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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 20
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 20

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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BROADWAY AND AMUSEMENTS COMMENT THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. TUESDAY MORNING. MAY 4. 194; 2Q a 1) Catholic High School Girls Give Concert at Academy IN THE AIR FORCE GROUND CREWS they say: IIDnnil(nnii VafllkeD New York Letter Manhattan Memoranda Wendell Willkie. who apparently will try anything once, now plans to go on one of the major networks as a news commentator F.

D. R. will be informed this week by the Labor Advisory Board that if the cost of living can't be kept down wages most certainly will have to go up Leon Henderson has been telling every newspaperman a different story about his future plans and so far they include about 20 different jobs Sports dopesters predict that if the major baseball leagues close down the International League will land most of the stars. Even baseball is going international Motion picture reissues this summer will feature those players now doing distinguished work in the service, notably Clark Gable, George Montgomery and Jimmy Stewart Jimmy Hines. upon his release from Sing Sing next month, will devote his time to defense work and production along building lines, in which he has a quarter century of experience We now have such a superabundance of war weapons that a new "letter" agency may be scene is the verse-speakine choir of "KITE" for airplane 90 girls, directed by Margaret Mary Kearney, who recited several selec- tions by Milne and Tom Daly, with I remarkable clarity and unity.

"LANDING GEAR" for legs "KITE NURSE" for member of ground crew S. L. S. The Philadelphia Orchestra gave way to youth and beauty last night when the stage of the Academy of Music was occupied by the orchestra, glee club and verse-speaking choir of the Diocesan Catholic Girls High Schools of Philadelphia, presenting their annual concert. The orchestra of more than 125, under the able leadership of Benjamin A.

d'Amelio, gave a splendid account of itself in a program of for the favorite cigarette with men in the service Goodmans Benny Become Parents lormecs to get them shunted to the places where they are most needed All out war against the Japs will be the new order LQ3 ANGELES, May 3 (A. 2 i'S SMXrf jZW Benny Goodman's wife, the former i Gas instructions bulletins are being posted in many Wash Alice Hammond Duckworth, of New York, gave birth to a six-pound, 11- ington buildings, in line with the official opinion that the capital may get some token bombings within the next four ounce daughter. The baby, named months One prominent politician is moving to his suburban Rachel, was the first born to the band leader and his wife. residence for the summer and possibly for the duration light numbers, and one anticipates the success it m'tht, serious works. Its ensemble was excellent and the tone first-rate, the lush, warm tone oi string section.

The glee club, numbering 100, sang with precision and admirable response to the direction of Rev. John A. Murray. The pyrotechnics of Robyn's "A Heart That's Free" were negotiated with apparent ease. Something unique on the local universal Pictures is rushing production on "The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler, just in case The Coast Guard is taking over tne apartment hotel at 134 W.

58th st. as barracks for commis sioned officers When the USO opened its Chinese Service It's fun. It's easy. Anyone can win! Enter The Inquirer's Victory Tongue Twisler Contest. See details on Daily Inquirer Comic Pares.

Club in Chinatown, no Chinese soldiers turned up so they had to go out into the highways and byways and round up a few. for photographic purposes The grippe epidemic, draft troubles, have decided the Theatre Guild not to attempt to tour Oklahoma." The Latin Quarter holdup reported as S60C0 was nearer 511,000 Nat Narris, Miami cafe operator, is seriously ill in a Buffalo hospital On Thursday, Station WINS will devote the entire day, from 7 A. M. to 1 A. M.

Friday, to speakers for civilian defense, including Grover Whalen, lil CAMELS iT A a hav wh at TAKES EXTRA 1 sM, MILDNESS iMfi AND PLENTY A i KimrnnniBM in James M. Landis, Joe McCarthy, the Yankees manager; Mrs. Winthrop Aldrich and a number of society women. Monte Woolley will impersonate the late Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, his first serious role, in a new movie starring vehicle Jimmy Durante gets the top spot in M. G.

celluloid "Zieg- feld Follies Al Jolson is forming his own picture company to produce, supervise and direct musicals 20th Century-Fox has its eye on Sophie Tucker's autobiography, now called "Some of These Days," as a vehicle for Alice Faye Shubert Alley gossip FRsrv me SERVCE With men in the Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard, the favorite cigarette 2f Is that Vinton Frecdley instead of Michael Todd will produce the Victor Moore-Billv Gaxton show on Broadway next fall Ella Logan's uncle. Will Fvffe. will play his first serious role in "The TOBY'S A CHIEF PETTY OFFICER NOW is Camel. (Based on actual sales records in Post Exchanges and Canteens.) Racketeers." in London, written for him by Montckton Hoffe The deadline for renewals of contracts in the "Ziegfeld Follies" is June 1 and there'll be many changes and replacements Frederic March and Florence Eldridee are closing "The Skin of ll Pepsi-Cola Company, Long Jtland City, N. Y.

ran mlm Toby, the wirehalred pet of Grace McDonald, movie starlet, can't serve in the armed forces because he's too small. So his owner has bought him an honorary rating and the money she paid helps train war dogs. Our Teeth" and retiring to their Connecticut farm on June 1 Since Ethel Merman acquired a family her contracts specify that Ehe will not be required to go on tour. Frances Faye is in a Chicago hospital with double pneu monia Mrs. John C.

