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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 21
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • Page 21

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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adi 21 THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, THURSDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 21, 1939 Amusement Guide Baby Leroy af 7 Due for Comeback Film Star Shows Grit Greene Dances Despite Injury Richard Greene showed plenty of grit during the postponed shooting of "Here I Am a Stranger," which opens this morning at the Aldine. Unwill- KARLTON "Golden Boy drama, with William Holden, Adolphe Menjon, Barbara Stanwyck. 10.40, 1240, 2.20, 4.10, 6.05, 7.55, 9.50. KEITH'S "In Name triangle drama, with Kay Francis, Cary Grant and Carole Lombard. 11, 12.50, 2.40, 440, 6.20, 8.15, 10.05.

NEWS "Cimarron," frontier drama, -with Irene Dunne and Richard Dix. 10, 12.17, 244, 441, 7.08, 945. PALACE Lady of the Tropics," Oriental romance, with Hedy Lamarr and Robert Taylor. 10.40, 1242, 244, 4.16, 6.08, 8, 9.52. STANLEY "The Rains Came," romance, with Myrna Loy, Tyrone Power, George Brent and Brenda Joyce.

11, 1.10, 340, 545, 7.45, 10.05. STANTON "Dust Be My Destiny," melodrama, with John Garfield, Frlscilla Lane and Alan Hale. 11, 1240, 2.40, 440, 640, 8.10. 10. 1 STUDIO "Elephant Boy," Rudyard Kipling's story of India, starring Saba.

11.05, 243, 543, 8.43, and? "Knight Without Armor," war romance, with Robert Donat and Marlene Dietrich. 1245, 3.45, 6.55, 10.05. FORREST "Ladles and Gentle men," murder-trial comedy-drama, with Helen Hayes and Philip Merivale. 8 MOTION PICTURES ALDINE "Here I Am a Stranrer." drama, with Richard Greene, Richard Dix, Brenda Joyce. 11, 12.50, 2.40, 4.30, 920, 8.10, 10.

Opens today. ARCADIA hen Tomorrow Comes," romance with Charles Boyer and Irene Donne. 11, 12.50, 2.40, 4.30, 6.20, 8.10, 10. BOYD "The Women," comedy, with Norma nearer, Joan Crawford Rosalind Russell. 10.30, 12.45.

3.03, 5.20, 7.40, 10. Reviewed today. CAPITOL "Charlie Chan on Treas ure Island," mystery, with Sidney Toler, Panline Moore, Cesar Romero. 10.50, 1.40, 440, 7.25, 10.15. EARLE "Hawaiian Nights," comedy wira music, with Johnny Downs and Mary Carlisle.

10.50, 2, 5, 8, 10.35. Jimmy Durante, Harmonica Rascals head stage program. FOX "Fifth Avenue Girl," com edy, with Ginger Rogers, Walter Connolly and Verree Teasdale. 11, 12.50. 2.40, 4.30, 6.20, 8.15, 10.10.

Vt (Titer, cumin POOSt OMH A. MT in i juuaiwwJA'Miamgsj w.M l5 -Iff rT: Xi Hi I ill )i cmc nmn Yn 7.MLLIONSREADTHIS VSR AND STORY A f3iC J' now II bt5coia Urn unf org ollobl o-l ikZ tCl' Name Now Lonnie, He Has Lead In 'Biscuit Lillian Gish, Ronald Colman May Co-Star Again Louella O. Parsons HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 20. A IX the time that you and I thought Baby Leroy was the "forgotten man," Paramount has been quietly grooming him for a comeback.

The "baby," now 7 is called Lonnie Leroy and he has been at-tending Page Military Academy where he has learned to ride, swim jad tiox. Credit for keeping him from going to seed goes to Jack Moss who Uiibeen testing the boy for these many months and having him educated for a continuation of his movie career. Th Biscuit Eater His First Film His first picture will be "The Biscuit Eater," by James Street, with fiie little Negro boy star, Cordell Hickman, who was such a hit here in The Swing Mikado." As a baby, young Leroy gave W. C. Fields and Maurice Chevalier luch competition that they said never again.

