The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 4, 1945 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 4, 1945
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VOL. .\LI-NO. 245 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NKWHP*™ „_ .;„„_• _ ^^ "*" * M M ••*-W '-' *K " -r' * < > "i AKKAMBAB AND SOUTHEAST MIS8OUH1 rfJNGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ^^^^^_ • ~ •— - i . . • ••» »**»**v«if^iii 'j MRS? ARMY DENTS GERMAN (hennaulfs Airmen Make New Attack On Tsinan The American raiders s overland route to Manchuria and Malaya. Still oilier airmen of the Hth» Wt at enemy shipping along th Yangtze river, attacked a city i Kwaugsl province, and supported Chinese ground forces at Wanting near the Burma frontier. Another Hth Airforce blow was aimed at eastern Burma. And a lone B-24 sank a Car g 0 vesse , west of H island m the South China Sea. Sumatra Capital mi The Japs report a bomber and fighter raid on Medan, the capital of Sumatra. Radio Tokyo says 40 planes of an unnamed "enemy" loimtry have blasted the northeast coastal city so vital to the control of the Straits of Malacca The enemy report says there was little damage, and claims to have shot down a large number of the raiders. Since there has been no coiinrmatlon of the attack it has been presumed that it may have . • • -...» *u .iiuj intvi; teen made by British carrier-based planes. The an war in the Pacific between the Philippines and Japan still is - . blazing. Radio Tokyo says some 400 Allied planes, most of them from carriers, made another 'attack on . Formosa and Okinawa Island in the nearby Ryukyiis. .That is 100 planes ess than attacked : . the islands yesterday v .'' •.; - ; -^ s "B-29s~bTer'1ioiisn'ii' ; "-'' :T ; The Japs also report that- B-Ms irom Saipan again made reconnaissance'^ raids singly and in/small groups over Japans main blind of, Honshu today. " J Enemy broadcasts show that Japan is becoming more and more worried about .the Philippine war. The Japanese radio spoke with concern of the frequent raids on Formosa and the Ryuku Islands in connection with a report that still another American invasion convoy has steamed put of the Mindanao Sea into the Snln Sea toward Mindoro, where American reinforcements are being landed steadily The Japs seem to feel that General MacArtluir is building up i,is forces to invade Luzon simultaneously from Mmdoro and Saniar. A German dispatch from Tokvo says Japanese Premier Koiso told Ins cabinet today that the situation In the Philippines had become 3 Army Fliers D/e Here Toe/ay In Plane Crash Three officers stationed at BIv- tlieville Army Air Field are dead as result of a plane crash about 11 p clock this morning, a mile of the advanced Uvin-englnc bomber school. Tio lieutenants were killed in- n- stantly and a third officer died at 12:45 o'clock after the B-25 plane nnd crashed while on a return trip to the base, according to unofficial reports. This triple accident resulted in the first fatalities since June the GOP Chairman Outlines Plans For Party Work Browned Talks Over Legislative Program For 'Fence-Building' WASHINGTON, JHH 4 (ui>>- Chnirmaii Herbert Browncll of 'the Republican National Committee Is meeting with top GOP leaders to plan a vigorous Icgislnllve program. , J, r ° WIle " , SI> . VS n Racial rcvital- Izatiqa of the Republican 'Party is underway and tlmi a yCM .