The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 7, 1934
Page 3
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MONDAY, MAY 7, 1934 (*uu nomm ran FIVK r CLASSIFIED SECTION- s Wants •*' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING IINFOUMATION Daily rule per line ror consecu- Uve Insertions: (Five average wros to a line) Ope time per line .......... lOc Two times per line per day . Three times per Uui per day . Ujuc* per line ya day . i nt« per Un« Mini*T" lm charge We Ladies' Beautiful Silk Hose, Sllfjht- ly Iiu]>erfcct, 5 pairs 51.00, Post-1 _, raid. Satisfaction Guaranteed. FOR BALK: ioiioniy Hosiery Co., Ashcboro,| n Im-alii. 0*5 08c Wo Mo A^s ordered lor tnree or six tidies and stopped bclore expiration will be cliargou for the number of Umes the ad appeared ana ol bill made. N. C. ora, Ark. FEEDS HAY imd CORN ttl S. H. KOiCllo, I.ux- 24p-k5-24 LAHGE Iron Safe, Good as new,] for Cash or on easy icims. Hex Hotel, Phone Wt, 11. C, Campbell. fiitton Seed: Kowdeu Bir Ikjll No. 28*0 [or thin land; also Sluuc- ulk No. 1. $150 MOr hundred. Marvin Kobluiou, 310 K. .Main. 1 Large Pop Corn and Peanut Roaslcr in perfect condition and as good as new. Very cheap, rhonc 03, Ilaytl. Missouri. cery & Market. Gilbert's Gro Up-k5-9 AH G'JBislUed AUvcrtlsing c uibmllied by persons residing out tide ol the city irust be accoin puilcd by cash. Rales nuy be easily computed from ubove table. No responsibility will bo taken it>« more Uiaa one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Advertising or&iKd lor ttregu- Af insertions lake the one time Feeds, Flour, Groceries & Meats at Kfsl Prices. We Deliver. I'hont 231, Kite Price Grocery. 9c k5-9 STRAYED »5.00 Reward for L. Holmes, Route intormtllan. V 2, Blythevllle. WAN TK1) TO ItOOM C BOARD I'honi' Tit, Kile Prltc <iro. 2!)e Hiioik aril KiKtr ] .•ilimt\iilirrf. 1'tii't's rc Miv J. F. Sand>rs, Jltt \V. — llnini'-liku iTHAYt'D-One black horse mill?, ... wight aixiiit 1,100 llvs.. 6 yc»rsl«ry, old. Kroni my place tit Clear Luke.) We buy Chickens and Kffi. Ush- wt flint pal& Kit* MM Q»»- — Phww JM, Ilk K. Hall. Kooms with or »llhout luianl.slriuu •o k5-9| hral, hot water, rtMsuiuble rates, UKA1. KSTATK Wuills for sak'—BO 1 .;, down Halamx' like ri'iu TIIOIUI&SOII, Ckiriiineisville, Mo. ll-pk-:i-lli MAI.K 1IKM» WANTED Man wauled to .supply customers with famous Wntklns Piuilllcls in lilythevlile. Duslni'ss • Cwn Ha{S liistt.irt of Hean Q01NCY. Maw. l(JP;—liscause It I; clieapcr, com may replace bcuiis In tlic; Ijcnn bugs clilldrcn use on Quliicy piaygronmls this OUR BOARDING HOUSE BUSINESS iiiKUCi'OKY turjiiture Kepairilli;—UpholiU-rinii ^viso auvomuouc upjiolsifnnt;. \VL win be sjiaii to ix-ier you to customers us 10 uuairiy and worK- inansnip. Coinpicir; ihiu suppuw. New LOCUIUU 118 A"- sccunu JtNKliSS i; SON a-cii-Si-5 I*OULTKY & EGGS We will pity iOc per pound for heavy HENS. B. T. WurlJiy, 315 E. Mai". 