The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on October 9, 1939 · Page 18
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Monday, October 9, 1939
Page 18
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THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, MONDAY MORNING, OCtQR 0, 1939 IS adeTi ew Romantic Duo To Do Film Series Robert Preston; Patricia Morison Permanent Movie Sweethearts; 'M Dear Children' Due on Screen Bv Lcuc'.Ia O. Parsons HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 8. DOROTHY LAMOUR'S 21-year-old heartbeat, Robert Preston, is going to get himself a permanent screen sweetheart for over the week-end Paramount announced that Bob and Patricia Morison are to be teamed in not one, but several love stories. It's been a long time since any studio haspaired off a couple of players for a series, but who is to say it might not be a clever move? If you are out of swaddling clothes you can surely remember when Norma Talmadge and Eugene O'Brien,. Janet Gaynor and Charlie Farrell and John Gilbert and Greta Garbo, were writing movie history as famous sweetheart teams. It Will All Start Amid South Sea Locale Of course, Para may be shooting a little high with Bob and Patricia, since neither one of them is as well-known as their predecessors. But be that as it may, the romantic experiment gets under way in "Moon Over Burma," a novel by Wilson Collison with a South Sea locale. ' In the meantime, the gossips are closely watching the progress of tie off -screen Preston-Lamour tie-up, since there is little doubt he's fallen hard for her. 'My Dear Children' May B reak Another Record Fewpeople expected, John Barrymore least of all, that "My Dear Children" would develop into such a smash hit. It is now in its 23d week in Chicago and John and the producers are in no hurry to take it to Broadway. Why should they be, when they have been so well treated iivthe Windy City? Most of the major companies have put in a bid for the film rights and now there is talk that it may be filmed in New York during its run there, with the members of the cast playing their respective roles. This would be the first time to my knowledge that a complete theatrical company worked in a play and a picture simultaneously. As for Elaine Barrie and John. Well, there are things to be said on both sides and I still say the present Mrs. Barrymore did her best to keep John in ship shape for his movie engagements. Barbara Stanwyck Recovering From Cut Wrist Robert Taylor, who has made such an issue of being cast in wrong pictures, may be glad to hear that M-G-M is reviving "Hands Across the Border." That's the story of the Canadian and West Point ice hockey teams who met annually to do battle in the name of clean sportsmanship. Commander Harvey S. Haislip has gone to Canada to get permission from the Government to make this picture, and because it doesn't deal with war no trouble is expected. Bob will play the champion skater from Canada, while Robert Young will carry on as the. West Point lad. Barbara Stanwyck, Mrs. Taylor in private life, will suffer no ill effects from her cut wrist which she sustained in trying to raise a window. Irene Dunne and Cary Grant Together Again Leo AlcCarey is a wire-puller de luxe, getting both Irene Dunne and Cary Grant, who broke all box office records in his "The Awful Truth," together again for "Woman Overboard." Until the ink was actually dry on the contracts Leo hadn't hoped for any such good luck because Cary is not yet finished with "His Girl Friday" at Columbia and Irene was all set to do John Stahl's story, "Nights to Remember." But things happen fast in this business and after