The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on September 25, 1942 · Page 20
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, September 25, 1942
Page 20
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BROADWAY AND AMUSEMENTS FEATURES Wafliter Wfimiclhellfl On Broadway (Trade Mark Registered Copyrlrht. 1943. Dally Mirror. Inc.) ocramblsd Eggs The New York police are on the verge of making wholesale arrests of a Philly mob attempting to chisel into the Broadway sector . . . Lee Tracy makes his flicker comeback in "Power of the Press." his first real click m years . . . Vanguard Press publishes "Abraham Lincoln and the 5th Column" on the 30th. It will embarrass some famed descendants of Copperheads in the 1860's. . . . Whaddaya think is Argentina's big song hit? . . . "En lo profondo Corazon de Texas" (clap-clap-clap!) . . . The odds are up that J. Louis will convince B. Conn that you can't hit a Sgt. and get away with it . . . Add unsung heroes: Harry Williams of United Press. He hrooke the story exposing Deatherage's employment at the West Va. ordnance plant, which resulted in Deatherage's quick exit . . . King Carol, they say, has 25 million smackers with him in Mexico. Lyle Talbot's last movie before joining: the Army is called: ''Permit to Kill" . . . Because former Senator Minton of Indiana visited F. D. R. last week the rumor had him inheriting: Stimson's job if Stimson quits . . . OWI sent a man to Tin Pan Alley to tell son? publishers what to publish for morale. "Just so it has sincerity!" was the theme . . . Nicest thing about getting- the worst of a fight at La Martinique is that the nearest hospital is right upstairs. Biggest night spot premiere in years was Hildegarde's at the Persian room . . . One of the most popular juke box recordings Is ' Strip Polka," which is barred from the networks. Because of its wordape ... At the Times Square bond rally on Oct. 5 the Hotel Dixie s bond booth will be in front of the Hotel Astor! . . . The U. S. O. canteen in Penn Station was burglared Tuesday. The loot was 40 lbs. of .susar . . . Fcr the first time in the memory of AP staffers the ' early trick" has a girl. A snappy looking brunette named Flora Lewis, recent Columbia graduate . . . Hours midnight to 8 on the Great Britain desk alone. John Cleveland, who rollabbed with Luther Davis for Collier's, etc., was accidentally killed on the rifle range of the Marine base at Quantico . . . The burlesk ban has been a boon to strip-teasers. They now get higher wages and better working conditions in the S4.40 shows . . . Among other things that do not give us wrinkles is reading: that movietown has a shortage of leading men . . . Cadet Tommy Harmon's speech on the Ginny Simms program was so good Congressman Voorhis read it into the Cong. Record. Whatever became of Father Divine? He's trying to acquire the Schwab estate at Loretto, Pa. . . . Bennett Cerf's new book (being done now) will be "A Pocketful of War Humor" . . . The Andrews Sisters will soon introduce a new war ditty called "3121 Miles From Home" . . . Howard Benedict stuck out 10 raises in a poker game against Charles Coburn's four deuces and full houses held by Ira Gershwin and George Haight. Benedict drew one card and filled a straight flush. The pot held $900 . . . Banned seditious matter is now being peddled from door to door in the Bund sector of York-vine . . . The Warner version of "George Washington Slept Here" with Jack Benny is reported a screen scream. The Broadway critics labeled the play ho-humbug . . . Add bum-timing: The Satevpost has a good piece by Tom Meany calling Pete Reiser of the Dodgers the No. 1 National Leaguer . . . Other sportswriters