The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1931
Page 6
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:PAGi: six m.YTHKVILU-:. (AUK.) COL'KIKR NEWS When In Sports, Do As Romans Do i5?J m MONDAY, FKDUUARY S, Its Nol-Always Irish Whoj Show the Way in Realm of Sports. BV CLA1KT-: NEA Service .Sports Writer '. If people ever u-ondeied: what tin prize fight, game would do without Ihe Irish, who wculd shonlJi-r Hi: wrestling industry when theOreei:: all became restaurant owners, win: would happen to golf when clrt memberships cost too much for tr.. 1 Scots, they mlglK find the answer in five little words- Give it lo the Kalians. II Djce could snicker at lliei- nol Infrequent razzberrlcs Iiaiulf! him by loquacious American mi:i- larlsts If some' one would take a moment to explain the position th: signor's subjects and sons-ol-snu- Jecls occupy in our sports Industry. He should be informed that thcy'iv actually stumbling over each other In the fight gome, from Finn;Camera on down to ll'.lle Franki? Gcnaro. He should know that they wrcsllc, bowl, race autos, riJe bicycles, play golf, baseball and cnl' signals for Noire Dame. Boxing happens lo b coverrnu with what is freely called " the fighting wop." Most of them, a', least, the most successful ones. arc- American born, but coursing Uin: their veins is the hot. blood ot trie Latin race ,a race in which t h i lo, Ixm fires of conquest have never died. Oflen they have foun dlt convenient to discard unpronoiiiiceablr names in favor of catchy ring monikers. Among hese are Yo'.inj Carbelt III. ouUtandliiK welterweight who was born Ralfale Giordano: featherweight Johnny Fhrr, who votes under the name of Parlna.'c: and flyweight champion Midget Wolgast, who occasionally gels tnr.i! addressed lo Joseph La Scal;'.a. Record books oiler CDiicluslv.' j proof that (he "fighting wops" arc tough customers In the ring. They I have produced one or more uViani- pions in every division save heavyweight nnd light heavyweight. Scr.iu of them ore Johnny Wilson, wh. ruled the middleweight;; not Ion:: ago; Joe Dundee, recent welterweight champ; nnd Sammy Mandell and Rocky Kansas, rulers of the lightweight kingdom within the tost five years. Four of them are clnmpons today, and a fifth could probably scale the heights if given n championship match. I refer to Tony Canzonerl, Jteht.welght; Christophc: IBaU Baltaliiio, featherweight; Midget Wolgn-i', and Frnnkic Oe- naro. co-cliamplon3 of the flyweljli' division; and Young Corbctt III. who knocked two wsllenvelgh! champions into Bubmissicn durln.; 1930 but who was kept from Ihe title-by over-thc-weight technicalities. IOOPS !BRUSHING up SPORTS AND 1IBES 8AHAZBN BOXING I'rinio Camera, Vlttcrlo Campo- i, Vlnce Dundee, Vll (orlo Livan. Young Coibctt III, Sammy Mandell. Tony Can/onerl. Joimnle Parr, B.U li-.iltnllno, Fidel La ISnrba. Karl Mnslro. Doineiiel:) Ucmasco!'.!, Midget WoUjast, l-Van- kic Genaro. BASGBAM, Tony Ijiwi-rl, Oscar Mellllo. Gils I j Monetise, Krnie Orstilll, Tony Cue- i Rcnato Gardint. cinello, Gecrcc Pucdnelll. Ernie AUTO U/ Ijombardi, Joe T?ahnlsaiio. OOLP Gene Sarazcn, Joe Turncsa, Tony Manero, Olin Dutru. Henry Cluci. BOWLING Jimmy Smilh. Joe Fnlcaro. Three First i Three of the outstanding hold-! i onts of Hie pre-sprlng training' Fi-ason are flr^V basemen. They arc I Lou (ichrlg. Dill Teiry and Kiidie! I Morpiiii. ! I CielnJK, after a great year, thinks IK- Is worth more than $25,000. Uil^ i Ttr.-y, after one of the greatest j 'years any fust baseman had any-| ulifi'C. thinks he oaishl to bG worth i . al !e;i)-l 525.000. Eddie Morgan, ' whose pay Ideas scale considerably lower limn iliat figure, thinks Ihe' rain 1 in pay ollered to him by me , ' Indian management is no! enough j 10 hire- him away from tin: thrill- i . iny bushuss of making bo;;es al; j Kenncr, La. "Oilier Inlcrfsts" i Terry, who is Interested in Lie 011 business In Meniph'.s nnd ha:; I lie iiu-rjine from :^vi-ral bi which In; rc-iils. Is a hard man lo jn-j;uc with, lie has his own i;l?as about thlnes and stick. 