The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 8, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1934
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Served by tKe United TUB DOMINANT NEWHPAPER VOL. XXXI—NO. -1-1 Wylhevillc Dally News niythevllle Courier MlssLsslppl Valley Under niythevllle Herald BT AUKANBA8 AND 6OUTHKA81 1 MIB9OUK1 HOME EDITION lil.YTilKVII.LK, ARKANSAS, Tl'KSD.A Y, .MAY 8, 1<1;M SINGLE COl'IKS FIVE CENTS NSULL BEHIND COUNTY JAIL BARS Hold Troupers In Riuer Death Carulhersville Officers Act Plan Enforcement of Al)solvc( Acreage Contracts —— WASHINGTON. May 1) iUI>>- Fai'ii] admiiiL^naiion n:fieials and a^ricnllural extension wijrkers frnru - v ontlirrn slates mc-l Indav tu i-.v- mulate plans to siivn^Uien en- forcemenl of collon tethlt.-lion cun- tracls. 'I'lle confereme uas called i,'.' Secretary of • Agriculture Henry A] p .. . . Wallace after he was inlornnd II I'olloVVIIlP Identification «>lton campaign was causing " ilL. li. ,,,of Body CARUTHEriSVII.I.R, Mo.. .May 8. — Five members of a family of medicine show troupers were held in jail here loday c.'.ar^cd wilh the murder of the husband and falher. Kussell Evans, 50. whose body was found caught In a Mississippi river drift a half mile b?low tcwn yes terday. Paced with a real life Celling rivaling murder uiy.sterkG llie family might have enacted during bel- ter {lays or tlu-ir slaye career. lo:-al officers were seeking substantial evidence to support what so iai appears to be purely circiimsun- tial. Evans, known as the drunkard of Ihe iroupe, and gccd lor lillle else tiian to play a trombone m the show band, was last seen here, as far as officers know. Wednesday afternoon. when ir.e tnnijK' !eft here after giving Iheir final perform-, fliioe Saturday night no report of i . Little hope was held today for Ihe disappearance of Evans ha: 1 . • Mrs. pannic IJurtcn. 50. wf.o swal- lo tenant [aiuv-rs or sharecropi>er.-;. ami was pailially rc.s|)onsible lor iiicita.sini; ugiicul- tural Calvin B. Hoover. A. A. A. economic advisor, said the undesirable conditions wire due largely lo disregard of tontracl terms. Di.stricl extension n:;ent-> pretent hlelude C. Rock. Ark. Hamiall of Ui.ll LIE ill COST HER LIFE Mrs. Fannie Burion Near Dealh Following Suicide Al tempt been made. Yesterday about noon Ihe body of an unidentified man was found in ihe river by a youth. It was towed lo shore f-.ere and examination revealed that the man's head had been crushed by blows. Coroner J W. Rhodes declared lhal the man -died of a blow on tr.e foreliead before his body -was placed in ihe river. Identification cf the body as thai ol the mi&llc-aged trombone player in the Chief Rolling Cloud carnival and medicine show troupe sent Constable Hollis M. Baird lowed ,i quanlily of lye in a sui- citJc attempt, at her Missouri liujne, "ear the Arkansas line, laic yesterday afternoon. Physicians M ihe Blytheville hos- pilol, where Mrs. Burton Mas carried. said her condition was extremely critical, aud were doitbi- ful of recovery. Efforts to remove th'e lye immediately after Police Cars Take Trail of Dillinger CHICAGO. May H iU!'l--A [;en- H al alarm wenl mil In nil police | -mud cai.s loday lo -.vj'.rli for two • :i'.nnmubl!i..s nuillibnunil mi the jmitskii-ts of (ride;,!-,! 1,,-lli-vcil cai-- I mi'; Juiiii l)llliii!;i-i- and his BIIIIB. Confession bv S u s \i c'c I Branded Hoax by Justice Department Agentsjj™ 1 ^,' 11 , 1 ,'^ 1 ;,; 1 '^ B ^""^ led I hey !ui<l idi'iililU-d one of TUCSON. Arl/.. May li tUl'l-i nepaitmenl of justice nuvllls loday branded a.s a uia-l hoax n pur- l-orlcd -olulion U the kidnau)!