The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 6
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if > i PAGE SIX mm ]il.YT]IRVII.).n:,'(Af'.K.) COUIUKK Nf-Wiii THE CAMPBELLS ARE COMIRYO HO, 0 HO! PRIDAV; 0('^ORf-:I: BEDTIpOfif Notre Dame Coach Has , Good Righl to Worry Over Skibos;> Tech Has Vets BY CLAIRE BURCKV NEA Servfc* Sj»rt» Wriifr If Knute Rock lie follows his usual • irthod . jusu before an Important —-•ime— that rf predicting victory . ' )r Notre Dame's opponent — he 'idukl bs naming Carnegie Tech to ••iurnph over his Fghllng Irish Slit- i rday, _Oct. 18. And Just as sure > Knute makes that prediction, .'•'• in^of the boys on the corner arc ilnjfj to place a bet and maybe ":ai*» lot of money. Being'very modest ,an:l very. >rjv crafty, the Sage of South "end uses th*'., little trick to thro* ." s; opponent off guard and to let is: own athletes know that he i ''links they aro not, so hot. He 'ces to have them, believe they ore i for a trouncliiK unless they sur- •ise nun with the game of their Maybe the" boys on the ccnirr . ' on't reason it .out as Knute does; aybe they'll take him al his word. - id'maybe they'll be richer when '.e hilarity has dletl down. Car- •;gle Tech Is said : ta b? that ' . rong. : Pour'years ago—in 1926, to be tplicit—Knute told his young men > get a haircut and go on down I.Pittsburgh to play Carnegie fell 'without him: he wani«l to :e the Army-Navy contest, in Chi i?o. .The felliws obeyed orders, id Knute nearly lore down a sec- c-n^of the stadium at Soldiers' leW when ii telegram informed im-that Tech had trimmed his toys, IB tn 0, liaircut and all. Since thai episode, except when 'Inest kept him off the sideline? ut fall, Roctne has been, there to irect his team. Likewise with that •'fair,'.he Inaugurated ihe 'ciutom f predicting a victory for the ene Twice have the SV.ibos and tlie rijh/met on tlw gridiron .since '926. Howard Harpster piloted a Plaid eleven to a 27 to 7 victor •..ver Notre JDttme In 1928, wlilci •nade if two successive Tech vlctor- ?s over the Irish. Notre Dame won tlw 1929 contest at Pittsburgh by a 7-0 score. ' - - 4 » • * The group 'that Judge Waller Steffen and Bob Wadd'ell. his as . sistant, are sending out to South E end this year'Is a veteran one Eight-pf the 11, men who recentl} charged downline''field"'under the ouening kickoff against Georgia T.?eh were .-veterans of one and two seasons.-. Hall -n more who cameMnto'.the fray as substitutes have known , what it is to pla> flgalrist "Notre'Dame. Carnegie Tech has a man to match Savoldi, ; Carideo nnd Sthyartz/of ,th; South Benders Jchn "Bull" Karcls batters a line just-as hard as'"Smash 'Em" Joe; McCurdy-at cjuarter is said to h; the .'equal of Harpster, Tech's AH American of' 1928, and that, puts him;'in-.the. same class with Car ideo; putch Eyth runs just as fas and .as ..hard 'as'. Marchy Schwartz Mayb» the boys on the corne aren't aware of it, but Armentrout Morblto; Kavel and Graveno rather nifty ball carriers. .Tliey'l come to the rescue If McCurdj Karcls and Ejth g«t tired. :' fo'malch Notre Dame's forwnr wall. Judge Steffen can call o Rosenzwelg and Flanagan,- ends Highberger. tackle; Captain Dreshar, guard, and Ducanls. center all veterans of last year and the year before. Sample at guard and Fletcher at tackle are th; newcomers, and the latter ousted Schnupp e, veteran of two years of tackle Play. , A shortage of reserves has handicapped the Plaid in previous years but Judge Sheffen only grins when you mention it this seas™. He has- three varsity centers. •TITLE HOPES AT STAKE III DIXIE : Vol - 1 iclc and Georgia; North Carolina Tilts to Wreck Championship. ATLANTA, Ga.