1 ; to them. I'holrHii.-ipIirrs in Memphis iccently lrh-d to i;et Bill to pose } with his family for pictures to il- j tetratc a liillc story about his church activities during the winter months. Bill said he would i>ose himself, but he didn't want the family in the papers. And he stuck lo his fjun.s. Morgan definitely announced he v.a-i lliroush with baseball and merely added parenthetically in Ills letter lo the club owners llial baseball wasn't, worlh while: if lie wasn't worth more than he had bcfn of- Occrge Calza. Clino CiarlbaUii.. fered after his gcod work In 1930. •-•••" " . nox-maklngl was a very Attractive j RACING Pele DC Paolo, Tony Gulotln, Ln- tcrio Cudnotla, Uacon! Borzacch:- nl, Qinnfranco Comotti. lUCYCLIi IIACING Franco Gcorccttl, Gactano Bel-' however, aren't lani. l':ii!l Ur.icardo. [Mctra Linaii. activities other business, anyway, and he wasn't so crazy about baseball, after alt. Others Docile The resl of (he first basemen. CM nli i nils Beat Coaches; (.lhi<:ks Trim Earlc High : the Oiceoln girls iti nno'lHT urc-1 C«.,.iL« A A TT uminary. ooi.lhcirn A. A. U. Basketball Tourney Set > interested in than baseball. Jimmy Foxx signed up early to get into s!ia-,>e for sonic more world series homers; Phil Todl, brought Into Ihe A's camp from the Red £ox, isn'l holding out so much as Irying to hold on. PKKMUSTWKJE BEErtF&f t&SS? VWEW & SACRIFICE Flf AWANCED THE PONKERS TO sa^D AHDTPMRD The Cardlimb outpointed Cicj Coaches' five bill (he game was, close enough to prove Interesting. | SHHEVEPORT. La.. (UP)--Th- LU Blue is ready to suffer an- 1 ho Coaches unable lo pierce Ihe r !rst A11 SoiMKrn A. A. U. men's other reason with the Browns with- snlwart Red Bird defense for basketball championship tonnin-' mu anv quarrel about money. Joe . . _^-! [ ] ° se ™W footlns wt «« bas-; Till IK held In Shreveport Ihe week Jm i gc Is too old and Joe Kuliel too Cirnlnih detcvcd a^, W S nllt , shotsr , ! . n ?? m l5 "' ! ' ' February lfi-2l, according to the vonng io be bothered with any Carcllnab a Bnvmll and l-,nchcr of Ihe Coaches, , ncnl A . , v u. ofrice . q,,csllon s other than first-basing led iu the scoring. The Cards led ; Alth h „,„„ vdlics ,„ thc For the Senators. Th:' Kiirle picked leani of MIssiSElppi county coaches, 51 to 31 at l!ie O.scccl-.i by ten points until the lost mimilcj of play \riicn they rr.u! I South have held local tournaments,! Dale Alexander's battins average Irish school gym Saturday nlslit. "'"" l <" °' ' J ., , this will be I lie first Southern ! foil eft u few points and he isn't The Blylheville Cliickasaws ncs-| P points. I clinmplonslilp meet lobe held, the ' pressing Owner Frank Navin of the f <\ m* ii><- irii-i«. i,ii.ii ««.,„ i,, <, ' Tllc Blytlicvllle boys played In; office said. The territory includes. Tigers for n raise. Some unnamed cd out me tai io n.gli team in a, tnclr best, form of the season to' Louisiana. Mississippi. Texas, Okla-lhci-o is going to play first base for - . . preliminary game 10 to 1-1 to ring | take ihe Enrle team Into camp, homn, anil Arkansas. •. up their second victory within two i Gruig. Short and Christian played j ctayc. The Wilson rdr'.E won over I 'well for Blyihcvllle. i ; Ihe White Sox this year and no' body knows what his ideas .on. pay Scad Courier News vrant Ads. • are.. Bill Sweeney plays first base ROGER PECKINPAUGH pulled his prize boner in his very first big league game. The opposing team had runners on first and second : —> when the batter advanced them to second and third wHK a long : sacrifice