The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, May 16, 1938
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VOLliMK XXXV—NO. 50, BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS 111E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AIMJ-AMBAO .x,i^ r,^,.,,,,„..,„. r*ir Blylheville Court'; UlytliovUta Mississippi Valley OP NOHTHEA8T AHKANSA8 AND SOUTHEAST MISSOUJU ATLANTA H _JH.YTIIKVJI.U:, ARKANSAS^ MONDAY, MAY Ifi, ]<);!8 SINGLE COPIES FIV13 CENTS SM GFFIuERS Decision Molds They Arc "Williin" Terms of Civil Service Act LITTLE ROCK. May 10. (UP) County welfare department em- ployes :m> state offlcei'* "within the meaning of (he state civil service act". Mir> state supreme court rilled loday. AMi-miuK a Pttlaski county court decision tbe high tribunai K ave (he opinion that "functions lo be performed by county boards and county directors <of (he welfare department! are not merely of local concern but that (hey concern the slate at lar "Even (hough exej-ciscs within n restricted territorial limits." (he opinion said, couutv Aflker.s are ' ".Mate officers within Hie mcnnin» of I he civil service ac(." ° Members of (lie state civil service l:nard were appellants in Ui C case which involved the employment of Riilli Elliabelli .Buzbce who tliev nlleged. nav not qualified to work • Mir the public welfare department as a slate employe under the cu-ll service setup. Miss BIKOPP is employed ns an intent in Die welfare program al Fordyce. Tlie lower court's opinion that county welfare departments are mere pcoaraphlcal .subdivisions of a single state department and county derailments are mere a<>en- cies of tlie slate department was held correct. A $12.500 judgment for Roy L. Duke in Nevada county over alte- pahons that he became ill alter e"lhi7 a product of (lie H. J. Ucinz. company today was reversed and remanded by the high tribunal because the lower court's decision was . not i'Oivsistenl with fcrt'i interstate commerce laws, Seek Body In Drift On River A large crew of men lire working on tlie Mississippi river n«ir WliMjj'i In an attempt to locale the body ol ii man seen floating on the water yesterday morning. It is believed Dint Die body lins dged In a drift, formed by the i-tirreiii Inking a (urn tit n brad in the riiTr where a number or logs anil debris have accumulated. Men patrolling the river south of the drift have seen no signs of the TAKES 25 LIV IIICGIDEiriS No Automobiles Figure In Mishaps Ai Cooler, |-|<>|. land, Yavbro, Huffman Fuiir persons ol Dlylhevlllc and the .suiTOumline .vet-lion were in- jurcd yesti-rdiiy and 1 M | ;1V in , 1CO ,_ tody and those In ^ ,, vll , I'onlldPiit Ihal Hie body would be thiiuj lo Ho with uiilomobiles-lhe oraie-d [ale I winy or lomoriw. A '"Siiiil vawe til im-kend iulurlc- fiVi'rn m .in I 1,^., i :. . , • 11 , • ; . , . . * charge weir '-tents but none ol these'had i.nv- eovernmenl boat crew is in rti,n B ,. The txxjy was sighted by two men who were standing at ihe river bank nt u point opposite tile . tOW " of } vils on. They hastened lo unable (o .secure a relocate |,onl the body between that point and lhe one-found mile distance lo the drift. The men said tiiaf the dead man had black hair lhat was easily seen ns Hie body passed within a short distance ot the shore. fatal lo Kdivard K in«. 13 vear ' . vear oW son ol Mr. and Mr.s. Vrv'a v King ol Huffman, whoso skull was seriously frnclured ye.slenhiy afternoon when ho tell from a loft The litd was cllmbluB to u K in loft' lo hunt (he nests wlien he slipped Po'icernan Bitten By Dog Which Escapes Pen The doj which bit tour persons ami about 15 dogs Friday and Sat- I'rdav before it was lodged in Ihe I'lly round for observation, added a policeman to I Li list (Ills tnorn- ii'B when it bit .John Foster on the right Ipg. 'Ilie do?, which i:; (lie pel of Die Joe Wlmbeily family, gained Us freedom from Die pound early today when someone allegedly in-led lhe bars from oft lhe cage. When (he act, was discovered police went to the Wlmberley home. •where they found lhe animal playing «lth the Wimuerley lad. When (he officer attempted to catch ihe animal it bit him. Mr. and Mrs. Wlmberley were Jiof al home when lhe dos returned and did not know their .son ivas playing with the animal. which may he raliid. 