The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEMLLE COURIER NEWS 1 • TWff TV%»irw»TkiTt vi ctxra r> A mm rtt* xir^ofiir* t a m ABU* A vir> m . *._ » A .-*»*»«»*,™ .. • '^•^ THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST AHKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVH—NO. 18H Blythevllle Courier, B'.ythevllle Dally News, „, ,.„.,,,,,,,, , ,, .,,,. v „ „''", Blytlicvllle lietnld, Mississippi Valley Leader. BL\ LHKV1LLK, Alt KANSAS, I'HIOAY. QCTOHKK 17, 1!WO SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS PERRY SUSPECT AT HARRISON Cradle of Human Race Sought in South America FIVE lira ,..—, ORA2IL SOUTH AMERICA ages Albert Griffin Will Be Tried Next Week for Killing Dorsey Johnson. OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct 17 (UP)— Albeit. (Slim) Gritfin. 35, chafed with the fatal shoaling of Dorsey Johnson at a dance on Llltle River on the night of September, 30. and i Indicted by the grand jury for mur- j der lu' the first degree, was arrnlgn- J ed in court here yesterday morning and will ts tried next Tuesday. Johiron died of gun shot wmimds lu u Blythevllle hospital the day following the affray which Is al Icged to have grown out uf John son's taunt, thf.l Griffin was a chicken thief. Griffin fled Ihe SCEIM following Ihe shooting and was arrested by officers at ll'e home rf another farmer in the nelehborhoMl the' next dav. The- grand Jury was discharged yesterday afternoon after report the flndlnii'of 2G true bills, which include five first degree inurrtr indictments, all against ne- srr-es with the exception of the Griffin cnse. Np?ri> Fired at Officers Arthur Brown, negro, who Is al- !r?fn] to have shot at deputy sheriffs W. J. Cox and Bennie Jackson, when they went t/i his house to &r- re:t him on a charge of nossesslng whisky on the night of October 9 was Indicted for assault to kill, ar •aiened yesterday, and his trial i set fT next Monday. Three cases on the docket for today include an assault to kli: charge against Charles Royal, ne- src, who Is alleged to have shol H"ds Tinton, another negro, at M/.'Ferrln 'on the fourth 'of July. R'yal is also charged with the murder ol Cal Clements. <vn old ivjrro who tried to arrest -Mm when he ran amuck and caused trouble gen- °rnllv on the holiday, and his trial •n this charge is rn for Tuesday of next week. The trial of Jesse Lee for assault to kill another negro on the Tindle ulac.i west; of Osceola, is on today's docket, together with Branch Office Mas Received 10,000 Balesl The Blythevllle branch office of ho .Mid-South Cotton Growers association has passed Its 10.000 bale quota and appears likely Io double I before the close of the season. Receipts reached the 10,000 bale mark yesterday. Actual settlement 'or about 7.500 bales of this toUil has been made through the local office, the balance consisting of cotton for which growers drew on the Memphis office through their home; bunki but sent their samples here fo relapsing. Many lists of 100 bales or more are being delivered lo the co-op ol- flce, and receipts ol 600 biles or more in a day are not, unusual. The branch office was established here on a pledge of at least 10,000 bales delivery for Ihe season. With that total already attained association officers predict that the season's deliveries will run close lo 20.000 bales. ILL OKI ME Rit?. Announces Moran and Mick in "Anybody's War" for First Show. v. Sunday moving pictures will ninke their bow In Blylhevlllf th« day alter trmorrow when '"Anybody's War." with Moran ' »ml Mack, will open a two-day engagement al the HUu theatre. Sunday matinee will be from to 5, while the evening show, to iticn. and below, left to right, arc Major Kidman Poole. geographer: Kilis Thompson. buEine=e manager; Dr. Earl T Apfcl Biologist and Dr. Ernea Reed, botanist. The shaded portion of tlv- map shews the region near the Venezuela-Colombia border they will explore, from tluir base at San Cristobal. TOE MEN WHO WILL DARE T HE JUNGLE for secrets of „„„ „.