The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1934
Page 3
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 8, 1934 TJIK BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS n* couiun HIWS co., pur Ok R. BABCOCK, Cdltoc H. W, HAINZ8. AdveiU>iD« 801* Kctloiul AdvtrUtinc RepnfeaUtlvta: ArUou* OalllN, Inc., Ksw York. Cnicsgo, , St. Loul*, D»Usu, iU"5« City, Memphis FuMkhed Every Afternoon wccpi Bui«l«y. Entered «i worn! clsss mailer at llw p.*' « rt!cc *' B:.vthevll!e, Arkansas, uiidvr act of Congress, Oc- tobor 9. 1911. DV in« United fttft SUBSCRIPTION BATES By carrier In the City ol BlvtlmlUs. IBs p« nwk or W SO per year tu advtncc. By mall wllliln a radius ot 50 relies, 13.00 per vcar 11.50 tor «lx months. Sic for D.ree months; by mill In (W.-U1 zones two to ilx, Inclusive. 16.60 per yeBr. In zones seven »ix* eight, tlOOt per year, payable ui advance. / : //5/ We Must Agree On Recovery If we could only ajri'te on our definitions, we ought to be able to go forward tlu-se days in jtrvat stylo. Henry 1. Harriman, pn\<klent of the I'. S. Chamber i>f Comnierci!, tells his fellow members in vi-jjanl tu tin- New Deal: "b'rank, constiiictivu. and helpful criticism is desirable from every standpoint; but rejecting and blocking desirable reforms will result either in national suicide or in complete revolution." Here is a statement to which everybody can assent. The only trouble is that it is haul lo get all hands to agree on the terms. Where, for instance, does criticism cease to be "frank, constructive, and Iwlpful" and become destructive and detrimental? To one man, the slightest criticism of, say. tho actions of the NRA leaders is something akin to treason; to another, the most blistering attack on everything the administration has done is nothing more than a helpful and constructive suggestion. It is tho same way with the "desirable reforms" which Mr. Harriman says must not be blocked. How are we going to get agreement on what they are? One man will find a complete reversal of/ODE-traditional way of running business and industry a desirable reform; to another, nothing any stronger than a simple relaxation of the anti-trust laws will fall into thai classification. .And there we are. It is probably true that all but a liny handful of Americans today recognize. Ihe need of fixing things so, that we shall not again fall into a pit similar to the one into which we tumbled in tho fall of I9:i9. The difficulty comes when we try to agree on the way in which the fixing is to be done. All of which means that we have ahead of us a great deal of argument and debate; and in tho end, probably, we shall reach some sort of agreement on terms, at least—which will be a great help. For in spite of all the differences of opinion which are being aired, the fact remains that we are almost unanimously agreed on one thing: that some way bo found to avoid a rope I it ion of our recent troubles. Given that unanimity as n base, we should in the long run be able to evnlvr a program to which a substantial majority of nil classes can give tlu-ir Mip- |iort. Normalcy One sign of the country's i'liii'iyriia' from the depression might he iVitmd in the attendance figure* bi'inn rolled up at the various dig Itv.