The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1939
Page 3
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, 14, -1339 Flotilla Of Three Sails Over Gotham On Quiet Days By OEpitOE ROSS •NfcW YORk, Sept. 14.—There is a ba)10:n barrage over* Manhattan, too, b'ul this one Is unhampered by a' mesh of cable and serves no military purpose. In fact the floillln of blimps dawdling idly in the Manhattan sky has esme lo be a common ,-iiglit. ;By day ami night, these unhur- rittt blimps take a sky-stroll over , Uic fhetrouolls; for sightseeing by day, for promotional purposes at night, . ' ,;Tii? three blimps that regularly erillse' the air above Manhattan belong to the rubber company «,|ilch made them, on Uielr helium-filled rHj.5, a neon sign spells out, at night ail . advertisement or Uo, local weather Information and a periodic chatter item.' It is quite a sight from the street to. see crimson bulbs in the sky fld^vlEe Pair visitors where lo go, what to wear tomorrow and what I If 6.5 to buy. When the -British King and Queen were here, for example, tlie entire flotilla \v a s cut will) a neon grelJIn'g to Their Majesties. SKYSCRAPERS AND AIRSHIPS DON'T GET ALONG ; BUI the b'llmps also take passengers. They take six apiece, mainly in the daylig-ht, flying: Uiclr fares oil a slow, aerial route over Man- Ifattan Island. The-blimps like to travel .directly abave the Hudson, (he East and Harlem Rivers where the atmosphere Is smooth and .the ride is. too. Skyscrapers, it seems, distress the blimp and aeroplane rieSause- they cause an ttpdraft Which produce.? pitch and toss in' the air. i,tlie home grounds for New York's blimp bevy is the Bendix Field which lies across the river in. Hew Jersey. It is a modcrnly equipped Held, with two-way radio, n.,'weather forecaster and a formidable ground cre\v. Blimps den't go tip unless the weather is ideal. And at signs of stormy weather, pilots are radioed their orders to turn about and come home. Of course, any of Papa Knickerbocker's blimps' could, in a pinch, tie np at the lop of .the Empire -State Building where .a mooring mast has been waiting since the skyscraper was completed. -. : . ...-,. ... ;flhe corhmandeivln-chief of this laiy blimp battalion is a Capt. Jack BbeUner,,,a.n aerial'veteran of the first World War. He runs the' blimps' day-by-day activities from the airport where he dictates when they shall;.stay ..down or go up. i-'^He idotsn't ,'work, on margin. Unless' : the weather forecasts; are- per-. 1 rfect • for 'H-- spin:'around the city, • he...leaves-the •helium-filled ships grounded. Not ; that' the captain wmld have • any ; personal fidgets about it. 1 "He Js the charter member of that exclusive fraternity, the Caterpillar Club, which is made up of: men who came, down safely will parachutes froin a. mishap in (he nil'-. . ' • ".-' DRUNKS-ARE : OUT: AS PASSENGERS .,-Tiie captain appreciates the awe ot .sightseers who have seen the city from the blimp gcndola. But .116 shuns the playboys and play>girls who,, with various drinks from trii.s or that bar under their belts ca_ll in to charter one of his blimps. Often a cafe society crowd calls «p to book a special I rip, bnt Caplain Boettner regards his guests warily before he permits them lo ascend. .Nor is he tolerant lo Hie boys who would use the blimps for assorted ballyhoo purpses and he has declined all kinds