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The Daily Independent from Murphysboro, Illinois • Page 1

The Daily Independent from Murphysboro, Illinois • Page 1

Murphysboro, Illinois
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JMlowi Coanty Itslljr T.IMW rt IB -tho- alvur. -I'kr rtmuIiiilMh. la bull Ike rlfralBlluu. Tlmr. nfcp It ILLINOIS WEATHER Mostly cloudy tonight and tomorrow. Rain, tonight -southeast- and extreme south portions. Con- tinuec! cool. 1891 (Weekly Edition 1873) ILLlNtilS MONDAY, NOVEMBER 20, 1939 I5c I'e'r Monster Birthday Party for Phillips 66 Gas Originator New Deal Ready to Spring Major Energy Grid i Sees Emergency Need of it in War Time; to Ask for Funds Arthur Sears Henning writing the Chicago Sunday Tribune of said that of four mbri- plants in a new "power grid" that would be "sprung" by the Deal, one such plant S. 1.1. COMMITTEE CALLED TO MEET HERE TONIGHT Carbondale to Suspend Business One Hour Tuesday for Booster Meeting The Murphysboro committee for Southern Illinois Incorporated was called tpf meet tonight by Mayor Eugene Comle, its chairman, "on important The nature of the Business was not mentioned In the call. Members of the committee, appointed by Itay Crawshaw. president of the Chamber of Commerce, are: "William Wolff. Albert Herring, Robert Gardner, Henry Quern- helm, C. A. Lehman, C. A. Naumer, Homer Clelaml, Rewn Button, 6. W. Jones, E. B. Rollo and Dr. O. B. Ormsby. The meeting will be held at the mayor's office in the city hall beginning at 7:30 p. m. Carbondale has ordered business suspended for one hour, from SitysO'HM SHOOT Owed Money FRANK PHILLIPS Fbiinder of Phillips' Petroleum Company. Everybody is invited to a an( 12 noon lomorrow Oklahoma, on November 28 for a masg meeting ot cltizeng on tij wliat will probably be the largest individual birthday party ever ness Southern Illinois Incorporated hus- est individual birthday party ever probably'-wpuld be located in Con- held Jh th Unitet lStates 0 A gressman Kent E. Keller's district' (Vate Frank PhillipSi romuler ot the At the meeting Wm. Lyerla and Petroleum Companyancl for south in Illinois. GERMAN PLANE TODAY jjRM.Iot Back of Machine Gun Ready for Action Found Dead in Wreckage BRIDGES UNDER FIRE The project isone on a giant originator of Phillips GO gasoline, will be 6.6 years old. A gigantic scale, to cost $600.000,000 and to to boost southern Illinois will explain the purpose of the associa- BULLETIN ROB.RMO\ HOLLAND, Nov. Dutch anti-aircraft uns tod iy shot down a German, I line thing over Holland. United Press correspondent Who visited' the scene of reported that the plane was broken into three parts and partially huiled beside a railr.ind near the i River Roer. He saw the body of 1 thp uniformed pilot, about lle.iuin^ from the plane window. I 1 The plane apparently was ready l-'jSr" action as belts were in the m'achinegim. No bullet holes i V'eiP seen but the plane was Smashed so badly that it was rtil'- flcnlt Lo determine whether il had been struck. Dutch military authorities 121 charge nf the wreckage. The Alane was seen to crash by a. passerby across the river, who swam the stream and found the lUlot dead when he reached the wi oekase. EHUK I'm AS WELL AS ALLIED SHIPPING HARD HIT OVER WEEK END; FOURTEEN CRAFTS GO DOWN the Harry Eridges By WALLACE CARROLL Neutrals lost, in the week end- jng Saturday: Norwegian tanker LONDON, Nov. Anle Kjode? tons; the authorities charged today that )9 lon liner Simon Germany's "unrestricted sea war- val ot hi( he mvsse fai-c" had sunk ships in the sers and lew we re still including nine (he steamer C.arica Mil- with apparent i( (i S70 lano sjm Sahmlny, (be losses were the Swedish Bor- 1.5S(i tons; the Haliaii Crazia. 