The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1939
Page 7
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T5^pAY,_8EPTEMBBR. 14, 1939, FI.EET-MEET units BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS German Navy May Hold Bailie Though She Can't Get Out : BY imvci; CATOM WASHINGTON, Sept. B.-Unlcss expert naval opinion here is greatly jnistakcn, there won't he much full-dress lleel-to-fleet naval action between Eneland and Germany in (his war. Both geoer:i- I'liy and Hie relative sizes of the "Mis are against it. 'J'Jic most direct route to I'olnml from her ally, Engl(nid-lhc only '.vater route—leads across the North Sen, through the Sknecrrak (("he broad «>imd between Uenmarf- iv.ul Monvay), down through the Katlr- Sfll- (the sound between Denmark and Sweden), out thronjli a chain Up to the Skngcrrnk, Brilain is complete mistress of the MIS BP more ,!^, Walers *" l"4Mv moie perilous. And althmiEh Germany's fleet has not a bird th,. strength of Britain'.,, n^i ,^ neie arc unanimous in Iwlicvini that. British warships will not ap Wear m llic Baltic at all (exeeu' Perhaps, for an occasional ulln daring roving submarine) \ . On declaration of war, the Brit ish mv y immediately went into • notion to block the skagerrak will " !'" c °f nehting- shlps-which already were in position, It is be heved, before war formally wa announced. Control of the Bailie in this war is vital to Germany. Essential iron ore from Sweden comes down that sea; so do other supplies from both Sweden and Norway De spite her weak fleet. Germany is well.nxod to keep the Baltic safe ircm intrusion CHANNEL IDEAL DEFENSIVE AKEA British .warships could get in only by channels ideally designed lor defensive action by submn "lies ami light craft and for ob stritctlon by mine fields. In addition, the Great Belt channel i •within easy reach of GeriiinnvY, great air fields.' Swarms of bom'b- • nig planes could come into actlo'i swiftly. Naval men here .say B r i t a i n might possibly force . an entrance to tile Baltic sea if she threw hei whole fleet into action and dis- . regarded ,al! costs IBS . Lord Fisher .'•suggested..': doing hi lhe World War); but rio one believes she'will care to. pay 'trie" Jince. --'•••• ,,.. , — can't get in; (he Germans' can't we!! get out. It is assumed here that Britain's main naval strength will be kept on the - job of bottling «p the Skngerrak A secondary • blockading line is expected to be- maintained at the 'top" of ..the: -North Sea. •, • The-' famous Dover ' Patrol • has been, of-course,-- re-fsialilished to Biiard the Euglisli channel. It is also expected that cruisers and destroyers will patrol tho North Sea off - the Gerniim coast, wilh a submarine screen maintained as close inshore ns possible. That the German fleet would try to break' through this cordon is considered utterly out of lhe Naval Theater For Present Wa Control of mtcriof Baltic vilol to Germany o$ route lor iron ore and other supplies Baltic of Jutland fought here in 1916.Killed Gcimon allcmpt fo Iiieak British blockado in \Vortd Wor ( Ncfurol German defensive QIca (o hold British outside Brittle objectives German air defense o'rco; short (light troni Noil oifficlds the Eurouenii war Iliibli; »un:,s left over the wct'it- __As fecentlj as ) aS t April, Na zi -pocket battleships" ,t7amcd ully through English Channel- as shovi on ,„ , "' - " coast. The Present location of the German ships' is n mystery! question. enough. Jt simply isn't strc:ig Germany today has seven capital