The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 29, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 29, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XI,IV—NO. 32 BlythevlUe Dallj Nc»r Br/thevllle Courier Blythevlllc Herald Mississippi Valley THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Hl.YTUKVIU-K, ARKANSAS. TUKHDAY, Al'Ltll, I'll, 1!)I7 Mexico's Aleman Pays Return Call n U.S. President Truman Sends Personal Plane to Transport- Distinguished Visitors SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Mexicon President Gets Greetings from Air While fn Route to Washington By MEHKIMAN SMITH United 1'irss \vhltc ll'iiisc Reporter WASHINGTON, April 29.— President Miguel- Aler.vni of Mexico arrives here this iiHev;ioon to ic- ccive (he biggest welcome [or a f'i'.ign vi.silor since Uic King and Omen of Great urium visited tlic c- .ix.uil ill 1939. Airman will !>o jiivclc'l IHTSOI.- allv by President Tni:n:in. Ihe tab net and Ihe public, incl.iding thousands or school children waving red. white :ind grco:! Mexican Hags. The youthful ancl haj usome Mexican president will bo returning Mr. Tiimiir.i s vi.ut to Mexico City last month. The American Chief Executive received o:ie ovation after another in Mexico and this government hoped to return the tribute in full measure. Alcnu\:i and his ivrty, flying Mr. TrA-J'ian's ow-i piano "Tha Sacrct Cow,' 1 were scheduled lo land at the Nation:'.! Airport ai •1 (>. :n. <EST). Nearly 2.00D men or the famou,' d Airborne fnf.^ury Division form tlie guard of. h,onor a Air Transport Command Terminal where Alcmnp and. Mr. Truman will greet ea^h other in brie speeches to be bi'oa'.leasi urouiu the world. When the two pres.d-.'Mts reac' the White' Hous?, ihui-c will b elaborate military honor* agaii with the Army providing t), musical salute'; .ind an arliller battery roaring out a 21-gun tri bute. Tonight. Mr. lertaitt Alema'.i with u guest gamut of c a High Water Halts t. Louis Trains Moil for Blytheville From North Routed Through Jonesboro Frisco nffichils UiTs aftiTtimm made arningcrni'nts lo rrsunui rain service to St. l.oiiis over ;\ ew route Uirnuj;|i Korkvjoiv, Mo,, nniffhl and liantlliiv; (if m:iil hrouph thc jmsLofTifR here \\ill ro- urn lo n urn] ;il ->r ncur'y normal ,fter a brief iiiLcrrnjiti. n. en Truman will at a jtatc ci list running th e t member through the chiefs of tho armc services to co n grass Ion; 1 .! leaders o both parties. Aleman \vJll spen thc night at the White House, Behind the elaboralij rcceptio planned for the Moxicus: prcs dent wns more than an effort Mr. Truman to recipiccatc U lavish welcome he revived Mexico. The frio icJshfp bclwec .this country ancl MexU-o being offered to the world prime example" of-"good iuMghbo lincss. Fnrtherjiiore, this was 11 fl>'|t time a Mexican preside]:! c^Qe has - paid u\ official \ tcTThis country. Alenian also hud a broader pu pose than mero'y repaying Truman's visit. He lias embarked! on an ambitious program in clc-1 veloping Mexico'.! resources tir.d needs financial help a:id credit from this country. Matters involving American treUite seemed certain to come up in 'coiivt:rsnt' p »:?s between officials of the iwo rations. Accompanying A ! rc m r. ,1 litre were top members of his government, his 14-yc'ir-old son, Miguel, Jr.. plus a par f y of nearly iilly reporters and )>hoto:;;jipher<;. Tomorrow, thc Mcxl<:un nresi- GOP Supports Marshall's Stand Against Russians Secretary of State Reports to Nation on Failures at Moscow NEW ORLEANS, April 2D. (UP) —PresUlcnt Miguel Alenian of Mexico, en route to Washington as the first chief executive of Mexico to visit the U. S. while in office, wa-s mot aloft over lhc New Orleans area at 9:50 a.m., CST. today by an escort of 14 B-29 from 8:h Army r Force headquarters" at roil r orth, Tex. President Aleman is fly In-* hi (lie , icred Cow, c-54 assigned to 1'ie- denl Truman- ' The aerial greeting took plnrp at I WASHINGTON, April 29, <UP» — bout 9,000 feet. President Airman Smnlc- president Arthur H. V;m- fjying non-stop lo Washington j drnberi;, chu-f Ucpublican torelKii om Mexico City- ] policy spokesman, lined up solidly behind Secretary of Stute George C. Maishull today in btamlni; Russia for failure of (he Moscow lor- cJMn