^ue luseliall parks. Not in a long time bus baseball enjoy ed such good patronage; I he fan. evidently, is better able In linaniv th- 1 purchase of tickets nowadays t!:an h' 1 has been for several years. Taken as a whole, inleivst i:i baseball docs mil vary much fn>m year I" year. There Is a certain section i>f !l:«population that will give the ganu's a steady patronage on two on!<liti"ns; tirst. that the competition I" 1 rra.-nri- :ibly close and interesting, and .-cc-'iid. that the money wilb which ID buy tickets be available. This year both conditions are being iiK'L Baseball is regaining its health — ami it couldn't be doing that unless the country as a whole were doing Uie same thing. Pleasant Task The entire United States llcel will be reviewed by President Ui>nseve!l "n May 31 from the deck of the cruiser [ndiana|K)lis t according in announcement just made in Washington. A great many presidents have reviewed the Heel, in time past, and to some of them the job was quite a chore. To review a Hoot you have to be on a boat, and the bmit has to be on the water; and if you aren't a good sailor you're apt to wish, pretty soon, that you were on solid ground reviewing the cavalry, or something. Most presidents have not been good sailors. Mr. Coolidge actually surrendered to sea-sickness, on one such occasion; and nothing on earth can make a man feel t[tiite so miserable. But this time the president will really enjoy the job. Mr. Roosevelt is a good sailor, and he honestly likes liie navy. It is probable that no American Heel review ever pleased ils reviewer quite as much as this one will. I guess I'll .start to .scttl.- liiwu. maybe uu into sonic kind ul bn-sinesi. Only I vvunlilti'l linvc. the faintest uieu u'lmt lu '..ike up. -John Jacob Abtor Ut. * « • It. is my belief Unit scirm-r -.nil iievvr I'.nd a uuy lo revive .1 d'.Md mind. — Ur. Cliiirles Mayo. » h .' It's the i;nl \iho Ixv^rs 'iin'e-inakiiii; nowadays, not 'he limn. — Miss Jane Kolu of Baltimore. 18-yi'nr-olrl !ovi- s'.uiy prodigy SIDE GLANCES By George Clark CHURCH EXCUSES Uj Gto. W. j!::i-th.ils-i!iy-hiisb;inrt says lie lins heard tnat th<>re u a new prfai-licr coming "*'i'.h ilic cxiK'C- Ui:i0!i ol holdup a ir.etiting so he iia.i iiuppiMi 'A'orkin:; on his plan [or iiiuu'.t.siiiy church, attendance • iiiti collection and is going to aim JiU iiuenuon lo a plan for us lo join without our letters which we liuve iwvvr been able Co yd Oii: of. the bo\ in Ihe dosed uiuik. You must know that he.-r cinnrh leters have teen no end oi '.rouble and wo were ,-i> careful in '.akir.g care of them when •*•<.• moved here a few j-eurs UL;O and for rea.sciw we thought it to hold our letters until we could rim! oul which church the mast influential members, Jin! never dreanur.g thai the bank 'AiiLiLil c!&*- even in the ten jeari> <ve have lived, here, w put them in a lock box and now the leiiow in charge auys all the keys are li 1 ."