— Some till? hopes . '.ii i!:e .Southern eoulemice are due ence while Georgia a jwj "«xaclK p slow. Jfc should be^sWUie o: speed and clever genefalsmp. « ~ Oeorgia Tech battles Auburn's re- *• juvenated eleven'in another game that might have imercstli» de- velopnunls. Vanderbllt rests I'u. 1 Alabama next week \vltli nn ea"v game with Epringhlll. Tiie Mississippi Aggies and L,. S. U. tangle f.; Jackson, NfLss. Ole Mfss und'.Sii- wanee meet in u feature uiirHCtlon Friday at Oxford. Mhs. '.o be Saturday alternoon WAKNtNO OKOKK To cleve and Fannie Corle:-: Tnke notice that on the I6!h day ol October 1930, a petition wa.s fifed by Ethel \f. Wilson, probuiiun officer In ihe Juvenile Court o 1 ' Mississippi County, to have i-ert;-i" ' ' ~" " cl'iildrci Jr., and children. Two Bltal flevcns— Nolr.' IXsinv and Cunif-jii- Tecli-inc;t Onliirciny. C.I. 18. in Ills ni-w sladlum at Sontli Btnd. Notr;' Dame w;is Uje victor 'i ^ear MO over the Pli'W by 11 .s.-crc of ',' Uj 0, but rtc.'i 1 ', !)-•, fiiti:rin( llibi time if Carlisle «V:-h's v..\rrjirK should (join tlw drcbicn. Vim charging Sklbo.i pictured above co-npri.% Tech's first - - KarcLj. :iihi;a;-k; Uiincanbi, center; Mr,Ciinlj-. (|uarterback; L. Flaingan. right end; Selnmpj), rJtlrt tacklr-; Capuiln Di-e.slur. rijd'it libftger. !i-!' tacklr; Huwnzwck, !^U ;riij; Kuvel, right half; Eylh. left, half. team. Tliuy ,i;-e. left to n : lr.-. l; S-.iinpii 1 , lt!t KUi:nl; H *ih™ the Vols of Tennessee meet, tin? Tide of Alabama and the North C.r.i-k>lh:j ::quutj moves Into the " ••.••!!) of Ihe Geort'ln llulldogs at A'huis. ik-fidts llie>.?.two must lin- ( till;- a collection of oilier Kame.s will aitrnct Hie intention of '.lie f< olball fmu in I lie south, Al Tiiscaloosu IXnny Madlmn •'.ill be rilled lo overflowing, -AC-I dren. Elsla Louisi-. ; •If-'laral dcpende:i: »» *Kt from you th- ly " ld BU:irdianship o; : ald »- 11 " d to «PPOli« for them '™ ab!e ' >e '" *""' place same In some suiublo msii- Ihe new • Mlfc-? | lution In this state- for the i-jre an:l :it the Capstone | guardianship of dependent chli- wording to rtpjrtb of ticket .salrt. Leads Memphis Pro Team ----------------------- i for the clash of the Crimson Tide WaLjAM HMXtiiR. r—And llullj-lnr This is a story about two co:it:is. One of them is unnamed. The ilher Is Harry Mqhre of Georgia. The unnamed co.ich prcsido.-; over he gridiron destinies of u large nldiestcnl School, lils vocabulary s Jiflrsh. In hts day he wtis n lu- iious football player and he knowc he game, Inside and unt. He I:; u irivcr. With a tongue. Unit knows low to sling, he lashes his men luring the practice sessions. He uiou's how lo sneer, too. He can burn u nun right up with n look. Tlw other day, after his team :ook a decisive walloping, he gave out a slalemenl, declaring (ho boys acked fighting spirit. Ttilnk that over a moment or two. Now, let, us leave him nnd go on lo Harry Mehre of Georgia. Harry Mehre Is a driver, lou. Day in find day but he l.s down there on the field, tuglng his men on. He demands the best that is In them. Hu, loa. knows the hnrsn word thai spreads red dye upon the neck of n tbilliikc .son of old Georgia. He. too, can burn n man to tlie ground with u look. Mfrils vs. Faults I Hut there ts (bis difference between the unnamed coach nn;! ' Harry Mehre. That. Is this: Prnlsv. ; And that. Is the reason why Geor- j On The Outside - Looking In By "DOXE" scheduled lo face ihe Chicks here] Thanksgiving, hnvc ;t reul tussle on Icmurrcw when they play the Pine: l)!iilf ?y;br:is Afany funs huvc thci I idea that Fordyce slipped up .on': and (lie Vols. A bitr number of Uie Tide supporters thought the flrst victory of the Vok <>ver the Ala- bamn team in 1928 was a fluke but w!:i;n the Vols repeated last year the most nfdei» backers of Now unless you appear v.ilhi-i 'jj day.s after the date of this nutivi- and show cause against- such «•>- plication the petition shall be taken as conlessed ar.d a decree urant.'