iMinisters conference. ' He supported Marshal's position that pace I ITa ties for Germany and Ausiriu cannot await the "compromise through exhaustion" jip.stcd by Soviet I'remier Josef .Stalin. Peace laus been use the .Soviets insinl "upon demands which Amer ica iiml her other allies cannot no , cepl," Vantlenbei'^ said kti a statement, II i.s views echoed those of Marshall in his radio report to the nation nil the unsuccessful Moscow I President Renews His Appeal For Price Cuts W/iere Possible M,,rni Tinman uppraU'd ttl- pric-i-s wlwirviv possible ut WASHINGTON, April 29. (U.IM-- i ly Ut businessmen today to "mhu all levels." In a mes-sage lo the 35lh nnniml convention of lh>> ;i S Chi of Commerce, the President asked the 1:500 (Megulos lor nil pi nid in "dispelling the inflationary cloud mnv ImiiBliu; over us, mc.s.sLiKc was read by Presidential Assistant j 0 | ln ^ ^i^eLinnn. Mukhu; it clear lhp«, he Mill* . forward to nn Rail traffic between here and St, Louis has been halted and m.ul erviee, interrupted ] niuht and his morning, will be maintained on n delayed btisis due- to the inutu dation of sections of track between tape Girardeau and St. Louis by rising waters of Uic Mississippi Oliver. •, ! tWhilc flooding of the Frisco Lines track whi:h skirts the Mis- pi North of Cap? Girardoau lias slopped direct train service from here to points beyond thnrrt, Greyhound Lines official said this morning t!mt bus travel remained normal. Trains to St. Louis via Jonesboro .still are mainlainim; normal schedule. Post Office box holders noticed a dvcp in the volume ol their mail this morning but 'Postmaster Ross Vatuienbcrg praised Marshall for ' declining to Kiirrencter basic prin- • eiples at, Moscow and 'for insisting that "the worlrl cannot indefinitely permit. disintegrating forces to threaten sound results" If a peace settlement i.s beyond reasonable reach "we cumin t wall loo long for a peace program which nt least unite those who c«n atfi'oc, 11 Vandenberg -said. t Thc text, of Vandonbcrg's statement; He the need foi' quick pence treaties for Germany ami Austria and disagreed with Stalin that thc war-weary world can wait for a compromise through exhaustion. He placet! on RUWSJN bin me for failure of the conference t" agree on the German and Austrian treaties. Marshall did not indicate what action he contemplated next, lint he hinted (he United Stales would not, stand still until the foreign considers high prices ihe nation's No. i economic pi'ililinn, Mr. Tru- mitti said: \~,^ No community ICEUKT.J have a graver responsibility ftl. this moment, or a greater opportunity lor service lo their ;ou u/. than our business men. ! "A pressing task n. r all business men today Is to rcJuci priceK w lie rover |K>slble at all levels while K! cattily I mr reusing production. " I "Ily careful planning by elim-' Inallon of wasteEu| methods anil, practices, by c.xpiuid'im laeilltie.s i where needed. a net by Increas-ing prodnclivity, busin^ssmeti can ircally help in dlspeMMV; the in-1 flationary cloud no.v h.inginrj over; Mr. Truman used nlinltr-j- lan- inge last week when he made an ipcal to i 1 lower prices in New York. He warned llimn of 'an economic cloudburst." Mr. Truman told thc dclcKntou -re Ilial the UniUvl States had ong been known for its success i tile mass prod Jolt i'.i of yoocis at low prices by 'voll-pivid workniR men nnd women \vho ihcmsclvos make up the great perl ion of tliti market for the goocU they produce." "On this firm four.dnUo-i." hcs even of fn-o/ and rx- pnvatc i-nlcr- Arabs' Position In Middle East British Delegates At UN Assembly Got Request for Pledge Soviets support Republicans to Press For Passage of Bill To Curb Labor Unions snid, "we must and Chamber's bo utl of dl- rcrldj's will iulroduc-.f for arltou Uidny it seric's of roiolnri ins on taxes, lalxir und prices. Tlie ptire rosolutlon. It was rop.-rU-d, will tfikr the line tlul prkx.s .should come down "whin-.