolina atreeta, tuitable for eheap residenoea. lnriW w. V. HMlTTT. FOR RENT O LEASE. L-OR RENT OR LEASE-MY PLANTA-" tlon in Crittenden county. Ark., immediately on the river, 12 miiea bolow Memphis. Three hundred acres open, above overflow, and very productive. Home, outhouses, stables and fenoes, in gocd repair. Gin, gin-bouse and press on the place. Good landing. Apply to me at Room 26, Planters Insuranoe Buildiug, ii Madison street. Ill t R J. PERSON. FOR RENT. FOR RENT-SUBURBAN COTTAGE. S rooms and out bouses; located on Walker avenue, aecond house east of Raj burn avenue. Plenty ef fruit; three acres oi land; beautiful view of the ctv. Address 132 li3 W.L.RKID. 346 Front st.. Memphis. t'OR RENT A TWO -STORY FRAME r house, 10 rooms, No. S23 Jefferson street extended. Gas, water, bath-room and good cistern. Apply on premises. 130 t L OR RENT NICR COTTAOE, IS A GOOD i neighborhood; 110 per month. 130-t L. 11., this office. j70R RKNT-NU. 18 EXCHANGE STREET P extended; 7 rooms, in good condition: cistern and atabie. 127-142 L OR RENT FULL S1ZK 7-OCTAVE n pianoa in sood tune and order rent applied to pure base -at H. U. Hollenberg's muric house. 128-133 K OR RENT TBREE 8 0RY BRICK RKft-1DENCK. 221 Adams Aunlv In II M. Gage. SuO Front, or20 Main st. 118 133 OR RENT-FARMS, STORES, DWELL-ings, offices, aleeping-renms. ... . - ..!. OlCUALMJN, Agent. 118 13 19 Madison street. FOR RENT FURNISHED HOUSE; Accessible and convenient. Owner will board with tenant for rent. Address D. R. F.. care Ledger 110 f FOR RENT-STORE HOUSE THE tplendid store No 312S Main street, between Union and Monroe, now oocupied by Mosira. A . Soessel k Son, as a wholesale dry f oods house. Also a Sne lot of store fixtures or sale. Terms liberal. For information apply on premiss. 11)9-134 70R RENT BRICK COTTAOE, 7 ROOMS, a. good yard; on Street railroad Cheap to good tenant. Apply to H. WETTER, 13 and 15 Monroe street. W-t f?0R RENT D WELLING 8. STORES, " offices and aleepine-rooma. I. D. CONA-rVAY, Rcnral Agent. No. Madison St. 134t BOARDING. BOARD -COMFORTABLE ROOMS WITH board at No. 99 Madison St. Day bonrd-ers wanted at 15 per w"ek. 1I4-1W TAXES. LB. EATON k CO. NO. 34 MADISON 6T.. . nave now complete indexes oi AUKxisc-ing Tax Liens, including the year 187-1. on all real estate in the otii. Mils and IStli Civil Districts, including tbe city of Memphis; also several of the country districts. These indexes are by lota and tracts, not by nam of supposed owner, and are guaranteed correct. Hum D, A. Mi'OM BKH, Snp't. JEjOJjlAL IJERSONAL-J. M. COLEMAN, JUSTICE ol the Peace, Netary Publie and Commissioner of Deeds. Special attention given to collections in the county. Offioe 2 Front it. 118-t PUBLIC LEDGER. . Office, 13 Madison Street. URGE ST CITY CIRCULATION. THE CITY, UiflMl'HI8i Wedneadav ETenlna;, 'cb, a, 1876. Gs Pirns, Water Pipes, Bath Tubs, Pomps, Hydrants, Hubs. Browne, the Plumber. 263 Second street, opposite Court Square. ' llC-.t Geuf a fine hand-sewed salt, crs for $3 75 aud $6 23, at Miller's. :36 Coal Oil, Lamps, Chandeliers, etc. I18t F. J. Tcbnboll, 2.14 Maiu st. ; Ir you want to pass a pleasant hour, call at Sid Cook's Peabody Billiard Hall. 2" 33t Fkkhh oyster received daily per express by Victor D. Fuchs, 41 Jefferson. 54-1 The LeniiBR job office, 13 Madison street, is prepared to execute any kind of job printing in a neat and tasteful man oor and at SB low rates as any other establishment io tbo city. t ftenfH tine boxtoetl gatlers for $3,atItgmer'H. 13d Cbrlallau Broils-' t'otleiff. ' The second term of the present session will begin on Tuesday, February 1st. l.u j LtDQ'EK H5ES. Tom Thumb pad trenpe IeU for Littl Rock to-day. - I n m ... . .1 . -. uticiBi vuuDun meeting ai me kjuj Hall (o night. Arctic and tidal wave waived around the city last night. ' Ex-Recorder P. M. Winter leave thit afternoon on a trip North. City Register Belcher hat taken charge of hi office at the City HaP. The cold weather last night J rove many tramp to the 'ation-houaa in warcb of lodging. Goin'g into bankruptcy and making assignment are not infrequent acta in this city at present. Thousand of person are most a on ions to prolans invitation to the Memphi Mardi-Graa ball. Tha Chickaiaw Guard and (heir lady friend todolued in a leap year hop at tbe Guards' armory laat night. There ia trouble among the