The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 14, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1938
Page 4
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f AGE F Lti (Aitk.); .OoUWliit KiiWB THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher J. GRAHAM SUDBURY, Editor BAMUEL F. KORRIS, Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the post tifllcc at Blytheville, Arkansas, under net ol C6l<erc£5, October a, 1917. Served by tlic United Press """ SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In Uic City of DJytheville, I5c per week, or G5e per month. By mall, within a radius ol !>0 miles, 43.00 per year, $1.50 [or six inonllis, 75c for three month- 1 !! by mail In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, $6.50 ]wr year; fn zones seven nnd eight, $10.00 per year, payable In advance. The Oppressed Arise You caii'l expect ;i man Id liglil biu-lf witli any degree of I'eiwiiy unless lit 1 has been lu(. TIKTC'K no cnisiulni- for ethics like :i man who luis cardboard lull. There's no defense of civil liberties like the defense of ,\ man wlwm somo busly has tried In shut ii|). Tliere's DO lecturer Ji^ the i^vils of inleni])cr»iicc like a former Iwox.i;- '['lie bi(, r K<!Kl thing lliiit ever ed to the country's truffle wifely movement may likely be the enlistment of the highway victims Ihenisolves. Omalia's victim. 1 ; have orjjanixed (he Veterans of Automobile Accidents. In Cleveland an Automobile Accident Victim I,c;i|fue lias spi'iini; up. 'I'he veterans of highway warfare tire selling out to light for pence themselves, organizations' members have lightning in (heir eyes, ami it's likely thai something national is on the way. If it is, the war for IraU'ic safely ought to be moving into its hottest phase. Lowlands Look At tract iw Another one of Ihuse news stories that make yon do a little occasional meditating on the "Science: Is H a Blessing or Curse?" subject, upiicttrcil the other day. J .•* ' ' '•'' This oiic concerned tins eH"e*ls of altitude on man's menial and physical capacities Workers in the Ilarvalxl I'V tiguc Laboratory climbed into the Chilean Andes and boned up a littlu. They found lhat miuev.s who workc'l al an alliliidc of 10,000 feet had an extraordinary capacity for labor. The miners mined all day and then knocked off for a game or so of soccer. But the Harvard scientists also found lhat these miners weren't as lively in the head as the workers at sea level, anil they couldn't hear as well. Lot's just hope thai the less |iiilcr- captains of industry don't start a general trek to the hills. The thought of the rise of a ^uncrtilion of artificially created super-workers who haven't the sense to improve their lot and can't hear the call of freedom is a little loo much like «n II. (;. \Vells nightmare of the fiitiiri' ( 0 i,^ r.onil'ui-1.- able to contemplate. Summer Solace The silly season approaches, and with il the danger of coming lo su.s- j)wl lhat I he nation is peculiar among Hie countries of the world for its eccentricities. So i-nl this out and keep it in your pocket. II ought to help release you from any spells of sadness or despair this summer over the conduct of your fellow citizens : Customs officials in Hungary liav« juKt. received orders forbidding tlictu to shave o(f their nuis- till'llCS. The police chief of I'Veibnrg- im-llrcisgau, Cennany, bus banned dancing lo siving music as a public menace. Chciigtn, China, is faced with the annual problem of keeping visitors from jumping off Mount, Omei. They see their own .shadows mi the clouds below, and fancy Iliey are .seeing liuddha. The llritish House of Commons lias moved to cut down on the length of shirt-tails on shirts for export to China. Who's lodiiev now? Scanted /'unit's 'I'he world may not bt! growing njj very fa.sf just now, but it's getting cleaner. At a plumber.