5.875 tons. (This list did not include the the bottom and several others Lithuanian steamer Kaunas suiik were damaged but reached port ny a ne safely, over the week-end. Most a mO today that. 11 of the sinkings were in the North mo sl ivors of the Italian ship Sea, off the English coast and had been landed at a were attributed to mines sou lea st British port, making the past nine days. I that went down I loss of almost 200 lives over week-end. I Four British merchant vessels I and five neutral ships went to LONDON, Nov. Mayor Rossi of San Francisco-- has, warnings were sounded in a appealed to President Roosevelt to although in Berlin the Nazis de-; mim ber of survivors 2G. The nied that their mines could have mino exp 08 ion had killed five of Edwaid O'Haia, slain Chicago lu Scotland town today but settle West race track president, owed her jrerve.Ul munitions plants and celebration in his honor waterfront clear signals were given with-! dispute for which he held "the been responsible. I the Orazia's crew outright and 20 minutes. a great area of country east of pjarmed by the employees of the the The -other: -thfteej Phillips Petroleum Company. From trains, airplanes, busses and auto- steam plants would be in every section of the company's ter- Ohio. West Virginia and Perinsyt- ritory, covering ,33 states, special 1 The SC Lawrence Seaway' Hydro-Electric" development woiiiil be an important part of the system: The Daily land towns. It is believed Independent some time ago published an official re' port on. the Crab' Orchard-Big Muddy Valley development project which recommended a Big- Muddy river location two miles north of mobiles will employees of Carbondale shortly launch a campaign will for finances to carry its share in the exploitation of this area. The call for finances came from I $205.000, Mrs. Dorothy Hyland in i tiou of 13 -southern Illinois I)ein Si St. Louis charges suit pending iru United States District court action Chicago. Mrs. Hyland is widow oiylura plane was sighted. Martin I-Iyland. wealthy clog I LONDON, Nov. aiien. Bridges." Tlie sea wero nerna tno several more were believed miss-' track owner, who save O' Have hits start in racing. the company from the lowest in' Herrin last week after Herrin had rank to the highest executive subscribed approximately honor, their "Uncle Frank," as he for its Efhare. is affectionately known to them. The employees of the company are in sole charge of arrangements. the company has no parti- November 2S has been an the Bridge street bridge in Mur- i ojticial holiday by all divisions of physboro as the nation's best site'the Phillips Company. Tor of cheap' power. The report credited the Y.isti water supply from Crab Orchard lake, through the Big Muddy and clear from Kinkaid arid adjacency of the -site to the coal fields! It Iwas, announced that an airplane manufacturer hart asked for! DOO acres of land as an industrial! site somewhere near Crab Orchard i ooo i MURPHYSBORO DU QUOIN TIE RESTAURANTS MAY NOW SERVE of 150 I greatest commercial soa disaster tiiey the conflict. mines The British live lake but had-expressed a willingness to pay only $10 per acre. A' Anti-aircraft batteries went into'Bridges, above has worn out his! ideates since the start ot the ing when an enemy reconnnis-! welcome in. San Francisco, the wal- a period and, Br illsh authorities believed tlie i mayor said tne sinking o1 the Butch liner i ag ie oC minos meant thai, the Simon Bolivar with probable loss in been, having such a Ij-nirerattbatteries opened tiro to I nrc Iln i o( 15 Hves appeared to be lcan time rairtinK Rhi ppi nK that with" the appearance ot air REMAURAlNTS greatest commercial soa disaster ey esorle(i to dumping to lie soiilhoastcrn One or' more crnl't which eS til" WorW lr flcet lo 5hi ps struck the chains iho mines I Thames estau-irv the outskirts of' (charged that the Nazis were, hit them both sides. Capt FOR FIRST PLACE i 01U ani1 Essex Thera was no Word of Rullna Reaches Game.piacing free mines in the North; Rmidsen of the 11.10S ton air raid alarm. LONDON. Nov. Antiaircraft indiscriminately. Survivors of some of the ships ovo the 21st anniversary of believed the mines were RAnRlT AS FOOD the ln 'endpr of the Oerinan pairs, chained together, so lint "if nnwvii rw i.vvv. i Local -School Says Published Stor- of Ruling Reaches i Warden Harry Gearhart in Murphysboro batteries and airplanes land in the Crab Orchard vailed! ies Perry- County Team Wasi today off n. German airplane First Lutheran Church Reception an Enjoyable Ate i sells for around $40 per acre, to First Lack Basis of Fact as the cqmWneij advantages for acquire -such a site would cost! 