The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 6, 1949
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLJE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, AUGUST «, 194» THl NATION TODAY— State Department Admits China Can Ho Longer Be Considered An Ally of the United States By James Marlow WASHINGTON Aug. 6 W*>—This country doesn't know what to do next. Tint's about the best that can be said of the United States policy toward China now. The Communist* are in control there. This country doesn't like it. But what this country should do about it is something that hasn't been figured out yet. It's up a tree. That's what you have left when you cut through a riveir of words that came out of the Stale Department yesterday in a 1,054-page report called a "white paper," explaining why things went wrong in China. Summed up, tlic paper -says: •( 1. Tlie Chinese Communists have taken over most of the country and can tafce over all of it. any time they want to. 1, The only opposition to the Communists—hie Nationalist government of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek— was rotten and It's not worth a dime any more. 3. This government had helped Chiang's outfit but has washed its hands of the Chiang crew now. And that iwlishes off the last real block inside China to HID Communists. The while paper says more: We were In there pitching for Chiang, and we poured help into him, but he didn't know what to do with it. He was bullheadcd, and he blew the help we gave, and messed up his armies. And instead or reforming his rotten government into one the Chinese people conltl have faith in and rally round, lie let it stay rotlen. The government and his armies melted away and the Communists took over. That's a pretty gloomy picture in the white paper, when you remember It's a great boon to Russia lo have a Communist China by its sicie and a great blow lo this country since a huge chunic of friendly Asia is lost to us. Willing-to Help; Bui How? Tn fact, Secretary of State Ache! son told a news conference when the white paper was released, the Chinese Communists arc Russian stooges, ready to sneeze when Russia feels a draft. But Acheson tried to throw a cheery note Into the China disaster by saying he's not "defeatist" about it at all. Indeed, he went further and said: The U. S. Is willing to help the Chinese people establish true independence. But the S64 question— How?—was something he ctidn't answer. All he could do was list five principles for this country's attitude toward China. They said, In effect, we'd like to help the Chinese people get rid ot Moscow's Chinese lieutenants. And—he said the problem of how to do it is being studied. But the Chinese Communists. If they're like Communists everywhere else, mid they seem to be, will rule the people with an iron hand. And that ought to be pretty good in keeping down any outbreaks against the Communist regime, particularly since there's no real military opposition left. China is Los( to the West That's going to make it very tough, if not Impossible, for this government to do anything for any of the Chinese people who'd like a different kind of government At this moment it seems the only tiling this country can rto is help Obituaries Crop Duster Killed In Airplane Crash Near Clarksdale, Miss. Frank Berkley Ellis, nephew of Mrs. A. E. Robinson cf Leachville. was killed yesterday when the plane he was piloting in a crop dusting operation crashed near Clarksdale, Miss. He was a member of the Mississippi Valley Aircraft Service Co. He had been a resident of Clarksdale for the past five years and f was 35. [ Mr. Ellis had visited in Blylhc- ville and Leachville many times and at one time supervised flying at the Kcnnctt, Mo., airport. Survivors include his wife and a five-year-old daughter. He was a cousin of Robert L Pierce of Lcnchviile. Lumberman, Banker Dies BRINKLEY, Ark.. Aug. 6. (AP) — Funeral services will be held here Sunday afternoon for Andrew Flora, «7, banker and lumberman, who died at his home Friday. Flora has been president of the. Bank of Brink-ley since 1908 and was an incorporate!' of the Brinkley Lumber Co. He Ls survived by his widow, a daughter and a son. •/owoit'on Government y Takt Or«r Dock* On Strike-Torn Is/and