The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1938
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MAY M, 1938 BLYTHEVILUC (AliKJ COURIER NEWS WHERE BUYER AND CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line lor conxecu- dvc Insertions: One time per hue lOc Two limes per line per clay ...08c 1'hrce times j)cr lino per day ..Mu Elx times per lino per clay 05c Month rate per line GOe Cards of Thanhs EOc & 7ic Minimum cluircc DOC - Ads ordered lor three or six flnicE and stopped before expiration will be charged for Hie number of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- tWe of Ih ectty must, ue accompanied by cash, nates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time rale. No respoiiEibllity will be (akeu for more than one Incorrect Insertion of any classified nil. Poultry I'AGE FIV* nicodtcstccl Reds, Rocks, Leghorns, c-tc. 100-$ Heavy assorted $4.75. Prepaid live delivery. On- tnil Hatchery, Jefferson City, Mo, Top quality Ijloodtcsted purebred Reels, Baned Rocks, WliileRocks. Leghorns, 100-J6.TO. Heavy mixed —$5.15. Prepaid live delivery. Columbia Hntchery, Columbia,'Term.! Nice Fryers for sale. Highway (>!,' Mrs. Vida Oglesby Mutthcw:;. 1 H)cnc 10-F-S. l3-ck-(i-i:|l Business Directory Harry Hailey's CURVE IN CAFE Good Food at Good 1'rices FRESH U1VER Cat Fish EXl'ERT AUTO UEI'AIHS Garage operated by Floyd irargctt Cigarettes 2 for 2C,c HARRY BAILEY'S llollnmt, Mo. Phones S-F..J & jj78 WE BUY POULTRY Highest Market 1'rii'cs mid, J. W. JNJOORK 321 K. Main St. For Sale <!OU Ijii.sliPl.s good ear <-oni. some rotisdi cvpres.% (liiiionsimi lumber. U, Ci. Cautlill. phone 780 oi-JOT. M-d-.-lf Larijp Klondike- .strawberry phints. '10 cents per Jnindrcd, or S4.00 )ier 'I iKmuiid. Curtis 'Little, lli^i- Tomato anil pepper plants. ]] C st varieties. Reduced prices, iicntou's Home of Flowers, riione 1M. 12-ck-lO, Used Furniture WE BUY & SELL USED FURNITURE BUY NOW - - PAY NHXT FALL HUBBARD 2nd Hand Furniluro Next to GorT Hold Piano Tuning l-Iaiios timed and repaired~Cai! George Ford at Wade Fur«Hiire Co. Phono 155. 3 room unlurnislied Hparlnicnt. TO W. Walnut. MLss Elisc Moore. 21-ck-tf. Hardware t'secl Lrnni Mowers S2.50 up Uscfl Oil Cook Stoves S2.50 up Used Bicycles, S4.59 up AH in Fiiir Condition SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Coal & Ice My Cool Is Black But I Treat You While ICE LOCAL IIAULIiVG John .Buchanan Blj-theville, riione 107 Repairing LAWN MOWERS Sharpened & Repaired Bly. Machine Shop So. 2nd. Phone Shoe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop NK1V SAMPLE SHOES Everything 1'or Your Slices Phone 120 Free Delivery Aulo Parts USED AUTO PARTS For Fonl-(Jhcvro!ct-I']yni.)iil]i City Auto Parts Co. Next to Bus Station Citl 811 _Wanted To Buy S25CO Worlli nt USED 1''URN1TU1!K All niakrs Kadios Kcnaircil WAWH VURNITURK CO. 312 W. Main rhonc 155 Wallpaper ROOM f.OTS WALI.I'Al'ER $1.75 and Up E. C. Robinson UJMBER CO. Real Estate tJCKNSEI) REAL KSTA'fK UKOKKKS We-list I.Tim nml city Prnpfrty. If 5'wi would be a buyer or a seller, tec T !•; R re v AUSTKACT & REALTY CO. 2)3 \v. Walnut PJifljm 617 Personal Kirhy's TastcTcss mil TOHIC Conlalns More Quhiinr^Mort Iron Tfta RcwmmBrnt^d Trttbneal lar MALARIAL CHILLS and FEVEK 3IP FEVER—AGUE FEVEM At All Klrby D:cj stotei HEAL BAUGA1N - new national 2 lotal cash register. Cash $150. terms $175. Rustic Inn. U-ck-6-0 "PLUMBING Fixtures, pipe. (HUngs, all balh- accessories, valves, electric water systems for farmers, vviiler softeners, or any other item connected with plumbing or heating "Pete" The Plumber For Rent furuislied rooms. 