^ ma to hHlw" ° f ,? c !', vlty is Pessary to build a. suitable nwca i to vot * future. national elections •Two outstanding Republicans New Hampshire. have Fn^r n , Foielgn Relations Committee glv- n 8 , T b ?, th alT ""Poi-lant role in shaping the peace ns critical. Tokyo also announced that the ---- ..v»iivt,vi LiitiL LltG .apanesc ship Hosl.i Mam, carry. relicf n,, United States prisoners in China sailed from Kobe, Japan, today for S1 '' Shanghai where uary 12th. Flames Destroy Seven Buildings At Caraway, Ark. JONESBORO. Ark., Jan 4 __ Fire caused loss estimated at $40 MO at noon Wednesday when ,»u „ names destroyed seven business will be sought. lr* I f[ I "".v^ Wlllll., IIIC focal field having made one of the nest safety records in. trie-country Identity of those killed was with"-' Held, pending notification of next- of-k.n with officials of Blythcvillc Army Air Field, to issue these names within a short time, it was announced early this afternoon. Census Takers Get Instruction Farming Statistics Will Be Compiled By County Workers How to ask most of the'350-odd questions sought in the Farm Census, to be taken this'year, is being learned by those, to take the census w Mississippi County by attending a three-day school which began "ere today. Of the 25 workers needed to Interview tile approximate 10000 farm families In Mississippi Coiin- y, only 16 were here today for lhc opening session of instructions Stephen Earl Griffin of Joncs- boro, area representative for census enumeration, Ls in charge of thc school for thc Department of Coin- It, is understood that sum of 40 cents will bc paid for cadi familv interviewed with interviewers to pay their expenses. Morc workers are needed, it is said. With the census lo begin Jan. 10 there ,s much to bc lcarn er . although all of the 350-odd questions do not apply io Mississippi County farmers. All types of farmers will be questioned Including day laborers, tcn- nnls, sharecroppers and owners it was said. ' Such questions ns acreage of all ops, amount sold during past 10 years, amount of livestock on hand when "mount sold and many such facts on Jan- Wiley generally has been classed leaning t. 7w( ird l|, c SO -eal] C (| olationist position on foreign a f Mrs while Br i( i ges has supported nost aspects of Admlntstral on foreign policy. They replace Senators Nye • or North Dalvjta and Davis of Penn election. 1 b ° Ul " CfCaW in lhe lilsl In the House, Rei Mlcr has Introduced the OPA the "imconditlona to establish •ceilings on live Proposes Marriage Licenses Obtained From Arkansas ijf>s During Past r ->^^ S'^l!',!™ ! » l l)ie «»'"•»« "i l/iKi: slitlc legislature- Sunaioi bill, wind) This follows the recent ruling '<y ^ ' tic Bttoi-ncy gcncrnrs otflc^ in wh chan opinion was renderqrt that '"""''"Bes might not bo', legal.' s its n ke putting inlo , to w sl " KWIcs <° .. wh F» cattlc Growers uncontrolled compel!- that Hie right of lion. He also butcher shoi "I--. ... t,i,tj UL tint been forced to sell meal at under the present systc Representative charges in many s have a loss Celler also is nsormg'n proposed constllulion- nmendment to revise the na- eiecting its Presi- ; his proposal, the clec- , system of electora the voes would be 'maintained. only difference would be thai the elec ora votes would be cast di- r ° r the n q t ,v ° e Smlth-Connally Anti-Strike A,'t s reached the floor of the HOUE» labor a , Says lhe " nillst lo Louis Preside,,,, Roosevelt, who reports the n to tlv , e new Congress on the state a k d t " r U i? n Salu " 1 " 3f - has a rif M °' ° w U|) t])0 a/r rilrt ? 3t t0 Ule ns he did last year. with . . . - - .fected by the ruling who had obtained marriage licenses nnd been wed under such clrcum- - aiiccs without knowiiiB thcro was ctliods " S l ° 1CBll " ty ° f S11CU PassiiBc of such n bill is the must simple solution to the distressing coiid tion ,vl,lcl, 1ms arise,, Kmon % nffcctcd couples, according to Sen-} "lor Willlimis. who snld this ,„ ic much easier than to have nil couples remarry. Because nmny hits- 1 Minds arc overseas and the mar-' rmgcs must bc legal from time of occurrence to |;ive full | CBn l rights' to children affected, it was pointed 011 PI,S SRKC of this m (vou j c , .. solution. "These people married In good' bill which win l rc > mo 0 VB IS nr| 0 y 'doubt- ns to legality of such marriages," Senator Williams snld today In dk- aissliig his bill. . Following an opinion of such mar-' f'»8«. rendered' at. the request of