„, ck . Iu8ellllfr m(n long past are pictured. Above is D r. Parkc H. Struthers, head of the I the case of the state against Jesse .^vnivlirir'n an/1 VioTnn. lr.ff t*. _<-L.. •» *. i_ ,-,. , „ I _, «•«»%. "tjtinui, utosc Easton, nesro. charged with the tlHft of $30 from Mr.'. Howard Bcwen in Luxora recently. ISunjlar Pleads Guilty CnsM; disposed of yesterday include Will Rogers, negro, charged with burglary and grand larceny, - who .entered a plea of guilty to ^rand larceny and was sentenced to a yenr In the penitentiary. Will Davis. n?gro. also charged with burglary and grand larceny, plead guilty to grand, larceny and was g1v?n a year in the penltentl- Expl overs Will Dare Fierce Tribes in Scientific Quest Ministers to Discuss Sunday Movie Plans Announcement of a Sunday, moving picture program at tli; Rltz theatre will be the siipjeet cf discussion at a special meeting of thj Blytheville Ministerial association, called for K o'clock Saturday nrrning, it was an-- nounced today by the Rev. Marsh Callaway, pastor bj the. First Presbyterian church. Mr. Callaway said that all local ministers would be invited to attend the mooting.' which will be held at the Presbyterian church. •, "Dovetail Barges" Put to Work Calls Judge McGehce's Refusal (c\ Accept Jurrsclic- licu "Ridiculous" LITTLE HOCK. oct. IT. IUD— Undaunted by two successive set- t«iks In Its unyielding eifort to bring about, >an iim'itigatlon of money expended by Oov. Harvey P-Jrncll III gaining the Democratic nomination lo succeed himself, the slate committee continued llvaitmipt today to place the blatter of campaign expenses before a grand Jury. - Branding Judge Abner McOehee'f statement, made yesterday that his court was without Jurisdiction as "ridiculous," Osro Cobb, secretary ol the RepubUcan central committee. saki he would present, "evi- .dence lending to show Ooverno; rarnell violated the corrupt practice act, by expending an amount in .excess of the limit allowed by law'; -to Prosecuting Attorney Boy; 1 Cypert today. "We will coniimip our tight fo- *. grand Jury Investigation und are not discouraged by Judge McOe- hee's ruling, 1 -' Cobb snld. The circuit judge held his tribunal was without, jurisdiction In tlie matter sine* the statute pro vMps thnt complaints charging violation of the corrupt practice act must, be presented within 20 day: Jfollou'lng the election and that In this case that clause was no', complied with. Cobb staled it would have been Impossible to comply with the statute as Governor Parnell did not file hts expense statement with ihe secretary of Binte until 28 days after the election. "People ail over the state are aware of the expensive campalgv of full page advertisements carried f '&i In pr aclically every. r.ewspap In 'behalf of the governor for a' period. ol several weeks." Cobb said. "We'^vrould be willing to drop the entire matter If we could not show at' 1 least $30.000 .s|>ent, and I am confident we shall have no trouble proving the governor's campaigt poa', *60.000 to *75,000. readily trace jdble lo hts headquarters." . 'rediction of Low Temperatures Tonight Holds Threat to Big Acreage. If frost visits Mississippi county ~nftjht, in keeping with the wea- her man's predlctt-n for northeni Arkansas, chief dnmiig^ will be Bv NEA Srrvire : Dr. Ernest Reed, botanist- Dr Eirl SYRACUSE. N. Y — The wildest' T. Apfel. paleontologist; Major Sid- ary. man Poole, geographer; Dr. Will- j Honler Wi]son iam E. Reid. ---• —•- ' The: '.vibe rf savages in existence in the new world will b? the object of study this winter by a group of Syracu:e University scientists, who hope, by obosrving (he M-tilone Indians of South America in their native haunts, to learn facts that will either upset or confirm new scientific theories cf world-wide Importance. The chief question is whether South America was the cradle of; tl:o hu:na:i race. j Th? tribi In question, the Motil- ] one gr-up, Inhabits the wild Cor-' dilla mountain range cf Venezuela' :iui Colombia. Except for oc- "Tiicinl aerial rb:ervation trips.' matfo within the last two or Ihrc? I negro. maintained its aloofners from civilization os have the Motilone India ns- r 'ried to penetrate the zone which i •they inhabit, but all have been itriv?!] tack. Hostile and war-like, thcv have defended themselves against all invasions, fighting with huge bows which send six-font arrows so hard and sure that they arc snld to te as deadly as rifles at any range up to 100 yards. Tht> little that Is known about year in the penitentiary. Willie Powell, charged with avid conflict witli church services, will not commence until 8:45 p.