fly. Peck, however, playing at short, had a mental picture , of 'these runners still on first and second. When ths next battor i rifled a grounder down to short, Peck came up with it and whirled to ; throw to third for a force play. Seeing there was no one covering the bag, Peck stood petrified, while what proved to be the winning run crossed the plate. ' "Why not take a bite out of that apple!" th=utad a leather-lunged bleacherit*, trvi Peck's ears tinned *or the next three B IGGEST ONERS for the Red Sox and no questions asked. • « * AU Set to Play Ball Baseball used to he a great game to the tobacco chewing days of th: Schmidts, Lobcns. Wagners, Zimmerman; and Stahls, but it's ab!s- ger and more colorful industry now with the addition of a hanofiil ol "fighting wops." Si. Louis has lout —Mancuso, Orsatti and Pu::iielli o! the Cardinals, and Melillo of ;h: Browns. Tony Lazzerl has been a spark plug In the Yankee machine for four years. Cincinnati has Cuccinello, while Brooklyn, Cle^olani and the world champion Athletic this year-will have Lombard!, Detore and Palmlsano, respectively. Golf has been a bigger attraction since stocky little Gene Sarazen, Manero and some other Italian-American youths graduated Irom the caddy ranks. Much of the present day popularity ol bowline Is due to the Ruthian efforts c; Jimmy Smith, Milwaukee's Italian pin-toppling star. Auto racing proudly points to youthful P:!;: D: Paolo, nephew of that old spesd- way king, Ralph De Palma. ani som more. Georgettl leads the bike racers who circle the boards in six- day stretches. And Italy has practically pinned Grecian shoulders t: the wrestling mat. Could Notre Qnme have captured national football honors these past two years without the mad touchdown jaunts of Jumpln' Joe Savoldl and the never-falling conversions from the educated tec of a CarWeo? Xtaybs. i!t:i:i\ sunn IDIIAV V« l-.-n. lire liom lironlni: I no lull In II,',] Ttiri»li. lima, i:IN<;i:it CI.I.A mi. i. iv nit irr^nnijnt ji .liiuhii C ...... Irj <:iub. II IY:IH la III' Ki.iiM.tFLlii^ rtrlnvlvr — )I|«I litr lln- ••M'uiittrr BI.!.-* ArcnritlnclT C^lnut-r. tiliusr Ijnjirr t\n» n inln- Ivcrr nnil ivlm*r •lr]>mnihrr. ttir I.Tint.r mil. VAN DOUIl>, ^\na li.ith iM'nlilij nitii Iiidulct-Til. iinr- i-liiiM'il nn ulil fcLrni liuu^u unil re- nti»i!rl|.|L It. lli'il •I'lirtish 1. n VHI rnmr IIAIUI Read Courier News Want Ails. mil.I .. lio In ..1117 ninl imlnt pnrlrnlt^ ittiil I|L i:iTr Ihf lieu vltlli hau«r. llnnl K.IVC Ibr nnnic "Jolp *]c VUfr" lo Ihr rluh. Anil he llnicr.lii Ir miulil hr iiilrndld If l';i-]r i-niilj ini|iorl rrnni Chlrnuo ,,i:r \n-ol.o CAI.l.CXO. Tor Nirtiln mi* linnilviinlF nori h« c.tnlil rut.U nna hlnic nnd tlrum a uiilinr. ir^ \«.uKl make H plr- cnrrMtui. ndillllnn (o the Hull. Itill In Mrnln'M |itttcc thcrr nr- rlvi-.l thriT tit M« r«iintr>iin-n. l.llllr AM.KI.Il M:I« 11 ninslrl.^n. nini rn-:nn> i-nuia L-unk. Ami IIKM-I'U i-iml.1 .Inc. Mrnlv. il hnil i-oni tlk:ll: thr In III) Hi'nlln iiilili-d ][ikf i lit i-nliir. ll:itil lirr-'.l »:i>. rilling In Inv *:i!lI!<-Mril «li. li:M I'hll. mill Tbrii nln li. ntc. filncrr • rlah nuq n . .lime-In and • rlchl tutich Ir.iilnK lied nim Ini; linir I. iicr^Tiutrd K.-I n« Ihr tlic front porch waving a welcome,] anil Uenllo. BtagBcrlng under as ro- markablo nil assortment o[ lusgaga aa had ever been asaeroblcil upon ono person, advanced largely Into their roidst, barelieaded, flushed, Ills face allslit with tlio Joy ot is- union. "lly friends," ho said simply, "I nm returned." Conspicuous for Us slzo at least unions Ills bundles was an enormous suitcase of strangely woven basket slraw. loose and ungainly, and I>ackr.:l until Its frail sides bulged dangerously EO thai It had to lio re- cnforcctl willi a hnlt-ilozcn folds o( an olil scnrt. Under ono arm ho carried an old. unwrapped 'lolln which lie had ro trtevccl from pawn for Angelo, an umbrella and a raincoat, wlillo hanging from it by n stout ropo was an oucn-incshcd stioripiitg bag laden with small packages ot every slinpo and color. 