The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 3, 1945 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 3, 1945
Page 3
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JANUARY 3, 1945 Babies Traded In Black Market Unwanted Infants Sold for Huge Profits By Unscrupulous Brokers WASHINGTON, Jan. 3 <ui>) mark " ° f " flolll ' !slll "B blac S°»°' s ' stl " lns 'Heglllniale infant v" ea Kcr foster parcnls for as nine MS 52000 apiece, has been disclose ~t, , M£UI<! Morlock. consullaiit 01 sovim services to lhe children' bureau. • ""•" Slip ascribed lhe booming mid "iUtic m inrmils lo n comtmiatioi °n ill C e"m;,, lnC , 1Udi " S . a 5hal 'l > lls laws lo deal w i'lh 'iinscrupnloufba sunn ;'? a '" t lllc f " ct »"" "" fiJ ''/ , of bables available for adop of Inn n . S !' ffi J lem to mcot *»"»»' 01 would-be-foster parents, Ihc rate oMIIceWmacv has mor t an doubled in the past Iwo yeaVs s»e .said, eslim,itim> lhal one (i in , 0 ,, r » cverj 100 in 1942. Most of the ,,nwe(lmo thers are bclvron 19 „„<, 2 <. , M am younger. Slic attributed Hie in ilk ' sUi >'»"* Wrtte to wa ), M< T ! .° ck Siil(i UlRt Iess <"!»' the states have laws to prose commercial adoolioi ISI'!.™ 3 ••»'", fJ«l me traffic °, lot be slopped unlil lhe to sign invay the li -M t been 5 },e said " aby l>mkcl . die said, than'VriT'V csti '"atc t | that les « ^tcd'te^acelit";;^^ ^p-TM^. not • d W ''"'" c<l that I 500 !" 0 who do siiSHtSeH ^^ss-^T.srs; before si«nin" "^ llab ' eS a '' c b ° n and that" it "should b eC donejiv r court process. Some social worker no not agree, however, feeliii" thn unwed mothers would fear even f nP ™^ ,u CO ?' ( a « re ««ince and wolik avoid lhe help of social agencies Women Sought For War Jobs In Washington If you want to go to college and earn money, at the same lime yol aid greatly in the war effort, it can be done. Because of the acute need lo r employes in the Casualty Department at Washington, D C a is bciiiB made for young wo- ymen to work there with promises of excellent pay, college education good living conditions social one religions advantages an ( | free transportation. Delay in notifying the next o km or men killed and wounded ir action is due to a shortage of heir in this department it has bcci pointed out by thc government which is making every effort to give belter service. John S. York, recruiting representative of Army Service Forces v.ill be at Ihc u. s. Employment service office her c until Jan. 12 to discuss such employment with an- one desiring more information it was announced. Clerks, typists an ( | stenographers can work in one of position during the day and attend college at night with every type education offered in Washington, it was point cd cut. While the Casually Department j need is most acute at this lime Iiosilions also are opened in such branches as Prison of War Information Bureau and Memorial Di vision: which furnishes Information as to the burial place ana personal effects of deceased personnel. The need lor additional personnel in all lechnical services and most slaff divisions is most acute, it has been announced. Temperatures Low 27 31 31 27 5 13 25 S 34 33 21 31 30 fa 33 44 13 45 Atlanta ............... 38 Augusta ............... .JG Birmingham .......... 42 Charleston ............ -15 Charlotte .............. 41 Chattanooga .......... 31 Chicago ............... 15 Cincinnati ............. 18 Denver ................ 42 Detroit ................ 11 Jacksonville ........... 55 Tallahassee ........... 53 Kansas City ........... 23 Macon ................ 47- Memphis .............. 