This time Cordell and I dog will be the chief members of Baby Leroy's cast pardon me, I mean Lonnie. What an interesting reunion if Lillian Dish co-stars with Ronald Colman in "Triumph Over Pain." Ronnie made his first big screen hit in "The White Sister" starring Lillian and he has always had a great admiration for her talent as an actress. Screen Tests for Lillian Gish Despite the terrific heat La Gish has been making extensive tests all week at the Paramount studio for this picture which Arthur Hornblow is producing. No more complete camera tests have ever been made for Lillian is a great bet, provided she can be photographed and directed properly. Mervyn and Doris Leroy are heading Immediately for White Sulphur Springs and a month's rest for Mervyn that is, if you can call shaping up two new pictures a rest.

Lana Turner Hailed as New Star His first task will be "Ziegfeld Qirl," which is next on the Leroy production calendar. The other story tucked under his arm is Today's Girl," which will be Lana Turner's official starring debut. Everyone at M-Q-M is completely sold on the idea that they hare a new star in the red-headed Turner gal who certainly seems to have more than her share of S. A. She is very pretty and proves herself equally capable in "Dancing Co-Ed," but whether she's another Jean Harlow remains to be seen.

Ben Lyon Reassures From London So many of their friends have been worried about Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon in London that I am passing on the news received in a letter by Bebe's mother. Phyllis Daniels breathed her first sigh of relief in weeks when she got direct word from them that they are safe, still living in the city and not at all frightened. "The blackouts sound a lot more terrifying than they really are," Sen wrote. "Unbelievable as it may seem, life here goes on much the same with no signs of hysteria." Pair Popular on British Stage Bebe and Ben are resuming their work on the vaudeville stage next week, though thera are only three legitimate theatres open in London. These two are the idols of the British theatre-going public.

Snapshots of Hollywood collected at random: Florence Rice and Robert Wilcox are reported counting the days until Grantland Rice a gtanddaddy. Garbo, Dr. Hauser and Frey Brown, 'his manager, sought a secluded spot at the beach to keep cool today. BINS CROSBY AND LOUISE CAMPBELL They're in "The Star Maker," which arrives on the screen at the Earle tomorrow. The Women' Arrives On Screen at Boyd y- Hi-Maw 1fTS 111 0 WORTH THE PRICE OF ADMISSION AL0NEI VfL.

a WAM( tH'iltAMT ACMIVlMtHt Vw fill ri nKPt centric hats and gorgeous gowns than you can shake a stick at, provided you have a stick and feel like shaking it. PLEASANT NORMA SHEARER If Rosalind Russell is inclined to make Mrs. Howard Fowler more a cartoon character than a recognizably nasty human being, no such charge can be brought against Norma Shearer's pleasant handling of the pleasant Mrs. Haines. Joan Crawford gives her best performance in several seasons as Crystal; Paulette Goddard brings striking good looks and expert playing to the ex-show girl who walks off with Miss Russell's husband; and Joan Fontaine is a lamb among the wolves im iiii giaMnMMaw.

mftimw saSSTr3Tl I V. I aay'lL 1 i sftwstifc I HELD OVCRf 2f WttKt ft CS 1 Mm QUOm PritdRa UNf KDU1T BXMTDSSTIirr' ssu.f swavoa.sss. NAtoe SV lOOtS OW ISU SB" Rasobl SC8TT fnmm VS. i hlpk tEUAXT laitir CCXX3UT oesa a MjaA i Carah 10M1AK0 Cary GIANT "IN NAME ONLY" wm KAY paAMCII KICT i.i Hl i mil ii win BftjAjLMnsaaMtaJ DOORS OfB 10 A. M.