Virgil.Greene, Blythevllle allorney the practice has been slopped Mississippi County, as woll Red Cross Sets $33,100 Quota Chickqsawba District Will Subscribe Money For 1945 War Fund chapl (he Jhlcknsnwba ued Cross rs 1S43 war Fund, Kemlnll y chilli mnn,'of lhc local rtc iliiipler, announced ycstcrdny 'ho nuoln wns ncecptcd by lhe board of dircclors. of Ihi local chapter last night m the first of the year. meeting This figure includes the Clilcka- budget In ns In' lc national organization's '«">', MS well as funds for 6 the local R ed Cross 1 ,.. b ,,,,,, r the coining ycnr, Mr., Berry stiit- ".Tiii.s quota llgure represents the minium goni „, OU1 . c \, ni , tc| . j,, (]l( ; H,;??.'L, C , ros . s : C^i'.nlB." which another of •lie mil sponsor a bill requiring 1 hat licenses bc Issued by the of* noes .of.v.cpunty. cmlrt derks orily- dining_regular. oldce hours, that-a' liree-day no Ice of intention to^bo mairicd he given, and that a mccll- cnl certificate for both parties from "ic'co C 1)hyslcinn I* m d wit" j cicrK issuhig tho license A line of $100 would be provldct of the county clerk to required medical ccrtl- ficntc oil file. The bill would conform to thc new Missouri law whlcl ms resulted in many coupl'es froir Missouri coming to Arkansas to b< i, n »,-' '° ."y ol<1 tnc l»°vis!on ol the Missouri law rewiring mcdlcnl lion " nml il notice'of intcn- wialrman declared, "Because Ii Is "lo very smallest amount on which me Red Cross operation can be conducted, it Is essential thnt even, person in North Mississippi Coiui- ly resolve iiow to' money." The. l^allonal goal In the 1916 '' g thc nctl -' S5l "'i 1 TOOAV'B WAK ANALYSIS Germans Have Crafty Plan To Win Terms »y DAVID United Vifss The Oermiins arc slrikliw a KI-IIII bnrgnln on lhc wi'stern from They're S elllii(. live German piis- oncrs for i|en<| American Infantrymen, ,ui,l gelling „ )ol 0[ t | ino iienlnst tho day or Incvilnble dcfciu thrown In (o r good mwisiiro us not u pretty picture. Thn Germans themselves hnve liecu on both sides of similar bargains he- traded Clcrmnn lives for space on the Russian front early In Ilia war. then sold tin, spaco for Russian lives on l)i c road back. Hlghl urny. they're trading Uus- iiii lives for time in Budapest. llie Qcrmlins have very liule ,m "'£ Uv ,'? l' rlllo| l"» '"Bremen's "oiv arc lime ,n,d itrts. But. tho Germans have very f cw more lives loy cnn afford la throw Into lhc Hintlon, So fur in this wnr, It's e.sllimilod Ihnt Cicrmnny, n notion of no mil- people, has lost somewhere lion "(ins for . , t nnd tl,| 5 . 7 ^l Wnr 518(1,0000 , s- n have have the Lieut. Sherman Missing .Lieut. Jefferson Sherman nnd Mrs. Jr., a firms at Caraway. Firms destroyed were Martin's Cafe, Prazier's Barb-r bhop, Perry Andrews Pool Hall Stotts Meat Market, Hogg's C af e Petty s Taxi Stand, Josephine Wilson's Beauty Shop and Charlie Smiths Grocery and Market. The fire is reported (o have started at noon when an oil stove in the Hogg Cafe exploded, setting the building on fire. All of the struc- lures were frame buildings and burned quickly. The only building left standin- n the block on the north side of lie street where the structures were tocatcd. is the Caraway Baptist Luxora Child Struck In £ye By Steel Dart I-'ciix Bowcn. 8 year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Bowen of I.uxorn narrowly escaped partial blindness when struck in the eye by a steel dart accidentally thrown by Chester Danehower Jr., Saturday afternoon while the children were playing. Removed to Dr. Sanders' Clinic, Memphis, an operation was per-* formed to stilch thc left eye ball pierced through, ;ind penicillin was administered, Although not positive, specialists believe her eyesight can bc saved it was announced today. ' The children were throwing darts at a bull's eye chart when the accident occurred. Chester Jr. wns shooting at the bull's eye when tho rlai't struck his plnyn.ntc. This will be