- ar.;l no.v '.ve v'i'.her must start ali over again and join as though we tad no religion or Hud :i ;>:>Mcher that undersiamla i: 1 " LS not so particular .iboul taic- ;m; in new mcmtars arxi it thM n«. ll .v pre.i'-i'.er 13 a regular evan- j;elu'- Jiiu-thal's-my-rmsband says \sill - Aork. THIS CURIOUS Ferguson ABOUT 2.OOO CATS ARE EMPLOYED AS /WXJSEt i IN GOVFHNMENF OFFICES/ THEY ACE ON THE PAYROLL. AMD RECEIVE A SHILLING Army Order Directed Mail Route Survey i GREENLAND, IN SPUE OF ITS CLIMATE, IS THE HOME Or ,MCQE THAN -4OO Sfl£<:/£S OF R-OWERIN& EGGS HATCH/ TXE A\OIHERS BRING UP THE. FAMILIES. CHEYENNE. Wyo. 'UP'A [i:na- yellott'od army orcior directing il'.e "Of course she can afford tn dress belter than the rest i bcuvcen^fon' Fcttcmun""and "port i! " nsry cacs are not lhe twl "i 01 -""'^ --'> a i)f IIS. Her husband never ha Is under .;l.~)0." |3Ict;e, f.vo cno-cime important j salary :o be paid her ijovcr:imeiu inoiM'-iMi.thovs for the pur;KSi! . • — ___tar::iy ptoLi in Wyoming. Una been , of piovidin^ feed. 'received by '-he State Historical DC- j purtnient. . \;KXT: Can the !ii/e nl a nii>imtain linn h.' jmlijrd bv its Acconipanyin^ the order, which '.vis dated July 1U. 18ti8. \va.s l.'.e , '1 1't COC ' or; ^ i:a ' nia P °- -^ lf! rou'.e and a : lo the shr.r^.-a and :r.^s; *«.l Ltk*L, k5 I refiort of it.i survey. | pracical mail mute aeUvren Ihe j Tl:c it!:cer '.viio made the survey railro.u; and :fcp anny pest. ' '.va.s Luiiit CarL Ver.enlieinier. '.vr.o j A ci'iidc iniLeaire recording m: \Y.i3 stationed ai Fort Fetlei'inaii, : strumeni -.VLH -.ised :o :ne:>y.::e tile •uis or drills : [1(l: -.j.. v ,. s; tt f .- at , pn-.vjm tu.iu of distance. The indiciitor fa.<l- .ind ^uiu rca:-: [yn,ir:; ls . Lu-utenar.: Veitenliemier er.ed :o :!ie n-ar •.viu i i:i of ::e of- itiiide tr.e :rip bet-'.veer. the two inr'.s f.ccr'.s six-ini!U> teair.^nn. T^.e Bleeding Gums May Result from Wide HY DU. .MORRIS HSilliKIN KJitur, JuuriKil uf tlii' American Meiik-uL .VsMiuiiilifin. ;iml of I!y- 4L-l;i. the Health .Mjj-.iitnc When your liimu bleed, you can ibo tin 1 coiitlition to one or iioru of n M:on. 1 of causes. Tliii no^t coiiitnoii Lirr having Lo 1c with dental HI re. In fact, there. e as' many :LS i^ of thrcc. Upsides llu'Mi. lYmi'v ;iix* fi^ht ! uses of bk'eilui^ yums which llo i vithin the body it.a.']f. The nionj etjninuJii canal's. ;IPSO- ' ciitLeil '.vi!Ii improper care ol the oiclh, are: I. ActuinnhUiun^ oi Uirtar \vhieh tiiUHr bliTdiny by pretsiny untl cuitinu llio delkule siuu tis- SIll'S. C:iviiii\s \vhich nu down to or luuinr tin- mini linv. caiiiiiiK irri- Uiliun mid bii'Ltlint; beeaiiti; "i Uie sluirp fiat's \vhic;ii they [WNifta. u. Ovi-rli.iiiLjir.t: lillintzs :i:nl crowr.s which pr^ss down on iliL- in ussui. 1 . L Ui'ukcii dmvM nnu:, -A :'.U sump ettee:. ^vhii;li irritnle the l : ^- .StlCS. 5. Irrcyulur loetii. which >-;i'i. i- bleeding t^t:ki."..-s tu be tunned '-e- twi:fii the teeth. H. Lack of Lutitlitii'iUiliLn)*. 7. Improper tuuthbruslun^. 8. Uso of luudipK-Ets nr.d oU'.cr such unpk'inrnis for "pickiuj: the crlh." Iinprnjjrr U.H' of dental [Ii.^. 10. Intrriturfinn of furri^n :H.L- tcnals into the niontli .ind •oiitinimtiun of siu-ii .1 luibit- uvn- j i period of Uu:e; e. '^.. n.nli-, ;tir.^. pencils, etc. 11. Moulh-lm'iithmi:. | lli. Ov(!ni.