4 4 LAST DAY owwsw'-a: I 'HAWAIIAN NIGHTS i i i.i Ling to delay production on his pic ture any further, the young British actor went through a long and difficult dance sequence with Brenda Joyce in spite of. excruciating pain from his injured leg. Greene only recently discarded the steel brace he was forced to wear on his left leg, aftermath of an automobile accident that put him in the hospital and halted production on the film for two months. In addition to Greene and Miss Joyce, who made her screen bow as Fern in "The Rains Came." the cast includes Richard Dix, Roland Young and Gladys George. "Knight Without Armor," James Hilton romance co-starring Marlene Dietrich and Robert Donat, shares the twin feature bill opening at the Studio Theatre today with "Elephant Boy," memorable picturization of the Rudyard Kipling story, "Toomai of the Elephants." Directed by Robert Flaherty, the film stars Sabu.

Merivale Feted The Drama Committee of the Philadelphia Art Alliance will give a reception and tea in honor of Philip Merivale, co-star with Helen Hayes, now appearing in "Ladies and Gen tlemen" today at 4 o'clock. This is the first of a series of social events to take place at their clubhouse as a prelude to their social season. Bing laacft Hi farad of Stan end Songs in th Bflflt Muticol Rmone Ever to Com Rockoting Out of Hollywood info Your HtorM CROSDY mouo TV AXB Sensational STAR DiSCOVEHn I NC0 SPARKS 1 1 Wlr DAMROSCH lain ur smoM Media. Pa. GINGER ROGERS DAVID NIVEN "BACHELOR MOTHER" I UPi.

B123 "WITHIN THE LAW" WW uyrifc pinnerware To Ladlea Qvarhraak 3a LOUIS HAYWARD uverorooK than bennett 'MAN in the IRON MASK" Fea ture: 2.40, 7.20. P. M. Park nishlsnd "HELL'S KITCHEN" furlr, Ps. Tt Ty- tn Com Hr Mst.

ft CTf. Pastime MICKEY ROONEY tost nsr.t.E" Penn 4th JACK BENNY "MAN A BO IT TOWN" Prstident 23d ft henry fonda rrwiiaenx pnr(1r Mr. Lincoln' Renal OJfnrd Ar. ft "GRAND JIRV "3 Mary gilen Dinnerware Free To Ladles BAna T23S M. VIRCilNIA BRUCE oiints 8 0" "atronger Than Desire Rittito shSt "CAREER" Ridge isth ft Lane Sisters.

John Garfield lllinnmrM B' iitt "Daughter Conrageoiis- Dtft- Tsconr ft "WVOMlMi OITLAW" Orthndojt "Stronger Than Ieslre" Btwtafa. "Woman Is The Judge" Riviera "gallant tf.fknder, Diwnl'i Jnd ft Warren Hull. Movit a KIVOII Stn5om mxhk (ilRl, FROM RIO" ROSEMARY FREE TO LADIES Broad RANDtlLPH SCOTT Frontier Marshal" nuksiunu Bnpk FREE PARKING FOR PATRONS Roxy 81K9 Phil Rejan, farKer Rld "SHE MARRIED A COP" Free Gifts To Ladies Mat. Eve. Bluefoot Stemware Or Dinnerware Mt Dir.

"8(M0 ENEMIES" 13 Noon ''Slander House" kwlllA DOUBLE FEATURE aVVIlie "K.MI.K EXPRESS" BrynMssr "WINNER TAKE ALL" BOOK NITE StXUKK VUL. iNU. St BOOK COUPON TON IT ri-. Kens, ft "WLTHERINO HEIGHTS" J'qr itMfh Glass Bake Or Pantry Ware to. Air-Cos.

Mat. lOe to All. 'Bow aTOntnUrST M.rit' a Arrat Billdof Drammssd' uhurhnn MontRomery Ardmore uon Ample Parking Combination Laft A Shiver Show "MY MAN GODFREY" "THE OLD DARK HOUSE" Tamnla 13th b-l. Clauilette Colbert I TI Tlofa 'It's A Wonderfnl FREE CAR PARKING ON PRT LOT Terminal Sonja Henie Vowkk Irving Berlin's "SECOND FIDDLE" Tioaa "ON BORROWED TIME" Free Gifts to Ladies Unlflu S6th Anne Shirley CAREER" Hw Oinnerware nr Enamelware Upsal 6531 "NEVER SAV DIE" Cm. Large Meat Platter or Cutlery Venice Bette Davis T.