Wilson, the former Princess Paley, was injured in a runaway horse accident about a week ago The Marriage License Applications I.aura J. Gensemor. 37. 5335 N. 13th Rt Ira Gershwins are the proud parents of a seven-pound boy.

born today at Woman's Hospital. Mrs. Gershwin is the former Judy Lang, one-time vocalist for Vaughn Monro Man and Joseph A. Rowan, 52, Callowhill hattan's cafe society will be rocked by the details of a forth St. Dorin M.

Paine. 22. North Smithfield, H. I anil William A. Hoffman, 21, 324 coming divorce, in which the plaintiff, a wealthy and much-publicized matron, will claim that in 19 months of a tempestuous union the groom skyrocketed her household bills to $195,000.

lttth M. Ifose S. Horowitz. 31. 3124 Berk and Monis Wenltsky, 32, 3121 Hcrks st.

F.llzahoth I). Walker. 29. W41 l.anslowne Chicago will get the details before New ork does New York is getting a new talent agency headed by Ken Later, with backing by a millionaire buck private When George Vanderbilt escorts Rochelle Hudson to the nite clubs he introduces her as and Joseph i. Hirst.

2b, lt15 Conestoga St. Marv B. Stratton. 23. 425 W.

Walnut I.anc. and Crawford G. Adams, 23. Sudu. Mrs.

Johnson." IS. Y. Anna Sorkln, 22. 429 Mifflin and "Apropos of vour item April 24 about George Washington Joseph Rudolf. 25, Chester ave.

barkine 'The first American comedy, by Royall Cnrmrla T. Pepe. 2(5. 1935 S. Hirks st.

and Krank A. Capelli. 29. 1921 S. 17th st writes Mrs.

Dorothy Sutherland Trantham of Washington, D. Georglna E. Never. 23. 512 E.

Rosalie and Stanley W. Wagner. 21. Cressona Pa. a great-great-granddaughter or Tyler, "the comedy was wriiicn in 1787.

long before Royall Tyler became Chief Justice of the SuDreme Court of Vermont, in fact, before the Green Mountain Doris M. Charton. 20, 5949 Jannette and Clarence D. llunkle, 20, 4545 Flem State became the first of the original 13. In January of that year.

lng st. Elizabeth D. Keller. 18. 3249 N.

6th st and Edward R. Wasser, 21. Shenandoah. during Shay's Rebellion, Major Tyler, with a troop of cavalry, pressed west in the heart of coldest of New England winters, to save the arsenal at Springfield. Following defeat of the rebels nursupd them vigorously thouKh blustering snowstorms over Pa.

Marie A. Coney. 18. 5B46 KlnRSPKKlns; and Kdwln U. McMullen.

21. 16 IS. Cornwall St. Theresa M. Lawior.

19. 427 Pennsdale the hills of Berkshire and into New York and the 'territory called Tvler wrote the play partly to solace himself for being jilted by his fiancee, the charming Abby Adams, then residing in London with her famous papa, John Adams, our first Ambassador and Edward P. Maguire, 18, 46S2 Fleming st. Dorothy Moadowcroft. 23.

3307 Prince ton and Samuel 11. Ballam. 7012 to the Court of St. James. He eventually marnea jviary nuni Palmer, of Boston, daughter of his lifelong friend, Joseph Pearse Montague st.

Alice M. Conley. 29. 1236 N. Newkirk st.

ralmer. member of the Boston Tea Party, ana seuica in urauie-boro. Vermont, his adopted State." and Dominic F. Tammaro, 27, 4.J2G Wayne Sara A. Oulnn.

21. 4907 N. 11th and Joseph J. McGonigie. 2(5, 4825 N.

15th st. Dorothy M. Cole. 21. Arlineton.

and Richard L. Stevens. 19. Arlineton. Va.

Frances M. Weintraub. 29. 2ttm Soruce ana ixaman Hamburger, 40. 19U0 Locust st.

Elizabeth C. Casey. 19. 2847 N. Bonsall and Charles W.

Kerr, 32. 2904 N. Stlll- nian st. WnimcDneflll On Broadway (Trad Mark Registered. Copyrltht.

Pally Mirror. Inc.) Biqtown Ticlcer-Tape Glndys T. Alexander. 20. 1901 Walnut ami David G.

Scott. 25. Baltimore. Aid. Mildred A.

