The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 20, 1939 · Page 15
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1939
Page 15
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THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, THURSDAY MORNING, 'APRIL 20, 1039 fad' TS Warden Lawes Handcuffed To Contract as Actor, Author ; Brenda' Frazier Listed for Musical I Film; Hitler's SIster-in-Law Sought V As Adviser on 'Mad Dog of Europe' bv Louella 0. Parsons L , WARDEN LEWIS E. LAWES, who Is as much of a hero In his world as any movie star Is In Hollywood, has been handcuffed to a contract by Harry Cohn to act In as well as author Men in Sing Sing" lor coiumoia. This, my friends, Is a real coup for Harry, for Warden Lawes has turned down several offers to come to Hollywood In the past, nf course, It wouldn't seem natural for him to play any role other than a prison warden which is exactly what he will do In his own movie- With Lawes' vast knowledge of prison conditions you can bank on it that "Men In Sing Sing" will be the most authentic prison movie ever made. So far the rest of the cast has not been set because the warden will have a big hand In selecting the right nri'Ml types in ttuuiwuu uu uu ymci juuo aa otwi, uuiiui uiu ietu nical adviser. . - Brenda Frazier Listed for Musical Film Tony Martin and Brenda Frazier will team In a musical to be made in New York Is the hottest tip on my desk this morning. No, this isn't any wild rumor but plans are all but closed for Alice Faye's big moment to sing love songs to the No. 1 debbie in a picture with Sylvia Sidney. One particular reason Brenda that her favorite boy mena, uiiiy Livingston, already has signed lor a role In the film. In addition, she wouldn't have to come to Hollywood for her movie debut for Brenda wants to remain In New York, where her "glamor" background originated. Interesting Is the news that Al Rosen Is making overtures, to Bridget Hitler, a slater-ln-law of the Nazi dictator and now In this country, to act as technical adviser on "The Mad Dog of Europe." Hitler's brother, 'tis said, is a bartender In Germany, and the report Is that Bridget is on the outs with her in-laws. Rosen has been working on the Idea of producing "The Mad Dog of Europe" for Ave years. When he first started, Hitler had not yet marched Into Austria md Czechoslovakia nor tangled with Chamberlain, Daladler or Roosevelt, so the Hays office felt his Idea was dynamite. Now, however, Rosen has been given permission to go ahead and he has Herman Mankiewlcz and Lynn Root working on the screen play and Ralph Murphy ready to direct. yestern Hero Is Sonja Heme's Latest Throb' Chatter In Hollywood: The biggest under-cover romance In Hollywood is Sonja Henie and Addison Randall. Ad took her to the Basil Rathbone party and never left her side. The next day he had to leave for location, but he has telephoned her every night and has a date with her his very first eve back In town. The little Norwegian beauty, who has never really had a steady boy friend since she and Tyrone Power said adieu, Is really interest-td in the handsome Western hero whom the boys and girls see billed in the films as Jack Randall. Tyrone Power had no Idea he could get a marriage licensa so quickly. "I thought," said Ty, "that you had to go through a lot of red tape, but It was