The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1934
Page 2
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TUESDAY, MAY 8, 8iVtwsvu.II OBI.T COURIER S*w PAGE THRU Prosperity? Here Are Figures to Back It Up! Vctcrs Will I'' I-' 'U 1 111 C T'i? iilh 11SS dr<)ol JOKIF.n. A: Cia! SL-il'.o] :•• cotjiily c.oi:r: I il.: f:;: M::: I. :.;::!;• ('-.•• ,»..•!<: t!ei!:ti!il- •ii;- b-.i: tin-. i!i:nin: :...; stlv::, »!i(l niii" in::!-- Itir a w.'iti: v. l.l :;•) to l!:e bi.-::r. .1 •::* n*.-.v 'J ii:- iv:i::nihi4 ' on t ro- Elnclion i l.iy s.- At a spe- ).i by tin- Miy l-.t in c';:i- :-. 'lihi: 1 election, 11 .;n opportunity •-•loi s for ihe rc- ;i icl 1 -. Uundet! in- b.ii: ,, ^ j{ ttftl-JCIPK/' . • .-' v-'. A :"~ •»! ? "•' - v • \ .^-"vy: -: - ; ...... •:•<'*>. "'. : ' "' : •'' ! & vest r.i'.t of four iiu: c :lt. :n i'.il:-:t:e.s \\-.\\ iviioil of thirtv i:i = ii' i:ii d .n'l tinr.k bii'-inrs-i is on tin- Tins iTvc.-.iin;; Infonnalion Mas ] ii[; and up in i-'londn study these ;nseiHed in c-ji.m-vliun will) the 1 at Cural Clablr-s. FLi. liiiiin.-.— tin- ones in lyijc. Him Heniv Uoberty U:iy celebiatlon on the : - bl' TI , n <aylor and Dunavant Oxford Graduate. U Spcakinif lien High England Named Services Held Suday Street Commissioner for Mrs. Hagemann Caiinliersvil]?. Mo., a — i HAYTI. Mo. — Fm ic nil services Unopposed at Keiser D! c F Ch:cl?/li. former priist of the Coptic or Ethiopian cluir-j 1 !. who ntidre. i sed nK-eiin-*.s la-re in 1S30. leturivd to lilyllievitle Ka'.in:!ay fi:r a series ol inectin 1 ^ :.t v.liich he will b];eak to bijl.ii v.hile and lugro uruuus. i KEISEK. Alk.. Miy 8 —W. M. Taylor i.nd >;. p. nimavant are tin- op;»scd ns eanrlida:e.s for re-elec- tiun i-j the b':ard of directors of i':.c Reiser •3c.:c:il dislrict. Ha.loi.s for iho elertion. to b° l:c!d M.iy 15. will iiTOvkle for sp:i:- tins the inilla'je t,\x so ihat vcters. may ilciiynnte a sivc-n percema^e for the retireiiient of bunds and Ihmh Englaml was ap]Hj|nted street were held at Sccred Hearl Clmrrh coinmiiisioner. .succeetiiiif/ O. LJ-.o! Curnlhersvilic Snnilny morning liurton, who had held Ihe ollice. for Mrs. Adella Hagemiinn, 52, lor a tnnnter of years, in the' wife of John Hagemnnn. Scrvlhe.s only change made in appointive were h) charge of Rev. Fr. E. T. otlicials by the city council in Walsh of Caruthersville. Inter- '22 Cooler High 1 Graduates'Will (/r! Diplomas C'OOTER, Mo.— Commencement i-sviTlMi; lor -f2 gralihiles ol Cooler !;i*-h .srhool suM Le helil Tlnirs- iby ills;:.I. M:iy Hi. with i!n* Mull. l..mji!<m Jiuii'S nl Kcnnell delher- Mi.-.s l(ol>;'it:i Whit-, dailjMlKT ot M: .mil Mix. |( o. Willie, is vuk- < ami Miss m.mch lx>nls'.* A-.-.I. diuiKi tor <n Mi. mil Mrs Cii-oric Ash. Is 'lilt- bfuvutomva.e si-:-iiion was ilt-;,\v:nl Sunday inuinlni: by t Hi-v. Civil Mi*-,i<iiiAn, ji.islo;- of Ihi* :<> Hapils! clniiYh. Tile Uii-1 >v-houl nice ehib. under the Unvcllon o; Mrs. Floyd w.msie:. "Holy Holy, Holy, 1 ' and "|,.. M We KM-. (»:adii.Ui{in e> Kll'.