The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1953 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1953
Page 4
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PAGE rouw W,YTHBYTU,E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Societu, A/eutA Pal Mullius) Society Editor Phont 4461 Bridge Party Given at Club An tvect of yeiterday wu a brMo party given by Mri. Marvin Nunn, ST., when »he entertained mt«nbers of the Town and Country Club and guests. Mrr Paul Pryor and Mrs. Harold XUMI were guest players for the alter noon. Centering the email bridge tables, at m'hich party foods were aerved, war* tmall arrangements of white inapdragon and seen about the entertaining rooms were potted poln- settlas. The afternoon was spent in ptay- • Iny bridge, when winners were Mrs. A. B. Reese and Mrs. G .G. Caudill. Club Entertained ,By Mrs. Wilson Mrs. Baker Wilson was hoste. 1 * yesterday to member* of the Wednesday. Bridge Club, wJien she en- terifc.ned with a luncheon followed by tn afternoon of bridge. ! All guests were seated at one long table .which held an antique coin- pot* of sweetheart roser The affair WM given nt Blytheville Country Club. Winners of the bridge game Included Mrs. P. E. Black, first plnce. and Mrs. Wilson, necond plnce. DAR Chapter Plans Luncheon , Members of the Charlevotx Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution will be entertained Tuesday fit Hotel Noble, with > 1 p.m. lunch followed by regular meeting. Hostesses for the occasion Include Mrs. George D. Pollock. Jr., Mrs. P. V. Rutherford and Miss 'Cordelia Wilhlt*. Coming Events 1 Thursdij Mri. Rodney Banister entertains Thursday Contract Club. .Mrs, Frank Seay Is hostess to members of the GEO Club; Heart Fund Benefit Card game Is to be played at the Hotel Noble, with duplicate bridge with sections!' rating, and party bridge and cati- ftstii, at 8 p.m. , v Frldaj- ,,.v •. ;, ..' Mrs. George 'D. Polloclc fc hostess to members of the Friday. Contract Club at 2 p.m. . :y. ' Past Matrons and Patrpni Club has meeting at Masonic -Temple at 7:39 p.m. with Mrs. Raleigh Sylvester and Mrs. T. J. Bailey hostesses. Saturday the City Library Is being held from 9 to -11 a.m. -LJh e ^nApialA Dismissed: ' . , Louis Hughes, Jr., City Louis Fraizler, Cooler Ramona Banriergril], city W«lls Hospital Dismissed: Mrs. s. L.. Green and baby, Huffman ' Mrs. O. D. Rhoads and baby. City . Miss Eloise Golden, City Mrs. B. H. Williams, Tyler, Mo. Mrs. C. A. Miller, City. Bits of News 4 P* ersimai Seaman and Mrs. A. J. Book arrived home d Mrs. Tuesda y night from Long Ucach, .Calif., to spend a 16- day leave with their parents, Mr, and Mrs. Arthur Book and family and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Flowers ami family. Seaman Book has been serving on the USS Manchester, but will be sent to Hawaii and Japan for six months on his return to Long Beach. Mrs. C. L. McWaters »nd her daughter, Mary Alice, are patients at tlie Baptist Hospital, where they have been since Saturday. Mrs. McWaters, who Is In Room 702, Is expected to be dismissed today. Mary Allceo who Is In Room 357, is expected to remain approximately two weeks, and will then be confined to her home for several more weeks. Mrs. G. O. Poctz visited them yesterday. Smith Bracken, Sr., who has been seriously III for the past three weeks Is reported to be improved but Is still confined to bed. The Rev. Bernard Bracken, who has been 111 since Sunday, Is also reported as improved. Mrs. G. A. Hines of Charleston, S.C., has arrived by plane to be the houseguest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rupert Crafton. She will leave the first o( March to Join her.hus- band in New York. LI. Carl l t . Robinson arrived in San Francisco, Calif., yesterday from Korea, where he hns spent the last year. He plans to fly lo Dallas, Tex., where he will be met by his sister, Miss Tonmiye Robinson, who Is visiting 'another brother. Harold Hoblnson, student at North Texas 8iate,?penlon. Ml.u Robinson ac- coiu|).ihied her brother to Texns following his visit here for Christmas, and will accompany Lt. Robinson home. Mrs, Mel Hay and Mrs. Bob Coleman motored to Memphis today to meet Mrs. Coil-man's mother. Mrs. fUissell Canipbcll. who has been the housegucst of another daughter, Mrs. Ira Jones, and family at Fort Smith. ens, me leaving tomorrow for Corpus and sons. Davla and Charles Stev- Mr. and Mrs. John Charles Bright Chrlsll, Tex., where they will remain for two months. Harold Hodge of Houston, Tex., arrived Tuesday to be the