The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 15, 1924 · Page 9
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 15, 1924
Page 9
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THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, TUESDAY MORNING, APRIL 15, 1924 PEGGY UDELL JEW WEARS WEDDING 16 Mother Announces Former Follies Girl's Marriage to Professional Ball Player a Store Hours: 9 to 5:30 Italy has given Amundsen a third aeroplane for his flight to the Pole this summer, but the money need still presses for funds for the two now building. ou can help and, in case of success, have a fine souvenir by buyin- Polar Post Card3 we are selling- for $1. They are to be mailed back to you after having reached the Pole. EIGHT Y-0 N E YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE MARKET i-A ' tk. XL CHESTNUT :r EIGHTH OX fLf IP O C! NINTH Tuesday, April 13, 1921 Whether the need is for a gowij, a jewel, shoes, hosiery for personal une, or for the house Gimbels show the best collection to choose from. Twenty-one foreign buying1 offices, and two hundred buyers in home markets find the world's most interesting merchandise. Divorce , Quickly Followed First Ceremony Resulting From Elopement TeSffT U'Dell, former Follies girl and principal in a sensational escapade two rears ago when she eolped to Elkton, Md., with Jack Montgomery, well known in this city, was married six months ago to James Conzelman, professional football and baseball play er, of St. Louis, according to word re ceived in this city yesterday. The announcement of the marriage which took place October 3 was made by Mrs. John Unertl, mother of the former footlight beauty, at her home in Milwaukee. Miss TJ'DeH's first marriage followed a whirlwind romance. Montgomery met the girl at the stage door of the Garrick Theatre a week after her arrival, during whicb time he was her constant companion. In a high- powered car, the two, with two other friends, headed for Elkton, and upon their arrival routed a sleepy parson to perform the marriage ceremony. A few days later Montgomery declared that his marriage was all a joke. Claiming that he was intoxicated at the time, he sued for annulment. Miss U'Dell fought the suit, but the annulment finally was granted in the Circuit Court of Appeals of Maryland. in March, 1923. The girl was granted alimony. During the hearing of the suit the defendant Asserted that, instead of a sumptuous wedding breakfast, she had eaten doughnuts and coffee in one of the one-armed hostelries famed for cheap prices. Conzelman is a native of St. Louis and was a star in athletics at St. Louis University. The couple will reside in Cleveland, where Conzelman will enter the music publishing business. LIQUOR RUNNER KILLED BUTTLE AT SEA Actor Who Played Grave- j Digger in Hamlet Is One of; Three Arrested NEW YORK, April 14. In a battle between a rum-running craft and a boat of the customs marine patrol off I Long Beach yesterday, Clyde E. Co-well, alleged owner of the rum boat, was shot and killed, it was learned today. He was shot when his boat, cornered after having disregarded several volleys of bullets from the pursuing craft, swung around and tried to ram the customs boat, the agents said. One hundred cases of liquor were seized. Cecil Covelly, who described himself as an actor and said he played the part of the second grave digger in John Barrymore's production of Hamlet, was one of three men arrested on the rum boat, which, they said, belonged to Cowell. They were held for arraignment. ' DRIVE PLANS DISCUSSED Children's Homeopathic Hospital Committee Outlines Publio Appeal rians were discussed for the public appeal for funds to modernize the Children's Homeopathic Hospital, Franklin and Thompson streets, at a meeting yesterday of the organization committee in the Bellevue-Stratford. Edwin F. Henson, president of the hospital, who presided, said that an extensive campaign had