-:c of :!:« wind tyre u:" rnutttcii! iiisLrntr.eiilJi. ii:inv:dit;tl». yi;ud ^fticrnl OLSt n J1CS OC t "A'COI'i i'oinpntcd :i r - 144 i i Tho hisior:;-;U I p:-os;T.:txi to the .; Fos'er. ;i W.t-s.".i:iu; ; eat .itiorr.ey. F.;st.'r rh- 1 rtocu: B G. n. D. ;v.U : .hn ctTii.- -.vl:o i :i • Laek. i:£ ^letp. IVnncuji;:; habits — rxcc.^- --LVL 1 iiuokin'4. drinking. • t'IC. yniir '^:;t:i> p<:L-sLst :n . VOILL- boat denial '. yen should take lor a ciirefuE ex- i i .'I your hlooii. !)«'dy iienerally, to :rr anemiit, dia- | serioiiii con- ; ditiou w prL>vut. BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Krum thr llr^ .i( the Oallv Cinir Ilmrsil II. !j. I:m Little Rues Tues<iay .n'.d business iion. Main .iiki l baliba's i\m cccilpn-d by company.[ liib. dlssoiut:i: y. l|., y s, I'Jil. :i:v. ,i Con.vay alKi ., i., in B!y!il.",-iil-' ;iar;-:i:i.srd ih L . uries ' >: .N. a. Saiioa. E.ini ::a:;ou of i ler into a .--.••uioj fin- .u:d nrjam- .1; r;n- :at- iKil Pareiu- BEGXX HERE TODAY G A_Dn I EL, ami MADE- f.l.M.; SiriDAL wko call them- trnpez* performer* with. Rca- troc'm elrcos. Whe» Kaieltae'* 1* «o«n4 • week-«B« mt Ua fan* at cad. Do ana, •rcTendlBK 1* *• .Madeline, ralla •» tov« wftfe BILL CO.1 DAVID, animal ir.Tfner. l» devoted tm Dumnm bnr «kr re- cnrd« ktm cnerclT nm m friend. MndellB* JQTC» Cam asd •chcmes lo \r\rn klxu Davna fall* frann the (rnpese IIEU to enme far her and IK-B» Tlooni* 1m rontlm-a* tk» 1m»ermo»*- llun. I1EII Inkra Dnnna to the fnrm n, rciupcrnt<-. MH3. FLAXTtlt. th« kcioKkcroer, i* «««»tclea* of rV^RlrL ^^ mtrnn rr M- famm t* rtbrr 1* c*( aboat Ix. a wheel chnlr. SOW GO 0?C WITH THE STOUT CHAPTEK XI •V2D TRAFFORD was surly autl ^ bcltiserGnC. lrrllabl§ without provocation. Twice Reafroe bad caught him under the Inflaeace ol Liquor and threatened him with a "notice" If he ever caught aim drinking sgatn. But Trafford avoid* uad Heard tne r limes, for once j Bia wife, «r!io same wntl mnnj listened to nim. Then sne =a1il. "We)], wliy dou'l yr.i ^loc bcciias ami got rid of the )Lnx?" "To the cousin r "He's my cousin, ant hum. Yes, they're ^oing to be uinrried." Con sat motionless, his fnrfl slowly growing whiter and whiter. "L wish ta d-d I cGiild! 1[ you : l-lis hands gri[>i;e[| tile anna ot ii!g can tell me w!io it Is I'll fire him | cliair and the kniirljles gtond out quick- enough ' { in rldjea. Then he laughed. "We!!. "It's not i -InrM. !!'- tisal .Mnde- ' t!l:lt ' ; ' tnat! whr 't do we— iico Gabriel." \ti\ay suey or chow mcln?" -Oh. you've rri it in Tor MjiTr- ; "Yon mean you don't care?" M.ido Hne because siiu - She'3 all i lino cricd hystericaliy. "You real- right,- , ly don't caro?" "ilayte slu- i.;. la; slm's .1 trnu- : "No woman Is Eolnj to ruin my the 1 '-viy she's i arpelttc.' Con aoswered. But Madeline, trerablins o"or tha 5!:ccc?.i of her falsehootl, noticed that his feed left the tablo nn- touclieiL S3:o sugsoarcd thai they return to the circus lot before It ^w sh.: strung ble-mauer. I.m trailins Con! : along Ned Trnfli-rrl—'* "Wnat?" "I'm not a ?- c ?i^. hn as blind as yen are ai:=1 a few things. IM r ja 4! Madeline go. I'.'s :mi ivt a 'single' bat [I'J-.T.VSG good." decent about solns on w;th tne act. alone and—shucka. nre you sure ?l;p'3 ed Madeline and. 03 the days sp«ri | she rm<J Trait or (1— 7" a. !)