-.lll glltlle Cl , U'ldjle.sdjly Ill^lll '.\i!l deliver tin- addu-s.s ; Ml-mlHM.S III till- Illilh M-llOOl . ii.illun t>es:des UK- him.n 1 sill-' 1.1'iiliF. Misses Wliit<* and As :, arc: William Jetinilli-.s AMiiicl. Mary Jewell Aslw-r. Joliivon Hurlwr. Holly Mack lirown. Mildi rd Cas'.ermiin. Claude* |)L- Cui:r!cy. Callle Ma" D'.ikc, Ile'en Fm-.dcrlmrk. Ijnls Ck'S- Irlnt-, IKHIIc Ulcer, Mlchi". M.nio Owens. Miirjnrn- Paul. Kutlt; Hi'll lieddlrk, Uimi'.hy I,. Ko^rr.s. Miirilyii 1/jifiio Rush!],:;. Fred Slm- n:ojL>. James W. Ti irv. Susie 1JU1 Terry. uiKl Flum ,\lk-e young. By Questioiiaiiv: I.:'.<Ti>sllnB fncts ns lo :o|ilo think til . . Death Cliirai Former Phyiiciaa at Hayti HAYTI, Mo. — Funeral services were Iwld at th« Baptist Church Monday afternoon for.Dr. John \V. Johnson, former physician of this of Junior high .school miller tin! direction of MLsx Man- Kinmii Hood. jNinneions niiislfiil facts city, who dnck-u UK; Annie Cunrie Attends i Popular Interest Washington Conference! j,, j\-[ us j c " OSCEOLA. Ark.. May B—Annie' Ctiri'le. Jenns ;ni[>crv:t*or o( niru] I neijro schools In MlAslsslupi conn- ' ly. Is In Washington ihis week intending Ilic imlloii'il fond-ronce of IJ1 > ii'.'ifro L-iliif:illoii:il Iciuli-is, called by ""' Ilic ffilrinl Uiironii of itliu-jiiion |Min 'I'ln- ni-uro sii|x-rvh-;r AILS inunr.l 1 llt-ll-'ILItl' fllllll AlklllS.lK bV III!' slate boaid of educatUm mid lu-r cxpi'iisi-.s 1 y\rj'i* [cikl by tin- ni-mo -_.^. ... ^ Srarfcers iissuclalloii, MippK'iiienlcd " s ^''d 215 IHM-.SOIIS who ivpiTSonu-d ti-r, l.ucllli*, anil n by n donation from Hit 1 toiinly sm ' 11 H'adi-s nnil iJi'ofcsslon.s us association «f sii|H-iiiHcinlcnts and ''"'iiicrs. physicians, U'lcpliont ou- prlnclp-ils of l!:i> whlio sctmols. lonilors; housewives, .snli-sinen, A!so Htlendiiiv* tli t * mreting n.s a I sli'iiogrnphors. riit'rchatil.s. barbers, Icli-Biilo from ilils stale Is E;IJ.I!I ' li'iii'liris. lawyers, butclici* and TliomiMiin ol Osu-ulii. ii;*iro eonii- ,wiilliTs.sfs. ly aai'iit. M4HIH- of Hie queslloiis nskeil [were. "Wtint Is your fiivorlle inns- jleal Instrument?" In Uib; tlio violin runki'il flr^t, with Hie }>iano iiwny ot his lioine i'lie Rev, W. Compere co Dr. Johnson was born nt-ceinber were 1. 18T/. He Ml tils wife, u dniiijh- son, J.'vW. Jr, Interment was at the local mneiery. Melton Will DeUver Address at Weiner Motor Company Files Incorporation Papers Sunday h mu:is . u diurej) oi> KlngtioiiV and delivered t „ ]rjrsl xi t . t ) 1Bl |i.s: "Chi-isfs Universal "Are We Ululdrei: a dfi.nue pro:x)ri:ou for =choo! U One Common Father." and Four Assessed Fines for Dislurbin? Peace T'.vo tr.on ani! cv.u '.vinncn were tiiittl hi niiiiucjjin! court Monday on etjnn-es of libturkini; the peace. nlaMfhr- Knijrht wa.s !r.ed S7.50. Il'a'.i'ko 'rnvjfir. S-i. Cko:ue Cn:ii|>- tiil .55 nn;i Vaster Crawford. S3. A chui-i;!! of nbMructing Mfl*- dockclcd i'.jjaiii.