over in a minute." I had a chance to really know Annabella on the trip to San Francisco where we saw the preview of "Alexander Graham Bell" and I can understand why Ty fell in love with her. She has charm, genuine sense of'humor and Is very unaffected and real. Ty is scheduled to work Saturday In "The Rains Came," but maybe 20th Century-Fox will be big-hearted and let him off. He and Annsbella will wed in Los Angeles, since neither of them wants to start their married life by eloping. Bob and Hedy Called for Test I'll bet neither Hedy Lamarr nor Bob Taylor will forget the first scene they played together In the movies. They were called for a test this week in "Lady of the Tropics" and you can Imagine Bob's embarrassment when he was told to knock the glamorous Hedy down and choke her. Fine way to treat a lady, especially one as beautiful as Gene Markey's bride, Hedy and Bob were playing one of the final scenes of "Lady of the Tropics," which ends in tragedy for after the beating eptsode the heroine kills herself and that scene was the first one they did before the camera. A line or two: Henri Bergman, who has worked In every picture Charlie Chaplin ever made, lunched with C. C. today and discussed the role he'll play In "The Dictator." Charlie's devotion to his old friends Is one of his nicest traits. Mrs. Osa Johnson, whose husband, Martin Johnson, was killed in an airplane accident two years ago, is negotiating with Columbia for a series of adventure shorts similar to the ones she made with her husband in Africa. If you ask me, I'd say Mae West was looking for censorship trouble again with the title of the new show she and Lee Shubert will produce in New York. It's called "Clean Beds" and opens at the Golden Theatre in about three weeks. That pretty little Gilmore girl, Virginia, has had her teeth rtralghtened and looks so attractive that Walter Wanger has bor rowed her from Sam Goldwyn for a part In "Winter Carnival." Russell Birdwell's first book, "I Ring Doorbells," did so well that he's whipped up another titled "Sex In Business," which the author ays Is part fact and part fiction. Arleen Whelan Ponders to Be or Not to Be SnapsTjots of Hollywood Collected at Random: Richard Greene, 'ho underwent a tonsillectomy last week, suffered a bad hem-orrhace and is back in the hospital. Bob Ritchie took pretty Katherlne Aldrlch to the Milton Bren dinner for Ruth Mack. Arlpen Whelan Is trying to make up her mind whether to wed Alex D'Arcy or remain a bachelor girl. Dorothy Reviere, now happily married to Charles Johnson, a local oil man, was guest of honor at a party at the La Conga. She Was once Columbia's top femme star. Tom Brown and his estranged bride, Natalie Draper, actually Were cooing at the Seven Seas. Binnle Barnes, twolng with James McKinley Bryant at the Tropics, was almost seated next to Jean Negulesco, once her big moment. Bert Lahr has bought four ' acres near Myrna Loy's Cold-ater Canyon estate. Chatting so confidentially at Victor Hugo's were Joe Pasternak nd Louise Stanley, Georgie Jessel gets here Friday to spend a week-end with his bride, Norma Talmadge. Hope and Buddy Lighton are celebrating twenty years of married life with a large cocktail party to their friends. The story that Is going the rounds of a famous star who Is cr-a-zy "out a certain orchestra leader Is a figment