---' convention in Philadelphia it was disclosed that the bathtub business is getting belter and •belter all the time. H w:is also disclosed that Italy and (lei-many are spending "millions of dollars" on bathtubs and showers and sucli for their armies, feeling that a cleaner soldier is a better soldier. Which suggests a new plot thai might be tried out as a measure of war-prevention. Rend some high-pressure tiib-and- soap salesman out to cover (he world. Let every military leader see liatb.s in the light Wtlor and Mussolini have seen them in. Then send out a first- class crew of sccnleil-bath-salt drummers. And follow that up with dusting powder, • and follow Dial up with lavender sachet for tliu clothes, and then foundation, creams for Hie skin. There won't be any tight ing after (•hat. The boys might he goaded info slapping one another, but there wouldn't be any real fighting. SATURDAY, MAY u, lo(! OUT OUR WAY I Miiccrely believe the U-rin "dictator" lo be misapplied in (his disc.—Count Hcne Doynol de Kainl-Qticntm; l-Ycnch Ambassador to Uic Unil- i'<l Stalc.s. on Premier Ualndler. We Ibink peace and disarmament. we dream lirnrt and diw.iiiiiuiient, we proclaim peace and illfarniainciit. We strive for tl day in and dav mil.- Sccrrtiiry of Stale CordiH Hull, spc.ikin.; ol Ihe government. * » » 1 «anled an oriuinal vacation in m.'ijt Ijceaiixc I inn sick of airplanes, trains. j,, u | mnlti-cytin- J (Icr !u<iomotil(v._Jai:o)) G. Nicholson, of In- 1 dianapolis. wlir. plans lo lour Europe in a | a , s i J. U. Williams VOU WON'T THKT — IT Wf\S HARDLY USED FOR DIN'MER . SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "How d<( you expect me fo drive any sense into your husband if yon don't join in, (ho argument and agree with me?" THIS CURIOUS WORLD William Ferguson FLJEW FROM TORONTO TO BARBADOS, A DISTANCE OF ABOUT 3.OOO M/t_E?S, IN TEN DAYS. FOREIGN f-OUGHT OWE OF ITS GR&4TEST BATTLES IN Mexico/ APRIL 3O, IS&3. I SWIRLING, R_(<SH75 op t-OCtJST5 ACE DEPICTED IN AUCTION PkCTLJRES _ BY COFFEE GROUNDS WATER C£//3,<S£A/75. 'IHE Foreign legion pul up one of il.s mo:,t courageous fijhl.s at Joya. Mexico. Napoleon had .sent the It-gina lo Mexico wilh Maximilian, and on April ;iO. 18G3, 05 legionnaires succc.ssfully fought o!T ii Mexican cavalry. killiiiR several thousand men. iVI.'XT: Him many fiirrign countries conlrilililc maK'iials lor Amer- The Family Doctor •t. M. m»t- v. «Man's liradious To Thirsi 'Tlrirs is (In MTOIU! ;nu( I'on- rhulinq ailirlr by Dr. l-i.-Jibrm nn tin' subject "I (he l:«(ly'!i uce;l ol w.iter.i H>' I)H. MOHK1S I ISIIHIHN Ulilin, .Tniinnil oT Uie AiKiTii'an i\l f (I i c a i AsMH-ialtmi. anil "I M>seia, Uic Kt'aUh MuKiuinr 1'<)r(nnaU'l>', few of us arc M iu- io:.])^-^^' lhal \vr ron.slatiLI>' anal- vv.r Ihe way we led a ml wliy! Very [cw ol us. lor example, ever leel really IliUsly. We may (Xra.'-tonatty Mty Uial \ve arc dry. Ibal our nimitbs frrl fu//y. or Uial we \vanl ;\ diink. We bn\e been :*o usU'incd to UikliiR ••(ivlnfcs" lu Ihc form of mill:. ravh:;u^fe^I bnv- rai;c>. iilcnholic lujuor.v Ira. colfcf. liocfjlale atul encoa. tb;\r we liatxily ever liave a renl seinalion ol lliirst. Many of Uic forms ol fluid thai, liave been mentioned are in ten for tlic pleasure ol Ihe a?ic]r<| ingrcdl- ent-s nilhcr tlian primnnlv lor U>c fluiti. lint a man who ts really thirsty knmvf, il a.s Ihe resnK of a ^eue:s ot .sen.satlon;, tlnv, cnunol be nvcrluokril. Dr. Cannon lolls 'il UN ii;iny <i[Ti- i-er who i;ot lost in Hi- l.latult! Kslarado" of 'lexa.s. 