been planned, in which a number of civic and fraternal , organizations would participate. The hospital staff will assist in the drive by making addresses at recreation centres. The campaign is for several hundred thousand dollars which will be used in modernizing the maternity department, the erection of a dispensary, a nurses' home and a heating plant. SANTEE TRIAL DELAYED Engagement of Counsel in Thaw Case Causes Continuance Because "William A. Gray was engaged in the Thaw case, the trial of Deputy Warden Charles Santee, charged with assaulting James Fraley, a convict in the Eastern Penitentiary, yesterday was continued until the week of the 28th of this month. Assistant District Attorney Warren C. Graham, jnformed Judge Smith, in Quarter Sessions Court, that he would gmt in touch with Mr. Gray and agree on the day to try Santee. Fraley was in court, wearirg the prison uniform and handcuffed to two guards. His mother and sisters were also in court. HEUMATISM It reaches into the roots of pain, liquid in bottles. Jellf orm in a tuba mMk A e 1 rm e I t o F i-r,a 70 cairr Fiitnla and Other Rectal Diseases Successfully Treated by tb ALBRIGHT AMBULANT METHOD Jso hospital, no operation, no absence trra horn, no loss of time, no Interference with social engagements. Out of tawa patients return home after treatment. Io not think ot an operation for ay Rectal trouble nntil you know all about this method by which Thousand been curea. Any man or woman afflicted with any rectal ailment Is Invited to call for Frea Examination. No charse unless treatment Is desired. Send for my Tre Booklet; It explains ererything and contains many testimonial frm cured patients. Hours: I A. M. to 3 P. M. Daily except Sunday. Dr. Albright Specialist in Rectal Diseases 604 Perry Bid?.. 1530 Chestnut St. FX .e jfeina or oress That Makes You Pass on the News to Every Woman (or Miss) You Know But there's not a dress worth less than 40 in the entire collection, and many run up to $79 value. Wwt) A Mil) ill III) Ift 111 vs j ' All silks flat crepes, roma crepes, Georgettes, Canton crepes, satin crepes, Roshanaras. Hand-drawn, hand-beaded, new empire dresses which aren't short-waisted but are a surprise! New French sports dresses. Every new shade and combination. Over 200 styles. All misses' sizes All women's regular and extra sizes. Gimbels, Salons of Dress, Third floor. D M illioer y i ver sir le All New All New Since Yesterday! Suit-Hats, Flower-Hats, Fabric-Hats SO Tricornes Sailors off-the-face modes. "Young" hats, matron hats, and oh, the hats "without age"! Gimbels Millinery Salons, Third floor. Dainty Guimpes Trimmed With Real Lace $3.95 Special Fine embroidered net trimmed 'with real Irish or filet. Long peplum front; youthful two-piece round collars. A style pictured. Completes the Easter suit costumes smartly! Gimbels, Women's Is'eckwear, First floor. SILKS Unusual Variety Unusual Fashion And Only Such Rich Grades In Such Rich Variety at Gimbels At $2.95 Yard Values $3.50 to $4.50 ' All-Silk Canton Crepes luxurious grades in 75 glorious shades. All-Silk Printed Crepe de Chine a hundred different smart designs. All-Silk Awning Stripe Broadcloths Gorgeous colored stripe on white. All-Silk Satin Canton Crepes Over 60 beautiful shades. All at $2.95 Yard Black Silks All-Silk Satin Canton, Satin Charmeuse, Crepes de Chine, Satin Brilliant and flat Crepe, $3.50 to do Qj" to $5 values, yard J'0 Gimbels. Silk Salons, Second floor. Spring Chooses Her Smartest Suit-Blouses From This Unique . Collection Gimbel Priced J$l 0.95 Tailored and semi - tailored in the smartest - cut over-blouses that a smart suit can need ! Rich, heav yv flat crepes and crepes de chine and the prettiest dotted foulards ever! And the rich heavy silk-broadcloths men's-wear silk broadcloths. Short sleeves long sleeves. Lone tucks, box pleats, cluster tucks, Black-stitched white braid white-stitched black braid black-edged white buttons. Cross-stitched