The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1931
Page 3
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1931 BI.VTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COUHIER NEWS PARE THRKL Rainclle Weinberg =. Best Liked Girl at Osceola Hi<>;li ° John Gilbert Clicks Again After Throe Film Failures ___ OECEOLA. Ark.— nutiHlo Wrln-j berg Is the best liked Birl andCKr- 1 don Hampton ts (he best liked t?v in the Osceola hlqh school. ncconl- ing to the annual Who's Who co:i- l?st conducted rccsnllv. Oordr' : Hampton ',s ftls3 the handsomest ] boy in school. Nina Oliver h t!i^ ; prettiest ?irl, Louise Halt! the m-s! . popular girl and Gentries ROSD the, mot intellectual. [ Other contest \vlmiois are as fo!- | lev;-- cuten airl. Nina Oliver: cut- 1 f-: boy, Ab? Nickols: neitest °irl, i Imogeiie Hosers: nratrst boy, Goi- <tr:n Hamilton: best all roun-J Kirl > Ramelle Wehibern; best all round 1 brv, Abe Nickols: m-wi rnv.lh:!-! I srirll Beatrice Rose; most sludkn:*. | boy! .Toe Bowcn; most intcHectunl : bey] Jo? Bowcn: 'most popular bDy. ! Gordon Hampton; best - nalured i girl: Rose Rubenslein; best nsitiir- ! eel boy. Gordon . llamolon; nr_'sr j original eirl. Rti'-h GoHberg; tin*; 1 C";lginal boy, Douglas Rose: pree'v I til freshman, Vets Mac M-ivft: • widest senior. Beatrice Ro?e; bud-' est girl, Nell Turner; loudest \>iv \ Mi>tv!n Lapldes: quietest girl. CD-' rinne Welch; quietest bov. Ncljin S Sscroves; most bashful girl, Hebn Toole; most bashful bov. N»l;in ! '^egraves: woman hater, Bob Dean; man hater. Mary J. McGregor: wittiest- pirl. Ro*n Rubinstein; 'wit- 1 fiest boy, Ab? Nickols; inosl polite ' Sir], Ramello Weinbern; inc=l pnllt? boy, Gordon Hampton. John Gilbert, rijlil.'and Louis Wclheim, man's Fatf." in a scene from "Genlle- IIAKIUSON'S IUUTH On Keo. i), 1173, William Henry HairLson, ninth president of the United States, was born In Vlr- giiila. the son ot llrnjnmin Harrl- ECII, who slgr<?d ihe Dwluration ot Independence. At it William Joined the army which Wayne was leading the Indians cf the noriluvc-st und served lor sevon years Three ! years later he became governor of ; Indiana territory, and, us its rep- icscniiitlvc in Congi.jss, succced- i rd in puiiinf a law relating to the ' .sate ol lederal land !n sectlcns or • ]..irts of .=ectlciis. To (his act the ' western stalls owe much of their prosperity. I In the war against the Indians in 1B11, which SODII became also a war against the l^isltsh in Canada, Harrison, as ccmmaniler-ln- ! chief cf the Amcilcan army, show-j ! sd c'cnL military la'.;nt. He do-| j fen led (he Indlaiib in an linu-.rt-i an, buttle at Tippe;anoe. und , by the victory uf I'erry on Lako Erie, was enabled to pursue the | British Invaders into Canada. I where, in 1813, he totally routed I llie:i! in Ihe battle of Thames. BY DAN THOMAS I" 1B1U he was elected to Con! ure.'s. made a senator in 1825 and elected prciWcnt in 1840. He died Hcllywo-.d.—This is no ordinary ' review ol a motion picture but ] rather the story of R man who came back. Tin: man is John Gilbert ; It hasn't been so many moor.s ago that Jack was ranked as the [M'ealcFt of Ecrcen lovers. Then these "dreadful" talkies came along [ arc responsible for the film being In I8ll ufier serving but one what it Is. And th,?y also arc re- r.ncnlh. sponsible for Jack being what lie! is. Same months ago we stated! Hint Le Roy \vas potentially on-v of our best dii'ectors."Gentleman'si Fate" removes that word "potent!