The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTTJEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Back On Right Track Nalioua! League Becomes Home Run Circdl This Season 1'or Change liV I1A.1HSV GHAYSON Sjiorls Keillor, NKA Servln; NEW YOHK, May M. — c.'ini;k Klein ankles tiro'inci with his rh oui . . , a ({really relieved man. Tile Phillies Muster now knows Hist the [Jay of the lively ball in liii: National I^i^iie h.-i,-, not pus.scil. When Klein iiil, Ihe new Ni.tinn- a! I/siKiiii sphere in that elinii: al Oriole Park. Haltiinore. last ivinli-r, Jie wus lrii;ht(>ni:.-|. yrXiwn then,' 'it .M.undrd dull," explains the Iliiium, icr, "and il didn't no very lar or very fust. I said Dial .it the rim,-. o<> did Jimmy FOXX ::m\ nl] Ihi- nthi-i* who were there. "A.s 1 remember it, the ball n:«l in Ballimcre lia:l blur: scums. It now has red .seams. It can't »;- Ihe same ball. The damp weather conditions may have had something lo do with It, but I can'l. t;cl over tlie differently colored seams. Maybe they mixed up the balls in Ihe confusion. Magnificent Distances "I've .seen some terrific wallops oiit of the ball now in use hi the National League. Jack Winsetl till one in Philadelphia that went n mile out of (lie park Into Broad Slrcet. Dolph Camilii cniijjht hold of one thai went, olf his bat like a shot. But then we moved to Boston, and no one hit the ball far. No- tody ever .seems lo hii the ball far In Ihe Bees' yhvk, with those winds sweeping in. "I have an Idea ihat some of Die difference in the balls is due lo storage. It they are pnl iu warm quarters, they're bound lo bo livelier. If they're cold, they'll be chill. "You must consider when* the ball is hll. The raised slilchcs will absorb a good part or the shock. Otherwise, the present ball will BO as far its did the one of last year. "Al no lime ha;; the ball sounded as it did in Balliniore. Of that I'm certain, l never heard balls sound as soagy as those we hit at Oricile Park." Old I.onji Leads in Homers The National League lo date has a neat margin oil the American in home runs. Among those taking advantage of the situation arc Hank Lctbor of the Guinls and jimmy Collins of the Cubs, facts that are highly important lo iheir respective 01 - gti ulna! inns. Leibcr. felled by a. ball thrown by Bob Feller last, siirlng, is giving the Polo Grounders badly net-tied dislnucc hitting. Tlie Cubs fell apart when Collins broke his leg toward the tag end of the 193T campaign. This year, the Ripper threatens to compile a fancy toial base figure, such ns Ihosu lurncxl in for the Cardinal* in 1034 and '35. By this lime it is clear that, there was nn reason lor nil the fear and trembling by maeemen of the older loop during Ihe training season, when many of them said that smnekliijf the neiv ball solidly left them with no more .sensalion Ihan whacking a bean baa. -,. oil-bearing possibilities of several Australian fields. TJIossoms MiMilyiii!,' (lie Giants will) badly needed power. Jimmy Collins' rililit. also will testify Ihat Ihc Jackrabbil Is still there. In helpinfj lo keep the Cubs on the move, hc promises to compile ;\ total base figure such lie dirtied In as a Caul in 'IM and ':«. The ope Bucket Uy J. I'. Fricnrt TROUllhE AHKAU-Unless ol' Jmie Plmiiis has u change of heart, the niytheville Olimis are . lo run into a (lock of dou- ble-hi'mipr*. mill tbal usually mums trouble Cfliinthii; the two panics rained oul yeslcrday, they already have three to make up..'