1'rotniilliiE from him In every dl rertlon wore Ilalian nev.vt-aiiers irl from a cluin In his rlglit liau< as suspended n brass biral con inlng Botilllsh. Every pocket wai arainert. his hands were full, hi: •ins akimbo with things beueatb IIIIM-:!. n ruri ' rltr lo Trlmil UII Iliriil. Slic frit lir llnr.l ^oinr rini •nrililr lilnnfr In ki ilnd. l.lnsi-r tlirrr ^I'.AIIS hi t nt liln. him n. O T PAYS TO OP — RACE IS WON 8V A |. llul lnn ln} 11 i-iTi- to |ii*tllli>ii mil] nv lirr m%n |. ..... nilpnl nkr c:irr ill lililn'l ronir. :i>nv J II'K. "nil In IMilj iirnn.nilrJ I'.IIIT CI.I-LC. nnd uhrn cilnpt-r rrn Ivrrt Hint SJIITI! \\n* hrln^lim hi. unl [Mill I loll tlilru ernlilr fu And Cili t[]i ntiil i (;!nt:rr. - :il.r lUr r,> NOW «o ax WITH Tin: SVOIIY CHAI'TEK XX111 "OnCfi wore, rfrar f.0)/jf, 1 xilh rapture oefcold tltcc— " 'T'HE J'ilgrlm'j CAorut. savoring •*• strongly of Ihe llallan. accor panied In ao orclieslral way by the liparj-c honlc of Iry Ford's lax horn al tlie gales, cnvclopeil Jots d Virri: lu swelling surges ct sang. H rocked lliroush the woods, re somiucil from the high bluffs nn was waflcd far oul over Ft.ibb! River with Its solitary boat riilin the waves. flealto bad come back. lly the timo bis great voice n leased its hold upon the last sylli. Lie, all tte occupants of the hous were c«wu(cl Jorously together o uid a Chinese Ivory plcklo fork, 'heso ho eavo to Glnser to be dc- ivercil to lier parents with his .rilent lovo anJ deep respect. To Jenky, almost with tears In his yes, ho presented a roll of black EufEclcut [or a. new dress auil maybo two, and a laco collar, hn- ortcil. For Hen ho had a new cano wllh a solid sliver top and his initials monogrammcd on It in an elaborate design. "For Sundays," Denito said resoundingly. • * • "PO Bard, who was partial to art, •*• ho had brought a larftb framed Itliogrnnh of ono of Huberts' most latnboyaiit court, plclurcs and a set of water-color palnis In a burnt wood boi. Ginger received a long strand ot bluo beads to inatcli her eyes, a silk handkerchief ami a very brilliant velvet rosa "for her bat." Angclo and Pletro drew soft shirts "just like Mr. Baru's." but a great more Btartllng In color aud pattern. "Everything's nicer, than just ilaln nice." ho declared extrava- milly. "Everything's perfect.- It's iust plain heaven." And they stnileil into each other's eyes and believed IL But Dciiito, for all his Joy tn Mils reunion \.ith hla friends, did nol forget that he had other Interests around tho place, and In a few minutes lie wamlered out alnne. Tho others, watching affectionately from the windows, sasv him proceed slowly from bird-houso to bird-house, shaking his heart regretfully for thoso that continued empty, chirruping Joyously to those that sheltered little- feathered tea. nuts, lie had brought presents for them, loo, a small glass water bowl for ench house and a hag of Canada peas, with a small can of hemu seed as a special treat. Presently, from far off in tha woodj they heard tils urcat voice-. "Come, Inok!" be shouted. "Quick, come, look!" Over in the Nalional League, j aside from Terry, Ihd first basemen are docile people. Jim Bot-' tomlcy isn't interested in making boxes, like Morgan, but wants to I get a few more hits after his name 1 in the box scores! Gus Suhr is not I only ready but willing to play an-! other season for the Pirates. Don ; Hurst is playing first for the I-'nils,' if you care to know It. Neun Is tack on the job for the Braves sad Del Bissonetle isn't clsr.niiii his shotguns to go after Prexy York of Brooklyn for more