The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 28, 1947
Page 7
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MONDAY, APRIL 28,19-17 ULYTHKVILLE (AUK.) COU1UKK NEWS RecordingDevice Aid To Veterans Disabled Students Take Notes By Flip Of A Switch WASHINGTON (UP) — Sonic handicapped veterans in culled jjj"'l !i"ve lo sxTibMe lecture notes (BRi'lwIly. Note-taking i:; a little oiisii'r for them—;hcv just flip a switch and a portable recording machine captures the professor's words. The Veterans Administration supplies the recorders to school - f^jinti veterans who are armless paralyzed, blind or hard of hearing. One veteran benentin:: from ll"< A'S Lift is neorci. M I-Vrri'cr ^0 s an p tend college next year. Perritrr used to iclv on what h remembered from lectures nr wha l)o .read from texts. Then VA K !I him one of the liclitwclght record 3ueen Sees Where Gold Comes From o e ciwcg rec Now he will take notes placing a microphone on Urn turer's desk, the recorder urers es, the recorder on and flipping a. switch when "" wauls a "note." (Ja Tf a veteran by lec- hi ' he D PAGE SEVEN rophonc audngruphs — origin ritiR a lone while coat and a protective helmet, Dritam's Queen Klizaheth talks with a mine dflicial as Ihc lioynl Family inspects the 7:M;i-foot-dcc]> Crown Gn'd Mines at Johannesburg, South Afriea. Photo by NKA correspondent Sidney Ciiiycr. recording machines—called lally we]'e de- con- veterans. The machines weigh 15 pcnnitls, record a 30-minnte transcript on oaeh side of an eight-inch disk and plu^ into an electric outlet. The VA said they could be fitted „ f B fHIS'C I S' V*. UJSj R.,5 Who Kept Faith Nearly 3 Years « Plaster • Stucco c Concrete ^Phone 3998 \ We Guarantee \ RECAPPING j Hawkinson Treads j ! Let Your Next Tires Be! ! GENERALS I i i i i J Cost More — Worth More J LONDON, April 2f>. (UPr - The bu^/.-bombs were hijlini; un London when Joan Groom ft-!; the .sh;irp pain in her ehe:;t. Perhaps it camp first as she- walked home through the blackout Iroin a dance, breathing the niui.^L nii;hl- air. ! £he could stunct it at, :uul she didn't any any'hint; lo l'-'' ! " j nioth'jr, wlio wns having a hard enough time anyhow. Jo;\n was l(j then, in "1041, and there wcve four other children. Mrs. S.vndL'ii i Groom hnd all sho could do to kci'p J the family goin;;, wluit with rationing and shortages, and the bu/.£- bombs, and Gcnnan planes o\vr- hcnd now and agniiu vThc nlghUs Joan had to .sp^ud iti | a d;nnp air raid sheiUT didn't h-clp | certainly, and sor>n sliu \V;IH couiih- i ing bndly finally her mother took her to a tlc;or. He said ?he U^d tu- hcrculosis, and he sent her immediately to a hospital. She weighed IGG pounds Mien, and she ,had the eayer brightness of any normal -leen-agc ghl. 'She could smile in spite of thai slab- bing pain, and she did. The nurses «xi hur. One day .she .seemed even weaker than usual, and her worried mother talked to tlio doctor about it, standing just a few feel : ) iy from lh c bed Joan lay apparently sleeping. The girl didn't stir as (hey lalk- rd, but later, when her mother had lelt the room, .shn a^ked a nnr.'io if .she could i;e:.iier a diary. The nurses chipped in the sixpences, and they bought her a little leather-bound fji'fcn book. Joan •Arole tlin first entry in a firsn, round, schoolgirl's hand: "Doctor told mummy I have t'n'.'C't? months in live. Muse :jlart a tliary. Am not afraid," MODINGER TIRE CO. 1 <1C i:. Main * Get a Phone Z201 " For more (linn two years, tlici .she lurnod a smHillK laen to lie mullHT, rind spoke ennfidently n rU'ttiiiK well. And in the quiet u Ihe loiitf nis'.hus, .she confided lo Hi diury il became Iwo liule ^i hooks—her real pain and fear n she waited fur the death she ha heard the doctor bay was certain t "1 el: hreathk's.s," ;>he wrote al ier she had heen in hospital m'ai ly Uvo years. "Terrible pain . . unbearable . . . weiyli- K'S pounds The writing was less clear nov Sometimes, \vhen there were ha spells, thi: pa^es were j.crawled i li'iribly. There were tear -stains (i them." The entry dated April 15, 194 raid: "Got panicky again. Mustn't lo: 'nitli Mummy '.