-rn. In announcing, the Sunday pro °inrn the theatre management expressed the- belief that it woul r i benefit local business 1 gen?rally. 'and would also prrve a desirable thing from the standpoint of providing "ic^n entertainment at home for Blythiville people. Theatres have nmraterl on Sunday In many Arkansas cities during the- past year. "Anvhcdy's War" Is the film vers- torV of The "Two Black Crows In yenrs. while men have never pene- i th« M-tilones Indicates that hey . :rntrrt into their hunting grounds, i nr e extremely flerco and brutal. dians- Since the discovery of the 1 ty to assault and batt-rv and new world, daring explorers ha\v: j fined $10. Hold Little Rock Woman for Shooting Her Husband LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 17 (UP) — :>.frs. Alma Wright, 41, was in Jail here today charged with assault with Intent to kill following the wounding of her husband, W. c. W>ight, 41. during a quarrel at sault to kilt, entered a. plea of gull- ] tlle A - E < F -" Bitten several years 40 Injured, Most of Them Not Seriously; Dynamite Bomb Suspected. LOS ANOELE3, Oct. 17. (UP>A terrific gas explosion shook the eleven story Garment Capita building here tcday, injuring al least 40 persons and causing property damage estimated at $1,000.000 by ci'»rV>s E. Mack, leader of For a time It was thought the the fain-us comedy team. Added j explosion resulted from labor trou- dlalcg was furnished for Ihe screen v by Walter Weems. himself a famous blackface troup who has ble. being an outgrowth of a strike called several weeks ago by gar ment workers unions. Police dls counted the labor war theory, however. They insisted the blast oc re su'ddenly"wh'lskeci! c " rred when a Mexican boy struc! .^..ement of the big a match to "«« a dgaret scrape, and who encounter a mm- , T *'° Besses told authorllle b?r of amusing adventures in the!' he i'outli stopped an Important role in the film. It Is the story <-( two Tennessee darkies who ai Into the excitement The Mctilones live today precisely i Their ferocity, in fact. Is faid to! their home six miles north of here as they did before white men ever, interfere ever, with their own do- raw South America. I n-?f-tic arrangements, so much so Thus the university sc'^ntists. that the two sexes live aoart dur- who go to study them will find aj ins; most <-f the year.' Oil drillers rich field for research—a rich one,! in the Venezuelan fields have suf- fc-ut a dangerous one, as the M-til-1 f?red severely from raids by the;5 "ne5 nre extremely war-like and Indians, v.'ho sneak up on outlyhnvt: n wav of filling inquisitive' me parties and murder them to drying get their equipment. Present evidence mutes it Imi possible to calculate man's resi- dene" in the new w.-rld very clore s'rnngErs with arrows and _ lli-iv detacher! heads In the smoke oi'.'. Crndle of Mankind? Th" principal tlie-ry in which Hi* expedition Is Interested Is the "ew. radically different one that S:utli America, and not Asia, was for at least 25.000 years, while some in? real cradle of mankind. : estimates run 33 high as 200,000 T O ".i-fiin this theory, It Is point- ycnrs. erf 'in that geclcjlcally South Am-! Tho party expects to be on tte! erica is as old as any continent; ] Job by the early part of January. '"in- ^'' the Prehistoric "Island! brld'.