The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 6, 1921 · Page 75
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The Philadelphia Inquirer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania · Page 75

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 6, 1921
Page 75
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THE PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, SUNDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 6, 1921 i I Has No Idea of Returning- to Screen Though movie fans are lamenting, the devotees of the speaking stage may, yith propriety, quote the good old saw that it is an ill wind which blows no one good. For Robert Warwick, idol not merely of giggling matinee girls, but also of people who appreciate fine acting, has returned to the speaking stage. However, Mr. Warwick has given the screen many splendid characterizations, and the reel world ought in fairness to surrender him now with good grace to the "legitimate." This week will mark the second"week rf Mr. Warwick's engagement in Philadelphia in the Messrs. Shubert spectacular drama, "In the Night Watch," in which he is appearing in person at the Walnut Street Theatre. Those who have adoiired his work in the films are flocking in thousands to see him as Captain De Corlaix, of the French Navy, in this remarkable dramatic spectacle. Referring to' the well-known star as "Mr. Warwick." is not quite fair. For he is really Major Warwick of the U. S. Army. He served with distinction during the war on the staff of General I'ershing. S?t you see his present vehicle, treating in realistic manner of the alarms of war. is most appropriate. In his dressing-room at the Walnut Street Theatre, Major Warwick recently discussed his future plans. He does not contemplate a return to the screen immediately, and with good reason. For General Lew Wallace's great novel of Aztec life, "The Fair God." is being dramatized for him, and in the stellar role he will open after the Chicago run of "In the Night Watch" at the Shubert-Century Theatre, New York City. While he himself modestly pooh-poohs the idea, critics ( Vm ft Aitnive rsaiy tgfiBEBBMK MAGNIFICENT ANNUAL CHRYSANTHEMUM SHOW IN THE LOBBY, SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY FEATURE! AMERICA'S PREMIERE AND PHILADELPHIA'S OWN MARVEL, OF THE DANCE CLAYTOPI PRESENTING A DANCING FLATLET PART 1 -THE BOX "THE BOX PARTY" PART 2 THE PARTY WITH . ' ci;y and pearl mercer and james MAGUEY ani TEMPLETON THE VERSATILE SEXTETTE AARONSON, DALLESANDRO. HAMILTON, HTDE, LENZ. KAHN P'liTffl by B-t Frenrh. Lyrics by Joe Younsr and Sam- Tewis, Music by Harry Akst basil LYNN & SMYTHE WM DAISY NELLIS In "A RACKY CONVERSATION" ' American Pianist of Distinction BROADWAY'S FAVORITE JUVENILE RAY RAYMOND & MELODY CHARMERS IN A CONCEPTION OP VOCAL AND INSTRUMENT A T, MUSIC RAYMOND BOND With Eleanor" M 'srnriv.on ;a "Remnants' Ed FOLEY & LETURE-Le. Mwiral Comfdy Dlvfrtissements NIOBE AMERICA'S AQUATIC MARVEL FOUR AMERICAN ACES. SENSATIONAL CASTING EXHIBITION AESOP'S FABLES PATHE NEWS TOPICS OF THE DAY AJrj extra added attractions THE MUSICAL COMEDY AND MOTION-PICTURE STAR EXIKA ADDED ATTRACTION with BEATRICE CURTIS In & New Skit by William Collier and Harry Fox. Entitled "INTERRUPTIONS" Matinee iExrvpt Saturday and Holiday). 10OO Balcony Seats. 