The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO Bl..Y'fHRVlU,E. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, FEBRUARY 0, 1031! Figures and Prints Will Will Lead Fashion Parade Society Calendar Miss and • : Tuesday ! Mrs O. \V. McCutchcn is having) the Tuesday'Luncheon club. Mrs. W. Leon Smith Is Hostess to th3 Tuesday Contract club. The Music'department of,'the Woman's .club Is meeting nt' tire cl'.ib house tor a study of the operas... . Tho Senior High P. T. A. is having a Founders Day program at the school al 3:30 o'clock. Wednesday Bob Williams, matte caixiy .rapped corn alter enjoyiiiK rjveral games. Hamill Cnic Miss Dixie Craig mid Mr. L. E, Hamill, both of Hayil, Mo, were married litre las', night by Justice Oscar Alexander. Flslier-llamlll The marriage of Miss Hazel Hai:illl and Mr. James W. Flslicr. both of Hayll, Mo., took place Iieie last night wllh Justice Oscar plan for placing Mamy's bust in Uic hall of fame and the program was concluded wjth a piano :io!o by Miss Lillian lirlscoe. • • » Music HepaitnvHHt To Study Operas. 'Ihe lour operas to be heard in Memphis Friday and Saturday, as ncsentccl by tlie Chicago Civic }|:cra company, will be Ihe theme akciv up by the music department. Bits of News Mostly Personal Alexander performing jiiony. Uic cere- Mrs. Hurry Kirby \vlll entertain the Wednesday Bridge club. ••um.>n» uumm Mrs. W. Owen Blue is having the).Will Meet Tonight "Entre Nous" Bridge club. The Junior niijli 1>. T. A. is meeting at the school. Mrs. Roscoo Crafton Is hostess to the new weekly Bridee club. Mrs. Carrol Blukemorc is liav- The Bushier imd Professional Women's chita will have Ha annual International Kciallons meeting nt tlie Qotf itctcl nt 7:30 o'cloek. The public !r> cordially Invited lu lv?ai tho interesting speakers. ing the Matinee Bridge club. Thursday The MM-Wetl: chib Is meeting • with Mrs. J. Louis Cterry. 'Mrs. Matt MonnEiicin• jr., is en-i lertslnlng the Young Matrons I Teacher association will linv.; its Bridge club. ' ' anmuil Founders Day yrogran The Central Ward P. T. A. will Tuesday afternoon, 3:M o'clock, nt Will Have Founders Day Program TllfMlay Thc Senior hlRh school I'arcnt present a ploy nt tlie lilnh school auditorium !n the afternoon and evening. Friday . Miss Marion Tonipklns will ylve a rcclUU In piano at the high school auditorium. thr> high audllorhnu wher Mrs. Clinrlrs K Wood spent the last of the week in Caruthorsvlll'j on business. Mr. and Mrs. Tom lielote have of Hi: Woman's club Tuesday nf- niovcil In the J. H. Roney home ternoon. Women, not niemhm of|on East Walnut street. lssrmiBwIio ore lilannliii! lo at- : *">« Delia I'nrllc Is In Luxorn n;! the opera. are Invited to the- today '« the suosl of Miss Lois special inccllnij with Mrs. Miivvln "III where she will take part mi a Chappcllc ns leader. ' program to be ylven In the school. These numbers will be tarn!: I Miss Lillian Shaver Is a paliunl btory "II I'assllaccl", Mrs. J. K. 1 n ' the Memphis Methodist .hen-' Crllv,; [ilano solos "Prolojuc" and 'Intcrmezra", Mrs. R. A. Moore; voice selection "Uuigh, Laugh" aud "Serenaia", Mr. and Mrs. Deny B. Jirooks, Clown' Jr., o[ Memphis, spent the \veek- Einfbl! erlti ttlln Mr ~ Brooks' mother, -Mrs. Jones; story "Cavallerla Kustlcan.vy Allan Walton. Miss Mmiilnc Branson; voice sek'c- 1 I'vUSj' Foloy, daughter oi. Mr. tvon "Intermezzo", Mis. George M. 1 &iul Mre - Lawrence I'. Foley, I.ce; violin selection "Sicilians",, "»*' Improving nl the Memphis Mrs. Hives Allen; story "Mlgnon".! UapliM, hospital. She was taken Miss Sara Jo LHllc; song "Mly-, "I !">'» pncumqnln and lias been non". Mis. Paul L, Tlplon: piano solo "Selected Melodies From Dt-r Rosenkavallcr", Miss Margaret , both Intlicrs and mothers are In- vltcd. 