The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 27, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 27, 1946
Page 5
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MONDAY, MAY 27, 194C BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGBPIVB Molotov Critical Oi U.S. Official Byrnes is Denounced As Trying to Force His "Will" on Russia. I LONDON, May 27. (UP)— Foreign •Minister V. M. Mololov acidly denounced tlie United States and Britain today fo;- forming a bloc against Russia and said no self- respecting slate would submit to Die maneuvers used by the Anglo- American alliance nt Paris. Molotov said in a Moscow newspaper interview it had become clear "thai the peace offensive publicized in some American circles consists in Imposing the will" ol tlie United States and Britain upon Russia. This appenrnl a direct slap at Secretary of state James P. Byrnes, who told the American people after returning Irom 1'iuis that American policy was to conduct a peace offensive for a fair European settlement. Molujgv accused Byrnes or trying to break up Big Three coordination and attempting lo "utilize methods of pressure, threats and Intimidation" against the Soviet Union. He condemned Byrnes' suggestion of possibly putting Hie peace treaties before the United Nations, which he said \vas not concerned with the question. Mototov also accused Byrnes of making a "somewhat inaccurate statement" when he said at Pans that Premier Stalin had agreed in principle to the American proposal for a 25-year liig Four treaty on disarmament. In still another attack on Byrnes' Paris proposals, Molotov said that any attempt to force the American plan for a 21-natioii full dress peace conference before the Big Four hatj granted elaborate treaties with ag- greement on all basic points might lead to a deterioration in friendly relations among the great powers. , Th e Soviet Foreign Minister made JRiis first public statement on the Paris conference In terms that indicated little or no progress toward big power agreement (hiring the recess period. HLs statements were presented as answers to questions submitted by the newspapers Pravda and Izvcstia. NOTICE is hereby given Bring Binoculars Eighty-Yeor-Old ^lass Stainer licks to Studio BOSTON (UP)—Dean of tile nrL creating stained-glass windows ])robably 80-year-old Thomas J. •lurphy, who still is active in Ills udlo in Boston's South End., Murphy planned to retire several ears ago. as soon us he finished u et of windows for St. Mary's hurch in Lynn. But the church urued before .the \vhulo\\s were inched. So the windows remain Hi Murphy's studio and he's Just ucv- r gotten around to getting another etlrement date. He has stained windows for a lumber of churches of all dcnoml- lattons In greater Boston. Although a Catholic himself, Murphy believes hat "everyon e Is entitled to his own opinions," and makes a thorough study of others' opinions bc- 'ore doing a window for (horn. In i4 years of business, he has colored over $1,000,000 worth of windows. A native of Nova Scotia, Murphy came to the United Stales at Ihe age of seven and wns apprenticed at the age of 16. lo Donald McDonald, Boston stained glass worker. He later worked for and finally !n- iverltcd the firm of Samuel West. Established In 1847, the firm was one of the oldest stained glass businesses in the country. Murphy works hard at his cratl —10 hours a day, according to his daughter and bookkeeper, Doris Murphy—and he is just as energetic In defending the type of work he docs. Murphy Is a follower of the 15th-century school of stained glass craftsmen. K c contends that this style, humanistic, naturalistic and rich In color, is best suited To bring out the story of Christianity so all may get the emotional impact. Many so-called modernists In stained glass work today have gone back to the flat mosaic patterns of the 13th-century craftsmen, uslnu only primary colors. Texas Storms Do Widespread Damage 3 NEURITIS, ARTHRITIS, RHEUMATISM ( These three moitslera have aimed more j»ta %*A fcriiiK than all other human fU~ > ftftT oombtm*.