30c: 1000 Orrtientrm Sects, (56c, Including Tax. Eveninss: Entire FirHt Balcony, 55c; Entire Second Balcony, SOc; Orchestra Seats, SI. 10 and $150, Includinc Tax. 2 Shows Daily, 2 and 8 P. M. Seats One Week in Advance Phone Filbert 33o are already commenting upon the suitability of the niece to Maior'c dramatic talents, and are predicting one or tne successes or ms career. Wanted to Meet Him Emily (as liner nears New York) "It is delightful to feel that one is sol srhr. to sieht Sandy 1 Hook this afternoon." . Dora "Shall we? How delightful! Don't tell me which he is. I tan always pick a Scotsman out of a hundred." AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS 12? isss NIXON'S H, u.,d and 31 on tor ornery, S:15, 7 A 9 T. O. Nlxon-Mrdlinirer, Gen. Mgr. BOB PENDER TROUPE t'OMKDIANS. DANCERS, ATHLETES GEORGE & RAE PERRY BOB FERNS &-CO. NORWOOD HAI L I THE WHEKLKBS AKSOP'S FAPI.rS- lOi'US OF THE IY I PATHE NKW8 C i 1 M I E MONDAY' ROBERTSON-COLE "INDEPENDENCE" WEEK h all & J1 4 a. GERMANTOWN AVE. AT VF.N AN GO IVilly, 2:30 and 7 and 0 P. M. "Mdjr, Tuesday ,,,"Hir',-'y Marguerite Qark in 'SCRAMBLED WIVES' ' j-t. Frid-- & I-;T.rd!y Yilliam S. Hart in "Three-Word Brand" 52I NTKEET BEI MARKET Daily at 2:18. 7 and 9 F. U. Nixon-Ktrditeser. Mrr. 5 BIG T1MK ACTS Mignonette Kokin and Two Cousins In "The Future of the Ad" Lewis Si Doily: Ramri, SenaatSoml VWln!tj Himr DeVora Trie; La Don & Rekmant and T. Rot Ha mm In "S Mr Lwrer" NEXT WEEK 11TH ANNIVERSARY WEEK ROBERTSON-COLE "INDEPENDENCE" WEEK ALL WKEK ATS- 1:80 EVGS-- 6:30 T0 M J fJfc Hv shb frwTTSCT THE HTSSINO t'iV ' 3dg tJ? LASH UPON Hlfv SHOULDERS W 0 4 :3 f$ AND THE ST1NQ KILLED ti? TOB BHiri'H! JM HTM AND AWOKE HIS MANHOOD. 1 A STOBT OF UNDYING LOVE---A OUL RECLAT34ED 1 ROBERTSON-COLE "INDEPENDENCE" WEEK tM t 41t & Lancaster AT. , Mom.. Tnen. DAVID POWELL In cSecutcA ArnaV r-V I the princess of new york H Wd, Thnra. Ethl gayton, "BEYOND" Fri. Sat. "THE JOURNErS END" ,l HT. ABOVK MAKKET Mob., T Wed. JLJ BOKHARA CASTM5TON. MfvrAi'R LOVE "SHAMS OF , SOCIETY" . Fri.. So. THE JAP "BLACK ROSES" TrTOarl Mon.. Tms.. WeA. J. C. MKX1WAV, CATHERINE CLTFFOBD ta "COLD STEEL" Thurs.. FV . B 1 PAULINE STAKK in 'THE FORGOTTEN WOMAN" 2 ROBERTSON-COLE "INDEPENDENCE- WEEK I MARKfeT tT. It. 591 fa Si 60th Mon.. Tnes. SESSUE HAYAKAWA "Where Light Are Low" W. Dons-las Falrbcuika la "Where Reggie Mixes In" tw,.. Fri. MaJa Kennedy in "Mary, Be Carefnl" Sat., M. Railiii, "ast Lynn" POTH AND CEDAR AVE. Moo., Tnrti. Constance Talmadge "Up the Road With Sally'.. Thomas Meighaa ""Cappy Ricks" ETHEL CLAYTON , in "BEYOND" ROBERTSON-COLE "INDEPENDENCE" WEEK Wff..n.l.wp,... PIphiladelphis foremost theatres R3 Broad Below Locust TKANK NIKDLINGER. Business Manarer 2 WEEKS ONLY BECINNING Tomorrow Night EVENINGS AT 8.15. MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AT 2.15 DO YOU REMEMBER The fun and heart throhn of "Turn to the Kipht" and "3 Wise Fools," whirh John Golden sent to Philadelphia., and "Lijrhtnin" and "The First Year." which you probably saw in New York? All these, plus Miss I Kue's sonirs. you'll find in this heart-warmin jc comedy. INV GPAC JOHN GOLDEN TES YOU TO MEET Z HALE HAMILTON IN AN OPTIMISTIC COMEDY WITH SONGS" &Y HALE HAMILTON 'end 'LUTHER REED th1toi1Iectiodn of WINCH ELL SMITH 6 MONTHS' NEW YORK-5 M0NTHS,N CHICAGO OCI6INAL CAST INTACT Prices All Nights, 50c to $2.50. Sat. Mat., 50c to $2 ' Popular Wednesday Matinee, 50c to $1.50 SEATS FOR THE LAST WEEK ON" SALE THURSDAY HT1 at 8.15 Broad and Snnsom Streets THOMAS AI. lOVK, Bus. Mgr. Tomorrow Evg. Two Weeks Only MATINEES WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY 50c TO $2.50 NO HIGHER r' iWWWInfX iii. J"liif i uiuiaw! 