-t Ezra llinnp- Inn. nr;:ro. who allegedly llr^e^l a IH-:TO i*in*)loye of hi.s larm to f!tr- ivhi-n told tliiil a wiiri-jint WHS on: ! a '.lie. 111:111. S;.nday inylst he- spoke to a nK-el- :na of i:i-yiwi ai I'ibrin-.'s Ri-si fhlilrh on "FovuctLi:-.y 111" P.ISI nn<l !,Mnj in the rreseni". l>r. Chi-clx/h '.vas the first bi.ick msn to rc-ceivc the Ph. D. lic-^ree tioni Ox fort! Uniicr.sity, Eiyiland He l:ut t:\ivel 1 d tliroi^'lirnu l!i- scoiltl for 3G years nrnng iKirjnon;. htnon.! ihr tacc.s ant! racial con- i cio'.!5n:^s anicii'j negroes. annual apiiaitiiiiu-nt a oilic- 1s last niglit. ' Jack KiiiL', ]iolli:prnan. \v:i.s sns- ., | pentU:d fi. c an economy move. Old officials \vlio were ix-ujpoinl.1: to serve for the uexl year -vtie: Victor Malluine. fire chief; Evciett Aiyo. fin- truck dtiver; .\!:s. 'I'lii-lina Harper, waler lx>o/:- ke<-|xr; Kveretl Itccvis, cily t-oini- .illor. inent uas at Little Prairie Ci-me- ; lery. Carllthersville. i Mrs. Hagcman was born June 11. 1881. At her dealli she left a husband, six daughters and i % >rce sons. MartJiierite, Cecelia, Edna, Irene. Mary. Eliwiueth, James. John and Anthony. Ann Cannon Smith ! Is Awarded Divorce Anldi-.s o[ hu-in|xHiiiloi- in-ii Illeil wilh ihr .senelin Mile lit Ultlr Hwk for Ihe 'oillx'diu? Motor company uf lievllle. Tin- c-ipltal Mock of >:iny Is Jfj.OOO. nm;-|!i> V Jl IK-IS are oryalil/er.s uf tition. JOINKK, Ark, May 8.—M. w. Melton, suix-rinlcixlent of Shawncc Coasolldated se.'ool here, has been Invllcil lo deliver the comincncc- vi* ,, , ,, . . iticnl iiddress at the closliii; of the ' | .iKBMl Crass 1 and "I,, llie Sw.-l Wi-lner hlah sc i luo | lllc eve,,°g of '» llju mill live. Hie fuvoille |H>p- M ny 18 8 sieond. Tin- inujnrily n( lllixse t|iii'ricd en{>ii(!i'd In Kioiip sintjliiK. l-'iivoitle hymns weie "'Hie Old Ijtt- Illy- roin- Ihe U-,- unt', lilt- coi-|i- ular tune Wlieel." Only three Interviewed f ;!».• Old Attends Board Heeling OSCEOI.A. Ark. May 8-II E Kletclvr |s In Tuscaloosa. Alii.. Ibis «t-ek lit tending u mcellnj ol the iird of lieueiil.s of i!,i> Alntamn MIISUIIJII of Nnlinal HLstoiy. of wi.lch he Is one o: Hie few out o! slale lil'jinljers. out of the number onsltleieil II "aLssy" i oilier iinisleal Insiriimi-iu. 'I'lie ma- Ijwlly <!o or would |;ive lllclr children mnsleal tnilnlnu, I Tlie qneMloii. "If yon play 1111 Instriimeiil does ll udd lo tin- en- |joymciit of your leisure lime, or If yon could piny one. do you think II would 1 /" was numeral In Ihe iifHrnmllvc every time. The uionllis slim! of belli;! lire numbered. In- named, in Jupan. Kjrturj- Aulhorltrd FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE ncnnlnc Frljjldalre Purt.s Fiiclory '1-ialnetl Mcclinnlm Heasonable Clmrucs l>uj 67 -I'honi!