\as eumin^. bi D]'. Han,;e here to ^ay not .so fjoo OU Ci'xl, please I'i'.e me streti^th The next two entries were illcR- i!:lc, hni Ihe writing on April 18 \vas clear agaiti: "liriuht, liut very eold Kav: doc- lor telling mummy about exam. Raid not to worry, just a had turn.' 1 It was a "bad turn." Four hours ivcr Commission o Make Inspections vioKsmmci, Miss., April as.- ie Mississippi ulver Commission urn Cairo. III., to Union Uoiu;e, , which was set for Mny l'-2 - 15, s been rescheduled for May 4-7, Commission office here nn- inced today. This chuiiKe In edule Is necessary us the dales dually set for the trip conflict I h appropriation hearings now slated (o hi; held In Washlnj;ton "I lliat time. '1'lie Coniiiilssloii will hold public ni'arliH;s nt uairo al II a.m.. May •!; New Madrid, Mo.. [I'M pin., May 4; Cin-Mllimvlllo. Mo., (iiao |im., May •1; West .Meinjihis, Ark, !):;m a.m.. •''ay 5; Helena. Ark.. I):30 p.m. Head Courier News Wunl Ads. iter Joan was dead. The had kepi her secret, 'hey hud never told her mother bout Hie. diary. Hut Ihcy wrapped the Uvo little recti books with Joan's clothing, net sent (he little bundle to her lother. Tlicre werti tears In Mrs. Groom's lee as she read the diary aloud o her olher four children today. 1" Hie JUHor ,,f ||ie I'robnllon «f (tie l.asi \vill ;> ,\d Te.slamen'. of J"lm It. Walker, IH'ceasi'il. NOTIt'K Notice Is hereby given Unit r.v'tters Testamentary were Issued lo l uuderiiliined on the ILith day f April, liiri. on the. Kslalu ol ,Iol i II. Walker. Any and all persons havl <$ claims or ileiumuls at!uinst iin lali- will be reciulred lo Ills said d inandK or claims propeitiy LULL|IU\ cateil with me, the undeisikn within six nil months limn I hi', Ihu Mtli day of April, 1017. Anioalu Cariu-y W'liker Kxecnlrlx of the tfslali! •>! John II. Walker. Di'ceased . Holland ,t Taylor, Alloincy, lor Kxecutrlx. Dr. Jack Webb Physician & Surgeon Announces t/ic Opening o/ His Office Lynch Building Hlylhcvillc, Ark. l''or llio (Ji'nei'itl I'nictice of Medicine ! Office I'houe 2131 Residence 2635 FIXING STOPS FRETTING! ; Have ALL necessary re! pairs done to your car 1 NOW Pay for it in Easy ' Monthly Payments LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Phone 578 .'ti.*"*"*"*..*'.*^ NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC Victor * DRV STORAGE FOR RESTAURANTS*TAVERNS* TAP ROOMS»CtUBS« CAff Controlled cooling assure!) complolo utilization o! refrigeration and qivos Iho uiwcrrylnrj lov/ tnznporaturcs so necessary lor tlio rcipid dry cooling of all bottled boveretgon. Bollloa aro sorved clean, dry and appotizlrtcjly frosted with labels intact irom, this mAdorn danlgncd cabinet. Cabinet capacities 15 to 01 canc.^. W. O. BLUE-, ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO. MO So. First IMmiK' 2M': We Also Handle Scgor i, Commercial Refrigeration Eqgjpmcnt All <lol>loi-s lo l he eslMlo of Dr. C. C. Stevens may iwy thoir iitToimls al Huhbiinl lAirriiture Company . . , books will IK; helil open there until all accounts ui'o cle.'ii'iHl. Plesiso pay promptly, as we would like to sollle estiilo as .soon MS possible. Mrs. C. C. Stevens in Yard or Carload Lots Something New In Blytheville! KEYS MADE Locks Opened and Repaired. Door Checks or Overhauls. For Service Call JIMMY "Sl'KCK" HROCK al Chisum's Bike Shop 123 Su. Third SI. I'huiic 500 with batteries, too. One VA .HiKjke^in^n said the note-taking use of the rrcrmiin^ machine is 'very recent." To date tile iij-ienny lias not- compiled a record of how many machines h:m: been given to veterans. O •iSa^P • ^*«rh t—' -•.,'_** ._- ? .'i«) .