compiled into coun- JJ, state and national groupings so that statistics concerning farrm'n» may be available for thc next 10 8hcm,.n who now, ,v7 at ^ B missing in action in Germany f^'jS. 11 ^'"" 1 " » ast <»- Of First ch hero, Lieutenant football coach at intercd scrv- His brother, Corp. Ed Sherman, former Gurdon High School coach, wounded In was has been Germany. Another brother. Second class Seaman Eugene Sherman, stationed Orleans, formerly was at New coach at Henderson state Teach- and Montlcello. A. and Jackson Attends Meeting Sheriff Hale Jackson is attend;'F.._™ state sheriff's mcetinc in Little Rock this week. He plans to return Friday. Poultrymen Will Discuss Ruling Freezing Safes PAYCTTEVILLE, Ark., Jan. 1 (Un-pouitrymcn from Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri will mcei ?} ^J VCMCV1IIC •">»• 1" lo discuss iccently announced rulings on thc freezing of poultry sales except to the government. Representatives of [he War Food Administration and thc Office of Defense Transportation from Washington, Kansas City, Tulsa Dallas and Little Rock are expected lo attend the meeting. And processors, growers and truckers will eprcsenl. eight counties In Arkansas, five in Miscouil and three in Oklahoma. The government representatives will meet the following day with .reducers from Washington, Madison, Boone, Bcntou, Sebastian """""-" Carroll and Franklin Flames Damage Auto A car owned by I^ngslon-Wroten Motor Company lln d driven by Mrs. Cecil VVrotcn wns damaged by lire Yesterday afternoon when a short urcult developed in the wiring „ On south El,,, s [ rcc i whc * ' ( , flames broke out, lhe motor wns damaged nnd the engine I burned to some extent Firemen extinguished tllc flames. Midwest Temperatures To Remain Below Zero Ks Unilcd Prcs.1 The sub-zero temperatures In the middle-West are due to sta v lor several days. The United Slates Weather Bureau at Chicago predicts contlmiEii cold throughout lhc eastern Diiko- liis, Minnesota, Wisconsin upper Michigan, Iowa and northern Illinois. The weatherman also forcasts a new cold snap in the eastern am northeastern stales tonight with continue^ cold weather tomorrow. 5 . nuiinv^nl.l.mprt ilt Cross-operations In the 52 natlo nnd islaucls where- American troo me stationed, ns well n.s In the hoj communities of lh c clltlrc n vv 1 " " rl<i " lo » to "'is forthcomii War Pnml campaign various con niiitce chalntien [.resent were hem "lid a quota (or the chapter of 11 kll bngs accepted. Thcsurglcal dressings corps whlc Inf io 0llly '" U:tfve nftcr yours In tl tl —... ..,,1, )i;ui,-, win make up tl bags when the malerial Is receive Mrs. a A. Lynch, chairman, or th committee stated, "We nre.iiot like L l ?.£ n ™ a ™ lno '- '1'iolt of stirglcn iirolci until April or May there 'ore we can nmkc the kit bags I the meantime." ; Mrs. E. B. Clcc was Introduced .. the now nutrition chairman for th District, succeeding Miss Cora Lc oolcmnn, who resigned. James Hill Jr. who has served n Chairman on tho three prcvloi: ""- Fund Cnmpalgns will ngnl It was'pointed out that th generous contributions for the pco I'lc last year boll, locally and na tonally w s madc possible a .smallc quota this year even thougl, Ih demands for Red Cross Services ar greater. The chapters quota ' las SL? as . , $TO '?° 0 whl =l' ws «ve Downec/ Fliers Cheat The Sea After 33 Days On Rubber Raft ! rawford counties. Chicago Wheat open high low •lay . 16S'.i 166Vi July . 159 150 isg close 166 « 16G", 158-71 I50!J IR FORCE HEADQUAR- . ilipplnec, Jan. 4 (UP) — Four American p.irmcn have come m the dead. • -.