^ of June Itobles which look three. 'Ifiu-r- inlu Mi-x'cu end arouk-d hop-.- Urn Ihe child would bo ^turned to her family. The late of Ibe little hclres' in Ihc cattle fortune of Hernab? Rubles, her wealthy ejamlfallu c. avaiii licame Hie object of apprehensive spccuiaiiou. Wluitur sh-j was dead or allvf- r< maini'.i a question depailmcnl ol juslice ageisls would nul or could no! answer as they returned hcie from the bonier town of Nogales. They did Fay. liim-ver. thai what tl-'-y thought vcsifrdny wa a solulion to the kidnaping ha<i collapsed. The so-called confession by an American kidnai suspect, which inspired n widt sp:ead search huo the r.orlher: Sonnra wilds, ihcy said, was : fake. Oi: r j remaining hope that June still \voiild be found alive ile- i:t-i;ded on Ihe outcome of an ol- ficial mission Into Sonora by Cliin Deputy Sheriff Oliver White. Wlill Grand Turv Re-turns Nn : " ul uvc '« ier " 1 agents drove in; ,' jury m-iurns. \w , hc tl|SBed inierior Slllld . lv nl , True Bill, in Case o{ Burton was hospital were unsuccessful and the woman suffered considerably. She was re.sting bOinewhat belter today. Mrs. Burion entered a room in tlomer , to the| Former Treasury Chief nd J her home wr.ere her son ; speeding west o n the trail of the'. Burton, was seated and started to carnival. He'iiad not far logo for! swallow a liquid potion containing at Kcnneti Baird found the srow in! 1 !' 0 - Said to have been tlebpondtnt progress. He broke up the perform- ' and depressed. Mrs. Burton told ance by arresting members of Kv-lher son she wa.s "^oiu-; to end il ans 1 family. .Mrs. Bonnie Evans, all." The youth ran across the roam f.vo daughters. Tcnny Belle and ' and knocked the glass from Mary, and Howard, a son, and his wife, Thelma. were relumed lo Ca- rutr.ersville. PITTSBURGH. 8 (UP) — | the nigged interior Sunday an; upon returning seven hours Hie d'liuly .stated with iiiVurarirc: "I can say with a clear c-(;:i- .'cience that the Birl is still allvi and uill be returned soon." hands but net before she had swal-! lo'.ved a small amount of ilu- liquid. young Burton ilnew ll-.e coulents Shcrilf s. E. Juden. conductinit J ov *r his own face an<l head in an investigation in the meanwhile, wresting tre g!ars from his molh- A federal grand jury loday ignored the government's charges lhat Andrew W. Mellon failed to pay "i IlicT-ni 1031 income taxes and returned a no biil after hearin_; the soveinmen-.'.s s'.oiy. The grand jury li-p-yllrd lo ,ll!tl •'- Robi>rl M. Ciil"i'M at 10 A. M.. luday thai it lourul no basis [or tin 1 goverrm-n'.'.i li'.'r •(-.-, that | Mellon failed tu uay-tdl hi* income ' la.xes in 1931. The exoneration iv::io after R ix-edy in(|iiii-y ye., wn s told thai' a threat had been : rr - harming one cf liis eyes at least ' made ajaiist the old man by his 'temporarily. son while t'::e trouiie ;vas playing , that while liiere t!ie son administered a beating to the fauer. A remark Dial he was ••ijoing to goi rid ' o; his father was slid to have been ovcrheuril by outsiders. CUT-IN B! miTEspeiE Council Will Consider Electric Current Reduclioi at Meeting Tonight. OSCEOLA. Ark.. May R—The new city council will consider reduction of city electric rales at its lirs'. meeting tonight. Rates charged by the municipally owned plain, il. Is understood, are lower than in any ivtarbv contract for 11.5 miles of 10-foot, unfounded and lhat as a mattcn with the exception of Jjn-:sboro, jiinmediAtely afler ihv May gram! j jury convened. Il iu.ird incomi tax experts and Mellon'.