31 Miami ................ 18 Montgomery .......... 48 New Orleans ........... 54 New York ............. 24 San Antonio ........... 05 -IF RHEUMATIC PAIN HAS YOU DOSING AND HOPING Than prate lo yourself icltat cffct- , live results )"" ran gel now icitli this medicine ~ Open j'our own way toward deliverance others h.ivc cnjoycil. Make up your mind you're going to use spmclhing thai gets lo work on rhfuni-il'c pain. You \vanr help you can fed. So get C-222J, if you suffer from rhcuro.ilic p.iin or muscular aches. Don't l« put off with ifi or liu's. ('.imion: Vie only 'as ilircclcd. first lioitlc purchase price refunded if not satisfied, to and $z,oo, gel C-sj^j OP A Ceilings Are HI-Timed, Cattlemen Say WASIlftjGTON, Jan. 3 (UP) — Cattlemen gathered In Wnshlngto lo oppose price ceilings Ihink OPi Hits picked the wrong time to pro pose such a program, Some of Ihei say oii-lhe-hoof controls mlgli have been justified at ih c dm when feed stuffs were In such tleh supply. 131U now there's lots of com w wheat, sorghums and hay. Calll feeders would like lo convert It Int improved beef, but most of thci say (hey wozi't ue able to do s under the OPA maximum prlc That is '17-50 a hundred, aboul dollar under quotations on top qual Hy steers recently offered on th Chicago market. Incidentally stabilization dlrecto Vinson heard arguments ngalns ceilings from another Spokesman o the caltle Industry. oo e Montagiu the well-known Texas cowman w-a unable lo be present when the res of his colleagues were heard b Vinson. But Vinson Invited him li later. It's thought thai like the others Montague warned thai live cattl ceilings would stimulate rather thai curb black market dealings in heel The argument is thai if arty thin; occurs to reduce meat output' prof its in illegal sales will be all Ih more attractive to (he unscrupu lous. USDA Will Hold Annual Institute Conference To Open In Capital Tomorrow Wickard Will Speak WASHINGTON, Jail. 3 (UP) The 30th annual institute of th USDA's extension department wil open In Washington tomorrow. Ses slons of the conference will rui through Saturday morning. Present day as well as post-wa problems will lie discussed by lead ers not only in the farm world bu various other fields of American activity. There'll be speakers repre scntmg agriculture, organized labor farm organizations, religious aroun and educators. M. L. Wilson, extension dlrcctoi mil be the opening speaker tomor row morning. Secretary of Agricul ture Wickard will follow him will a talk on agriculture durin" the «ar nnd after. He will discuss g c n cral education and. citizen under standing O f farm problems. Farm leaders believe it \vas neve more important than right now fo all segments of society to get to. gather and plan for the welfare o an. It is thought especially necessary to make every effort to hen cleavages between producers and consumers. Leaders think the extension institute provides a valuable opportunity to exchange views and get some idea of the other fellow' "omt of view. USO Will Allow Students To Use Facilities Here The local USO room on East Main Street will be turned over to the iigh school group for dancing Thursday night between the hours of 7:30 and 9:30 o'clock, il was announced loday by G. W. Danielson direclor. Members of the committee who were in charge of arrangements for he senior class party held at thc USO during the Christmas holi days, again will meet with Mr. Dau- iclson to complete arrangements for checking, recreational aclivitics am rearrangement of properties, Mr. Danielson stated. While the first party was limited to members of the senior class in ilgh school, the party tomorrow "Eht will include the high schoo is a whole, it was pointed out. yt. Ywdell Wounded m. Artis O. Ymidell of Osceola :as been wounded In action, the War Dcpartmenl has notified his nothcr, Mrs. Mary Yandcll of Osceola. He was fighting in the European rca. Savannah .............. 