'Ihe principal S|x>nkcrs will l:e: Mrs. P. Q. Horle who will Blvo nn address on "The lleginiiliii; nml Development of the -National Par- ciit-Teach:-i' Congress" and Mrs,. Otto Kochtllzky who will speak on "The Mother's Side of; the _ Movies.' _ society "-"iiid High school students will give re- 'cMnr;' Thursday at-h™ts of n survey mmte of ullcnd- clnnch wif.i llmcin- «"« nt show* ami n list ofiipprov- cdfllms vil Ite distributed. Yarbro Churcli Women Have Hu&hic-ss Mec.tinir. "The Ynrbro Methodist Church's Woman's Missionary a business nice!I: ternoon ct the i fcers present. For the devotional Mrs. C. B. Etchison led in prayer and n Bible studji was given by Mrs. A. I Children Hear B; Decn from the third chapter of •. After the business session .the Lord's prayer was repealed for dismissing the meeting. Many Attend '. Sil?er 'fc'a. The silver lea.given Sunday al-1 Coml , niwnts si ,,(,. r . ternoon'by the Jewish Ladles Aid j Mrs Jm D nalbach WHS hostess society at llic Temple I-.-. •! was I , 0 iom tnblcs of ta . ldgc> iul ..|ud- liiiliin Hood Slorics. The 22 cliilclrcn at the story hour Saturday morning, at the library, heard Miss Delia Purlle tell three stories by Hobln Hood. These Interesting stories will 1)3 contluucd this Siilurrtay at 10:30 o'clock. attended by a large iv.i'.iber of out-of-town guests mid loi::il people. ' • For an informal program, arranged, by. Mrs. Walter RostnCial. - Miss.Pauline Long mid Miss. Rose Goldberg, ot O;ceola, thcr.e were these numbers: song, choir, mad: lip «jt Mrs. Rovlr.nd Woiiort, \Vtilt*'Rospii}l);;f,.^£Vi Ciirri Williaih Lnmj.'nccohipnnioil by Miss Mildred Jurid; address of iiclcpitie, Mrs. Rowland Wollort; Kiddles' playlet directed by Dorliine Coulter, dance, Cccile Wolfort, Iris Kleban .and ,Lloyd Florimn; ioug. Roberta FloniiRii; Roadlnss, Trances Jafle, Warren Gilbert Kleb.w, Simon ' Joseph and Joseph Wol- lort;' piano solo. Miss Virginia tfichols; accoirpanUt for playlet ing members of the Wednesday Bridge club, Saturday afternoon Jn complimenting her hoiiseguest, her. sister, Miss Snra Booue, ot Crav.'fprdsville, Ark. Besides the club members these \vero. present: Misses Mary Louise Taylor ami Juaniln Smith, Mes- W. Kirby. Clarenc :;. Dickey, Jr., J. n Elkius and Pan! H. IJrsenilis!. Mrs. W. J. I'o'iiard won the elub prize, Miss Juiuilta Smith was high among ;'nc guests and the aucsl of honor was presented a gift. All received hosiery. Angel lead cake topped with strawberries, iiuU and colTcc refreshed the 1(1 present. ... .. T ' ' '- Tru of Icr", Miss Lorna Wilson. in the hospital since Friday. Mrs M. S. Sieger, her grandmother, who accompanied here there, returned yesterday. C. A. Cunningham, returned Saturday from Little Hock and aitor LOW CillAUKS 1>UK TO soviKs spending Sunday with his mother HAUTFOHD. Conn., (UPI —A! went, back to that city, survey among high school pupils! Mrs. A. T. Douglas, of Scnath. •erently show.jd that 275 wilh the; Mo., was the guest of Dr. and Mr». oncsl marks purehased fi03 movie Paul L. Tlpton for tii= week-end tickets pur week, according to Pro- ] Mrs. T. G. Douglas and Jl:n k'ssor Entl Barnes, v,'ho addressed Hughes Douglas, of Senath, wrie the lli:rlford eoetlon of the NM-1 visitors at the Biylhevlllc hospital ' tlonal Comiell olJewish Women. Holdup Victim Nabs Gun Girl numbers, Haro',;; Nathan IM.-.H.-I-1 r - , -., , and Sara Ixm McCulchen, accom-1 ' panlcd by Bctly Lee McCutchcn; j Miss R "lh Butt gave n talk on playlet. "Gossip", Misses Snra Lang.! "'C Washington monument at Mildred Lang Freda Nichols, IlnCi j Washington. D. C.. ami Mount Goldberg ar.d Rose Rubenstcin; '/crnon, Washington's home near ' the capital city. Miss S;:c Butt read from his love letters recently nuule public. A sketch of poet "Walter Mnlone 1 ' and j ycste'rdiiy. I Hiirold Stcrnlierg. who nlfcnt!:- ; Southwestern University at Memphis, spent the week-end with his mother, Mrs, S. S. Stcrnbersf. Mrs. Loy Welch relumed'today i from Kansas City whure sli'j veiled, her daughter who is'in'schojl there. • • • Miss Addle Levy, who has .made hur. iipmo wUli^liev'brothqr, j^.