11111 miu...rv STAGED BY EDWARD ROYCE with RAYMOND HITCHCOCK. FANNY RRICE. VAN & SCHENCK, RAY DOOL.KY. MARY EATON. W. n. FIKLDS. FLORENCE O'DENISHAWN. MARY MILBL'EN. MARY LEWIS. O' DON NELL & BLAIR. JOHN CLARKE, AND THE USUAL, ZIEGFELD FOLLIES BEAUTY CHORUS - SEATS FOR THE LAST WEEK ON SALE THURSDAY IT TOMORROW NIGHT SAMX MXOS-.MRBLISGEB Business Manager EVES., 77c to $2.50 WED. & SAT. MATS., 77c to $2 DISTINCTIVE IN ITS APPEAL TO THE VARIED TASTES OF PLAYGOERS SAMU HARRIS preseafs and liIi ORe SEASON'S COMEDY SUCCESS By RIDA JOHNSON yOUNG STAGiTO By SAM FORREST I -i V It , fill 11 IK! xvw EXCELLENT SUPP0&TWG CAST' Smart-VVholesome - SNAPPy. A PiAy of Sheer Delight 312 TJMFS AT THE PLyMOUTH TKEATRe. NEW yORK SEATS FOR THE SKCOND WEEK ON SALE 'THURSDAY FOB BENEFITS AT THE BROAD, FORREST AND GARRICK THEATRES. APPLY AT THE GENERAL, OFFICE. BROAD STREET THEATRE THEATRE I o H i 5 MATS. OS NMTS'815 tlOHWED-SAT- 2S A Master Band of Merrymakers EMUETT J. WELCH CHARLES BOTDE5 RICHARD LEE JOHN LEMUELS JAMES WARD BENNTE FRA1TKU3T HARRY PATTER SOIT HAPPY THOMPSON . CARL ASHWOOD ARTHUR FIELDS ' BILLY SHELDON LESLIE LA MAR DAVE BARNES THIS WEEK ONLY of - the Screaming Sensation OVER THE HILLS TO MANAYUNK The Funniest Farce in the history of Minstrel Ttqr1yqti. Brilliant Bits of Snappy Satire Hello! Telephone Twists Satan Up-to-Date Side Walks of Market Street a AROUND THE PEACE TABLE TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY, R0XB0R0UGH & MANAYUNK NIGHTS Seats now ThanksyH-ing Matinee and yijrht ARRANGEMENTS CAN NOW BE MADE FOR BENEFITS. PHONE WALNUT 776T I I li - - ' - tamlbydmpamtofAmmmA Theatre VAUDEVILLE 1 JL'NIPER & MARKET STREETS Continuous. 11 A. M. to 11 P. M. 0YO0 KNOW r mmmmmmmmmmmm,' "l31!jvi-ii i mail i ami i i- r- - - o ' mm " " i i 10-ACTS-lO THE BIGGEST AND BEST VAUDEVILLE SHOW IN THE CITY AT LITTLE PRICES THIS WEEK'S HEADL1NER THE POPULAR MOTION PICTURE STAR EDWIN AUGUST (IN PERSON) AND COMPANY In an original sketch replete with skillful actine. EXTRA ADDED ATTRACTION A Unique Novelty Four Musketeers Presenting "Somewhere in France" OTHER ACTS WORTH WHILE PRICES 11 to 1 20c, 30c, 40c After 1 P. M. , . - .25c, 35c, 50c . (Including Tax) p" BELOW OOUl SPRUCE Woodltnd Ave. at 62d St. NORMA TAX MADGE ORIENT MAT MacAVOT in ta g &ura on the Door" 1 Vvlljll A "A PRIVATE SCANDAi" mm BROAD AND SNYDER AVE. AT 2.156.45 AND 9 P. M. MONDAY. TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY A GORGEOUS EDITION OF MAIDS AND MELODIES "YE SONG SHOP" With WARREN JACKSON and HAROLD WHALE N OTHER WORTH-WHILE ACTS AND NORMA TALMADGE IN HER LATEST PICTURE "THE SIGN ON THE DOOR" A FIRST NATIONAL ATTRACTION BILL CHANGED THURSDAY FRANKFORD AVE. & ALLEGHENY World's Larsest Vaudeville Theatre 5 ACTS DIVERSIFIED AND ENTERTAINING STARS RECORD AN IMPROMPTU REHEARSAL BARNES &W00LSEY PRESENTING 'TAILOR-MADE' JANE O'ROURKE & CO. Comedy Playlet. "NEARLY MARRIED" DunhamJc O'Malley COMEtiY. SONGS AND CHATTER Alexander Mi . ano & Co. SENSATIONAL TOWER NOVELTY A PARAMOUNT PICTURE Yiluam&hAKT I nrcc Word Brand JANE 50TAK IS TN CAST CSOSSBEiS MARKET ST. BELOW 60TH This Entire Week A VAUDEVILLE