spirits in Memphis iioce Milleriam ha been exposed as a piece of charlatanism. ', The new city government i getting in complete working order rapidly; all tl a department are being thoroughly orgrn-ized under the new municipal regime. But few arrest were made by the f o" lice last night, the intensely cold weather having induced all rr.yterer and wite- bibbers to get home as early as possible. The Western Union Telegraph Company have established an office in tie store of 8. E. Gaither, at Williston, Tenn,, Mr. T. T. Humphrey being tbe operator. The Grand, Lodge of Knighta of Pythias will convene at Nashville on Tuesday next, Grand Chancellor W. P. Robinson presiding. There are now twenty lodge of the order in Tennessee. Butanes continues dull throughout tbe city, owing to the low price of cotti n. In Memphis everything haa cotton for a foundation, and when that tumble all above it follow the example. - Captain Georze Phelan'a company of Irish Volunteer elected officer last night as follows: Lieutenants, J. 8. Sullivan, P. C. Rogers, Paul Kingston; Orderly Sergeant, John Russell. The mission being preached by the Dominican Father of New York at St. Peter's church nightly attract lntge crowd of worshipper. The interesting revival of religion will continue during the remainder of the week. Ice formed in the street gutters and pool in the suburbs yesterday afternoon and last night. Yesterday was the coldest day of the season, tbe intense cold-ness being increased by the high winds that blew steadily from the North. The Board of Trade met yesterday to consider the city weighing trouble. After considerable discussion the Board concluded to patronize Mr. Leffingwell, the City Weigher, "instead of a defeated candidate, who wishes to ron private scales. A different condition is clearly apparent In the Recorder's Court since Recorder Duff took his seat. It looks now like s court of ft cord where business is conducted in the regular legal asm er instead ot the slipshod and free ard eisy style of former days. There is quite a rivalry in Memphis Terpsichorean circles as to who is tbe most competent young man to "boss" the German. The distinguished light-heeled official will have to be selected by a vote of the ladies and should be pre sented with a badge or other insignia of office for instance, a cap and bells. A Lkdher newsboy visited a dentist a few days since and asked tho operator to pull a tooth for him free of charge, stating that he would give him a copy of the' Lkdokb for his trouble. The good-natured dentist agreed to the proposition, placed tbe boy in a cbair and got his instruments ready. " Aint yer goiu' to gim ma gas?" " No," replied the dentist; "I will pull it without." "You don't got the job, then," replied the embryo journalist, " for I aint goin' to have it pulled out raw," and hopping out of the chair he walked out to hunt for a more accommodating extractor of teeth. Brother Watson in a moet unkiud manner slanders the reporters of the Lsdokr and Appeal, who published exposures of the Milicr business some weeks sioce He invites the heavy men or lending editors of the LuDGga, Avalanche and Appeal (Mathes, Kellar and Keating) to acta a committee of investigation on the grounds that he wants "sober, sensible and truthful men." The reporters so slandered .beg leave to inform Brother Watson that they are too sober and sensible to kiss, hug and slobber over Mr. Miller, a she appeared at the seances playing the role of ghost of dead wives. Mardi-Gras Proclamation I To wind up business by the 15th inst., I will tell from this date, txcluiivtly for cash, cigars and tobacco at cot. Fixtures for sale. Apply to Jaxi Lkubbik, 235 Maio it. yt Hake a MpertuHy In finishing photographs in water colors or India ink from old pictures or from lifo, and at prices to suit the times. All work guaranteed. For artistic finish and durability, call and examine our specimens at Coonlit's Photographic and Fine .Art Studio, 251 Main street. 94 1 Stovks and Tinwar. 118t F. J. TusNsnx, 234 Main st. COITOU CLEANER ! Have you seen tbe CCT COTTON CLEANER ? It is in operation at 8PEE118' (UN, Vance and Causey sts. 22t Gut fruit trees aud evergreens from Eltnwood Nursery." Office 348 Main street, Schwill's seed store. 