52 pa ................ 59 Vashington . 28 all!> , 5 .............. ,'.'.' 50 Houston .............. (jo ackson ............... i] 9 -iltle nock ......... '.'.'. 32 ihreveport ............ « 30 48 f 'i '3« 53 3 fj 28 38 Millions Switch To Mutton Suet Idea For Chest Colds Quickly Relieves Children's Colds' Coughs, Loosens Phlegm Many mothers all over Americi' nre switching to this idea of getting fast relief for these chest coUI uiseries. They are simply foliow- ng Grandma. For years she count- id on mutton sucl to help carry liei ionic medication to do its jmin-eas- ng work on nervo ends in the skin. No wonder so many more now we!- :ome Grandma's idea as improved by science—Pcnctro, with its multi- nedicalcd formula in a bafe con- tninmg mutton suet—that acts botl' ^s counter-irritant and pain-reliev- r when you spread it on, and a; soothing aromatic when broathej n. And to today Peiietro liunie.' ilong newer help in the old reliablo vay—help that cases painful mis- cry, lessens coughing, looscn; ililegm, sootlies chest rawness—EC :hat you can rest more romfortabl'; iid give nature B chance to rcstoit •ilality. That's why millions aw mtcliiHg to rcnetro today—whj [racists are recommending !t. 25c otible supply SSc. For all your fanv ly a chest cold miseries, be sur,' y<m ppfit whito, casy-to-nso Pcnetro BLYTHKV)?,LE COURIER NEWS Nation's Coal Bins Are Full Government Fear Of Fuel Shortage Proves Unfounded you're looking ill n i'0!l,0i'(/-[(in In meet Ihc needs of U. S. SliTl mil liy S. BlfltTON HKATH NEA KlalT Corcr.srtiindcnl NEW YORK.—If llicrc Is :iny rent conl slioi-tage this wlnler, Iliiraltl Ickos' Solid Fuels Administration for Wnr must share in the blnme. Burring sonic act of God or uniiutd- olic man within the next few dnys, the coal Industry is meeting the 1944 quota set for it by Mr. Ickos If the SPAW correctly estimated national needs, there is no shortage. That the estimates were reasonably accurate seems indicated bv Hie fact, that stockpiles are now iboul 50 per cent in excess of their pre-war average. Bituminous coal Is, of course, jnosl important. It is the fuel of industry, and in addition it is used by n majority of'householders. About mid-April the SPAW asked the bituminous mines to produce 020 million tons, compared with the 5B,i millions mined in 1913. In mid-July this quota was raised to G2U million tons. Under date of December 9 (he Bureau of Mines of Mr. Ickos' Interior Department reported that 570,705,000 tons of soft coal liad Yank Gunners Have Own Way Of Celebrating WITH THE AMERICAN FORCES INSIDE GERMANY, Jnn. 3 (UP) —The war on the western front moved into 19<15 with probably the most pulverizing New Year's "reeling in history. Some 2000 guns, of varying ranges and caliber, were trained on oer- mlf U !°''' S a " aIOI1 = tlle *»«»»<! 00-mile battleline. As f'c last miniiles of 19M lick- pile, Hie Inivrsl in Die world. Yd i Is lit Uairloii. I'a. fur JO iln.vs. CV.'ll Hiiuliis Tor Hill. been mined through ' December 2 'Ihls was :i:t.l52,0()0 Ions nlmve the HI-13 liKiu-e for Hie first 11 moiilhs, On (hut basis coal opcnitor.s .sny that the entire year's production lor 1U1-I will be about a? million tons above I0i;rs outpul. Tlial would K\\'K KM million tuns. In round figures—JO million tons more limn Mr. Ickes n.sked. The lliirenu of Mines reports an imliistriii] stockpile of soft coal, ns of October, nmountlng to 59,257000 Ions. This was ii|> about eight million tons above the December, 1943 Ilguro, nnd It compare. 