'Hie dog was returned lo the pound, nhere it will be kept for ten days to determine If H is rabid. Fires Plague Former Blytheville Druggist N. Spaulding. former local dru°- 6'Xt who «-ent. to Portageville. Mo., about a year ago. has had his .share Several week's ago his drug store at Portajeville was destroyed by Tire. Yesterday his home cauzlit fire and he managed to save his wife and baby, but the only personal belongings lie saved were his bathrobe and slippers. is IN IIHE SHIFT Uel Swafforcl, Formerly of Leachville, Victim of California Accident The remains of Uel Stafford. 39-yenr-old former Loachvtlle farmer who »-,is electrocuted late Friday near Ogllby. Calif., will be from a rafter. He is resting very well al |be Walls hospital today Ilwschel Nolan, of Cooler received a fractured left hip this -.. planter "•nil over him. Tlie 12 year old bov fell down between ihe rows of lhe field and lhe planter struck him bt-iore lie could get up. lie was brought lo Die Walls and X-ray pictures were bcin ? made tins afternoon to determine the extent of his Injury, whieli Is bc- hevcd to be serious. Bill Godwin, Blytlievllie high school football star, received a. badly cut knee when he was "spiked" during lhe Ynrbro-Oosncll baseball game yesterday afternoon at Yarbro. He was treated at the Blytheville hospital and later was dismissed, Godwin, who was on second base, overtook lhe man running from third, as each raced for "home'. As both slid lo the home returned io Leachville for Richard Swaflord son. burial. plans . i — •— — •,-*»iw*vi, jtmiln to go for Ilie body and the funeral will be held In T.c.ichville wllh Howard Funeral home In charge of funeral arrangements. Swaflord was electrocuted at the American Girl mine when he picked up a 400-volt live wire while standing in a pool of water, ac- cardlng lo press dispatches.'After having resided. In lhe I.caehville section for about eight years. Swaftord wenl to California a year ago. lie is also survived by hfcs wife and four other sons and daughter, one of whom is Mrs. Jack Gabharcl. All rr.slde >>( Leachvlllii. Swalforcl was tried in circuit court h,>re -tiore than a vear ago on a charge of nssault with intent .0 kill, which p,rew out of an alleged attack upon w. !•: Roddy ivlio wns his landlord su lhat time.' resulted. plate Godwin collided other struck player whose spiked Go-Jwln in (he knee. the shoe Tlie Tl's Hail on Automobiles cut. although deep, is not expectct to prove .serious. Dollle Mac Williamson, two year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Williamson of Holland, cut a six Inch gasli across !ier,faee yesterday when she fell on some thi roofing while playing' iiv; iiuj yard ol her home. H look, iff slitchcs lo close the deep gash,- Milch while not expected lo prove ratal, will leave a bad scar a# lhe cut was Just, below her eye and ran from her nose to her ear. She was given first aid at the Walls hospital and luk-r was dismissed. Nine Hurt, One Fatally In Pemiscot Accidents CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo., May 15 -Nine persons were Injured, one. i negro woman, fatally in Kvq wrecks here over the weekend. The negress. Ruby Mae Willis, died of a fractured :;!;iiU when her " Cincinnati to Be Host To Amateur Publishers CINCINNATI (UP)-Cook pub- Ushers and magazine edllors who do nol wish to be deluged with manuscripts probably will avoid Cincinnati on July 2, 3, 4. During thnt period the National Amateur Press Association, n group of writers and printers ranging hi age from 9 lo 84. will convene here for their annual convention. Tlie association, chartered In 187G during lhe Philadelphia Exposition, ts composed of ambitious writers and pressmen who publish. ....... vi i( u .-,;inu unen Her .nm ^[ wno putjnsn husband failed lo stop at a high- lhel1 ' OTV " newspapers and pcrlod- «'ay Intersection al. SUiblown, five i lcals - ''"he publications total scv- mlles south of here, pulling from I ( ' rnl hundred and none print ad- III T€L I Ihink one of the most unfair criticisms of the younger generation is when iwople blame 'em for "ol bein' domestic. I think ihe whole fault belongs lo the inotli- i-rs. I know one young wife who kept takln' her husband's clothes to the tailor lo be repaired. Finally Ihe tailor asked her why she brought her husband's clothes in lo him when there was never anything uroiig except n couple of buttons on. Tlie young wife says. "Well, my husband married so young, he never Imrncrl lo sew on a button." a side road onto the highway into the path of a car driven by Ralney Stevens. 