-' i'v GEO. w. BARHAM'. ' Urads Want Came A number of Blythevllle high Brads who formerly ware the Maroon and White on the football fuld t>r(; iiiLXlous fur a game te- twcen the nlumni and the Chicka- .KIWI. Last year such a. game fail- 'cd 10 muterlallze but In 1&28 the tr:«ls lo'k U.; Chicks into ca:np | twlue but by close tcores on both occasions Quite a Krr:up ol the boys^vho mail? their letters ut. B. H. 3. believe the alumni can turn th? trick again as In '29 especially some of tlie rnort recent grudb. What :lo yon Hunk about it. Chickasjws? Tough (lame Sure Jonesb^ro's llurrlcan-; Is due for :.n Interesting afternoon today. Tlw Hurricane tackles . the Cotton I'liin'.. leain at Jonesboro and to •ay innl the Hurricane will have ;•• hunci-i full ts pulling it mildly. Tr,> Cotlon Plant team has probably the fittest, btckflcld in thi! MA'.c A veteran eleven. last vi'i.r Cotton Plant beat Jonesboro, 12 lo 0. the C^^^i^ «~"» ^ ™* a chance to ii diot ot them. rugged e on against th; volunteers. Tennessee with number of cripples but with Bobby l>i>tid, one of tfc-;' best generals in the country, ready for action will be dangerous all the way. - ' The Georgia Bulldogi, are feur- LONDON. .UP) -The largest : in- a islapse after their strenuou.i powder puff ever made In Scoilund, i battle with Yr,le and Coach Mehr hex been presented to ihe Duchess | In striving hard to keep his me ' New Princess Given Large Powder Puff Df York's new baby princess. , in lop form for the North Carol- Tlie top of tho puff is fashioned i ina game which rales as one of the u-ito a. doll's body with the right j most formidable on the Georgia hand holding a baby's hair brush I schedule. Ncrth Carolina boasts one ol the swiftest backnelds in the confer- l WARNING lUHDtR Chancery court, Chickasjuvfci District, Mississippi . County, /.r- kaasas. Clyde Cunningiiam, plalnllfl, vs. No. -1844 Sadie Quimlnghajn. defend.ur.. The defendant, Sadie Cunnlnv- ham. Is warned to appear within tliirty days in ihe court named lithe caption hereof and answer complaint of the plaintiff ClyJ: Cunningham. . w. w. HOLLJPETKR; cie.-t, By Harvey Morrit, D. C. Dated Oct. 16, 1930. W. D. Gravette, • Atty. a;l Litem. 17-24-31-7. and the left hand a l>owder box. small, pink Ev-Cliirks in Action : Ov^r nl Martin. Tenn. tonight, two former n If. S. gridders will . (nke piii't in tlie game, between the )mi!(.r Vob nnd Murray Collesje. 13. llrogdcn, ex-Chick winpnmn, is gin bent Yale recently V'lcr Cexir- | MEMPHIS. T-jnn. — Led by Fa-1 two, the Hominy Indians and ca i!. :l i one of the fastest backfield gin seemed lo lie whipped. Is is j ll:er I.uinpkln, Hie ionuer Lurry Itettrncourl also tlie reason why the uimanicd coach's leiim took sitcli u icrrilk- licking En the i^nme "in which the imnnmed conch dec-lnred l!ir boy.', lacked fighting spirit. farrs^ >Iehre Is always looking, for merit. The unnamed coach is always hunting fnulls. When Meh•e .sees a chance, lie iclls a play-, cr he has -done his job well. The oilier conch lets those clmnces slip, but is always ready to Ilnd (he flnw and to criticize. Yule had Georgia bcnten. 