The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1949
Page 13
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TUESDAY, MAY 10, 1949 BT/TTHEVlLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THIRTEEN' OUT OUR WAY Bv J. R. Willioms Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople FRECKLES & HIS FRIENDS !!y MERRILL BL03BEB He'll Stick DIDN'T SIGN ANYTHING, DID XX)? THAT KID'LL A, TRUCK. BACKED OVER IT. BUT I LET TH' KIP HAVE MINE TILL I GET HIS'M FIXED—I GUARANTEE TRANSPORTATION: %?%%%P^<S r/^VW^y" ^ I ^-& WJjr\ > ^^-A WHAT'S THAT/ IS }; W\.(A'^^'' '?' r k THI* A ^^ ? x k LOOK Meue, LIVERAVjRE.THIS i tx& F»Hoow,si<?,eur eonr: FAR enouon; MY sow IHE WIRCLBSS PERSONS s NO use fpf. A VALET/ OR A / (We EMPLOVEO we TO GENTLEIAAWS GENtlEMANI / SCR'/ 6 MASTER t-ARO • i MU5T EARN MY f\ DID TMarr BIG e '\ PCLICAri 6 w *^\ A crinAcxK\ •^ % C W<\ A SLOGAN ^AX* ^^^> Ml rOAM. ^,V ,-/,uF '^IX. 2 „ P^^.^«^ Mow IF voulL excuse we, 5l« . A SUGUT COLLATION IS INDICATED/ HEAVEN YCAH, AMD AN GIVE we UMA(\Rio&et> PATIENCE; fJOGEIi grumbled that il seemed Hljhest Habitation The Budclliisl cloister of Hnnin, Tibet, where priests live at an nl- tlUicle of 16.003 fuct. is Ihc highest spot inhibited by huuum beings. Treat Your Watch To A New Check-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices By Elizobeth R. Roberts COX1KHT IV M1IWIK. KKHHtt DUIUIUTIO IT KIA UIVKL VK. XXX111 I.AUIMA didn't have to waste much breath telling me how sh« Factory-Trained Experts to Serve You! DHEIFtIS Meet Dreifus . . . Wear Diamnnrh [4 H\\ \\\\\ ST. I IK HIM PHI I, ILTTHlVltll UB HIMMJHC All Work Guaranteed and Mickey—ho was a pilot in h bomber group—had been transferred here and could find only an unheeitod tourist cabin to live In, without modem plumbing. I gallumplied upstairs top speed to show her the guest room which still contained my double bed hut which 1 was now glad—nay, eager —to give up to her and Mickey Breathless, 1 promised them all the clean linen they wanted, the se of the whole house, my white satin, lace inonogramincd blanket cover, a bedside radio, $5000, and the dnigslore—if they'd just move in and stay. Mickey came that evening to look us over. He was as freckled as Claudia was (air, as gangling as she was svelte, as faded and wiry haired as she was silky and glowing, and as quiet and unresponsive pare dinner for Mickey In my silchcn if she wished. She wished. And lo my astonishment, she invited Itobhie and me to have dinner wilh her and Mickey In our house the following night: they'; had a gill of a fro/en roast of venison and they'd like to sliure it with ufi. Leaning on my elbows, lull of good food, 1 remarked, "You chil dren like home life, don't you?" • "Oh. yes," Cluudia gurgled. "W love it." "It's loo bad we're so much old r or we might run a comtnunii tchen," 1 said. "You're not much older," Micky Lied stoully. "Anyone'd Lake on for my sister." "And we wish you would let us ivc here with you," Claudia added ifiseechinKly. A.s she was ebullient. "Not a ba.