-ll. Levy, for a imbiber of years,.-.went to Memphis today where she 'is to live. Mr. Levy accompanied. hrr and will return tomorrow. Dalle Kcgley, of Canon City, Col. arrived Saturday to b2 employed nt Alien Bushing's grocery store. Miss Jane Loflln has recovered from several days ilineds. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Blair. .and children spent, tits week-end, at | Marion wllh Mrs. Blair's motlicr. Dr. and Mrs. Mason, of.Carulh- crsvillc, were visitors here .Sitm- waist, which, incidentally, is fitted him to hers and has to be content In to Ihe waislllne in almost al a.i last with the hops that perhaps r. prlRct-ss line. There is a lovely j tho two ways meet somewhere.' j scarf collar (hat ties in a bow on'To say it gives one the sensation ." one shoulder, with the ends of the | of reaching through the crust of '• scarf finished in the suit's silk. | life en which w: live to Ecmelnuig The sleeves of the frock are Ions, deeper and more durable suggests wllh rather a puff at the cull of myaicism, but It is a stralghtfor- ihe printed silk. The Jacket sleeves come only three of the way and show the pulls below. ward story built of actjon and the spoken word. To record that It conveyed to me n. vivid imprcLsion of Chinese landscape and life and characters makes H appear a Irav- elogue, yet it is a story of emotion. To say Us style is exquisite, tus- geslE flue writing, ami it is cast in swift, clear phrases, now delicate, now strong, having, as Isabel Pat- terscn says, the bright directness Much Discussed Novel Now on Library Shelf "The Bitter Tea of General Yen",....... llv ir.uqh talked of uook by Grace i <•( a silver arrow in light. No, during Slone, has been piaced in • ihere is no way to discover how much Is packed in this thort simple story except to read it. the Blytheville library. A review of the novel, by Emlliy Newell Blair ns taken from Good Houiokceping, is given below: "My tenth book was "The Bitter Tea of General Yen" by Grace Zaring Stone. I had been tola it wns tits best b'XJk^of Ihe season.! Now that I have re'ud it, 'I am not, suiprised, for H Is one. of those! books about which one can use only Hie superlative ar.d stop. Any effort to acclaim it or evaluate it iritis to fall short, while to give is quality i s impassible. To note hat it records the ex pericnce of Megan Davis who went oul from a Sew England college town to Shanghai to marry a missionary; doctor and found herself in a j beleguercd city, tried to rescue an I obstinate missionary and was res- i cued by General Yen, was taken j Home by him and cured for by his I favorite concubine, fled when General Yen was betrayed and escaped to Shanghai— to tell this gives no idea at all of what China did to Megan, how "it presented itself to her with the peculiar intensity of a vision se:n partly from within." Yet if I report that it contrasts l«'0 ways of life, two civilizations, two modes of thought and codes of ethicSj it, sounds like a thesis or an essay, while it is purely a slory in which a girl of the one meets a general of the other, tries to win Boxed in Velour Thesmartnessoftheir nsw dress adds still another reason for preferring .' ' CONGRESS PLAYING CARDS day. 11. J. Meadows and son H. J., 11Y JOAN SAVOY N'fcA Service Wrilcr : Figured and printed fabrics al- uays have a look of spring to them. The early spring things \ you con £e? now at the shops show ' lhat this tendency is emphasized this spring. Plalrta promise such a popular!: ly that that I advise you to get a plaid froek o:' bl'ouie or al least a scarf and other plaid accessories voice number. Miss Bernice Sap- «'« ' rea lilan; violin and'piano duct, Misses Ftinni?. and Edith. Beckef; Iroslng talk,- William Barowsky. . • Tea. with caudles, cakes and nuts, Jr., of Ktovvnh, atlcndwl 10 business I'.cre today. '• P. E. Coolcy.. and Zal I). Harrison arc in Osceola today for tlie meet- Ing of the founty taxpayers ussu-1 cialiou. Mrs. ». I-'. Lonin is 111 at her home on West Main street. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Ilayncs and • Miss Sullle M. Crowe spent t-ic \vc'ek-entl Irj Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. CnUHvell aiid dnushtcr, Miss Elymra, will BO to Oxtord, Ark., tomorrow for a .week's visit with Xfr. Caldwell's brothci-. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Tlnnic, ot Captured when an Intended victim Honicrsvillc, Mo., sliopped lieie grabbcrt hcr,gnn In her third gasD-1 Saturday, line station holdup in 10 days, Clara I Mr. and Mrs. Everett U. Gee hnd COLDS MAY DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA and fie silk print is n lighter blue and white small figure. This is one of those charming little outfits that give you chic j pins utility, and what more can you ask for? The skirl tits beaii- Iliully, made wiih, some of the gores cut to make a. diamond shaped applique up into the silk Ethel Lucas, n. nbovo. wns jailed at. Charleston, \V. Va. The girl, employed as a malcl by a Charleston family, says she is tlie daughter of ft rural Kentucky minister. She says ns their puesls for the wce:;-cud, Mrs. F. B. Oaylc anil Miss Pegs!' Stewart of i'nnnn. Mo. Mr. Gayle his jioem "Opportunity" was given i she robbed "lor a thrill," and her was served from an attractively ^1' Miss Kathryn Denton. Miss [two successful holdups netted her decorated service table. " ! K<«h Eleanor Tucker told of the 515. H.lll- Richards. • The marriage of M'=s Emma Kate P.ichards to Mr. Clro Hall, which was solemnized Thursday, January 15. was announced todny. The Rev. J. H. Ellis, pastor of 'the Methodist church at - Stcelc. Mo.. performed the cpremony at - his home. BRIDGE 11V WM. K. McKKNXKV Sccrclar/, American llriilje League T!ie inllowtiit; hand looks very 'The bride. w l,o is'r, gradinteol ;,.„,Ihe city high school, is the at- , ' . .. . -. . -.. tractive daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I ^ , ^M \h<: ileclirc • to ll C. A. Richards. Mr. Hall, who; 0 ™" 1 M(l " 1C llecll<rer to lh camo here three years ago, is the son of Mrs. Rosa Hall of Parma, j Mo. After his graduation from the I Parma high school he- attended; NEST the BlufI City Business college : . g_j.j.^. al Popular Bluff, Mo. He is now j % manager, of . the Magnolia Service j n—7-5 NORTH S-l-7-6 H-Q-3 D—7-54-3 follows with the nine of diamonds, dummy phyins Ihe six and North mid Sterling Richards, n!so of I'arma, came over for Sunday. Mr. aud Mrs. A. Cancer and daughters, Misses Marie and Dorothy, of Senath, Mo., were visitors here Saturday. for'cnrly surimj wear. There' is undeniable satisfaction in b"-Eiis in the vogue while it is at its height. And inversely, there is nothing quite so silly as to cherish a desire fcr some style and not in- du't'e it. 'the use of Iwo kinds of fabric? [lives Uic ;ise of prints a wide range now. Some oi the neatest uud swcL'ltst new ihings have figured prints for the waist portions, liiiinrs to short coals, aud tho coat ami skirts plain material. ! Two costumes that illustrate he two ne-.v fa.ihioit fads, first for iilaids, second for printed and |}lain material:; used in a single costume p are sketched teday. The 'plaid oinfit is a short- sleeved dress and removable separate shun cape, in a ravishing silk in white, yellow, brown, green aud black. It lids an ineffable sreath of spring to it, a crisp look j of new liiings Brewing and a cheer of warm sunlight. The frock has a fitted skirt yuke. the waist Moused a bit above Mrs. W. b. Weaver, of Sloele, Mo., shopped In the city Saturday. Ray Jack£0ti, who I ravels out of [Julias Texas, arrived B'.inday for a week's visit with his bister, Mrs. J. J. Field, and family. Miss Ilallic \Vilcoxsou spcu; the week-end al I'aragould. Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton I.illlc, Ilia three. The deuce of iliamondsj ot Memphis, siienl yesterday here is !.:d by the declarer and South [They were accompanied home b! continues his false-carding by I their daughter who had spent the S the niiren, dummy whining! week with her grandpavenis. Mr the trick with the ace. ar.d Mrs. A. G. LHlle. Matthews, qf station on East Main street. D—M- They will go en a bridal trip, 10-5 later. ' ' •;—A-6-4 EAST S-3 K-K-I. , , 10-!). ' 5-2 O-X-2 ' SOUTH-DEALER C ~fl' S—X-Q-10-9-8 0—Q-9-3 C-J-2 Entertain at Bridge Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Lynch cut ?r-. tallied »lth two ; bridge parties: Friday and Saturday cvcuincs by. •52 of their friends. ; Hie liiilrllnE; For the evening parly there «ero' Tho han<l -,vas j>layi:d al cou- 16 couples present. Mr. and Mrs. tract Eisi, and West Mrre It, and Ihe skirt gored and made \vith a :rout panel o: pleats that flare below the knees. The short cai>e is pleated from the neck to the top o! the arms and the pleats aie pleated in but/ Hare dov:n over the Fiei'ves. The silk suit wilh primed top to its frock is made of a deep blue Improve Your Game Couglis from colds may lead to serious trouble. You can Elop them row ivilli.Creoniulsion, nn emulsified creosule that is pleasant • to lake. Crcomulsion is a medical discovery wilh Iwo-fold action; it soothe3 and lieah tlie inflamed membranes and >n- liibits Remi growth. Of all knoun tliugs creosote is recognized by hicji medical autlioriltes as one of the greatest healing agencies for coughs from colds and bronchial irritations. Creomulsion contains, in elements ivhich footlio and'heal'tha' inflamed membrane* and slop tne ir-. rit3lion, while tho creosote goes on to the stomach, ia absorbed into tha bloix], attacks tho seal of Ihe'Iroublc and chcct3 the growth qf Ihe germi' satisfactory in the treatment of coughs from coltls, Iironchiti* and minor form* of hroncbial irritations, and'is cxccller.t for linildTng up the system iftcrcoSo 1 ^' or fiu. Money refunded if not re- after taking according tpdirec-. aaditicn to creosote, olher healing FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THA THANG OH YOU CAN BUY NUINE WASHER THAN Milton It certainly looks lo the declarer; . ,,„,,. ns (hougli South is out of dia--M°- shopjicd in the city balr.vda} inomls, .10 the seven of hearts is': Miss Sara Boone has rcuirncrt returned from dunmy. .North plays I l» her iiome in Crawfurdsulic. Arx., the rinccn, declarer the king, ar.d :if ter .-.p^idiiiK the wcek-imi .vitli South wins with llv? ace. This; Mr. and Mrs. Joe I). Hiilbani. Shi! loaves South, as the declarer Miows : was accompanied home by lit;- tr.o- wllh one more trump as Ncvth: ther, Mrs. S. O. Boone of C'raw- wotild not play the q;;eeti if he 1 lordsvillc. and Charles Dauts. of I South leads the jack of clubs in | day. an endeavor to kii-*k out the iliim- '. Mrs. E. E. Alexander loft Simmy's only entry. Declarer !nys eft day for Fnyctteville where sli5 is ci;ce, but South ccmcs right on' visiting her FOIL CJumcy Oliver, who' with the (!:uce of clubs, declarer. is a, Undent at the Univcisuy of v. In ing wilh the lire in dummy. : Arkansas. She..was acc'mui'aiiicJ by Wiat is the rietlaur li: do no'.v.' Jack Kobimon who u fntoiiii; thej Byron Morse uon the high score; able. North and Soi.ui were not; 11 *•*' 1'lays the of dMtnonds i university. prizes, handkerchi:fs. The deiici-' Mslnerablc. South opened \ulh !' r<w > diiir.mj-. lie discard li;:-. oas refreshments v.'cre si\!ad nnd or' s.pade which West dcablcd.''"'•!••£ ct "b. but loinember tiiai •- '.