The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 4, 1946 · Page 14
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1946
Page 14
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1 4. 'ft d e f g , THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. THURSDAY MORNING. APRIL 4. 1946 FORREST UST 9 rves. hut. sat. 30 - 2.30 MT "A WELCOME DIVERSION Refreshing Pleating Well Sung; and Attractively Peopled " Bulletin Mdttrt. SHUBERT present LOVE the SNOW A MUSICAL ROMANCE with Great Singing and Dancing Cat! and Charut ot Beautiful Girlt "A DELIGHT TO EAR A EYE" Inquirer VOTED A HIT! "Furiouily funny footlight fare. Headed for apparently certain ucce." Inquirer "A literately written traveity and well studded with laugSt." Bulletin KERMIT HOOMOAIDfN ProMaN 1 sins DIE A New Cemedy by BELLA AND SAMUEL SPEWACK "Full of Solid Laughj" Newt "Authentically Witty" Record STRUT THEATRE LAST 9 EVGS. ,f,T0 RjATS. WEDNESDAY t SATURDAY WALNUT 3r,K.. 8:30 SHUBERT last Last Matinee Saturday rGilda on Boyd Screen, Stars Rita Hayworth By Mildred Martin Suppr - heated Rita Hayworth landed at the Boyd yesterday in a super-heated melodrama called "Gilda." And the management had better get the cooling system going right now. It's the heat generated by long-legged, tawny-tressed, bare-shouldered Miss Hayworth, plus direction and photography that make the most of her decidedly earthy assets, that matter most in this fantastic fable fresh from the Columbia APRIL16AT7OCLOCK METROPOLITAN OPERA AJ? SPECIAL. PERFORMANCE TUESDAY EVENING Richard ttxnfr i onwcratlonai Festival rinv PAMSIllFAIL MMKS. THOKBOHO. HAKSHAW, KAIIM-I,. KKOW.M.M., 4KSSNKK, I A It T V It KO, PAIXtK. STKUMAN, .MM. KAI.K, WING-HKIt. KIPMS. I'fcC'IINKK. MOSCONA, llAKfV. HAWKINS, (.AltltIS, HAKLUWE. Conrlurtnr. MR. COOPKK, TICKETS I"U" ON SALE Ticket Office. Haly's. 1613 Chest. St. (WeymanrTi) KNABK PIANO ISEl! KXCI.ISI V XY B nS.'AR MAMMFP.C.TFIN 11 Staoed by KASSARO SHORT ACADEMY OF MUSIC TONfGHT, 8.30 STAGE SEATS ONLY VLADIMIR HOROWITZ Stall Haly't (Waymann), 1613 Chestnut Local Management Emma Feldrridn 2 ",VA tuVs':. April 9 Seats Now I Saturday, April 6 STAN KENTON Anrll l.'l Timv I'ailnr "--- with DAVID HOWARD BERNICE SUSAN BROOKS do SILVA PARKS REED nd o Superb Stngtnq & Dancinq Catt of 100 I.. ST MAT. LAST 3 ' EWilim Cot man RLANGER MftVYN DOUOIAI SAT. t 2:. 10 Jl.t A MUt. KIT. 8H9 I HERMAN IEVIM tefflsr. A Muaicol Kevue J t wuh BETTY GARRETT Mnl- I.vrlcn hy . Vketrhr- h HAROLD DOME ARNOLD AUERBACH Directed by ROBERT M. GORDON Sat KOW at Erlanocr boa ntflce Ale at Clm-arl Br.. an J at Central City Ticket Office In Artadr. 1120 Chesinet St. BIT. 6920 AT BOX OFFICE PRICES Alia tickets at all holtls. PARKWAY DANCE -i LESSONS BEGINNERS DANCE IN 3 HOURS 6 PRIVATE LESSONS. SI 0 TRY A 1RIAL LESSON TODAY,. 