Paul Muni Jul WftAnCMtrn-l'hrw ANNE SHIRLEY VTUITOn ELLIS, "CAREER" Wmwh Pn KENNY BAKER Antksny WOyilt, ra.THE mikado" FILMED IN TECHNICOIX)R Wissahlekon3, JOAN BENNETT Man In the Iron Mask' Yeadon, Pa. "BLIND ALLEY" It Pan tn no In the Yradon "TAREAN FINDS A SON" wl "lorti item of Hostess Set To Ladles NEW JERSEY Maple Shade J. Cagney, G. Raft Each Dstra I Die" 1 i 'I A looonMiajoxt tjl'st' ,,7 William Dieterle fainted after a day of directing "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" In the hot sun at the RKO ranch. Andrea Leeds and Bob Howard will say their I do's up North and cot in Hollywood.

William Haines i3 sick another heat victim. Florida Chamber of Commerce please don't copy. The U. S. C.

fraternities are giving Jackie Cooper a terrific rush lince they found he expects to enter there. Una Merkel was the only cool girl in town today. Marlene Dietrich threw pails of water on her to curb her movie temper. Mary Martin Takes a Bow Mary Martin took a bow at "The Drunkard," which is now playing its thousandth and some performance. She was the guest of William Lebaron and the Paul Jones.

Billy Seymour, young man about town, and seller of some of our best engagement rings, has left the Traebert and Hoefler firm and started out on his own. Annabella and her daughter reached home today after a record-breaking trip on the Atlantic Clipper. More power to Annabella for her courage and devotion to her little girl. Dorothy Lamour and Robert Preston are as torrid as the weather and looked as If they really meant it at the Villa Nova. Wendv Barrie and Edmund Anderson a Victor Hugo duet.

Ik -1 I SKI'S A GSHL RIOT! GINGER rvi i. trot s.i I wAin connout mill miOAU a JAMIS ItUSOM "GOLDEN BOY" namrra aMaU noiios WILUAM HOLDEN CASfA i ata MtTATin-iaJruuuiat "lADYoftfesTROPICr A spi sj.j' BOOH JsV I I Negulesco are really becoming a Ana Ann Sheridan and Jean habit if seven nights a week mean By Mildred Martin "THE WOMEJT," Metro-Ooldwya-Maj-e plrtnre; from the play hr Clara Rontbet screenplay by Anita Loos and Jane Martin; mualraj arore by Edward Ward and lOvid Snell: directed by (ieorre Cufeorj opened yesterday at the Boyd. THE CAST Mary (Mrs. Stephen Haines sihearer Crrstal Allen Joan Crawford Sylvia (Mrs. Howard Fnwler) Rosalind Rnnsell Onintess de I.

ave Mary Bnland Miriam Aarons Fatilette Goddard Edith (Mrs. I'helps Totter) 1'hyllls rovah Fetty (Mrs. John Day) Joan Fontaine Uttle Mary Virginia Weidler Mrs. Morehead l.nrlle nsltnn nrjr Blake Florence Kah Jane Muriel Hutrhlnnn Inarrid 1 F.sther Iae Fercle Instructress Ann Morris Miss Watts Rath Hiissey Olsa lirnnle Moore Mary erll Miss Trimmerback Mary Beth lltishea Fat Vlrrlnla (irry I.ury Marrie Main Mrs. Van Adams Iolly de Fuyster Cora Wltherspoon Hrdda Hopper Rosalind Russell sinks sharp vhite teeth into the shapely leg of Paulette Goddard.