„*, a crash at sea, ay days on r ''" b . t ; cr »fe-rafl, and 16 more with frlcm % natives on two small ^outhwesl Pacific Islands to re turn to their base The men were the pilot, of a Lib- v« i ' nLleulcna «l John Emlg ol P r , k .' P C "»- and three gunners, r,mh i ge . ants John Davles ljt Cambria, W ls.; William Gillissle ot Dearborne. Mich., and Adolf Es- ma^ai of \Vinchendon, Mass. flamlzi? tl™ ^ ' "*^ J »»ivn Jt uy lire during a ra jd, O f the 10 c men, two were killed Immc by strafing j ap zeros, two ..... nd two still v.H" K , C ,- fo " r " lei ' s floate f' I" their .mill Jf " fc iwkets for h °"" n f%X b n^fo^ p .S &? K'^° i i > baiica out bomber when it caught To thc food. Keep themselves alive birds which the ami scooped fish out ot the water. They ate their catch wlillc the flesh still was warm. The men kept spirits up by singing and talking about what they were going to do after the war •sometimes they went swimming Jiisl to get the cramps out of their egs. But never did they give up hope. fl •; Their prayers for rain after d n the broiling sun were aiiswercit by fierce tropical storms that all but drowned them. On the 33rd day the four Ilieis sighted an Island. It took them II) hours to paddle close enough to walk barefoot over sl.arp, Jagged coral [o thc beach. ' The men lay on the shore all night. They were loo exhausted even to throw rocks to knock down coconuts tantalizingly hanging overhead. Thc next day friendly natives found them. They fed the stranded nirmen so much chicken rice and cooked bananas Hie first day they all became seriously 111. Natives transferred (he fliers to ii second Islan^ when the Japs approached. The story of tile final rescue Isn't told. But by that lime ill thc airmen had''gained weight were bcglnnliiR to recover. by $528. With refcrenc .,, 1"! B tllls i' 0 "" W3.100, Mr ni slated, "i am confident Ih f , ,V ca " w lflc ln >!WU<nt p., r eir dollars ns well as their effort Piny n Red Cross War Service, nnd that we will as usual do oit 'art in raising the amount necdw nnd requested of us." "Tills 1Q45 Red Cross War Puiu «, n many respects, the most IHI- m hi , cnmlKlf l? r ' to <l«t«. ns It wll ennblc the American Red Cross to s iy 'at the side' of American fighting men in all of the ex-panting theaters of war and their famines here at home," Berry said "The officers of the Chlckasuvba Hed Cross Chapter pledge that, wo shall do everything In our power o nsslst North Mississippi Count> to do l.ts part In financing this war-vital scrvice-for-victory pro gram of the American Red Cross." Novy Man 'Introduced' To 19-Months-Old Son Home for thc first thue In 2G months, Homer L. Council of the Navy, had tho pleasure of bcliiK Introduced to his lO-n-.onth-old soil,'Homer Gene Council. A rrVrtor machinist's mate, third class, he has been In thc South Raciffc. He is guest their son, and Emily Council, Jamieson. of Mrs. Council, his mother, Mrs. who live at 710 Livestock ST. LOUIS, Jan. 4 (UP) — Hogs 15,100 salable 14,000; top 14.60- 18Q- 300 Ibs. 14.55-14.60; 140-1GO Ibs. 1350-14.25; pood sows 13.75. Cattle 5,850 salable 5,500; calves 1,200 all salable; mixed yearllncs nnd heifers 11-13.60; cows 8-11; lanners nnd cutters C-7.50' slaugh' er steers 9.50-16.50; slaughter heif- stockci ' ftnd fccdcr "m'ma SMnimon .soldiers. Ten per The acrimtns need time despcr- ntcly, l,ul they also need live Clcr- thO'|iosl-\var years. They stave off d^ril 1 won''"be ^ .Their only hope Is to drn K the out lone enough 1 0 i| ra u, c s. to force us to (lie polnl 2i«Ioi' terms nnd elve lhe aer- s tin; kind of pence lliuy wnnt M prapitijiuidn jnlnistcr Oocb- Biive us the tlp-oif In |,| s Ncw • s Day incsiiDgc lo the German orv' bnl I ri,,w 0mlSCl1 " 11; '".'">ot. vie- u| j i [Jin. piny a peace of which HUH* "ould not be nslmmed. 'I'o achieve such n pence Is Cli>r- "»">-« primary goal now; lint !„ He. Gcrmnn view, it must bn .Khlcveri without the complotc -,i c - ainicllon pf Qerinnny's manhood •l.hlch already i.s £0 badly strained ' However, tlicre Is still another fac- li J'" 10 "'""^""""l tiro the, Al- "e.s fnst .onough. So lonn as the «'«r Is 'hilling us hnr ( i onlv lj. thp !v tan"". 