of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Hodge, and family. Hunter Hughes, who suffered a heart attack. Is reported to be Improving, tie Is confined to his home on Dougan. Howard Caldwell Is convalescing at Ills home on Clark Street. Mr. Caldwell received a foot Injury several weeks ago. Three Honored With Party Here Freddy Ix;e Sttadman, Frances and Tommy Gammlll were honored by their grandmother, Mrs. P. D. Foster yesterday at the Blythevllle Country Club, yhcn they celebrated Ihelr birthdays. During the afternoon, they were entertained with JusgHne acrobatic acts, performed by Billy Sam Berryman, and by playing Barnes, Centering the table from which party foods were served was a large three-tiered cake inscribed with "Happy lilrthdny Freddy, Frances and Tommy," That Magic Cape County Sing-ing Convention Planned An event of Sunday will be a meeting of the MiB.slisippi County Singing Convention, which scheduled to be held at the Full Gospel Tabernacle on Lily and Vine, and will begin at 2 p.m. The convention is composed of all churches wishing to attend, several special quartettes will sing at this monthly meeting. Hubert Polsgrove, president, will preside over the January meeting, in which election of officers for the coming year will be conducted. Don't Let Lack of Cash Keep You From Enjoying Natural Gas Service Now! H isn't necessary fur yon to save up (he cash before you star! enjoying the many advantages of Natural Gas. We'll finnnce your natural j;<ts pipe Installation for you. You select your own pipe installer to do the job. \Ve pay the entire bill and let yon pay us back on low monthly installments. 12 to 36 months to pay .... depending nn si/e of the job. Call, write, or come In and see ns for complete information on this plan thai makes it easy for you to start enjoying natural gaa right away. No obligation. Ark-Mo Power Co. >8 2? \l\i By Sue Burnett Truly a musician when it comes to mnke your clothes do double duty. The clever, feminine-looking cape that lu.-ns ti simple bare arm dresa Into a sparkling street costume. This one in women's sizes. Pattern No. 8913 Is a scw-rlte perforated pEittcrn In sizes 32. 34, 36. 38 40, 42, 44, 46. Size 34 r 4}L yards of 39- ncli; cape, For tills ynrd.s, pnttcrn, ,send 30o,- COINS, your name, address, size desired, antt the PATTERN NUMBER Sue Burnett, Courier News, 375 Qulncy SI., Chlcngo 6, 111. Ready lor you now—Basic FASHION for '52. Full nnd 'Winter. Tills new issue Is filled with Ideas for smart, practical sewing for a new season; glflX.Pnttern printed Inside the book, 25c--, THURSDAY, JAN. «, Itt* Use d Good Suritan Lotion Wkile Getting Winter Tan B/ BETTY CLARKK A I* N«w i feature* Beauty £dflor Winter suntanVart easy to come by. You live.with hie 'sunshine or move to the warm climate Jf you can afford it. And If not you take your choice of sun lamps, V/lTatever your plana. Include In thnm a chance to get acquainted with sunbathing rules you'll need to Bret a beautiful, hfallhfni tan without exposing your self to the dangers of painful sunburn and bliMers. Hern are somo fads which should e helpful, ; Suniamp BalMng 1. The ultra violet (or tanning ray.s) Jrom a .sunlnmp are far more concentrated than the natural rays of the sun. Hence, bathing with a sunlamp, though as effective, perhaps, .should be done far more cautiously. 2. Be sure to follow directions you receive when you purchase your fiunlamp, particularly those telling how far you should be from the amp when It Is In use, 3. Cover exposed areas of the skin with .a good suntan lotion so that Just enough ultra' violet rays penetrate through to your skin. In this way you will prevent painful burns and unnecessary peeling, while acquiring a smooth, even tan. 4. Pick a non-oily st.ntan lotion so that you prevent unsightly greasy tains from spoiling clothing or furniture. A good non-greasy lotion Is Just as effective as an oily one. 5. Cover your eyes with cotton pads dampened with eye lotion or witch hazel or wear sun glasses to protect your eye* and the sensitive areas around them. 6. Follow timing Instructions applying to your lamp, Setting an alarm clock is the easiest and surest way. Many a third degree burn has resulted from someone falling asleep under a sunlamp. SunbaUiiiift at Sea If you aic going lo get your winter tun on the sundeck of n cruise .ship, there are other special factors to be considered If you would acquire a good tan without discomfort. All are based on the radiation of the sun's ultra violet raya. Radl- alloti Is reflected by water ais veil as san dand