^ go-down," he raid UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball Get Our Prices TAX! and TRUCK DRIVERS UNIFORMS All Colors - Gabardine $12.95 HUDSON Cleaner-Clothier-Tailor lo Claudia. Directing her attention to me with a toils of his unruly hair, he added, "Fix it up." As 1 set the dining-room table for dinner the next evening, heard hands squeaking on the ban nister as Bill's used to do when li gripped it hard on an unwillin ascent to bed. Looking out, 1 saw Mickey moving slowly down an toward the front door on his wa out with Claudia to have dinner "That boy didn't want to go OT lo eat," I told Roger and Hob a I served them. That's his tough luck," Roger snld. Roger or 110 Roger, next morn ing I told Claudia that we were not going to be home for dinner that night and that she could get in lamb chops, new potatoes, and J frozen peas—or whatever she | liked, for that matter—and pre- 7OGI-JR was out; we could talk freely. We arranged to take urns doing the housekeeping; Claudia had got dinner that night; omorrow I would. We'd halve he bills at the end erf the month, arid either side could have company on Us night to cook. We worked this arrangement for the IB months the children lived with us, and thonch Claudia was a better cook than I, she continually flattered me hj taking down notes my recipes. Of course, dropped our soiled clothes dowi Ihe same chute, washed them it the same tubs and ironed them U| on the same mangle. Claudia be longed to our denomination fc we attended church together. Roger was the livid one. For few days after our new arrange ment went into effect, he came hopefully home in time for dinner just as usual; but gradually, un able to fit inlo the family circle and possibly » little in awe of Mickey—H was difficult for a captain in Headquarters Company to tellingly lord it over « man who had flown the shuttle in Europe and was now headed [or the South we had Hetty and Dick and ttieit baby (still had) in the basement; then Ihe Capncrs and the two boys upstairs. What was the mallei his family? Mary and the boys were as homeless as Wandering Jews, just visiting <wi* parent anrt then the ,other, and Mary was getting pretty darn tired o( it. I almost had to pinch myself to remind myself 1 wasn't cheating him. Eventually Colonel HarlwIcKt solved the problem for us. Thinking too many GI'« attached to bases in this country didn't appreciate what war was about or like, he ordered all men under his command »t Gore Field to move into barrncka and observe front- ne discipline. Claudia and Mickey had been ving wilh u« for some months when a Big Event occurred. It vasn't the little girl they expected, lit a little boy and her name was like. It h;w never failed to Impress me that the toughest-looking men so often have Ihc tcnderest hearts. Mickey took his turn getting up nights with Mike, just the same as Claudia did. "You have lo wait on him aH day," he explained. }ne evening when they wheeled lim mtt in his carriage, Claudia told me they agreed Mickey should }ush going and she returning, but when it came round to her turn, he wouldn't give over. "I almost never get to him," Mickey complained, clung tightly to the carriage han- "Thess beautiful Mny days don't npponl'to me as much ns they tlid once—can't [ilay liooky from anything!" PRISt'll.LA'S l'01» , mid Narrow Ity Al. VHUMKER dl«. Holding Mike like » monkey cuddling its young, the red whiskers of hi« bare cheat looking apelike beyond the smooth while skin of the baby, Mickey would tuck the child's head under his chin ami rub gently to and fro over it. "Isnt hair," h* wouki say. referring to Ihe fu/.z appearing on Mike's scalp. "It's silk." Hugging the baby to him, he would wink at whoever was looking and s "Awful loose and no more personality than an oyster, but I like him." (T» Be Continued) 111 North ^n Flione • 3132 MODERNE! BEAUTY SHOP j formerly lone's Beauty Shop • Mildred Vincent , Marie Rod cry Fayonne WafTler I 25 or more (radc in allowance on your alrl washer, regard less of make or condition on a new BEND1X Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance (or Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. Duct work, call Taylor SHEET METAL WORK wplpej, gutter ... all types. F ton, 828. 