- during the past 00 years Mountain Vatty h* tMNM ' them day In and day out, »nd ha< to iU o^ttt, Bttfttr notable victories. Probably 8 to Tf Il«iifi of tUi M*- ural alkaline water may bo the (riat«t bltMtaff JO* ' have ever known. Try It for 90 dayiT CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOT Main and Division BtylketOkt Ark. Lightning, rain and wind.storms, reaching tornado pioportlons in .some .iii^ias, ,aro doing considerable damage to crops and properly In widely scattered areas throughout Texas iis- shown In Ihts picture wlien » tornado hit .Sloneburg, 'I'exas. TiTe two-slory butUling ulxm-, was reduced to ii pile of rubble as were tlie two smaller' buildings seen at right when (lie storm hit last weekend. (NEA Telepholo.) That man in circle- is not a Lilliputian, and lie's standing in centerliekl bleachers to illus- trale how far $10 ticket holders will be from Joe Louis and Billy Conn—some 400 feel— u'hcn they light in ring pitched ul second base in Yankee Stadium. June 19. Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will \vithin the time fixed by law apply lo the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at retail at Walnut &. Broadway, ' Blythevillc, Mississippi County. ' LITTLE ROCK, May 27. (UP) — The undersigned states that he is Arkansas looked forward today to n citizen or Arkansas, of good moral insurance premium reductions to- Fire Insurance Premiums Cut For Arkansans character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within live years last past: and that the undersigned has never beeii;convicted~of violating the laws of this slate, or any other slate, relating to the sale of alcoholic liquor.s. Noble Hotel Co. By J. F. Stilt, Mgr. SubscrilMd and sworn to before me this 27 day of May. 1946. • Elizabeth Mason taling $484,000 alter an order announced over the week-end by Insurance Commissioner J. G. -McKenzie. Tlie reductions amounted to $308.000 on fire insurance premiums, $100,000 for coal mining operations, and S7G,000 for workmen's compensation. Premiums were increased $50.000 annually for brick mcrcan- ile building and stocks. Anti-Strike Bills Draws Ire of AFL President WASHINGTON. May 21. (UP) — William Green, president or tlie American Federation, of Labor, said today that his organization will rc- slst the new anti-strike bills "to its last breatli." H c said tlie revised Case Bill passed by the Senate "represents the worst type of vengeful nml hysterical legislation. The bill, lie sakl, constitutes an open invitation to hostile employers to go out and destroy unions with damage suits. "The, workers of America will never willingly accept .such a one- sided law," Green said. Tlie president's bill to outlaw strikes against government-seined properties is even more clang-Vous he argued. This bill was passed bj the House Saturday and is being debated by the Senate. Scout Leaders Given Special Training Here A training course for scoutmasters and scoutcrs, held ut the City Hall Friday night, was conducted by Vcriion James of Osceola. Hoy Scont executive of liuslern Arkansas, who is In charge of Mississippi County .scouting. The Scoutmasters' round table was conducted by Harvey Morris, district commissioner. The round table discussion concerned camping, witli emphasis on the camporee to be held at Big Lake, June (i and 7. Ru]|2rl Craltou, chairman of tlie camping and activities commlt- lee, will be In charge. Summer camp at Cedar Valley, Hardy,., Ark., was mentioned and attention also called i o the Court of Honor, lo be held June 14. Those present Included J. Louis Cherry, Marion Dyer of Armornl and Jack Droke, who assists wllh the training program. , Violent Deaths Take Lives of Two in State Hy Dulled Press Al least two persons were killed in u .series of accidents In Ihe siiite over Ihe week-end, mid ll)o body 'or a Miicide victim WHS recovered Iroin Uu 1 Arkansas river near Pino Ilhit.1; Icnyinoiul Uiycs, Kl-ycar-oltl nan of Mrs. Jack Schoweller , of Need a 24-hr, fcirtie* live days, was recovered from (he Arkansas river at Pine liiull Sunday, liuek, a former Little Hock colluclor and who hud been In III health, was seen lo Jump from i.he Main street biUlge into Ihe ilv«:r lust: week. .