Guiles. 18. 482.1 I'mbria and Edward A. Gallagher, 20. 4823 Ogle St.

Catherine M. Solen. 24. 2018 S. Alden and Willard D.

Myers. 26. Detroit. Mich. Aenes A.

Morris. 59. Narberth. Pa and Edwin O. Lewis.

63. 190O Rittenhouse Square. GlacJvs Newsome. 27. 2311 Rnltnn at anrt The gendarmes have rounded up a mob of nine (including a gait who have bqen robbing men in uniform.

The femme was the lure George M. Cohan's boy is now marching to his father's -Over as a 2nd lieut. Nancy Carroll's arm decoration is Philip A. Atkerson. 35, 2311 Bolton St.

Jennie Gaudioso. 27. 1210 13th st unit Jom-pIi Kusno. 31. Mountain Drive.

Jam Pottit the Rritish ri.mdv Kav Swift, socialite ana Anici'linn Jenkins. 17. 8803 Botanic married a rrnvbov. who was last SCC11 here ill the and lliiKh McKenna. 2.

2737 S. 10th st. Helen G. Corcee. 2t.

905 E. Dorxet st and Abe l.aval, Xi, New Yojk-Cltv. liodeo at the Fair. They're parenting an Oregon ranch, and her new book about the whole thing is titled: "Who Could Ask for Anvthintr Mnrp-' New York hotels have been running at Bionislnwa Uusullsnl. 22.

139 Mantnn and Joseph M. Beletskv. 31. 1929 Cil- lowhill M. Irene A.

Stieber. 21. 2428 Gordon at and John W. McGlcaor. 23.

21H2 E. Sum. flM't St. Lena Madnirk. 21.

154 Tjirchwood and Sydney Nathan, 23, 1508 W. Glenwood ave. 92 percent capacity since Sept. Helen Forrest, vocalist for Harry James, is now a "looker" her prettifying: job on the coast At the new Casablanca, due for premiere any night, Phil Page's orchestra will do the sending. That's the new monicker for Joe Candullo Al Smith may head a group to try reconciling Tammany Hall factions in a primary fight They say a dark horse for the Repubs is Eric Johnson, prexy of the U.

S. Chamber of Commerce which probably explains all the recent press agentry. Antoinette M. Cannito. 23.

fi20 N. 4th and Frank A. Rucerito. 25. ljut.

low st. Rita T. Douehertv. 26. 3111 MnrH and Theodore A.

Gavalis. 28. 3111 'B" Morris st. Catherine D. Ottintrer.

20. 2537 Clear field and Joseph M. Hanrattv. '1 r5.v E. Ann st.

Bertha M. Rosenthal, 30. 2317 S. Bculnh Dr. Paul Schwarz, ex-German consul (until fired by Hitler for beine anti-Nazi), has finished his book on Ribbentrop.

covering st and Nathan D. Weiss. 33, 2003 S. Mh st. the sinister background of the former champagne peddler Ed Marie E.

Thnmoion. 22. fnriinie Why hod you it lightf Stanlev. ex-A. P.

nhoto editor, has quit the OWI Tammany and Frank B. Geller. 22. S. Bona- ffon Helen T.

MrAndrews. 27. 1314 W. Elm. Leader A.

Marinelli has a 70-year-old American-Jap butler named Toky, who starts the day every ayem by loudly singing "God Bless America." The neighbors then see him kiss an American Flag, nor and John W. Garrett. 35 n-inviii 111. Florence M. Sidebottom.

20, 6518 Kintt- TL-hirh he waves from his window Harrison Roberts, the A. P. sessin? and William J. Collins. -A 2042 S.

57th st. photogger who got into a jam over those erroneously captioned war (actually training) pictures, is rumored to have joined the Florence Horrv. 28. 1S40 Fernon st and yimdleir a bushel Raymond Giles. 37.

4017 W. Brown st. Mane I. Moscanello. 19.

1017 Emerv st and Nicholas Bartolomeo. 27, 719 Annln st. Eleanor I. Neile. 22.

4410 Manavunk ave and George L. Teller. 23. 662 Wendover st. i-ucy liraun.

31. 228 Benezet and Al. bert Ortino. 31. 8430 Germantown ave.

Fighting French. In a forthcoming film called "The Night Is Ending" (a 20th Century-Fox picture) Marcel Dalio and Madeleine LeBeau will appear They once were man and wife. He was a big star in France and they came here as refugees They were "poisoned in Hollywood" as the cynics out there put it, and finally got to the divorce court Both will get their big opportunity in this first big job In the main scene of the film Dalio has his face slapped by the leading lady, played by Madeleine! Elizabeth M. O'Brien. 35.

5253 l.arrh- wood and John H. Davie :7 84.1 20th st. Rose G. Chiofalo. 36.