'v Southern Illinois Inc. about $27,000 i By Chester Saturday in addition to the $9,000 the com-! afternoon by. a score of 20 to 19, Du Quoin moved into. a. tie for first with Murphysboro in which penetrated the greater Lon- d'on area, the air ministry announced. power. The Sunday 'An. interesting program -was' ieaturoil at the receptio'n held the First Lutheran church Sunday the Henning story in column 1.1 said- in part- I afternoon for all new members "The. New Dealers are about i received into the church during; ready to spring their latest plan 1 thls year 'for the extension of government jjmny pay for the site. mtlAM HILL SUNDAY NOON NEAiR GIANT CITY I Restaurants and hotels may now serve wild rabbit on their menus, to official, word reaching I Game Warden Harry Geavhavt ot Murphysboro. Warden Gearhart said he was. to the Miss Ethel Pager, organist, was ownership and operation of the electric power system of the country. a f00 million dollar project to. 1 create-a'government own ed arid; operated super-power griiU in charge of the musical part of the afternoon. Several selections were Eimg by the ladies quartet follow- which Ada Hodgson played a violin solo. A vocal solo was sung by Miss Lucille Quernheim. authorities. The constitution of the conference provides -that championships bo; awarded on census bureau announced j' I percentage basis, and on this lias-' yesterday appointment of 150 keyj is Du Quoin and Murphysboro are! "officials who will army tied. i of enumerators iu the decennial William W. Hill, of near glad to make the announcement rmidie "TtVlUr 1 the eas so many Cootls dis-i British trawler Wig- Jienseiw-had to S61 ve e( ihct dgwedish Steamer B. O. WASHINGTON Nov mfiy 'aiso (l.SSK) "-''hits -to stores-'oi; inalian steamer.Grazia Use ot the flesh 'of the rabbit jl.ithuahian steamer Kaunas 1 food is rbeing this I (1.521) ncrease in Jugoslavian steamer Carica Sea in violation ot international! steamer Canada, sunk last week, law. i raised another theory testifying The sinkings listed for the week-1 before a court of marine, inquiry end were: at Copenhagen. He belieicrt thp Probable Loss Canada had struck a magnetio of Life mine. The greatest disaster by far was 2 the sinking of the Dutch liuer Si- mou Bolivar Saturday. The British Collier Torcli- bearer (1,267 tons) British PensU'va (4.25S) (All Tanded safely) agency -lierev' 400 were onlv in the St. Louis and census next year. the The 8tate G.iant City (lied of pneumonia at his home Sunday noon. Deceased was a former Carbondale resident. He moved from Carbondale three years ago to the announced that the danger of "rab- in Cobden township in Un- en 0 were giv hW.would hook all lt ot the vani pr-iyate arid- public power prodii- and distributors east of the Atissisaippi into a vast' industrial power system; ostensible objective is the development of sufficient electric wer to operate at expanded ca- icity 24 hours a day the industries required to produce munitions for the army and navy in time of. war. Eliminates Some Plants. "The plan envisages the elimination of "obsolescent" private utility plants and fits into the Xew Deal program of forcing electric rates by government subsidized competition down to 1 cent tions" of the church. The program was given. by the organiza- clos.ed with consumers. The average rate is now cents. jCVm-e. "Whether legislation would bej necessary to authorize the undertaking is a matter for dispute. According to some of the ownership agitators the president already possesses the authority under his powers in the everyone singing "Bless be the Tie That were served to seventy-five, guests. The following committee had charge of the reception: Reception committee. H. 0. Pirikeldey and Mrs. H. A. Quernheim, chairmen, Mrs. J. A. Tuck: er. Mrs. Charles Dameron, J. L. Schrader, Leonard N. Sanders. Joe Williams and Homer Roberts. Refreshment committee: Mrs. Lucy Wild, Mrs. Charles Caplinger, chairmen, Mrs. Frank Boettner, Mrs. Albert Nicholas, Helen Huppert, Mrs. Roy Moore, Mrs. John Glasser, Mrs. Clara Mc- emergency he proclaimed last September. It would be necessary to go to congress, however, for the funds. "Inasmuch as the initial appropriation would be comparatively small, possibly not more than 25 isillion, and as the project would lie represented as a national defense measure, the New Dealers Legion Asks Keller to upport Dies 'Committee Si Members of the American Legion from Williamson and Franklin counties, in a joint meeting urged Congressman Keller to