bands. Powder blue, Tan, White wonderful white, Black and the two-color foulards. Gimbels, Salons of Dress, Third floor. v i i it i mi i i n i iii ui i Loveliest Easter Flowers Have Arrived at Gimbels Masses of exquisite, fresh blooms in the "pink" of condition are here ready to bring Easter joy to you, to a dear friend, to your home or your church. Moderately priced. Easter Lilies, 30c a Bud Standard Baby llamblers, $5 and $6. Hydrangeas. $1 to $10. Crotona, $1.50 to $4. Dracaenas, Red, S1.20 and S2. Dracaenas Massangeanas, $3 and $4. Dracaenas Fragrans, $6. Hoses, $2.50 to S25. Magna Charta Roses. S3 and S4. Hybrid Roses, 4 and $5. Paul's Scarlet Climber, S4 and f 10. Baby Rambler Roses, Sl.50 and 3. Genistas, $1.60 to $10. Ferns, $12. Azaleas, $6 to $13. Cinerarias, $1.50 to $2. Arecaa, $3 to $10. Pandanas Veitchii, $ to $10. Golden Callas, $2.50. Pink Heather, $3.50 and $3. White Heather, $3 and $4. Lily of the Valley, $3.50. , Gimbels, rirst floor. Prettiest Stamped-to-Embroider Garden Dresses $1 Designs you'll "just love" to "do," so easy and so effective are they. Seven different styles and coloring's each one charming. Stamped Pillow Cases, 85c Special Regular $1.25 Value Six designs, all with edge for scalloping. Stamped Kitchen Towels, 20c : 25c : 35c : 40c Actually we never saw such delightful kitchen towels before! And easy still time to make half a dozen for that Easter wedding. Gimbels, Third floor. Easter Sale of 5000 Handkerchiefs Women's 10c SA VE UP TO HALF Women's 1 Women's Men's Regularly , 15c Fine Irish lawn in adorable shades of. green, orchid, rose, Copen, tan with white hems, or corners, or borders. . And excellent quality plain white Irish linen hemstitched handkerchiefs $1.10 dozen. Marvelously beautiful linen h a n d k erchiefs hand - embroidery hand-drawn threads solid colors white with colored borders. 35c 15c $1.65 dozen. Regularly 25c A fine sheer Irish linen, daintily hemstitched Regularly QCr $1.25 Exquisite imported white linen handkerchiefs with delicate color embroidery by hand, and rows of colored spoke stitching charming! 25c Regularly 50c Linen in loveliest colors imaginable, and embroidery in the corner. And mostly hand-embroidery at that!- Also imported plain white linens with 6hire or spoke hems, i and V2 inch width $2.75 dozen. Regularly 25c La rife, sturdy pure white linen handkerchiefs, hemstitched, $3 dozen. Regularly 50c All white linen with white fancy cords smart ! dozen. Regularly 75c to $1 Imported sheer inirt cambric weight linen in regular and eitra sizes, ',4 to 1-iuch heuis $5.73 dozen. Also fine linen with rolled hems and drawn cords in colors. Olmbeln, l'lrst floor. 18c 35. 50, If Women's Striped Broadcloth Daytime Dresses Tailored Like a Man's Shirt! $4.95 One style even has a smart "shirt back" gathered to a shallow yoke youthful and smart! Straight-line styles with inverted "hip pleats" to give fullness. Soft-rolling novelty-notched collars just the kind to wear with soft "splashy" silk ties to match the stripe. Gold, green, blue, lavender or black stripes on white woven colors that tub! Sizes 36 to 46. OimbelR. Thirrt floor. alo Grand Aisle, .first floor. Metal Lace Flouncings Sale 75 c yard Qualities Selling Everywhere And Fairly! at $1.50 to $2.50 yd. But we took over, at great savings, all a large manufacturer's surplus stock, that he was anxious to clean out. Silk net 18 inches wide, embroidered in gold, silver, steel and antique on all the fashionable evening colors including black and white. Such glorious combinations as: gold on rust. on maize, on black, on white; silver on black, on jade, on orchid, on American beauty, on sapphire, on turquoise; "rainbow" on black and on white. And manv others lmoels, .Laces, First floor. Little Boys' All-Linen Suits for Easter Ay & t rK 5 n $2.95 Fine, sturdy linens with fresh c r i's p white dimity tops and cutest "overall straps" of linen. While Frilled Collars