-vcr possible" but LH> formal endo-^ement was expertrtl of the Newburyport (Mfa!..s.) couiiuunlLy-wKI; price nil plan. Kaiiier, Secrehify of Niivy Jnmes I'Vn-ft'shil lold tlui ileloRiHes Unit the nuDcxik for world pence is "soiiH-wluit Impro-v.l indny U ftir no other rriutnn th:ui lluvt in Ihe i United .States we are facing the I fuels o[ life inxiro t'"aitr,tieally than we did two years H&M." "\V(- now rcull/.e Iha'^ briny this world of men b:U'k to atiy- Ihlng like no ruin I is LI task oE veiy ^i eat pro|iorlioiis." Ir; v iki. ForreKtal defeiutcd the so-culk'( Truman I^ctrlne of uidmc countries faced with :'X(ernal pfcssmes He );iiid the Unr.rd Stales war justldrtl in netlnc (hi Us ov;n L; halt communism m Hi; Norir ICus because thc United Nat!<;n:» ha: neither the military nor thc (mini clal .strength to handle such i move Job. Stevens loday saitt that postal serv- "iinisters make another try m New ice would continue on a delayed York and London next fall. basis. Mail from St. Louis will ar-• Three obvious moves arc open to riv e here via Jonesboro at 9:00 a.m. instead' of on Train No. 805 at 5:30 a.m. A temporary change of hours has been placed in effect, and since no mail will be incoming or ou-- him: 1. To intensify with the British thc incryer of their two occupation 7,oncs of Germany in an effort to put. at least that portion of Germany on a self-supporting basis. going during the night, the f**l vK-vWas. understood American and Oftice "doorr. will be locked from ^British" 1 wcperta" >re, «wl«fijlg. all 10-p.m. to 6 a.m.. ; Mr. Stevens •-:"^.-- - --• - -t~&T-**^~-^ This practice will continue until late ing train move in'-o at Blair House, the government's pucst house just across Pennsylvania Avcmie from the Stvite De- parlmcnt. He vi!l vi.sil the tomb of the Unknown Soldi.!.- at Arlington National Cemetery, lunch at the , Pan-American Union and dine Wednesday night at 1:13 Mexican. Embassy with Mr. Ti'linrv.i. ifl °" ' rlllu " 5<Ia y l!c '*"> addrrss a ™oiut session of the House and Senate — a rare honor for ar.y. foreign visitor-- and spend l!io nfler- noou *jriiisint; the polomac River aboanp the presidential iacht Wiliiamsi)urtT. -.vl'-U a visit la Mount Vernon. Aleman will spin;! the next Itircc days in New York City. visit the Tcnmsji'ij Valley Au- •thority and wind up hit; American tour with a trip to Mr. Truman's home staie of Missouri where lie will receive an honorary degree fnvn Kansas city University on May 'i. .hist before returning to Mexico city. night and early service is resumed, he said. , Schedule .Revised ' A temporary revised train schedule brought about by the imin-' dated track was announced this morning by W. S. Johnston, general agent for the Frisco Lines here. Two runs between Memphis ami St. Louis have been annulled— cancelled on a one-day only basis— \ because of the rising water, Mr. Johnston said. These include trains No. 8f5 from St. Louis to Memphis, due-- here at 5:3o a.m. today, and No. 8C6, from Memphis to St. Louis, due here nt 1:03 a.m. tomorrow morning. Curtailed service of trains No. P07 and 808 will be Given. Scheduled to run from Mem phis to SI. I/juis and return, they will limit their runs from Memphis to Cape Girardciui and return. No, 80?, southbound, is due here at 3:4!) p.m. and No. R08. northbound, is due here at 0:1G a.m. These trains may be late, Mr. Johnson said Deep Cut Looms For Relief Funds House Votes to Take $150,000,000 Out of $350,000,000 Program Soft Coal Wage Scale Discussed Lewis of UMW Meets •With Operators in New Peace Parley House Members To Vote Soon only "2. .T>? speed up ^kmplenientatloit, <*t morn- the "Truman Doctrine" . aimed to prevent thc spread of communism 3. To continue trying to woo France into thc Anplo-American camp for joint, development of all of Western Germany. Marshall failed at Moscow to budge France from her insistence upon separating the Ruhr from Germany and inler- natumali/im; that in tins trial siren Marshall's avowed determination to deal firmly with Russia and his fijiiul at Moscow were warmly ac- clnimcd by most members of Con- PHTSS, Democrat and Republican alike. The bulk of Marshall's report, as he admitted, wns a repetition o£ thc various issues debated and duly reported by Ihe press ;ind radio [roin Moscow, But for the first tmiir he disclosed part of what Stalin fold him at their first and only conference on April 15. II appears now, from Msirsh;0rr> version of that conVersnlion, thiit the Russians never hnd expected, much to come of the Moscow conference except preliminary "skir- Kce MARSHALL on Pasc 1 WASHINGTON. April 50. (UP)— WASHINGTON, April 311. (Ill The House today voted tentatively —John I, Lewis, pre.sldcii', of the lo slash SIBO.000,000 from the ?350,- United Mine Wortors (API,). Rat 000.000 general foreign relief . pro- down nt the conference table with Krnin souglil by President Trutnan. toft ciial operators todr.y for the The vote was ISO to 138. fi rK t Uoic In nearly u year to lalk This action was subject to an- new contract terms other vote later. i TVc meeting W as l-l-a first In a Hie amendment to cut the relief series that may dcler'nlne whether dov i ' l wto^vj!13.000,nn't..w.ij-,;! 