>' « . - S. I. A. M:' These 111 ciiiiM-s uf :iU-r.:;i: • rt! IHTMiJn cnrn-s may be fai:iy CJHVIUILS •••) !u " L lt;r yun. But rliL- nion- troi:blr.-i):v.!' Totl! ^' |1(t ' cniuil[:ui).s nre allied eUlu-r -.v::!i >' oll n Wwlo Mf^en: dison.-k- or wuli \vi; o a IT : L-iMses. jiifh ;u iV.aL:on. \v t!:i' sn^nbiTs ->. Bt-rt Lyi:i-l i:hfi- oilinrs arc Mr, v:a'-nn>idf:i[; Mr.-. liivUlf. .-LXTe-^L'V. .1; ::;*U'. 'r-n.-iirnr. by. her tear of blm lessoned and j gradually died, nenfroe had performing on 'Why do you suppose he's s°ne Cm not I've? =ficn id to see was really necessary to do so, i-.150 she's ! RGnfroe was waiting fnr L lLem at the flrpFSinj tent. "Come over I:ere. MadeUne," bo said. "1 wane to talk to you." r p[lE ever-present fear of rc-cclv- -^ tng a two weeks' notice srlppe<1 the girl. She looked appeailnply toward Con. "TVual'a the matter. Chief?" tho nnftnal trainer askPtl. he watched Madeline tba trapeze ilona and. since bustnesg was bad and OUT OUR WAY OO-OOH-NV WES FKCM 61HLTV C'CNSCIENCEf I'SE ON Dt LAS OB K'OW DEM IS 019 E:NO c-b' DE Pib is FALL. IS ALL TORE OFF. IF THER'S LESS HAND HOLT CM ANV THINO IN TH' WORLD THAN A PIG IN A SACK, I HAIN'T NEVER WAD MV HANDS OM IT. AMVHCW! i C'T CAUCiHT A Pl6, A SACK HAIM'T TO FOOL AMV6CDV ANNOUNCEMENTS Thn Couni-r : *hori£rti m ( A.« candld^U'.i ]£Ct to rf^ next AusiL-; .-, Has hren i-jiiinct tile - nr pi.hlic otlicc. ..1:3. Democratic primary JLoi;.-:; \ v BAI?H.\:.: For MnnOrr tit t'nncrr. io57«Crom\^oll re >hrnff ^n,i Collrrtur Ct-AHKNfE H. WILSON For Rc-i-:r c .;. <rl tor r nrnlT OK ^ DILI A1IUNTY GREEN T"r C-rrnit rm.rt HcrX CRAIG ' 1?i 5 MITT >«r r inntv Court ( : ' : ""' 1 KI.EKMAN ':cn fur 2nd Trrni farmers Vi\c-iis 8RIMGING MOME THE 8ACON thcro waa a prospect of Uonna'» return, ha had decided to let Madeline remain In tha show AS a "aln- glc. 1 " Ona Gabriel sinter did not make a feature act, but tha cut In salary hel Made II her was due to the fact that he could get news of Donna through Her. hut his -?ery Indifference only to pieces the way tic has! He was crazy about Madeline but he knew : "You don't nhjec: to Madeline aterr enough lo keep bis distance It she j pint; out with mo once In a while, hadn't led rum on. If yon dan't : do 7011?" believe mo. ask anyone In the show. [ feature act, but tha cut In j portTDNATELY f help«d a littla. H tll | 3 conversati line know Coa'3 Interest In ! aflnr an afternoo Not einctly. But she's the on!? And watch her with Con!" ! ^irl alona In tills show and P!LO *T7« seen them together Imt—' has to watch where, she sinpx TTB I'll look Into this!" j hpon thinking It over. It'a a responsibility — ihey'ro talklnc. I tliink you're a sr.-cll kill. MarleMnn. hut hrll! I brck" tho rule n.