11 All Ij-hoih f;iirnnU-d by lr-n A. Srott en ai Til. r T Bet" Suburban Sta. 9 N. I ITU M and 17m A Arch St. Hon"- A M. ta Mldnlaht Daily. I Of.. 97B7 -LEARN TO DANCE- WITH MARION McMANUS Unr Frcei l,enin With Orrh. With Kvrry :ourse f BIO Open 10 A M. Daily RIT. 2602 AMOUR BALLROOM 1807 MARKET ST Arndrmv 1 trket. Haiy. Waymann't, 1613 Chetnat PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA O R M A N D Y , Conduclng " SATURDAY 80 i:o- fi.kish e:r, i'Uuui T0M0R.2io T IHIKOVsKV Srrrnada for String Orch K At MM MMII K . Piano f'onrrrlo No. 2 .Ml . .. INrturr- nt an Kxhihitlon "Rip Kirby" gets mora iciting with each episode. Look for "Rip Kirby" today . . . ond every day on the Comic Pages of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Before Voua Aye PAOMCTTI RAVIOLI TAl IAN Br roos CMOir a VWINC HQjoas 1101 s. 9th St. Cor. Wathinqton Avi, FINE .FOOD ovens. As drama, with its hate-love pattern, its blend of highflown and lowdown dialogue, "Gilda" comes very close to being ridiculous. SEX appeal rampant But as a showcase for Miss Hay-worth's siren talents, it's an uninhibited wolf call in celluloid. Not since the archaic days of Theda Bara and her brazen ilk has sex appeal been set forth in so rampant a fashion on the screen. Sultry, hip - swinging, shoulder - tossing Gilda is quite a girl as she drives her husband and her erstwhile boy friend, now the husband's henchman in his gambling joint, to distraction down Argentina way. Honey and insults fall from Gilda's pretty lips with equal ease. She goes for swims at five in the morning, picks up men in the casino. She sings a couple of songs "Put the Blame on Mame, Boys," as she starts a strip-tease, and "Amado Mio," a sulry romantic number. A woman of presumably no reputation, she has a trick of suddenly going wistful and pure to the astonishment of everybody concerned, including the audience. And, when the plot permits a new deal and Gilda finds herself married to the lad she's been needling for almost two film hours, she plaintively re marks to no one in particular, "You wouldn't think one woman could marry two insane men in one life time, now would you?" BETTER THAN MATERIAL The answer is no! But you wouldn't think there coUld be a pic ture quite so peculiar as "Gilda" either. There are other verbal gems in the Marion Parsonnet screenplay and Joe Eisinger adaptation of a story by K. A. Ellington. For ex ample, Glenn Ford's extremely cross young man informs Gilda and her then-husband, George Macready, that "statistics show there are more women in the world than anything else except insects." Besides the torrid and tortured triangle, the yarn gets around to a vague tungsten monopoly in which Macready is involved, some murderous business with a couple of Nazi agents and a plethora of cryptic talk about Macready's "little friend," a sword cane which gets considerable attention. Under Charles Vfdor's direction. Ford, making his first appearance since coming out of the service, is far better than his material. Mac-ready plays the distracted monopolist as though he had been seeing too many