1 ;re will he' another coal strike oiTered by Hep. Baiiel J. .lonkman,' R., Mich. He contended that would be more than ample to take care of July Coal Mines Administrator, N. II. ,, , , . .^ - Colllson told the miners and op- the needs until European crops arc or ,, t «rs at the oul^el. that liiirvpsfpil " • - - - L .. lw ..i .*v nn; i.ui-A-t, iiiiu tlie [IIII>LMCII. (jovcnimeul will return the mines The Senate Foreign Hcl.iliuns to private industry on June :m or Committee meanwhile unanimously curlier If u new contract. Is siciied approved iUs version of the general nut he emphasized that the government docs not intend lo ' for extension of Ito auLhorily to hold tho seiKcd mini's. This ini- relicf bil latter writing In new sufe- guards of U. S. inlercsts. But the House Rules Coumnllee postponed clearance of thc $100 L - OOO.OOn Grrek-Turkish aid bill thorlty expires on June ollison said thai, if a floor consideration after hearing an conference Ls established, the Co Huge O/7 Slick On Rent Control May Hold Key To Plane s Fate Government Calls May's Nephew in Fraud Trial WASHINGTON. April 29 (UP) — Tlie prosecution in the Andrea J. M;iy war fraud conspiracy trial to- d.iy called a nephew of the foraier KcuUicky congressman for questioning about alleged illegal payments to his uncle by thc Garsson munitions combine. Thc witness. A. 1 J. (Little Jack) Way of Cumberland, Ky.. testified that he had never before seen documents, introduced by thc government which thc prosecution contends were vised to cover up thc alleged payments. !4j|v is accused of accepting $53,000™ rom lhc $78,000.000 Garsson firm for wartime services rendered while he was chairman of the House Military Affairs Commit tee. His co-defendants are the Oar sson brothers, Dr. Henry and Murray, and Joseph p. Freeman, ttheir Washington representative. Weather AKANSAS — Coivs''.1crr>blo clou WASHINGTON. April 2tl. (DPI I*hc House Rules Committee today cleared the way for early Tlouse action on legislation to extend rent control without a general increase 'or at least the remainder of this Thc committee grunted an open rule, however. This means thn! a- [ncndnicnts may be considered. Several amendments arc in prc.s- :>ect. including one for a general 10 per cent rent, increase. Another, by Rep Frederick c Smith, R., O. would discontinue rent controls altogether xvhen the prcirnl law expires on June 30. VANCOUVER, iU.P.>—All oil acres" larfic in from Vancouver H. C . April 20 Oii'cv "o.ic to twi. the se;i 10 miles vyas reported to- r':iv bv an :nrman searciiiug for u Trnns-Cnnncla Airlines ])l:uie inlss- in^ with ]f> persons abo'ircl. "Flight Officer O. II. Ewen of the Northwestern AJr said the plane's last r^pnn indicated ( it was prepai'ins to come in for a landing alt 11:13 pin. yesterday. opiKincnt denounce It as a '•inlll- lai'y intervention" rnciKiiin?. Tlic loiTlgn relief bill is scnnrut!; from the Greek aid incftSTire which nlrciidy hiis passed tlie Sennte. The tentative slnsli in the relief Jill imnkcd the llrst. nwjjr lirrnrli in the .<<o-c»Upcl t)i-p;irtliiti.i foreign uolicy enilncialcrt al Ihe st:irt of the present .session by House Foreign Affairs Committee ClKiiniuiii Cliarles A. fcaton. Before voting to slash thc relief funds, the House rcjcctsJ, 132 to 29. an amendment by Rep. John M. Vorys. II.. O.. to set up n I0-ma;i joint congressionii] committee that would liiive passed on any relief nppropriations exeeediny $MO.OOO.