-i=i» Coolair Plus Cooling • Almost every hour in tlie day you will find a pood use for the "Jeep" as a truck, light tracmr, runnhont or mobile power unit. With its niigluy Willys-Ovcrliiiul "Jeep" );nginc and powerful •{-wliccl-ilri\e, you can go most anywhere in a "Jeep," on or off the ... in fair weather or in 'oul. Get a "Jeep" on the job. It will pull plows, harrows, seeders, mowers; tow 5,500-lb. trailed pay-loads; j^ haul 800 Ibs. The ''fecp'- will carry men ami tools W Across town or to liartl-to-get-ac places in a jiffy. Wherever it goes, its power take-off is ready to run your machinery right on the job. Come and sec what the amazingly versatile 4-purposc "Jeep" can do for you. SEE THE MIGHTY 'JEEP' AT POOLE MOTOR COMPANY Formerly HOLLY MOTOR CO. El.LIS POOLE, Owner and Operator Phone 49 Stcele, Mo. Vim liick a :switt:1i jtnd -.1 coitl'ii 1 ^ I)M'(•/:(' I'nnii'.s llnoilin^ (!n"(nr;h c-VLM'y I'cintn in yinirhninri Frc.vh, hciillhli;] nutsutr air i.s <.ir;i\vn in through dnrjrs and windows ami up Ihroii,:;h an altractivr crili.i^ !;ri!U' or auloniatK: shnUor into :i sii'-l itni IJM\ in Iho attic. 'I"hc COOI.AIIl TAN. niuunlcd in Ihc i)ux, l)Ir>v,v. (hn air onldoors :iL;:a]i lhrmiL;h nllie cxiiaust oprniT;^s, .Sn- the COOLAIH FAN in cn»r fitnrc; you'll want il fcr your liitinc 1 . 'IVmis can be arj, Hul don't wail, hot weather f^ around the. corner! Coolair .. „ Made in the South For Southern Climate! BY BARRETT "Between The World find The Weather Since 185<l" — THE GREATEST NAME IN ROOFING — What dues HAURE'IT rouling mean to Blythcvlllc lioinc owners? H means a lot . . . especially since a treat many Hlythcvillc homes are badly in need of new ruulins;. The oiicnini; of our office here in DlytlieviHe means Unit you now luivo acceai to the lirsl roulini: ever made, ollering lasting <|iialltlc» and ]irolccll-m that are lacking In other line:;, and nt no premium cost. BARRETT looting is made in BARRETT'S own mills of n specially scicnlhii: process dcsiuned to incorporate watcrpioofinir v.-ith niK«ednes.s for wear. That's why HAIHIKTT Is tops in it's line. That's why you owe it to yourself lo Investigate: UAHRIiTT roorini; hefo.-j you buy anything else! We Now Have !n Slock ... "for Work Done Rifjlii" CALL 474-475 Cold Storage for Furs arid Woolens NU-WA LATORY41EANERS IJAKKKTrS 210 Ib. Dnhkcolc H colors: Deep (iii'cn, Iti'd^ J5AKUK r I"i",S I (17 II). :{ lab H«x:iK<miil S rolors: Doep (Ireen, Ui'ilKi'iiin HAKKK'I']"S »0 Ih. iMincral HuiTacc Uoll Koofinj; colors: Deep (Irei'n, Deep Kt'd IJAKKKTT'S Roll Typt; Hritk Siding color: Ketl You Can't Beat a BARRETT Roof! Whether it's shingles, roll roonng or huilt-lli) roof:, -if it's iiKiile hy IJAItllKTr, it can't lie iji-at! Years of cxperi-nc- by "the greatest nam • in rooliim" iirr yinir a:..'.nianec of Die fnif.t. finality materials. You can put a IIAHIIETT. on your hou.'c- and then put II oil your mind -you know it's Rorul for many, many years to come! The standard that v.'" 1 :, into a H:\KKhTr io,.i ali.n alt- plies lo tile looter who displays a BArtUE'lT :.eal. If IIAUUHTI' h;vi seUilcd him as HUM.- rcuie- M-nliitive . . . tlien you ran feel contidcni ;>l>out selecting him as your roofer! GENERAL ROOF Warehouse 209 West Vine at R. R, Ave. {With 3 Stares Lumber Company) KEROSENE & FUEL OIL CALL 2089 •Tim Old Reliable" G. O. POETZ Soar Huurcr al PKTROLEUM llcpciuliiblc Hemcr 1'HODUCTh Orflce KK nl C'berr.T CARL STRICKLAND PHONE 576 The Triple Diamond Service Emblem above is more than a sign. It means that our mechanics arc International-Trained in the best and latest methods and practices. It m.Miis that we use special Internationa! equipment for testing, repairing, reconditioning and proving. It means that the truck parts \vc install arc precision- engineered International Parts. It means, above j all, that j'oiir irucks—any makes or models—are serviced here with skill and cam so that they ' will give the best possible service at lowest cost. | Phone now for a service-date—anything from a lubrication job to a complete program of preventive maintenance. DELTA IMPLEMENTS Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone 863 IN T E R N AT IO N A L Trucks

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