• • . , was killed when the car he was driving plunged over ij 10-foot embankment on Highway' 'fi near Paris, l.aycs was plnneij bcnciilh the car In 14 Inches of ^vtiler. , The second victim wis Lester Green, u 40-year-old IJ(tle Hock wound ay night. . liolh . Southern . California and Ihe central-Northern California dls- 'irict, breaking. previous records, pro- I'orls tluccd 1 a lolal navol orange crop of ' ' ' 4,i,4li:i:' eiii'loads. 111. lt)C past crop year) lU'iul Courier. Nows Want Ads. negro who died 'of.'i( kill received In 'a- IlglH'.Satun Lulber llrooks, .another n >(jro, wns arrested. . Vlic body .of fiO-y(;ar-' 31nck, missing from Little d Toliitis Rock f<ir ' To Have Meet tor Cubs : There will be a meeting tomoiV row night al Methodist Church of all boys interested in becoming. Cub Scouts. .;, .,:/, • '. TO begin at 7:30 o'clock, motion pictures showing the work of Cubs will be shown. The Cub age is nine, 10 and 11 years of age. . . Cub master will be Howard Moore hncl ; meinlK'i'jl of ConimUlee- ! tire: ,i il,arol< chairman;, Any i Edwards;- •' i ' • . E:ich boy iutonnlnft shojtld brlMB at least one: parent, it wan] nnnouii- lie I'aijk fmtth; and Sldehis' eed. HEADACHE^^ loBrihtr to t'ltt qvltk tton -tua'Jiifar -jnd atvi Follqw ditcctioei M Ubi Liquid CAPUDINE SKIN SUCCESS SOAP and OINTMENT Join the Refrigerator . Service Club ' (Tw'ii-ServK-c Culls; a year $1) to Klectric Aiip Fully Guariintec'd SALES CO. ; )\Vlierc Courtesy is Not u Mcmaryl 13¥ I-). Main St. Phone 3616 Seal) My coinmission Notary Public, expires 4-28-50. NOTICE Notice is hereby given .that the undersigned will within the time fixer! by law apply to the Commissioner ot Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer at retail at 500 W. Aslx St.. Blythc- villc, Mississipiii County. The undersigned states that he is n citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude: that no license to sell beer by the under signet] has been revoked within five years last past: and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of this state, or any other state, relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Lawyer Dangcrfield. . Subscribed and sworn to before me Hits 2S day o( May. 1'Jili. Mrs. Marshall Blackard U;call My commission 18-19. Notary expires March 0. XOTK.T; OF ADMINISTRATION On May 25, 1946, letters of administration upon the estate of George P. Smith, deceased, were granted to the undersigned, MARGARET DEEM SMITH, whose address is 101 East Ash Slrcct, Blythevillc, Arkansas. All persons having claims against said estate are required to exhibit the same lo the administratrix. properly authenticated, within six months from the dale of the first publication of this notice or they will l)c forever barred and precluded from any benefits in such e Ate. Dated this 2f>th day of May, 1946. MARGARET DEEN SMI H Excel -ix. Held. Evrard & Roy Attorneys for Executrix. . '. 5.27-0,1 10 Eleven Seniors At Harrison to Get Diplomas Commencement^ttie' largest graduating tJsffi. lit tKe' 1i|»r tpry of Richard ]tV Harrison Negro High School will be held, 'Friday night, 8 o'clock, 'at Pti^rim .R^st Baptist Church. Baccalaureate services were held yesterday afternoon at the church. Holli.s P. Price, president of Le- Moyne College, Memphis, will - deliver th c class adrtrcss Friday night and a musical program will be presented by the School Choral Club. The general theme of exercises will be "Education for World Peace." Highest honors in lh c class of 20 seniors Bo to Era Mae Shipp and second highest to Jaffus Haley. Others leading the class are Charles King, Erskine Johnson, Jessie Phillips, Hattie Mae Neal, Bobbie Lee . Wilson, Ida Mac Wellchance, George .in ' v ' Di) niels. Ernestine Williams and Jnmcs Richmond. Others receiving diplomas will be Wilbcrt Brooks, William C. Ervin, Mari c Jinkins, Clyde Johnson. Annie K. Kizart, Inez While, William Rogers Maycs, Earl Sawyer and Mclvin White. Two BfytheviHe Girls To Get Degrees in Texas Miss Elizabeth Ann Crook, claimh ter of Mrs. J. E. Crook, and Miss Ila