considerable juggling with production dates, Leo gets his two box office pets for his next RKO movie. As we told you before for the first time McCarey will not direct his own production, but has handed over the megaphone assignment to the fair-haired boy, Garson Kanin. After 16 Years Imagine Her Surprise Chatter in Hollywood: Fritzi Ridgeway wires she was more than surprised when she read that Helen Gilbert and Constantin Bakaleinikoff were separating, as Fritzi, herself, has been married to him 16 years! I'm sorry for the mistake but I'd be a little sorrier if there weren't so many of the musical Bakaleinikoff brothers that it is hard to rew.ember who is who. It is Mischa Bakaleinikoff that Helen is leaving and those who know them are genuinely sorry over their parting, Though there is a great difference in their ages, Mischa was devoted to his lovely bride, who is now one of M-G-M's promising young actresses. Jingle Promotion Gets Hal Roach Riled A Line or Two: When Hal Roach read the advertising jingles somebody thought up for "The Housekeeper's Daughter" he -hit the ceiling. He doesn't blame the San Diego woman for getting excited over such nonsense as "five men ran after 'The Housekeeper's Daughter' who did things she hadn't oughta" and has ordered similar jingles killed. Bebe Daniels writes that she and Ben Lyon and Jack Donahue are about the only American actors now living in London. She says &he cooked fried chicken for Jack, and knowing something about Bebe's culinary skill all I can say is I'm glad I didn't have to eat it. Ann Miller Turns Tide in Broadway Show Ann Miller, the pretty little dancer who somehow failed to do much in the movies although she did register in "You Can't Take It With You" is the toast of the musical comedy boards on Broadway. She's in George White's "Scandals." When Heavyweight Eddie Mader fights at Ocean Park in a few nights, Don Ameche, Chct Lauck and Lou Crosby are going to be on hand with their smelling salts, as they each have a third interest in him. Mike Romanoff has the softest job in town at a local night spot inviting celebrities to dine with him. Wonder if the linen and silver bears Mike's royal crest? Orson Welles Follows in Big Cigar Tradition Snapshots of Hollywood Collected at Random: Gaylord Hauser has been interesting little June Preisser in spinach juice the last few evenings at Victor Hugo's. Maybe he has leave of absence from Garbo, whose comedy, "Ninotchka." makes new movie history for her. Orson Welles has taken to smoking the longest, blackest cigars in town. Possibly he's taking his cue from Zanuck, Leroy and Lubitsch, who smoke while they work. Gary Cooper,gained 20 pounds and looks like a million. He's one person who doesn't mind adding weight. In Which Is Offered an Unusual Foursome Put down as unusual foursomes Bob Lowry and Virginia Pearson, Earl Carroll cutie, with Bob's mother, Mrs. Hanks, and Gene Bradstreet, estranged bridegroom of Ann Cooper Hewitt. Remember what a crush the sterilized heiress used to have on Lowry? But now it seems the bridegroom and Lowry's ma are verra verra good friends. Princeton Will Show Old Movies PRINCETON, N. J., Oct. 8. The development of motion picture technique will be studied at Princeton in a series of old movies loaned by the Museum of Modern Art of New York City. "Cavalvade," English produced picture of 1933, will open the series Wednesday. Other presentations will be "Way Down East," 1920, with Lillian Gish and Richard Barthelmess; "What Price Glory?" 