are calling Reiser the League's No. 1 goat because of his batting slump. Gene Fowler is holding up publication of his criticism of T. Dreiser (over the Canadian encounter) because Dreiser said he was misquoted. Those who've seen the article say it is devastating . . . Newspapermen hear that Schmeling has been in charge of a concentration camp where the victims get no sympathy from him ... If you thought "Sister Eileen" on the stage was hilarious wait'II you see it on the screen . . . There's a good story in that elderly lady who carries a sandwich around 42d Sfreet and Broadway. On her dress she waars a service pin with three stars ... She's the one who advertises a tea shop. Remember Sybil Jason, the kid picture star? She's said to be in a Capetown (South Africa) convent . . . The Mayor shouldn't have trouble ridding the city of tin horn gamblers. They've been quitting to go to the boom towns in the war West where suckers are plentiful . . . Observation: The fact that the Dodders arc losing the pennant received 10 times the publicity that the Yankees got winning it . . . Andy Devine, this week, starts his 17th straight year as a Universal actor, by appearing in "Sin Town," a record for studio-actor association in movie history, they say . . . The Brains Dep't at Universal changed the title of "On the Beam" to "It Comes Up Love. Jackson" . . . Jive-talk . . . Private Eddie Sachs of the Army is the latest to do a book. Good title: "My Private Life" . . . American troops in the Far East are squawking about the highly-touted V-mail, which takes six weeks to reach them. Regular airmail gets there in 13 days . . . Add Tense Backstage Scenes: The attache whose job it is to stand next to a recording of the Star Spangled Banner all night (at the 44th st. Stage door canteen) and be ready to play it loudly in case of a fight; or if a uniformed man 'ets too amorous." New York Letter The Lobster Shift: Mayor La Guardia's recent outburst against gambling, according to the local gentry, was caused by a city official losing S800 to card sharps on a Washington-bound train . . . Military and Naval officials are organizing a campaign to exempt them from paying the huge income taxes the rest of our citizens will be stuck with . . . The Army will have the job of cleaning up Alaska, which is said to be as wide open as in the Klondike days . . . Barney Ruditsky, New York's famous retired detective, joins the Coast Guard in California this week . . . And Marvin Nelson,- world-famed long distance swimmer, enters the Navy as an aquatic instructor. Gold Star MMothers have cancelled their annual convention, in order not to tax transportation facilities . . . Congressmen are being baited to draft 'teen age kids by lures of a postwar education for them, Government-subsidized in the WPA manner . Diana Barrymore loses her groom, Bramwell Fletcher, to the Army next month. He's joining up as a buck private . . . Hume Cronyn, Broadway actor and heir to the Guinness beer fortune, weds Jessica Tandy in Beverly Hills next Sunday David Lichine, Ballet Russe dancer, is being discussed as a likely candidate for the role of Rudolf Valentino in the picture to be based on the latter's life . . . .He would also be the perfect choice for Nijinsky, in case they get around to screening him . Grace Moore is now booking her own concert tours. It will be La Moore, and not Lucy Monroe, who'll sing "The Star Spangled Banner" at the Army Emergency Relief show Sept. 30, if that's news . . . When Lottie Lehman, the Metropolitan Opera diva, returns to New York in November, she'll open singing classes for a selected few . . . Steve Trilling, former casting director, succeeds to