. On May •! the two GlinU.s—Blyllie- ville and Jonesboro—had an allalr called olf due lo excessive mois- iure...However. since Manager Hrracbcll Hobo's liurlcrs appear to te quite promising mid then; are lot or (hem .-.cattcvcd all over llio diamond. Ihc locals mishl not Miller a s-reia deal, provided, of (.•cin.'.e. Ihat the skipper can keen Iheiu Roina' on ir-ciilar schedule and no! have lo use ihr-m fre- (lUenlly ... One of the reasons why I hey . wore so 'successful lasl -T.ISOII was the fact, that [(olio had pitchers wlumi he could de- VK'ud en lo Iravi'l the route...H not oflnn Ihat he had lo a be didn't . Then the mistake that «> many munasiers do of II.SJDJ; ...A Ijcnllemnn in every rospecl, Hamilton was n wonderful influence on the yoiniRslcrs just brcak- Ing inlo Ihe professional mime... He had the leafiic, the Cards ami the kids themselves at heart...He was an asset to the NEA league especially to Newport... He plans to return to Ills Ihriviiijf In MrOrnry. his home Best wishes? SHORT SHOTS—Jimmy Libeilo, former Giant, and lio Johnson, ex-Hurricane football star, have fciTii released by Joncsboro Percy Blcdsoe. Blylheville boy, was decorated wilh the tinware at Panii;on[.-!...Hol Springs is proving a iiaven for ex-NKA'ers... MnmiKcr Spike 'luntv'r. himself an erslwliiU' member nf Die lon;>, has Paul Ducker. Allvrr TolH's,''carl "Jnbbo" New, Thomas Piilllg Jnhriny Pain, Hurley Grimes, and il, has i>«fn irportetl tint Blcrtsoo headed in that direction ,.Jack I'clly. bu year's l-,n-:ing ne<\ got irilo FOI-I Smith's oiiener-as a relief pitcher.. .He - vcm . (0 Andy th.! seventh hut aou 1ft ball games nnd was ni'm" iakfii oni of the 'fi he slaitcd ...Only twice, nnd thai iilom; Ihe End of Ihe season when if' was dceimd •stbsnlulely necessary, did Her.schell rush him into games. ...The only (tin,, jack had to have any relief at all wiitc as a i helpei 1 ,.. AgHlnst Newport nne night he .succeeded lien Linule in Hie lalB Inning.s—the .seventh. | btlii've—He yol a couple out. then walked tine,. j n n vow. forcing in nnmcr... Bobo exchanged piac- wilh him, served lii.s "dinkey- tip and inntle Oors'o Aldenliur« Anderson'.-, :nid fhil..lic«l ... it,- allowed iwo hits, no ;im s . ranged unc and i-i'.ucd nue base on halls .. Tlie Wrslern Association Qianls won but AiKlcmm wa.s credited with the victory... Johnny Pnakovich who^ played Ihiid for Osceoln most Is viih Jo;i»Etown, league H coii.seculive )! lasl Ohio, year. (he ...After hitlini; hi Kiunes. Jol;n (The r.Jvcek) Australia to Hunt Oil CANBERRA <UP>—The- (jovern ment has purchased one nf tin most powerful ; boring plants eve exported from : Ihc United State.. , -. „„„, „.,,, . ,. *r « deep wc,,s to test the ft ^ „"?£/-,?*, ^^ "^ *^< oil-bearing possibilities of several side.. Kellv >..-,.i t ' h, ,'t ,.' , l»>me Wills con , -• . . .v.-., t illJl 1 i League...Woody Wills and tia" Grnbor mo askin.i no favors will nlilfortl. Sid., of t| K - Kastcrn Shon Uague. e'ijirciiill.v Wills ..The for mer Cilnnt catcher slummed oul ; liome run in n u > ppeiiin- unmi' ' ( i Pwomoke city lo „;.,»•,. " n p , olni . IIPDI part in (heir 5^ victoi v. llieir first appnrance a: mound in th it nut... The yci)iiKit..,-s . v.cnt back to (he'! 1 "" 111 Wi1ls tonn «'ed for round ei.iblh ami tnllpets hvlrt 'present corps ,,1 ! J " I "" 11 "- 5 ; • • em nble to slaiul! " r , ' hc . b!1 " "' « -™ cli, of punishment ami ««rt-'• ' s l )nn " s - according to Hi, i! tni'tht lie a BOO,I thin.' '- f ' VII<: " Kt » l> ' s '''"'X"' 1 "wra; ayain win!