of his P. A.'s Imagination. The lady doesn't even know the musician by sight. Bert Wheeler, now definitely separated from Sally Haines, was a spot with Paula Francis and Don Kerr. Kitty Kelly is out of the Good Samaritan Hospital and back at Work at Paramount. Jack Lewis (he owns half of Phoenix) Is in town with his wife 'or a vacation. (Copyright, 3939) AH Is Forgiven, Ranee Says BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., April 19 'A. P.). The Ranee of Sarawak, ho writes and paints and Is the mother of Valerie Brooks, actress-wife of wrestler Bob Gregory, settled " today lor a nine-day visit with "'"ids here and in Hollywood. The wife of the only white rajah was affectionate as she greeted her ""lighter, whose marriage two yeaTS jeo wm reported to have" been "owned upon by her parents. She all has been forgiven now. r Her left arm Is covered to the row with bracelets, wores of them. explained they were marie of Ele grasses and bamboo by the head-hunters. .... HOLLYWOOD, April 19. might be Interested in the deal Is L0CUSTl-,fMv,5tsN8w MATS. WEDNESDAY SA1TRDAY i nn Draatlo Fries HMtirtionfS UU All Orrhe. Men. Entire Bale. 60e plu tax Kama Caat Dm H m Thla i-nn Arr1my.Tkt(i.,Kiilv.Wymnn,.W130iMt- QHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA IT Kl'GENB ORMAXDV, Conailrtlnc T lit ic.t :30Tn at I SWnway lom.9-vit38t.Shrn IBe,,: Piano COm.IOr.K UTRINIi Ot'ARTET, AmI(Ih ALL OUT TO STOP HITLER AMD MUSSOLINI AGGRESSION Mn i In Mr w nmwarrtlnii !d uarn April Htni. t P. M. altarp, BriM RN 1"! Ait Cnwhoalovalt and ri'twthn-IttiulM federate! SoclitiM 1 1 -mmmimmimmm'-'m Bette Davis, film star, was forced fo talcs a vacation from the production lot of Warner Brothers' "Th Old Maid" when the became ill on the lot as a result of a severe case of sunburn. She acquired the excess tan while sitting in the sun at her Brentwood Heights home. Jane Webb Signed '' HOLLYWOOD, April 19 (A. P,).-Jane Webb, Chicago radio artist and daughter of Estelle Webb, former soprano with the Metropolitan TODAY PHILA. PREMIER 2$ "oni or my mmirt-nmiM' i , man, a wittt IMFUOINT SHOW WHICH IViRYONI WOUL Ml funk NtMMNf, n r mm Act Hi HARRY CARRY "T.iw Vrt nf Tnmh(fm" Adelphi; ! MS'i "Klnr of :ndfrwnrlil" N. S2d "(ilm.f Town Frnllr" jiotm nr short subjects CAROI.K UJMBARD "Made for Tl4-h Othfr" Allegheny J' Fredrlc Murrh "Thp Bticranwr" Allan 1509 15. Krimurai Ixiwe, Helen Mock Ambassador flt "(.L.NUA l)l.N' Virtor Mrljielen AdoIIo two big fkatures ?nrt A IV fkl it run:n:ft Thnmpwn CtFTS FOR TKK I.ADIFfl Avcnua pAT O'BRIEN LADIES' DINNER WARE Cl.t'lB Band Ray Ave. hel. Chelten Ave. nana box matinee, 25c SHIRLEY TEMPLE "LITTLE PRINCESS" Rlrhlird nrere. Anna T.mttw, rejotr Romero B-larade a'-'--w-ish talkie Mtnile lb. Snmmet W f W Bulmant m rnr.sTON foster """w"' M.rkfl "LAST MARNINfi" EDNA BEST, "Uttl'TH RiniNO" My fMn Is a Crro(oftlM "Everhody'g Baby" Rorwvn Pa 'ictor MrLAGLEN - "PAflKHl MNEH" Bluebird J" 'Utile Aitveniuresa" "Crlmimn Circle" firm Low Prleet Dally. Frept Sunilay ADULTS: MAT.. J.V: EVENING. 