Lieutenant Colonel Jack Warner's post when the latter shelves his film duties for the military. Orson Welles has turned down two radio offers, one from the Saturday Evening Fost, out of loyalty to his own Mercury Players . . . Margot Grahame plans to return to England on the first available boat, even if it's a freighter . . . Frances Faye was robbed cf her diamonds in Detroit her second robbery within two months, and no insurance . . . Fanny Ward, weary of those antique photographs of herself, has had a new streamlined set sent out to the newspapers . Composer Russell Bennett makes his Broadway debut as a conductor for Oscar Hammerstein's "Carmen Jones," which he also adapted from the Bizet score . . . Jobs for bus boys in Washington at S30 per week, are going begging . . . And Ruby Foo is now paying S50 per week with room and board to Chinese waiters, on account of the shortage of help in the Capital. The U. S. Coast Guard's Manhattan Beach football team will play Villanova on Saturday, Oct. 10 . . . Lester Lanin (Howard's brother) heads a committee to obtain musical instruments for a band aboard a U. S. battleship. He can be reached at 1776 Broadway . . . Columnists are now being asked to make a direct appeal to the public to buy war bonds, to help out the Motion Picture Industry's 5160.000,000 drive for September. In case you don't know, a $25 War Bond retails for $18.75; a $50 bond costs only $37.50, and a $100 bond may be acquired for $75. This means you eventually get back $4 for every $3 invested, and besides it is a patriotic duty. Send your checks or money orders to the New York State War Activities Committee. 214 W. 42d st.. New York City, and make them payable to the Federal Reserve Bank. The Andrews Sisters got a $1500 bonus for breaking the theatre record for ward bond sales at the Paramount on Wednesday 65,000 worth, sold from the stage! . . . Add Pictures No Artist Could Paint: Ex-Ambassador Joseph C. Grew exchanging war horror stories with the Countess Vamorpha of Poland, at the Promenade Outdoor Cafe in Radio City, while Pola Negri listens in. Gitz Rice, composer of those World War hits "Pal O' Mine" and "Hinky. Dinky, Parlez-vous," has been signed to open the Henry Hudson Hotel's Ferris Wheel Bar, opening in mid-October . . . The Havana-Madrid partners, Lopez and Ferrer, have come to a parting of the ways, with Ferrer selling out . . . Bob Chester, Freddy Martin and Duke Ellington are slated for the Roxy, in its next name band policy . . . The Cine Roma Theatre, opposite Lindy's, may be re-christened the MacArthur when it runs Republic's "The Flying Tigers." f 20 a d e f g THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER. FRIDAY MORNING. SEPTEMBER 25. 1942 JV v -K i - A " ? -Ws, - v.,. K 5 " 'JrV Kill Sxt. : 4m . ii ' , ! ' l t j t ? j THE ACTRESS IS A HEP-CAT Gertrude Lawrence, dancing star of "Lady In The Dark," who is heartily in favor of the jitterbug type of dancing. She told of her hep-cat experiences when she arrived in Philadelphia yesterday. She's pictured in her hotel room puzzling over a crossword. Gertrude Lawrence Says She's a Real Jitterbug If you want to know where Ger-truJe Lawrencs, slim, graceful d-r.cing star cf "Ldy in the Dark," stands on th3 subject of jitterbug-ging, we're in a position to tell you. The lady is a hep-cat. In the living room of her hotel suite yesterday, she rose to demonstrate a few steps, and it would have brought cheers from the lads at the Stage Door Canteen. WORE OUT SHOES "I remember one night at New York University," she recalled, "when I was crowned queen of something-or-other by the students. I made my little speech of acceptance and I thought I was through. Was