1 ! with nn nv- criiBc pre-war stockpile of from '10 to -IS million tons RETAIL STOCKS HIGH Retail (toilers bad S.lilii.OOO Ions on hand lu October of this veur compared with 5,180,000 In Oclo- licr of 19.13. Anthracite nlso appears lo be In cxcellcnl-sluDc. For lhe Lake Superior ami Lake Michigan docks Uic Umeiiu of Mines showed 82G 000 tons received ihls year against 3U9.000 tons last year, Ihrouah October. Tlie stockpile, which in Oc- ^tobcr, 1043. was down to 01,-ITC ed away, G. l.'s sat waiting to sen ( ] I smoke and flumes leaiUnn into Na/i-hekt teirilury from Holland lo the Swiss birder. United Press War Correspondent Bnyd Lewis snys he watched the stunning spectacle from tlie pit of ". Lon « Tom on a moon-unthed milsidc—a gun position which was !iuniber one on lhe Allied New •"car's hit piir.icie becniise It was the nearest to Berlin. fA A ' 2:01 ' . thc rei 'i' ««t minute of 1045, n mighty roar of Allied ar.'Dery filled (he nlr.Corrcspoiulcnt eww snys lhe splll-hnlr accuracy of the firins caused nil u lc shc || 3 loiKi with one sliatteritis; bang, 'he roar HIK; concussions of the guns heralded another yciir of war siio«-ei-e<l down on the enemy •vim Ihls vast supply Is only enimuli indmtiy has im-t iKiviTiimetil fm-l Ions, had been raised this OcUiber to 3-l. r c>-iO loiis-iilinosl four limes lartje. These llsurcs lire not Inlerpreled by conl operators lo mean Ihul there Is iilcnly of coal to be used wilh Ihc cureless abandon with which we used to bum It, RiUlonliijj, mi (lie present basis, iiresumnbly will continue (o be necessary for some time. Bui cerliilnly there Is nothing In tho situation lo warrant the dire prophecies of lhe SPAW last summer, when n hii|;c shortngc nnd "thc worst coal crisis hi American history" wore talked nbout for Ihls winter. Tlml was when Mr. Jekcs was lingered because Congress was cuttl'U: his (cleplioiic-and-telegraph budget down from $375,000 lo $<!0,000- when he (old reiiuiicrs tluit If ho dlrtn'l [jet his full $375,000 he itilfihl- aslc Hie OI'A lo ration coal by couijon, at u cosl of $8,000,001), Some major catastrophe, such as a general strike, could slill create such n sliorlanc and sucli n crisis. But for the moment rclnlion.s between operators und John L. nppcar modei-ately peaceable. n New Year's message froni the Allies, u message wiirlnliiB Ccriuniiy Hint our iTOops intend to -bnllli; llielr way to Uic henrl of Ihc llelch. Llciitciinnt Colonel Otis Trlpp, of West Limslne. Mich, snys the flrlnc was the .biggest "tot" in history. By "lot" the Army officer means fire which Is limed oil targets from n number of guns ut the siimc moment. ' Not n shell was wasted. The colonel asked one etui crew, huddled In a dugout against thc biting cold, ir they had nnv 'com- plainls. ^Yes sir," one O-I nnswercd.' "We'd like more shooting, sir." The Colonel answered: "Goiicrnl Elsenhower Is Irylnit lo get us some more shells. Menu- To Use 26,000 In Farm Census U. S. Tabulation Of Farm Data To Require Two Months Time Jiy inmi f!,Mi;ixi;ii llnllnl I'ri'ss siuiT Ciirrrsiiomlrnt WASHINGTON <U!