1926, with Victor McLaRlen and Dolores Del Rio; "Robin Hood," 1922, with Douglas Fairbanks and Wallace Beery, and "Beau Brummel," 1924, featuring John Barrymore, Mary Astor and Irene Rich, 'Leave It To Me1 To Rehearse Here With new costumes and dialogue changes worked out, the principals and chorus of "Leave It to Me" will arrive here from New York several days in advance of the opening next Monday at the Forrest Theatre, to participate in final rehearsals. Producer Vinton Freeciley took the show off the boards for several weeks after a year's run in New York In order to make the changes. It is now necessary to re-assemble the show with all the countless details incident to a new production. Two halls In addition to the Forrest have been hired for rehearsing the cast of 100 headed by William Gaxton, Victor Moore and Sophie Tucker. jk -mm- i ' y ; ' Aboard Mysterious Ship Florence Reed stars in "Outward Bound," Sutton Vane's drama which opens tonight at the Locust Street Theatre. - Amusement Guide MUSIC ACADEMY The Philadelphia Or chestra, Eugene Ormandy conducting. 8.30. THE THEATRE LOCUST ST. "Outward Bound," fantasy by Sutton Vane, with Laurette Taylor, Florence Reed, Harry Ellerbe. 8.30. Opens tonight. MOTION PICTURES ALDINE . "Intermezzo, a Love Story." drama, with Leslie Howard, Ingrid Bergman, Edna Best. 11.15, 1.05, 2.50, 4.40. 6.25, 8.15, 10.05. ARCADIA "Here I Am a Stranger." drama, with Richard Greene. Richard nix, Gladys George, Brenda Joyce. 11.35, 1.40, 3.45, 5.50. 7.55. 10. BOYD "Babes in Arms," Rodgers and Mart r.usical, with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland. 11, 12.45, 2.35, 4.25, 6.15, 8.05, 10. Reviewed today. EARLE "Rio," melodrama, with Sigrid Gurie and Basil Rathbone. 9.40, 12.25, 3, 5.30, 8. 10.25. Ted Fio-Rito and orchestra on stage. FOX "Hollywood Cavalcade," story of film-mak.'ng, in color, with Don Ameche and Alice Faye. 10.40, 12.30. 2.25, 4.20, 6.15. 8.10. 10.10. KARLTON "Honeymoon in Ball." comedy, with Madeleine Carroll, Fred MacMurray and Allan Jones. 10.45. 12.35, 2.25, 4.20. 6.10, 8. 9.55. KEITHS "The Rains Came," drama, with Myrna Loy. Tyrone LAST DAT ARCADIA CNllTKVT T rXTf IMTM Richard Qrtint 'Here I Am ri stranger WAITING lOMOHO Lana Turner Richard Carlton "DAHCINS CO-ED" f i XTRftRCTS-CtSHPlfZfr, FIRE! HELP!! FIRE!!! The Hottest Thing in Town village' barn 3311 ( HESTMI ST. Toil Ask tor It Here ft f JITTERBUG LANE We Present the Country's . Outstanding Jitterbug Dancers Plus the World's JAM SESSIONS Every Night Don't Miss the Jitterbug Bedlam B3E BKI.NT, THIS I DANCE LESSONS FALL INTRODUCTORY OFFER - THIS WEEK ONLY - Enrollment Arceptrd Monday Till Saturday, 10 A. M. to 16 i. M. LESSONS f? CrIPLETE I Up? ' 01 R1T' r j eKnx Trot I Hall I I WwiPK I f Rumba Wsmm m Tan BEGINNERS OR ADVANCED EXPERTLY TRAINED STAFF J PITTSBURGH CINCINNATI BALTIMORE DON MARTINI "America's Noted Dane Master" 1421 Walnut St. Stratfnrd I i JgX WOPlCJS-CASH 'PRIM J fi I ICont. (jiT OUT 0 I : Mats. GorFOw" THE WEST . . ,. $ft In Philadelphia Power and George Brent.. ,11.20, 1.25. 3.30. 5.35. 7.40, 9.5l NEWS "No More Ladies," with Joan Crawford. Robert Montgomery, Franchot Tone. 10, 11.43, 1.26, S.09, 4.52. 6.35, 8.10, 10.01. PALACE "The Old Maid" drama, with Eette Davis, Miriam Hopkins and Jane Bryan. 10.30, 12.24. 2.18, 4.12. 6.0S. 8. 9.55. STANLEY "Beau Geste." adventure drama, with Gary Cooper, Ray Milland, Kcbert Preston, Brian Donlevy and J. Carrol Naish. 11, I. 3. 5. 7, 10. Dr. I. Q. on stage at 9. STANTON "Espionage Agent," spy melodrama, with Joel McCrea, Brenda Marshall. Martin Kosleck. II, 12.50, 2.40. 4.50, 6.20. 8.15. 10.05. "March of Time" added. STUDIO "The Count of Monte Cristo," Dumas adventure story, with Robert Donat and Elissa Landi. 12.30. 4. 7.25, 11, and "History Is Made at Night," melodrama, with Charles Boyer and Jean Arthur. 10.55. 