280 RrsaeJ S. Molly Picon in Her "MAMELE" ETniC'- BuPfJ "JESSK JAMES" Terhnlcotor Hit yrB With TYRONE POWER 47th SIt. Free Dlnnenvare to Ldie Cambria "ZAZA" f"W Shirley Temple Richard Greene ti t p .. Anita Loulaa 1 nt Lmlt 1 nnceu AU, IV TEOtMCOLOR ON STACK VAI'DKVIM.R & "LET US LIVE" Castle SMS KAR tvOFF LIIOOSI SOX OK FRAKESTF.rNl "tn "HnvirinP! BrBEAr" wayuqa rtv;it ,.n n..rii" Cedar nm rtr TYRONE rOWER JESSE JAMES' Century "IltinT a pKurtHf' CHPTWUT At HTM 1 7iTITAN TRldWi woflfttv Wif CHASING danger: if l.T,7W.''l! t Preitoa Foiter I r Sunburn Stops Film Star Bette Davis III From Excess Tan Opera, wu signed today to an acting contract at Paramount Studio. 0OOIS OMN 10 30 A M. Chelton '''"I1" TRESTOV FOSTER ViieiTVn Mmn 'THF. STORM" PTMNERWARE FREE 'I'O I.AfllKS CIsflrtolHli TI.ARK (iARI.E wiarneia ,Irsrf ,( norma khkarer "iniOT'S DKI.KiHT" T)reden Dlnnrware Free to T,rtie Colonial 31tltMor. Penny Slneleton A!o Fre to Lartlea Choice ot Han-cut Moon or Royal Me-roon Dinner Service Crett ma Twr MO MATURE ' Rii. Sim 'U)NK WOI.F HPV HI NT' "ARREST Ft'l I.IXK! PRI'MMOM)" Dent R''d hrl vunr r,lj(r, LEO f'ARRILLO eOeral "VIVA VILLA" Mltlng Bowl or Cutlery Free lo Lclie Darby, Pa. GMyR Swirt-fwut, "Amhiwh" It Py to Go to Darby Diamond ;;m'GUNGA DIN" Doris 4'"h CYINSTANCK BENNETT "Topper Tatie a Trip" Egyptian ll. CAROLE I1MBARD ' Crnwyit JAMES STEWART MaSe for Each Other" fT .'tfl-O .10) Frien ""t Cheltenharn Ave, fciien Feature: 2.5S. 7,4). n 40 VICE FOLLIES OF 1939" JOAN JAMES LEW CRAWFORD STEWART AYRES and the International Ice Follies Revue TftmfTflw "Yn, Can't ChMt nn rlanut aifm'' with Charlie McOrthy. W. C. FlrMe Fern Rack fwn tpetta young re n nab K y yvARNEIt BAXTER "Wife, Husband and Friend" Ah hel. Tyrone r t 30Tn Brtmc Power Jee Jamrr (Tvenproof Bakeware Free to Larlie Frolic "Mvaterloiti Mr. Mnfo" "BLACK BA.VniT" Gla)HtirJa Pa "Th" ' Wamlnc" vjieniiqe, ra. ,.r,nf w,twrd. DtffiSKERWARE FREE TO LADIES Grand 7 h mickey rooney wiunu anrdw "Ht CKLEBKRRY FI.VV" Fre fo Ldle Tableware or Dreaserware. Grut Northern kdgar hoover s BraaMi FREE TO THE LAHIES BAKEWARE OR DRESSERWARF. firnwatf 2d "OIRL' SCHOOL" Hamilton DOROTHY LAMOUR 6oth aunt "ST. LOUIS BLUES- Uitlw. fliaW f ""' "r Bmnewnw Hill1 Xfc W "Honolulu" Hollywood "THE STORM" "EXPOSED" ramaria Howard chafles bickforB nowara TH1, T0f,M.. Ijiit Item ot Carving Set Fre to Ladlea fin nvr ti -- . . University to Establish Movie Training School Southern California Announces Course In Studio Technique HOLLYWOOD, April 19 (tr. P.).-The movie Industry Joined with the University of Southern California today to establish America's first graduate school of cinematography where students can learn to make talkies, then step directly into Holly, wood jobs. The school, which will produce 'Danube' Play Starts Monday "The Brown Danube," new stage play about the last of the Hapsburgs In the present totalitarian atmosphere In Europe, will open In Philadelphia next Monday night for a week's stay, on Its way to a Broadway production. The play, a comedy-melodrama by Burnet Hershey, a well-known foreign correspondent, has Fay Wray, the screen actress, in its star role, while Dean Jaggcr, young Broadway actor, lays the male lead. "The Brown Danube" opened In Pittsburgh last week and was enthusiastically received. When the play reaches Broadway, to coincide with the opening of the New York World's Fair, Miss Wray will And herself treading the Oay White Way's boards with other Hol-lywoodians who are appearing In stage successes. They include Fred-ric March, Katherlne Hepburn, Sylvia Sidney, Franchot Tone and Nancy Carroll. Miss Wray has appeared In more than 100 