1831 MrKean and Romolo DICarlo, 53, 1831 McKean st. Norma M. Minuti. 22. 2244 Dickinson ind Victor P.

Mascio. 21. 1413 Tasker st. Mary S. Welcer.

24. 4253 N. Hirks ttt and Fcter J. Piar. 23.

4506 N. 7th st A painting called "Nude" by John Sloan and donated by the Irene Niedosik. 20. 3143 Salmon Hall of Art broueht S20.000 of War Bonds at the Village Barn. A Alexander L'hniat.

24, 1133 German-' town ave. Eugenia F. Whitmore. 26. 905 Clinton Good lighting, good production go hand in hand.

Modern illumination in plants that under former standards were considered well lighted, has increased production as much as 25. But even modern lighting is not enough. Dust on bulbs, tubes and reflectors can waste half of it. That's why so many plant operators have regular crews to keep lighting equipment clean that's why they call in specialists to see how lighting can be improved in order to produce more, save the eyes of workers, reduce accidents. What is true of lighting is also true of all electrical equipment in factories, stores, homes.

They need extra care on your part. But they also need the expert eye of the electrical contractor, distributor, manufacturer or dealer to stop trouble before it happens. Don't take chances with electrical equipment that can't be replaced until the war is over. If you don't know whom to call, phone R1T. 7771 or Race 1731.

and Allien T. Brown. 25. Gloucester. N.

j. picture of F. D. R. brought $500 from a Republican Oddest jam session in town: The late shift workers from the defense plant next to the Hickory House in the spot every 3 ayem "for their lunch," Lorraine Gcrhardt.

21. 2I1 rc 4ih i and Manuel J. Hughes, 22, 2031 Hramly-wine st. The mother of a gal star in a current show almost created a Evelyn DIGulsxene. 27.

and Joseph E. I'liparo, 38, 6343 ave scandal the other nifjht alleging not enough support, etc. Insiders know otherwise the gal gives plenty Helena Rubin- Maiie A. McSor ev. 31.

Yenilon ln Mario H. Zuecca. 2S. 714 Lengue st. stem will surrender her luxurious private office for recruiting quar Marlorie H.

Iifgren. 25. Stanford. On and Horace 11. lleaton.

32, 3336 Englewood st. Violet Adams. 22. 702 E. Chelten av and Daniel J.

Delanev. 29. 1334 E. Hit. tenhouse st.

Edith Warner. 39. 2729 -t and John E. Collins, 50. Glenside.

Pa Mary It. Ralnsford. 27. 11)12 aoth and Allan J. Porter.

30. Palmvra. N. J. Kathryn E.

Miller. 20. and James E. Flood, 23, 1204 Harrison Dorothv A. Rpmer.

30 3111 The Electrical Association of Philadelphia public service dedicated to the best care and use of all electrical equipment and appliances and Christopher J. Haughey, 31, 939 L. Westmoreland st. SUITS FOR DIVORCE BEGUN ters for the Women Land Army. R.

Anderson Jardine, who won front-page renown by marrying the Duke to Wally, has written a book called "At Long Last," the phrase His Highness dug out of the tombs One of the fun feasts is the Harrington and Hyers hilarity at Club 51, particularly the "Doctor" episode between Dorothy Bigbee and Pat. Such goings on! A tragic tale concerns a former Follies beauty, whose kin came from Pittsburgh to rescue her from Bellevue, where the police sent her, not knowing her identity. She is now resting at a sanitarium near Lake Champlain, N. Y. Max Hill, war correspondent and author of "Exchange Ship," started the bond rally in Times Square by buying the first bond.

The backers of certain pro-Hitler mags are still being checked thoroughly by the authorities, in case they thought everything's been forgotten. Bob Hawk, the quizzer, put up some of the coin for "The First Million" the play that was cut dead by the critics. F. D. old home on E.

65th (owned by Hunter College) may be turned over to the WAACS and WAVES. The Robert Morleys i you saw him in Oscar Wilde in the title role) are now four. Ruebens is again prospering as it did in the lush nights of '29. Success is like this: Hazel Scott, who was happy playing the Ivories for carfare coin just signed with MGM for $4000 per week While Johnny gets his gun, John L. Lewis gets your goat.

Webb Kathryn Frances John Rich ard; Concio Ribella vs. Doml gall Bernice vs. Akiba: Schore Ada Fran ces vs. Jack: Carter Benjamin vs. Clar ence; Matczak Michael vs.

Marv- sey William L. vs. Violet R. McCallam Martjaret E. vs.

Thomas H. Winterberg Katherine vs. Howard; Newman Ethel vs Sidney. EXTRA CARE MEANS EXTRA WEAR $100.00 a day in cash prizes. Enter The Daily Innuirer's UY MORE UNITED STATES WAR BONDS AND STAMPS Victory Ton true Twister Contest.

See Daily Inauirer Comic Paes for details..

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