I wrong! "A dance band started to play, and. I wore out two pairs of shoes jitterbugging until four o'clock in the morning with the boys." But the English stage star, whose play about a career woman who consults a psychiatrist and starts deaming things opens here Monday, has other things on her mind these days. PLANS MORE CANTEENS She wants to get back to England, to entertain the soldiers of Britain and other United Nations. And she's worked out a way to do it. Behind the plan is a cranberry bog. A cranberry company is going to work the bog for her and set up stands all over the country to sell cranberry juice and other cranberry products. With the profits, Miss Lawrence intends to open a string of American Theatre Wing (she's a vice president of it) Stage SallyRand Ordered To Pay Off Debts HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 24 (U. P.). Sally Rand, the fan dancer, must pay $1500 and other claims to Eugene Curtis, who said he acted as her manager and advanced the money to her last year on her personal notes. Superior Court Judge Carl A. Stutsman awarded the judgment to Curtis yesterday when Miss Rand lailed to appear in court to offer defense. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Add your scrap metal to the heap at your street corner for the big collection tomorrow! -I a com. 2S 3S Y,V i THIS rOI PON WILL g 1 ADMIT VOI R EN- B TIKIC P A II T Y AT Sm l-KR PERSON Tx Intl.dtd CI) 2 MORE GAMES RACE-END-SATURDAY ARENA For reservations call EVE. 1500 Door Canteens in England and in other countries where United Nations soldiers and sailors are in need of entertainment. Meanwhile, she's doing her bit entertaining service men in this country. Sunday night she and the cast of "Lady in the Dark" are doing a free show for men in uniform. Atwill Admits Guilt in Film Case Perjury HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 24 (U. P.). Lionel Atwill, veteran motion picture actor, today pleaded guilty to perjury charges, admitting that he had in his possession and exhibited lewd motion pictures in his beach home during the summer of 1940. In pleading guilty, Atwill said that he had "lied like a gentleman" in previously denying the charges to protect his friends. The sudden change in plea came when Atwill appeared before Superior Judge William R. McKay and said he wished to plead guilty before the case came up for trial next Monde j. ORGY' CHARGE DROPPED Atwill entered his plea after his counsel, former Judge Isaac Pacht, and Deputy District Attorney Arthur Veitch, reached a settlement under which the film actor was virtually absolved of charges that "sex orgies" had taken place in his Pacific Palisades home during the holiday season of 1940-41. When the agreement between Pacht and the deputy district attorney was completed, Atwill appeared before the Judge to enter his plea. Veitch moved that all the charges and testimony before the 1942 Grand Jury concerning the alleged "orgies" be stricken from the record. AGAIN DENIES 'INCIDENTS' After long discussion. Judge McKay granted the motion and Atwill pleaded guilty only to the perjury charge. "I want to make it most specific and clear," said Pacht, "that as to the incidents at the Pacific Palisades home, testified to by two witnesses before the Grand Jury, Mr. Atwill again denies that those incidents ever occurred. "As to the exhibiting of the films, when he was asked about it, what would a gentleman do? Deny it, of course. FILMS CALLED TRIVIAL "Men in his profession do not attribute much importance to the exhibiting of so-called stag films. "In order not to embarrass his friends, he didn't tell the truth on this point before the Grand Jury. But that