>» - Knrly In Jnmmry ail,0(H> • twvonimenl census Inkers will slmipcti (heir pencils tuck record luniks under tliclr uvms nnd set <iul to counl iiRrlculliirnl noses, H will bu (he Iwo-tnonlh task of Uiesis Census liureau Interviewers lo make n cmnpivliciislve tai.ulu Him of U. S. fiiriiis. tiii-mm, turn dollars, livestock, crups and othe iiitsi-L'Uiiiieims um-leiiHural dnlii. The Ih-st farm census was takei more thini lull years a>ji>. In JH-IC and was repented mice every doe ade until 11)20 und imci; every llv< years since then. Ciinjjicss Omiu.snl l-'uml.i- Then) still Is 'wmie doubt thn Ihi! 1D-15 census over will be com pleled and made public, u )» , SlS.fiOU.UUO Job mid :,u fur C.'iuiiires: has iijiprnpi luted only $7.'.!r>0,OfJ fur the pui'ijtwc-eiioiiuh to carr- out (he tnlei-vtewliij! und pay th! I'O.OUO (.'iiuineraUirs. Thi.' 'Wth Congress In n luM, r ( , liellluus ijcstinv refused In author iw (lie iiddtlicmiil $5.000,11011 needei lo'iitld up (he llnures and publlsl (he llndlniis. Anli-ceusu.s leRlslu lors termed (he survey n polllleu pork-bai-rel and said II dupllciilci work of the AnrlcuUure Depart ment. However, the Census Unrein plans lo proceed with the census Ih llrsl week of Jmiimry, wllli lhe hup Unit n new Connross will upm-o priate the rest of the funds. I'irst (|iirsllon census hikers wll determine Is, "what, conslllulc.'i ; farinV" The olllelnl iniswer «-l)t be, I three or more acres lire devoted t the output of ngrlciilliirnl ,,,- <l( | ucLs, (ii- if farm commodities val lied n|, more than $250 were pro dueed in 101-1, the acrenge he comes it farm for census pui'imscs, Detailed l,lvcsltii:li Sur\'ey The aiine bnsiu <|iif.stl(ins will li nuked every fnnner: m s nauu iiltc, race, farm locallon, numlic of luilldlni's on lhe fin-instead un fiicllllles. However, i|iierlcti on fiet crops, fruits and vegetables tin other produce harvcsled will var iircordlug lo the section of Ih country. Perhaps (he most detailed (n,,.^ lions will cover lhe livestock pupil latlon. The enumerator will detoi mine Ihc number of chickens an while, but 'em open everv time yol shoo I." U-l 1 mini l,ewls anys cvcrywliov he (toes niiwng iirlHleryincii li hclirs the sntrte IhliiB: How ou troops hole lo Imre lo mtlon shells At one artillery corps henclqimi 1 lei-B IJii-ri! Is n ieil-pOJicllled '(Jlf!!) in the style of a holiday greeting: "Don't send us cnndy Mom—.sent us more shells." OF SMART WEARING APPAREL * To make room for our new Spring Merchandise we are reducing all of our' Winter Coats, Suits and Dresses. ,Good selection await those who come early in our better stocks. SQAY, FRIDAY AND SATO WINTER COATS, SUITS and DRESSES All Winter While a Limited Supply Lasts. IN'S WINTER COATS .•lit Kales I'ath • III Sales l-iiial _, •Vfjiri/f Cltttrtjt 1 Fur .Illeralinus 3Q1 WEST MAIN BLYTHEV1LLE Im-keys'- raised, lucomo from poultry, ir.iinlji'r of cows mid hclfcrs milked, how ninny pilous of milk proiiticcil mid cumnllly ol bullcr sold, In mkllllon, (.he number niicl ogc of homes, milieu, nMIe, sliccp, IIOKS uiiil KOHI3 will hu tiibiilnlcd. Tlie nnioiiiii of wool shorn, mohnlr nnd mrat DKHlHcccI wllh (hell innrkct, vnlHB Kill find their wny onto the Intiirvlowcr's ledger. The imtlun's moljllc rnrin labor forcu.wlll be ck'termltied by rccord- lim Hie uuinlx-r of persons employed on u fnrm nt n islven dale. <|ii«i(!ims uu CroiM r'nniiw.s will be questioned In ni'lnll nbout Uic kinds of crojw lilmiU'd, utreinjc, h»w niueh was consumed on the finin and llio In- I'omc rceclvcd from Ihclr snlc. I'm in |>roi)eilk',s nnd dcbl poslllon will be detertnlncd. An Inventory "' ' nwclilnory will Ijo In- of eluded. ch «f land will be dls- —. »lle fleld.s, up fiilhnvs and pnslurc or gruji- ig land. O P e rain r s n u d lenanls of inches, u-uck fai-jus, eomblnwl victory Kurden projects, uunicrlcs Hreenhonses, fruit orchiirds,' poiil- y l»ls, hiitclierles, nplnrlca iiral feed lets nil will l;e Lieut. Poscy Returns from CBI Wor Zone l^r.