support the Dies committee investi- ion county. The body lay at t'he Huffman funeral home until 2. m. today, when it was removed to 41S South Fraham street, Carbondale. the- home of Zack Hill, a brother of the deceased. The Rev. Eaton will conduct funeral services Tuesday at 2 p. at the Jesus Only church on North Marion street Carbondale, following which burial will be in Oakland cemetery. Survivors are: the widow, Mrs. Pay mother, Mrs. Mary Hill, of Carbondale; brothers, Zack, John and Reuben Hill, all of Carbondale. The father, Mack Hill, died four years 1 ago. RECOMMEND U. S. PROJECT TO WORK 4,000,000 JOBLESS Nov. (UP) that continued unemployment during a war boom may lend to involvement in the European war, the American Commission recommended Youth today gating un-American that the Federal Government inau- Thelr resolution, in part, follows: Be it hereby resolved by the officers and members of the Franklin tvnd Williamson county councils of the American Legion in are confident that congress would i joint session assembled that our not refuse the grant. From Midwest to Atlantic. "The grid plan is the brain Representatice in Congress, the Hon. Kent Keller, be requested to give his whole-hearted and tin- child of Thomas R. Tate, an en- stinted support to the Hon. Con- gineer for the federal power commission, structibn It proposes the of a high-tension trie power transmission system, carrying 220,000 kilo volt amperes, stretching from Port Washington, the Illinois coal fields and the Tennessee valley 56 councilled to make every effort to the St. Lawrence valley andv to assist in obtaining the dismis- New England. "One steam tem would be.built in the Illinois c-oai region, probably in sentative Kent E. Keller's of the four government 1 Persons connected in any plants-to energize the sys- with any ad' trict at the south end of 0011 1 6881 311 Keller" be requested state The others would be -lb- cafed in Ohio West Virginia. gurate a special program of public works for 4,4000,000 jobless youth. The commsision, a non-governmental organization of industrialists and educators headed by Owen D. Young, said in a report that "not even a war boom" can supply jobs "vitally needed for the nation's vast reservoir cf unemp'hyed youth." The report urged the government to assist those who do not desire to continue school but who are unable to find 'jobs in private industry. "Some such action is imperative for the national welfare," the re-' port said, "because of the dangerous effect on American youth of prolonged and widespread unemployment, plus the strain of the present crisis." The commission continued that the army of unemployed youth presents an internal problem that also threatens the nation's neutrality. "The continued pressure of evise means to nave removed employment on youth, in the midst gressinan Martin Dies and entire committee, and to use every means available to assure the continuance of the Dies committee investigating un-American activities in our country today. And that Congressman Keller sal from government employment ing any ism except Americanism, regardless of rank or political affiliation of the employee; and that a Dallots tne name ot any fflnsyvana. An important unit, party advocating over the system, would be the of our ''epresentative form of government: io Piestsej of government: of a war boom, will add to the danger of drifting into active participation in the war," the commission added! Chicago papers this morning, ap- The appointees include men and bR fevej is remote 1 ut ed that! parently from Du Qu'oin, 'claiming Du Quoin was first, Chester' second, and Murphysboro third. who serve as area managers or assistant area man-, agers, at salaries ranging, from Milica (6,370) Dutcher liner Simon Bolivar all persons wear gloves when dress- British steamer Blackhill ing rabbits. jwere missing. children, 7 even babies, were among the 5'draggled survivors and also pie- Riiniably, among the dead Of the Ii250 who survived, 170 ware crowd! ed i'n the Great Eastern hotel, at 0, London; 41) were at Harwich: .17 at Dover Court and 14 at Col- ISO Chester. Many were badly injured. The other ships lost and their. have no foundation in fact;" the $175 to S350 -a month. About 50 opnn 1171711 CD school 1 Mr. ,1. H. additional assistant area