HONOLULU, Aug. «. W» — Hawaii's legislature today passed a illl empowering the territorial gov- rnment to seize the Islands' strikebound dock.;. Earlier, striking CIO tevedores voted unanimously to refuse to work for the government. Final passage of the legislation designed to end the 98-day water- ront tleup came at 2:40 a.m. in he 10th day of a special session called by Gov. Ingram M. Stainback. Late last night Senate and House conferees agreed on the measure which directs the governor to take over the Islands' seven struck stevedoring firms. It also calls for hiring as far as passible, the 2,000 striking members ot the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union at the pre-slrike $1.40 hourly wage. The House approved the conference report by a 24 to 8 vote. The Senate's approval was unanimoui 14 to 0. CO-OP AGA KHAN AND Wll'K TELI. AI1OU HOUH'I'—The Aga Khan an llic Hcgiim Khan, tiis French-born wife smile despite their experienc hi holdup by four Iwnmygun-carrying bandits as they talk with reporters in their villa at Cannet on the French Riviera, Oti their way to ville by car to visit Agft Khnn's son and his v.ife, Rita Hayworth they were waylaid by four bandits and robbed of jewels and cash amounting to between $-150,000 and $300,000, lAP WucplKito via radio from Pans; So/ons Voice Opinions on U.S.' 'White Paper' Report on China Asia if try to Uic! run Club Women Disagree; Two Factions Seek One Set of Agency's Records FORT SMITH. Ark.. AUJT. 6. CAP) —Municipal Judge Thomas G. Pitt.s has* passed the buck on a legal squabble Involving Uvo Fort Smith women'.-; political or«at)i£atioas. One reason Ls that hU wife l.*i involved in the matter: A lawsuit, over a book of m invite. 1 ;. The suit was filed by Mrs. R. L Martin, president of Llie Fort Smith Democratic Women's Club. She is wile of the deputy prosecutor here. She charged thai club headed by Mrs. Pitt.s was wfon^Tully using the n;\me or the Fort Smith, Democratic Women's Club. Mr.s. Martin also seek.s ri":ovrry of a btx»k of minutes from Mis. Pitts' organization. Judge Pitts said he wasn't quoJi- fied to hear the case and ''someone else will have to do that.""-l_. The squabble started several months ago. The women then were WASHINGTON. AiiR. 6. f/P) — j Here is how sonic Congress mem- biT.s reacted lo the government's "white paper" reporting on China policy and American-Chinese rela- ions over the pnst century: Senator Wherry 'Ncb>, Republican floor leafier: "I can't nRrec to writing off Nationalist China. I can't see why we lock the front tloor tig ft ins t commvmisni in Europe and leave the back door open In Asia." Senator Johnson ID-Colo): "To intervene in the civil war in China would be reckless and boyond description The State Orparlment ' :; this instance Is hemp rcali.stlc and sensible." Rep. Cox fD-GiO white paper is only own State Department. Senator MoCarran <D-Nev>: "We still could stop Communism in China, but if we continue the policy .set out in ilie v, hlte paper It will be only a short time until all Asia is under Communist control. We sh 'id do something affirmative."' Senator Sahonstnll (R - Mass): "I'm sorry to sec the secretary of :;\;\te write oft Nationalist China as a complete lo. K s. I'd like to know more about it before I agree with him." .Senator Know land <R - CaliO: "The \vhite paper confirms and underscores thr fact that this Ktrvern- inent for several critical war and 1 postwar years tried to encourage. "The China I hub 1 re or coinpcl the inclusion of face-saving j Cnmim-nisLs int" the government Continued from Page i. 1937 it was hoped an average three members per mile of line coul be served. Today, he pointed ou the organization is serving an ave rage of six members to the mile. To Improve Service He called the attention of th gvoup to the new sub-station whic was energized in lower Dunki County in June and snid the co-o is no.w in the midst of a two-yea pragram of shortening lines provide better service during elec trical storms. Mr. Eaker then turned the pro gram over to John Dalton, attorne (or the co-op since 1937, who pre sided over the election of boaj members. As a special part of the prograi an electric range was award' Arthur Padgett, PortagevUle; wat leater to Jim Miller, Portagevill Rt. '2: and a FM tuner to W. Reeves, Braggadocio. Old members of the board oi directors include Mr. Cole, Mr. Knight, T. A. Haggard, Dave Andrews, Harry Shepherd A. W. Matson J- M. Zarlcor and F. P. Bess. device. U is (in alibi and does not j of China. It Is to the everlasting state the truth. We look Russia, a j credit of Generalissimo Chiang .second-class power, and made her i Kai-Shek that he .stood then as he into the terror of the world. T 1 / stands iodiiy — uncompromisingly blame for this bad situation must i against thi.