< "eker is pound- l or 's hupiui: u won't I,, I.EAVE.S nASTOAU. - Thorpe Ilamilion uind.s u|) his final «vef: at Newport Smidav, and proliibly from baseball for KIXH). . .After Iwo seasons with the Cards. Thorpe iiiinniinrcd lii.s rosijtiatiou as manager during,, ihe hvo-jrinne .series here...A native Arkansan. Hauiil- I ten has played more than ten years in ;:ro baseball.. .He formerly played in the Southern Asso"- (ialion. coming to (he Cardinals fiom Nashville...He led t] lr . ri,. ( i Firds to n rctond half pennant ,-nis Hi •'.'«, Iv.t Wl is bralfti in (he piny- nin-si | oh with Cari:t)i,'rsii|le. despite thcj Cinrimwti | fact he won 40 and lost but weather !ten after the split season.. .Last | ;yrar his team finished filth in! [the first half and fourth in the ;l:nnl...Hr> played second' ; Iraciinij in his position in '36 and ;nimicrnp to Ihe Giants- Hal C.'ii- ; bcr, (lie licldiim robot ...lie vas, , Mrirken with inlltienra hi the! • middle of the season nnd waged; a hard battle lo gel well...How-, ever, the malady Milled iu one of j his feet and prevented him from! . , after he returned lo the! If tun... He planned lo retire al lhi>| close, of ihe year, but at (he in-1 sistenee of Ihe Newport ollieiiV.s! Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas League Balesville al niytheville. rain -lonesboro at Carnlhcisville rain Par,ii;oiil(l at Ne'wiioit. rain. .Solllhrrn l.caKnr Memphis -,il, Knoxville. rain. Birmingliaiu 10. Chaltaiioopn 'i Allaiila D. New Orleans 3. Lit lie Hock al Nashville v, T t grounds. C HERE 'TIS, JOE LOUIS DEFECT But Advises Champion To Unload lli.s Heavy Guns I'.arly HI' llAKIly <itti\VSON Kii ils Mililur, Tunnty was Service lalkin;; alxjiii, ie I.uiiis-Schmelin^ tight. T.:<- i-x-fliuiii|ii«n has not plckwi irliJiirlni(.% a.s j'oit have repealcdly nd lie wnnls to sec both In training lore miihini; u choice. "Kchmi'llntj lui:, the HdvanUi|$<! «t ivliiii onw kiHK.-ki:.[) out, Louis." iy.s Tunney. "Max also has ihi- iim,:iMiiabilily ol .sphUuii] in- spiruiion. lie lids lilm.self u> )K. (he if])[('»nta(i'/e of a nev; world wide ludii) nxiveDii'Dl. "linl all this can hi- i-rusoil with a .'-inisli- puncb.. "And my advice tit l/juis IK I', unload his heavy nuns early. "The trouble, with I.ouls is tltiit i! tries to tliink. "They tell you that Jack Illack- burn is a bin help | 0 the Nefjro. lie undoubtedly is . . j,, trnin- inji. "Uul if I had Louis, I'd keep niackbiirn mil of his corner .ftisl Like Ciilil) "Blai.'kburn reininds me of TV Colib trying to run the Detroit baseball club. "Coiib expcclcd every ball player lo be iililc to do the things lie did. He sent them out with that order, and they fell short. "Hlackburn is trying to make his •Chappie' lighl as lie fought Now, 'Chappie' may IK just as (jowl a fishier as Blackburn wan. but 'Chappie' hasn't tlie keen lighting brain of a Blackburn, and when he stops to think his hands slop with SATURDAY, MAY M, 1938 Of 15 FT. II POLE MULT "romwoll of U. S. C. Says 1 wo Prologs Can'l Lou the Terrible Js Coining Buck Miss Williin Year "1 know ,lhis much about Joe Louis for sure. If he fights :il) years, he'll never know how to be- h«ve on the floor. 