ships, including- the "vest pocket" battleships which are no match for- the British dreadnoughts. Britain has 18. Much more nearly matched during the World War, Germany tried to break out only once—at Jutland—nnd was turned Kick. KIEI, .CANAL MAJOR nuirrsji AIR OBJECTIVK One key naval objective of British air power is expected lo be the Kiel canal, which gives the German fleet quick, easy access to the Baltic from the North Sea. Naval experts here confidently expect Britain to fry to , biocfc this canal by extensive bombing raids. The fortified German island of Heligoland also will be a major objective, it Is believed—either naval-or air, or bolh. Bombs alreadv have been dropped at Willielms- hafen and nearby.. What Germany ivill do with her submarines Is a deep riddle. She is known to have 50 or more; enough lo make the Baltic for r bidden ground and to harass the British olockaders considerably, but not enough to blockade the British Isles effectively, as the experts here sec it. They point out that Brilain ha:; 200-cdd destroyers, and that antisubmarine tactics arc more effective now than they were in the last war. No one here, of course, has any exact knowledge of the naval plans of either side, and the predictions above made are assumptions based on strategic considerations and knowledge of the general picture. I It is not known Kere wh-re Germany's fleet is—whether in the Baltic or the North Sea—nor is It known whether any German cr'u's- ers or pocket taUeships are so situated as lo be able to slip out and become roving commerce destroyers, a la the Etnden. Possibly the sinking of the Athcnia points the way (lite phase of the war will go. Tile one thing the experts I^r5 Jeel pretty' sure of i.s that there won't be a real -lash between the rival fleets—principally, ns (bey see it. because it would be suicide for the Germans lo come out and suicide for the British to go hi. Read Ccuricr News ixnnt ads, Steele-Cooter Society—Personal Missionary Society Mccls There was a very nice attendance nt the regular meeting O f the Wcman's Missionary Society when Uiey met at the Methodist "church m Steele Monday afternoon. The meeting ivn.s opened with prayer by Mrs. Newberry Johnson who also . presided ovev the meeting. Alter, the genera) routine , business the meeting of was turned to Mrs. Robert Lawrence who Save the World Outlook. Her t-pic was "Dealing With Home Mission Service." She was assisted by Mrs a. C. Steele Sr., Mrs. K. c. Steele Jr.. Mrs. F. P. McCutchen, Mrs E E. Benton nnd Mrs. T. I,. Edwards'. ifonors Ilirlhdav Mayor C. P. Howard of Steele w.s guest, of honor at a dinner last Friday night which was given by his wife in honor of his birthday anniversary: The guests were Hie following daughters, Mrs. E. \v. McCann. and children cf Cooler, Mrs. Clay Lewis and Mrs. Mvischcll Hamra and their children all of Steele. Tile guest, of honor received a- large number of nice gifts. The affair was a complete surprise to him. * * * S>fr. and Mrs. Ed Hampton of Osceola. Ark., slopped here a short while Sunday en route home from' New Madrid where they had attended the wedding of a relative. John Elmer Workman has gone o Lilbouni where he has accepted position In the printing office. He is the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. returned to field left over the weekend for Tnvads, Temi., where they, will ccnduct a revival meeting nt lhe Church of Christ. They were ac- companfei as far as Eagles Creek Tcnn., by Mrs. T. \V. Wliitfield who will spend this week there