2.23, 5.50, 9.20. TRANS-LUX Ncwsreels and shorts. ROBERT DONAT Dumas' Clonic CHARLFS BOYER Jaan ARTHUR "HISTORY IS MADE at NIGHT rniiiiT af :f ...... . . FULL-VISION STUDSOaBOVE16TB MARKET BTRKa:lined - ... . - Kkd. it I.KW1S CKCILIA MICKKY AC8 Cm RTONK PARKER ItOONKY ANPV HRIY .ETS KI'KIXO tKVr.K" Adelphi HU I.'S RIT H " "ALMOST A CEwTLEMAPr TVatch For Aldrn Thratre Frcr Km AMo.. M!Jv!e "COWBOY 0UAHTEBBACR" H,aen it, Hnis- WAY IXIWN MH'TH" I'.OBERT YOUNG 'Mlrnclr for Sal" kt Amoassaaor 4 Ba!t ARTHl R lake BI.OXniK TAKKH A VACATION" FRKK DIXNERWARK TO IADIF.S Apollo a-inik MiCKKY KliONEY ThoniDMtn 'Andy Mrdv 6et 8prlf Fevtr' GIFTS FOR THE LADIES Avenue c,n ,b- !..-h!;h 'THEY AI.I. CIIMK OUT' nnd -AKKKK" Rnnrl Rrv Germantnwn Ave. & Armat St. buiiu uwa a, 15. Kve Collt., b.30 2nd SMASH WEEK ! SPENCER TRACY "Stanley and Livingstone" NANCY KEI.T.Y. RICHARD GREENE Rplmnnt ''2nd k CUtV r.ithlr. Chai Laughtnn dciiiiwiii vrkpt MUTINY OH THE B0UHTY" DINNER WARE FREE TO THE LADIES Pa.rnn f.4th k The Truth at Lat Wmill'd Marihuana (R-i-fiM-it tiposed "ASSASSIN K VOl TH" Berwyn, Pa. dji:;las Fairbanks "m n never sets'' Rluhirr4 ' "THE SPELLBINDEB'' BIUCUII u S q 'TIMBER sTAMrniE' Broad vN FRIEDA INKSCOUURT OTTO KRUGER "A WOMAN IS THE Jl IMiE" BORIS KARLOFK. 'Mr. Wonir In Chinatown Byrd "Frontier Marshal" 7lhA RANDOLPH SCOTT. NACY KELLY Knit. TIINNIE BARNKS, CESAR ROMERO Cambria -',th ann sothern C.mliria 'HOTEL Foil WOMEN Gartner ,:in- MATINEES. 2:15 W,rmu'-Allf( EVE. B?ginning 6:30 1000 iOOI SEATS AT 25c STANWYCK'nOT HFM ADOLPHE MENJOU WILLIAM HOLDEN ON STAfiE- BOY' -VAI -DKVIT.I.K Castle r.;' 8 HVi,: V i i."JV tM- THK il N ---f-t ITS Cayuga f,n k 4 STREET OF CHANCE" He hi ml Prison Gaten" Cftiar Robert Donat. Greer Garson UU 1r "(.IIOIIRVE MH. CHIPB" Conturu 'h ft MICKEY ROONEY wciiimi y Krir LEWIS STONE ANDY HARDY GETS SPRING FEVER" Cheltpn hflU'ii i '(.IHI, From MEXICO' An(I.Tin "SINGING BUCKAR00" CianrfieLlei 2!s12 K- C"" America Keep Out wicui iiciwr(,arf.d of War? Tmey- sen. Rational! See "( EOCDS OVER EI ROPE" Clifton "Andy Hardy Gatt Sorlna Fayar" It Pays to Go to Clifton Clr,nnin nh Mj-t. As Timely aa woionioi 4 RjUli.r Today's Headlines Laurence Olivier (War nf "Wiitrisrin Helght" CTiOl'DH OVER El'ROPE" PAUL MUNI, "SCAR FACE" r4 fSSOO RIG TWTIN ATTRACTION . lil. Sun Jane Withers. Leo Carrtllo "CHICKEN WAGON FAMILY" ANNE -SHIRLEY AND GATEWAY TO HOLLWOOD STARS in "CAREER" Dante "FIVE CAME BACK" 'Mr. Moto Tahai a Vacation" nBrkv pn Victor McLazlen. 'En-Champ' vuiwjr, a u. 4.THK SPELLBINDER" Diamond ,nd Each Dawn 1 Die Outward Bound' Is Staqe Play Produced First Time With Author's Funds J'Outward Bound," Sutton Vane's dramatic novelty which opens at the Locust St. Theatre tonight, is a striking instance . of the curious flukes of footlight fortune that mark stage history. For this ?lay, which scored an outstanding success when presented in New York last season with Florence Reed and Laurette Taylor co-starred in the parts they will play here, was originally produced by the author himself on a shoestring when professional producers turned it down flat 15 years .ago. OBJECT TO THEME The central idea when an assorted group of passengers on an ocean liner bound for a: mysterious destination come gradually to realize that they are dead seemed impossible of acceptance according to the theatrical standards of the" time. Theatrical managers objected strenuously to the theme, and the playwright realized that the only way to get his play on the boards would be to produce it himself. Though shy on cash. Vane decided to take a chance and risk all he had. So he hired a small theatre in a London suburb, painted the scenery himself, brought