'That's Die one Oiing In un- boxing career of which I'm proud 1 had never been knocked down • . . not even in a gymnasium • . . when Jack Dcmpsey clipped me in Chlnajo. Yet I iiistinctirelv knew what to do, I realize Ihat "i must have looked bad running away from Dempsey, but it was the only way out, and r had enough good sense lo take it." Tlie Siiirll ( ,f UN- Marines Tunney likes to recall ihe California sports writer who before Ihe first -Dempscy light flK kert tiim wilh what he experled In whit) Dempsey. "With (hc spirit ot the United Slates ifai-ines." said Tunney. The writer sought, out Dempsey and told • him, the ha'd' said. "What's the spirit of the United States Marines?" asked the Man Mauler. The writer, who happened lo be u former marine, told him as best he could, Just, what, semper Udells meant. National Lragn burgh ,|, ciiicajo Only games scheduled. John, in Philadelphia. Tunney can't see how Henry Armstrong i.s a swinger" h<> ev .' plains. "A straight line is tlie shortest point, etc. "Alter .ill. jfs elemental." John's Defeats Palace; Hubbard Springs Surprise Johns' Confeclionery d,-leale<i K-ilaco cafe to go into a deadlock, wilh Ihe latter for second place in Ihe City Bowling league race last night but Hubbard Hardware company furnished the major upset with a triumph over Dr. Pep- !>er iu matches al Sndbnry.s 1'lay- firs! victory Jl's Ihe same right hand thai put Ihe skids under Joe Louis l«'o years og». Max Hclimelinsj smiles and unlimbers his most deadly weapon for all to see upon-his arrival in Ihe United States. Louis wasn't (here to greet him, but he knows all about that right. They meet foe [he second lime at Yankee Slaciium, June 22. The 1SY IIAKKY GKAYSON Sjiorls lirtilor, NBA Service nill Terry is a devoted disciple of the late Texas Gninan's— or is it W. C. Fields'?— colorful philosophy: " n sucker an even break." Having made a- messenger boy of everybody in the New York Giants' organization. Terry now is exlend- hiu his arrogant. Imnil lo other National League outfits and parks. The Chicago Cubs, havin» permitted Chillie Willie to take pen- ants nwny from them in 1036 ami '31, not only let. his Polo Grounders sweep the clubs' first 1938 series but allowed the Cheerless Leader to (,-ike eliarye or their plavlnrf field. They permitted Terry lo run Hie games and Wrlgley Field with equal freedom. He countermanded park rtiies and canceled the sideline customs, ivilli home ofUclnTs exhibiting a meekness only equaled " I'.V JACK CltCNTlHIK I'nilJd I'rcss Stall Corrosiiiinclnil I.OK ANCI-.'I.KS i UP) ... Dean; Cromwell, dapper veteran, who tins' du-ilopid more v.orid |>olr vault- ( i(ia champions than any coach in history, prci'.i::ls his tv:o newest, K-criiHs, v;ill i:r;ick i:ii' once imal- taijiabli- I'cilin;. ol If, IVi-f svitlitn : , year, i '"I liu l.oy,': may not hi- ready Just yi't." llio Univcrsily <if Koiithi-rn California mi iitui w,i:l ciinlidi-nlly, I "but Ihi.-yY" Ijoii, K0 [ aiiotlir-r yi-arj t" <lo II. At least nni: of ijji'ii)' i-an'l miss. 1 Crouiv/f-]]':, fjrcdi-ition is;rii[i-' f.'tm In two ri'tiartts —thr' faDulous height, and Ibe cm)i|>k:te .'.bontlaci- wilh which coaches now ci''H husky boys who warn to become vault- cr.s. The youths in cjneslion are Loriiie Day. a junior w h,, lias topped 14 feel, 7 Inches, ;i li.-iplit at- lalncd by only half a dozen men in Uie world; and Ken Dills, who has cleaircl M feel, :j luces. Both ure big, Jong-armed and first-class examples of Ihe modern school of vaulting. Theory aa to Size Kxjilodctl Tlie original theory was that only a small man could lift himself to the abnormal heights required by Hie vault. Lee Barnes. Cromwell's first great vaiiltcr, was considered Ibe perfect athlelc for his evcnl He weighed only M5 pounds, ami was only 5 feel, B'.i inches lall. lit grmit i.Jl-l uroa rHiirns u, the 1, «"^V ninhl -It ff IVI 3 f ! *'*"• L To Return established a world mark of H feel! 