-i ally." The story Is a gangster yarn that opens witii Jack a gentleman of Mr. anrt Mrs. S. L. Glailisli Fridav i>v->ni»r <>nterfnlnp<I the Os- c*ola-Luxora Five Huir.lrcd club at their rouutrv i'o'n 0 vest <-f Os"' —at least "hey v:er3 dreadful to j leisure and closes with him dying • Jack. You all know what happen- j from a gangsters bullet. Jack be- j td then. Gilbert made three talk- licves hlmr,?lf to be a wealthy tes, all of them "flops." And the j orphan and as such he b2comes movie world said that 1» was|f-ngaged to Leila Hyams, daughter BY SISTEK MAHY -.hrcugli. I of a socially prominent family. In some sections of the country GclsSlO.OCC a W«k ' Just as they complete th?ir mar- quite remote from the sea co.isl, Evfn Melro-GolUwyn-Maycr of-j rlagc plans, however, his lawyer, the drinking water, vegetable. 1 : ami SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN r'<jh p^emb n rs nre.vnl i and Mrs. .1. p. Hixrm of Tnnell. •Mrs. C. L. Drak". I oin<- nualln^v Dr. and M'-s. \v. .1. Phed'Hu and M' :>nd Mrs. M. V,'. Sheddan. llt"h s^ore Hub i>ri?,cs w^rn wnn hv Mrs. Ren F. Butl»r nf Oic-">la and Russell Bowen nf Tjuvnra. 0. botl lunc game. "" i Tidal?, who have been paying Gil-! and guardian tells him that his ] grains are so devoid of iodine as to Albert flO.OCD every wrok despite tha' father is dying in Jersey City and i result ill n widespread tendency to'•> pcor success of his pictures, were I is asking for him. Although sur-1 ward goiter. becoming more than a little wor-'. pris?u. Jack goes to his father and I Since the prevention of goiter Is ricd about their million dollar in- .' ?arnr, that he anrt hi£ brother are ; primarily a nutrition problem >estiv.:nt. Bui that Is in the past. The sun is shining on the M-G-M lot and Mrs ! nn(1 in oilbert ' s heart. He Is R sue ! the other night, proves that. This picture is good entertain- mr.-nt and improves without a doubt with the proper stories, the Mrs. P. p. Jacobs was lrste?<; Friday afternoon In the two (able, . btidce club to which she belongs! lnat Windover Terrace. " her^'count'^ | t!lc P r °PJ r < " rMtor J , aclk ," ot home south of Osceola. An after-1 can bo but is a gnad talking k *«m at contract bridge followed i tljre 5lar ' „,. ,. _ Its luncheon with hiah score prbv I l '~ K °> " Ins lame ' ?°° '"' ' -Mrs. J. L. Ward. Mrs. W. heads of a gang of rum runners. I home-makers arc especially inter- Kills Hijacker csted in leads which are rich Leila learns of Jack's identity. I iodine. The only foods that con- caUs off their marriage and goes significant quantities of Iodine arc foods from the sea. The sea- away. Jack joins his brother in ninning .booze from Canada. In'moss, or Irish moss as it Is someone scrap with hijackers he kills i times ca | le .| ls said to hiwc lhe a man who is just about to shoot i lieliest col , tent of i or | ine of M thc his brotl-r but later is killed him- :occnn f(B:| |)roducts ! tis also [hc self-while trying to save Anita; d , C!l p eit . j!lpal , ese crilb vtlte r-aon. who had been the sweet- am , ncst mm lobslcr dams alld only pic- "Geiitleman's Fate" dees heart of the gangster he killed- Louis Wilheim, as Jack's brother, is outstanding in the film but even he does not detract from Oilbert's good work Leila Hyams and Anita. oysteis. It is interesting to note that thcsr contain from 20 to nearly 300 times as much iodine some of the most common [resl Page also give excellent accounts :™ er r f •**>?"»