managers (jfcKKALl) WtlLtK Ketriiig. principal at Carbondale. and secretary of the conference, are to be named. These will be tvained locally those selected laid this morning that according'yesterday, to the constitution Murphyabora'l A11 -but. of the appointees and Du Quoin were tied for first were brought to Washington for place. WAS ACCIDENTALLY KILLED SATURDAY (2.494) none There were some naval reports that several ot the ships were torpedoed but it was. generally believ- The final standings of the con-1 In intensive six weeks' training) the complex work of nation- W. L. T. Pet. fereiice for the football ide nose-counting. The remain- I ing 35 are regular employes of census bureau who have boen assigned to the larger metropolitan areas and to "open spots" direct from Washington. The training course provided schooling in the new questions tii be asked in the concerning an estimated people, 33.000,000 dwellings. 7,000.000 farms and 3,000.000 business concerns. are as follows: Murphysboro Du Quoin Chester Carbondale Anna Pinckneyville 1.000 1.000 .750 .400 .200 .000 A Du Quoin dispatch to the Independent today said: Du QUOIN, 111., Nov. dents today joined in a celebra- census area offices early in Delion of a 19-1S football victory Saturday over Chester school which gave Du Quoin the championship of the Southwestern Egyptian Conference; It iwas the school's first conference football championship. Chester was second in the fulfil standings and Murphysbovo third. cember and call in candidates for district district supervisor supervisor and for assistant i course Gen'ahl Francis Weiler. sou of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Weiler of St. Louis, former Carbondafe rssi- dents, was killed Saturday' when', a gun waa accidentally discharged, while he was duck hunting. He. is survived by his parents and a brother, Thomas J. Weiler. Funeral services will be held Tuesday morning at-Our Lady of Lourdes church following which! burial will be in Calvary cemetery. The father, Joseph C. Weiler, and two of his brothers operated a jewelry store in Carbondalp a number of years ago. casualties: The 1.5SG tosi Swedish ship Bo seven missing The 2,492 ton British ship Blacked that mines were responsible for hill possibly some of study and examinations. Each area manager will have supervision over from five to eight census district, and will train and i examine the force, which district supervisory I at the end ot the Funeral Services for Emanuel Weber Held This Afternoon most of the sinkings. The Torchbearer, the Pensilva, the Wigjtore. the Simon Bolivar and the Grazia all went down in a small area off the east coast ot 1 England. Eleven members of the crew of the Torchbearer were landed, it was announced later. Six were taken to hospitals. Two were still'missing. The .5.857 ion Italian ship Gratia; five unknown number, missing. Tlie G37 ton Jugoslav freighter Carlca Milica, fate of the crew unknown. The 1.530 ton Lithuanian steam-, er Taunas: one dead. British sources all ships LONDON, Nov. were sunk by German mines. In-" authorities today listed 14 ships i dignalion was reflected in this sunk' in the past nine days, most newspapers. The Daily of them by-mines in the Mail said: "Babies of the Bolivar Sea during the week-end with orphaned by Hitler, heavy loss of life. They believed'should stand by this child's bed- Germany's unrestricted sea fare had begun. The loss of the British collier ,1115 to the German leaders wlio Torchbearer and possibly nine of sunk ships bearing infants in its crew of 03. was reported this arms -When Germany is morning. It was the seventh i feated these villains should lie North Sea mine victim since Sat- destroyed." war- (showing injured The ly Express: "Humanity owes noth- urday. The list also included the (In Berlin. German newspapers said just as emphatically that the The championship team was cap- wi district offices. tained by Marion Dimaggio. who! Enumerators, clerks and other per- says he is a cousin of Joe Dimag-1 sonnel u.i British ship Veusilya, "sunk since and ihe Simon Bolivar struck a British 345-ton British ship Wigmore, not mine. Authorities said the 'German previously No further admiralty made an immediate in- detailS' df the loss' of these two vestigation and ascertained there were given. were