35. who was accompanied by two women, Thclma Mayes and a Miss Weaver. Stevens, a carpenter here, was badly cut about the face. 13 stitches being required lo close the wounds. Miss Maye.s SILS- (alned numerous bruises and a concussion, while Miss Weaver's wounds were minor. Friday night, a car driven by Howard Marlii) who was accompanied by Hiram Holletised, crashed into the rear of a car parked on the highway about a mile west of this city, the parked car driven by Claude Vlckers Jr. Martin and Vickers sustained 'only minor bruises and abrasions, but young Hollensed received deep cuts about Hie face, necessitating 13 stitches to close Hie wounds. verllsemenls. The most ambillous publication by any member j. s - n 72-pngc quarterly issued by Hyman Bratlofskv of Pomona, Cal. The quarterly is culled "The Callfornlon " Square Dantes f SCI1ENECTADY. N. Y. square-dancing course 1ms been opened at the Y. jr. c. A. At the conclusion of the course, proficient , students will receive diplomas. , . .,„„ ~ »<-*<r uni. of pocket an esll- mated HOO.OOO and farmers even harder hit. when Ihe vldnlty was showered by a barrage ol hallsiones as big as taseballs-almosl Especially vulnerable were automobiles, as evidenced by the pulverized oar lop shoivn In Ihe lower pirlure. The top photo shows how Lhe phenomenal hailstones sized up alongside a ruler Arkans sas College Will Confer Law Degree Al Exercises Tonight JONESBORO, May 1C (UP) -An Well Known Local Optometrist Succumbs Al Bly- tlicvillc Hospital Dr. Alva Wcr(. optometrist of •fs Reach Important Lunghai Raih'oiui; Chinese Position Weakened II) 1 VnlU'tl 1'rcss Japan's militarists "saved face" today wllh n sledge hammer blow through Mm urcatcsl Chinese de- ft'iisi" line since the (jront war. Japanese !roop,i. nv til toy and bombing phim-n crashed through lhe northern front — scene of Japan's worst military defeat a tew | weeks aijo-iiutl claimed lo have broken Chinese lines along the- vital Lunglinl railroad, which Is tin- key to China's new nipltul ut i Hankow. Sections were carved oul of the Imporliml post-west railroad on I both sides ol lhe junction ill Kii- chow which was encircled and ul- tacked with loss of 800 lives mnonK civilians idone. Many Uiousaiuh of Chlne.w Iroopx were reported trapped in the city, bridges weru blown up lo prevent military movcmeiils alonu the railroad and Slnohslen. regarded as the eate- way lo Siicliow. wns In hands. Clilngchow, another strategic railroad Junction, west of Suchow, was bombed with Biavu Fl i danger lo Americans and other , j foreign residents. •1 Chinese discounted lhe extent of Japanese advances but their defense armies, estimated up to HOO.OOO men, admittedly were In retreat from the Suchow area. Their only hope of counter attack rested with guerilla armies reported ready (o slash al Ihe Japanese communication lilies. Tire Japanese victory was essential to rccslabllshment ot the. invaders', military prestige after tho recent disaster at Talcrhchwan?. near Suchow, and the nesv.s was uwullcd as a signal for wild ccle- hvatlon In Tokyo and elsewhere, but In addition lo its -"face saving" significance, complete success In the Suchow urea would open the way for secure of the entire railroad line lo link the Japanese controlled territory In the north wllh lhe area seized around Shanghai and Nanking. Strato- iBlcally the defense of Hankow would be greatly weakened. Meanwhile the United States diplomatic difficulties In regard to Mexico continued grave. There ,„^.vw, muj iu vurj—An '»ink >ii.