curtains from his own home and engaged a company on a sharing basis. BANKROLL OF $600 Thus "Outward Bound" reached footlight life on a bankroll of just $600, and since that precarious premiere it has earned for its author and his associates many thousands of dollars. Immediately after production the play received great space in the London dailies. Crowds followed, and, last of all. these astute judges, the regular producers who had turned it down, fairly fell over themselves at tempting to bid for the play or a share in its production. LUNT AND HOWARD JOIN The play moved to a leading theatre, the Garrick, and a New York cast was promptly formed, with Alfred Lunt and Leslie Howard. The following season it took to the road, but, because of the hazards of bookings,, it never reached Philadelphia at that time. Consequently the opening tonight will be its first presentation in this city. When William A. Brady's Playhouse Company recruited a notable cast for its Broadway production last season, a run of only eight weeks was planned. But the critical acclaim and public response was tremendous, and the eight weeks lengthened into an entire season because of the demand. TAKE ORIGINAL ROLES In addition to Laurette Taylor and Florence Reed again appearing in the two leading roles, the opening at the Locust st. Theatre tonigat will mark the professional stage debut of PHILADELPHIA "D""ORCHESTRA TONIGHT AT 8:30 SHARP j ri'GK.NE OliMAMlV, Conducting j BATH Suite No. 3. 1 major I BEETHOVEN. . .Svmjhony No. 1. C minor j BRAHMS. Symphony No. 2. D tnaw Iku H!r, Wymmiu".llJ tbfit. Strtny 1'iano DnrU - IXH'IS HAYWARD j UOn Wnocirn MN IN THE lltN MK' r-uni;n Bala- LEW AV KKtf . 1 AN Tl KNEK cgypnan nWTlf ..THese 6iaoob sibls-' C.Ia. lHth and ChPlter.ham Ave. Sl lKn Feature: 2.45. 7.). 9 35 CARY KAY CAROLE GRANT FRANCIS LOMBARD "IN NAME ONLY" Tomorrow, "l"N EXPECT EH FATHER" Cprn Pnrlr fiWi N. 5th .street rem ROCK iure s the Insi.le Story cf 'THESE I.I.AMIX II iIKI,M" LEW AYRES. LANA TLRNKR ANN RITTHF.HFORD. TOM BROWN 5th 5t,lh tKl' Dirk Powell. Ann Sheriiinn Spnir. "NAl'liHTV KIT NICE" Victor Mrljinlen. "THE EXUAMI"' Cn.f h'y'l N. "Susannah of the Mmiuttea" ' 52d also "S. A. S. Tidal Wave" Ladies. Yiiur Ch uoe of l-!b. of Dellciou Ellis' Coff"e or Dinnervvare Glenside, Pa. "PANAMA l,AI)V" Mr. Won in Chinatown" DINNER WARE FREE TO LADIES Grand 'Ui 5 Savace Men and a Girl Rnvdr Trapi)el in the Jungle See "ISLAND OF LOST .MEN" Great Northern Broad and Erie "Mlrarles for Sale" "Let' Pretend We're Sweetheart" Greenway 5.-d J it JOAN BLOND ELL tr "Gao4 Girli G t Paris" Hamilton r,oth pat o-brien iuiiiiiium Mn ANN SHERIDAN "INDIANAPOLIS SI'EEIIHAV" JEAN PARKER. JOHNNY DOWNS "PARENTS ON TRIAL" .Mat. Iiailv t'HKSTKR MORItIS "FIVE CAME HACK" HollvWOOd aand "5 CAM E BACK" ' W4J ( an.lirlj "THEY ASKED lor IT" Howard t'rnnt "saint in lonkon" lt'hisli "Billdoi Drammona"! Brlda" "jr. SPENCER TRACY "Stanley and Livingstone" NANCY KELLY. RICHARD GREENE JacltSOn r'th Story of Flaming Youth Jarkwn Lew Avrea. Iin Turner "THESE (il.AMOl R iIRI,.S" Fr to Ladici: Candelabra of Cryital Conrsla Sat or Choice of Rosa Garelait Olnntr Srlt Jeffries ""x- horn GEORGE RAFT 'I STOLE A MILLION" Jumbo Front ft RANDOLPH SCOTT Cirard "EKO.NTIEK MARSHAL" Pat O'Brien. 'INDIANAPOLIS SPEED W A V FREE hostessware to the ladies VALUES UP TO Sl.OfJ Can the United States Avoid War? See "CLOl DS OV ER El UOPF," Tomorrow also "Inside the French Maulnot Line" Keswick matinee daily. Ea. 7.15. 