cssh. Charley Grimm Is going to play for Horns- y v.ithout a battle over the pay heck. That's about all of them xcept. Cincinnati, which Is trying ut .a.l young man from the coast ameoV Mickey Heath. Apparently j leatri'.is ready, to play—even for tadiinatl. JUT when they ran down lo ro llevo him of his burdens be aveil them aside. "Wait, wait!' ho boomed. "Prcs nts — such presents — I have rcngtit for each nnd all. lloa't nidi anything—1 must open tticm n secret. Such presents for atl!" It was only by turning sldewlse ml pushing the suitcaFO abend of Im that he managed to get through 10 door, and he Joined merrily In heir laughter at bis predicament. 'ith his foot upon the slalra that cd to his attic room ho turned to nillo persplringly back upon them In addition, Angelo'a mother had sent him .-\ huge cake with his name printed on tho white frosting ID pink letters nnd thrco bottles ot— or—Italian grape, juice, which An- pclo Immediately served to tho on Iro party as a thanksgiving for the safe relurn of their dear friend. They laughed, they talked, they slapped one another's shoulders. Benny brandished his silver-headed cnrjo with a rakish air, and Jenby put Ihe Imported lace, collar on over her honso dress just to prove her festival spirit, nnd Bard. fce?!de Ginger, cautioned nor not to IniMbe- loo freely of tho IWllan grape iuico which was a bit different ID effect from regular American. The Italians clicked lliclr glasses. An- gclo tried out tho redeemed violin nnd Uard. to please him, ^ ran down the wnod path, hand In hand, and presently came up to him, dancing Immensely but noiselessly beside tho hedge. "IjOOk, see!" he chorllcrt. "tieo what I got In this nesi In the licilsc! Thrushes, two thrushes, a Mrs. nnd Mr. Look— two eg?s! 1 like thrushes. You knnw what? I'm going to build me a big hi>;isc <l"*vti by tho boat-landing. Maybe some river birds will fly there nnd raise litilo river birds, and we'll make H a bird reservation. 1 like water ifils. They're sensible." Glnser nattcd his hn:nl aiTeclion- ately. Soccer to Aid DID YOU KNOW THAT— Dan Howley told President Weil of the Reds that among others whose services were no longer required this year was Curt Walker... Every club in both leagues waived claim to Walker...despite the fact that Curl's hitting average-.for his 10 years in the National Le'ag'iie was .304...and a fielding mark of .963 over ths same period... A timely hitter, too...and won't be 35 until next July...He is a great fly-cliaser, his arm is strong and he can .still burn up those base paths...He Is not a drinker.'..and n;ver makes trouble...He Isn't so hot on ground balls, sometimes throws to the wrong base und sometimes pulls a bonrr on the bases, but his good points outweigh his weaknesses. ..Any National ' League club could have lilm for $4000...and any American League club for -S7500. Horncrsville Five Clash With Local Stars Here Tonight The Hornersville town team will play the Blythcville All-Stars lo- 1 nighl at the Bytlieville Armory. A preliminary game between Gosnell and Yarfcro .school teams will slurt a! 7:30 o'clock. The Blytr.2ville All-Stars have held thsir own with Missouri teams so far this season. Although beaten twice by Sl«le. the locals iiave trimnsed Cooler and Kennett In decisive fashion. Little is kr.own of Ihe visitors except that tli:y have been bowilns rver MissL-uri nn-J Arkansas teams in their section consistently this season and '.vill rate favorite to defeat the Blythevllle aggregation. I lost one iwo and won one from : Senalh. Pirates Train 1 final score was made Just as the silvcrda! e nt I whistle blew, but in time to co-jnt.! " c ° n " B 7f\ PITTSBURGH, (UP)—The Pills-! Mcnctlc is the next game to. be' Anticch.Grade school split with Arbyrd Friday aft.or- Silverdile IV, Antii