75 131 ABORTION OR WHAT? Dr. D. 8. eTcImsoQ Arrested on the Charge of Producing an Abortion, Resulting In .the Death of the Mother and the ' Child. Testimony Introduced Before tbe Coroner's Jury of Inquest. Ia Monday's Leookb was published an account of an inquest held npen the body of an infant found dead in Mrs. Widrig's boarding-house, on the corner of 8econd and Winchester streets. From, information received yesterday by Chief of Police Atby Dr. D. 8. Jehusoo, who keeps a private infirmary at No. 18 Jefferson street, was arrested this morning, the mother of the infant above referred having died last night. Yesterday Chief Athy called at Mrs. Widrig's and talked to the sick woman. She said her name wus Kate McCormick and risided at Humboldt, Tenn. . Chief Athy at once telegraphed to Mrs. McCormick at Hum. boldt, hut when ehe arrived last .night her unfortunate daughter had bees dead a few hour. The girl Katie bad been seduced by a uivi in LlYmboldt, aud ale came to tbia city to giva birth to a child and to bide her shame. . This forenoon our special reporter attended the inquest neld on the. body of Katie McCormick by Coroner Spelman. THE DtlD 01 BL. The bowding-houee of Mr. Widrig is in a double one-story frame tenement on the corner of Winchester and Second streets. The body of the deceased was laid out oi a board and was covered with a white sheet The room att neatly furnished, and on the table were a number of books, among others a bible, hymn book aud prayer book. Katie McCormick lay thore, her white fatte turned up toward heaven, her eyes .closed, and with an expression upon her cold face as if in prayer. She waa n blonde, with a clear cut and' bandsoma face, tall and large in size. A wealth of golden bair was coiled up on her head b-air that resembled that painted by idculistie artists in thoir pictures of the Made no er of the Canci. She appeared to hare been about twenty-one yearn of age. . THB TKSTIMOXT. Coroner Spolmau summoned a jury of citizens and the following testimony was heard . Mrs. Widrig was sworn and stated that the girl name to her house some time be fare Christmas, but only stayed one night that she came back three weeks ago, and on Saturday night, or, rather,. Sun. day morning, she was delivered of a dead child; that Dr. Johnson had been attend ing ber; tbat her suspicions were aroused and she asked Katie to tell her the wlaole truth; on Sunday Dr. Frayaer had been seot to see Katie by Chief Atby aod told bor tbat the girl would die; this she told to Katie, who seemed much affected and made a confession; she said: "Mrs. Widrig, I think my time is short," and then she addled: " Dr. Jobuson gava the medicine to destroy my child; tell Dr. Johnson that I promised not to deceive him or tell any personf but the time has come when I can keep the secret no longer; I paid Dr. Johnson twenty-five dollars for the medicine; he gave me the medicine some three weeks ago, and said if it did not do its work in six days it would be a failure; I took tbe medicine from Dr. Johnson to kill my child and aid bim twenty-five dollars for it." Mollie Brown sworn; Katie told me last night that Dr. Johnson sent her medicine by express; ehe said to me she was satisfied she was going to die, and that Dr. Johnson was the c&nae of it. Mrs. Keith sworn: Katia told me she asked Dr. Johnson for medicine to destroy her child, and that ha advised her not to take it, and if sha took his advice he would befriend her; I did not see her until Sunday lust; she said she came here to hide her shame; that uo one knew of her coming but her mother; ber othor friends thought tbat she liad gone North on a visit. Dr. Marable testified as follows: On Sunday morning was callci by Dr. Johnson to make a cull; he told me about tbe CdSe, and said he had prescribed for diarrhea; tbe treatment was correct as stated by Dr. Johnson; he said that he had discovered tbat she had a baby last night, but that aho was in danger of dying from tho afterbirth; I attended to her immediately, and gave her the necessary remedies te stop the flooding, and the remedies resulted successfully; the girl appeared very weak; Dr. Johnson and I went to see Chief Athy at once with reference to the dead child, and at my instigation Dr. Johnson called upon Coroner Spelman to hold an inquest on the dead infant, which inquest was held on Sunday; I advised Dr. Johnson as to the necessary treatment