Gentle-as-a-dove Norma Shearer is seen starting the knock down-drag-out fieht with Joan Crawford in a fitting room. Mary Boland sighs "L'amour. ramour" aa she gets ready on a Reno ranch to take her fifth marital plunge. And Phyllis Povah goes cheerfully about the business of bearing babies and spreading gossip. This, in case you somehow man aged to mLss Clare Boothe's comedy on its pre-Broadway opening here or on one of its road company returns, will give you a rough idea of what goes on in "The Women." CLAWS UNTR1MMED Miss Boothe's poisonous portrait of her sex has had neither its claws trimmed nor its venom removed in M-G-M's lavish screen translation.

In fact, the film which opened at the Boyd yesterday is as amusingly libelous of the girls as ever, though its language has been to some extent fumigated and though a certain slapstick inclination on the part of play ers and Director George Cukor serves to soften the sting. As in the original, there isn't a man in the enormous cast. Not even the shadow of Stephen Haines an early suggestion made during the days when executives gathered around one of those fabulous Hollywood confer ence tables to discuss ways and means of bringing this tale of ma licious beauties to the screen. SMASHING A HOUSEHOLD But one hears much of Mr. Haines as the women pass on bits of gossip to his devoted wife, track down the gold digging sales girl with whom he spends his evenings and at last have the satisfaction of smashing up the Haines household.

While Mrs. Haines mopes, the women watch with bared fangs Stephen's marriage to Crystal Allen, and at last are treated to the spectacle of second wires defeat at the hands of Mrs. Haines No. 1. The picture includes, oi course, Crystal's famous bath this time in a crystal tub with Miss Crawford hiding decently under lots of bubbles i-an Adrian fashion show in Technicolor; more elaborate coiffures, ec FORREST TONIGHT 1 2 aetki enly Pop.

Mat. GILBERT MILLER pnfUt S.30 HELEN PHILIP HAYES MERIVALE "LADIES GENTLEMEN ty CHARLES Mac ARTHUR BEN MECHT Botsd sn a plo by I. Buih-Fsksts STARTS TODAVt xostrt DONAT KsrlsntDictrtch "KNIGHT SABU RipllnR's Orstst Adentrs Story "ELEPHANT 4 VP withoutARMOR" BOY" ruLL-viBioN cr 1 1 I MARKET 0th mUoM vcmsr ANMCMinaM.TkA-TJCADSND"KIDS Applications for Marriage Licenses lAStgAr-oW Aat a 4WCiS ty4SH THEIR FACES" 11 tiPMlAMl Jf i 1 IN PERSON Wf Clifi NAZARRO Jot esnnj Jl IN PERSON Ihm Songbird rf WTP JlphiOotta- j. ifi MARJORIE GMHSWORTH 5 11 cilMMY fit 1 Lk. CI1K1K1Y RICE r.t Top Oon Toe 0on" wuvt' iau I WAl HAIL" ORCHESTRA MADELINE Onrhu Pn "tlU'Mi MR.

HMOLN' Tt Pnvs To (in Ti To Darby "NEWS IS MADE AT NIliHT" Dartc th GLORIA STUART a mim iinrti Fern Rock twin Rth st. Th Year's Urcat Hit Robert "r- il jt. FtOBERI DON AT JUUUUJ i'li Vlltpo Egyptian SANDERS 'piT "MA INT IN LONDON" Frlon lth and Cheltenham Ave. cristn Feature: 3 00. 7.45, 9 45 LLOYD NOLAN, AK1M TAMIROFF "The Magnificent Fraud" Tomorrow: "I.ADT OF THE TROPICS" 56th l1- "BRIDAL SUITE" ROBERT YOt'Nft, ANNARF.LLA HOTEL IMPERIAL" Pantry Set To Ladies OlenSiae, TO.