-i\, vjpwjnieirisi 01 honorary laiv degree will be con- BlylhcviJle for the past 23 years ferred longht on Gov. Carl E. tllcd nt u> « Blythovilte hospital at Bailey at the graduating exercises 5:1 ° °' c 'ock yesterday evening'. He of the Arkansas state college here. l: «amc 111 about ten days ago and M the same time diplomas will )ie lvas removed to the hospilM oe given lo about 90 students of clght da ys "t'o when his condl- :he school, wlio have completed llcm hecatne serious. He was 02 , their courses. Following years old. Tlie remains were reports London that been u-here he win be Creal Britain eventually mlRht »sk the slate department lo Imn- dle Its Interests In Mexico ns a result of suspension of Anglo- Mexican i-elatlon.s, due to Mexico's expropriation of oil lands. Secretary of State Corded Hull, whose "good neighbor" policy was causlit In lhe British-Mexican cross fire, maintained strict silence In regard to the crisis but It was nol believed Hit United Stifles would desire lo act for the British. lakenl TJlre(lts of rebellion against son'- j Mc)tlci1 " President Lazaro Car- [Polosl state but appeared unlike- — - ••*• «*i* <ic lillll- ltrn\» , I Pi clpal speaker tomorrow nl the dcdl-',,.,, knowl1 lllr O"Bl'Out this sec- cation of a marker at the home 0 " boeftl!sc of lhe V 00 " '« """Ijl* . " „ of John Patterson he T t S 1 e ' U ln P^rlblng eye glasses. F" 1 '""'. m . ll ". ar * -- - ™while child lo be born within he Dr ' VVert was actlve '" th <-' North-1 Ij . llls l ° l ™ { - lln(l n ' r i«"Jly tele mr,i.,. ^f ,..„..... . l " ln llie . cast Arkansas nmnmoirici «„„ Phone talk with the nresltlent urn appearci General leader Salunno of San wrder of what is now Arkansas. nile of Cm Is r'alal JIANFORD, Cal. (UP)-A «.„- icr's report on the ilcnth of Anonio S. Slmas. 39. dairyman rc- -ealed rabies as the cause. He \va Jiltcn by a cow. . . . Living Quarters Sought Begin Scisinographic Tests Hero To Delcnmne Location Of Oil Wells A series of sclsmographic tests to determine the most favorable location for several proposed tesl "'" --• started in lhis D 1C r •!• s was suined in lhis vicinity uy 10 ramillCS to<la - v ' according to J. Nick Thomas local real estate dealer wlio Is parWanted: A place to live bv the 1 llcl l )alln S '» a movement to drill IS families who have come here tol fo " gas or O|V makc their home while the oil work ! „, , r ? ws nml Wpmcnl from an Is In progress. Hirnished apart- olt ' ! ' llo '»a selsmojraphlo concern menu or light housekeeping rooms nrr ' v ™, " c ' e yesterday and the are preferred but they will also , of maklll 8 '"Is over an area consider room and board. Anyone : ° f f-Pl"™ lm ately 16.000 acres north having a place is asked lo call Ihe I ^ » ortlle «st of Blytheville start- Chamber of Commerce, telephone "V s ,. mornln ?- The inslruments •xii «..I.L»I. :~ _. t .. . . ' nrc R\tv\lior tr\ fi^A^A - . Commerce, telephone 291. which is assisting in lornliii? tho people. Garden Club Meets At CityHall Tonight TUP Blytheville Garden club will have a brief business session at the city hall tonight, 7:30 o'clock, •' was announced today . umens are similar to those used In recording earthquakes' and are hiahlv senslllre. For the lest a hole Is in which charge of dynamite Is fired. The sdentlsL, s udy oblainini; oil leases covering nn nrra from the Gosnell community to Number Nine. Mr. Robinson is understood to be representing a lnr»e production company, the name of wlilch has not been divulged He has been here for some lime attempting to complete a solid block of lenses, a few more of which must be acquired before the company will put down a lest well It is claimed. Mr. Thomas urged that Inoso landowners in the area who have not yet signed leases to do so at once, pointing oul that lhis Is an opportunity toward which he and other local business men liaie worked since 1918. He said that with the necessary leases lhe promoters would be willing [ 0 drill the location of test wells I dl '•"- 1 "" 6 ' Allan —i"-'«nu« \\iui of Memphis m "turn here Wednesday and attempt to obtain the remaining leases neccs .W)' to complete the block. cast Arkansas Optometrist as.w>- clalion. having recently served as president. A native of Lulngsburg, Dr. Wert had attended several school* of optomelry. He spent most of his early life in lhat city before his son. Dr. accompanied he came here. He Is survived by Russell Wert, who „„ the remains lo the Michigan City] two brothers, Stacy and John, and one slslcr, Mrs. Mabel Phm- kett, all of Lnlngsburg. Cobb Funeral home is In charge of funeral arrangements. Livestock EAST ST. LQUB. III., May IG (UP)—Hogs: 10,000 Top, 8.30 170-230 Ibs., 8.15-8.25 140-160 Ibs., 7.35-7.90 Bulk sows, 7.00-7.25 Cattle: 3.500 Steers. 