« tie-up with internal- be credited, in larye part, to our ' ional Communism." Senators Pledge Investigation Of Scandals in War Contracts GERMAN PREXY? - Louise Schroedsr, >J2, former acling mayoress or Berlin, i» being boomed as the first president of the new West German republic. A Socialist, sh« has been In politics (or 39 years, and won widespread respect (or her energy and competent leadership of th« Berlin city administration during th« tnotilhs ot crisis alter lha war. China's Chinese Communists over them. One thing the white paper mnlces clear: In Us light agninsl Communism, the Western world suffered a tremendous disaster in China. About 300.000.000 people In China were lined up with the 200.000000 in Russia. t , It may be years before the West President Of Philippines feels the f\ill eflecl of this, since the Chinese Communists have n big job on their hands in industrializing their country and getting it on members of the Arkansas Women's Denirx-niUc Women's Oi-ganizuticm. They voted to withdraw from the .•state inoun and affiliate with tiie national 01 snnization. • A i'if[ tHTiined; the women tii- vicieit into Uvo groups hut there is only one book of minute.s. To Visit in Washington Post Of/ice Employes Get Committee Okay ot $150,000,000 Pax Hike j Collections Off, Japanese | Automobile Head Picks i Pockets to Pay Help TOKYO. Aug. R. </!>>—Police picking up pickpockets picked up the president of an automobile body plant. And what, they asked Japanese industrialist, w WASHINGTON. Aug. 6. WP—Pay raises of S150 a year for all postal employes were voted by the House postoftice committee yesterday. The Increases would BO tn all A "d "hat. they asked the litO' _• employes except fourth-class post- j Japanese Industrialist, was such a masters, who would receive a five 1 respectable citizen doing picking per cent raise. I pocket. 1 )? In addition, employes required to I Collections from customers were wear uniforms wouid be given a > most difficult, he replied. Had Ui $1(10 a year uniform allowance. [ " pl money some way lo pay the The legislation also extends an- , help, mial sick leave for postal employes [ form 15 to 20 days. It.s estimated annual cost s 150.000.000. Australian Town Rejects Use of Battleship Power PERTH, Australia -<iP>— Perth nearly got the old British battleship Royal Sovereign, 30.000 tons. to keep the city's lights burning. However, the cost was too great. Perth needs a new power station, and this will not be finished until next year. The city also has had blackouts because of the Australian coal miners' strike. The price for the Royal Sovereign was S565.000, plus 3226.000 for two- ing to Perth. The state government thought over the idea, then decided Assistant Superintendent At Prison Farm Resigns LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 6. (AP) — A second official of the! County Prison Rum lias resigned the midst ot a grand Jury Investigation of the death of a young prison inmate. County Judge L.A. Mashburn yesterday said Assistant Superintendent Fred Hall had quit his post. No reason was stated. Earlier this week Supt. W.T. Morgan resigned as the Pulaski Grand Jury opened investigation of the [arm's administration. The grand jury met behind closed doors yesterday to probe of the death of Richard A. Clilt. 