Dracula pictures, while Steve Garay and Joseph Calleia wander through the murky goings on as philosophical washroom attendant and Buenos Aires police official, respectively. KAve Wires' At Capitol First the "Head End" Kids, then the -'East Side" Kids, now Leo Gor-cey and his pals are called the "Bowery Boys" under Monogram's wing. The first of a threatened series, entitled "Live Wires," opened at the Capitol yesterday. It is the usual melange of fisticuffs and tough wisecracks, with Leo losing one job after another because he acts with his fists first and does the thinking, if any, later. But toward the end of the picture things get amusing when Leo. as a process-server, enters the lair of Mike Mazurki, a goliath who handles him and Huntz Hall as if they were duckpins. Pamela Blake enacts Leo's sister; Bobby Jordan, William Benedict and William Frambes are the other "Bowery Boys"; Patti Brill is Leo's girl; and John Eldredge,' Robert E. Keane and Claudia Drake have "grown-up" roles. SAMUEL L. SINGER Fred Asfaire Says He's Quitting Films NEWARK, N. J., April 3 (UP). Fred Astaire, passing through Newark Airport on a trip from Hollywood to Florida, said flatly today that he had made his last motion picture. The dancing star said he had quit the movies because he was "too old." Ace F'kd. SHIRf.KY TKMPI.K 'KISS AMI Tr I.I." Adelphi ihii Gm.iKi.js-- 'Boston fllaekicL Rrnd?va Admiral V.AHNfcft BAXTKR 'I'rime Irtor' Warning1 KM'.t Prtion Sliln" Airport (;,'n 'Kncliltiili-rf l-orsf"' 'I I'San lrnnH Vnllv" Alden v NH1RLKY TKMi'LK -KISS AND TKI.I." AllaahaW -'' Al!. WM HOVVKLl. Mlieqneny wt "K Mr. Bradford" Ambassador' Hit, jiai. Haily 2 V, M. Bait In 1'rrh nirnUtr .KK I I KTtNKY. fORNKr. WILDE LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN" Anthony Wayne AIM. ohvm lJpHnvillanri "RAFFLES- 7 45. M5 Colonial YVONNE DcCARLO I mt"w KOD CAMERON 'FRONTIER GAL' 7 v ri'fii imt.nn Park lllK'lland Pnrk. Pa. ri.Al'nKTTK COLHKRT "NO TIMi: KIR I.OVK" Park :. i si k Ilia. Turn N'fal. Barbara Hale Klrst Yank Into Tokyo" VreST kh s.m DANNY KAVK "IP IN A K MS" "ONE ISO.MANTK MI.HT" Lanre ... v. ;iri. and a hog" B. twl. F1. Dinnorwarp to (hp T.arliP Darby, Pa. 1HKNE DUNNE "OVFR 21" Doris 4'ilh Ik Wnndl'd Follow That Woman' Enrhantid Vorput" a-jx 4411 Si'norita I'roin the Went tagemoni jngm t -kbiw 'oinrv )!ith KohI., 'J.4.H. 7.4:t. 9.4.1 I'hclt. "IP itI':s MAlSlK" ANN SnTIIFRN, OFIIKGE MURPHY Erlen AdoIIo acadkmy AWARD WINNKIl J T7 RAY MILLAND IS Till: A f A fE St V III AH It VHTllih "LOST WEEK-END" Avenue ;!-r T' Wilier Ahfl KISS AM Ti l I." KU t: MONTANA. Shll-S" Band Box ;f.vk '11 KK.N'KY 'LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN' IV THRIL1ASG TErffSlcni.OK Star Timor "HARVKV r;IRI,S" Ucimanlimn Ave. M Armat Si C'MNKI. JKAN'NE Wll.DK CKAINK Eureka 4Hth i; M-irki-t KI.OMIIKh. HKY1 "SII.VKK DKVII." 56th Mitb hl Snnire DKANNA DURBIN I.AHV ON A TRAIN" "SIUIHIIV OP THIHIIR" Frolic "HAVS OK (.1.