713 chk'kasa l;n. E. M. Eaton. H-ck-tf Comforlalilc bcdroin, ion \Val- mit. Call 102. 2-cfc-lf Nicely funifehcd brdroom. Innerspring mattress. Miss Hall, nhonr 28 °. 18-ck-tl Wanted Want l« l:»y (coin or two. nf cheap ii]i:tr.s. Write curd lo J. O Rankin. Steelc. Mo. L-l-^k-lB In desirable section. 4 or 5 rooms (iirnislicd or uiilurnislicd. Bee Mr. Clark at, StcrliiiB'.s. ia-pk-16 Wanted To Rent By June 1st. fa'ni«|] imfiirnislied house. Prefer Central Schoo nistricl. I'lioiic BU2. . 10-ck-l Duriiip liis brilliant b.i.scl;all career. Uabe Kulli established 7b records. More than Imlf ol these records were accounted for by hi: specialty as a four-base hitler. 25,000 Holls of Wallpaper ROOM LOTS $1.09 up Most complete lino of I'nlnis and Wnllpaper in N. E. Ark. Dlvlliovilk- 1'aint it Wallpaper Co. lUlyllic.ville Owned A Olifiiitcdi Glciu-oe l)lil|f. I'liuiii-. KSI) MIIC Of ELECTRICAL Fixtures & _ Appliances Wiring WALPOLE'S "Tlic Coin|ilcle Electrical Store" 110 So, 2nd Vhone 311 I The Field of the Cloth ci Hold I Iwceu Henry Vlll ol linglnnd mid j was the scene of .111 interview be-1 Kiancoi:, [ nf France. AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY & NIGHT CALL 30 Holt Funeral Home SAVE MONEY ON Meats Groceries HIGHEST QUALITY GAINES MKT. 118 W. Main I'liunc 33 1935 Plymouth Sedan $195 <!u<jd Shape Nn Tunic 1931 Chevrolet Coupe $89 Huns <;oi)d (lomi 'I ires 1936 Chevrolet % Ton Pick-Up $275 Clean I.o\v MiltMi-c 1935 Chevrolet y z Ton Truck $165 1936 G. Itt'clya Ton Truck $375 J.oii« W. II., StilliC lliiili. liny. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. G. M. C. 'I'lUK'KS OLDSMOUtl.KS 3(17 K. Main Saks & Smia' ['hone ;|2U IS YOUR CAR READY R)K S AUor Winter Driving, your car n thorough youu; over to ann.-ct thoiic litlie ih'fcds which In llmn- Mjlves arc n result of Winter Orivliv,:. Let our expert mechanics lio this job. All work guaranteed. WU TKST YOUK licalves, Lights, Hiillfi-y, \Vlicul Ali^nmcMil PHELLIPS mm COMPANY 5lh ei Wiilinil . 1'hone SKI SEED Wu Imvt' on hand for sale or Irnde, for other products, Beans —Lnretlo. U e 1 s t a, Mummolll Iliosvii, Wilson and Vlrjlnlii 13roini. Pens-—Whips am! New Urn. Uwpcdezu — Korean. Col- Ion sccrt~L>. P. u ll-A ami Stoncvllli! -I-A, Will Mil for cash or truth with you for oilier klniLv of beans or cotton seed. I, R. Matthews Gin Co. Ti'l. ll-F-ll, \'arUri>, /»rkj«v:i.i I'utloii, CoUiiii S«i> i Coal Well-Known Fruit j CRESCENT Night Club The Home of G'oorf foorf HOT IMT iJAItHUaiK UUCCTHIC COOKHW STEAKS , Kltll'M) ailCKKN MU.HJC }\y (Icorye Ford's "All-Ilcum-sl" iiitnd t'uvcr Cli.irjfit 21k' [iirr IICIMIII For Reservations Call Holland 17 II. W. <•( Uullaml, Mt>. H01IIZONTAI, irictwcd'/iull 6 H grows 011 U'Cfs b( llic- genus • . JO To 12 Nay. 13 Cereal U Pulpit block. 17 Seed-bag. 18 Wing. 19 Aye. 21 Provided. 22 Golf teacher.' M Street. !M Hammer liendj. / 2Gnari(lpM clialr ISO 1'ccls. 32 Falsehood. TH Kxcusc. nUllcodictt gorf. '17 Perfuming ;o> it brunch, 1!) Volley. •10 Frost, bile. <1 Kmuroldcicd piece. •11 Public uulo. •14 Mortise tooth. 16 Manic. Answer to Frtviuus Punic •ID queer. !ifl Graiiu 53 To woo. '.it Behold I 56 Torpedo boat. 50 Myself. 60 It is a round w obloiut . trull. 