- 000. The Rules Cotnwltteo liustpcinccl action on IhefOieel: aid bill after liearitiK IJcp. Liwieme H. Smith, n., Wis.. coinplnln Hint the measure inexcusably by-passes the United Nntions. Several members of the Kales Committee ngieid with him. Committee Crminunn 1,1:0 E. Allen. R., III.. v.'ho Knit, propuneuls of the hill their iunillK yesterday,!?.', decided that additional wllnc.vcs ilionld be heard. He called for another hearing on the hill tomorrow. Mines Administration will immediately withdraw from the ni'goii-.- llrms. He said he hoped llmt, would happen today. He pointed out that with the government due in release I lie mines by June 30. .-. private agreement must be reached befoie tlicn or a strike appears cerium. Lewis' miners have n ( policy of "no contract, no work.' 1 UNITKU NATIONS HAM,, I'lusll- [:. N. 1 Y., April 211 nil') - The niii slnles und lndln supported by :ii.ssla. launched nn oifenslve In I" 1 United Slates lodny, seeking i> win i\ pleilBe thul Great UrlU'ln .111 carry out \vhalever Pulesline the UN proposes. Tlie Arab iiitiick bosun us Ihe i.^scinbly's powerful .st"i'rliiK 1:0111- •IIlee agreed to Britain's request or 11 dcljiiie on formation of u Unl- ed Nullons fuct-findlnt; coiumlllec would p-.u'e the way for a ater delnte on the 1 Holy' Land's uluie. The [•onunlltee bcferred until lal- !•!• loilaj. decision on n junn:i Knvpllnn proposul (hid Ihe cmn- nillni ivsk the full assembly to <lc- iiuinii u.pli'dne from Hrllaln ussnrIIIL: enforcetiient of whatever llu UN projiusi's. Indln'.'i Asnf All threw lhc first pilch by calling on liiltaln lo say whellii'r It wiis ready to accept Hie assembly's lU'eislon. The H-natLon eommlttee met for n prellmhuiry iillempt, to ii'ic? on Ihe special nsneebly Inlo full-dress <leb;il'.> of Immediate indepi'iidnnce [tir Piili'.sltne and lernilii'illn / ol Piltaln's 20-yeiir-nld inaiidale I here. lluwlans •iviiiii With liiilliins Russlii leained np wllh lndln, lin\vever. nnd sulcl illscus.slon nf th; (|iii>s:!on put hy All was p'-rllncnl lo Ihe stcerhiK coiumlltoe's lask Tills move by Soviet Delcgale Andrei Clromyko slrengthcneii reports Unit Russia was renlly io break wi']i the Woslern powers and sld. 1 wllli (he Arab r;nn|ul^ti f"i' fu'l-flixli^'d nri-'.m>icnt, on I lie clr- euliiliiiK InfKi'iniilly n proposal Hull llir- iii.semblv iu'1'eo |o apfutlnl I\il- eslhie export:; inlhi-r limn govern- inent reprcM'iilitUvcs lo Hie lacl- finding hmly which will fry til pnve Die wny for n fimil UN recoumien dutinn im Palestine. A re-llnble sou-'er Siiid Ihe Rlts- .slnnsinns problilily would give i]llill- iflnd snpnort to the Anib denuiiul In opiKisidon lo Iho united Ktnies an,i liilllsh, who winil to limit the first emergency rxf.sslon ol the as- semblv to foriniition nf n Palestine fnr.l-nndlng commission. 'Hie .toiirccs said Uussla nlsc would express ' opposition In Ihe strcrlni; committee to giving non- voUng assumhly scats ti> the! h-tv no government to represent them during Ihe assembly^ tlc'inpt lo determine whether A- ' ihs or Jews or btilli .sliouK] get introl of Ihn Holy f.nnd. i Poland nnd' C/i'chslovnklri, also' H'mber.s of tlu? .slcrrlni: commitlfo j ere likely lo break I heir records ' f consistent pro-Russian voles In UN by supporting n voice for H> Jewish agency, (he more fa- >rcd of Jhc two, Jewish groups laiinlng lo represent w - orld Jcw'ry. WASHINGTON, Ajirll 29. (U.I'J-^Sciutc «OP l«ad-r» went ahead (inliiy with plans (o puss unlon-cnrlilng; tciclslailon on (he theory that If 1'rcslileiit 'I'riiiniin vetoes It, tin will have to take lhc political i-on- LiU'iicrs If iiny. (.'lialrman Robert A. Tuft at (he HcnaU- Labor Corr.mltU* prt- illctecl pinisato for four control »menilm*nts to a bill now belli* «e!«l. He KHiii he could not sec why the President would want to veto Telephone Strike Parley Hits Snag Government Efforts To Discuss Wogcs Result in Failure Jaycees to Select Blytheville Girl to Enter Beauty Pageant The ''Miss Blytheville" beauty pageant will be sponsored again tin 1 year by the Junior Chamber of Commerce, it was announced las' night at a meeting of the Jayccc: in their club rooms. ( Decision to s]»nsor the 1MB con- tesl was made at a Board of Di- icclors meeting last week. The beauty pageant is expected lo to held within the next six weeks as thc "Miss Arkansas" contest win •be held this year June 25-23 3\ Helena. Tlie club's entry last year, Miss Rpbccca McCall, won the Miss Arkansas title at Paragonld and went to Atlantic City where she won second place honors in the Miss America Contest. Annual election of Jaycee officers will be held al the next meeting. May 12. Two honorary members riiness. scattered sho.vers tonifjh of the Junior Chamber will nnd In F.isl ixvrtion Wednesday, named al the Board of Directors Warmer in tlio nrtcrnoon, ' meeting next Monday night and 'he club will approve the selections it the May 12 meeting. These hon- irary members—men over 35 pick- id because of their civic interests •ind activities—will !