> has about twice or themelm. as do John Miljan, « '"«f' »d'|» « ^ nyat com- trfe club '"members present. High Huahey was a guest. Ihc rival gang; leader, and Marie of Jack's Mrs.! -J. B. Bimn of Osceola. Junior Grand D r -acon of the Arkan c is Mflsrnie. Lodee, represented the prand lodeo at a meeMng of Ma- s-tis In Hornersville, Mo.. Fridav evening. The lodges of Missouri fnrt Tennessee were represented by their rspctive Grand Masters. 'Mr; more too. It also! Prevost, a pl'jcW MeYvyrt Le Roy definitely] If ever a box office picture was i.inoii3 the ace directors in the i made, this should be one. But the business. LeRoy and Irving Thai-1 main tiling ab-ut it Is that il es-. ' >rr. who hnd cense enough to .sur-' tablishes Jack Gilbert as a success-] round Gilbert with a strong cast, fnl talking picture actor. j Prom this we see thai the shell fish are richer sources o Sea Feed Is Important However, shsl! fish usually ar. V.I:; expensive and must be re Eirdcd as luxuries by most peopi Hvins fir Inland. Ths canned am as the shipped Among Notables at New. York Ball The evils of .stream 1 pclliidnn :ne Ixmn; jil!cd' up wltli niun;:liii; rapidlly. The denieincnt of our waters, fur from being mere- j ly n case of damage to nqimllc life and a limitation of recreational facilities, is recognized by health boards as a genuine menace lo human life. Many of the lakes, 'tieuuts ami rhers which arc now foul with mnnufactiirlng nnd uiu- n!['i]ml wastes, can be brought back t' the S'.ime crystalline purity that they knew In (he dnys of Mar- fl'.iettc, DC Roto and Iji Salle. Ttio lj>a';i!r lias led and continues to lead the way in opposing thc prelims of pollution, and In Imtilut- iim measLit,?s for its correction. The League Is prescnvlncr scenery and protecting natural beauty pitninsl Mindallsm and tlcslrucllon. After all, ihc bounty of the wilderness Is n national asset. Its moral value cannot be questioned. Its physical value is bcyonil price. DIAMOND WKAI.TH IN U- S. NEW YORK, (UP) — Diamonds valued at HOOO.OOC.OOD a;-.-; 'wncd • In the United States, according to n survey of an insurance company. The per capita wealth of diamonds public for the average family 52 DO. is about AMERICAN WATCHES TESTED WASHINGTON, (UP)—The Bureau of Standards tested thousands of watches last year, and after weeks of scientific obrm'atl-n, granted certificates of excellence when deserved. Lt was found that American made watches have greatly Improved in recent years. Has Your Back Given Out? L" NKAKI.Y DONE KOUE, Japnn, lUP)—Works ot| nl^vaiinir the tracks of the main! line of the Imperial Railways thru' Kobe a distance of seven miles, wlil be comnlctci! In October, at' n cost og $17,000.000.. Millions ot uariL-ls 01 cement have been used.I iuerit among llio guosts at llm Old (iunrd lit-'.l hi Now York recMtly were Rcnr Admiral l.oiib H. DC iileiBCur, commandant ni the Third Naval District, New York, and Mrs. John Ilranham, o( tfasbTllle, T?nn., both shown aliovo. Admiral Do Stetrjciir, v/ho formerly itaa captain of tlio navy yard at Norfolk, Vn.. will bn ;irosi- 4*ut ol.Uu court which will hear tlio courl-marlkv. ir^' ••{ Qoscral t'-i-iedley liutler. THE (^LL o/>TnE OUTDOORS I E AD COLDS Mrlt in boiling water and fahiZa vapors; alio tnuff up a<Mt, iff MltllON JARS USED YEARLY Glfti To Constrvatlon '• quest is Up. to. this, time, the chief out-: eveiyone all-inclusive, benefiting within thc Held of Its csola with Ii3r, her sister. Miss' Monday evening, Rev. Welch per- Jo:cphiiie Montague and Walter forming the ceremony. ,! micts that" come"w7amieV"rcadv 1 let for -the.