of offers from folk who have offered to go higher than twice the vertical extent of the Empire Stiitc and bail out in a parachute for the fun cr the. publicity of it. To New Yorkers, (lie sight of a three-Wimp flotilla floating gracefully in the air, has become familiar, and pretty they Icok, too. in the dusk or in the sun when they are blazing streaks of silver. They arc peaceful ships but they can be commandeered any time by the army, navy, coast guard or police. This is a hope that (hey never will be. Hayti Society — Personal Ann Culberfson Class i\tc«(s Mrs. Chas. Gil bow was hostess to Hie Ann Culberlscn Sunday school class ot the Methodist church with sixteen members present. Itfrs. A. D. Mahoiilis opened the meeting with prayer and Mrs Sherman Hill gave the devotional. Mrs. J. W. Golden presided over the business session at which time the nominating committee was appointed as follows: Mrs. oian H APPY UOUR GRO.& II FREE DELIVERY 109 W. Main St. Phone 15 t-efhvlch, Mrs, Wi'lbnr Tnrhpr, ahci Mrs. Henry Euell. 'I'he next meeting wlll-bfe at His? liomp o; Mrs. Shernmli Hill nt PnsccJn, Oct. :), The hostess sevrort Ice rrrain'nnd' cake. * • * (lives t.iihelicon Mrs, Wolf liiidUrie rlilertninod will) a oho o'clock liiiielicoii nt hei- hoine !ns( 'TJiiiralay. The (ciblc vfns laid, wit))' n lovely Ince cover wlilch hart ns its centerpiece n low ho'v, 1 ) of - chrysanthemums. The hostess served-a delightful three > luncheon. The guest, list Included numbers of a ladles eluV> of Cairo III. * • t ' Mtss Lotilsn Ooltlen, who Is teaching school at, Clmffee spent ihe weekend here with her pni-enls Mr and Mrs. J. W; Golden. She wns driven bnek to Chaffce Sunday by her parents and MVS. Hose fiyrd .of Memphis. Mrs. Bynl, w)io ims been here for a week' visiting friends, of Oils her former home, relumed home Tuesday, Mr. and Mrs. f.. A. Kirk and daughter, Blanche, of Lennox, Tenn,. were here Sunday visiting Mr. inn) Mrs. T. F. Gilllls. Mrs. Rex Reeves srjpnt the vwk- end in .'Cnnithersvllle visiting lier parents, Mr. and Mrs. p. I,. Davis. Wnrren Pierce cf Slcele wns here Tuesday attending to business. Mrs,. Wolf Kliotu-Ic accompanied Mr. and Mrs. PJillip Foisal and Mre. K. A. Hamra of Cardwcll and Miss Ilnhdonm Hnm'rn of Pi-svlilp lo Cnii-o, 1)1., Tue.scliiy to Attend Hie funeral of Mrs. ShljiWy Mflloof. Mrs. Itfftloof visited in (he kliotirle hcme Ifist Thursdny. Chas. Cilllxi of Memphis wns here Wednesday and lluirsdfty visiting his ftim.Uy. Mrs. Cai) BiiaKlhs ati'd Mrs, J. E, Bi'owi) of Oarut.hersvlDe tUtiwlpd the fmjprn) Friday of Mrs, Mr- (,'lnln Nwberi-y. Mrs. Fred Lnrson and i,. A. Toelilll drovo to Meinulils Thurs- dny and ' were accompanied home uy the latter's wife and daughter, Non-el Paye. who Ims been In the Methodist hps'p.Ual convalescing from several weeks lllncs.?. Slie is Improving nicely. The Rev, and Mis. William Huff- mnn VisliPd In Tennrssfe over the weekend. Mr. and .Mrs. Starr McDanlcls drove their daughter, Mary Catherine. L-> Cape GliardwHi Sunday where Miss 1 McDanlcls entered Southeast Missouri 'I'eaeliors col- lr!go. Miss Belly Sue KetUery of tlil.s rlty has nlso entered Southeast Missouri Teachers college. Both girls were- graduates of the liaytl hlRh school last ,yr-ar, Miss Hiiltle Lois Randolph spent the wpekend In St., Louis visiting friends. Mr. and Mrs. Cav) McDantels were in Holland vLsiting Mr. nnd Mr.s. Paul Turner and yoini" son Jerry Wayne, who arrived last Wednesday morning. The ti«.U«h portion U odiiEul uoutttr aaJ h FREE wiU ij ofcT^ Hm. npt-dM, .