'I li^ iftord of sensalimis shows Hint nn Uic Muvd tlay he cnnld nn Inir^rr pro- dnvrr paliw anfl lhat |r«ni taken Into Ihe: immtli callined about Ihc Icelli nnil on Die luii^uc and cuulil not be swallowc'.l. Vi « t. The Obi itagc in ihc .-ciibalion of llilrit Is a ticnse ol <liyncis III the inoulb <ilitl a ti - avin 3 - i! u i develops Mr nolds,. The ncM stage Is the feeling lhal the ialiva and inncus In (In 1 mouth ami throat i. Ki'tlini; lew in nniuunt. Ihirker an; .stieky. Now Ihc- niv that is brc-athr seems to b? unosually hoi. licivins I lie .SHI fares with wliicli il conic into coulract are not boms roolci by fluid. The Rel.s thick au< slicks Id I lie roof of tin- month and a lump tint cannot be swul lowed .srrms lo appear in Ibe throal A tew drops of fluid put on tlv lcnii;iic ill lln.s stage will give Ire mriKloii.'; relief. In (lie last stage.^ luwrvcr. a.s dnsrribrd by ,-n American pcolo^isl who observet •Mich raws in Uio American desert t'AST OK C •lAt'iiii; iifN.v—hrroliwi »Uc Vruntfil I:, l!j. MUUUIt IIIU;rivNHH—horni tu \\tittlftl to ((-«( (lie Kfra(ONubiTi>. >li:ilVI, Mi:i,HHSI>-ivonl Iky vrldowt Klio ^vnulcd Ifoiior. llVlll.VV 1,A KAKUU—Jni-klr'» mulhcrj sbc wanted n KOD-ln-luw, ^ * * YriilrrJiiM II u g r r lirncundcH .lici-klr, lrunfr»ll}. (i, tukr I.I. pin. ' hi'n \v»nl cnnit-K thai Ihr wuutlicr hn« rlmrcil lur hit fllgkl. CI1APTK11 XII J>OGER laid Beryl took oft so early (I?;U ncxl morning that Jackie did nol go oiil lo llic licld. Roger did not intend to make lime, (joing west, lie would he flying )ow, sx> tluit wifh his .supcv- fiuirgcd motor il would be impossible lo open it up. lie expected to make the. const in about 12 hours, with a stopover al a hall- wuy point. Jackio received a wire around noon from Kun.sns Cily. "Smoutli sailing so far"—it read. "Keep your fingers crossed and stand by -stop Boryl enjoyiiiK (rip slop Bolli seii'.l love." Jackie wondered vvliv Ilcryl had s:ul her her love. Of" course she was enjoying herself. If Roger/ linil not been so wrapped up in Ins n.viiiB lie would have known by Ibis lime that Ben 1 ! Mclroso's love was all for liim. Well, she was welcome lo him —after Jackie had the hisl laugh. Another wire that same evening informed Jackie Hint Ihe silver ship had landed at Burbank. The next, she knew, would be the im- pnrtnnt message. Roger expccled lo lay over only it .g sy m . t wo bc . lore slarlins his trial flight. "I'll certainly ho glat! when this is over," Evelyn said. "Yon haven't catcu for days and you're CclfitiB dark circles. You'll make n sorry-looking bride, if you don't take care, darling!" Evelyn was concerned wilh little more than licv plan;; for the approaching wedding;. She was EO pleased it was to be a June wedding, af(ei- nil. There was nothing so romantic as a June wedding, The important wire arrived n few days later. It was from Beryl —apparently Roger bad ;iot hart lime lo send it. it said Roger woul-.l take oft' at 2 a. m. the ncxl morning. Jackie did not sleep a wink that night. She was up and dressed by -1 o'clock. Roger had arranged, as he had promised, for her to listen iti al the radio lower. Of course they could nol ge'. ii> dircel con- •tiicl wilh him uulil ; lie got within pick-up range, probably around Cleveland, p. Bui the newspapers would receive word reporlhuj the plane's progress up inilil then. IT was lucky for Jackie dial A lliere was lilllc IrafllcVon the road lo (lie field at lliis early hour or she would have been arrested for speeding. As it was it took nearly 50 minutes to make (he drive. She climbed Uic steep ladder lhat led lo the lillle gluss tower. Mae, (lie operator on duly, gveclcd her wilh a wide grin, motioning her inlo Ihc one chair in the compact space, surrounded on three sides by receiving sets, each tuned to (he frequency ol an airliner. There was sotnclliing eerie and awe-inspiring aboul Ihe