Ice. Reflected radiation Is Just as potent. Just rts menacing to the skin, as direct radiation, according to .skin specialists. Parsols and deck awnings, though offering protection against direct radiation, offer little if any against reflected radiation. The long visor- ed caps commonly worn by fishermen protect against direct ^acila- lion, but not against reflected ra- tllnUon, but not against reflected radiation. Moist skin Is more sensitive to painful burns than dry B! Hence the skin burns,more quickly at sea than on land. Suntan lotion should be use^ on board ship as frequently as It Is used on shore. Sunbathing *t the Bench When you are near the water In an area, unprotected by trees, you must protect,your.,skin with a good sAintan . preparation. But. unlike sun bath ens we have mentioned, you can stay In the sun far longer. If you use n good suntan lotion, following directions carefully, you cv.i su nba l.h e w H h sa f ety for se.' eral tiours at.a time without fear painful burns or blisters, Manners, Speech Of That Man . Around the House A husband Is a man who: Will ask Indignantly, "Where In the world have you been?" If he gets home from the office 15 minutes before you get home from a orldpe game, and ?o leave you to on a • week's hunting trip with what lie considers a husbandly Interest In your welfare, a reminder to "be sure and lock the doors at night." Isn't even sheepish when lie Ruth Mlllrtt fails to notice (he neiv curtains In K«ep '53 RwoJutlon* For Glomour Ar NtVafM So you want to bt tWAUttful, pr«t- ty, charming, adorable, sweet and Clamorous to Hie rest of the world. A small order, but 1( that's your inaln wish for 1953, now Is the time to wrap the little nuggets of wUh- ful thinking In their glittery sequins and strive to keep your New Year's resolutions. Here's the way to take out that beauty Insurance that will pay dividends In the future. Bo start paying premiums Into your glamor bank nok. Her*s how: 1. Hands and NaIJi This Is the time to' train nails to grow In a pretty shape. Every time you wash your hands, push your nail cuticle back gently with the towel. A buffer is a fine Idea for smoothing the nails, although some consider this method old-fashlonrd. If you have the time, It Is an excellent way to keep your fingernails smooth and pretty. Use an emery board, not a metal lile to shape the nails, and do not round them at the corners If you want to avoid hangnails. If nails are brittle, drink more milk and eat healthy nails. foods beneficial to Keep hands smoothed In winter by remembering to nib oil, lotion or special hand creams Into them him a pet name in public however the bedroom, the ones you spent all | pleased he looks when you call hi day making, but looks hurt if you | the same pet name at home, don't mention that he has had a] Oroans to you that he thinks he j Is dvinif when he Is ill, but starts kidding about his ailment the mtn- THURSDAY & FRIDAY 1S5.1 Rose Howl Game cVENTDNNIER THAN 'The PAIEFACE' SONor Paleface Paramount News & Selected Shorls! "Teachers Are People" & "Army's First" R1TZ GUESTS Mr. and Mrs. Pan! Holland nnd family Mrs. Ruth Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Kill Hrobovsky and family Mr. ami Mrs. Jas. E. Do/.icr Meat Curing . . . Processing For Home Freezers and Lockers BLAYLOCK'S Baby Chicks — Custom Hatching — Wholesale KKRS :N»- Bl>lhevlll<r Phone 3172 For Fine Foods, Choose PICKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries We Deliver Call In 2043 Come In 1044 Chick. haircut. Never says "I wonder what I did with such-and-such,' but always asks "What did you do with this" or that?" Needs you to hand him things if all he Is going to do Is put a light bulb in a celling fixture. Insists that you've got to stop cooking such big meals because he Is' gaining weight, and the first time you serve him what he says Is enough for anybody, polishes off a box of crackers and a half pound of cheese before going to bed. Is the life of the party when you are dead on your feet and dying to go home, .and falls asleep In his chair when you want him to be especially charming to a guest. Looks unhappy svhen you call Symptomsof Distres* Arising from STOMACH ULCERS ™*TO EXCESS ACID QUICK RELIEF OR NO COST Ask About 15-Day Trial Offer! Ovw four million lK>tUtt! of tho TViri.