- 1 r:cro:s the Pacific, by I last night. ! Wright Is in the hospital here | wounded seriously by a bullet from 1 a 32 calibre revolver which tore 'hrough the left side of hts abdomen. He told officers his wife j is mentally unbalanced and that j without warning she shot at him i 'wicr. one bullet taking effect. Mrs., said she told her husband! going to leave him and he' by trencher, supplied Joan Peers, boy and girl from the! The romantic interest Is by Nell Hamilton and In front of thi Hills Frock company ant struck a match. "The match flamed and ther become embroiled embrogllo. in th.» farelctil Negro House Destroved By Fire This Morning A ne?ro house near Highway 61 who was standing nearby on th> fifth floor. "I saw the Mexican bD> and his boss knocked down." Reports to police lhat the da tonation did not sound like a gu blai.t led to an Immediate investl gatlon to determine If a bom 1 might have bwn nlanted and ex ploded in the building. Iv. It Is generally estimated thatl North and South America have j been Inhabl'sd by human betnss lust within tho northern city llm-1 Certain unions in the garmen Its was razed and another damaged: lra d« have been striking recenlls fire of an unknown r1 " 1 " scirod the gun and wcundc-d during a scuffle- her life.^ She said she! rncmlnn. Total loss was estimated " ' " was. at S8CO by Fire Chief Rov Head, j Occupants of the building] were 1 nv,-ay from their h'mes when the, fire occurred. The houses were the! property of Je£K Buchanan. : i Ex-Convict Arrested ] /.f.alip tribes are supposed to have, Tennessee erased ID re -ple tho two Amerl- ' D . for Orleans Bank Raid NEW ORLEANS. Oct. 17 (UPl — John Anderson. 37, ex-convict from Knoxville. Tenn.. was under arrest "» contin«.«s, might Just as well- Register Sit St LouU' herc '' day '" conncctlon w " h the 8 l " u LlOUls | tcbbwy of the St. Claude branch •jiiifina'-e. <-arrylng abortelnal trig cs frrin Amorira tn people In Asln To date, however, not "-i'0'vn ab:w nrlmitive pririitivr ^ II •r'r" f- ciiatlr !hk theory mKii raMt of thosc lnl " red ' 'he blast received minor cuts an i burlscs. ten wrre taken to a hos P.orne Baker, 50. Diet at Brother's Home Here Stiil Near Musgrave Ba - i « t. ~~~i •"**" •••&•** " w -•*" "vm^ »/* iu^> u. ST LOUIS O:t. 17 (UP)_T\vol Interstate Bank and Trust th;r. Red Baker, near this city El!ht «»» to * >«««««» to h.v.j ' 1 *"^ ""'"' W "' be held A dlstelllery of ab-ut 75 gallon dally capaclly was sel?ed by Eddl D. David, Stanley Hancock an Rome Baker, 50, died at 7 o'clock Arch Lindsay, deputy sheriffs, nea lust night at tho home of his bro-! Mll *BTave Bar along Ihe Misslcslpp River le «=e about nine miles north Sheriff Gets No Irifcrma- tion from Prisoner Who Denies He Is Murderer; A new nnil unusual lype ot river barge, dreltned with peculiarly sha|K'd bows and sterns to that any number of them can be titled to- gothcr Into a cojnpnct tow and of- cr a strenm-llned surface to llio vnter. ta now • In rervlce on the rtis;l£slppl river. Here Is the tow »at Ohio ulih 17 barges, en route rom Cincinnati to New-Orleans on he llrnt trip; Inset Is Carl J. Bacr, rganlr.^r of Hie company and designer of the barges- Ihousands of Dollars Involved in Question Raised by Sheriff Shaver. HARRISON, Ark., Oct. 11 (UP)— A mnn bearing a marked resemb: lance to George w. E. Perry, "love racketeer," sought on a charge_oS uiiiideilnt' Mr:;. Cora Belle Hack'- plt In Wiser nsln, IB\ under: arrest liere, Sheriff L. M. Martin revealed today. '. , / ;. Martin uaid he arrested a rnan on the streets here last nlehMn suspicion of being Perry. . The iui- peel Rave his name AS Roy Thomp- • son, denied he WOK the «:(inle<t.' bigamist- and said he was a "retlfifbl" i all rr ad brakeman." ;' Blujilff Martlii raid Thompson- refused to disclose his whereabout*; or his occupation since 1923, b'ut said thtt-1 fn-in 1918 lo 1(>23 he was ix railroad employe. , . •' "K you arc big enough to Una out'uho I urn, go lo it," the suspect was raid V> have told officers. / Perry has, been sought throughout the middle west and especially in Arkansas since he hastily left a St.. Louis holcl last week. It