1 *' "," GCmm " S ««»»«- oi .i c ,"" lsl t " c fl «""«e w«i 01 their most powerful fo,. | n u,,, jves , the United Hlnle.s. We've be i ii llm war a lot shorter tin tlle Germans themselves. As the Qcrmiins see II. cst way to start n nciiollntcil pence on cur v yoHloKlnv mmm.,,* ir i , UITVe KOI .under wav news. GoTc V;IW"VST^f "iV"* somc b«l =L*^^^ fierce Battle ™'-^' ter ^ ' ' Still Raging For Budapest Tho Cress f ime u,n cused on the ([real battlo fm |)L h -SL, liiis-ilan front reiwrls iay the po- . Ion of t ,o N ,,y.i Bllllh0 n Inside Ho Hnu-arlnn capital i, 0 u | s hope' C ° acrnlnu ' . , lert to m-cnk through the bovlet irclement: The encirclement: The nuislnns now hiu'c compres-sed the bulk of the enemy garrison, into two ehcll <wcpt pockeUi on cither bank of the Dan- A riullo correspondent Ocorre Mournti, rcporU the Nii/h aic tiy- i'18 to shilt their force, from Pert over lo 1 ud«. wherB ,, lc Gci IWl ^ . As Tor the sltnalloti In wai-toin wen. rt number of ucrsonb weie Killed or wounded when Lt.Ab foi ' 1 1" m ° Vl( "' bmnl)s '"t« ll>1 '° '" tllc llclirt of Athens I'he volley 'cx|>loiiia oeioic of the ,l,clb .spattered !\ » I 11 "'" . a '''° k , clamor for „ the Aincrlcn morc Ulni1 of llieii , n ° ^ SI1VC , lo list ' r own manpower as possible ' llc ' ' J It works this way. with the Gcr'- - II i"* 1 ,",? nenlnst tllcl1 ' own their soldiers light to the last nicii i making the American infan trymnii nay dearly. They keep a our troops down until their ei'ad. More German •rs are led Into the pens, be- in iinnH in i,™ it , .' . Belilnd them, they leave Americans W ho will never dead 'return. And more gold stars appear in II vlndows of American homes '"" been working well for the °o inr, on the western cnnaiis. 1 been taken prisoner. All of hese men will be relurnin,, (o Gc "_ nnny after the war. On the other side ot th c | c duer American casualties now stand nl lore than half „ , nlinon ? n ™ omcwhcre mound CO ,,er cent of hem suffered since U-day in > Thc Incident mine ns a new go'v- onmu'nt | DOJ; ,,p thc ln ^ f ( h to bring pence to Greece Stacy Services Planned Friday Private Rites To Bc Held In.Memphis For Former Local Woman u™» ." 1 "iMw^nbojs struck Ml '« ' a , blln «> snowstorm and frn. '! 0l l dcrt l**' lher of th « "inter , Ihn n ^ Qra »<lmenJl area, taking k,^" 11 ? 5?- surprise But, front dispatches indicate the Germans *>* w. fighting .back fuSy Other front reports s av the of- ronsive Is an all-'oul bid to cut off "°7'W; « Germans in thence ? ,,, " ° B <"e'»n bulge and S ma*h H tier's surprise offensive Into Bel-, Klum nnd Ltixe' nnd Ltixembour'g n . ' lc ' c °l« has not dc- Allied drive, ,. . , e rive, hilt the Germans- say It readies from Moroclwut to Atttcho ™ dls^ tnnce Of 60 miles ' • Mpnij 1 , Men'.Hrip «» Plwt Army Marshnl t ' o e( Marshnl Montgomery', British Sec.?' 1!l tlle AmerU:i "» NIntl '. m ° V d °* n . from thB 1 ! n! '"" t 'y commentator said t "' e Alll?d off^lve np-J nn ,7 * as ' Prepared more tho-" "" rc/l " ly '""»' what he - John ",, has'iqnt back some rie- °, h = opening, oi that offen- .'« n ? g <)Ul V """"""Hies «t the Americans ' 'Americans' HV, * ", " |Ul ? B "l>feve a wlthmtt surprise Six-tenths of our S " ferei ' cnsunHlos of h |n He total time we have been at Its a grini rale of exchange the Van Is have worked out. It will be even grimmer if they uccecd In rnnklng It pay dividends. D vt. M, T Lost Ih Action Against Germans Melton T. Brady, of Pro.n- wd Land community, is missing In ctlon since Dec, 12, his mother, Eaton, has been ln- rs. Jake iniied, Witli the Infantry in Germany, 10 22-year-old soldier went ovcr- en.s May 18 alter having visited at omc a short, lime before In the Army more than three ears, he wns stationed in California id Colorado before beginning for- en service. Born near Walnut Rtdgs, he lias vert on the R. L . Galncs farm nee coming to this section -" 80 WUI ' ' liS '" Olher all<i f'riviitc Drnriy has two brothers scar Firady, who goes to Little nock n. 30 for examination prior to .tcrlng the service, and Bra. and