-, aides an.I then adjourned until today because all Ihe fedrr:i! judges had yone home. Mellon himself, in m-.e of his rare public st.ilemem.--. declai~J JEI-T-'KRSON C1TV. Mo. — The' l;lsl w eck lhat the t-!iMr?cs were , Louis Firm Low on Highway 84 Paving ihi- occupants us Dlllim-ei 1 . They imisiii-d tin- i-iir .iluiii; Kiony Is- 'iind avenue in tin- .-.oiithfin pail nf Chicago as rciiiiriri i infills \veie UKihllLv.'il from umoir; llie C'hlciigu am mm ON'MIBON Man ksf.apes Trip lo .Mav!)c llV a lloiu-yinooii They Sre Misso r r i s o n Dealh for .Securing his release under bond ii'- a few hours before lie wa-: 'o b" carried lo Ih- Ml--.iuiri slate- itt-litlary at Jellerstju Cily to t:t-i:in serving u ID-year term lor the slaying of W. A. C'c.|:elaii'! :.s; July 4th. Terry Lloyd 'ill Ulythevillc wa.s al liberly luday. l-rcspeets were that IJnyd would main five nt least yciis before (be Missouri supinme coait pass-.5 on his appeal ftom cnnvic.- Mon for snc.on.1 decree murclei- at Caiuilit is-,lilt- seveial months :u;u. Feveii-h elforl : ut LlnydV; ntlo:-- :n-ys ; t :id friends to :,ccuiv tii-; ie'e:i.'i' were siicces.',iu] ju>-i in :ime 10 keep him from yolii:; to •riion when n $7,5i)0 qualified bond posted. Prisr.n ofllclals wore to luivr- called for him enrly jiioini/j^ liisi! he not I;I_-LH '.; of C',);,i-j.ri.l, I i, lalli i -iiv .'ho v.a:. iillu-li'iV, l::kcn 1 i,r .1 ridr". afn-i I -Inv i Irki-d up from -i sli t-i I c rnvi |.i H iiy 1.1'jy.l. .' Memphis |M;:;-I-I,:.->.H m;J aim:JUT lily tlu-\ illi- itian. Cial i!-.- I-'. <_'•>.-.:••. and I-:. ! sle.-ard.r of l:hll.ev:lli- .in- :,.->- r.i.H'd v.-jlli C:.n II••••r.-.vilii- at 1 i - ev.--- m l.luyd'.v i.p;., :•! .'he rainbow iif happiness mi 1: ln bo up there wllcie Jimmy Dunn and I'airicla au- ijayliii; >.o .sinlllngly, or apiln il mlglii be a cosy Ihird-lloor apiuiimnl (hat lakes Ihelr fancy. In uny evenl. it's i In- latt: of HHllyv.-iKjil Ihul they'll be the next of the Him colony In well, as they've Li-i-n fcen tonctlRr oflen In icci-nl montlis. Soufhern Methodists Claim War Exemption mm LIES JACKSON. Miss. May 8 IUI') — Tlie McthcKliM K])lscopal Church South ihronah its s;eneral cimfcr- ence, loday claimed exemption fiom all forms of niililury prc- iwralliiii nr senior- for nil consc entious objectors v;)io may be: liu-mbeis of Hie church. The conn-rente udoplcd tills re- jiurt Iiy the rominlilee on tem- l>i tatice ntul social .service and or- "United Aiylines Crack Pilot 0 Brings First Load lo Chicago CHICAGO. May 8 (UP) — The drrcd it Incorporated in the church „ , , , ; , T, , ~ discipline I °' airmail carried Mobilize Russian ' ti i r t concrete on Highway 84. west of Hayti, in Pemiscot county, will comu la.x. probably go lo the Skraikci Construction Co. of St. Louis, whoso Jid uf Slol.slkj here ye.sierday \vas low. Compleiion of the work will provide a full 20-foot concrete overp.iid his 193I in- wt.erc ihe rates are aboat e Farmers Mav Reinstate Their Cotton Options WASHINGTON—Holders of co:- lon options which expired May 1 j roadway from llayti west to the v.ili be [jivc'i an opporlunity lo> Uunklin comity line. It is underline llirse options reinstateil ;f stood lhat a contract for llie wiil- a| i-licption Ls made within ihr-lenini; llie Dunkiin county pnrl of i.cxt CO days, it was annorm-cd! he road to 20 feet will be let lal- Ijv O. L ' - nr Jc-lmslon. mniia^er cf -T. ihr colto-i i-Tid'-r-" -ir-' Mr. JolmMon stated that only Si'O option ceiilr.n-io KH.I..I-; ... -."