was learn'; cd .from acquaintances of hli In 8t. Louis lhat he planned ti be In BlythcvlIlD last Friday, but he fail;, cd to put hi an appearance to- claim an automobile he had teftiM security for n loan or to- keep-an engagement ho had made with i. lilythi'Vllle girl. ' •• : Ilefor.? lie began making marriage his chief apparent source of Income Perry was employed as a rallrcni brakeman.. . . notified lit a letter from the strue hluhwav dnoirtment Umt Attorney General Hal Norwood will be askcil for a ruling on the legality of r statute enacted by the 1B2D lenls- Find Jeweb and Cuh in Robber Suspects' Car ed a point : wnuld be required lo do Ecr- 0115 hsnn - tho highway department regarding Only 30 per C.-MH of the beans; the disposition of collections for :iave> been picked from a 300 acre lilehway law violations nfler .ate nlnntlnz. and Ocorge Greb of stale patrolman Informed officers the Blylhcvill.2 Canning Co.. cays in the county (hat the state hl'ih- that the fnciory will shut down Hie way department would-require tha 1 tiny fallowing the first frost, re-! fines for such violations be paid tc opening when the Mississippi acre- Us fund. 1.1 ready for picking. ' ;I'lan to Check Records ..-.» fir;I frost last yenr was on' According to offlcials here If the October 23 when a slight frost fell " CL Providing lhat fees us well a on lhat and the following night. flnes milst to thc hlshway It was November 4 before there department is unhcld and enforc- «-as a killing frost and If tonight's ™ ll wln mca " lhc e1 " 1 of lnw el >- pretiiclion is fulfilled it will be the Iorc( ™ cnt ° n hkhways excent hv earliest frost In several years. »ic limited number of state natrol- I ni(*n Irmf. If rmmtiac nrn ^^tln/1 tr. lo A. G. Little, member of the Chamber of Comn'?rce atrricult'.iral committee and former planter, a light first will not damage the cotton or corn. Tt will take . 0. AVh'ltlccnr; 30, were being held lii Inl -liore today 'facing multiple chnrge.'i of robbery.- ',-'' Officers believe the arrest of -the will clear up many recent Little Rock. The men.' Into custody late yaa- ciB claim a large quantity of Jewelry was found In their car together with a consider? '.? sum of money. ':•>•. the act was approved It will Involve thousands of dollars. In reply to Sheriff Shaver's flrn letter the stato hl^hwav derari- Louisiana Planter Held for Killing of Fanner COVINGTON. La., Oct. 17 (UP) —Kd Fr-gg, well known planter,-was held for a. grand jury here today following thft death here yesterday of Thomas Parker, another farmer. Parker was shot eight times, ac- C'rdlng to Sheriff P. .Galatas. by Fogg as he drove up where Fogj and thr« other men were talking at Tallsheck. near here. There was a grudge of long standing between, the two men, It was said. . . , a freeze to ronously damage th| mcnt r( , |)!lcd that records of clt- ro'.ton, In his rpinion, In which nnt i county courts woulrt nrobablv J. L. Cherry, another member of be checked at the end of the yenr !no committee, concurred. nn(t that all flnes for violations of The only hope f^r thj bean crop state highway laws would be ex- Is that the frost, if It falls, will be- pectcd to be turned over to the spotted, which Is sometimes the [state highway department. fase of the first fros!. I ' Section 71 of Act 65 passed bv Beans planted ot Day Springs ">e !029 leatshlure and nnorove- 1 and Rlchton. Mifs., are expected on Feb. 28, 1929 provides that "nil t^ bs ready for picking next week fines, fees and costs collected from and the local canning plant will violations of onv law eovernln" can these beans unlll a frost hits ' 1( >vel on the state highways shiH that crop or It Is completely pick- hl? P a 'd '" 'he s ' nlp treasurer t" ed. it will tlvn clos" until Mnyi tllc credit of the state highway 15. ifund." I It Is under this statute thst the jf'ite highway detiartmr-nl will n*<(that all fines and collections b? ; fumed over to its fund. It Is un- Arrest Man Answering Kidnaper's Description KANSAS, CITY, Ocl. 17 (UP) — A suspect fitting the description given by Mrs. Alma Wilson McKtn- ley, Greenfield. Mo., of the man who kidnaped hor. was questioned by police hpre today. The man. whi said he was Raymond R\a.o, 21, of Hew York, was arrested here last night. He had fears on his face and right hand, pollm said. The man who kid- naped Mrs. McKlnley was similarly scarred. Rlzzo denied ccnnsc- tlon with the crime. Mrs. Marv Locke Dies at Hoihe of Daughter Holland Cites N'c» Law Judge V. Q. Holland, former cnuntv Judge and counsel for Slier- Funeral E!Tvlr« will be held Saturdav afterncr.n for Mr=. Marv J. Locke. 