-fiuids of wealthy nien. service Independent of religions C::bb. both of Memphis, are her. Mrs. King is the daughter of ^ or .. . H^", 't-aujr 1 — v ..._^.- ,1 •_,,._ 4 _ _j—.,— „... „„„,_,;— — __,,.,„. ,... guests for the week' end. | Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Smith of Osce- , . Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Behrens and ola and al popular young business f .,„!,„ , , -j , children spent the weekend in wrmon. Mr. King, forrrerly « wa ^ can °~ "ncluaed , ,, ^Uvays ava lab'io f," " £ea the menu D-ii- re^iueiiu Ui iviiajia=iiJ&Ji iiuo oiJtii* I -. ' -~ — who the past year in Osceola where hei dl . ne content of the family dietary few is in the employ of the St. Fran- T- Le'-f^ tcard. Mr. and Mrs. King will make their home here. Chas .E Sullenacr is recov- Jackson, Me., visiting Mrs. Beh- resident of 'Mississippi has spent |° n ^ 0 ^™™ e( ||"«f a ;«ek, tj-.e lo- ering ranidly from a tonsllectomyj r£ n's father, Wash Gladlsh "irforrhed a few days ago at the I celebrated his 83d birthday Baptist. Hosnital in Memphis. I (j a y s ago. D. F. Taylor Jr. returned Friday | Mis. Hughey spent Saturday In ninht from Memphis where lie un-; Memphis. Mr. Hughey returning oerivent a minor operation a few; ^ud j u , r f or the weekend with dnvs ago. ! their parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Mifsps Julia Crai?, IjCiilse Hale! Lovewell. j r.nd Florence Qiiir.n, Walter Cox| i,t r? . wnidell Phillips returned 1 Jr.. Hovrjll Nicholson. G. L. \Vad-|| n h?- home in Blythevill: Situr-. iT»ll Jr.. Arthur Brickey and Jamie j day after spending two weeks here McGarrity were among the Csce- investigating legal records at the sat Tulane Are Patients increased proportionately. ! Irish moss makes excellent dei- jserls for Invalids and children. It j is a vegetable gelatine and can bo ! used in any way gelatines or junket used. Oa-:-thlrd will thicken one cup of dry of li- young" people who attended th c C urt House for Drainage District No. 17. NEW dents at the Tulane University j harvestcd'"is "vc Medical College know how it feels' quires' careful B. Swift left Friday for a visit Fri-. da.v for a visit of several daysl with Mrs. Swift's sister. Mrs. J. A-: Mnran and Mr. Moran in Soring-, field. Mo. ludents In the laboratory o fciinical medicine were clr future patients and the significance of the preparation b"ut re use. In id easy to preparing the natural dry mo=s for use, it fust be washed through many waters until each pleo Is perfecily clean and free las b«ri';m; gifts to education. But the term,'education' has a broad sUjnlfletolce -today, and conserva-: age. The outdooi tlon • ii'-'ri&surcdly an important' any improvement factor.In .'education for service to is of universal bensfit. afliliatlons. or political preferences. Independent of youth or old ; irs is for all, and In the outdoors tho natlijn. ^. Men of means an sure to ••appreciate soon the appeal that.'they Ehould give back to nature;some., of the riches natu Take for example nne phase of League work—its ant! pollution GAS 16!