9.15. Doon opan 1.45-6.45 Feature: 2.40, 7.40, 0.45 CAROLE CARY KAY LOMBARD GRANT FRANCIS "IN NAME ONLY" Lansdovvne, Pa. cK "MIRACLES FOR SALE" It Pays to Come Here Matinee and Evening Lawndale 6,513 june lang His. Sun DICK KORAN "INSIDE INFORMATION" FREE TO LADIES A F I LL ONR.pOI'NU BAG OF ELLIS' EXCELLENT COFFEE or Choice of Happy Hostess Set Lenox i,41" PENNY SINGLETON 'Rlondle Take a Vacation" LOCUSt 5'-d JOAN BLONDELL Lmiist "GOOD GIRLS GO T6 PARIS" Mayfair rilin Fkrl. Sonja Henie, Tyrone Power P.utly Vallee, Edna May Oliver "SECOND FIDDLE" Mayfair 2 BIG FEATURES ROBERT DONAT MADELEINE CARROLL, '. STEPS' "MICKEY THE KID" Media Pa. Ixw Ayres, Lana Turner ' "These lamoi:r curls' W v 4 Fluke J L 11 k i Judy Garland Has outstanaing roie in "Babes in Arms," the musical, which opened at the Boyd on Saturday. Diana Barrymore, daughter of John Barrymore and Michael Strange. This newest "princess" of the "royal family" of the American stage previously appeared only in summer theatre performances. Sutton Vane brought an actor's practical knowledge of the stage to the writing of "Outward Bound." Born in London the son of a famous British dramatist of the same name. Vane was brought up in Brighton, the English seaside resort, where he had his first taste of the theatre. TOURS AS COMEDIAN Later he toured the British Isles extensively, and made several tours of the United States as a song and dance comedian. During the last year of the war he was invalided home from Mesopotamia, after which he devoted his time to writing and playing for wounded soldiers. Vane wrote few plays, and "Outward Bound" was his only success. He declared at the time of the original production that he had thought about the subject a great deal before committing it to paper. LOCUST- 'J"?- I.M RFTTK TAYLOR Tonight. 8:30 Mat. Thnr. Sat at'J.30 Only FI.ORKN E REED i; button Yane't Matt crntcre "OUTWARD BOUND" llnl Tluu In I-h!la,lrl)hla FORREST I Wkt. Only Beg. Ntxt Mon. St ATS ON SALE NOW! Vinton Frdly pratcnM William Victor GAXTON MOORE SOPHIE TUCKER in th Bit) N. Y. Mu.icol Hit "LEAVE IT TO ME" iVJbt COLE PORTER Book by BeHo & Somgl Spwack 2 ti- COMT. WAT. tf, 1 t ft w. 25 35 IS CVCS. 8: JO KES oq Nsw Lvric5l:3 2,it Hour Leave" l"1-" , "Quirk Mlllluna" Overbrook R james cac.ney W'CI " W lla.crf d GEORGE RAFT 'EACH DAWN I DIE' PerW Hijrilani) "Ncw Is Made at : ' ' Park. T "Good Jiirls . to I Nlahf arts ' Pnc4irro LIONEL BARRYMORE rBn,"e R,yd "ON HORROW ED TIME" Penn 4'li k HENRY FONDA ptrninn "VOl Nil MR. LINCOLN" Prktir1-- , -3(' LANE SISTERS rrrjn....i sV(irr john Garfield nI'GIITEUS CO! It Ai.EOl S" Reaal m'"Tli At', k KANIMiLPH SCOTT "FRONTIER MARSHAL" wit R!k1. Rfntl ''-J-', lat JOAN BLONDELL iwiiwi ,, ., i.Co00 eiRLS GO to PARIS" Rialto "Four Feathers Rid"e ls,ht "GRAND Jl KY SE( RETS "IN OLD MONTEREY' Ritl iaconyt; MICKEY ROONEY Othodny '-Andy Hardy Gati Sprina Fatar" 60(10 I.NE.MIES" RITA JOHNSON Rivc!i Rls 3-Hour Show FRANKIE T- 1 1 1 to Sanborn DARRO IHSn L.UCK BARTON MacLANE. ''Blf; TOWN CZAR" PU S SELECTED SHORT SUBJECTS Rocklcnd i!"'d, PENNY SINGLETON "Blondia Taart Vacation" c7;;k rAKKis'ti yon i'atkos pawwBls! HEDY ROBERT;o LAM ARR TAYIX)R "LADY OF THE TROPICS" Senate Uih Tyrone Power. Sonia Henie Sn n "SECOND FIDDLE" Seville';"' "F our Featl lers Star Kniii. k IhlKli "KIN NEVER SET" Dishes Free to the Ladles StOtlthirrst M"'- 10 A" 'K'1 From Kohomo" Xt 'Chaslna: Danirer' Suburban Montgomery Ave.. Ardmore Ample Parking ' ??????? THE MAIN LINE PREMIERE OP A NEW Ml'MCAI, COMEDY HIT YOU SUPPLY THE TITLE! Temrjle Uitli btl."Hane Draw Troakla Shooter' a tuyic Tloaa "IRIslI I.I K" FREE CAR PARKING ON PRT LOT Continuous From ln.:io A. M. Daily Terminal entJ' ,itkl for women Market Ann Snllicrn. James Ellison TlOCfJ l'lh Louia llaywarrt. Juan Bcmutt VVnamo "MAN In the IRON MASK Unique'"'"' mickey uoonky Havpr. "Andy Hardy Gati Sprint Favar" UpSal fiS31 3 Rhowa Hoom Open r Gin. Jnne Wltlicn. 