(1111" IIhvi of Mnflnlo Kill' I l'( ol'imlfia "Kolltiw 'I'hnt IVimiaii' i-tna of lhr Halrrfmnl" Belgrade Jon Hall. Dorothv Lamour "HIRRICANE" Artrivl S''!' 8';' Famous Fiehts &- Fiehtprx Belmont Conl- -snws Daily ucimonT Complftflv MoiernizecI 2nd t Market 2 BIO FEATURES 2 BilJie Burke, "THE CHEATERS" also thE TIGER WOMAN Benner f;;r SHIRLEY TEMPLE "KISS A N I TKI.l," Benson1' h 4 MATINEE DAILY Fred Marguerite MacM urray Chapman PARDON MY PAST Berwyn, Pa. ' aiilaii) TilKhoat Annie1 "Whirlwind Horseman" Bluebird d SIURI "KISS .EY TEMPLE AND TKI.I." ROBERT WALKER tl!'. '9 KhKNA' WW'S. VHAT NEXT. (ORPniHI. HMtfiROVK" Boulevard":,""1; Boyd-Chester JOHN PAYNE MAUREEN (THAR A "SENTIMENTAL JOURNEY" William BnIK-. Sir Ceiiric llarrticke an. I Piesi-nl me Connn- MarsiVill f-,.stt,,p 1.14. :i 17. '-. 7 t':t. '' P. M. Breeze Vimtdv of thf ''a "KISH AMI TKI.I." Rrexeael SI N Errol Klvnn. Alexis Smith i't "San Antf.nlo." fn Tfch. Grnnrluinu Front t "Tha Great Flamarinn' DfOUUWay Ynplj .-Shadow of Terror" Byrd 4r!hfc ROBERT WALKER f'.aa KEENAN WYNN P NT "What next. Corporal Harqrnva' Cambria ft KAY FRANCIS "I.UVOKC." Cameo "fi. I. HONEYMOON" "OTT OF THE 11EPTHS" Carmntt 'jermanfown & Allegheny Aves. ial- -' ,,J r- M-' tve. Lout. fr. 3.15 Vivian Perry Carmen BI aine Como Miranda "DOLL FACE" P!t; - Sta2 Shov Casino THH SI LMVANS" " KITT V H)l l.t " Castor ? JOAN DAVIS Oeorire White's Srandal Cayuga DEAD END KIDS 'MR. Ml .iS lillll S AGAIN" PRISON SHIP" Cedar GARY COOPER nih ' AnVEVTI Rt-S OF JURfO WH.O" ill!' "STR(,E ,M. OKMiOftY" Century JUNK HAVER lriw "Irish vc Are siiinK' Cl l a 1 4 . n ,'j'-Itn It lIMa ll.'trwiirih. 1..- Il'mmit; C' " n-..,n limlnlit l- verv MKht Clearfield S'.i" 1; fi ' 4 Illll.ll THAT Itl.ONIIKV Ciet Kitf in Old Nrw Mailea" Dinnt'iwara to l-adipu lrfne Her to Heaven" ciifton f.'alp Storm. Atlin" .luilen (.. I. HONEYMOON" irara hkuakd aijikrt jane DIX DEKKEU WYATT "THE KANSAN" ROBERT LOWER Y. EDITH FELLOWS CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR A.-.J 7th k "The Missinc Juror" Vrana snyrt "Meet Miss Bobby Sock"' Crfiii 4th & r;ir. irard (JINNY SIMMS "SHAI1Y I.ADV" Great Northern Orald Mnhr. Jania Cartrr "Tha Nolnrloaa Lona Waif" Brd. " .pt,US Kri "Hot Khvlhrn" Iist Call to See B.ith, M;it. 2. Eve. 8 :15 GroAHiunu -rd Kadio Starm on Parade ICtnwuy ;renway Scotland Yd. Innstliiator Hamilton ehkol klvnn nunriiTon ALEXIS SMITH fi'i "SAN ANTONIO" I.V rUCIIMCOLOR AfldH -Qoiet Pla Acidrmv Award Winner Hill DKANNA DURBIN RALPH BELLAMY 5324 ntn. "I.AHY ON A TRAIN" Th, Mrrrirnt Myttery in Kinxtnrp Hnlluunirl Double Feature Western onywooa Wlld BM, En)ott 22nd & Cambria ".MARSHAL OK RFNO" JOHNNY .MACK BROWN. "LOST TRAIL" Howard 'Pardon Mv Past" "fiordor Bandit' Iris A I kg. PERRY COMO VIVIAN BLAINE 'DOLL FACE' Jackson RITA HAYWORTH 5th k larkson LEE BOWMAN "Tonisht and Every Night" Pearl 2 1 -.t ii Retommendfd for Adults Ml. Ice Reefer M.irlness Exposed "TELL YOUR CHILDREN" 11 us M.'irMnn MorL'ind "SHANGHAI COBRA" Penn 4 1 h k liirkiion "ARSON SUAI" "Three' a rowd" Penypak "A Bell for Adano" 8051 Fkd. KENE TIERNEY. JOHN HODIAK DINNER SET TO LADIES Pike N. nth When (he LiKhts tin on Attain Voiee of the Whistler" President MATINEE 2 P. M. 2.1 rd k Snyder Shirley Temple KISS AND TELL" (Irford Ave & ROBERT WALKER evelt Blvd. What Next. CorB Hargrove Regis i '.Hi And 'then There Were None' "l'hleleni f'nme Home" Renel ,i7 A Technicolor Snectwie "THE SPANISH. MAIN" Dav ird it Ne Rhine ADDED No 1- KllltDI. FLYNN "SAN ANTONIO" SKCIIKT AIIKNT X9" n;lxn IH53 (;ci. Mmnhv. Eiewnor Powell HHOAHW4Y HHVTHM" R:x ton-hohorken "'PILLflW 1F HEATH" lanT Wrth LON -CHANEY FEATITRE: 2:15. 7:(KJ. 9:'Jl "THE PRISON SHIP." Feat. .1.'. 10.20 Ridge That -NiBht W ith You" "Out of the Depths" d: eth k ni I YOU'RE IN THE ARMY" Htmt'B Pk. fARTOON CARNIVAL R:i. Taronv k IT Orthodox ISLK OF THE 1EAI" 'The Riiithton Stranxler" Bivi.rn 444 I "PAROON MY PAST" aNIViera KRKD MaeMURRAY Marguerite rhapman. Akim Tamiroff Rivoli 52nd 2 BIG FEATURES 2 niTwia xamom Dannv Kave. Dinah Shore "I P IN ARMS" in Terh. Ronalri Reasan. Fave Emerson "NINE LIVLS ARK NOT ENOUGH" FEATURE TIME TABLE: Up In Arms' Mat. 2.'J5. Eve. H.50 & 9.45 '9 Lives Are Not Enough'. Mat. 1.2l. Kre. 8.43 Rockland Krd. 4 GENE TIERNB;Y Rnck CORNEL WILDE LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN" Rayu ACADEMY AWARD WINNER ,VOA7 RAY MILLAND 61S9 Kiiisre "LOST WEEK-END" Royal rh "First lank Into Tokyo" 'Colored Stars on Parade" Senate i 7th 'M"L ' Horn for Trouble" "The Silver Fleet" Seville Rryn Mavrr LON CHANEY. A LAN CURTIS "IIALTONS RIIJE AGAIN" FEATURE: 2 55. 7.40. 9. do herwnnrl Matinee Daily 'J P. M. jnerwooQ )n Torhnirolor 54th Halt. "FRONTIER GAL" YVONNE DeCARLO. ROD CAMERON Jeffries CLOSED EVERY THURSDAY Joy 1st k "Men In Her lilary" av.r. 'l.anKi or the warerironr - iL DOROI'HY LAMOUR JUrilDO "I1ISPI Tbll PASSAGE" Front k New "THIS I AMERICA" (irard Plus V HO'S Gl ILTY" Keswick-Glenside rVe&y "I P GOES MAISIK" Also March of Time "HOLLY WOO II CHALLENGE!!" I rinceieilA Lausdale. RAY MILLAND "-' ''- Fa. "I.OS1 T WEEK-END" niunelnla ROBERT WALKER Lowngaie Kjs Sun keenan wynn "WHAT NEXT, CORPORAL HARGROVE Locust 2 BIG HITS 2 BASIL RATH BONE 32nd A Wust "PI RSI IT TO ALGIERS' PENNY SINGLETON. ARTHUR LAKE "LIFE WITH B LON III E" Lyric -rid k "Senllanii j nrd Investigator'1 Slnrris "South of the Km Grande" Mayfair 7iou Kkd RONALD OILMAN MYRNA LOY "AKKOWSMITH"' UnU(.:P "I.NIIEK TWO FLAGS" it! uy lull Konald l olman. Claudette Colbert 50th & Mark.t Plus- I.'TAH KID' kj -J- D ROD CAMERON tvieaia, ra. yvonne docarlo FRONTIER GAL". .V T ECU S ICOI.OR Narherth ROBERT WALKER aroerTn keenan wynn WHAT NEXT CORPORAL HKGROVE" tfpw Jewel 1 W. " HINA SKV" lie W WCWCI NnrrH ' DEVIL" U, I Ann .lfi'k Dennis New Lyric r,-t(;io "SHINE ON IIAKVKS'I Chi son Moiiin M OO N " Overbrook i;irti ik h'red Mar.Muriav Havirf'd "Pardon Mv Pt' Mareuerlte Chapman. Akim Tamiroff EXTRA LATEST