/ 2 c Phillips "fiG" Save 30c to <)5c on a Tank of Gas. Open Hay A Nlcht Harry Bailey Arch, Hcrmondalc, TVIo. Harry Bailey, Prop. COURTEOUS SERVICE Backache Often Warn* ot Disordered Kidneys. If miserable with backache. bUdder Irritations and getting up a t night, don't take chancesl Help your kidneys at the first »ign of dliorder.Use Doan'f Pilli. Successful for more than 50 years. Endorsed by hundreds of thousands of grateful users. Get Doatt's today. Sold by deal' ^era everywhere. Doaris ffls AUUHETK, THe/awns dance in Blythevllle Friday eve- r.lnT. I Misses LuclHs Welch and Louise | JUI1 Miss Edna Earl Quinn spcn! the i jcii^s who are attending school i cour : c - •- ~ ~-~ — , week-end in Memphis the guest of! at Jonssboro College, spent the r «l ulr(ed . f swallow rubber stom- her cousin. Miss Louise Tanner. i weekend with their families here. S 2.°". tu ?f Tb =f tl ! eir P rcfcssor ' Dr ' Mr. and Mrs. D. S. Lanev and j Miss Welch had as her guest. Floyd] 11( S c . r AL J ° nns - S mal, daugh,,r. Joan. a nd Mrs. L, chaff i", -to a Jonesbcro College i p ,™-^ ^ l?^^ ' Mr. and Mrs. J. S. McCanls s C .»nt • cx P" ience tne actual sensations : Saturday in Memphis, accompanied' fc - bv Mrs. Joe Rhodes and Jim appreciate j^'and Mrs. C,,. Moor, JrJ ^>* started^ the demonMra-l '^^J^^T^^ • Mrs. Neely Bowen r-f Chicncn I v; 5 sc< Martha and Fan-' tlo » b >'. P^ 51 "* llle *^™ tubc i before molding, who is visiting her sister. Mrs.l nie NNicho'.s spent Saturday in 1 n-wn ha throat while: he dis-1 The amount of Hale Jackson, and Mrs. Roy Brain-1 Memphis. • Cl15£cti vtlrlous P 01 "' 5 ln tnc P™', by thc body lelt of Detroit, who at two delight- , Mr. and Mrs. Robt H. Baker and ccss - has glye.n'. them. And it is Impo ant lhkt,tni! so. For centuries men h»Ve-been drawing upon the! storehouses of nature, without .put- j ling 1 , anything back. A depleted na-| ture 'means—if not starvation—at i least a material reduction in crea- \ ture comforts for all of us. Universal bankruptcy lies that way. In making a bequest thc guiding rl-i Relief from Gas Stomach Pains Dizziness ^he doctors tell us liiat 90 per ocnt of nil sickness is duo to stomach and bowel troubles. You can't be well if your digestion is bud; thought may well be. of what value | you arc likely to get sick unless you 11 will it be to the people at large—! relish food and digest it properly, how m.ny people wm it benefit.] Tan]a( . has a won j crfu | rccor ,i When the Izaak Walton League; ^ a roljcf hom di K es(ivc troubles, has been made the beneficiary, the, cvcn t!loso o£ yc;)r5 , s ,. lniiing . •%* ['LIiLtiijr vivtiii «nu irtt, '••'" -"->••• ..•*.—v »-••. «• rf- — vvuii U1U5G OL yCtirs bianuing. mall sand. It is tied loosely in lde a °' a PirUcular class or special | Mr _ L _ B Simmon3 ot na.p^ " - '-•—- group Is eliminated. Such a be-; Lr . rjnier st> D cnvcr> Colo., says: a has o fch^sscloth and put in the milk o;- liquid used for thepudding f.r it is dropped directly into the iodine required No Large Pores with New Powder ful brides parties. j CTCO Adams, all of Little Rock, On Friday evening Mrs. Braxtoii i \verc week-end guests of Miss Roae Bragg entertained the two table j White, contract club t^ which she be-1 J.HSS Natalia Smith and John C. WORK FOB 2,SW MEN BOSTON, (UP)—Some 2.0CO men assured employment for two Is ver small, but if it face in sease and discomfort are the you have large pores us? a powder that will not clog is lacking in a marked degree di- j them. A new French proceK called ' nausea, constipation, or torpid ; j"TanIac ninde me reiisli ami digest j J my food line. It a!so cuml ]ne of j igas, diz;y spells and nervousness. c i Now I sleep well and can put in as | good a day s work as a youngster." j If you suffer from gas, pains in ! the stomach or bowels, dizziness. rmers re- ^..v. ~~ , rtubb i^;ii^Ji.