'j inches. Seccral years later along - -.."i if, vtllilU Bill Graber. who promptly raised Ihe record Ciraber pouncls be re lo big felloiy inches. one mat arena after a long ateence, meeting Eddie Maloue, the County Claire Irishman, in Ihe feature bout at Hie Legion arena Monday night. Chancy is a .spectacular |ier- , former, dealing plenly of trouble to i opponent and referee alike, and the dyed-in-the-wool mat fans will expect practically anything lo happen. Najeeh Rabban. the stocky Kurdish grappler. will lackle Big Jim Parker of Canilhersville in anolher match on tlie card. Habban has not appeared here for a number of months. In one of his last bouts iu the local ring he defealed Ihe unruly Charles Sinkey lo win recog- 5 | union a.s one or Ihe on i t]*i* f.i,,/>,<<, i>.i,.,.n,. ,..:u i.^.. n ~ .,:» ideas was and C feet,. 2 inches-ami j the circuit, iMrker will have a^dis- isert Cromwell s coaching j tincl . advantage in the matter of weight, but the little Kurd is a veteran of Ibe mat wars in many Afler Giabcr, Cromwell began looking for large youths—wilh long arms, lie uncovered Earte Mead- cd oivs, who stood more thn corners of the globe, having learn- tall, and weighed 175 po Bill Sefton, who -- — i --. the art of wrestling while a linn 6 fect|youlh in his native country where ounds; ami it is the principal sport. Rabban was e feet, , , inches tall, and tipped Ihe scale 180. Meadows won the IMS Olympic championship, nnd with Schon vaulted to the present world record of H feel, 11 inches. Utry aiul Dills are of general build. Both Ihe same 170 , performed in many counlrics and has met some of Ihe wrestlers in America. Tossing will be no easy task for the ruthersviile athlete. best him Cu- pounds. Day stands (! feet high and Bills i.s 2 inches taller. Both have thickly muscled .shoulders and work cul tlnily on cross bars and rings to develop their lifting power. K.-.nks Day First Cromwell contends Day is Ihe Nnrlhrast Arkansas r.engiie W. L. Pet. Q 3 .750 lh , IIy greatest he Caruthersvllle Paragould .. Blytheville .. by (lie politeness their athletes showed in submitting lo tnnnplhigs. Tlie Bruins appear used to it now. I °" seen. „,„! hc )m seea aU (hc great men of tlie past 15 years. 'J'lie tow- hcnded youth raised his own record from H feet to M feet, 7 inches Old Posh 'Em Up Lazwri has helped, bul his hilling in Ihe clean-up spot is the lipoff on the north side outfit, whose pitchers lack sUyintr minlilie.s. loo. Terry Itmis the IVflrks One of Ihe oldest customs is lo allow photographers lo shoot from spaces in foul territory, well back ingle afternoon—and what, is more important, did it in competition. Sniiljierii League W. K Pnt LHilr- Rock is 8 .G02 "Bolh of ihese boya are serious, "n^"^ !J !? Tliev wan, to liccome clmmplons. M 0n ^ i ? i °,' to «• tlicj' «i-e willing to NWO.,^,;; " ? I spend hour*, days and weeks, not: Nasln'll e 05 Jonesboro Newport . n 4 7 5 r> 7 S 7 2 H .092 .fi83 .417 .417 .154 llOll.H'. It was Hubuaril's in league play. Anirriean League Chicago 7. Cleveland C. Detroit 7, si. Louis 5. I'-hiladelijhia 8. New York r,. Boslon 10, Washington 0. -ferry Service Slallon : I'alacr Cafe I .Johns' Confectionery .. 110 in-! "o't ,Funeral Jtome ... Hudson Tailor Shop . . dild ! Ark-Mo Power Corp. . | Hubtard Hardware Co. j Dr. Pepper I W. I, . .S rj . 4 1 4 I . 3 2 . 