to place tbe girl undes with a view to her recovery; tbe girl had diarrhea and I prescribed with Dr. Johnson for its treatment; the girl was nervons and troubled in mind; she said she was out of money and had no friends; trouble of mind and excitement very often cause abortions or miscarriages, and tbe greatest trouble physj-cians have iu such cases ie to keep the patients quiet; I think flooding and mental anxiety was tbe cause of her death. Dr. Johnson testified as follows: Thrco weeks ago J. nrst saw tne aeceasea; she- came to myoujee aod told her story, and wanted to bide her disgrace; I advised her not to commit abortion as it was against the law; 1 called to see ber at Mrs. Wed-rig's boarding-house and prescribed for diarrhea; on Sunday morning I called and found that she had miscarriage; I then called on Dr. Marable; the prescription given her by me was atscita'e of lead and morphine; tha girl seemed troubled and said she wonld sooner die than live; she said this both before and after tbe abortion had taken place. Mrs. Widrig recalled: Dr. Fryer called yesterday afternoon aod told me that death was inevitable; I told this to Katie McCormick and then ehe made the confession abovs stated; when Dr. Frayaer left Katie asked tne: " Is the doctor going to do anything for me?" I replied: ' No, Katie; tbe doctor sajrt you most die;" she tbeu commenred "praying and crying; she said ehe gave Dr. Johuton twentj-five dolinre for tha medicine to procure an aboriiou; 'he medicine was sent her by express, and Khe said Dr. Johnaon told her that if tbo medicine did not relieve her in six days it wonld do no good; Dr. Johnson on Saturday morning took tbe bottle of medicine away; she was confined on Saturday evening; before her death she put her arms around me aod kissed me; she was perfectly rational; I pressed her to tell me all about it, aud she said she wanted to se3 Dr. Johnson first; she said be had made the arrangement with Dr. Johnson when she was here first before Christmas; she then returned to Humboldt aod came, back three weeks ago last Friday; vhen she was hure before Christmas she only stayed one night at my house; suid she was poor and wanted to get some tewing to do; she was absent about two weeks. Tbe girl's trunk was examined by the Coroner's jury and a letter from Alle gheny, Pa., was found therein. It was signed by a female friend. The inquest closed and the body of tbe unfortunate deceased was left in charge of ber mother, to be carried back to Humboldt for interment. THK KKBULT. The jury of inquest was lnable to agree np to 1 o'clock to day, and ad journed over to 5 o'clock this afternoon to consider a verdict. In the meantime, by request of Chief of Police Athy, Drs. Wiilett aud Henuing will hold a post mortem examination of the body of tbe deceased this a'lernoon in order to discover, if possible, some trace of the medicine given to aod taken by the. unfortunate girl. ' MHGE AKRIVALS OK BOYS' AN3 CHILDREN'S CLOTH I NO FROM New York Eunkrnpt Sale. To be sold at sacrificing prices at the BLCFF CITY CL0TH15G HOUSE, 223 Main Street. 134 Cktstju Headlight Oil. 118t F. J. Tubnbdll, 234 Msin st. amuismsnts, Edwin Adams. Next week at the Memphis Theater we are to have this famous artist, supported by Henry E. Abbey's Dramatic Company. He will appear in soma of his most celebrated characters. Monday evening, Marble Heart; Tuesday, Enoch Arden; Wednes day, Hamlet; Thursday, Wild Oats; Friday, Ditmon aud Pythias. Two excel lent programmes for Saturday matinee and night.. Box sheet for tbe entire week open ' Friday, February '4th, at 9 a.m. " Db. Villkbs' Lectors. -s-Next Fri day night this popular humoriflt will de liver a lecture at the Memphis Theater on " Funny People we Meet." Of ono ol bis lectures an exchange says: It whs as funny an entertainment of its kind as we ever saw. Dr. Villers' control of the muscles of bis ftco ia com plete. He has one of those most elastic countenances tbat can he made to look like every man that looks at them. If w had such a face we should not be put to the necessity of running away from our creditors. - His power over bis voice is no less remarkable, and he gave the audience frequent evidences cf the extreme facility with which a change can be effected . Thkatbb CoMiquf. Myer's Opera House on Jefferson street has been changed