MARCH OF TIME Palm r 1.4. at Noma MERLE OBERON WLTHERING HEIGHTS" Southern Broad i- Rwt OLT OF THE DEPTHS' "SHADY LADY" Dinnerware to Ladies Nnruee? m r a "Sllchtlv Honorable" "SONG Oh MEXICO" Star Kr"- "THE IMII t.HGIRI.S" Siirlngtliiie In the Rorkles" St0nehlirStD,'Hnna Uurtrnt "ttdy On a Train". Mai. Dlv. 2 P. M Stratford 7th k Ktrk'n Bluest l.aff of All Time "GtHID OLD DAYS" Suburban Aeademv Award Winner juouroan -the lost week-end" Ardmore Ray Milland. Jane Wvman FEATURE: 2.40. 7.25, 9.35 P. M. Temple l.'Sth k Tioas "Vou Came Alonic" The Lost Can.vnn" Terminal "PARDON MY PAST" 69th & Mkt. Cont. fr. 11 A. M. Parlf Car lTr-ort O T T ... Fred MarMurrav. Marsruerite Chanman Tioan I' ii k CONST JIat. Venango '2 r. .M AMK KAY FRANCIS 'nivn itfv MOO R E M EX I c A N " Towne "RAFFLES" LONESOME TRAIL' TvSOn ..,iVBfcH 1 MONIGO.MERY "They Were. Expendable" 70110 i a tor First Eve. Show at ri.45 UnimiP 'H' k (lni;ir kit?.rv u.u Mill Havr. "LAIIY IN THE DARK" Upsai ti5'l ;m. Ve HEROKEE FLASH' "The Beautiful CJieat nice Woman of the Town" "Born for Trouble" Vl'ola -4U:1 "DANGER SIGNAL" U,a itn. "TELL IT TO A stIh Vog Columbia "MAD GHOCL" "Law of the .lunKle" Walton ''"'"n Sl'irptiy, liumv Simiin ,lw ! i'li "Breailway Rhythm" n.lor Yeadon, Pa, Eve . Children Mat. DANNY KAVK Z I. M. "tVoiiiler .Man'1 2e dults .'irie. tax ini I. York "'-aw of the .lunKle" York Hopalnnc Cassirly. "40 Thkva'' HATBORO. PA. Hafboro RK:HAR" ix licxiwwiw -Voire of the Whistler" "FRONTIER FEED" Horowitz Recital Tonight Appearing in recital for the only time this season, Vladimir noro witz, the Russian-American pianist, comes to the Academy of Music to night. Every seat in the Academy has hppn sold loner since, including a large number of stage seats. Amusement Guide MUSIC ACADEMY' Vladimir Horowil2. pianist, 8.:iO. TOWN HALL Carol Brice, contralto, 8.30. THEATERS E RLANGER "Call Me Mister." 8 ."). FORREST ' Love in the Snrtw," S.30. SHTRKRT "Carmen Jones." S.30. WALNLT "Woman Bites Doe," 8.30. MOTION PICTURES 11 1.10. 11. 1.30. 1.35. 3.50. 3.20. 3.20. 5.50, 11.20, 1.10, 2.55. ALDIN E "Shell bound," 5.. MO. 7.45. 10. ARCADIA ' 'Adventure. 5.1(1. 7.45. 10. BOVD "Gilda." 11.20. 7 55. 10. CAPITOL "Live Wires. 4 4.1. h. Ml. K. IS. 0.( 5. EAKLE "Meet Me On Brnadwav," 1(1 30, 12.50. 3.15. 5.35. H. 10 2ft. Glenn Miller Orchestra, with Tex Bencke. on ataKe, 11.55. 2.15. 4.40. 7. 9 25. FOX "A Waik in the Sun," 11.33.-2.10. 4.45. 7.2(1. JO. KARLTON "The Bells of St Mary'," 11. LIO 3.20. 5.30. 7.40. 10. KEITH'S "The Prisoner of Zenda." 11. 12.411. 2 .10. 4.211. ti. 10. 8. 10. MASTBACM "Road to I'toma." 11. 12.45. 2.35. 4.25. rt.l . 8.05. lO NEWS "Condemned to Devil's Island." X, l 411. 11.25. !.K. 3. 4 4(1. h.25. 8.10. H). STANLEY ".leKfeld Follies of 19-KV' II 15. 1 25. 3. .1(1. 5.35. 7.45. 1(1. STANTON "Dakota." 11.25. 1.10. 2.53. 4 4(1. Ii.25. K. (I. IO. HTI'DIO "The snider," 11. 3.0ft. 3.05, 3 05, 7.1... 