is all." Severest Critic Approves Role Actress Connie Gilchrist has at last been given a role that meets with the complete approval of her young daughter, Dorothy. Heretofore, Connie has portrayed characters on the screen that have brought only lukewarm response from Doro thy. "Not enough action," the child claimed. But when Dorothy read her mother's script for "Apache Trail," due at the Earle today, in which Connie is cast as cook at a Western stage coach station, she at last voiced approval. "It's the best part of your career, she informed her mother. "Why, you even shoot Indians!" The Ink Spots, -vlth Lucky Mtii-inder and his orchestra, head the stage bill, on which are also featured Sister Tharpe and Peg-Leg Bates. A Taste Worthy off the Name It means fewer bottles . . and fewer caps DON'T MISS THIS GREAT GALA CONCERT f maturing NOTED PHILADELPHIA WOMEN IN ARTS Tonite FRI. Eve.. Sept. 25 ACADEMY of MUSIC DOROTHY PARKER, Mlttrass of Crtmonlil Nila MagldofT Svlma Amansky Jean Brhrend Anns Critt Ballet He)r Sondtrgaard Edna Phillips Mrt. D. Slswarl Polk M?rl Marsicane Trudy Gundort Joan McCratk;n Virginia Lewis Margaret Webster Katherine Krause Selena Royle Hilda Morse Elsa Hilger Lois Putlitz Women's Chorus of 75 Voices Navy league Flag Presentation Sponsored by Russian War Relief FOR MEDICAL AID TO RUSSIA TICKETS en Sale: RDtslen Wsr Relief Oflica, 1001 Walnet St.; Aceetmy Box-Oftiee, er Hsiy's. 1613 Chtstnst St.: 83c, 31. 00. 32.20 3275 ani 33.30 (tax Inelidt) K . t Vs.:-). :Sis'.N-:i... Vy??-T i v v ..uclisjhu.. fT 5. r i u. - - - 5 -KeVW That's the way everyone can help to (oa. Uncle Satn lis J AOAM SCHEJOT UEWINO CO. NevrUtowK, Pa. i-ir?- f. 2" alley Ferge Corovae) KYW nightly 11:10 P.M. M 12:10 A.M. Philadelphia Office, 2815-29 Ridge Avenue Telephone STEventon 1200 BUT U. S. WAR SAVINOt STAMPS AND BONOS i i A . ..uniltD M.:L,i I 17 MANlti-"Ani anDornood Theatre k -IMn tx MATINEE DAILY -tr '5?v? W. niKAOHM and tfJ? Cmn Be Porchoied of AH STANLtY-WAtNt NUGHBOXHBOO THEATRES 4 I P A L A C E irtll I VICTORIA 1 ooots orcM rase a m i 1 oooit own io-ma m Betty CRABLE - Victor MATURE - John PAYNE Wallace BEERY-Marjorie MAiN -J. Carroll NAM -fOOTIICHT SEREnnDE" "JACKASS MAIL" TOWER ''mi XO N iVi't" ORPHEUM eniirn UPTOWN dmm I c mini n oiii I DnncrifriT " ICTATS: " MinWflV'"" aAVUIA KUU5tVtLI ...... circle broadway 'tUL0WIAL t"",,'Wcw69 SI ' A STAMPfDt "OF SCRfIN THRILLS, HOBB"lITC$"C1' "f.MTv. johnny MAUREEN JOHN HORROR! - TERROR! - BRUTALITY! WEISSMUllER O'SULLIVAN SHEFFIELD ESCAPE I TO tTI CRIME' "TARZAN'S NEW YORK ADVENTURE" -?. . AooiD uptown a oapHiuM Tnt Pictnti HITLER FEUS! SINSAT.ONAl SUMS OPTUIIO IIOM NAZIS 1IPMI tt M IIRP "DIVIDE AN DC O N Q U E R " AFTER MtIN KAMPF Tern on LaVwu h.p;i.o "loves of edgar allen poe YORKTOWN 'pjtll I , AkW YORKTOWN Senatienol Rln Coturd frtm NAZIS "OIVIOI . CONQUIR" 1 I sMsssfjafjafJsasssBJsTs DO1O0RiOMCr, CAPITOL MAET ANOTHER SENSATIONAL SHOW! BOOTLEG TIRES-DEATH ON WKtKLS PLUS CAHUBEO AXIS FILMS "DIIPRCD DAfKCTFFBs "THF WORLD AT WAR j RICARDO CORTEZ ROCHELLE HUDSON II PRESENTED BY U. S. GOVERNMENT OPEN ALL NICHT J PFMTCD 17th St PRISCILLA LA N E 2 uui 1 1 sn i PRINCESS ??,.. MARKET STREET Mkt. SABOTEUR" OPEN ALL NICHT PAUII Y 13h GARY COOPER rAMILT Markp. "ieh -a-t york" i RKfiULAR PRICES "PEN ALL NICHT ClnV1211 ANDREWS SISTERS OAVUT Mrkpt "PRIVATE BUCKaROO" 333 MARKET 'Beyond the Blue HorliorT SPENCER TRACY "TftRTM A FIAT" WEST PHILADELPHIA JOAN BENNETT GEORGE BRENT. -TWIN BEDS" Usl1il C0MM0D0REwai,t CROSS KEYS ffrhkt. IMPERIAL UHDYiM'TORTlLLA FLAT' PRISCILLA LANE Robert Cumminits 'Saboteur Spenoer Tracy nedy uamarr 1 rnrniio4 georv; montromery MAUREEN O HARA I TFN RENTLFMEN FROMWEST