U name to the more appropriate one of Theater Counique. Manager Eugene F. Gorman will present new attractions weekly and receive regular accessions to his company. To-night will be presented a number of novelties which will be quite attractive to tbe public. BANKRUPT MALE. Just received from . Hank-rapt Sale, Xew York. 300 doz taeu'si and boys' gaiters, which I will ncII tor two-thirda their value. WM. MILLER, 13G 221 Main street. Peabodt Billiard Hail, newly refittod, Ubles in first-class order. Call and see for yourselves 33t Meu'o flue hand Hewed calf boot 910, at J.M. Hill A Co'ft. 148 Titos. Hanson has removed his news stand from fiOj to 94 Beal street, where can bo found all the principal daily papers and illustrated weekly and monthly magazines and novels; also fancy stationery and school books. 71-t A Two-Inch Snow la Hempbl. A strange phenomena was witnessed in North Memphis this moruing by hundreds of people. i It was snow two or three inches deep, pure and white, juBt as it fell io its virgin purity from the clouds, while in all the rest of tbe city nut a flake was to be seen or had been seen anywhere. Such occurreuces are very rare, but since Prof. Tice took charge of the weather bureau many remarkable facts have boon recorded, and we mention this as the more singular because this is the first snow seen in Memphis this winter, and just before the recent cold snap pettish aud plum trees were seen iu full bloom and all vegetation seemed a month ahead of tbe season. Lest North Memphis people doubt this statement just because , they happened not to see the snow, we will state that it fell somewhere up tbe country and came in on the morning pitesenuer train, and tbe weather being bitter cold, it may be seen all day and perhaps longer th boys let It alone. , tientt) grain call gallera for 5 atMiller,g. ma As election of officers was held lust night by Company A, Irish volunteers. The organization is now officered as fellow: George R. Phlan, Cepta'tn; John 8. Sullivan, First Lieutenant; Patrick 0. Uodgers, Second Lieutenant; Paul King.-ston, Third Lieutenant; John Russell, Orderly Sergeant. COKE Reduced to 7o a bushel, office and by coal dealers. Sold at Gt.i 148 rrurtor'a Kieny oo Salnrn. Proiefsor Proctor has published a work on astronomy in which he gives the following account of ihe eclipses ol tie Saturniau regions. lie siys: Thus in Saturoian Uuiiude 40 deg . corresponding to the latitule of Madrid on our earth, the sun beiiin.ito be eclipsed about thre yenre nfter the autumnal equinox. And it wilt bo remembered that the Saturniau seasons are more than seven years in length, and that from the autumnal to thi vernal equinox is a period of nearly fifteen year. Fos awhile there are only morning and evening eclipses that is, tbe davs already shortening with the approach of winter are still further shortened byelipsej cause l by the rings. These morning and evening eclipie gradunlly grow longer and longer, until about a yeurli ! passed, by which time they last through the whole of the Saturnian day, now transformed to night. This state of things continue for nearly seven years, during the whole of which time tbe aun is altogether concealed from view, uuless now and then for a moment he can be partly seen between the satellites which compeso tbo rings. From the blackness of tbo shadow thrown by the rings, however, it is very onlikely that gaps through which the euu may thus b seen are at all common. After these years of what must ba regarded as practically total eclipse, the morning and evening eclipses 'hegiu ' again, and gradually last for a shorter and shorter time, until about three ;ars before the vernal equinox. Then tor about t wenty years, which includes the long Saturninn summer, tbe sun is nut eclipsed by the rings; moreover, as he begins to illuminate the visible side of the rings, at tbe Satcrnian vernal equi-uox, it follows that during the Saturniau summer nights tbe ring appears as a baud of brightness on the Satnrnian ekr, except where tbe broi,d Bbadow of the planet fails upon it. Ihe circumstance here considered seem to accoid with what has been already noticed in the cae of the satellites. The ring system does not seem calculated to render Saturn's globe a more convenient place for living creatures. On the coutrary, a portion of tbat small