9.20. Scala Singers Give "Boheme1 By Samuel L Singer The "Sold Out" sign was up for the Philadelphia La Scala Opera performance of "La Boheme" at the Academy of Music last night. The performance was ' given exactly 50 years, two months and two days after its world premiere in Turin, with Toscanini conducting. Last night's conductor was the able Giuseppe Bamboschek, whose zeal for the beauties of Puccini's score sometimes allowed the orchestra to drown out the singers. HORSEPLAY INHIBITED The performance was something more than competent, but did not always equal previous Scala presentations of "Boheme." The horseplay of the four Bohemians in the first act was rather inhibited. There were other details of staging and singing, such as an occasional ragged ensemble, which detracted from the general effect, although individual characterizations were on the-whole effective. Norina Greco, portraying Mimi here for the first time, was appealing as the tubercular seamstress, and sang with much feeling and ample volume. The duets with Rudolph were done well, except when she overshadowed the tenor, and the Death Scene was most affecting. MARTINI IN FINE FETTLE Nino Martini, a familiar Rudolph here, was in fine fettle; he outdid himself vocally and limbered up somewhat on the dramatic side. Louisa Mara, also a newcomer lo cally in her role, enacted the tempestuous Musetta with gusto, and her singing matched her acting in ex cellence. George O.aplickl did well as Marcel, especially in the third-act quarrel with Musetta, and Nino Ruisi once more contributed a sonorous "Farewell to the Coat" as Colline. Wilfred Engelman completed the Bohemian quartet as Schaunard. 3 Young Artists In Joint Recital The second of three concerts presenting "Young Artists in Joint Recital," at the Art Alliance last night, featured Hilda Rainer, soprano, and Alvin Rudnltsky violinist, with Joseph Levine, pianist. Mr. Rudnitsky and Mr. Levine, both of whom were discharged from the Army just three weeks ago, collaborated well in Beethoven's "Kreutzer" Sonata, and the violinist later played a solo group of works by Sarasate, Chopin and Wieniaw-ski. Miss Rainer was heard in Russian, German, French and American groups of songs. Her voice had ample volume, sometimes sharply so. WILLIAM 6QLDMAM a a. -ajV aHH a aaT r i L 0Oo w 'Wife )J O'tAf CM "A WALK IN THIS SUM Starring DANA ANDREWS -RICHARD CONTE omen II i m . m aV v i ii i i iiT:urFii-j 1 1519 Choatnut LATEST ISSOl THIS IS AMERICA pratentt "GREAT LAKES" Authentic and Enlightening Picfvra Story f the Industrial Cor of a Great America NEWSREELS DONALD DUCK WILLIA I aa. M GOIDMAM LJ 'M. t T a. j-. TTTM.