motion pictures. Jagger has already appeared twice on Broadway this season, once as Jesse Jnmes in "Missouri Legend," and the second time in "Everywhere I Roam." ' 19A and f CHESTNUT (ttUCCt . ..irtlTFR .aatfond. IriiK JONES FAMILY "EVERYBODY'S BABY" FREE DINNER WARE TO EVERY LADY St art a Tomor,- 'THE LFTTI.F, PKINCEXH- Jackson 1'w0 Women and 7 Slranaa Men Trapped in a Hideout tlth t Ukn See "STAdECOACH" JOHN WAYNE "STAGECOACH" ,eBORO Jlimbo 'i'rcm' Power, Randolph Scott Front a ninrit "JESSE JAMES" Keswick JAN crawford . ' JIMMY STEWART 'ICE FOLLIES 1 9 3 9" Feature: 2.5S. 7,, 9 40 Tomorrow Charlie McCarthy. W. C Flelda "Von Can't heat an Hnneal Man" Lansdowna, Pi, ("A RY GRANT "(il K(lk 1IIN" ADDED MICKEY MOUSE CARTfKiV Lawndal ri';i ) Bomta (iianville HH. Sun "Nantr Drt. afportir" Free to Ladica- Simhunl Mixing Bowl Lenox M"' gkohgk brent ..H tvi.s rift OF THE NaVT" Locust m Sanw rrozram "Klnl of the I lirlrrwnrhj" "The I. ant. Etpreaa" Mayf air '' ' irrni" f'.r. m'v hetjy Mo&KMi W "ZAZA" Free $1.50 CAKE PLATE To Every Lady Today- First Item in New E-kl. Etched Oold SlOfl Dinner Set Media, Pa. MICKEY RflONF.y "HCCKLEBFRBV FINN' New Lyrie .) "Serreta of a Ntirae" a'lirtiffl ptnnrwnr tft Lfldle GUNGA DIN" r"T firtnt. Vlrtw Mrf,tla. ft. Flrhnli' Jr. Palm Fkd. it N'irHt Tyrone Power "Jesse Ja Park S'8!11"1 ""LtnnN(i with iatf." ' '"f" w '"''in nrre Jtl.. K r". Pastime dennis o-kebfk f 'Burn 'Em I p O'Connor Penn i'" "ALWAVS I.N TRIM blf' nifllinAn "Tom finwyer, Itelecllve" President lyw- Power. Nancv Kelly rresiaenr JESSE JAMES..y gnjr W LIVING TECHNICOLOR Extra Added Nelghhcrhood Movies. See Yoiiraeif, Friendt Ndehhnra on Ot)r PTecn R.finl iiv'if'I " k EDMUND LOWE ro.jui m,n .,cret of a Nurte' Marv Eilen Dinncnvare Free to Ladtca Renel 'r: Rialto JOHN BARRYMfWE "The C,reat Man Vntea" actual feature length movies on Its own sound stages, will open In June, 1040, and will accept for two years of practical study graduates of any American university able to pass Its entrance examinations, Upon completing the course, students virtually will be guaranteed positions in such studios as Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 20th Century-Fox, and others. The Association of Motion Picture Producers now Is working out the details with Dr. Rufus B. Von Kleinsmld, president of the university. All participants In the arrangement credited Sol Lesser, production executive, with starting the project and even with financing the opening of the school, Lesser, who has made a fortune specializing In pictures featuring Juveniles, said he had been thinking of the scheme for years. Lesser said several colleges, including the University of Southern California, Harvard, Dartmouth and Columbia, already have undergraduate movie departments, where students can obtain some knowledge of the Intricacies of movie making. Playlet Aids S. P. C. A. The Bessie V. Hicks Players will present a playlet, "More Than A Pet Show," over Uncle Jim's program on WF1L at 5 P. M. today. In the cast are Judith Warshove, Josephine Luccl, Reba Tassell, Evelyn Ha?.en, Mllllcent Cabot, Gladys Myers, George Salot, Jerome Wolk, Gene McWUllams and Iggy Wolflngton. The Hicks Players have given this season's performances for the benefit of the Women's Pennsylvania 8. P. C. A. Ridge i!h a JOHN GARFIELD "Tiny M Criminal" KOLLIV