supply of light which Saturn receives from the Sun is intercepted from the rings precisely at the period when, according to our ideas, it would be most desirable that the sup- . ply should bo increased; while throughout the Saturnian winter nights the ring system supplies no light whatever, but blots out many hundreds of stars irotn view. The just inference would be thet either Saturn is altogether uninhabited or that the creatures inhabiting the planet are so different from any with which we are aoquainted that we can form no estimate of their requirements. The essay closes with tbe following description of the planet, ' seen through a powerful telescope: The rings are yellow ochre shaded with the same and sepia; the globe, yellow ochre and brown maider, orange and purple, shaded with sepia; tbe crupe-ring, purple madder and setiia; thecreat division in the riugs, sepia. Tbe pole and the narrow belts, situsied nertr to it uu the globe, pale cobalt blue. 'These tints are the nearest I could find to represent those seen on t li e planet, but there is a muddiness about all terrestrihl colors when compared with tbe colors of objects seen in the skies. These colors could uot be seen in their brilliancy and purity, nuless we could dip our pencil in a raiubow, and transfer the prismatic lints to our paper. Japonic Oddlilea. Yeddo oor. Cleveland Herald. The Japanese turkeys do not quitn come up to those ot their kind io America. Their flesh does not become so succulent and tender upon a diet of rice as upon meal and corn. The Japanese have an odd name for this bird, signifying the "seven colored face,"' front the changiug hues of the gobbler's gills. In tbe same way their name lor the crab, the animal that walks "seven ways." 8peokitig of curious names reminds me of what tbe Coolies tay about chestnut) and sweet potatoes. These poor fellows who perform the most toilsome and prolonged tasks for a mere pittance, who "bear the burden and the heat of the day," iu tbe fullest sense of the expression, have a hearty appreciation of good food. Toiliug as they do for daily wages that would not purchase food for a child in our country, cheap food is a ueceaf.iiy of Iheir lives. Hence they feed largely upon sweet potatoes, the cheapen ol all edibles iu Japan. Chestnuts, which are kcown as ' nine mile nuls," while not, excessively dear, Rr generally heyoud the means of the Coolies. But they delight to fancy that 6weet potatoes are almost as good as chestnuts, as they accordingly dub the potatoe "eight mile and a half lood," which makes it only half a mile short of the chestnut. A man who lives on choetnuts can go nine Japanese miles (about twenty two aud a halt' English miles) in a day, while ho who eats sweet potatoes cau go einbt miles and a half (twenty-oue and a quarter English miles), hence the names. Notwithstanding what seems to ns to be tbo weak and insufficient diet of the Japanese laboring men, their endurance and strength are trnly wonderful. I have ridden sixty miles betwoen suu and eun in a jynrickisba drawn by two Coolies, and the day after that 1 went about forty miles more wiih the same two men. At tbe end of the first day's journey they did not seem to be very fatigued. Immediately after stopping at a tea house for the right ' they took a bath in witter so hot that I could not have washed my hands in it, and after comfortably parboiling them-seluea got out, took a heavy meul of ric? -and dried fish, and then rat ud almost all the night garabHug and drinking saki. On the coldest davs, and even when there is snow on .the ground, yon can sen these fellows ou the street with no clothing save a thin cotton shirt, a pair of pants of the same material readm e to the knees, and straw sandals. Nor d'i they seem to be particularly cold, l though a foreigner would consider their costume .barely sufficient for a wurm summer day. In rotoru for the kindness of tK I. . habitants of the Pitcairn Islands Id a shipwrecked American crew, a collection of useful articles is making in bun Francisco, which a vessel going urom.d Cure Horn will deliver. Tbo uriicle.s mom needed by tu inlanders are women's clothing, hardware and agricultiirnl im plpMouta, axes, a'freeh wutr coudenwr fli books. Th wife, of Wm Lloyd Garrijoii di. recently. -

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