7.50-9.25 Slaughter steers, G.75-9.60 Mixed yearlings, hellers. 7.00-8,50 Slaughter belters, 6.00-9.00 Beef cows, 5.60-G.50 Cutlers and low cutters. 4,25-5.00 Chicago Wheat May July open high 82 t.2 1-8 78 C-8 78 3-4 low close. talk with the president nml the area was reported calm. Elsewhere: Vatican City—The Holy See officially recognized the Insurgent government of Generalissimo Francisca Franco in Spain and Franco appointed an ambassador to the Vatican. Spain—Tlie civil war appeared almost stalemated along the Mediterranean after a series of rebel attacks and loyalist counter-attacks In defense of Valencia. Insurgents reported capture of 93,000 loyalist prisoners since the start of the war in July, 1036. Disaster's Toll Is Greatest In HistoryOf City ATLANTA, (In., Mn.v IG. (W')~Fh-e early today swept o»Kh tin livc-slovy Tc-niiiiml hole) in Iho downtown dis- Incl mid burned lo (k-nlli nt least U5 persons. Fourteen " " " ' 'Wl ll!«'v wjis a ]ioHsibiliLy Hint DID bodies + o' a Miore more dead might be in tho debris wlilch was being cleared by firemen. Plllcon of Die 25 bodies had been Identified. I'irc Chief O. N. I'urker would not esthmtlo the lolal (lead in tho holoniust bul said the toll would be "tin; ^greatest from fire In Iho history of Atlanta," The (Ire started in (ho hotel bnsc- Wins Victoi'ics In Test Challenges of And Procedure WASHINGTON. May 111, <UP> — Tlie nullonal labor relations board lodny won supremo court victories In two issues of fur reaching significance In Its administration of the Wagner Uibor net. The supreme court decisions were presented In a test challenge of labor board powers Itted by (he MaeKay Radio and Telegraph company ami In an unusual mandamus action brought by the board In connection wllh its case ngnlnst the Jlopukllc Steel corjioratlon. In the nepubllc. acllon Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes announced thai Iho third circuit courl of uppciils is directed to "show cause" by next Monday why mi Injunction prohibiting fu'rlhor board acllon In the Ilcpubllc case should nol be vacated. The board seeks to withdraw Us Republic case from .lhe couvl tor the purpose of taking additional procedural steps. In miolller imporiiuil cnso iho supreme court accepted a new test of constitutionality ol the Tennessee Valley Authority, tiled by 180 private utilities operating In lhe TVA iiroa. Argument and decision of this lesl cannot bo hold before next fall. Exoioes Serious Injury As 1 "Moose", Truck Collide CAH.UTIIEHSVn.LP:. Mo., MOV 15 —James "Speedy" Watson, about 35, narrowly escaped death late vesterday evening when lhe Frisco "Moose" struck his truck at a cross- Ing nenr this cltv, and dragged (he truck over 100 yards, Wnlson, driver for the Home I Oil and Gas Co. wholesale - ment nt ;t:l5 «,m. Whipped up tlio elevator shaft by a strong draft the blnw) quickly spread through tho old live-story structure. Floors collapsed mid victims were crushed lo deatli as they slept. 11 was estimated that CO to 75 liersons were asleep In tho hotel >vhcn tho lire started. rarkcr said lie believed It was Impossible, for any of the occupant* to have lived through the worst ot the Inferno. JIc said that when Iho first flra companies arrived at 3:15 a.m. "tho building looked us though It had been hit by n gasoline torch.'' " Although the Maze w>.s brought under control within an hour tho blackened walls and girders were so hot firemen could not dig through Uiem mill! an hour later, the chief sntd. Fourteen ol tho dead were, taken from edges of tho ruins or from the street where Uiey had Jumped to death in terror. Tlve died at a hospital where they were taken with burns and Injuries sustained ivlien tho floors collapsed. . The hotel, located In downtown Atlanta, was so constructed that Ihe charred floor sills dropped through, leaving the walls Intact. Chief Parker said somo of;tho victims sleeping on tho fourth and fifth floors may Imvo been burled hi tho basement by the plummeting debris. • ' . Tho cause, of lhe lire could not bo determined. Survivors, Including guests and employes, were too hysterical to be questioned. As the fire came up the elevator shaft It shot into an adjoining cafe, ami scorched iiljht workers who were eating. Some survivors came down the fire escape, others jumped to Eafe- l) T In lire nels. Police said some of (hose who died never could be Identified positively. Their clothing and other be*-MI <\uu *jtm ^.u. WIIULL'.VUU piniK , ; ', here, was rcturnlmr to Caruthcvs- loll f''«« n ' mt destroyed In the fire "Hie, and did not see the t W o-coa,:l, ™ d . thoir ™ l " lcs w ? re . ?