14ck5-H WHEN you arc fish hungry come to Mcrail Jr'ish Marsei, -lli) W. ASH. i-iesn 1-toii At AM Tunes. 1C kli-1 Again Burke Sels Buutu Linseed Oil the Fricu Lf5c fial. Aiadden Lump I'ails J0c i-ui-i IJUKKb ll.iKUU.4Kr; CO. Ttte one price siorc BAUY CHICKS All Varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Set each Tuesday, hatch each Wednesday. MARILYN HATCHEHY Hatchery Code Cer. No. 86 story well furnished HOUbU 1-riyiuaiie, electric stove. Immediate possession. Very reasonable nil W. Walnut. Call 451. el Nicely lurnished Ward apartnicn on W. Asti St., 4 roynib and bain :ail S50 or Bob. 5ckif INGRAM a|iiLrtnient, lical, wilier fiirnisiied. Also store bnildins. HeasonaDlc. Apply 1. It. I'arkluusi. | c-kiu NICELY furnished cool bedroom. S15 Walnut St. Call 2D2-W. l-cS-.-B Nicely furnished cool BEDROOM, men preferred. 611 W. Main. Call 280. 1-ck-if COUNTY WORKERS UNION Court House Monday, 1:30 v.ui For inen, women over 16 51 per year Ask us about the llagcn Hone; Ccnltr Gull Bulls. They're Bet ler. llubbard Hardware Co. 5i'ko-a .: THREE room modern bungalow, Soy Beams and 1'eaa will b« hard jsn w Main. Call Mrs. Joe la flnd utxt month. Buy now Meyers or Max Meyers. 27-ck-l front Hub turd IhrdwMe Co. rjckS-12 Nicely Furnished FURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W. Walnut, Mrs. Ed Hardin. after 5 1'. M. Ic kll HOMt BKl'AIRS: Steps, floors, jcrttns, wall paper, paint, tic. ANTLM1TE for Termite control K. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. PHONE 100 Mrs. J. J. Davis, Phone 421 Sptncer CorseUue 26c k5-26 Mrs. Nolen, 310 BED ROOM. West Walnut. 30c k5-30 UNFURNISHED 5 room lOl.i W. Walnut. Call 678. 30c NICELY furnished apartment, 209 W. Kentucky. Apply after 6 P.M. 14c k5-H EXPERT Typer.rilcr and Adding Machine Repairinj!. V. S. Blankenship, 116 K. Rose, Call 185-J. 22c k5-22 SEEDS & l'LAN'1'S Whi/.ipooswill Peas for Sale Drive across the river for the finest Whippooririll Peas in West T«nnefser. Prices Reasonable. William Vuckcr & Co,. Kiplcy, Tcnii. 2*-ck5-28 FOH SALE For quick «ash s;ile: SS7.5fl ChiE- ferobc, S12: S25 round din room lablr, S10; SIS Scrretarial iksk, S7.i»: Sin Oak Rocker, $1.!>»; and naany other furniture items Can be 1'arkhurst. 7pkl( •OUB room FURNISHED apartment. 700 W. Walnut. 19-ck-tf .IODERN furnished apartment, 108 W. Kentucky. Phone 083. 22-tf BEDROOM for 1 or 2 gentlemen, 801 W. Walnut St. Csll 451. 6c k5-6 AUTOMOTIVE Aato Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-Mo Lumber Co. 10ck5-10 Start A Savings Accoitnt With Us On Everylhinc fur the' Auloninbile Ilubbard !ldw., Aulomutive Depl Phnnc 'Hi Ptime THIS CURIOUS. WORLD ?. -rj::,:.