NOVELTY SUPREME COMPLETE STUDIO ON STAGE ACTUAL SCENES TAKEN IN VIEW OF AUDIENCE MADDKRN and WARD. Directors OTHER ACTS WORTH WHILE 12TH AND MORRIS STREETS A SURE CURE FOR THE BLUES "DOCTOR JOY'S SANATORIUM" MEDICINES INCLUDE COMEDY, SONGS. DANCES AND PRETTY G TILLS A MKTttO PICTURE 'HEARTS ARE TRUMPS' WITH ALLr-STAR CAST Added "Hope Diamond Mystery" (No. 6) BENN ' 6ltTT78o1&nsdoir?n "AT THE END OF THE WORLn" All 62I AND THOMPSON A.DOIIO CONSTANCE TALMADGE in 'vr'V'V' "MAMMA'S AfFAiR" PHOTOPLAIS PHOTOPUYS PHOTOPLAYS 11 A. M. TO 11 IP. M. . 11 A. M. TO 11 P. M. MARKET AT NINETEENTH CTKST NATIONAL PRESENTS THE STAR TIIE WHOLE WORLD IS TALKING ABoVt 0 Actixm! ' Thrills! Drama! Ly:e! Spectacle! 'AS THE WILD DESERT DANCER IN THE ' TALK OF TWO CONTINENTS " A Y071der Citj Re-created! G-reat Cant Thousands of Auxiliaries The master-work of Ernst Lubitsch, the great director who created "PASSION' wr ... PRESENTED WITH ELABORATE PROLOGUE. SINGING. DANCING. SPECIAL MUSIC. SCENE: BAGDAD AT NIGHT. NEXT WEEK, TWO EXTRAORDINARY ATTRACTIONS VICTOR HERBERT GLORIA SW ANSON PERSONALLY DIRECTS ORCHESTRA ' , In "l.NDER THE LASH" MARKET STREET ABOVE 16TH MARKET STREET ABOVE 16T1I AT ll.ftt.3ft 3.30 7.30 AND 9.3Q. PRICES: DAILY. 35c AND r.O-: VVFXTXGS AND SAT. MAT.. 50o AND 75c HELD OVER FOR SIXTH WEEK TO ACCOMMODATE CAPACITY CROWDS Nothing Like the Success of This William Fox Wonder Play Ever Known in the Photoplay World COMING he love . wnrlA "has pverk Sa k A. UOJjQEOUS fcj Spectacle " CHESTNUT BELOW 16TH 10 A. -M. xu 11 1 . flrl. il ii mm m W Sit FIRST PHILADELPHIA PRESENTATION 111V -THE,, 3 i ii ii ii Adapted from the well-Lnomi play of the same name, by GRAHAM MOFFATT si tit St? 1 1 JJKK t 1 IT ' 1 r- 10 A. M. TO 11.15 P.- M. BARKER'S 1 KATHARINE V-r :' 'f. ' , B MEWUM BURT i. t- jT B In tlu ennt ar: Panllne H Starke, Russell Simpson and Mary Alden 1214 MARKET STREET 10 A. JI. TO 11 P. M. A PARAMOUNT PICTURE ELSIE FERGUSON IN FIItST PRESENTATION OF THE SONG of SONGS Th phofoplar Js adapted br Charieii Uiirim fmn tn Rtace rilar by Edward Sheldon. When prwsentcd on the Breaking ataee caoxi'd a sensation. The film yer-aion is a decided elaboratlcm. CAPITOL 724 MARKET STREET J5ELZNICK PRESENTS EUGENE O'BRIEN IN A NEW PICTURE "Is Life Worth Living" REGENT MARKET BELOW 17TH A NEW PARAMOUNT PICTURE "DANGEROUS VLIES With DAVID POWELL 9t 333 Market St Theatre Mon., Tues, Wed. HOBART CUP OF LIFE" WOQBIA MARKET ST. ABOVE 9TH 9 A.M. TO 11 P. M. v A DRAMATIC AMERICAN PPiO INSPIRED BY THE BRUSH OF FCEDEBIC CEMINOTON THRILLING "! TOUCHING ! ! INSPIRING ! ! ! COLONIAL CKRMANTOWN & CHELTKN AVKS. Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday Constance Talraadge in "lj:ssoxs in IXVK" Thursday. Friday and Sa tarda y WM. S. HART and JA?TE NOVAK ta "Three-Word Brand" Ik T THE OK HAT "Jk T Northern KEOAD A ERIE AVENUE BERT LYTELL In "THE MAN WHO" Tb tit way. Friday and Sarnrdsy BEBE DANIELS J!fPpD IMPERIAL WALNUT AT W0T1I STRKKT "THE WOMAN HOUSE 1018 MARKET 8TREET BUCK JONLS in "TO A FINISH" Germantown 8c Tulpehocken Princess lVia.ltO NORMA TALMADGE in ithf RiaK OH THE IOQR" RUBY Empress MARKET ST. below 7TH SESSUE HAYAKAWA in 'THE JFIRST BORN'' MAINS T .1 M AN A TTJ KK ELSIE FERGUSON in "FOOTLIGHTS" Family MARKET PT.. abnv 'EXPERIENCE" Savoy 1211 MARKET STREET VIOLA DANA li 'LIFE'S DARN FUNNTf ' I i

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