atmosphere of the tower at this hour just before daybreak. It was shrouded in darkness, save for Ihc faces of the dials. Outside the beacon swept majestically hack ami forth, lighting jt s p a th in the Sky. Tiny slrings of lights hound Ihe field, with red ones for obstruction linos. The green code beacon blinked on and oil like a huge eye. Over the hook-ups a voice would boom forth suddenly, loud and somewhat distorted, often incoherent when a blare of static interfered. After a while, though, one's ears accustomed themselves so (list words and caii-leltcrs formed. "Anything yet?" Jackie;isked,as Mac swung on his high stool during a few moments' silence. Roger must be on his way by now. '•The Morning Eagle phoned in lhal he took off at 2 bells lo Hie dot," Mac said. "That would make il 5 o'clock here. Probably won't Bet anything more until Wichita. You'd better grab off a little sleep for yourself, Jackie." Jackie shook her head. She knew lhal would be impossible. She was so keyed up lhat all her nerves were like taut wires. Day was breaking now in the easl, lummy the sky inlo a brilliant spectacle, and miles away Roger was steadily climbing up, up, up inlo that other world where there was no night, no day, where (lie stars shone always. iti CJIIE sclllcd herself for a long •' wait and she did doze a liltlc. There was very little local activity al ,'Jie field yet, so that only an occ.v.ional message Hashed inlo Ihe ,v-wcr. Once Mac talked lo a pilot v/hn wauled a laxi on hand for a passenger when they landed. Mac said he would attend lo it then kidded a bit, much ; as one would over one's telephone al home. "Thai's service for you" he said to Jackie. "Order your ea'j a. hundred miles away in II'! airJ" .'j "How high do you suppo ? llogcr is now?" Jackie asked. Si" • could not promote an interest r unylliing else. She had not much more ll>: asked her question when a fo,. came up from the teletype rco': to bring her n message. Il wH; Hie first direct relay from Rogci ship. It had been sent lo Ihc D 1 parlment of Commerce at WicliH "Estimate position 50 mill cast"—Jackie read. "Allilmi'j^ Iboiuiand. Kverylhing okav."»v "Whew!" Mae let out a lo whistle. "Tiiat answers your quc liijti. He is flying high, isn't h I ex-peel 'he'll settle on thai all hide for his cruising -speed. Lc'f- see," he consulted his watch; "i'f 7:4;!—he's been more than W5 hours on his way." '.'.' "Everything okay," Jackie i"' pealed lo herself. Home of h;': lension lessened. This, waili'!; really was no fun. !>" * * * ; gHE Wondered if Beryl we' wailing somewhere, stand!' by, too. .She would be listeni'L to the messages now as Hoger si :' Ihcm c;iL BtJ JatVje would in at the finish, which covml'y most. Jackie wondered if Bei'ii could retain her usual cnviaPij poise through these !o))g hours];! It was another lull hour befell the hoy brought another nicssaiij H was much the same as the fnvl "It will be a couple of hours'lS expect," Mac snid, "before we c'f.; hope to pick up Roger's csfiS lers. Why don't you run -at' and get yourself some BOIK! „., con'ce, Jackie? And, if vou rlofc mind, you might bring'me ba'|, some, too." iS* Jackie did nol e,iro whether rl., ate or not, though she knew tr^ was silly. She haled lo leave t 1 ^ lower for even a short while. S}'j wanted lo be on hand for RogeU first message. It was fascinaluj! loo, listening to the diftcrcnl mi'i^ sages that wore coming in stead|.v now since the morning's schedule had begun. She could imagiij those other planes circling 1,1 Iheir landings, or waiting to la ; off, as plainly as though she coifj see them on the field beneath h'? eyes. But, since there would r{- be any word from Hoger's pln ; S for some lime, she idcd (o la 1 ,-Mac's suggestion. .