Timber Stampede" 2 Ire Tea Glasses Free To Every Lady Frldav: "Man In The Iron Mask" firnnA fth IRVINO BERLIN'S N7i anu "SECOND HII1H.F." TYRONE POWER. SON.TA HENIF? BrPat Northern Brd- Barrymore ureal norinern Watson "ON BORROWED TIME" BAKEWARE FREE TO LADIES GreeflWoV 62,1 "Woman loetor" To turtlrs Hamilton 6ltli CHESTER MORRIS sns. WENDY BARRIE "FIVE CAME BACK" Ladles: Choice of Bake or Dinnervrare Mill 4-'-4 Mitt. LANK SISTERS 5tn. liaily "'nniiKblers CotiraReoiis" HellvVtfOOd 22nd ft SPENCER TRACY ncnywooa Ctmlirlt MICKEY ROOney 'CAPTAINS COURAGEOUS Howard "I.auahlnc At Ufa" iiwttui htRh Town Riders" Iris FKANKIE DAKRO Aiit "IRISH LUCK" DINNER WARE FREE TO EVERY LADY Jackson "foir feathers- Jstkwn All In Technicolor with C.

AUBREY SMITH Jffrie Rox- (JINCiEK ROOERS "RACHKI.OR MOTHF Jumhfl Jack Holt, Ralph Morgan 'TRAPPED IN THE SKY' Also "Overland with Kit Carson" Free Console Ware or Hak-In-Ware To Lndles Mat inpe or Evening Vatuiiek Matinee Daily 2:15 In Glen snip iewiKreature at ftml MAGNIFICENT FRAUD LTOYD NOLAN AKIM TAMIROFF THE FRENCH MAGINOT LINE Il It Better Than the Menfrteit IAnet Friday Hedy Lamarr, Bob Taylor "I.ADY OF THE TROPICS' LtnsdownB, Pa. TYRONE POWER SONJA HENIE "SECOND FIDDLE" Added Latest "MARCH OF TIME" WARREN HULL. MOVITA THE CURL FROM RIO" Oil. rnil Free the Ladies Dinner and Soup Plate As One Hlr (ilft LnaR4tha LOUIS HAYWARD fhrstfr JOAN BENNETT THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK" Locust B2d Johnny Weissmuller "Tartan Finds A Hon" Uaufnir Lee Tracy. "FIXER 1I IMN" YluyTair Drama From Today1 nnn rird.

Headlines, "THE CRISIS" Mntfnir TYRONE POWEK mayTQir snNJA Sprnnrl FirlrlU" 89th ft Msrket HENIE CCOna Tlddle Frea To Ladies Etched Gold Dinnerwara rA 1 1 A TtTVfl W.VT:trtaf i gtT TLllll an as the young wife who finds she doesn't want a divorce after all. The Junior end of the cast is nicely taken care of by Virginia Weidler in the role of Little Mary, who can't understand that one's parents can stop loving each other; while Lucile Watson, representing the seniors, gives a wise and witty performance as Mrs. Haines knowing mother. Excellent bits are contributed Virginia Grey, Miss Crawford's perfume counter partner; Marjorie Main, horsey proprietress of the dude ranch; Florence Nash, Dennle Moore, Muriel Hutchinson and Ann Morriss. Ac Fkil.

tc the lrln MarttiuKns Eiw Kcn. Th ftil Iniih rr'ii! Sbowa THE A5SAHCM.1 Of I'lUTH" FOR ADULTS ONLY Arfalnkt 1453 "SCARF4f oawwpstflhrs Wlnnrr" Alrfon Midtale JOAN BENNETT Hloen lb Bides "Man In Thp Imn Mask" AllanKenw ssoo AUf, ROBEUT donat MIIgnn)fmHt) GREER GARSON "nnotiByE, MR. chips- Afflhatiadar 66th lolls hayward HmDisiaaer B4tt JOAN bennett "MAN in the IRON MASK" AnalU R2nd Jeanette MarDnnald Thcmnwn Nplson Eddy "NAIUHTT MARIETTA" GIFTS FQR THE LADIES VIRGINIA BRUCE "Stronger Than sr sr Band Box Gtn. Ave. bel.