'Chlckan Wagon Family LADIES! IT STARTS TODAY Platinum Eilgod Colonial Dinner Set Venice 1Si "five came back" niiyiirr - I I LUULU nAPrcR TO YOU Viola i ROBERT DON AT "GOODBYE, MR. CHIPS" WaHon V'r,un 'Four Feathers' ANTHONY JAMES CAC.NEY Wayne, Pa. eorge raft F.AI'H DAiW'N I 1IE" Wlssahickcn f,2tiS 'MV MAN whfbey' .. Rill "The Old Dark Hour" Yeadon. Pa L1"' Hayward. J. Bennett ' "Man In the Iron Mask" IT PAYS TO GO TO THE YEADON Yorfe27,n "DEAD END KIDS" "York "HELL'S KITCHEN" Etched Gold Dinnerwnre to Ladles NEW JERSEY MaDle Shade Ju1y rtint. Frank Maraa Mr,s -WIZARD OF OZ" 1 JSOSjCp. TlliiLLLLi. Garland and Rooney Stgr In Film Babes in ms'! ' Young Stars Romp Through : -New Musical on Boyd Screen By Mildred Martin "BABES IN ARMS," a Metro-Goldwyn-Maver pieture; based on the musical comedy by itlchard Rod Iters and LorenE Hart; screen, play by Jack McGowan and Kay Van Blper: song by KodKers and Hart, Naclo Herb Brown and Arthur Freed. Harold Arlen and E. 1'. Harburu, Bolter Edens, Arthur Freed and Gus Arnhelm; directed by Busby Berkeley; opened at the Boyd on Saturday. THE CAST Mickey Moran Mickey Kooney Patsv Barton Judy Garland Joe Moran Charles Wlnnlnjccr Judge Black Guy Klbbee Kosalie F;sex June Preisser Florrle Moran Grace Hayea Molly Moran. ... 1 Betty Jaynes Don Brlre . . .Douarlas MePhall JetT Steele Band Brooks Dody Martini.. Lenl Lynn Bobs t ....John Sheffield .Madox Henry Hall William .....Barnett Parker Mrs. Barton Ann Shoemaker Marina Steele. ..... .Margaret Hamilton Mr. Essex Joseph Crehan Drice Geore McKay Shaw Henry Roquemore Mrs. Brlce Lelah Tyler With Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland at their head. Rodgers and Hart's "Babes in Arms" march to screen victory at the Boyd. The juvenile frolic of two seasons ago, all about professional youngsters, really babes in armor who expose the old folks rather brutally by putting on their own show while the one-time headiiners are off attempting to revive vaudeville on the road, has been turned into a merry, musical movie by M-G-M. If the film lacks something of the engaging freshness "Babes in Arms" had on the stage, it retains the bounce and the breezy comedy, though not all the songs of the original. "The Lady is a Tramp" and "Johnny One-Note," two of the Rodgers and Hart best sellers, are unfortunately among the missing. PLEASANT SUBSTITUTES In their place are pleasant but minor substitutes, "Good Morning," by Brown and Freed, an opera versus jazz arrangement, an elaborate swing-time minstrel show, and a fancy, furiously patriotic finale called "God's Country." "I Cried for You," written some 17 years ago by Arthur Freed and Gus Arnheim, has been revived to provide a not-too-tasteful singing sXMb QrW ttVJt AJft 2nd WEEK LESLIE i HOWARD BZEi2EBSSI rTivc EXTRA! MARCH of TIME "THE ATTIf HTS OF tHGlAHD" MM tiimL'Ini aKMnUUTUa K3SJ HONETMOOS IN BALI' COM 0 lt,M. Bt OAVIS-MiriamHOPKINS "The OLD MAID' "SET Midway Orpheum SavoiaJ-f, Nixon iibti-Roosevelt To WT 69th Iln4nun Broad CAROLE CARY KAY Lombard Grant Francis "iV NAME ONLY" Orpheum Fiw Parkin? T-nt for Patrons (iprmnnfnwn Irene Dunne Looan Brn"d "WHEN TOSHIRROH V3U" Wvomim COMICS" I.04JAN 1.1 IS-PASTOK Flsht Pirtures Ctrmantamn Frc fartlnf Lt tw ftron jSedgwick tln3 Model Kent CaIimu MX 333 Market Strand ?tn manga "7 Jlncy Alhambra " Ann Sheridan, 'Dead End Kids "Angels Wash Their Faces" .edicwli'k. Krnf, Alhambra. 