-mirm ar.tiimrriTrT Crosby Bergman in LEO M' CAREY'S I The Bells of StMarys J 0 1 k ja ...u o9 STARS . - Willi ond theLovel.esi GUIs in the World fA.G.W.'s "SSt ' 1 1 ii 1 1 1 ill 1 1 . U m "aaaalBBBBBBaaaaaaal 9 III . m m ail mmmmmm IP 1 0 J 5 x (9 -.. f i Starring (?) FRED ASTAIRE UCILLE BALL LUCILLE BRENVER FANNIE BRICE JUDY GARLAND JKATHRYH GRAYSON LENA HORNJ GENE KELLjf JAMES NIELTON VICTOR WOORJ RED SKELTON ESTHER WILLIAMS WILLIAM POWELL . with I DWARD ARNOLD MARON BELL BUNJN'S PUPPETS CYD CHARISSE , If - ' ' HUME CRONYN WaUANA FRANfVLEY ROBERT LEWIS Virginia O'BRIEN KEENAN WYNN Directed by Vincente Minnelli Produced by Arthur Freed s I Cantury-Fol L JOHN MAUREEN WILLIAM PAYNE-O'HARA-BENDIX entimenta Journey a w . CONNIE MARSHALLM last times today Ronald Colman THE PRISONER OF ZEKDA" . SHOWING TODAY! 1st PHILA ITS MURDER WITH A NEW TWIST I CAROLE T ItTUTYrC , wr ma- w s- w T W VI . vj n A Vj n ii 1 1 tiialtiy CHTJJ. r ACKE0 SH0CXJ3 OF THE STRANSLIN8 MONSTER THAT A CITY! 4 V( A 5IT7J V.LA WITH RICHARD CONTE i eekm TA MM 1 1 A'i lllll.lllJ.I TZ. II WR. L J I M "lka. n ivi h Xi'lMlX timssis mT DO I Bing CROSBY Bob HOPE Dorothy LAMOUR V "KO AO TO UTOPIA" noons OPM KtS A.M. LAST FUTUM M f. laT.aaTTm oooas ortN io a. 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Snydw VERNON SS08 Germantown VIVIAN BLAINE STATE 52d a Chastnut TOWERS S9th & Market YORKTOWN i Elkina Park No Mat DENNIS PERRY O'KEEFE COMO DOLL FACE" NIXON ? Bal. Market NEW 69th Darby ROOSEVELT 4739 Franktord Ax. Ann Savage Tom Neal "DETOUR" COLONIAL Gtn I Chflten .MIDWAY JUDY GARLAND j !!25 "HARVEY GIRLS" ANN SOTHERN UPTOWN Broad k Dauphin ORPHEUM Gtn. k Cheltan S A V O I A Brsad k Morria GEO. MURPHY UP GOES MAISIE" "E"l.rE"?l. c""iFs korvin' ALLEGHENY "THIS LOVE OF OURS" 1 Frankfnrd A Allaa OPEN 24 HOURS DAILY FA Mil V 13,h Mkl DUNCAN RENALD0 I M HI It. I u t H OF THEJ 10 GRANDE" OPEN ALL NIGHT Gene Tierney-Cornel Wilda 'Leave Her to Heaven," Tech. 'DETOUR & "STRANGLE THE SWAMP" LANE Willard Parker. Mara uerite Chapman Ilrrl.-BTth Aw. "ONE WAY TO LOVE" "-"-" a I.M Mkt L0CAN Kroad k Judy Garland-John Hodiak Tom. 'THE HARVEY GIRLS' Tern, m OPEN ALL NIGHT SAVflV 1511 " O Hara-Paul H.nraid - smi. 333 MARKET 'SPANISH MAIN. 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CADI ""A MODEL ARDMORE ike ' Tom 'First LIBERTY1,8 GENE TIERNEY j CORNEL WILDE "Leave Her to ! Technl j Color i Tern Neal. Barbara Hale FIRST YANK INTO TOKYO" New Policy All Bit Hita All Bit Stare rRAUIrrrlRn 4715 "thunderhead- a rnAnnrunu km -buffalo bill" Neal-Barbara Hale I Yank Into Tokyo' ECYPTIAN Maureen Rala-Cyn. O Hara-Paul Henreid ( Spanish Main." Tech. CR0VE 'Vacation From Marriaf' 'PEOPLE ARE 2tM IUr. n A. Heaven' HARROYVCATE Genttftmafl Mibhavs' e Kn5.-RtL. XollffQfl Swinq' FUNNY" MIWAV Brara Slanwyrk (,iroe Brant nllTMI Jrnklnlntin "MV REPUTATION" E Add. Arailemy Award Winner. "Hitler Ll' C I AMCnniAUC Robert Oon.l. bor ah Kerr Z L WO UU If Wt vecalien jrr Marrlate" P MAnlDR GENE TIERNEY S inniiuii Park VVAVERLY m"1 parker; "LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN" Terhal Color k Darhy. "CRIMSON CANARY A Z HOW DO YOU D0r Pi " "iiiiiiiiiiiiiriiiiiiiiiiitT III 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 tea

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