POINT" nDICMT hi. 49 Henry nodi Fonda. ' . GEORRE R A FT -'rROAnwAY" MAGNIFICENT DOPE' UVK1MCT 5th & OARY COOPER WlNNt f'erk- "ffRT YORK" ; at TtForr.AR pnirFq . I SOUTH PHILADELPHIA ALHAMBRA Dl ft"7l Brnad & rLHLH Pnrtcr 12th Sc Atdrleh F-mily Morris Hsnry A Dizy" A- noiaen MEET the STEWARTS' CIDI '"tl. & SPENCER TRACY CAnLRred Hedy Limirr "Tortilla Flat" MODELS; JOAN BENNETT W I N FFUS- NORTHEAST PHILADELPHIA Nl I CPUCriUV Fkrf.A Allfc. Dr. Broadway I Flnmn at the WlnOox" CADET ?,"' rl A arin Submarine Ralrter" "Stich ttt Your Guns' r-p n si 1 r-nr r i.7. rrirnrrunu fm .Hcnrv Fonda. NORMA SHEARE" RINGS ON HER F INCERS" FORUM BridV? l).'fnc Mai. Pilv. .IOAN FO,T A . N . TYRONE POWER "This Above All" Feature Start 1 T. Tf. HARROWGATEr, I IRFJJTY0818 .iui 'i nrres 200 3 OXFORD KC Kens. Soeoer Tracy Tortilla Flat" PRISriLLA LAME ,u"SABOTEUR" Gary Coopr nticKs NORTHEASTERN I at p;tI,AR NEW WISHART 'Grand Central Murder' RirUUflNrV0" LEO CARRILLO nlUnm jrSURirhrnnnd "Tod Serneant" N. PHILA. & GERMANTOWN I nOAW Broad & ORSON WELLES LUUnll Wynmin LHllC,67tli A va. " AMBERSONS" KCU ACTOD Franklin & Dorothy Lamour iil.ii ng 1 un tar. Bey Beyond Blue Horizon Tyrone Power Jean Fontaine FAIRM0UNT& "THIS FELTON ;, j? ABOVE ALL" SEDGWICK MuAr, RDHUI CV Broad b. turns.- 1 oinev COLNEYoIne? pipusist & QTnArin-:t... w iinisu vrninro Priscilla Lane Robert Cummings "SABOTEUR" COLUMBIA coi9 HHrHPEHSfGYsBH0ocrR DIAMOND SintondSpencer Tracy KEYSTONES Hedy Lamarr I LINDLEY Rnhr.ndTORTILLA FLAT GRANGE SiS? 4 CHARLIE CHAPLIN "GOLD RUSH" IMPERIAL PAULETTE GODDARD oj u .in M M WAVNE 0G0NTZ&oB3usutI Reap Tht Wild Wind Prices: Mat.. 40c: Eve.. 55c: tax inci. For This Eneacement Onlv I I IDCDTVBros'l George Montgomery LIBCrt I I Columbia Maureen O'Hara "TEN GENTLEMEN FROM WEST POINT"j SUBURBAN XDnunDC Lane. MARSHA HUNT AKUMUnt. I'.ke "Aflalrs ot Martha" WAVERLYVfff" U A MOO Prospect ITiMilUil Park PRISCILLA LANE SABOTEUR" li w nu I I w - - w - Beyond the Blue Horizon LANSD0WNEPA- DADWCD Iarby. rnnnun p. SPENCER TRACY j 'TORTILLA FLAT LESLIE HOWARD I . . -r . i iuiaiicik"; AUPI CD Ambler. SHIRLEY TEMPLE AlHOLcrl P. "Miss annie roonev PDnVC Willow DOROTHY LAMOUR UnUVC f irove "Beyond the Blue Horizon' UIUA V-'enliintown. DOROTHY LAMOUR, niWrAIpo. "Beyond the Blue Horiion" CTflWI CY' Chester. w 1 rt.ssaSM I'm. "CROSSROADS" Wm. Powell. Hedy Lamar: STATE r'a"1" fONTINl'OITX. WALLACE BEERY "JACKASS MAIL" PKR T". R M NTF II AJI.Y WARNERS, SHIRLEY TEMPLE "Miss Annie Rooney' SALUTE YOUR HEROES BUY WAR BONOS & STAMPS NOW A r q I k, I & Ce Kens. THK I NSKKN KNKMV .A1Y (iANCSTKK" HaelPnl N r.JJ "SA ROTA.iK" Arfr-i:"rril -S'.ti HUMl'liKKY Btxi JAKT Airport j. ... Imw 'd I.AItV (.A.M.SiKK" The Corpse Vanishes" AMrn -11i'la:e DUKIIillV LAMOUR c " ,t CrK-n-i Mseyond tile B!u Horizon' Allegheny Vest) ANN SOTHERN MAISIE CiKTS HKK MAX" Aan "ioiiKh As Xh?y Come" ( helie 1 "PltlSOXKR OF JAPAN" Ambasscdcr Gary Cooper "SERGEANT YORK" No Increase In Admission Egyptian UlNCEIt H.XJEKS 'nv,l RED SKEI.TON 'HAVINIi A iVOXDKKFI'l, TIMK" Erlen iiih Ar Choiteniiam Ave. War Bonds & Stamps on Sale In Theatre Official Issuing Arjcnry Feature: '2.50. 8.00, 10.01 'Tarzan's New York Adventure' JOHNNY WEISSMULLER With MAUREEN O'SULLIVAN E....I.. 4u;h i: ANN SOIHERN CJr v-a Market "Malsle c;ets Her Man" Anthony Wayne WM. HOLDKN VRAM1N I1KK IVAYXE, I'A. "Mr-et the Slesrl' . Tl! Tbmrlwm salnm Tjkn Over" "TAII.SI'IV "T.lves of rt Rrnirul I.aneer" Ctn. ah. Lefiili Leo Carrillo. 