and Cuffs or Hand Embroidered Linen Collars and Cuffs $4.95 Value Rose, lavender, and oyster Smart tical and green, brown white. prac- spint- ed as boyhood! For ages 2 to 6. Both styles pic tured. (jrlmbeln, Infants' Wear, Second floor. JpSx 'til Tf w Mall and rimne Orders Filled dame Way Received Open. Charge Account Groceries Delivered 5 Tons Cafe Coffee Rich Aroma Coffee, Value 45c 3 lbs. 95c St. Jamea Coffee Philadelphia's Favorite, tfjl OC 55c Value, 3 lbs. for ip Lenox Easter Hams Hickory smoked family size, if purchased 'with other O 1 groceries, lb. at t m., Sunaweet Prunes Selected from ripe juicy plums, special In 10-, 5- or 3-lb. 1 O 1 lots, lb. at l2l' Barrels of Flour Lenox prize winning, CQ QC bbL in wood, special.... Fox Hill Apples Kt.ivman Wineeap. direct from the grower, fine flavor, CJO half bushel boxes, at I J Gimbels, Pure T Orange Marmalade Lenox; also California Honey or red pitted C herry Pre- 1 f f serves; value 4oc ; 3 jars f 1 1 U Sweet Onions Lenox sour Gherkins, sliced Sweet IMrliles; also Mixed Firkles sweet or sour, useful ir? ' J7C quart jars Castile Soap White floating, large bars, a e? 3 for 1.25, or each Hi3C New York State Apple Sauce Finest quality ; also Lenox I'each Halves or Apricots, big chub dozen, 2.5, or r-f' 4 cans for ' V Table Salt Lenox free-running large 13c cartons, dozen, -dozen or f 3-cartou lots, each lUC ood Store, Chestnut Street Annex. r . r Dinner Sets, $6.95 Holiday Special Regularly $11.95 An adorably dainty rosebud design, with full gold line finish. Open stock one of our most popular pat terns and shapes. And every piece first quality! Set consists of: 6 dinner plates, 6 bread and butter plates, 6 dessert plates, 6 eoup plates, 6 teacups, 6 saucers, 1 meat dish, 1 open vegetable dish, 1 sugar bowl, 1 cream jug. Dainty Thin-Blown Glass Water Q C - Sets 00 C ix tumblers and U-quart size jug. with your initial engraved in Old English. Worth $1.50. Five-Piece English Bowl Set. .. $1 Regular $2 value. Five assorted sizes included, all attractively hand-decorated. Gimbels, subway store. Special Easter Values in the Subway Store Girls' Wonderfully Smart Coats and Capes Special at Spring's lovely colored wool sports coatings the new blues, tans, greens, rose rust shades. And beautiful big plaids. Sizes 6 to 14 years. Girls' Silk Dresses Including White for Procession Special, $9.35 And taffetas ;ind crepes de chine in the muv rreens, rust, bines rani navy. Ruffled, pleated, tiered, embroidered. Lovely dresses. Sizes (5 to It years. Little Girls' Sports Coats, $5.95 I'olaires stitched. And the prettiest checked trimmed models. Sizes 2 to 6 years. Gimbels, subway btorc. Sale : Famous Godman Shoes For Children Half Price $i Pair Pair $ 1 .65 $2.45 Pair High Shoes: Low Shoes: - Oxfords: Boots: Ankle Ties: Mary Janes Patent leathers, tan leathers and soft kids all sizes from kinds for the dimpled darling of twelve months to the particular miss who wears size 2. Every pair wonderfully well made it hardlv "pays" to have active ' "misters snoes repaired when you can get new ones lor so utile: migsters' shoes repaired when you can get new ones for so little! And These Two Groups From Other Fine Makers: Boys' Strong I Boys' Tan $9 Shoes, Pair, Tan Shoes, Pair Special Sizes 10 to 5V2. Really wonderful, bargains 1 $3.65 Special Tan Russian calf oxfords 10Ko lealh-frl Goodvear served poles rubber heeU styles like Dad's. Sizes 10 to 5V2. iimbels. Subway Store. Boys' All-Wool 2-Trousers Norfolk Suits Including .extra pair full lined knickers Special at $7.50 Tweeds, cassimeres, cheviots. Every suit has an extra pair of full-lined trousers. New models and new patterns. Sizes 7 to 17 years. Special at $9.75 Serges, tweeds, cassimeres, cheviots. All with extra trousers, full lined.. A wonderful assortment-Suits all mohair lined and full cut. Sizes 7 to 18 years. -Gimbels, Subway Sor. I A

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