30. of M'jlvern He died July 27 after being flogged for failing to work in the farm's sweet potato patch. Coroner Howard A. Dishongh said Cliffs death was caused by heat nans (ion. A report on the grand Jury investigation is not expected until ^ week. The jury recessed until Monday. WASHINGTON, Aug. « (AP) —. Aroused senators have pledged a broad Investigation into charges of World War II contract scandals Involving army officers, government personnel and civilian contractors. Comptroller General Lindsay Warren's report that fraud and waste in wartime contracts had cost American taxpayers millions of dollars brought a promise of action rom both Chairman McClellan D-Ark) and Senator Hoey (D-NC) if the expenditures committee. Hoey. who heads a special inves- Jgating subcommittee, left no doubt hat the group would probe Waren's charges. In his re|»rt to Congress, the government official said his audits of ibout SI, 165.000.000 in contract set- lements to date showed irregulari- r ies amounting to more than 411,500,000. And Warren noted that this was only a "small sampling" of the total contract settlements made by government agencies. Warren said that S2.34fl,6oo was ost through "improper and exces- iive" payments in 388 settlements— one out of every 24 examined. He added Mia I $474.711 had been refunded "voluntarily" by the contractors at the "invitation" of the General Accounting Oftice (GAO). Improper payments "induced by Jrattd" Wsrren said, amounted to more than S6.280,COO. of which only $107,882 had been recovered. He gave Consress a closer view of some of the 472 settlements in which he said fraud was involved. Kick-Backs Rtvealed Among them was an account ol :he award of contracts in the Neu York City area for technical manuals based on "fraud, collusion and,or bribery on the part of cer tain government personnel (mill tary and civilian) and others." These involved what Warren call ed a "feathering of nests" by Arm officers and employes of the gov eminent, who later were hired b the contractors. In one-, tie said, two forme Army olficers, while still on activ duty, received shares of corporate stock valued at »2.000 in return for their services to a firm which shortly thereafter received government contracts totaling over $100,000. In another Instance, he said, a. government official approved all Increase in contract price for a firm and later received $500 trom the company. Warren reported that investiga- on turned up one scheme whereby per cent of the contract prices •as to be "klcked-back" to certain overmneiit representatives either irectly. through their relatives, or tirough "dummy" corporations scc- etly owned by the government employees. >ewey Not a Candidate, For U.S. Senate Sent *' NEW YORK, Aug. 5— <A>>— Ciov. Thomas E. Dewey yesterday turned down a demand that he "make good" for the Republican Party in S'ew York by seeking a U.S. Senate seat this fall. The demand came from Rep. V.'. Kingsland Macy. former state OOP chairman, who accused Dewey, in a etter. of placing the party "behind the eight-ball in the coming campaign." The governor's office in Albany •eferred questiomiers t o Devjey's unqualified statement at a news confrence June 29. Dewey said then he would not seek the Senate seat. A source close to the governor, who could not be quoted by name, said Dewey "simply will not run" in November. 76 Japanese Drowned When Boat Capsizes TOKYO, Aug. 6. Oft— Sixteen Japanese drowned yesterday when a pleasure craft capsized on Lake Kawaguch! near Mount Fuji. The overloaded boat contained 44 persons. against it. its feet, for the first time in history. But it's just one more part of the world, and a huge part, that in time can be turned against the West in any future conflict between Communism and capitalism. With the Courts Chunc'cry: Edriie Violet Hopper Hopper, ami for divon-e. James R. Brown vs. Brown, suit for divorce. S. D. Haggard vs. Daisy Haggard, suit for divorce. MANILA. Aup. 6. Wi—President Elpidio Quinno set out by plane today tn make an official visit to President Truman in Washington. "I nm not suing to the DnUort States tci ask or beg," he (old n crowd of 50,000 Filipinos gathered at ihc airport, "but 1 am going in honor and dignity to express us your spokesman the gratitude of Hie Filipino people (o the United Klute.s." I Memphis Woman Reports ls j Attack, Rape, Robbery .MEMPHIS. Aiis. C. lAP)—A prcl- 1y red-haired woman, clad only in •tocknuw iiiwi a half-length .slip limped into a. do\vntcnvn sarase last : nielit lo gu.<p mil a story of as.sualt LITTLK HOCK. Ark.. AUK. U. Ml ;(IK i robbe'-y -Democratic Arkansas will for- ] [>„,,„, sa f ( j sllc , Md hccn att , , mally observe the 75th birthday an- . ::1 „ 11C:i] . bj , |W , k ,,, g lot bv ln .