'I nseen Knem A W I T.LI All (!OLTlIA TIIK AT nr. Band BOX en.iantown Av. nt Armat St. "Magnificent AmberEons" BelirOrlt v.iii.l & .r Snliiern. Skc-lton Slarket "Malsle Lets Her Mm" l-ynn r.nri. "S-irret Asent of .arn" HAITI t"l"'l. IMOT "KAP Till: VVIl.O UIM" Advanced Priees This Knijacemont Only Adults: 40c Eve. 55c Inc. Tax Children 11c All Performances Bentan John Wayne. Binnie Barnes "IS OLl CALIFORNIA" 64th & "There's One Born E-sry. Minute" Woodl'd with HUGH HERBERT Berwyn, Pa. ANN SHERIDAN "JI KK liIRL" Bluthird HriiaiJ ".Wacnifleent Dope" Snri "Man Whe Retarred te Lite" Boro J?" Also ANN SHERIDAN "JI KE ;I3L" ROAD AtiENT" BouievGrd rrook" spencer tracy ill-. a iris a. i r i Boyd-Chester VIRGINIA DANA (GILMORE ANDREWS 'Berlin Correspondent" The ALDIUCH FAMILY Henry & Dizzy" Feature: 12.30. .21. 7.48. 10.15 P. M. Breeze Humphrey bogart ii-r .r i n r . niu mu ' BrOCId 4f,1;1 N- HENRY FONDA i r i I . l IM.rEi Broadway !; runt i r'rf Humphrey Bogart "THF. Blfi SHOT" Rurd "The Postman IKdn't King" ' with BRENDA JOYCE 4"th Also "TOI-(IH AS THEY fOMK" Ball. Paul Kellv. Helen Pnrrish Cambria -;n" Humphrey bogart l amhrla "THE Bill SHOT" Cameo "l1 eavokitk si-y" Fkrt ";IRI. FROM ALASKA" Carman 'rmhiitown it Allegheny Aves. ",u" Mat. 2.00 P M.. Eve. Be". 6.30 BIG STAGE SHOW PLUS ON THE SCREEN 20 h Century-Fox Presents JOHN LINDA SHEPPERD DARNELL "THE LOVES OF EDGAR ALLAN POE" Casino iyr1 '" KK uw M naver. "PACIFIC BI.ACKOI T" Caster Oio. Katt. Pat O'Brien lasrrr "B3QAI1V.AY" wwyM-jwi ,,,.,. FR;)M WF.ST POINT" Cedar "H.-r ard.arj Lover" ((inr "Remsnber Pearl Harbor" Centurv 6th & "the invadlkv J Kne 'Slie';. in Ihw Army Now" Chelten i". jean uakin Antlervnn "MOONTIIE" Clearfield l-KK bowman "w,u "Parlflc Rendezvoiia" 2312 E. riearfd "Uet of Tombstone" Added: "Perlla of I he Itoval Mounted" Clifton H,s-- BRUCE BENNETT wiiiswii Pl "ATLANTIC CONVOY" Calnninl llih&.Moya. Root. Cummings wwiwiiiui & R1fllfr Prisc"la Lane "SABOTEUR" Crest n; ANN SUKt'lDAN RONALD REAGAN "KINGS ROW" Qantt? Hnail liel. "rr. .niter Marshal'' Mystery of Marie Kncet Oarby, Pa. "AHOI T I'A F." Till-: liORII.I.A' Doris "Gone With the Wind" 49th Woodl'd Feature: 1.40 & 8 P. M. Fern Rock 't tl''ro"''luus: . eooo x. cm st Meet the otewarts WILLIAM HOLDEN FRANCES DEE Added: Fridav Nite Request Hit "THF. MAI.TF.SF. FAI.CtIN" Penn 4:li k Kav Kyser and His lllrklnstm "MY FAVOKITK SPY" n.I.FN CREW. .TANK WYMAN I'hilit. s .YcK't at unit t mcrl J hcutre PenVCfllf "'1 JAM Eo STEWART i cnipcn yul RAY MILLANI) and i;:riprrt Sull.itan In Hit O rste-t Triumph -Ursula 1'arroH's Inmtiu Stury "NK.XT TIMK HK LOVE" Also Van Heflin. irand Central Mnrder Pi; .lnHl N. .'til "MOOMIIth" ATLANTIC (OXVOT" President zitt Gsorge Raft Pat O'Brien, Janet Blair "BROADWAY" TPI-II A.e. SPENCER TRACY j"" Rooe,elt Blr.l HEDY LAMARR "TORTILLA FLAT" b6vh r.i.ih lie;. a Bin hits i :'.r-. AIX1LPHF. MFNJOU -SYNCOPATION" Fentur'.n: Harry James. H.-nny Cnmlman Also Limi & Ahner. 'The Bashful Harheior FroJtc x iHr;" TKAK iAS SQI All" Reg IS 1 I.I II i l"iim!i PA IKK KL.M.I ZV l V Ien Autr- Uestem Rfsnsl '-"!4 CAKV GilANf UtOlltl .. r- .. DoupJas Fairbanks. Jr. VjUnga Um Sprt'ial Urtrat t'eaturr Feati-re: "2. IS. 7.2S. 9.3rt out of the Headlines Comas the First Thrilling Story of th" Gircrd 7th & Gir. ril COMMANDOS "THtlY RAID BY NIGHT" Year's Timeli.-t Picture D-".'h to tli- Nazis Also -Willi n Htilden F'r'.n'cn Dee "MEET THE STEWARTS" Rialto "j r,!-,;i ctn Heoy John Lamarr Gnrfleld TORTILLA FLAT" Riant I oiishohockeu r .i t. p. Loroiny Lamour "BKVOXB THE BLI K HORIZON" i Tf:ri Glenside, fa. MENRY r'U.vDA "Mavnlfirent Ilope' Grand Jeanette MacDonald Nelson Eddy '"I Mamed An Angel" 7th & Snyriir Grant 4Jth wi ui" r.imrd VERONICA LAKE "THIS C.l N FOR HIRE" Great Hsrihern : Maureen O H ra. "Tn m:n Jrsn W. Point' CeoanuiMU olid & "My Favar.:ts Spy'' ree-n-av "Thy r.