>e guests al the installation banquet and dance June 9, when the new officers take over. Oscar Fcndler. Blytheville atlor- uey, addressed the club last night on his impressions of Shanghai. China, where he was stationed during his tour of duty in thc P.x- ;ific with the Navy. Larry Kncas was named editor of the club publication News and Views, replacing Elbcrt Huffman, who has edited the Bimonthly bulletin for the past two years. New members inducted last night were Carl Bryant, Stuart W. Frci- man, William O .Ouerin Jr.. Woodrow Maynard and Kemp E. Wlii- scnhunt. Bevin Back in London LONDON. Ami] 29. (UP) ....... Foreign Secretary Ernest Bcviti returned Irom t'ne Moscow Conference today voicing a plea for thc British people lo show patience in p?are negotiations. "We are nol working for a day but for generations." Bevin said. Bevin arivcd by air from Berlin. He had traveled from Moscow to the German capital by train. Judge Appoints Commissioner For District 16 Karl H Wildy of iu-;ir Manila w; appointed a commissioner ( ,f nrain- 'igc District- 1C yesterday by County Judge Roland Green. Mr. Wildy succeeds John flenson of Manila who before his death Friday served as a commissioner for more th?!i six years. Mr. Wtldy. 35, is a planter am owner of considerable acreage Wrt-! of Manila In both nnilna^e DIs trlct.s 10 and n. He is tlie son "I Ed Wildy. a landowner of Klowiili He Is a (rraclimlc of UKJ Unlver sity of Arkansas and member of : pioneer Mississippi Cnnnty famll.v Other commissioners of J)islric: "> are J. C- Hauls of Unekeyc chairman, and John liearden Ijcnchvlllc. Drainage District Ifi includes th 58.000 acres In Mississippi County West of Bin Lake. Covering Hi I^nkc niul Ncal Townships. Ulstric 1(5 i.s furt)]er boinuled on the Kas *by the Little River floodu-ay, 01 the. North by the Arkansas-Missonr state line aii ( l on the West by >h Craighead County line. Nights Arc Warmer I.ilt le occurred recorded here change in temporal tire vcstcrdny a;> th the decrees ,nnd low during la-jt Pi^ht 53 ."}, according to Il(:ben E. lilaylock, official weather obscrv- N. Y. Cotton NEW YORK. April 20. <UP> — Cotton closed steady: Mar 2783 2788 2730 TiTi •May 3547 3555 3480 3WO July 3331 3343 32S!i 3:il4 Oct 2?21 2844 .2873 2901 Dec 2830 2747 27S3 ^815 Spots closed 35.K9 down 37. N. Y. Stocks •WASHINGTON, Apl!l I'D. (UP) New KiDvernment efforts lo end the 2:i-d»y telc'phono strike ran Into u stone \vnli today when the American Telephone and Tetenraph Co., reln.'.cd to RO iilonK with n unlun tlejiiand foi' some kind-'of u wa^c iller. Robert Cre.nsey. vice president ot he Itmt; lines affiliate ol the strlk- nn Natlonul Pedei'atlon of Telc- ilionc Workers, left, a bai'Kalninu esslon wild A, T. und T. cluu-Khiii hat "the company refused to Imr- ISHlll." rue a, llriiiR, iisslsiant vice iiresklent of thn A. T, nnd T. long .lues division, denied the charge. "Cicitsey demanded tlmt we inline cash oCTci 1 on n wui;c boost," i rlui; told rcpoi'ters. "We counLcv- I by telling him that we are i ?ady -iind willing to (U'bltr.itL 1 ' jines. We don't consider u refusal io make it cash offer as a refusal to bargain." i '.\K sukd thul Crtntscy had "talked In terms of $ti a week or 15 cents an hour pay boost." Federal Conciliator William N. Mnriioll.s said lie recessed the Jjlnl . session after only a half-hour . mceUiiK because oi the firm position taken by each side on Ule. wa«e question. lie said thut he. would resumd separate Kcsslims In an effort lo iiel them Inck "tbccthcr aaali He said Hint ncRotlatlons ,,. .nol. colh'pjed or beco broken, off; Tlie unexpected turn of events lnre:>lulled Kovemmeut su'miitsslon of a new plan for ending the wiilk- ont. Other conciliation conferences Involving Southwestern ell Telephone Co. und Western Electric Co. were delayed niilll liilcr today. them. Some sciintore wanted to split up lhc legislation into several p.