8trand. C'lney PASVOK FIC.HT PICT! KKS LOI'IS. Cro.s Keys Park Commodore Liberty, Tac. I'lllUVTIU 13d k nVnut 6813 TormdaU Oxford Vc R. Run Georire Raft. Claire Trevor "I STOLE A MILLION" T.Ot H-PASTOR KK.Mr PICTITRRfl .one a . AriS SHERIDAN ADDKD- LA 1 fc.ST 'MAHCH OF TIMK" Columbia 2?' Parker ,,rt- ,Ogontz 35 Earl 5s,h Keeq Northeastern "FOUR FEATHERS" In Rreath-'foklng Technlrolorful Thrill GranqrV ro.u lew ayres ... Oimt LANA TURNER Waverlw v tl . . V'7 tiiii J hese Clamour Aranftore Cirh" Fortm ,'l4rt & AK1M TAMIROFF BrcmlHni .b "MA ONIFICENT orcmey X,v FRAUD" MHyi'M I.OHS-PASTOR Fltht Plrturen rrncessj.01:4. KREDRIC MARCH "TRADK WINOS" I tjfm last 11 MATtNtE DAILTVf soliloquy for Judy GarlandT title song has been used for a spJ tacular sequence in which the younl principals and their juvenile assocf ates, for all the world like the rahh in "The Vagabond King" make 9 musical march upon the playground The familiar "Where or WheS serves admirably as a show case tot the exceptionally fine singing Voice Phaue"y JayneS DUglas Mc' PRECOCIOUS TROUPERS Since "Babes in Arms" i av... kids who have virtually cut their teeth backstage, and since Judy Zai Mickey have themselves been troui), ers since tumbling from the cradlV their work as precocious professional' progeny is both convincing and as. surea. Completely uninhibited, they're all over the place singing, dancing unning the show-within-the-showtn suit themselves and taking charge r the film in general. Mickey cuts loose with devastating imitations of Clark Gable, Lionel Barrymore and President Roosevelt. And Judy iron ishly and accurately, impersonates the First Lady. If there is such a thing as lese ma jeste in this country Mickey and Judy are hllarJouslV' guilty of it. . 7 JUNE PREISSER IN CAST June Preisser is Baby Rosalie, movie prodigy anxious to make a comeback, and turns in an amusing perform, ance although she does rattle around a bit in the role that became tha personal property of plump Wynn "Johnny One-Note" Murray amonz the footlight "Babes." The adults, with the exception of Guy Kibbee as the judge who doesn't want to send the troublesome, im. poverished kids to the work farm, have been left by the script and Director Busby Berkeley to their owa stodgy devices. Apparently flabbergasted by the antics and the scene-grabbing of the juveniles, Charles Winninger, Henry Hull and the rest of the oldsters either shamelessly over-act or Just fold their hands resignedly. Vt KADI Aim VCi!W i ill " Ftttctr. -" vu r ...- HE ooors cm HOLLYWOOD CAVALCADE1 In TECHNICOLOR with Alice FAYE Don AMECHE i. t4w. IOMIIIS Ala CUITIS ITUAIT IIWIM . jro PIOUTT tUSTEt KEATON . DONALD ME GARY at f r i- n iT mum WUUrtK RQSEKT PRESTON IRIAN BONLEYT I SUSAM HAYWAI0 Sm CAWOt NAISH JOEL McCREA BRENDA MARSHALL 'ESPIONAGE AGENrtZl OOtS OW rtVJ 7 MfiMlOY-TmMPOWIS-GMrai SKINT OOti O'lN 19 a a. MbAAAMMaaVNV" fDW. C. ROBinson "BLACKMAIL wHi RUTH MUSSET nr.i.if v r. i . inn ' . . i Cnnltnl T22 DCX)RS OPEN 10 A. FIRST KI N NKWS RKEI.8 3 HOUR I "'rt Showln In FbH-S HOW I UNCENSORED All Quiet a Western Fron State 6-na I. fit. k 69th St. Yorktown l . th . .AoTphE Stanwyck Holden Menjou "GOLDEN BOY" Added at Colonial Vorktnwa CIRCLK Free Parkins Lot or Pa nJ Colonial Free Parkins Lot for Ptro Center 17,h ukdkge Liberty f. Wishartw Richmond i'M7 Wynnes New Keystone Holme M1 Felton Klsi,lSuB re i Ton M Blvi James Cagney. George K 'EACH DAWN I E Liberty Louis-Pant, r Fluht Flrtr KOBEitT.WNAT, Frankford ; H Joodhyf, A Itfifilifinu rii.l k LindleyT- Harrowgcite,, ulv Ginper Rogers, Uavm '' 'BACHELOR MOTHER " r '"''- Magmu. - Benn63d ROBERT TAYLOR J. K!. HEDY LAMAR homes- -M5v-J Pairmount -j heTKurM Benn-Plaia Iul-Pator H rl .H ...inn n SaVQU 1211 JOHN '"JIAreti avoy SUtM . , j.,rv s"L Family -1 "ftffi B Leader "FmnnVr Marhalp Ambler ft-. s!l ITOVe .avT KK MAK""m

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