81«., varies. 6211 Is llcshcd. VERTICAL 1 Lava. U Demonstration 3 Howe. •1 To permit. 5 Electric milt. 7 Work or skill. 8 Uneasiness. OThcrcfoic. 11 Angle's claw. 15 Musical note. 1C Animiativc vote. 17 A lypo of this fruit. '18 God of wnv. 20 E'orlltu. 22 It has ti Ihlii' .' 24 Appropriate. 25 Bang, 26 Wax stamp, 27 Ancient. US Responsible. 29 A favorite use of Ihis fruit is in 31 Entrance. 33 Tg ;idoni with pearls. 35 Sky color. 37 Hastened. 38 To lease. 41 Any. •VI To ascend. •l!i Malted. •lYHod. •10 I liuli mountain. 50 Indian. 51 Also. !>3 Jewel, 55 Hawaiian bird 5V South' Carolina. f>o Year. 59 Mister. •U.LKY OOP A Itose Wcnild Smell iis Sweet iTOA WELL, gftys- VEE.BUT HULLV HOWS THIS KK SOUTH BOUMDARY: 1 ; , „ • /I'V -•( UP A GOOD \ OME OVEU. JUST AA- MOLO . 1\ HAMLIN 5-14 HOOTS AND HF,R MOOTOOOVEULTHAT THAT'S \ LCXDKS JU5T ASSCODA WAME AS The majority C I Swiss people speak German. The "international language," Freucli, nins a close second. Wlini the Republic ol Piiiiiinia took a census in 1030. (lie Indians in Hut country were not counted. The trim "Eurasian" first was usrcl in lmli:i years ago to describe the child of ;1 Hindu motlicr and a Portuguese lather. SCREEN WORK AT A SAVING Hcrairiiij- & New Screens MADE FOR ALL PURPOSES Barksdale Mfg. Co. Piloitc 10 Gllc YARD Sand & Gravel Phone 70(1 The Ntnv OnttT «r Th HlOllM OM MY WOAV OOtR. 10 *>K®c. WOW i 6At AftOOT V\%R.&tVV^ HORACE-1 T>\\M\< WASH TUBBS~ SttMS -bo MMORAV TASK YOU fOR A BY EDUAR MARTIN OOtR. TO 6tt VOO •^"T" VW.S^^r ^ V ELECTRIC * AUETTT.ENV, WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co, Drs. Wert & Wcrt OriOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaaes' Stor* "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" Phone MO FOWLERDKIJG^CO YOUR I'RESCRIITION DRUGGIST I HAVE A-Wife AVID SIX KIDS TO SUPPORT. I'M. UP AGAIMST IT. iOST W>V WIGHT CUU9 TWO VEAR6 SORRY. HAVIN 1 PRETTV AGO, \\R.,TUBBS, AND I'VE [GOT TO FIND A JOB, TOU6H RIGHT KJOW MVSELF. 'JUST ANY KIMO OF A. JOB, M^R.TUBBS 1 . PU YOU DOM'T KNOVJVJHf., ,,. UKE TO BE OUT OF W)KK An Optimist . . I>M BT NEA SEBVICE. IHC. T H. REC, U. S. PlifToFF 1'KHAWl'i IIOT^ TROUBLE 'BUT I- I'LL FIND A PLACE FOR YA, aUDDiE. SURC- I WILL. TROUBLE WITH SLAUGHTER? WHY, HE'S THE OIRTV, THIEVIW6, / 6LAUKETV-BLAWKED 50 AND SO /WELL, WHO TOOK Uy CLUB! ,X WL'S NO . lnr ^iUNNK TAKE TWS'N' J5Y ROY CHANE THAT'S WHAT i -SAID, TOO, BUT you tnr v . BEAT HIM. I KWOW! I TRIED! WELL THANKS FOR THE JOB, PAt, BUT 16UESS JT VJOULOM'T V./VST >-OMS ENOUGH'TO BE \ WORTHWHILE. , - I''RI:CK1,KS AND HIS Main 1st I'honc lit Bulgarian Buttermilk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy •TRECKLES HAS SPENT M<i,Mr , HOURS AT THE HOWE OF MOM'S JAPANESE V£6ETA6LE PEDDLER, ANDHCW-- r WMAT'S pf?ECK DO!M' HOME ALL TU TIME ? ME NEVER GOES OUT ME JUST STAYS tM MIS POO\A ! DOESM'T ME WAMT PEOPLf TO SEE THE SMIMEK DUD WANGLE GAVE MlKA = The Comiueror J JUST [ YOU MEAM MEARD 1 THAT THAT " j BEAUTIFUL DOLORC5 \ WOVl£ STAR ? DRECW .) WELL, WE'D IS IN lOWN .' BETTER FRtCK MEr \TELL HIW f ME.R IN I BUT, MCLLYWOOO/ / LI5TEM—- BY MBIUUI.L WLOSSER" WHAT IM THE WORLD IS HE OOIMQ U' TMERE Me's SURE , MAKIN' A RACKET.' SOUNDS LIKE ME'S PLAYING BEAN BA& WITH AM ANVIL' ANQ.TME NEXT TIME ^ou ^~^ MAKE A PASS AT ME , MP. WANGLE I'M APT TO TEAR OFF YOUR ARM AMD BEAT You OVER TUG HEAD WITH IT '

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