2 3 1 -I 0 S Pel. 1.000 .800 .SCO .GOO .400 ies : Charley Grimm, manager of Wri[;leys. and Charles Drake, one ot their many officials .extended the lens lads the same permission. However, when Ihe Cubs rame to bat in the first inning, (he imperious Terry ordered the photographers away from (heir right Held posl. He had not objected to their presence while (he Giants were butting, bat now grew irate, especially when Ibey answered that they were iir.liiu,' with Grimm's permission, and lhal ihe home rrriv made the park rules. Grimm met wilh Umpires Reardon find Pinelli. and (he lalter returned to his first IM.W station to tell Ibe cameramen, "Slay where "-on are." But not even an umpire gets niv.iy with anything m a league which Terry has adopted n.s his own. When Stanley Hack. the Cubs' third baseman, stepped into (be batter's box. up sprang Ter- jusl vanning, but working in thei gymnasium and developing their' shoulders and arms for lhal bit of at (he top." Cromwell exlra kl<-k explained. "Von can'l boy keep such serious ys from attaining their goal, not wnen they have so much ability. They both intend to es- natural establish n new record, and the fact that the new record will have to be IS feet doesn't rrinluen Ihem a lies in Men- York." the reference beniR to Terry's rules against cameramen at the Polo Grounds t suspect that I.andis wouldn't be surprised if Ten.v started lo run his office ne.xt .531! .571 .520 .464 .400 .385 .375 American League W. Washington ig Boston ,, . Cleveland . N"e\v York . . huddling on the . - """-OK. t. v.ith Ihe photographer* Chicago ' -'-'- - •• •-•-.. Cubs' side of th« ! Philadelphia oul of lhal bailer's box til) these Cubs Used lo Obeying j •mn ! "'""* ol)c - vc<f - Tlle Cubs are used j •™tlo obeying, and, moreover. Umpire! field, and will, ,iie cub of.icWs and umpires meek as mice. All had son of sought protection iigainsl (he heavy hand of Terrible Terry- It's really too bad lor Ibe National U-ague that ijj|| Terly c(ln , t control Joe McCurtliy nnd the Yankees ns lie does the opposition auct nmpirc.s of the older loop St. Louis 14 3 14 fl 14 9 fl 12 6 II 7 IS i; n Pet. .640 .63ti .609 .ti09 .429 .421 .200 .000 Characters Merely Two Detectives Lrajrue Post on at Brooklyn. Cincinnali at St. Ixauis. New York at Philadelphia. Pittsburgh nl Chicago. thereupon reversed his '<le- i VANCOUVER R~ t> ' cislon. and obliged the pholoq-l ollicer n t--'I , c " . <ul '—™, "Pliers 10 obey the New YorkCe, the Unhl*' P St! "'° n manaser. loo I " , uo , tPl< 'P»«ne receiver and Protests from Ihe photographers j "£™ "J? 1 "'" W0man ' s ™<*~- • brought nolhing but regrets from clnridm in ,„ , to " 8h -. I001:i "S Oiinun and Drake, and the a.ur- ] k ^ «™. "^^^ ^ someone." Today's Games \orlheasl Arkansas Lfagui- Jim Joe Croiiin took a chance with Southern f.eagur -Mmipliis at Kno.vville American League Wasbinglon at Boslon. Chicago at Cleveland. SI. Louis at Del roil. Philadelphia at New York. lo play but little. ..The team! ...... ..,,....*.,. »,ML : ,,U.^ v ^. |ji;\j IJUL nuie...Hio (cam Jim Bagby. Jr., in (hc Boston Itetl S ot ofr ( « a bad start without, him Sox' opening game with the New! 10 5leafi V lhem...As «-»s naturally Yor* Yankee, The .l-year-o.d re-jS^ ^'^^ t crult gave the champions live hiw that he could not get into action Jn six Innings and was 'credited regularly, the club was not able with a victory. Jack Qulnn says to carr i' major I fa6 ,-e managers are too J-Unt .bout, youngs^, without °" ly a playing nllcmalivc ' i| Largest cheese' ever made, -i ! .17-H-pminrt Cheddar, ivas present- I ed by Wisconsin dairymen lo 1 Chicago newspaper In 1935. Now totaled at 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EDWARDS, PropritU* All rnakn