*nn THKATMENT havfl tK^ji sold for reliof of symitUimKofdlstrras arising fromStom»«h >ncl Dueifanal Ulcer* duo to CTC«» Acid- Poor Digestion, Sour or Up4«t Stomach, Caiclneif, Heartburn, St«pI*Kn«»*, etc., lluo to Exc«t« Acl4. Ask for "Wtllard'c Motcax*" whJcb fully explain* this remarlr- nb!c homo treatment— tn* —al Barney's I>rug Stor« Rorum's Ilrug Store City Drug Company lluglies-rlrogdon Oruf Store- Klrbjr Bros. Druj Co. KIrby Drujf Company Rothruck Drujr Co. Woods Drug Store xora: Felly's Pharmacy utc he has a man caller. Can't understand why it exasperates you to have him tell you not to go "to any trouble" when you're having six for dinner. Told you all the time that he was courting you that you were different from other women and then spends the rest of his life saying "If that Isn't Just like a woman" every time you do something or express an opinion he thinks Is unreasonable. Compltlioti . . . remove Impurities ttttr WMbin* dtohM or iMtr ten* h»T» b»»n ttpoml to cold. >. ia*. Mat Bath* 6ft«n to from pore«. UM Ktp UvIshiyT Use a pumice stone on sole eal- iisw. Rub he«li with stiff well- soaped brush. Wash face with Map In gentle fashion. One nkin expert adviws nibbing fooi so»p directly on ths face. HI« method Is excellent, and he suggests rubbing the soap on face and neck,- massaging It In with palms of hands, and then rinsing off with the same soapy water. At the first sign of a skin blemish, attempt to find the cause. If you'vs been gorging yourself with candies, pastries, »nd soda pop, avoid them for a while, along with pastries, gravies and other rich foods. Concentrate on green vegetables, lean meat, salad and poUto until vour skin looks normal. 3. your Figure ... It is easy to take off an extra pound or two, but if you let ounces roll Into pounds and wait until your excess weight Is ten pounds or more, the red"cln; job wilt be a miserable chore. If it Is just a question of a few pounds, these can be lost usually bv givijig up .starches, fats and sweets for a week or BO until your weight Is back to normal. 4. Vnur Ilatr ... A good haircut and dally hair brushings are Important to hair grooming, if your nair Is shaped nicely it will be easy to set each evening, and if H Is purled every day you should not need a pow «r» numny to jo«r h»rr. ». Groooitnr Pattern'. . . outneu Is Important H you wish to be charming. Stocking warm mujt be kept straight, anchored properly. Heels can't be run-down; HHi should be repaired nt the Jlrjt sign of strain. Slips should be kept *t the length that wit! never show below dress or skirt. All accessorial such as handbags and gloves should be Xept clean and In repair. Whit* accessories are prettleijlf kept crisp and bright white. The little tlrna Involved In washing and Ironing them shouldn't tempt you to wear them a second tlnft to escape the ; minor laundry chore. 6. Make Your Time Count . . . Vivacious people are busy people. Don't develop a mopey attitude toward life. Cultivate Interesting people and your awareness of others ft-Ill help stamp you as a personality girl. Be a good listener and you will never bore people. A hobby will keep you entertained and help make- friends. Youth Is the time to learn about people. You can formulate Impressions about characters and types that will be handy Information in future years when real tests ot friendships need to'be made. HEADACHEf RELIEF^ /wo' { TAHETS v«*» NOTICE The annual meeting of shareholders of the Blytheville Federal Savings and Loan Association will be held in the office of the Secretary, 124 W. Ash, Blytheville, Ark., at 2 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 21, 1953. W. J. POLLARD Secretary ARNOLD E. MILLER "I can't wait till you see th« new Bel Air series In the 1953 Chevrolet!" Arnold Miller has this to saj about the new 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air Lhat goes on display Friday, January 8th, at Sullivan-Nelson Chevrolet Co. "You'll be crazy about the four-door sedans, too," Arnold said. (Adv.) f/OW/AMiw. finer Notttif Ortf Mt/6.. .................... •"" ........... i ..... i NEW Fresh Milk Flavor because its low-heat pr fe»- . ™ ocessed MEW new Airtight, Screw-top Glass Jar NONFAT DRY MILK SOLIDS ENJOY DELICIOUS NONFAT MILK FOR ABOUT 9« A QUART Available ct your favorite grocery stor* Box Office Opens 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 p.m. Admission 14c & 39c At All Time* LAST TIMES TONITE Double Feature —I'lus— .HOWARD HUG0ES ?W©'TI€Klf TO i!©&gW nun i ncii • . EOllEIUCUll'tMNUU ll«uuuinKCl-BOg CROSaY-'HlCHAHLtYUJ Also Cartoon FRIDAY & SATURF)AY r Double Feature First Run in Blylheville FtESH«»FUR Tony CURTIMan STERLING' Mom FREEMAN —Plus— THtY'Ht AT THim «KfCT- >M*rr <. • WHETTE] SERIAL: The Phantom Empire & Cartoon

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