Rogers, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Rogers of Clear Lake, arc among seniors scheduled to receive bachelor degrees at Texas State College for Women. Degrees will be awarded to graduates in a cere mpny June 3 In the college nvwli •torjum. • : . Miss Crook is,a candidate for a bachelor of science degree In hcallh. physical, education and recreation President of the senior class, she is a member of Ihe Chapparal Lit erary Club and Who's Who. She was president of the sophomore cla and secretary of Brackenridgc Hall her junior year. Miss Rogers is a candidate for a bachelor of science degree in Journalism. She is a member of the Journalism Club. Cosmopolitan Club and treasurer of the senior class 15-19, three miles north of the established Wesson Field near here. The well was drilling around .ISCO-fcKJt level. the WALLPAPER Bring Your Poultry To W. T. DAVIS Poultry Co. WE PAY HENS -Today-- COX 24c 15c Prices subject to Market Changes Note Our New Address Highway 61 North Phone 528 Wildcat Test for Oil Draws Unusual Attention STEPHENS, Ark., May 27. (U.P.) —Eyes of the Arkansas Oil Fraternity today watched with interest a wildcat test being drilled by C. Ai Lees Morgan in Section 25- Washable Now 32c Light Hist Now 20c Wallpaper Now .... 15 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Schedule Your Cleaning You go to \vovk every morning, same attention ou schedule Give this t o your clothes and semi them ou schedule. You will feel at case, knowing that clean clothes arc always yours. Peerless Cleaners for service. DIAL 2433 Our Driver Will Call PEERLESS Dry Cleaners 416 South Franklin Our reputation rides on Your ATLAS Tires! The reputation for quality behind Esso products is matched by the great ATLAS Tiro ... picked by STANDARD OIL COMPANY lo complete the car servicing facilities at your Esso Dealer's. It is one of the world's great tires . . . proved by 25,700,000 sold in 16 years... tested on-tho road by STANDARD OIL'S own truck and auto fleet . . . and backed by one of the broadest warranties ever written on a quality tiro! What's more, you can make the ATLAS \v<u ranty good—if you should ever noocl lo .it any one of 33,000 sales and service stations on-the-spot, beside-lhc-roati in any one of ilu : . 48 States and Canada! Our reputation rides on your ATLAS Tires — iec'rc mightyproudtohavcitdofoi Esso: The Sign of "Happy Motoring'' your noxl liiti ATI AS . . . Ihe tiro thai fcfs good on the road New Alias Tires are now available , ... with all these important features you'll want I I V\ EXTRA TOUGHNESS | frj WIDE, SAFETY m*D | y\ ROAO.PROVED PERFORMANCE | V\ BROAD TIM-LIFE WARRANTY \^\ COUNTRY-WIDE SIRVICINO [T^T A DEHNDABIE NAME NOTE: Although new liret ar« again available. Ihe demand U >till gr*at. If youi Fsso Dealer doatn'l hav* Ih* iize Altos Tire you n**d in ilock, plnco your ordiir for delivery at toon as posiible. T A XI!! Call Bonded and Insured 968 Bit/ WunaVrJich CASH BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! I'\»r it quick siile see mv. I have buyers for ,_, List your properly with me. My commission ~u> 5%. -C. I have no Kidtliiies. •'•'•!'""/ H. C. CAMPBELL > " Office fit So. Heconii FbeMi «M M,MM •"'' FURNITURi Of course, we don't get all wo could sell, but us w». f«t It.our, policy will bo first come, first served. .. , 1.; '..- -.n Alyin Hardy Furniture Co; :S01 East. Muin Phone 2302 All our Km]il»yrcs lire W»r VeUraiu. , • Where Your Flowers Are — You Are! . , One cull to us will arrange to have , your remembrances sent, not just on«e, but month after month. Ask about' this plan. ' SHOP r.T-D. Berrtaa W* rh. ttt Mr*. ]. M. (MM» WUIUmc, WIDE, TOUGH TREAD DESIGN FOR HAYS IMPLEMENT CO, 200 K. Main, Hly^hc.yllle, Ai*-, .?.t»M*. VHU. <.>,.;. , SALES AND SERVICE OF J. I. CASE EQUIPMENT Just Received a shipment of CASE HAMMER FEED .MILLS 8 Inch $105; 10 Inch $129,50 i USED CARS WANT|$ We will pay you the full OPA Celling plus your extra equipment. If you are piini; to keep your present car let its you an estimate on reconditioning your motor, body and painting. 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