-vrr to have single qlr!s In the p'mw 'then L kept you on- It's too murJi trmiiijp ,inri 1 be!!eve—" "Listen here," Con cmi^ht t'he spurred Madeline's determination tu win b-hn. wrlttoa by Diinna her=;elt T tho 0~t DurliiL; every cerformanco she | letter she had written slnco the watched the animal tralunr put tils • accident. Madeline produced U "cats" throusa their paces and Bhe j proudly and waved it huforo Ccn's cover failed to coraDllmcnt him on eyai. "Wliy thp hn.'k floes nhe nri«Uo7? you as Donna?" he rterr.mvlcft. n!? faco darkening a? It always iHS ORTUNATELY Tor M a d o 11 ne, took place pcrforaiance whllo sho and Con wore sitting al ( a table In a Chinese restaurant some distance trora the IOL Madeline bad received .1 tetter that «l.i7 hia daring when ho left tba arena, his white silk shirt cllcsln? to his boiiy and treads o( pcrapiratloQ about his white lips. "There Isn't an act In the world that caa ertual U. Cool" ska would exclaim ecstatically. ' Ha was flattorcfl by these atlen-1 tiona. Tlia atlng oT Uonna's repul- j n 'it;:er ir.nrfs cnat skcvc. "Yen rnf-an :hp,y'r? ralkln^ nhnirt .Varfpllno .ind mn? U'cll. ^o tell the lou=y zoa- -^Lp^ -vy'rc goiiie it 1 bo married.'* "Cinr "An:l if that dnr-n't suit :h"™. ynu can SOL a new animal act— 'in'! pronto!" K.'-.'P yr.ur ?hirt on. Cnn," Bon- when the other girl's :.arac was Tree ca;rlf>d. "If ynu .ind M:iilelina mentioned. as was every ono else in tne j llaacc _ .. Na Con - sho , :i; • • " | iy. "t ann't hplleva Fhfl will. I N OW asd then he Invited her to , don - t thiak yoil -|| evcr src nin-a dinner at ,1 hotel or restaurant: 3 - 3in as a change from tha faro in tho "What ir.a'rtCF; yc:i -n^- :'-r" "!I-»'F mess lent. j coming back to tlio :!;-r.v. sm j A month went by. tJicn six weeks. • sne? 1 ' Tha heat becamo Intense. Unrter the tonts tho air <ras and all thla Is nn llm t>e ttcliSed pink. N'n i: eilhcr nf you wnre 1 know. It xikoo rr.e slrk •v-ir^e Lrv- of Toirnshla "'ACS XOBESTSON aui$,e iiv Ices ct- • <* P,-^ ^rKi- I "No, s' 1 * isn't-" Tt almost' "You mean tho !n:'-:iv Intolerablo. Tho poor animals. 1 than WQ thonslu?" forced to stay In small qnartora.. "Na. She—oti. Cnn. suilercd and snarled and roared ( tuue 10 ten you: i *n-- Uo'ler the giaro of a thousand . ply this -rill mire ym: blazing lights the performers trted J Knew yon never r.rtri T to concentmto on their numbers.; tier. di«In'l r^ii' V- to forget their discomfort and put •. while R^e ^^^ fnn-; f*i Tr. :1 mi n- (ortb their beet effort*, but thejwaya iikeri -,«i. S^A ^.-.^Mnt av*c acts moved Mowly and without' think of oiarrv.ns; >-.->::. Vmi ;i ]n = i pep. A srizzly b*ar alckentd And j nat» to equate your shoulders died. Rcnfrc* tors h1f hair and | and—" tflc i«tcTr acd Uiftv ralgfct us Tel] ,!- t=ir*tJT "5^!" •*'" "Sts * golnf \o w ^irr'.ed." 1 ;crr; sncw m;it. "Niw. now. Con!" t!>- marpcrr m:f:r--;. "I've qnt to tell Mom t!:fl is?w"«.], she'll ho siirprlFed." A^ ;\onfr^e (ttfnrpcrir"^ into ;I"-o !ro;-.?:n!: ter.t Madeline wnlrlcd :p.:n Con, "Did you n;«aTi th-~.t? Or did you "Wliy Rhfl::liln't I m*?.in it? It n'i'U r.av.-» aie, kno-^mq 1 d^-n t ,ovn you -in'* aroMhSy r.evor will. i SW^.IT I'* 1 . .Tlw.iys b? tin the levot -On. r.^n.' M.iilcllnfl cried, nfp- •i'::^ T-.nn.'T ::ie irm That hnn^ :r.uf :i I'-I Tarry TI-I flv»n 11 j-ou T-ir/p'1 tn r:jt me r:gSt Into your HP ir>rix'.ci at her. baH-siar'led. -T 1 ;.!;'' r.n M.-a! Tiat u fn Ids/. ;:: -3^? --- t>in -t *T ut:" lie He Caannued)

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