-'/] She knew that he ncxl h'-j hours would be the longest, l'- most difficult, she.would ever ci'j perience. '•'•'. i ; j It was fortunate lor Jackie lly. she Ihought that. >' (To Be Continued) he e,cliils seem lo become stiir. The eyes arc Iixr:l in » stare in which (he person sees nolhiiv^. J'hr lo!ii;iio seenis to Iraixic'ii and annol !;c moved. In Ibis stnjje Die mind tcromes dislurbal. and tlic loilured human beings have illusions in which (hey see mirages wilh beautiful rivers and lakes "as the center of interest. 'Ihe phytiolosists who concern U ':aisc)re.s wilh the mechanism,-; Unit, control various human functions have jjiven much .study to Ihc question of just whore hi Die human bc:ly the sensation of tliiiKl arises, some believe thai IcJisfiiing uf the saliva is of first, importnnce. but others insist lhal the mnulh itscll may lie (|nite dry without any real sensation of (hirst, and lhal, lliis .sensation CORIP;; from the inlcrior of tin- body. In cither case il is a [;<XK| idea not lo Id yoinsrll (jet too dry, because a Inim-coiilinurri relative shorlase ol fluid may do a lot of damage as \vcll as n snrldcn and comriliMc di'])i-ivalion of water. Demonstration Club News Notes Number Nhic Mrs. Paul Kinibroiigh wa.s liostc:>s to IS members ami two visitors of Ihc Number Nine Home Ucnion- r-tratioii club Wednesday afternoon when Ihc roll call wa.s answered by a porn) honoring mother, folloiv- 1113 which Ihc entire group read Ihe "Collect' 1 and sang "Smiles". The devotional. "The Lite of Clirist'.s Mother" WHS Riven by Mi.s. Lee Styles and Mrs. G. K. Parker read "In Defense of '• Mothers". I The progrnm >v;is (hen turned j over lo Miss Cora Lcc Colciniin, iceiinly home (Icinonslrnl.ion agent, who discussed wilh the group plans for Ihc fair catalogue, and each member wns asked to send in her niticbm lor any changes lhat flic nii»lit wish made. Miss also told of her trip co Washing and other points of Ihc East, "j! Dining tiic social hour, Mrs. vf Hean. recreation cliainnan. gavi'" very inlcrcsliiig song contest ; : , peppermint cnmly wa.s given lo prize group. Mrs. ICimbrough ass- c<l by Mrs. Recce Moore., scrvcOi .•sandwich plate with iced tea. n The nc.vl meeting or Hie gi/i! will be held hv the home of jv» j Fred Beau Wednesday ,iftcrni4 May 25. < I'rcllisinrie Tooth found j'j LONDON CUP)—A giant tootllV; a prohisloric elephant has I '" found in n swamp by worhr."'j diggii)" Ihe foundations Tor H building at Chlswick. The toil incasure.s 8 inche.s in length, i f, inches high and y>. inches acr * ami weighs nearly •! pound,, i .- Gibbons arc quite cx|ifrtt"~3 I walking lit an upright, yiosilli ' and often clasp their hands " hind Ilieir Heads and point H? elbows outward. OUR BOAKDING HOUSE Announcements the Courier News i.ns nccn -->u- Uinrired lo make formal menl o! the following candlUalM lor public office, siibjccl to the Democratic, primary August 9. I'or County Treasurer R. L. (BILLY) OAINES Vor ShcrifT and Collector HALE JACKSON <l'or Rr-clcclion) Cnunl.r Court Clerk T. W. POTTER I'or Cnunljr Tax Assessor W, W. CBUDDV) WATSON flliyANT STEWART I cr Ciniily ami 1'rnnlialo .lutljc DOYLE HENOKRSON S. L. ClLADlb'K (For Re-clcdlo:i> 1'or Cirenlt Courl Clerk HARVEY MORRIS I'ur County KclitttcnUllvcB W. W. FOWIJSR L. H. WOODROW VICE' INCTr M. BEC. U.'sTfti'f. WB5S so SH&'S eivew THIS BIG CALLIOPE A PlAY, EH ? WELL, WMEM X GET THROUGH ME WOUYHAVE EWOUGH STEAM LEFT TO TOOT A POLICE WHISTLE TH' PLACE YOU'RE LOOKIMC3 POR IS up PIV/E BLOCKS, THEM THREE STREETS TO TH' L.EPT AMD IT'S ~TH' "THIRD HOUSE PROM TM' CORMER f with Major HoojA BUSTSR 5 WAVING BOY ji A OETOUR '$$ MAH-'LL TAKE :,, , HIM TW/O HOURS \ TO WADE OUT BIG \OMt=MT AR RIVES = '}

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