•• i .,1, - ,.f r-tior hnd not b'-'ii Iseard from and, tinder the term : c: ilk 1 uptiou. Hies.- conlr.ii-ts '-x- 1'ireJ May 1. Holders who d*-.-ire lo have them reinstated shouldk... mal:e appllralicn lo ihe CotlOLii', -' Producers Pool within the ii-xL i ^j I..- da.,s. Mr. Johnsion stated. lY? n a pji those charged iti C^reola Members of ti:e council, however Will Provide $1,500 "'!", " uk? " slll<1 - v 0( °^-" li "? "^ '. «'ith a view to reducing consumer for Probation Work r;llt ' s - Al<| en Uaker, siipermteiiMeu; •of ihe plant, has made a co.,1 sur- |vey over a p?rioJ of numths. I iu^i ju.iu \ji iiiiiiiiiu I'uiiiL'i] by a .rcinmi-relal line In Ihree miinlht WHS landed here this morning bs il.'nlled Alrllnrs 1 million-mile crack ijillol, Hob Damson, four hours and •10 minutes after leaving Kewark, N. J. West bound trnfllc was delayed by an unexplained past olllce cle- ol" yoiin; di'fetise reserves behind patiinenl order. Olllcials cf Unit- ii' red aimv was announced today ccl Airlines said (heir Mist mai by It'!- Oiin'onin] or yoilnt; Coni-^uad west from Chicago wiinhl muhisi le.iime, Ib-icufii-r ivt-ry Cumscimol niem- 'hysician's Plea May Win Him Transfer to Hospital Room CIlICACiO. May 8. (UP)—Near collapse with each fallerlng step, nil Insisting that he would "face il Manillnt; up." Samuel Insull was locked up |n the comity jail today because he had nothing left of his fortune of a hundred milljcn dollars—not even $200.000 for bond. The 74-year-old fallen monarch of a utility empire, so vast ho .scarcely reall/ed the billions nt his command, was crdcred U> Jail after he was led from a federal courtroom In despair and had announced lhat he could not, obtain llie $200,000 demanded for his iclcase. May (ii> (11 Hospital U. S. Marshal U. C. W. Laubcn- heimcr. who took Instill In a taxicab across the western district of the city and hammered on the Iron xates of the Jail, said that the while mired prisoner would remain "In custody" until Hie bond' rcxiulre- iients had been met. Trere was a jxjssibillly. foUow- iil! a tearful plea by Insult's fnm- ly physician aud Ms iitlom»y. that ic nilfht be removed laler from )ls cell to n room in St. Luke's ucspllnl. But even thoituh ho Is grunted . Ijermisslon to y.n lo a hospital Iti- sull will lw under close guard. Dep- ity marshals would be posted outside his room night and day. Has "Bad" Heart The. Insnll fnmlly physician. Dr. Arthur II. Elliott, was l-.urrieilly .summoned to the marshal's office In the lederai building as Insull was waiting to appear In court and announced [lint the prisoner was rititf from a periotis hardening of the heart, muscles. "He r.ns a tod heart." Samuel Inaull jr. said. "H might Inst 15 years and II might, not last 15 minutes." Youth for War Work' MOSCOW Russia, May 8 (UP) — The creation or a vast new Hue leave lit P. M. Knur mutes rrtiirmd lo privnl ' 1 '"" 11 "''"' 11 - Vilst Couiily Judge Zal B. Harrison! romised n ilolnent of co m^ fmd^ fo r iui .1 of $1 j wrich will be presented to llie council. of one or ( ! ,rfi« n .^ r — lu - 1 * 4 IWf} full time probation officers for Mississippi eoiinty. il was an- iiounccd at a meeting of the re- councll will also be asked e an approprlaiiun fur the employment of a county prob.ision oflicer. Mrs. j. w. Edrhujton of » 7 i, , ,, .. jcently organized Mississippi Couii- Osc " l;> ' president or the newly or- NCW York CottOn Iiy C«mmitiee for Ji,v.