^.^". . , ^^^mS^m^^S. : i! JPJ^f*K.v,»«ir^'<^/;^,-A<.>^;:'.C : ^Vs. : .-.;.-:v WT/7/-.7 /if, -iiin-',, ,.,t ri_i^» *. v"--. ,•••.•• \O-iiS"-3Soo-. s-:.-': '••'•• **••••••• ' I ^^f. A GOLOPISM HAS TEETH IN ITS THROAT^ AMD CHEWS ITS FOOD THOROU3HLV BEFORE SWALLOWING IT/ THESE THISTL6S ASE ONE AND THt SAME PLANT: COMMON, 8URB, BfU, BULL, KHOSIDE,, SPEAR, PLU/Als, eurrow, ANO /fe MOON SOMETIMES COMES 3O.OOO AMLES CLOSES. TO THE EARTH THAN AT OWE* TIMES. Tlie moon does iwt travel In a ixrfcct circle around ths earl The orliit ts elliptic, so that the nionn sometimes comes within 222 V 000 miles of tile earth, while at other limes it is 253,000 miles a\va The average is considered to be slightly less th»n 240.000. Murls linnu'clliilcly. Write J. Walkins Company, 10-HB W. Iowa Ave., Memphis, Tenn. Koad Courier News W:iut Ads. A SHOCK I'OU 0001,A! I- lltlUt ait rS.' MM-M- ' i DO WHV, »EUO, DOO15Y BOBO.' TiiANK. VOU - IHEV'RE VCRV NICII - WHERE HAVE VOU „ BEtN kEEPtNG YOURSELF T \ HAVEN'T SEEN VOU FOR A UXS TIME - 60 TO />> MOVIE CAvNT 60 ON, / WITHOUT /x * 'POUCH c^u "PULLING UP TO CHEESE KI SUPPER, AN' IT ' TH OLD WHEW HE TO BE OF A IN THAT JXJG/ - ANOTH ET? > HOUR, AND I'U. IN TVA6 EDELWEISS ^. VEAH - \ KNOVJ - I JUST ffilV. 1 HAVEN'T DEEM MO- vJHERE 'SPECIAL - BUT I UTARO Trf NEWS, SO I KNCVJ VO BE TO SEE VOU AGAIN — YC-J \JGREXINDft OOP- BO I JUST BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES OOfbWV '-Kt COUV.O tb\T iOB Itt Dt DISAITOI.NT.MKNT! r ( SECM M1S5 LOWE V WHV, MW'T MOD KEr1,-.D?N I *f.C!yWO, APACHE ? )^ SHE H.EMT I !PM . { RECkOJJ IT WAV OF suDoew. A COME FER HER,'N' SHE GOT ' ALL UP66T 'M'CAUGHT TH' FU9T PLAHE EflST. ro)ETUP«IM6 CPOMT1IE HILLS, WASH WJO I JJ\i EA5'/ S'.ICK THEMSELV/ES UP FIT TO KILLj/n OH, VERY SIMPLE! SALESMAN SAM A MINUTE,OU2Z\ X'VE CMSCOWCV.ED SOME MEl*> FOOT S.O FAR, ^ER. OETECTIUE WOl'-H HA^ SEEM IOO PERCENT aeel THIS >s TH'BEST CLUE, VE T I. IT OUGHTA 66 A CINCH TA 6ET TH' Br\MDlT5,VP 1KIM JUST GET THEIR GOAT 1 : AVU, IVIHM ER. THESE OOMNft IVEAH, AN' IF MER RICjHT, '6ETCHA! UNLESS I'M MISTAKE M S TH' ROBBERS MUSTA WJTKIM' BUT HOOf /AN ACCOMPLICE!. LOOViS Of A GOAT ( . FRECKLES AN1> HIS FRIENDS VJB.U VJWAT ASH YOU COUhJA DO, PLAY A LOTTA MuilC? I? YOU COULD GET L£CS ON T.:E SAME FAST CHEPULE V/lT.I YOUR VOCAL - COQDG, Yo'J O HAVE TUE MAN, BY NOW!' JUMPING J.JIM W! IF T'M HOT 7WE klMp op A <5UY vs/yot? SAY,'I TcLO SO^' OUT IF I WERE JTHAT klNO OF A GUY, ; I'D SAY.'I TOLU YOU SO.'" ALL WCHT/AL RIGW .' DOMT VWBRY AND THIS ISMT A PICTUi2E Or IKE MAH WHO BOUGHT 1 THAT DIAMOND RINO, I'M 'A CHIMAMAN NAMED TWEODOBE...LOOK/ DONT TELt. THE POLICE ! I V/AI.T THE REWARD MYS6LR..I'LI. CATCH HIM !! » BUT L TAKE V&OR BOWS

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