-a'ts in order to assure that u measure of some sort would escape presldentp.i veto and become law. But Taft rejected this argument. Other congressional developments: Veterans--The. Veterans of Foreign Wiirs accused Congress of stalling on veterans bills until al- te rthe Summer recess, it also accused congressional leaders of "abandoning consideration of universal military training legislation. It said universal training in needed to strengthen Secretary of Stale George C. Marshalt In his "firm policy" abroad. Deficiency—Tlie Hauso Appropriations Committee approved a $95,45^653 bill to sc c u number of aguneles through the rest of the fiscal yeur that ends June 30. In so doing It hacked $6,747,258 from thc amount asked. I Greek-Turkish Aid—Tlic House i Rules Committee again put off, iclcai In Bthe f4"O.COO.OOO Grcek- I Turkish nid bill for .House debate. H postpOEied action after hearing . Ilrp. Lnwronce II. Smith, ft., Wl?., Ulcnounco the proposed 1 aid pro: Rmm as "military Intervention." I Ovcrclinnjes—The Justice -Dc- purlment lold Ihe House Appror, priutlons commillec iL may rexiav-. er Si,OOC,000,COo from OG4 rallroiwls for alleged overcharges to thP. government during thc war. Tlie department lias filed a complaint, against the railroads with the Interstate Commerce Commission. Ili'dlstrlbutlon of land — The National Kiirtncrs Union tnht Congress the (tovcrnment ought to consider (buyhiR icp Ill's faiTns~ iilnl selling Ihf.m nut in smaller ir.ircels lo revive the famlly-typr. (arm. 11 should buy small plots anil ooiuolldatc them Into famlly- sliu iiin;ccls,-.lhc -union adctia. It -p . eniphujuzcd that It did nofunean :••'- "f-oViIKniiiuii." "»' -•—-•«<.,j \- Ur, doctor Wounds Striker n Louisiana Disorders Nt,"W ORLEANS. April 39. (UP) Charles ~^tali3n, Hammond, icopalh and hus'.mnd of a lon-r.tviking I'jlcplione worker, wns I lor questioning todny In cou- ilon wllh thc shooting of a triker at Hammond last night, pntei: imported. V. T'onrsine, manager of the Ininmiind [.;xchativ;e. . r .:iid he had 10 knowledge ol the shooting AMnch aller.erlly oc.-uned on a lowntown street in Hammond. i told police that Riihin :h;iri^rd the striker. .Sidney Gnmc/, vvith insultiiif; his \vlte lor retusi:i[! <|itil lirr jol) in support of the lephon,. strike. C'lonn 7. was rushed lo a New Oilcans hoi.pitiil wliere he was in condition with a gunsliot wound in Ihe stomach. A call wasj it out for blood doiuir:i. Greek Guerrillas Turn Their Guns On Larger Cities ATHENS. April 2D. (UP) —All Orcek Communists who oppose the Soviet line In Macedonia have.been "purged" Irom the party and new plans have been hid for a guerrilla counter-offensive communist sources disclosed today. One communist lender said Greek communists favoring an autonomous Macedonia, rather than a Macedonian republic in a Greater Sonlh Sluvla, Imd been expelled from the party . This source said 1.000 prominent communists, reportedly scheduled for surprise arrest, hud been Instructed to scatter into tho hills or go underground in Athens. Communist Guerrlllls will concen- trnte from now on In attacking large cities. Instead of small villages, this source salci. He said Iho new decisions were reached nt n>- crct sessions held on the Yugoslav border und in Athens. Guerrillas nttacke<| three cities In Macedonia, yesterday. Now Law—President Truman signed a bill suspending until March, 1, 1E-43, lh c four-cent-a- pound import lax on foreign copper. Congress In passing the measure said domestic, supplies of copper are not enough to meet industrial demand. Education—'Dr. J. M. Dawson, representing U. S. Baptists, argued ngalnst federal aid for Catholis sjhools .He .said he was not latholics but thought use of tax iioney for sectarian schools would weaken the support of public echools." Coach Barnhill to Address Rally of Razorback Boosters rinal A T vt T Amor Tobacco Anncondn Copper Bc'.h tSLccl Chrysler ........ Gen EtoctHc Gcu Motors Montgomery Ward N Y Central Jut Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel Radio S irony Vacuum SLutleiiakcr Standard of N J Texas Corp Slock Triers: . 