-,,i:e Proiec- f"""* «»»<ty ^velfnr ecomaiitlee. — ilion here this morning .f EDCkln " similar appro|)ri.r.ijiii YORK. May S <UP) -I A" i-ffort, wilt bo made to sup-' rom lhc . '"^rporaled IO-.MIS of •n.--?:l very sleadv. |l>lement this moncv with tippro- ,'^, „, , r ", P 15 "' Ml " llla :llul 1 " -• - " i.eaclivllle. which It is midcrslcod One Killed, Eleven Hurt in St. Louis Explosion ST. LOUIS. May S. (UI>> One man was fatally burned and eleven others injined. ten n-itlcallv. by a spontaneous cninbiiMlon e.xplcsion and tire at t!'e c' Expert company'}, Sl.OBO.lfJil K r.uu i-1'.-v.ilor rere loday. Damage wjs e^t::na'.e(l at S50,- The dead man was l-'red Ln:ib- scher. 48. an asslstani weigher, who sudered bi'nns all over his b:dy and ! tiled s-.-veial hours afu-r the ex-! plosion. I Y. W. C. A. Convention i' iil ' d s--">"^<> l.'er. of whom there are 5.000.000 hand, loday. Army Hyers, who in ilu- Pu\'iet union, must become have handled [he service for thre skilled in some branch of mill- monlhs. exacted to wilhdraw (rou larv leciinltiiic. 'all to'.ites by Friday. Hcfore many montlis It Is ex- 1 Pilot Dawron set dawn his hut; ii'cU-d Ihe fiuvlel will have mil- 't«in-mulored |ilar.e with 1.1M ; iif young men and women ' pmmds of mall and seven pas- Wlfr Semis Message OHIOAGO. May 8. (UP'—A message of cheer from Mrs. lusull In far away Athens, Greece, brought a smile lo llie wan, sunken face of Samuel Insull n few minutes before he appeared In court today, A cablegram from Mrs. Insull. delivered to him in the cflicc of U. S. Mars'-al I/iubenliclmcr snld: "Thinking of you on landing, with great, love." r-rs. tank drivers. .-cii : ;'-r.s ten minutes mechanics; arlillerymen, scheilulr-d lime. ahead ol of tech-1 • N'EW I Cotton open high low cliw|priatioiis from the various munl- 1114 1129 1H2 l!r,4 1135 cipalities within the county. IMS Arrangements were made I will be suppllmented by au appro- Closing Stock Price*;M anIch 1110 I lilt* |--f l " •••mill mt: VULIIJli . i „_:„)!_ , " " .. •' " ' 1149 1121 1MB Arrangements were made lo ob- pnatlon from the county co-.irl. llfo ll:i<i 1I-! tnin furlher information as (o the 1177 11-17 117;") 1:1111 iiiiiner uiiormaiion as to tne « IP- — S(0|«- :u:d chiirac:er of a proba- vanady Switch Crash NEW YORK. M-lv 8 (UPI — i Pm-ibilitv nf M-IIH: silver moi -li/i-' linn Initiation riri an iuilvx 01 l-irilsn bu> i;i; brought a shuip (.(.niebnck :u 'he Flock marwt tc-- («y alter I:" days of dnliivu.; ; rices. Slocks a~t the close- shewed ; aii:^ of (me to fu-.-- pnln's. til-- l:ii!gest. gain:, coming in ^Uvi u ming i.-sui'S. A. T. and T 113 1-4 Anaconda Cor-pc-r 1-1 Ucthl hem Slecl ;m 3-4 Chrysler 13 7-8 Cities Service 2 ?-4 Coca Cola 116 1-2 General American Tank 37 3-1 Cli neral Elcclrlc 21 Crneral MoSors 34 International Harvester 34 ) -a MlddlcwfSl Utilities .... S-IG Montgomery Ward 36 1 New York Central 23 fj Packard 4 1-4 Phillips Petroleum 17 7-a Radio Corp 17- Sminions Beds 17 SI Louis-San Francisco 3 1-2 Standard of N. J 43 3 3 Texas Co 24 1-? U. S. Steel 45 1-3 1158 11RO 1154 lli'O 11 ion work program suited to Ihe 117:! 