76. wife of W. W. Iff Shaver.'confends that the s't'-It- L".cke. who succumbed at the home ute is not Iceal and further con- of her daughter, Mrs Fred Wahl tends that a more ref-»nt Ian.- na's- on Highway 18 cast of this city. ! e-l nntl aoprwvi conflict with Act The Rev. W J LfRoy pastor o! 65 - Jud &e Holland declares thaf the Lake Street NfethoJ:;: church, ?! cto " '° nf Act 299 annroved March 30, 1929, which PStabV<h ' th^ s' ' In tho aflern-on. rn'crir.ent wll wlth «lll officiate at the services to be Hold at the Wahl home at 2 o'clock .• I'lBhwav mtrol, c-nflicts n-on. nerir.en be made at Maple Grove cemetery. : ff"" tha t plans are In charge of the: Cobb Undertaking comany. ' of Act 65 when i' «"« and collec- " 0 "' *!°* n « out of the enforce. COUrt costs ' the stale trea.surv . . T,. . . j i. i 5 " a11 Bo to the stale trea.surv »' The deceased is survived by her. she credit of the state hlahvrav de- uxband, two daueht^. Mrs. Wahl i partment." n«n»«j de huxband, two daueht^. Mrs. Wahl i partment. »nd Mrs. Harvey Hargett, two sons i It ,. Geo ~ " " l.'Rorle of| Two men were operating thi dls- s-lei ^atl'fartorllv ' "Td!n^ the party will Par's? H. Strmhe an.i'omlr.t. Ht> nil enough is centered In ih. Appalachian "sec-1 tt TS^t. i ,7 ?, X^"/^ Afternoon with Rev. P, Q. I ... man and "«i of eastern Temiesstt!. wer- reg-1 ° . p a ^. "I lhf , , lr , a "f r h ? th « First Meth-dist church offlcl-1 "llery fled as the rfficers approach f.? In South Am-. <- r trred on the 5t I.otils university «« 7 ( h«oV« it , alln? ' Inlerment «" b« mad* at ed and easily outdistanced their enlists to discuss' ^.Mno-raph late yesterday. It, S ' l was ' ound Nor 'h Sawba cemetery. . pursuerf. In tl-.;lr e«»pe through - - , en his ncrson. i on,. .<„,„,„.. ,...._.,_.. t _. .... i lh( ^j^. th i ckc .,, ix, r derlng the lcve«. The officers destroyed the still "id confiscated wveral sack* of sugar found at lhc siio of th» »tUI. ,..,.. that the Th* R?v James B \ii-Fi n .,n n V, n ' /v ' 0 ""' . . . me deceased is sur\' ved by two ™olog. 5 Y. saTd'^lf?•,«S±£i *™£™* " a , r l h i n 5. ^V!^> f , Red BaV,r and Rex^- rw • f.\ , 1^ i > ij t. t\. iw.iw,. i ._wiv, c \\uiv ^cai^iutig iur R man Dr. «!«mologlst. said bcth quakes were i described as Roy Schaeifer. aUo?- ^'arc^siSy Ino^ ^13,^^^ "^ 4 and two sisters, Mrs. Cor» Hunt and Mrs. Jetsia Jones of Hop- kinsvllle, Ky. C. M. Gray Hurt When Coupe and Truck Meet C. M. Oray, well known cotton buyer, was badly bruised when his ccuce colllfcd with a truck near Del! late yesterday. He Is at his home rn West Main street. Faulty brakes are blamed for th; accident which badly damaged both the truck and automobile, the frnnt of the car smashing Into the other vehicle. Mr. Grav's elvat was injured when tlirown agahut the steering wheel and his leji badly bruised and laceratsd. John Gentry of Cavcn R«k. III. j men. ?er to (he -- — reference onlv fines collected by slate patro!- J. E. Crltz and S. D. Carpenter'• rf Oscecla. county agricultural i agents, arc attentiln" the county fair nt K»nni>ti Irylnv. ' careful as beaver and stal can be Imitated In rabbit-skin by WEATHER ARKANSAS—Fair, colder In «Ireme northwut p'rtlon; tro:t In northern portion tonight; Saturday talr. The minimum here yesterday TM 47 de7rro> and Ihe maximum, .83 dogreej. according to the official weather observer, Fraticlj Carpenter.

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