with her parents. - . Mr. and Mrs. Rucl Asiiev and Miss Margaret Mcclure of Coote accompanied by Mrs. Tom t Lewis of Kennett syent ycstcrdaj . . «|/v4iu j tti^vi Mil\ in Wfinphis where Mfs. Aslier underwent nn csninhwtion nt, ihp Mclhotlist hosjnLal where she recently underwent an operation Mrs. Joliti Parks Jr.. Mrs Rim Lflivlicm nnd MJKS Eunice Guthrie spent Monday iiigia in Memphis Miss Alice Miclile lias rctunic'd to her home in c.iue GtrnKtaui after a visit liero with lier Rrantl- pareiHs, Mr. nnd Mr:;, will Michie. Mr. .-iiiti Mrs. Clfiude Jciics took their (laughter. Miss Glencleaii lo Cape Girimlcnu Sunday whore 'she entered Slate Teachers College. Mrs. Maude Alice Anderson was, returned fran the Walls hospital at Blylhcvillc over the weekend nnd is improving nicely nt the home of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Beasloy. Mrs. Beaslcy, who lias also been in the hospital is Improving loo. Mclvln Kenley, son of Mr. and H. Workman. Wallace McColIum "is home in Kirksville the latter Part of the week after several days visit here with his mother, -Mrs. Julia McColIum nnd other relatives. Elder and Mrs. Thomas C. Whit- S^ve Your Soybeans See us about a Masscy Harris Clipper Combine Full G-foot cut. Full witllli, slrnlght- throiigli scparatio;i. Tower (ake-off or motor driven. Easy terms arranged. Blythevilte Soybean Corp. So. li.K. si. Plionp 555 —TI IK- HIGHSPEED TIRE • Is a A real tire. Gum-dipped Cord, Non-Skid Tread, and 100% Cotton Construction throughout. The to you . . . only $1.75 per week when you buy on our BUDGET PLAN Ellfs snipes, l!ud»ct M S f. 5th & Walnut . Phone 810 Mrs. Sum Kcnlcy of Holland \viu> Inkeu to Columbia, Mo., last week by Mr. Rid(jo, Vocational Auric lure teacher, where lie entered Missouri Stale University where he is to specialise In Vocational Agriculture, Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Fowler were in Memphis over the weekend ami brought tiie latlcVs mother, Mrs. Q. C. Wagstcr, to her home hereafter she had undergone mi opera- lion leu days ngo. She is Betting along Tine. Mrs. Jim- Wilson who has been employed In u beauty tliop at Kcri- nell has accepted "a position in •Stcele. Mrs. W. H. Holly, Mrs. Oils Cooper nnd Mrs. Lewis Lester spent yesterday in Memphis. Miss Linnie Lucker ol Clifton Tcnn., has arrived fov a visit with relatives. Miss Juanila tossing has returned from Detroit, Mich, where he has spent several'months with her grandmother ivlto Is seriously Mrs. J. A. Travis was taken lo the State hospital In Fnrinington yesterday where slie will undergo treatment. She hns been sick for several months. She was accompanied., there by Mr. Travis. An eight-pound son wns born to Mr..-,nnrt Mrs. Hulan Everett at •tlichv.hqmp In .Stcelo Monday. '•>.-.• '' Bufoi ; d Middlcton and Miss Mnry! Deciiie Clark who are iittenalnL' college in'' Joiiesboro, spent last iveekeml here With-their parents They were taken back. Sunday' by Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Mkldlctoti. Mr, ;nnd Mrs. .Velmer Carnpbell tcofc • Miss hoivena, Campbell (o Cape Girardcau Sunday, where she I for Jonllii, Mo., where he Is to intend School of Mines for his senior year. Ijr. J. w. nobWns mid son, Bill, loon inch- <t:ui|;hkr nnd sister, Miss Martini, (y st, chnrles, Mo., Sun'•!)'*' where she entered Llndenwoocl L.clUr.0 [(H' her lic.shmnn yeur, Mi's. Areli Jordan lias returned Home lifter a visit wiili relatives In Nnshvilli.-, Tcmi. 's. J. N. DariH'S nnd ilmiuMors heie tvliii niiuihi'f (lauehter, Mrs.' 