-ii Ev Niht" ltA---E DUNNE "LADY IN' A .1AM" SPENCER hED . OHN TRACY LAMARR GARFIELD S.TJ4 "TORTILLA FLAT" . Hill Hollywood rA f'le "Gone With the Wind" Pric? Scale Adults: Mat. 4(c: Eve. 5(c Children T7c. Feature: 1.45 fi- 7.45 P. M. Howard Front Leliicii Henrv Fonda. Lvnn Han "JIAfJN'FICKNT IOPK" "YI KON PATROL" EAST SIDE KIDS TOM BROWN Iris Kens. & Alleg. 'LET'S GET TOUGH Jackson Si? Radio's Funniest Bad Boy Is On the Screen Again JIMMIE LYDON AS HENRY ALDRICH in "HENRY & DIZZY" lXK:ac Ron- cieo. Brent, jiwn Bennett "CTiriajs Km-. .-tmiv urns" .lumhn From "MAI.MFiCKM UOPK" uuiiiww i; Irani Desperate Chancs for Ellery Qsssa Keswick, Glenside Feat.: '2.45, 7.45. 9.50 Johnny Weissmuller. Maureen O'Sullivan "Tarzan's New York Adventure LawndeEs ,;613 Georpe Montgomery tawnucw ,.is Sun Maurp(,n o Hara 'Ten Gentlemen From West Point' Lenox;'"' GARY COOPER SERGEANT YORK" Locus ?-d NORMA SHEARER IIr Cardboard Lover" Mayfcir I "lid. HUMPHREY BOGART "THE Biff SHOT" Mavfeir 5i"!' BARBARA STANWYCK iUr).rt ..Th, GrMt Nan-, Latfy" TROPICA N A TO THE LADIES! I. Tree Platter With (Ine Admission Ridge HXOAIIH T.'UPiF. VAMSHFS- Qt- 't::vnuv it "TOIf.H A II1F.V HIMI,' rk'" (lrthn,lo "Man Who W.uil.ln't Ile" Hunt's ri. THK Kl. HOT' "AHOI T FACE" Riviera , "Hr ardboard Lover ROBERT TAYLOR R'VO'l r'2nd 'TEN (,t.MLIIt.V FKOil San;om WEST POINT" new Rockland Judv Garland 'Little Xellie Kelly' HEALTHFULLY A 1 R-VOS HIT IOS ED Onvu Kl!' JEANETTE MarDONALD y Rirtre NELSON F.DDY "I MARRIED AN ANGEL" Aim "SI'BMARINF RAIDER" VERONICA LAKE THIS ;l"N FtR HIRE' ft Musical Triumnh. "ALMOST M .RRIED Senate ". Seville HEDY LAMARR SPENCER TRACY TORTILLA FIwT" Sherwood "Saboteur" Another Alfred Hitchcock Production Robert Cummitiff? Priscilla Lane Ceniikarn Broad .1 1 RE I.IKL" T.AI.LANT SONS" Cnryce th "LADY HAS PLANS" THF INVADFR-" "MAP MARTINnAl.ES" Cteifiah tire Air-Conit. Mariene Dietrich Tr)hr y.vayn". "The Spoiler" itrn-fard r,h & - sma-h hits ; arraTiora nir-,-., henry fonda MAGNIFICENT TOPE" Also JOHN WAYNE IN Ol.n CALIFORNIA" ShUhUmh Monrgomerv Ave.. Ardmor UbUrbOn AmnW Parking nOPOTHY LAMOUR "BEYOND THE RU E HORIZON" V Ti:rifMCOT.nK RICHARD DENNING. JACK HALEY Tonnfa Andrews Sis'ers. Harry James " -'!(-" "PRIVATE BrCKAROO- 1.1th Tinti THEY RAIO BY NItiHT" t WILLIAM GOI.DXIAS THEATRE Terminnl Continuous fr. 10.Hi A.M. ermiiiai Mk, pr). Car Free pre Lot George AfONTOOMERY. Mauree" O'HARA "TEN GENTLEMEN FROM WEST POINT" TiafJOsJJrli'nt, "The INVADERS" Towne SPENCER TRACY "TORTILLA FLAT" T... 70io JACKIE COOPER I yssn C5stor BONITA GRANVILLE "SVTOP.M1P.v ' llninno ''l ; Ann Sothern. Re wriKJue Hpr .-MalMe ;eta H Red Skeitoa er Man" Media, Pa. DOROTHY LAMOUR JACK HALEY "BEYOXD THE HI. IE HORIZON" V TEfll SlVttUtlt Narberth spencer tracy Ul UCI 111 IILT1V I AMADD "TORTILLA FLAT" Klosu 1 srrir- r12:; SPENCER TRACY -""-;tn. "TORTILLA FLAT' New Penn g; Mariene Dietrich THE SPOILERS" Cverbrook 3ilk w,cl llaverf'd John Steinleck's Greatest Work "TORTILLA FLAT" SPENCER TRACY, HEDY LAMARR JOHN GARFIELD. FRANK MORGAN Palm "THE HH4 SHOT" "BROOKLYN OitClim" Park tllshlaml JOEL McCREA GREAT MAN'S LADY" llncnl r,"'l Andrews Sisters. Dtrk Foran wraul t;tn. "PRIVATE BlfKAKOO" Piitrlc Knowles. "Stranir ( s of r. R" Venice "THE SI'II.EItS" ALMOST MAIIRIFD" V.r,, 140 'Falcon Takri Ovr" rr7 "S.O.S. oast (iuard Viola "THE INVADERS" "SAILOR'S LADY" lU.ll.. t hcltpB Sprncer Trrr. Hwly l.smsrr "Q,IOn KVw "TORTILLA FLAT" Way ma 1111. .tftr.-i i ..i.. i..-i.& WnMir, Ctn. B Stsnwyrk. Joel MrCrra VaJ,,- P. PAULETTE GODDARD Teacon, ra.FAP the wild wimp Advance.! Prices This Encarement Only York ";REAT MAN'S LADY" "ATLANTIC CONVOY" HATBORO. FA. klnrknrn Montgomery, M. iillin 'Tsu GcRtltmsn From Wt Pslat' 9

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