„. Arkansans to Observe Hoover's 75th Birthday To Dedicate Building CONWAY. Ark., Aug. 6. (AP) — Dedication ceremonies for the new Nolcn M. Irby school building at Arkansas State Teachers college will be held here Aug. 12 in conjunction with the summer commencement m'ogr-im. The .school, named for Arkansas Stite pre.sinen^ Dr. Nolen M. Irby, replaces another which burned dur- "tiy the Th.inksglvkig season in 1& The new school is a one-story bii'ldinj.: of modern design, built of buff brick. Hot Springs Man Stabs Landlady; Wounds Self HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Aug. tAP>—A 60-year-old man stabbed his landlady and (hen shot hiuuself with a .22 caliber rifle here niqht Police witnessed the shooL- ine Police LL. E.W. Rowe said the woman. Asne-s Cummins, i;bcnii 70 suf- erert serious injuries. She \vus .stabbed four times in tlie abdomen and juce in her left eye. The man .identified as Jim Smith. | -,uftered R Inrtlet wound in his chin. • Both are hospitalized here. Smith's condition Ls reported as critical. Rowe. who said he did uol know what caused the incident, gave this account: Mr.s Cummins ran from her house after the attack and called police from a neighbor's house. Officers arrived on the scene a few minutes Is'.te. As they approached Smith sitting in a chair inside the house he fired the bullet into his face. Negro Deaths IF YOU LIKE THE BEST NU-WA LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Phone 4474 SHEET METAL WORK OF ALL KINDS work for gins, altaiia milts, oil mills. Custom Shearing up to 1/4 inch thickness Fronk Simmons Tin Shop 11? South Broadway . Virsil Dorothy Joins Armored Unit Recruit Clcvel c. Ro^e of BJythr- vlllc has been a<-siRnrd to the Fifth Armored Division for H \vc*cks basic training. He i,s now a.^ipncd lo Co. "C" of hie 81si Medium Tsmk Battalion. Senators Split Votes WASHINGTON. Aus- G 'AE't Sen. Fit'brisht 'D-At3o voice! with -lf> 01 her sriKttors ye.strrdiiy in »lc- ieatinc a proposal to bur Marshal ]>h»n aid lo any nation violating a treaty with thr United SUe.s. Arkansas' other .senator, ojhn L/. MtCielUm. voted lor the measure. of Republican Herbert Hoover, the only living ex-president, on Aug. HI. Gov. Sid McM:ith has issued a proclamation setting asicie the dale ind calling on ArkEinsn.s rlli/.ens who desire lo do so lo .send birthday greetings to the former President, McMntir«; proclamation d^'larcd ihnt Hoover for more than 3r> years s devotee! his entire titur to pub- ! lie servtre at home and abroad, tn j war and in pi-ace. and rnnstantly '• striven to make Hie world R better phi IT for mankind.*' U added thiit "his oitllHl.u 1 U n (HrniR occasion for tribute of thr high esteem in whk'h he 15. held as n titi/en and a public set\ant by a firateful nation " In another proclamation thr ROV- evnor designated Saturday, Sept. 17 ax ConstiVuUon Day in Aikanj-us. sailanl who knocked her micuri- j Funeral cervices lor Eugene Brit- •icious. tlicn ripped off most of her ion. Jr. 16. who died in Alexander, "loilnng, raped her and stole her I County, will be conducted and automobile. j Sundiy at 2:30 p.m. at West End The 30-yruv-oUI married woman ' Baptist Church. Rev. L A. Holden was no! irlrnlified. She was taken will lir ; n charge and burial will be lo a hospital f nr treatment. m Ml Zion Cemetery. He is surviv- Her automobile \v;i.s found in an od by liis parents, two sirters and .itley atxnit an hour later. Her torn , one brother. Caslon Funeral Home upper clalhing was inside. t is in charge of arrangements. Read Courier News Want Ad?. The SECRE1 ot Rothrock's fXPERT Prescription Service ROTHROCKORUGCO en ONE MSI We can warm your heart uilh the flnrsl Hur of home aripli.iurrs In Inwn. Be sure to conio to us for efery new!. "Tho only thing thai on warm some women's hearts is cold cash!" SJys H»nn*S fXPftrr K4D/O SHtfS AMD Sfff/Cf I BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO. (Q 138 E. MAIM ST. BIYTHEVILLE.flRKv/v THE SECRET OF A BRIGHTER, CLEANER WASH 5 a Send your clolhes to (he tilylherillc I-aundry and they'll come back to you cleaner, brighter than evei before. liul llinl's not all. 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