— ice served M 1th fruit cake and col-i Wctlh pi£.x\l and East respondtd Souths false-card IMS !:d to ( , I VI'IMM M fee. i'« 'he informally double willi ll»ii-c f.iat South i- out of :lii-' V .The 23 present Saturday even- 1 two hearts. South pajtcd, and j mends, and as South still l;ns aj linilOVIN ( 'iUlSC -in? enjoyed* an appetumg two' Win went to Uo no trump. North tru:r.;>. lio will u«:np. ! AH-IIMI i *-.-> v*«n-. v. course menu before the bridge - yatbtd, and Eabt went to four The declarer finally drc:rios j games in which Mrs Walker II.: hearts, which closed the contract- it would be hotter to try for a club Baker and A. S. Fwiriield won th hich score pri«3. They also re- j The Play ceivc-d handkerchiefs. ' Soutli makes a normal opcuiuir— At both parlies the Valentine the kim? ot spades, which West. Riotif • vow pr~UUy carried out ! «hc dummy, wins wiih Ihe ace. A with red rarnaticns and blcomins small h?art :s returned from the plants for decorallons. The tallies; Ciimmy and the d:cbrer fine;jcs were Valrt'.nes and red tapers arid- .the fuck. Smith refuses to win. Of cd (mother touch to the a'.ir^c...j- : course the declarer could no,v play • ly arrar.Md tables. » « Has Party for Class ;out his king of hearts, but hr docs i nqt know that North lio':ds the! singleton qiuc-n. He may hold the MUs Clsra Garner, president of I queen and otic. . the Sophomore c-las.- of the Armor- j. 'UK ace is pretty well marked in ' ' br?ak and leads a f mall fpr.cic frctn dummy which he t:;iir,ps and then plays the 10 of tiimip from his ovvii hand picking up youth's last| r - rl - s fn trump. He thru Iraiis t!:c- dpht cf j bimv!, n clubs l:oi)ir.g 10 :h:i! ,\n:ih and' thought \\ South bush with a club. b;it to his | caused dismay South discards t!ie eight ofjlioiib'.e rilamonds and Nor'.li wins the trick ] Hcv.'s with (h? mit.~ii of clubs ar.d tlien j hcuciache cashes his king of club.!, defeating take medicun the declarer':, contract one trick. While it dor? r.ol i;i-:i?ial]y pay to falr>c;ird. as ici the inability cf . . . el school '.tntertafned members ~of'the South K.ind.' therefore tho de- it deceives in one but your'pslvc you! Cily Duii Sisrc her class with n pai'ty at her homo itbrer rwrceily plays the kin? ui partner. thcie are t::nes \vlicn' --A-.i'. :at BarfJiid Friday <fven!iis. idiamonds uud now for the j< lever falr?-i-nrri!i'.B is the ------,.. , Tho students, and liieir teacher, carding en l!:c part of Ecutli. HC|strategy that will slop game. Head Courier Ncwj Wan: Ac,^ BAKING POWDER You save in using KC. Use LESS ifcncf hiqh priced biandt. c'riuiin: ana, \"H freli l', w,n S nr-1 of Stomach Ga I'AfiT o! bowr'.e. bn; lei Artlrlika give yen RVO how Gives You Your Rating in His Nation-Wide Bridge Handicap Test Final Broadcast Tuesday W M C 3:80 P. M., C, S. T. Hear bis ansvers * to Questions 11 to 20 Be ready with pencil and paprr ,-n^ I c'.l.tour 3rm\cis. Learn the Dridr..: ics lhat make a master pla>cri .l o-jl whether you melons in ! Cb5s,\, B. C.orD! i/ji r/ii'» c/r.ince (o find ,-yui J your Brirlffi M. even tf j-nri hc.ttd any of th« Frcvi\>u* Report oi Quesd'ona and n) in This P.iper PHONE for a Maytag Washer, a Maytag Ironer or both. Judge them on performance in your own home. If the Maytag doesn't sell itself, don't keep it. Divided payments you'll neve.- miss. THE NEW MAYTAG IRONER—Here is a worthy companion to the Maytag Washer. Bccauscof its exclusive AlakromeThcrmo' plate, it heats faster nnd irons better. It is a separate complete unit which can be used in any room in the house. TUNE IN—iinjoy the Maytag radio hour over N. D. C. coast to coast blue network—every Monday 9:00 P.M., E.S.T.—3:00 C.b.T. —7:00 M.T.—6:00-P.C.T. NEWTON, IOWA THE MAYTAG COMPANY 1893 ALUMINUM WASHER *» PORTABLE IRONEP Northeast Arkansas Maytag Co. v Joncslioro, Ark. f AY. M. VAMYINKU: 213 X. Tirst SI., nlvthrvlllo. Ark.

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