° <=.»«««» le, and did not see the two-coach 'Moose" until he was already on J'J" , Hie track. The train struck tho mcntls '.riicv on the rl»ht side of the cab, ltotlncati ° 11 elatives. ..., , , a v ,-jivnj yi LtbU tHU, _- _ telescoping timt side of Uycentery Claims Fiitn Mie cab. and damaging the Iruck w •" i TI • n ronslrlcrablv. '1'hc worst Injuries VlCtlin In 1 MS bectlOD sustained by Wnlson, who wns nlonc. was a badlv skinned nusc.l Daclllary dysentery, which caus- nnd a broken little linger ' • - ..•!." Car Is Stolen For Second Time Recently Baker Wilson has decided he had brlter start lakiiiR the keys out, of his car when he leaves It. The machine was stolen Saturday nlghl for the second lime recently. Taken from Its parking place hi the business section, the car was found abandoned on Highway fil near the Karris tourist camp. No damage had been done except that the spare ttre and some gasoline were missing. Stock Prices NEW YORK. -May 16. (UP) — Stocks turned lower today after drilling aimlessly In one of the dullest sessions of lhe year. Utility shares led lhe recession. A. T. & T 129 7-8 Anaconda Cop 27 Assoc, D. G 57-8 Beth. Steel 48 1-8 Boeing Air 24 3-4 Chrysler 42 1-8 . 133 1-3 . 34 3-4 . 30 . 55 1-4 . 31 7-8 . 12 3-4 Coca Cola Gen. Elec Gen, Mot Int. Harvest Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central 7- 7-8 Chicago Corn open high low close May 68 118 58 1-4 57 5-8 61 6-8 July 59 3-8 59 1-2 58 5-8 58 5-8 Film To Feature Blytheville And Local Activities Schenly nist, Simmons , .. Socony Vac Std. Oil N. J. Texas 17 5-8 13 1-8 47 3-4 "Shootlni?" of scenes tynical of Blytheville for a motion picture review of Blytheville "on parade" will beeln tomorrow mornlne;, it was announced today, with the reel to be shown nt the Ro.xy theater Sim- rtay. May 22, and Monday, May 23. The fllm will show many places of interest in (he city, give "inside" views of industries and actlvltes lhat form the basis ot the city's life and afford glimpses of prominent persons and groups, including the ?ratluatlns class of tlie Blythevllle high school. The filming of the semi-news rtel will be by Martin Friedmont »»d Charles Stewis, cameramen with the presentation to bo sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. O. W. McCutchen. owners of the Rltz and cd four deaths here a week ago, took another life Hits morning. Ogeno Hill, two-year-old son or Mr. and Mrs. Oils Hill, died at three o'clock at his home in the Half moon community. The child had been ill from the colitis disease for Iwo weeks. The remains will be taken to near Bethel Springs, Tenn., tomorrow where burial will ijo made. Two sisters, Rosaline and Bernice, also survive. Hanna Funeral home' Is In charge of funeral arrangement. Although there were 28 new cases reported n Mississippi county last week, il Is believed that the recent cool weather has aided in checking the disease. Collins Tullos, '.wo year old son of Mr. and Mrs.' M. D. Tullos of this city, was removed to the Blytheville hospital last night after his condition from this disease become serious. He is better today. Tliere Is now a proposal before the Toledo. Ohio, City Council for compulsory semiannual inspection of motor cars. The proposal carries i 50-ccnt fee. The fact that tiie coconut will float in salty water for months, without injury to the seed, Is thought lo be Ine reason for lhe wide distribution of the plant. WEATHER Arkansas — Probably showers tonight and Tuesday. Memphis and vicinity — Cloudy this afternoon with showers tonight and Tuesday. The maximum temperature here yesterday was SO, minimum 52. clear with .01 of an inch rainfall early today, according to Samuel F. Nor- ns, official weather observer,

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