7 lo C al the end of the first halt of ihtjlr game at New Haven. Dejectedly, the plnycrs filed olf ihe field. Mehre moved among them. He pointed out faults that were obvious. by Fa-1 two, the Hominy Indians and ca i!. :l i one of the fastest backfield OroriilLi 1 Kwnsns City Cuwtoys by decisive i mcn i n junior Vol camp while Fred | Ohio. Spartans will play the' 1l(llrbllrl( wlt |, i own last season, Memphis Tigers soiiihern pro yrld. chuck Dennett, All-nig Ten hull- clmmps. Sunday nflernonn at; back from Indiana, Fnlher Lump;. .Hodges Field. Memphis; j kin end Myles McLnln, lh.2 Indian, Til',', Portsmouth Siuniuis bonst, are members of the Spartan fquad. (he most powerful bnckfleld in pro-' Lr.rry Utllencourl, George' Acker- Arniantrn'jt, ex-Ulylhevllle center.! All-American ! ir a: | s n,r. Marlin fqtiad as" tnpiain. ', In Bip Gamr, Too The majority of Blythevilh fans will be pulling for Alabama's Crimson Tide to roll over the Vols of Tennessee Sulurdnv afternoon in fcclball and are the outstanding! irnu iind Bill Banker of the Tigers; the ::mjor southern conference con- • contenders (or the national projai? all rotmcr All-American selec- nici—nnd the big reason is that' title hnve brushr.l aside thoir nrst i tions in their college days- j tv.-o cs-Blytherllle high football stars. Jess Ebrrcil and J. B. Whlt- could not rnlly. . At (lie end of the giime the score was Georgia 18. Ynle 14. And the moral Is: Snlve sometimes does ,i wound more good than cniiitlc. worth will ^ee service with th? Tide. Je.'s Is ihe Tide's first string center while Wliitworth is sure to >'ee ! ?rvicc at tncltle or guard. Down! But for every fault he also found I a bright bit of blocking, lacklln?. ] cr running to commend. His con- | elusion was: : "I think you'll boat Yale today., 1'iccc Work Halfback l Paul Snok. Texns .Christian Unl- ! verslly halfback, gol Ihe nickname of "One Play Snow 1 ' because Coach Francis Schmidt put him | .. . . ... ' ntc> flve games lust year to do . Im pretty sure of U. But wheth- . Jllsl one 5|H , c i fic lhll , B _ Aft( , r , lh | er you win or lose, you're the gamest bunch of fellow.- I've ever coached." And Up Jumiwd Cicor^i:! ' .Tile results were mlrncnlous Borgia turned Us back on ds- eat. Even though Yale pushed ver another heart-breakln:? tonch- : GET NEW WATERING PLACED. | SAN'CpRE, Frnnce. (UPJ-HlFi I Comissioner of Tcurlsm Gas'.on ; Guard ! inaucnratcd the newest • Alsbitma way Blyiheville hns cs- i ; official wnicrint' plac,? in France.; tablished quite o reputation for j .which in effect "is not new nt all, I | 0 ;lbnll plnycrs what willi Herschel I ! Ihe town hnving ben founded by j Caldwell, Jess and Bruno. : • Ihe Romans, nnd having later play- | . led an Important role with ihe: itcd Dujs jnrt Ztbrss I Huguenots. Th? Fordyce Red Bugs, who are i The skibos.' warned out of the . SL" 1 *" T " h fracas '* fine snaps; they weren't forced to reveal a SUV* ?1«; deceptive play to Notre Dam, ™ the stands- Al . ' b f anta wh ° galnst the N » " the H the. boys on the corner undteta* Rockne methoS may rame into a lot of mone 18, If I can see may join them. money % my way clear ' F*«PMtj issued by the Arceric, Reail Courier News Want Ads. duly had been lillod, Schmidt removed Snow from the same. I IN THE MISSISSIPPI COUNTY CHANCERY COURT (C11ICKA- SAWBA DISTSHCT1. ' American Building and Loan Asso- own lo start tlie third period. tl:r [ciatlon. and W. L. Delony, as Tms- Georglaiis fought oil. With the j lee. Plaintiffs, vs. C. II. Garner core 14 to G against them in [he , el nl, Defendants, hlrd period, they summoned all heir grit and made one great ef- orl to get to lhat goal. One great eflort? Tlie Georgians nade a hundred, only to be turn- d back by breaks thai were uncanny. Within 15 yards of the Yn',e goal, a Georgia halfback carried the ball around end for n WARNING OKDEK The defendant E. L. Gerome. ab j Trustee. Is warned to appear In thk i court within thirty days from Ihls , date and answer the complaint of i the plaintiffs, American Uii!ldlii<; l nnd Loan Association, nnd \V. I,. I Delony, as Trnslce. In witness whereof. I have hor-j- i touchdown that was called bad : unto set my hand ntv.l |V "? soil of j ft Georgia p'.ayer lv.