'I. W»rl;mim. Itayljorn owlurl ims relnnieil lo Ins luijuf Jn HI, l.ouls iirler' n visit )>,<]<• win) 1,1,,. fiai-cnls, Mr. unu Mrs. A. j. omtui-f. MiTOs ){ulh Iliirnrr nnd Gilo uni's spent Monthly In Memphis where !),,.,, vlsllod Mrs. Johnnie imth's und baby at."the. Methodist Mr. und Mrs;. J. y. J.'Jsk WC10 j,i Hector, ,Mk, y(,sk-rdiiy , m u today where they were called by the :lcath of Mr. Hsk's brother. Mix; Dsrolhy Nichols left over [lie \v(!cl:,>ml |o annul Wo/nl Juti- wi ' W r M ' > W. h, Mt'Cliiin «t (JoH Mr. mid Mrs. >r. w . , n " B J )m ; 11 ' «»V Norn "< A fretl Hunter or b Cnl "'''-' Tharp Jr,, . Mrs. Mumlf c;n«; lici.elldd. and M|,« here, P' "' 1 ; Vl|!mt) "' of Hughes, he wrknul wllh his family Mr. laid Mrs. J. ),. woio Ihe .. „ i; fii *«•• »• H, Kiunj). Ocorgu MKinuv ,, r , (1 M ,, s ^my c' Mitte r.fc'r, 7,cro r.-cc',-- end Ktieih of Mlbs Una Ilo,vlcs •Mr. and Mis E Cohn und Miss Christian 'linnei moloictl lo Memphis Sunday to visit friends and relatives. Miss HeifH Moore left Sunday for Uomvity where nho will attend school. Mrs. Jtimcf liowlcs wi'.» the giicsl of her parents, Mr. ami Mrs. H p Italian, Sunday at 1-cpmilo. Miss Dorulhy Tirynilt spent Saturday in utkc city. Miithlston, Mis:;. 1... I'. A. McCtinn and K, w! McCann spent Himilny at, Matthews with luriiwi-'s wifi- nnd children. L, A. MrC'aiui (jpsncd « s j ol .,. 1L ( Cooler i i(s (. week inul Ills fuuilly will niiivu here Inter. Mis. K. C. McDonald lelunii'd lo her liome in Mnllliews Stimlny ifler a ivceks visit here with n>l- ntlvo.s. A'ews I.iiinliiiiivk of 17711 Sclil -'UftKHOMj, N. J. <UP)~yui old mime building adjacent (o tho Moimioiuh County court hoiiso, \vlilcli In (In. Uovoluthnnry .War s used as « hospital during the ?DO,000 it by , h y Ailhur Goldberg, an attorney, and Minis Oglensky, n contractor. 1 - EXPERT. . , v ELECTRIC : WIRING \ BEAUTIPUi; LINE OF ' ( ELECTRIC FIXTURES Eleclrlc Ranr« and Wafer Heateni WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 So. 2nd Fhcra* 318 Ins ('hill I'iii [y The Two Table Hrlilgc club met 'hnrsdivy ultcrno-.n for their party t Ihe home of Mrs. W. M. Taylor. >t Hie conclusion of the bridge nines, Mrs. Taylor -served a snliul H\te and an Iced drink. ]li|jh score ft, guest Icvvelji, went lo Mrs C. Wall. •Irs. Harvey Wilson ami dan REAL COFFEE ALWAYS FRESH BUY A PKG. TODAY ^im^atmmesmssy TO •STARTS CAMPAIGN CLEAN UP. THE ROOFS c^Sj**""" LOVELY WALNUT CABINET s m;ut}y - . h d cci> ""- \j^;" m, . r.^mn^f^ &' •'•'• frS - c p- f ^ /^IR™ m % a .... tu u *«-" p. ^ '.-FMzBnwmaw \8EAUTIFIJL TH/M Models As Lov/ As 95c Down $1.00 A Week Hardaway Appliance Co. J. W. ADAMS, Mgr. .Open Kvcniiifis. till ,S:;!0 5(li A- Main We have been notified of about 10% advance on Simmon's goods and n« wool rugs. Oilier advance notices will come in daily. We have bought, and will continue to buy heavily on all lines. We ex-' peel to advanceJiut will hold the old prices as long as possible, but we 10 BUY NOW or as soon as possible, your needs in our . We.guarantee lo save yon money MATRESSES 5® Ik, all Cotton Rolled EtSge MTTBESS'. . i. 4 Bow Boxed Edge all Layer Felt Mat. $6.95" . Kach$5.S5 $8.95 •l-Itmv, HO.XKIl) Iliis iveek SIMMOHS SPRINGS HEAVY" COM, SIMONCJ with Iron - frame, slats Only'' ...', I'LAWOKM COIL SI'KINRS for. innci'-spriiifr mattress . $4.45 $7.95 BIOS Special $3.95 SUITES FES.. ' . •/:;' Ik'iailifiilly I)i'si.ifJtc t | Wnlmit (iiiish, hniulsnriiclv • clueorulwl StHTKS, our Innlor .;........;., .'•.. 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