no German mines where the Funeral services for Emanuel! Naval authorities that' Simon Bolivar went down, just oft said, British mines are so. the English coast, and that it was gio, -outfielder the champion New York baseball team. world's Yankees will be employed locally district supervisors. OFJMQUENCY SPRINGFIELD, Nov. Marvin W. Webb of Mounds nad Edgar Drake of Centralia have been appointed district supervisors for the state division The pro-Thanksgiving of delinquency prevention. State hsdd Sunday morning at the Direcor A. L. Bowen an- of Jacob were conducted this afternoon at the Crawshaw equipped that they are harmless funeral home at 2 o'clock with the i the mines were German, because, Thanksgiving Service at Bethel A. M. E. Church Sunday Well Attended A. E. church was well attended. Rev. J. M. Robinson is the local pastor. nounced today. Webb is a former county superintendent of in Pulaski degree in choir the Colp church and the' 1 clinical physchology in education Special music was sung by the J-county and holds local choir. I from Washington University, St. Prayer was given by Rev. A. C. Louis. Drake was recreation corn- Jones, pastor of the Colp church at Carbondale. Rev. William Lawton, pastor of the, Elkville 'church preached the morning sermon. missioner of, Centralia for ten years. He has worked with youths in the courts of New York State and in settlement houses of The" Colp choir composed of. EW York Cily. thirty-five voices and is directed Dr. Webb and will be sta- by Miss Virginia Davis, a talented i tioned in the fourth and fifth di- musician of this vision districts as organized by Members of the B. and I. club the Illinois County and Probate and the local pastor wish to thank Judges Fourth dis- the public for their splendid headquartes is at Normal, operation; '( fifth district at Carbondale; Rev. Luedke. officiating. Interment was made in the Zeigl" cemetery in Somerset township. Mr. Weber was born in Perry county, December 24, 1S61. He and Mrs. Weber" had been- residents of the Jacob area about fifty years. The deceased was a brother of impossible for any German mine to have drifted there.) after they break from their moorings. A week-end gale apparent-' ly had scattered German mines, driving them in on the. and the Danish and Belgian! coasts. But British said the mines in the shipping lanes were set deliberately, probably by German- submarines, and Charles Weber of West Walnut! had not drifted there. street of Murphysboro. His preceded him in death. DANIEL'S STORE AT ANNA BURNS SUNDAY Fire Sunday destroyed the Daniel Groceryx Co. store at Anna and damaged three other buildings, according to word to Fire Chief Albert Herring of Murphysboro. The origin of the fire was not explained. The Anna fire department did not ask for out of town department aid, the department (roiii the state hospital for the insane having responded. The property loss was not estimated. wife (In Hamburg, the newspaper Hamburger Tageblatt carried an article by A. Muerer, retired German Vice Admiral, suggesting that Germany throw its surface naval craft into war against British con- vOys, to assist German an'd U-boats, "because it's no longer a battle but a ruthlessly conducted commercial war which lias become the chief naval The ship losses were given as For the week ending last Saturday, the following British ships: 275, tons; Ponzauo, 1,346 tons; Ma'tra, 8,003 tons; Woodtown, 794 tons; Africa Shell, 706 ton's; Blackhill, 2,492 tons; Torchbearer, 1,267. tons; Wigmore, 345 tpns. Since the British Vensilva, 4,258 ton's. William Gale Died Early This Morning William Gale of near Jacob died at his home this morning, November 20. He was about sixty years age. The body will remain at thn Meyer Funeral Home until funeral arrangements are made and a complete obituary will appear in Tuesday's of the paper. M'RS. ROOSEVELT S.UGGESTS HOOVER HEAD AGENCY FOR' REFUGEE RELIEF WASHINGTON. Nov. Franklin D. Roosevelt suggested today that former President Herbert Hoo'ver head a centralized agency for relief of refugees and civilian war sufferers. Mrs. Roosevelt said that Mr. Hoover has more experience in such work than any other person and his activities during the World War brought universal commendation.

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