- M t ht 4M Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 407 Main St., Klythtvllle deprersiot! :5 nci a divinv j City or law." he declared lure.! for two "tut the huma-.i outcome of k'rc^d and .H-irislinr.s,':. ^nd cunr.ot b? !:ille:-'-tl in-.til l!ui? is a dethrone- Jone.storo atlijrney'.s request while !iii:-t ol such forces and the en- tl-.c- latter was out of the di,lricl :l:i'o::emnu of love anti f;oodne^s en a trip to Louisville, Ky., for in i!:o niintls of men." ihe Keninckv Dr-rbv. Bassett Postmistress Undergoes Operation Looper rmch Hits I'or n Jl all fi BASSCTT. Ark.—Mis. Jennie U Dudley at Lake Utyj K ciiy. 32. uassett postmLsims iimdi-rwent an oitci.iiion M-<i<rin\ . Olnudc- r. Cuoper, local .ittorncy. | morning .it Baptist hospital, Mem- it turned here at noon today after I phis, anil i.-. reported Improved.; aciing as iiroJccutor at the Lake j She has lion in the hospital since! teini of circnii criminal court j Frbruar- "I! when stie wns laki.-n I davs in the absence of!-her? lo: treatment of nrllirilliJ Denver Dudley, district prosecutor. U the continues lo improve she Conpcr acted for Dudley at the ;si a i>ntly will be brought home in iwi er three weeks. Her sister a-.d nssiuaiu. Mrs. Calvin Wil- H""-s. is in charge of the pisl- ullice. HOTSWINC.S. Ark.. M.iy 8 'UI" Ann cannon Ki-ynoals SmlCi Ii:st wife of the hue Smit'i uey- nolil.s. tobacco heir, today wn.s Bniiiteil a divorce from hei stcoiid h'l.sbantl. R ISralidiin HmUli Jr., o[ CtincoM!, N. c.. en (jiound.s of "i;en- tr;d irKll^r ties. 11 The cutip!c- was i'.-.arr!"d at Hlow- ina Hock. N. (•.. M.U- .|. I.>:JL*. . Mrs . Smith cslnWIsiu-d re.sidence ;.cre in l'\-bnrarv. Laxative "CHILDREN LIKE THE SYRUP" The clean Center Leaves are the , ;: , r ,,.^ m Luckies are all-ways kind to your throat As you can see from this pictiire - Ltickies" fine, smooth quulilv doesn't just happen — for we use only ihe cU'iin cotter Only tlie clean center leaves—for which farmers :tre paid higher prices — for the center leaves are tlie mildest leaves—tliey taslf hetter. 'I'heii —"It's toasted" —for throat protection. And every Lucky is fully packed with these choice tobaccos — made round anil firm —free from loose i-iuls —that's \\liy Luckies "keep in con- iluion"—ilo not dry out. Ltickies arc always in all-wavs kiiul to your throat. "It's toasted" / Luckies arc ff//-«•» y.s- kind to your throat YOU'RE HIDING FOR A FALL IF JUST ANY STRAW WILL DO /i/i n ^ V tt'ii L-7uvjfc f D, Only the Center Leaves-ttwse are the Mildest Leaves 7&f 7*t'&%d&' STETSON STRAWS /-pin:UK art- certain men whose tastr and * jiiilginent are so sound tlieir friends anil acquaintances make a piac- tice of fi)llowiiiK their leadcislii|). Whcllicr it is tlie purchase of an auto- mnhile, a plot of land, a block of securities, or a straw hat, tlieir unerring eye for value permits them to secure the most for their money. You'll find that such men of discriminr- tion almost always wearSrKTSON STRAWS. You'll do well to follow their example! STETSON STRAWS • STETSON TANAMAS • Oiher Sailors and Body Hals from $ 1.95 NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO.

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