112 North Flrsl. Blytheville Tin Shop blowplpeJ, gutter ... all types. For expert work Lsiyton, 828. 112 North Flrsl. I FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION ^ee Estimates S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. COTTON FARMERS Chemically delinted cotton Beed germinate quicker, plant And plow lhe,»ame week. Reduce chopplnc expense and produce more cotton per acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE I). * P. I.. No. II. per 50 l.b. l!a( ................. D. * P. L. No. 15. 1'er 50 Lb. Ba([ ................. Stontfille Z B, 1'er SO l.b. Bag ................... SUinrvilU 2 C. Per 50 Lb Blf ................... Rovrdcn 41-B. Per &• Lb Ban .................. Half & Half Illilirerll. Per 50 l.b. Bait ............ Coker'. 100 Will Resistant. Per 50 l.b. Baj ........ Paula, Per SB l.h. Bajr ........................... Empire, Per 50 Lb. Bay .......................... Come in and place your order or jrcl TOUT snpply BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 85« Bljtheville. Ark. Phone 857 Branches: Leachville, Ark.. Hornersvitlc, Mo. and Senath. Mo. .STUDEBAKER. Phone 888 Now Is The Time! • See These Trucks • 1 1947 Sludebakcr 1'/2-Ton with good body. 19-12 Dodge I'/j-Ton with army body, ideal for hauling hands. ^ m 133!) Cbevrolef 1 !/i-Ton, has new motor. A good low w priced truck. . w > 1!)IG Studebakcr '/j-Ton ... in excellent condition > •pi throughout. " See the 19-lfl Studcbakcr Trucks . . . noted for low- cost operation . . . availablt in all whcelhases and si/.es. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Railroad &• Ash I'honc 888 •STUDEBAKER' SHOULD MAKE THEM WIDER I'M PUTTING THESE LINES HERE SO YOU'LL KNOW WHERE TO WALK WHEN M3U THE IM NOT SMEAR ING, YOUNG LADY.' YOU'RE LUCKY.' MY POP THE DICKENS SMEAR PAINT I!y M1C11AUL. O'MAl.UCY ami RALPH LANE Fog Comes Culling didnt have to wait long. A couple of days later... SWEU WAY TO RUN AN INVESTIGATION/ALL WE SOT OUT OF THAT WAS AH ENVELOPE FUU OF BIL1S TORN IN MALF.' OKAY, BUSS. VOU CAN SO, BUT DON'T GO FAH. WHEN VOU'RS READY TO TALK, COME IN/ HR. CHANNEL TO SEE Me, PEEBLES By LICSUH TURNER- , WASH TUUIiS I MEMi) 3US1 TUMI HERES nit RECORD OF AM MCO11O1IC WHO TRIED 1O, NMEROUIT- MERWi \TlMfl FOR 25 VEAR6,,MJD FIVE \ pien wo ^eftRS OF ACUTE W.COHOLISM IftKE ^M OCCASIOHftL HOWEUERi WE CM1 l)ORM(\L LIVES'. WE'UE Qllll KIDDIUG OURSELVES IUA.T WE CAW EVER BE OCIM DCIMkERS! ..OWE OF PERHAPS EO.OOO KJ A, ft. (\LOME leT)S GET THM GIG...TUEEE \S I'M WHM WE; CML OF COUESE. H6&RD M.COHOLICS ftNOWVMOUS CURES BOHS CASES, BEW BUT I — WHO WILL NEVER T.«*KE AHO1HER DBI»t«...BUT WE'LL AIWWS BE M-COHOtlCS BECMJSE WE'RE 6T1U W.1ERGIC TO LlOUOEl By FRED HARM AN No. He's Hoi; BUGS BUNNY HIVA. ELMER.'AIN'T YEP NOGGIN ?YER HAT'S COT A THIS HED6E BAKBGRIN' 15 A SNAP WITH THESE 6LECTPIC SNIPPERS.' MUSTA HIT A HUNKO' TOLGH STUFF/ By V. T. H AMI,IN AKIN WITM SOMETHING liy BDGAlt MARTIN , BOOTS AND HER MUDDIES Phone 888

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