Chelten Ave. LAST I)AV! ANN ELSA MAXWELL'S "Hotel For Women-PTARTS tomorrow "These Glamour Girls Lew Ayres, Lana Turner Anita Louise. Jane Pryan, Torn Brmvrt BiA B2nd Frieda Inescourt eimonv Woman Is the Jud "THAHMK CHAN IN HONOU'Ui' Benson Laurence Olivier 'CLOUDS OVER EUROPE Tlmelv, Kensationsi Airpiwnf py Berwyn. Pa. life's Relatives" JACK HOLT, "Trapped tn the ky" Bluebird" WALLACE BEERY "THR CHAMP" Rrnod ))N' CLARK GABLE Broad HPIened On Mgtit" Byrd 47th a "On Borrowed Time" with LIONEL.

HAKKimyn-r. rnru ntNNFRWARE TO LADIES U-J- 2Sth TYRONE TOWER Cambria qmi rmni.r." (itn. MATINEES. 2:15 Carman Urf EVE Beginning 6:43 1000 GOOD "EATS AT 3c ANN LINDA JAMES Sothern Darnell Llhson in Elsa Maxwell's "HOTEL FOR WOMEN" ON STAGE VAUDEVILLE STARTS TOMORROW "BLOW DIE TARES A VACATION" rH.tli 2S18 Clark Gable. Chas.

IURhton VaTlt? rk(1 -Mntlny On The Bminty" Cedar Msrlhmns MsrtnrM Bipn'ert It's True! It's Darin! A ADULTS Assassin or Youth only eth a ANN SHERIDAN VenTUry Kr)(, Bronrttrny Mnsheteers" Chelten BULLDOG DRUMMOND'S BRIDE" "C'Ol'NT FAIR" fhflt'n AnmiiB Dlnnerware tf Ladles Clearfield 251J E. Lionel Barrymore rifsrf'd "On Borrowed Time Ladies: Last Opportunity to Receive Large Dinner Plate, value 91.00 Casserole Card. No Cards Issued After Tndsv Clifton "THEY ALL COME OIT" It Pays To Go To CHftnn Colonial lyn Not tail to Kpe lltb Mors. Rltnr 'ON BORROWED TIME LIONEL BARRYMORE FREE TO LADIES DINNERWARE Crest Bla: Twi" Attraction Bsoo m. Bun pidReon "6000 Enemies Also "Mr.

Motn Take A Varallnn" Dante "WATERFRONT" "ICXII.IE Ktpsr." To Ladle Dinnerwara Or Bak-In-Wara anything. Esther J. Smith, 36, 4259 Market and William uunriB, tia-i Victoria Yonkus. 27. 234 N.

52d and Bessie Kress. 24. un tin bi. nmi am Wilson, 2H( 203 8. Alder Harnaia m.

swansnn, inn yt--ming and Robert H. Unruh. 24, 1626 Marie CunnlnRhnm. 18, B. 2Mh and Robert Johnston.

22. 1417 S. Margton t. v-ci i. rvihon Oupen t.

and Harry I eii 1 1 1 Mareellay f'ape. 3. s. inin aim John C. erra, n.

win i. Elizabeth L. Constable, 28. 27a E. Queen rne, and Robert E.

Lonsdale. 28. 83 i- C. Eellner. 31.

and Charles R. Burke. 31. both of 1337 K. MontRomery ave Anna 29.

l.Tfil S. 11th and rii-. 1TI4 AlHor Iouise Hassell. 18. 213H N.

31st and Edwart Moore, ih. ann l- Claudia B. Parian, 22. and Frederick t. Peart Mldianervn, 55.

and Louis Koruba, 62. both of W. Westmoreland st. Ioulse E. Grady.

24. 1336 S. Ruby st. nd Edwin B. Pease, 25, Ablngton.

Pa. Ruth Wagner, 19. Boudlnot and Stella Ulmer. 35, 2219 Coral and Adam Merkhoffer. 34, 2(ja N.

5th st Freda J. Lynch. 23. 2243 N. lh and Edward oanieis, at.

Minnie L. Prlmost. 21. 1500 S. and ia inT tfrtllvttrnrwl HT.

L. MaRMiner. 24 3504 Hamilton ahd Irwin J. fincus. jen.

Mary Cole. 32. 3530 Praft -wid Andrew WcMonagie, at, Margaret Coll. 22. T4B N.