3S 1-8 .. HI 1-3 . f,3 . . 31 .. 55 3-4 .. 50 3-3 .. M f.-8 . 79 3-4 ... H 1-2 .. 21 1-4 7 7-;t ... 14 ft.fl ... 11 3--1 ... DO 6-8 ... 53 !-•) (i U S Steel 0V 1-2 fan:; of itie University RI:K jrliacks will rally 7l'l. r > in the .lunior Chamber of C'<iiimie] - ce club rooms for Uie pnrpo.'-e of it'-oryanl^.in^ Ihe Chirkasawba nistricl Hii/or- h;r I: 1! loi.ler Club. Principal sprafc- (]• at the cvetit will be thc Ra//»back's head mriilor. Coarh Jonn II. n.inilnll. C.'oacli Ilarnhill arrived in lllv- tlicvillr at noon today where he \va:. welrnmed Ijy mernl'.er.s of the Lions Clllft allri several ardent U'l- /,irba;k funs. He was pre.sriUrd ao ^p^iker at the weekly mect,- in t;ol the Lions lei Ni'ljle. Tiiis atlei'Jioon iilhlctlc director will visit Hlythe- \ille scliool.s and tisik witli several of tlie junior high and hish school hletirs. Coach ill Ooriwin and Club at th c IIo- Ihe U. of A. i Firman Bynum will escort the na-'that will Z'ir'.iack mentor on a tour of the this Fall. I schools. At llic~ rally tonight, llarnl-iill will .uldrcss thc group and tell of the KazarbacVs 1917 prospects. Alter the meeting, members of thc group will view films of tin- Arkansns-LSU Cotton Howl pamn played last Now Year's Day. All Kazorback Fans Invited 'tile meeting tonight wilt be open io persons interested in the University of Arkansas and its athletic program. Thc rally will serve as a kick-off for the club membership drive. Oscar Fcndlcr, attorney, who will serve as hc-ad of the membership drive, said thai membership to thc lioosler Club will be open to persons interested in thc RnKorbacks regardless or whether or not they me alumni of the University. I', lias been reported that Arkansas will be allotted 19.0CO tickets lo each ol the two Porker grid games that will be played in Memphis next Fall and members of the Ra- xnrback Hoostcr Clubs will be given top priority in thc purchase of the lickcls. Off lo Good Start Coach narnlull has Just completed his first season as mentor ol thc Razorbacks. WltU a successfu season behind him he probably will tell of thc new offensive attack Cancer Fund Drive is Far Short of Goal A total of $670.69. hnr> : bcen contributed to date In '.he North Mississippi County. dri;j Tor funds in. the annual financial campaign of Iho American earner Socicljv it was announced today by Sanford Boone, head of th'j Jiu-.lT- Chamber of Commerce committee carrying out the drive. A number of ou ; .lyin^: communities have repor!..;,! that their collections are ncar'n;; ccmr.letion and that quotas iVySVMied them will be reached. Collections to date and drive workers obtaining them follow: E. H. Ford, from street booths, 1 $97.35; Mrs. NewUri Winti.s S£4.»:> from booths and SSI! from Iho First Ward; Mrs. Do,\ Day, S10D frcm the Third \Vnvd. Miss Peggy Uujarski, $25 from tin Fist, Ward; James Guard, $13.50 from the Rotary club; .James Terry, $52.88 from Ihe Lions Olub; ynrbro, $21.85; junior chamber of Commerce, $55.76 collected last jught al the club's meeting and tho wrestling match. With their collections last night, the Jaycccs raised their total to $117.96 to exceed the $100 quota assigned them. The cancer fund drive, which is slalcd to close lomorow, is seeking $1500 in North Mu;.Us,;ippt County and $1300 in the Sontii half of the county. be added by his team 'Assistant Coach Bill Barnes ac- Coach ' cou-.panlcd Coach Barnhill to fl theville for the meeting. Thc two men wcr c greatly responsible for the winning season witnessed b> the Razorbacks last Fall. Coach Barnhill came here from Jonertoro where he spoke last night. He' will speak in Osccola tomorrow noon .in West Memph tomorrow night and Marianna Friday night, This will complete his tour of Eastern Arkansas, Wm. B. Hoggard, 932 South Lake, Dies at Age of 73 Funeral services will be held this afternoon. 4:30 o'clock, for William Bttfcrrt Hoggard.. 932 South Lake St., who died last night. 8:30 o'clock, at Walls Hospital. He was 73. Rites will be conducted at Co'a'y Funeral Home Chapel and burial will follow In Maple Grove Ceinc- lery. with the Rev. p. ft. Jcrnigan, paster of Calvary Bnptist Churcli, officiating.'. He Is survived by his wife, Mrs. Nancy Hoggard, and a daughter, Lucille.

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