of Rchiillt Typewrite™, Addln, Michlnw » D t Cslcolalors-ntpsUlng-—P»rt» GUARANTEED TIRES MAN'SI'IELD GOOnyf-'Vlt riHRSTONE •1.10x21 si-in •1.75x111 S5.,[() 5.25x18 SIUD Loir Prices On All Sizes ARIAN AUTO PARTS 128 E. .Main Phone no Albriilon of Ohio May Be Able To Keller World Record .') HV FKANK nossi: Ijiiilcil ri-css Stall" OiijTr.spfliKleiit MINNEAPOLIS lUPI-The \toys; who lly Ihriiiigh the air won't be able ID ilti il with the greatest ot eiisi.' at the iialloiial colleg Irack and lii-ld i.'liaiiiplon.shlps shoo sladhiiii .Inn,' n and IB, . one of the most, compelillve Held: uled U> Biilher. Have Albrltton, Olilo. national collegiate and A. A. u. champion, high jumper, and co-holder of Urn pJi-.senl world m.'iik, will defend J:is litle against a brilliant array of jnmjH'r.s, Albriilon, with u mark ol" li iVi-l K r>-a inchi's. is believed capable of (i feel 10 inches. liiu he'll liayr- to stretch for Hint mark when lie faces such stars as Delos 'I'hmUer. Southern California; fiddle Burke of Marqitettp, feet 9'I inches to win o Negro, who lias bettered '. G feet 8 inches. j Bob Ifubbard. JVfinnesota, is tlie j favorite son in (he broad jump. I Hubbard's mark of 24 feet S 1-2 inches can be matched or bettered by Arnold Nulling, California, with n. mark of 25 feet 3 inches; Guy Manuel. California, Pacific coast ; champion, and Judson AlchisbrtV Soulhweslern Conference uu«<iS holder. ,• George Varoff. Oregon, ntillonal ; A.A.U. pole vault titleliotder last, ' year, is favored lo take laurels won last year by BilLSeflon and Earl Meadows, sensational Southern California tcammales. But it'll Iflke lots of poetiy on a pole to nose out Dan Ciibbs, Notre Dame, or Irving Howe, Ken Dills, and Bud Day of Southern California. All are capable of 14 feet or better. Milt Partway of Wiscon- , sin is rated ns a threat in the rtivi- i sioii. l.ocal Golfers Go To Jonesboro For Match Sunday ! Blytheville country club golfera , will Journey to Jonesboro tomorrow i to meet members of tlie Jonesbro ' cimtry chib in an liit«r-club loiiiti-'JPi ament. . \* It will be the nrst oul-of-tom\ ' engagement, for the local golfers i this season. : Invincible on their own course ' except for their setback by U)o f Sears Roebuck Icani of Memphis f last ireck, Blytheville lias always" found the going tongli over the ' Jonesboro course, which is over ' lei-rain considerably different from the Blytheville course. WE ARE NOW SHOWING OUR NEW 1938 AUTO SEAT COVERS • New Styles & Patterns • New Low Prices $1.95 up • Export Insinuation at No Exlra Cost A COMPLETE STOCK TOR ALL MAKE CARS WE URGE YOU COME TO Headquarters For Auto Seat Covers Uefore You Buy. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnut St. Ph. 633 mice that they certainly had not exceeded their rights. But the great ' . Terry didn't want it that way, nnd that was all there wns lo il. Even Commissioner Lnndis swung I info line, wild -Maybe he thinks) An investigation followed. The "tough-looking characters" were detectives looking for ptmchboards. Read Courier News want Ms. HEMORRHOIDS CUIIKO WITHOUT SURGERY & GUARANTEED Safe nnd nilhont haspltal care. All other reclal disease's reated name, nsluta. etc. We also Irenl Talien a eh • cure skin cancer by special treatment. treat SI4 Main DRS. NIES & MRS Osteopalhlc Physicians Phone 9S Itlyihcylllc, Ark. WRESTLING MONDAY NIGHT. 8 O'CLOCK Lon Chaney vs. Eddie Malone NajeebRabban vs. Big Jim Parker American Legion Arena, North Second St. '

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