\c! : the above court this 9th d,\y of j been offside. They plumed away : October. (SEALX only to tumble on Yule's 3-yard j line. ; Yale punled out of dnnger. but Georgia came on. Tne dogged • Georgia Juggernaut marched down ' Ihe Held, and, on Hie very verge • of scoring, fumbled ngnin. Yale punled once more. > A third grand march down the field followed. And this t;me there ! was no fumble. A forward pass: took the ball across the iir.e. Again ' in the fourth quarter. Georgia; scored through an oulnaiv.ed Yale i line that even Albie Booih's le.irs ' W. W. HOLLIPETER. Clerk of the Ab-iv; r ••;•;. By Harvey Mxris .D. C. 1-17-21-31 Put your laying hens on a paying basis If you want more eggs from the same imml>cr of hens —if you want big, Imtclujbli: eggs thai will produce husky chicks—if you want more profit front your in- vcatmcut in poultry feed, llien conic in and Icurii about Quaker FUL-O-PEP EGG MASH It's in rule accord- ing to the most scientific and formulas by The QimVer Oals Company. It contains 'WARNING ORDER *^, t 00 "' 1 ' Cni<: >=asAwba MlBlsslppi county, Ar , Besde Parks, Plaintiff n. No. 4M5 •Run P»rtu, Deftndint, '- . to «ppeir within thirty in the court named In the Z*i * ni answer lh « co" 1 of th« putntlfl Bessie Pirn. • . W. W. HOLUPETER. clerk By lUrrey Kotris, D. c D4*«J Octobtr'.IT, 1WO ,S»a' Kuutt, Atty. »d Utem. 17-24-31-1. WARNING OKiniK Chancery Court. Clilckasawba District. Mississippi Coiiniy, Arkansas. Dona CauRhran. Piaim:ff. vs. No. W3 Mark Caughran, Uefer.dsr.l. Tlie defendant. Mart: Ciiighran. Is warned to apiiear \uihin thirty days In the court named in the caption hereof and answer th.' complaint of the plaintiff! Dona Caughron. W. W. HOLUPETKR Clerk By Harvey Morris. I) c Dittd Oct. 16. 1930 W. D. Oravelte. Atty. ad lltem. 17-21-31-1 WARNINT. o"n*-t CHANCERY COUPT '" T TKA- SAWnA DlSTRir~ "'• "1=;GIP- Pi COUNTY. ARKANSAS. John irancock Mutual lit' Insurance Co., et al. Plaintiff, \ No. 4837 vs. i William B. Amberg. ct al. De-fend-: ant. , The defendant. William B. Ambers;. Charlotte H. AmbJic. S. lots of |>urc, fresh L. canltcy. Stato Finance Cjin- ralssloner of (he State of Misfo-.irl.- oatmeal. In chwge of the lltiiildatlon ol Liberty Trust Company, al. Kansas City, Missouri, are warned to np. pear within thirtv days in Ac- court named In the caption hoir- .11 and answer the comp'.aint of the plnintitl." John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company, c; nl Dated Oct. 3, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPKTER. Clerk. by Harvey Morris, n. c. Church fc Oannaway. Altys. for plaintiff. E. M. Tfiry. Ally. «d litem. 3-10.17-34 It contains molasocH to keep ihcbirds iu I be ! contain* cod liver j meal to prevent j anemia and insure ' rich,health) blood. TliereareBtillothcr importnntingredi- entg too. Therein no delay. We have it for you now. Browne & Billings Co., Inc. Hlylhcville, Ark. QUAKER FEEDS IN sTTl P B P SAC Mi We foitt with Tfrtttfom in PRE-INVENTORY SALE Prior to Closing of Fiscal Year October 31 l ARE overstocked on some types and sizes of tires and tubes, also accessories—we want to clear our shelves and racks and get ready for the renewal of our franchise with Firestone. . .V •'-.".' WE HAVE marked down prices to the very bottom. Every tire is a most unusual bargain because every tire is made by Firestone and bears the Firestone name for your protection. JN EVER before has Firestone quality been available for so little cost. Practically every tire is new—fresh from the Firestone Factory. LxURING this pre-inventory sale, we will give you a special allowance for your old tires in trade for new, safe Firestone tires. Come in today and find out how little it costs to equip your car with these sturdy, dependable, non-skid Firestone tires. 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