1192 UBS 111-0 1 needs ol the county. Speakers may Spols closed steady al 1IG5. up ?0. be brought here to discuss the Problem. New Orleans Cotton N'F.W ORLEANS. May S Cotlcn li:iures rallied Inle 'oi'.iy it/, renewed ho|K" of sllicr it - r:onv:i/ntion. cH r ,inti around ~& <-i'ts a bale abov" vL-slerday's linal ;vels on L h^ local exchange. open high low cles« Mav Julv 'ec .'r,n March 1120 '125 1120 u Mb 1125 ll>7 1110 11-j 113H UK! 113'; llo-.l 1H9 1173 1145 1171 i!51 llifo 1180 lisa n fin iisi<i-) •;i-v'(! steady at 115S, up 16. Victim Is Improving E. r>. Crorker. Brngp3dorio Mo. In informing the committee that : I readier and truck fanner ser- ic wo-.ild make available Sl.SOfll i< ii'ly injured when his truck ||ier year for the work. Judge Har- slmck a train al a v-u^. " rison pointed out that that was crow-ny on Highwav til. i Ihe appropriate cost of the conn-1 Caruthcrsville. was i-esliiig « I ly's present part-time probation the Blythcvlile hospital tod.iv. work. He said lhat lie would be The Mi>Mcmry Bapllsl pi -.ichci Rlad lo approve a larger allotment sustained skull and chest iuj-.:!ic.s if the money were available, but This mornini; he regain d ion- thai S1.500 «as all that could be sciousniss at intervals and lib con- May July Chicago Wheat oiwn high low e'i 84 88 83 3-3 H5 81 I-; 84 1-4 81 3-8 SI Chicago Corn furnished now. dllton was believed Six Billion Dollars Expended in 10 Months WASHINOTON, May 8 (UP)--AJ Snake With 13 Rattles Caught by Paper Carrier uical skill for war. The.-e jirran^c- uients ti.ive lii'en announced as i'i-'V b'i.-(ii-i- ini-.ibli-s have been re- parlpd in far a-A'av Kibria. r>- ur-i K.UlgCr, WllSOH Grand Jury Will Probe Road District Refund LITTLE ROCK. Ark'. - - Wils Davis. Memphis attorney. J. Lnn Wtillams of Osoeola. former mem- r 1 M i r\ i Wtillams of Osoeola. former mem- rarm IrlQnager, Is Uead b,. r of die state highway commis- slou. Dwiijlit lilnckwood. former - chaliu:au of the state highway WII^OM. Ark.— Barney II. er. fi2. m-niiK'cr of Live Oak farm, ccmmission. and others will be In- nlahl after beliii; vited to appear before the Pulaski ... _ -i 1 ' '"' '-ix il.iy. v.ith pneumonia. enmity yrand jury twxl Tuesday Birth Control i-vmri-s v-i-i.- In-Kl Monday nf- I" explain llie liandlini; of a S2I,- l-.i- MelhcKlist church 1U.13 refund by the state high- rillLAUKUMIIA. May 8. 1UP> — ^_ resolution approving diss^nuai- llon of tt.-'.h c'lilro! iufor-iri'ion lery. at Bnssclt ceme- «'.iy deparlmenl lo four road Improvement districts, it was an- A rntlvc of Florida. Mr. Ringer ran need Mondav by Carl E. Bailey. public ail.nrs. n-irrn™ Rnr^-t uarrOW neport as A rattlesnake with button 13 rattles cost for running the! and a button was on exhibit federal government in the little, in a Second street barber shop more than ten months of the cur-, alter being caught by Jack M.ush. rent fiscal year to date was re- 1 rrial paper , carrier, near Poplnr ported today by the treasury de- j Corner Monday moinins T!ie snake was spotted by Marsh as It was crawling across a road. Marsh stopped Ills car. secured a Tills was the largest peace time outlay of federal funds In history the exception of the .\liy cb.-ie | year June 30, 1020. when the gov- G 5-8 17 l-:t rrnment e\|M-nilttures were still af- > 7-8 50 1-8 48 7-8 40 7-8 fecled by the world war. forked branch of a lre rt p 1 ned the snake to the ground. He transferred it lo a sack aim brought it to town MINNEAPOLIS. May 8 iUP'— _ John K Sinclair, who has sent j ol S Ihfmrro" ^vie'w°"oo"rd" : :"i AUcm rt U P 0n ^ of ^fn" 1 ^"^ 0 ^--"-' Be " gal G ° VCrn0r Fails ' Fulrell Saturday. Indicated that Mr. Ringer. Mrs. DiMrirls I. 2 and 3 of D.allas i>. who made her comity and the Marshall-Witt :h l-..;n. preceded him in Kprlnes district of Newton counlv ic $21.114.