-il I.leiil. t,. o. Poscy Jr., ur- Hved In Miami, ycslcrdny aflcr i:i niBiillis service' wllli UK; Army Air l-'orces In (he Ublnn-llurnui-Iiidln Iliraler of \viir, during which lime be (lew Hi; inls.slons. Me exwuls tii IK; |,i. lilylhevlllc lortny or tomorrow to S[iend Ills li'iivc with hl.s (wreiits, Mr. and Mrs. 1,. c. Posey, before bcliiu reas- tlt'llMl. ' •• . /. PAGE THREE -, Sl^OOOTire " V. Hits Memphis Taxicab Garage MEMPHIS, Jan, 3 (U,P,)-Offi- -.nl5 here say that flic which struck <tho garage of the Jolly •1 uxicnb Company last nifht caused daningc esllmatcd at $1QOOOO Company Operations Manager rarold wilkim says 15 cabs, ten Imcks, three rental cars and one • wrvlcc car ivere destroyed by the' flames. Twenty Ihousand dollars of lhe estimated damage was to lire Blocks and .845,000 was placed as r lhe value of lhe laxcd building Memphis nje, chief Connie Ofeiilllvan snys.lfc'hclicye-i the fire slarlod ivhcir'rti''lhe 00171-" pnny EasolmeWpmup' came Into contact ivltli vlicul from n slove Inside ihe bulldiiijj It was the second lime within ii week lhe Jolly company has been hit by disaslcr. Lasl .Tuesday lhe company I 0 sl live cabs when a mill buckled near a parking lot, buryliiH them under toils of bricks'.' Elephants, contrary lo legeml do nol resent offciinijs of tobacco nnd ninny of them actually like It In smnll porllons. Denny i)iir s . ijirmliiKlmm bnsc- liull pitcher, won four Knmcs In I»:i3, and pitched only three mid iine-hulf Innings. Lemon Juice Recipe Checks Rheumatic Pain Quickly II you miner trpm rticumMlp, nrlhrllLi or nnirllli ii:i!a, Irv ttilt tlinr.lo Itictpnalro licuna roilin; tlmi tlioiK^nih Brc ujilps. On a jutl;- w ul llii-M t:niu|Miiiil, n lwo.«iMk lujjply, l<xl»r. Ml« It vilili a (lusrt at walor. mil the u o . - . lute ol nil inn! luli li aor. i e . lv» «,»-. Not rouble at IcAnui. You urn) only 3 u1>lnix»n- KIMS a <! ir . <j(t,. n ,|(Mn <S licurj jiiri nrrrnlithl — i|ili>iui[il remits MO ]r ti!c twln-i Jo rwi qulrVlv leave ' -«u »l.j 7iot K'd 1'Cifcr, rtilcm Iho [•nfy li:,rka K o nnil Ru-Kx will out you tiotli. Inn In tiy n« l( 19 mild L,y your ilrusslst under nn fi>M.flu[o iiiujic'i'-?i«ri( Buntaotw..' Hu-lV [.iiiiil'CUti.l 14 l..r rule ituil rvromiucmlo.1- ly KlrLj ll.ollifrj mil ihu< slorrj ninAiliti't i. /mil If YOU Ml IE! on "SUCH DAYS" from suffering distress of PERIODIC . With Its Nervous Restless Feelings? Tuko liccd it nau llko so mn -ntmiBli llmm-niinm-from em, tiwInclicH, ImtXiiulio, ted tlruil ii<irvmis, ii l>|t blue— <tll dun In finio- llniial montlily dtauirljnnccs Sturt (l! OMCr-try l.ydln II. Plnk- inms VciiotMiln Coii))>auiiil, to rc- llcvn Bucli nyniptanu. It's lamaiii iioi only to hcV rullcvo uKly IMlu but nlsu accoinimnyinu wcnl; ii^rvoHii rL-uiinra of nun imliirc. mi:! Is litcniiKo of iLl sonllllug tKcct o'l I'rrr. OV WOMAN'9 M0.1T IMt>OttT,lNT lilurly-l'lnkl,n;n'a Compound l>cl]is build up reslstnncn NTTtmt'i 11 M' '""P',™';- IT HELPS 11A 1 UK r ! 1 IlQUEft 11(15 O' UOntCtl flllil liiila iiuvo rcportfil Ijotieflt.i. Also a linn stninnehlc loritcf f\jl- low label (Liroclloiia. Buy today UEGETABLE COMPOUND* ItCAUY Cor an EAIERGGKGV Our IWriplioit Dcparlmcnis arc prepared lo jid)ou in case, of an iemergency. '• Modern, eflicient, immaou. ' fntt-ly clean . . . they're wcll-slockcd ullli a full line of' line, fresh drugs. 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