WENTVVAKD" "THE HEALER" Riviera "Stand I p and rialil" ROBERT 1AYLOR RlVOli f'-011 DOROTHY LAMdl'R Hanwa "HT. 1,01 IS BU KM" Another Hem of Boacmary Free to I.dle Rockland NELS'JN EDDY "Let Freedom Hint" Roxy ! ROBERT MONTGOMERY Kl.lia "FAST AMJ LOOSE" Free Gifts to Ladlea Mat. Eve. DINNERWARE OR DRESSERWARK Seville aritl Vsa-r "GUNGA DIN" Star Kiw. a Claudett Colbert, "ZA.A" litigli Item nf CjirdfiK Hrt Fca tfi l,i1lM Stonshurit i"rJ,'J. enatem ' ,ukm, "Snn itt l-'raoli-and "Mirtit Hawk" nhnrhnn Monlamery Ave., Ardmore juouruan Amp(l Pl)Ikin, CAROLE IiMRAPD. JOHN IIARRVMORE In the Snphistlnilod Cnmed' Hit "TW 'ENTIETH f KVTI III" Susquehanna DENNIS O'KEKFF, Rurn 'Fro I n 0!( onnor" inn A-e DinnerAare Krc to Member Temple 1i'h hI. LODIS HAYWARD "flillie of t I'nlnt" Torminnl s1''' "' Eleanor Powell Robert Young rorce Brn "HONOLULU" t.rai ie Allen Unique 'fM 'ifilff ffipT)crflr to Leijii Upsoi 1 Kvpninim Conf. Tmm Slfl Mtll'vn lMtf1i Virfrinia Rntfn "THERE'S THAT WOMAN AGAIN" 3 Choice of Cups of the Q Roval Blue Tahlewar "j Free to the Ijidiea -, or Another Item of the !eaaer Vt Venice 1 Rt.h a "Artliti in Msltli AbraaC "HOMICIDE Rl RF.AI " Vinln I4r,3 R't'i"' Week Hepburn Grant lw,ufHn. "BRINt.INO C P BABY" Tomorrow "Victoria the Great" Walton Cueltrn JOHN RARHYMORE ( "The fireaf Man Votea" Anthony Wavna Po Loretta Yoimg wirr. m RANn ano fhifnh" Wissahiekon; C fihie, N. Sheerer "iniOT'ai DELIGHT" Yeadon.Pa., JOE E. HROW.V 'FLIRTING WITH FATE' IT PAYS TO GO TO THE YEADON York " JANE WITHERS ,ol"Vtli "ARIZONA WtLOCAT" Conatan.e Reonelt. "Topper Tl.ea a THp" NEW JERSEY Maple Shnde C, Trevf... ,t Wavne "TAGFCOACH" - i Bard Backed By Zorina Do you have bptter than a "five- cent vocabulary?" Is there poetry In your talk and do you prefer speaking like Shakespeare wrote? If ao. you are definitely on the preferred list of Vera Znrlna. beau teous and shapely star of "I Mirried en Ar.Rel," which opens here at the Forrest Theatre on May 8. Vera, who has scored hits In ballet and screen roles, cannot understand why people are ashamed to speak well. "I don't mean to use archaic and obsolete words," she explained yesterday, "but I am convinced that Shakespeare's poetry Is necessary to revitalize and beautify speech." Moat I MM A.K Tomorrow! FOUR GRAND STARS Give Too Romance, laughter and High-Powered Dramatic Action! GEORGE RAFT ELLEN DREW MUOM ZASU HERBERT PITTS lit Pioeeftl The LADY'S From KENTUCKY ..t LOUISE BEAVERS lil()AYIG.(uOfiH s a 11 . r n ri i C K R :OClETM,::f""'A'No t mm Ot - ...,m" e... ...... w(CJ tn.l .u .i . ... ......... ...... nM fKHNl.ll Hm, liAHUAH ,,.7 l ririaaiv tJ'I "aiiN9 tatai I VrVVAN BOHNIK hi HON" In Uf MNirOtOI RWMWSWIIIMaiBB' Dai pat If I hou iNti t an aauoa niwi mill 25i WITHIN THE MW 1 iuih muit . aaut kiiu wm. eaoN ' 1 utaat bawut it WwTf DICIC" i I 'I'lHI CurM Uiiiiii 1 " ' VIM Jl J OHOUR Th. IlOOiSr UlSt HUN fO0UCTIONSt-U MAJOU NiWf. !ft(l - StllCIfB (HOII tUtJICtil r Mata it ma Ublatina ttua i mot nit 4'ht ham th jrpH net f Smg Sirtf't ftjhfinsi wardvn LEWIS i. LAWES CUUDETTE COIBfttT-DOM -TtTIIDIllCHT iOHNIAIRTMOl 25'!30' W C flflllS ChKti WcCABTMT f ai If RCf at ,'70U CAN I WAT AN HONIST MAN '. J U AT1M ten iiiv TlTlM I III t ""f l.aat rJ Imfa Tnrinv at 'I hraA 'rii.ulria STATE".STORX OK Al.KIt.KD NOBKL" Stot m Towtr ,9lh Savolfl K. Rooitvelt' Yorktown ' SHIRLEY TEMPLE