- id to have Hi"-:t remelery Suiulay lut-n paid to Mr. Davis. The rc- •• ijv :l-.c Icev. TI. M. Ixwis, fund by Ihe hiirhwav derjarmi-iit i! ih-- Methodist church v-'as approved by Claude Duly 11 ,ii-i officiated at Mr. then an assLs fui-.or,,t: i W. P. Shirridon, Aged Dell Resident, Is Dead W. P. Shirridon. 80. died at the liome of his daughter. Mr:. Delia 3zee. nt Dell, last night ofjer an uvalidism of 19 years. Funeral services were held nit the Dell Cr.urcl) of Christ tht< nl'crnoon with the Rev. Uraxton G'll, Baptist minis- >i ler. ofli?lntiii3. and burial was made V il tl;e \'orth S.IHIM c?aielcrv. ' I'allboarers were: J. L. Wallace, '.ulher Moody. wi!cv Orice. Curlls n^wns. Dave Crawford and Ryars Secoy. T.-e deceased, who was a native of Cive-Tn-Iiock. III., came lo Mls- sisslsslppl co'.inly In 1904 and went to what is now Dell. He reared six children, four of whom are living, and his wife preceded him in death 20 years ajo. He .was well known in western Mississippi county and was active until stricken ill. He Ls survived by two daughters, Mrs. Ozee. and Mrs. Walter McDowell, of Oave-in-Roek. 111., and Iwo sons. Charles ShL-ridM. of Kenton. Tenn.. and Hoy O. S.'lrri- don, of Sacramento. Cal. Moss Undertaking com;uny Is in charge of arrangements. j --in- -.'iin r..:n. picccncci nun in .^prinus custrici o: ACWTOI |ii.-a'b bv ;'i: huiir after an illness rrcnved only SI.900 of the ; nf ;hii,' d.r.s Brrvice.s were held I"' refund, w-hich was said Man Cottonseed Association nne-Mdn! and oniv hi'f iiifrr'rii-i 1 HOT SPRINOS. May 8. <UPl — ( ne .mm. oni> na.i infur,,,, | nAnJKFI INO . T ,,d!n. May 3 (UJThe valley division of the Natio.i- . ji'i—i-'o:u-H,-r.,:.ills attempted to as-iai Cottonseed p.-oducte a.ssociation yafo-liiai" , J ir -John Aiiderson, gov-l elected officers here today. fminril Mcpfc Tnnltrdt linirr , t" HeiK-al. while he wasl J. K. Doherty Jr.. Newport, wis 1-OUnCll meets lOnigtlt ,,„,„„ , :l , i : ,,x with His daugh- elected chairman. H. H. PattereDii. Clinton. Tenn., vice-chairman. T. E. Garner, Memphis, secretary. P. Marcus Evrard Takes Lions Club Presidency Marcus Evrard was installed as president of the Lions club at the regular weekly luncheon at Ihe attorney general j"°'f| N<*1e today. I Other officers Installed were: JBI11 Wunderllch. Irst vice president: Jitnmle Bell, second vice president: Bill Pollard, third vicepresident: Crawford Greene, secretary-treasurer; Herman Rimer, Lion Tamer; Fred Oilman, Chester Caldwell and Jack Daly, directors. All will serve for the nexl year. The club now has 3G members. The regular mnnlhly session of rar watching the horse the city council will 'be held to-; Tii.- .i<~.i.«-li>s fired four shots P, Cleaver. Little Rock/anjl \V. li. night at 1.1- city hall. Only routine matters -,u'.l be brought before tlii' body, acc.wling lo Mayor Ce,-il Shane. The s o'clock. lioini l>:.i:ik but missed. The ROV- vinoi's close by his side, al.^o n.iiT.iwiy iscajH-il Ix'lng liil. . I'di,,- ilivi-d in on Ihe assail- will oix-n at 7:3olnnt.->. .-h'-i>:ing one of them dead i.nd ai;• MIIIS H" 1 others. • Jasiion. MempMs. directed. Tlie association adopted a reso- lulion urglnir Ihe national code committee to have a code re.irty lo present to tlie national group In New Orleans .Tune 4. WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair tonight and \Vcdno. c day. Memphis ar.d Vicinity—Fair tonight and Wednesday. Tre maximum temperature here yesterday was S3, minimum 61, clear, according to Samuel F. Norris, official »cnlher observer.

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