three sisters, Launa Bradv morn Brady and Winona Bradv' of whom make their home with r. and Mrs. Kiloii. in i Srnvesiclc'burial .services y. n \>K Held tomorrow afternoon at Elmwood Cemetery, Memphis for MrsIxIgnrA.Stacy, who died'Dec Io In I'lcdinont, Calif, she wns 77 lhe bndy cremalcd In Piedmont; where services were held, the mho* will bi- interred beside lhc body of her husband. J Mr. nnd Mrs. Edgar A. Stacy Jr., of I5cll will be .nccotnixinlcd by n few nllmalc friends to Memphis, for tho Episcopal burial seivice They will b c met there by Dick hl.ncy, grandson of the elder Mrs Macy, who is a student at Mili- vips Collie, JncJtson, Miss, in the Navy V-12 program. Mr. and Mrs. Slncy long lived nt btncy, Ark., near Memphis, and Jrll, where they had extensive [arm Interests and after his death Mrs. Slncy spent most'of her time In Cnlifornia. Be«ldcs her son, she Is survived by hrce daughlers, Mrs. Cllve .Mar- slinll of Darrington, rii., Mrs. W W ', ox ,.,° r , Pic( ''»ont, and Mrs. L. A Wallhall of Salinas, Calif. Wounded In Germany Slnff Scrgt. Willard W. Glover of BIylhcvllle wns sliglitly wound- ra m action in Germany on Dec 18, according to a message received today by his wife, Mrs. Ladrenla Glover. • Overseas since Aug. 1. Sergeant Glover is serving with an infantry Dillon. He is a former employee of Rice Stix Factory. ' Mrs. Glover and their two children are continuing to make their home here while he Is on foreign must throu"', by . , . I , An ( d , fl " lcs must I««P to the roads wiileh are covered with a treaclierous layer of Ice MoDcrmotl adds that thc Ya.nKs face a craiv mill. n r »,in. ..._',__ u,v i craiy quill O f hills runn up by narrow gorgM 1 and a r t avh?e sC " t Men in While * ' For the flr5t ,, m oa ihfe °Lr 0 "-' lhE Al »* ri «»<s r«n "Ko German, clad In tho familiar the eastern front, blended with tho radio correspondent, Gordon -, reports that out of 18 pris- takcn by one American ifmt ' irst Armv drive, only one All tlle others uerc countries of duty. N. 0. Cotton Mar. May Julv Oct. Dec. open . 2213 2207 2177 2093 high 2218 2213 2185 2100 low close 2092 2093 2213 2207 2117 20S3 2000 22)8 2213 2183 2034 2088 2212 2208 2176 2090 2087 Chicago Rye open high low close 117 117 116 116-H 117!4 113!i 113 Ii 112!, 113 U2-X May July Weather A^KA^fSAS: Considerable ctotidi- ness this afteni-xm, tonight and ftlday. Colder tonight. tt n the Euroix; rT1l1 . l! American gains In the north 01 me German salient aer >day by tii<; vicious on -the Gqrleral . „ „„„,,„ Tl.e headquarters report says General Patlon's army lost the initia- U\c only after six heavy attack* by German tanks nnd Infantrv Ro°- 'ch s«ys the Am^ —<e Division; \vhicli was recently trapped in strength W^lcmrtKe'.tKre^t^ , Far to the southeast of the Tiling battle of 'thi Araeriii'es;-the'A-rit crlcan SeVfenth Army his checked he Oermtln counter-attacks at most K"M A ft6r los!ns a " «s'footholds Inside Germany. • •' - • ; ' Patch Loses Wissjmbourg Supreme Headquar'tc'rs .says General Patch now has withdrawn morc than five miles in the" WisW bourg Gap,-losing Wissemboura itself and several other towns But In some sectoi-s, .the Seventh has regained thc Initiative '.•.'.''• '"•': Incidentally, all children in the American-held Belfort Gap, which now is under constant German artll- bclng evacuated lo There arc no reports of major air action today, posslblj due to the blizzard sweeping the western front But during theinight, RAF Mosquitoes bonibcd western Germany lery fire,' arc Switzerland. N.Y. Stocks T Tobacco A.T , Amer Anncondn Copper Beth Steel Chrysler .' > Coca Cola- Gen Electric icp Motors Montgomery W?rd .1 NY Cerllfal . nt Harvester' Studcbakct . . Standard of:N Texas Corp .. U S Steel. ...j. Republic/Steel .,';, Socony Vacimm •;.";.',, 164 66 3-4 30 1-2 69 1-4 9s 1 8 139 1-2 40 64 3-8 51 1 4 235 8 81 19 1-4 57 3-8 50 617-8 1 20 14

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