och 16- Girls, Silverdale 10; Anti- burgh Pirates will add soccer to : played at- Cordwell he sprlns training program which • February 10. will'get under way February 25 according to Manager Jowel Ens. Srccer known as a good "condl- .loncr," Is expected to put the Pirates In excllent physical shape on Tuesday, Cm-dwell High school split a! doub'-i-hcader with dcn:,th at Cardwell I'ucsday evening, Feb. 3. Score: Boys, Senath 2G: Cnrdwell och 17. „.. . , The only drawback said to be connected with its use is the danger that attempts to execute "fancy" kicks may cost a turned ankle' or two. Ens has Indicated, however, that there will not bo nny of The game is to te played as a means to an end and not for its own sake. twice this season; the boys have HOME THEATRE Sunday and Monday Wall!" he repealed impressively and found lt 03 good as neWi Eenlto Wail until I unpack. Such pres b ,, rat i nto irrepressible sons- In a very few ralnutes ho re urncd ngain, hl3 arais laden with iacVages, each carefully wrapped In •olored paper and tied willi ribbon, •'rom them ho raauo careful eelcc- ions and carrier! out tlio act ot presentation vrttli a great deal of lormallty, kissing tlie lianas ot each : ady and whacking tho men witb resonant friendliness between the sliouldcrblades. As lio distributed ilia gifts he kcpl up a running account ot the reasons for hla choice. Kor Mr. Tolllver, he being a holy man, lie had brought an Illustrated copy of tho Life of St. Francis, who was fond ot birds, nnd a hand carved ebony crucifix. For Mrs. Tolllver, ho brought a set of Italian tjth dollies, real lace "Who once has kissed il 7V.ii p.njlc Itrliifc resist il Evcr must drink." A N ' D •" of N'D as the spontaneous applause ot his friends elevated silli hlslicr both his pride and his Mood pressure, he swept Grandly Into the Italian. "CM oH'csca ?ia morsa (JO ilill r.iiiito Spnrnltfo e stramto Beia con (c." "Isn't it fun, Bard?" whispered Glnser hardily. "Isn't everything nice?" "Oh. Denilo." she said fondly, "my great big blessing! I'm awfully glaci you cnmc liar«. I don't see how we could ever get along without you." "A simple, sweel-henrled son ot ttio soil, that's wh3l he Is." com merited Bard, aa they left him to continue his happy tour ot the premises. Bcnlto hlmsell was very fond ot reiterating that he was a E.ia ot tho soil, and so he was Indeed, lie oved the rich scent of loamy carta. loved the very sight of lender green things shooting tiny tendrils ahovo I [he soft sod. loved all tlio throaty, hearl-ful! so'.imls nf out-of.iloors, (ho tiutter of wings, the patier ol scampering wild [cct. tho chirp, or peep, or carol of lltllo woodland voices. A son of Ihe soil, but not so simple nnd sweet-K-ivted as would Cardwell Teams Wb From Clarkton Cagers CARDWELL, Mo. — On Friday evening the Cardwsll High School boys nnd girls basketball teams went to Clarkton. where they de- fealcd the teams of Clarkton High School. Tr.e sc-res: Girls-Clarkton, I9,cnrdwf!l 41. Beys. Cardwell 31, Clarkton 20. - There was a great deal of 'routing-in both games by plnyEraif th? two sclioils. The boys lifliv.o started with a "bang" and ha every appearance of being a real * nappy game, but slowed down considerably- Clarkton boya' RITZ THEATER Sunday and Monday Everything Don't Believe You Read- Hear Tho Story of— ssage to a Courier News Ad Taker will be transmitted to 17.000 readers. Call 306. RESULTS ate Certain 'THE TERY BRIDE JtANETTE MAC DONALD JOHN GAMJCK JOE B. BROWN KO6EW CHIiKOLM JOSEPH MACAUIAY PITTS Admission—IB & 40c. Admission— Matinee & 10 and 25c Coming -Tuesday, Weclnes-L day & Thursday — Lawrence Coming — Tuesday, \Vedncs- Tibbctt and Grace Moore in day & Thursdav — Conra-i "NEW .MOON". i Naglc in "FRKE LOVE".

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