Richard Greene, Anita Louise Francea llmlBann Rurnptt'a fjri-at. Novel "Tim LIT TLE "PRINCESS" Arthur Traai-her. SvWt .Jon, Mary Naah IN CIlHIQI'ri TK,(TINHy)llR l.aat Day al Oriilifiim 1'ntown Midway " Jn Crawford a. T . Dl...rt Orpheum I unit nf ism" WIWTTII ( rta'ii'hin (iarmantnwn l.aat Tlma Tla 9an Kla Jamea Cagney GermantOWn Humphrey Sogart an riaiinaataaa '-(ikinnnmn ma I- amh4 Raaa"i L.roii iva .. Wwsitlanfl , Alhambra Plaid Qlnw . v. t..... II nrlMir Alfvpflhlft Th'rlllinf Rnmanral rnforgettiiWa J""1' "STAiibLUAUi Claire Trevor, John Wayne 111 Mnrkaii MK.'KI'.Y iii BlOl"" Hiicklalierry Finn" Astor tllrart "IKI.NOl.l I.I Ardmore- Fre I'arkln to Patrona Liberty. Tac.Waverly' Ardmore ffi Fairmount Commodore Park)4 Strand ttonrBT rtnsAl.iNn MONTGOMERY RUSSELL "FAST AND LOOSE" Holme J.'! 3 HOUR SHOW U'BOY SLAVES' alan Baxter Pllia Tl M'R A, anvanritrr in inp r-..r rt'a ln.t!fl.,n..., N,.T-Ulr. Trs"'t"ir"' I,an "Mnrnln In lh Wnlt Hotiae" Biishmoiia WIU GlaMwara ta Ttarrfiu-rata Dinner Service to Lsrtiel Oxford K LantrA Sedgwick;,' Richmond HarrowgateSir ALICE FAYE Star of "Alcxanrtcr'a Rantlme Band" "TAIL SPIN" KANTY KFLT.Y. .TOA DAVIS Imperial. 60th Wynne WishartJ14 Leader GUNGA DIN TARY VECTOR DOUGLAS Grant MrLajtlen Fairhanlo, Jr. Orient n"Rma shkaiikr H WaMlan GaMa 'Id'ol'i Delight' FFF.F. TO I.ADIKS -MAT FVK. .'.11. 'r'M.II It h W n r (.u.yi.'it r;r,OR(;E o'brif, '"aY07 tlarkat "Tffiihla In auniln T: K . i;oi,n niNKHWAm I'BRIF.N Club to Sing 'The Mikado' 4 Opera Planned'-At Swarthmore OUbert and Sullivan's popular operetta. "The Mikado," will be given tomorrow and Saturday nights at Clothier Memorial, Swarthmore College. The production, being presented by the Little Theatre Club of the col lege, will Include the Rose Vallc? I Chorus of 60 voices. Th SEASON'S -"n.r AV.T . VlRGlNfA VERRILL f I'-iiMl,!,, IB Cae FOSTFff GiYfe 16 Tut jmyfi.:i9. MMBERJOWS BOB RfPA 30r.T40:59; mm J HHf OVIR 2mf WttK.' trrol I LYNN y DODGE CITY 5 IN TICHNICOtO ii0' j MHal f Olivia O.HAVIIL.NB 10,1 ANN SHERIDAN ,' vJ3a3 ' M.KUttH AiH HANI t t"I r 2nd Tramanifaua Wwai in n wwa.nvi'wi n i ........ m itnr n n... j iituru i Dmiiiir,(fi'(immio IHOW VA1UI IN AMHICXI l.aat 'llinaa Tnilay at Thaa Thratraa TH ST.'ti'IXIItX OP AWKKD NOBEL' Nixon Broadway"; TifK of lkruk chartehis' THHII.I.INrj MYSTKRV AnVKNTIIffES 'SAINT STRIKES BACK WENDY BARHIF, CFrriiriK HANDF.F TdNITB f)n Stair Amataur Nlta a.4 KJn 'Jult!e jiiiarhua ranleat With RWING BANn-Mnlh Theatrea Ntw Keyiton. Tail Spin' Centtr g,',1 "Pygmalion" ITiti M.rkat with I.FHUK HOWARD Miiegneny iiiwi,i,iint twe" Kent PYLMALIUN R.n. t riv with t.KSI.TE HOWARD I lallau 'h "WINGS OF THE NAVY" ....... j wk tinrJi '"" RiKklao4 Elmwaofl GEORGE BRF.NT Llndy-Krea tn Ladle Mat, & Eva. 7'J Kt. Cfilrt Pinnirwara Forum Gold Dlnn?are tn Ladlfi Liberty-4 , BITZ BROS. r'0rum atM," "Three Mveketeem" Prineatt CHARLES BO mi IBUMarM. T.AMAPR " Frankford ? "ABRKM1 hi i.i imji. ...... D..n. iritTNJ HAPFIYMAPl.' reiTon M Hlvd iuhfat man votks FHF.F niNNKTIWAHK TO I.ADIKS Aunn C'lnuilD'la "V A A" K1TZ BKOTIIF.RS "3 Minkekcn" Oromiey h )n(fi jeffr,v Lynn IJJI m k "I F. MY PAKLING ,T,"V"-' tiwiih IlAIKiHTKK" Mnr!! Bfantlftll rraaaarwai In I.sdlaa C-rl 5atnai t'AHOI.E LOMBARD Carl -ai) JAMF.R STEWART ' " FOK EAf'H OTHFR' TPFMFNnmiS .'l-HOt'R. 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