87tn and Wayne M. uaoie, ji. Anna Zhurow, 85. 2857 N. 20 1 and Andrew Semen uk.

45, B25 N. 241h st. Mareuerite Veriulll. 20. 1WS Mirriln and Arlthony ClriRllano, 21.

2209 Emily ,1 Maria DiNardo. 22. 922 1 and Antonio mennn, aC'-n Miriam E. Mrtipwan, 20, JVest Bvbernr Somerton. and Gregory J.

Meade, 22. and Kalherine I. Lqux. 29. 1524 W.

it, and Chanes jj. iiarnaun, 42. and Henry J. Scott. Barbara 3 Thread RiU, 35, 4048 Baltimore ave" and Saul Marks.

45. 4043 Baltimore aV Turner. 25. 2133 N. Stanley and Joseph Skornil.

25. 3717 Locust sU and uaniei biik, j. RfTtTS FOR DIVORCE BEGUN rm. fniinniimr suits for divorce XiiC were begun in Courts of Common Pleas yesterday: Sonhle against Samuel Huberman; liora aealnst Morris iMemirowsky. Bluma aUn-t "fenasneh Rkororhod Marl jo e-nt iunce E.

Proudfoott Helen F. Lagalnst Jack Vogt Ame i af alnst Charles Henry Paul I Ha llarold B. Davis: Sadie against E. Rnshptr. 51.

Knisrhts Road. Tor- jfadaie, and John 6. Totem, 31, 179 Markle Rita V. Wormer, 25, R20 E. Chelten William V.

Crawford, 25. 5607 Oi'tt at. Richards, 22, 5552 Ludlow and Hoatrt L. Dates. 22.

148 N. Rubv st, iWiu French. 24. 1813 South and Ma1- Thomas, 22, 3615 Lombard St. Eveiyn Murray, 23.

2211 W. Oxford Gorie Pone. 29, 3803 N. Lambert st. Fiiomer.a FaJrlanl, 22.

820 McCl-lian st, Louis Somma. 22. 1329 S. Hicks st. Rote Frantz.

28. 261 S. 63d and Hy- Matrk-k, 31, 62W Germantown ave. Wa Anderson, 37, 1533 Catharine and Roane, 43, 2258 N. Lambert St.

Zarzyrka. 29, 4739 James and pn Kushneror-k, 30. 131 W. Rusromb st. tatabeth Schmidt, 18.

1.341 N. Pnlethorpe and Frank Schieber. 28, 2638 N. Frank- fcSara Gordon. 19, 3200 W.

Cordon and tin Green 22. 3227 Rklffe ave. U.nerine A. Klfrey, 40. 2S46 N.

Bambrey rtj Frank A- Munyon, 3, 2852 N. Bam- t'llmann, 20, 1535 S. 30th and F. Greenway, 23. 7012 Reedland st iij A- Bissett, 25.

548 E. Seville st, Albert J. Cheponls, 21, Blakely, Pa. BED OUTFIT HEAP TH IS Millions of newlywed face the Problems aft Mtal Planning and Budjt Balancing. Ba sure to start off on tha right foot with the Successful solution I VISIT THE FOOD FAIR Self Ssrvica Markst "rest to yon for MENU HELPS and money savers I am Colonial Free Parking Lot for Patrons Lauw March of Time "Metropolis 1939" 4na 2nd ft Circle rM sn wis; Msn.srrt Colonial gSi Lane Tower 9tl? Broadway Tames Cagney.

George Raft "EACH DAWN I DIE" Jans Brysn, Ges. ganeroft. Mauls Rswnslosia Yorktown ANN SOTHERN 'Hotel for Women" Germantown Frea parkins 1st 1r fatrosa Germantown Logan SS0S Cermanton Broan a nrommf Liberty, Tac. Strand ntA T200 sis Park 81st Torr. niamnnd Waverly," Ardmore 333 Market Gineer Rogers, David Niven BACHELOR MOTHER Frank Albertson.

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