\ ounvii iauu uunii \j. • longs and a number of extra guests, jj( n g Kcrc quietly married al the >' CBr s. bezinning next nrnth, whsa DRE esr«is)ly coinplimenlinr; the visi-i home 0 ( Rev. C. E. Welch last uor!i wi!l blart °" ' S'O-CK.fjO vs- j ccr?al. tors. The guests not included in| the club niembreshin were Mrs W. J. Driver Jr.. Mrs. Herbsrt Shippcn. \ Mrs. Chas. Ror,?. Miss White and i Mrs. Hugh Hughey. I High score prize was awarded! Mrs. Rose. Mrs. C. B. Driver won !ow .were favor and each of the hcnorces was pressnted a datnly favor. A delicious salad course was served. On Saturday afternoon Mrs. Guy: Bryant entertained the four tn- b!e auction bridge club to which! she bcl'ngK. complimenting: Mrr..! Bramlett and Mrs. BOOTH onrl including as other [meits besides the club members. Mrs. W. j. Driver Jr, Mrs. Chns. Lowranco Jr.. Mrs. I L- S. Mitchell, and Mrs. Hat? Jack-: son. ' High score prize was won bv. Mrs. Chas. Lowrauce Jr.. Mrs. J. W. EdrinRt™ cut consolation, nnrl each of the honorces was presented a favor. A delicious salad course was served folliwing ihe| same. j Mrs. Bowen will aeain be compli-! minted en Tuesday a'tcmcou,: *hcn her sister. Mrs. Hale Jack-' \ K3ft. will entertain a' ^er home on Br 'sdway. | • » • ' ^Iss Eva Montague spent Sattir- ""y in Memphis. Returning to Os- (OlttD OP OVlTHE UJROMC. 5C6 ....A Daily Menu BREAKFAST — Stewed - -- - ^r?al. crtam, coddled eggs, I hicular traffic tub: under Boston | gir.ham tflust, milk, coffee, i Harbor, connectir.s Boston with; LUNCHEON—Bean i.t,:w, graham 11! ' East Boston. rclls. celery and apple salad, spice! cup cakes, milk, tea. DINNER — Rc »st sparerlbs, seal- B5? ^uf »rt* and Industries consumed three-fourths of the output, the , greater part, bein? used in chemls- i try nnd for making endless forms . of sterling silverware and Jewelry. t The arts and Industries in En?-: land consume about six million ouncrs yearly. , MELLO-GLO makes the skin look | liver; it' you have r.o appetite, can't j [ young, stays on longer, furnishes sleep ami are nervous abd all ruii a jouthful bloom, doc.s not Irritate do\vn, you need Tanlne. It is gooil, the skin or make It look pasty or pure medicine, mado of roots, prunes, flaky. Spreads smcothly. Try th!s herbs and barks. Get a bottle f rom crisp n ew wonderful F<icc Powder your druggisl loihy. Moaey bacs || MELLO-GLO. -Adv. 3 if it doesn't hdp ?•"• WHEEL CLUr, DISBANDS ; DEEP RIVER. Cor.n.. (UP> —; People aren't int;reslcd In bicycles any more. As a result, (h? Deep : River Wheel Club, one of the few i in the country, has voted to disband. OLD COINS FOUND OSAKA, Japan. (UP)—Two laborers cxravalLnS for a foundation at Tiu this nrntli, unearthed a mud covered pot containing 54 an- ctent coins of the Tokugaws per- Io.1. Thn ccins wcr.: called kcban and are of solid gold, oval in shape. They were valued at SI ,000. Our Want-Ad Service is a community Switch lionitl. You transmit your desires In News Ad-T;iker . . . (hat nd forms tlio connection lic- Uvccn you and a special group of interested parlies . . . the quickest and most direct contact with results. Classified 306 — For an Ad-Taker We have moved our stock of John Deere implements from the New Blyheville Feed and Coal Co., on Walnut to the building of Browne and Billings, near Frisco depot. We have a complete line of John Deere Farm Equipment and repair parts, as well as the line of Feed and coal. Come to see us about your implements and tractors. Browne & Billings Inc. Blytheville Arkansas

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