< p ji, Ids nlso attended the slnglim convention nl HollniW. Nffs. Mebaulels was « fiieinbef of the fmir In the choir. Mines. Ople SlieuWnl, lleHry Eiicll, Wiley Khby, T. P. cillhis and Rose Byid of Memphis, T&iri,, spent the diiy with Mis, Mlctari Hlackard of Concord. . ' Mr. and Mis. Wfiltor chllloii spent (hi! day at Rpplfoot Uke. Miss Mary. Brandson of Kcnnetl' and Mrs. Bill lieiicock of Slkeston were here Tuesday visiting .Mr.s. Ople Shepherd. Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Nolgrnss nnd children .spent the dny Suil- dny ni cape Olrnrdeau. , Mrs. Harold Olllus and KOII, Al- doti Eugene," are tii Bclzonl. Miss., visiting Mrs, Olllns 1 fatiier Frank Tigler. . . Mr. and Mrs. Waller Phillips mill daughter, Alnn\ Hilda, nre In Sulli- gcnt, Ala., visiting Mr.s. I'htlllps sister. . Mr. and Mrs. Clnyton Barnes nhd Mr. and Mr.s. J. D. Unrnes of Nashville were here this week coming to attend the funeral of the Messrs, names niece Lucre-tin Uarnes, Mrs. Edgar Stocknrd arid dnughlcr, Sy|vln of Hoemveld, Twin., were here also for the funeral. Mr. and Mrs. G. \v. Patterson and son Jean Herbert were In Pnducah, Ky., visiting Mr patter- son's father, Lee Patterson.' Rev. nnd Mis. Wm. Huffman arc in Rlchland, Mo., where Rev. Huir- •'COURTS Tommy Ncely, negro, was fined 550 in municipal court yesterday on n cjiart'o or riirrying iv conce'aled wnjion and was dismissed on u cliiii'M of dlslurblii)! (he peai-o. He «'iw granted an appeal to circuit Mint tiiid ills nppr-al bond .set at, sioO. E. A. SJiaiinoii, nc>era, who was I '"'" «'!tli carrying n concealed hi n .colniianltm case, wfts A contribution in 1B11, during the MadLidn atlmlnlslratlon, from some anonymous person,' consctaite hurt him, started n j 'conscience fund" in tin; US treasury wlilen today totals •|'nbvo limn 51150,000. Man Old at 68 , TELLS SECRET -tW that "a«.r For sale' a.1 Klrby Bros. Drug Co. WARDS.btmg you the Lovely Lingerie Every Woman Wants at Truly Sensational Savings! iMONTGOMERy WARD Just for this Event! So Don't Delay! •The only way to get slips like these to sell for 77c is to have them made! And rtiat's what we did I We bargained for the hems of : 2imch ! .'wide,lace.-We fought for the bows and the lace-trirriBted'-boaice! 'And carefully;specified theiembroidered slip with the 3 length hem and tailored slips, too! They're belter rayon satin,'bias cut to fit without a ripple I 32-44. WHILE'THEY LAST! - .> Sale! Belted Corselet Regularly 1.98 1 Lower priced than they've been in a yearl Fine brocaded rayon'.and cotton failleAvith a determined inner belt to hold you in firmly! Boned bach! 3<t-4g. 47 Look tmart on o budget! "Gay Moderns 5 ' of Wards for cnfy 108 Perforated suedes trimmed with patent or alligator-grained calf I Dozens of stunning Fall stylcsl Introducing "DEBSTYEES" .Your shoes must be prettier than ever this Fall I Wear our high-riding- ebony suede pumps trimmed with patent, alligator-grained calf ... silky braid . . . dressmaker tucks and pleats! Wear the new "Dutch Boys," spectators, spats! "DEBSTYLES" give you highest fashion for 2.98! Meet Our Dashing New "vSport-Vogiies" | For Women and GWsf 100 Imagine—genuine Goodyear Welt black ruffle oxfords at 1.981 And brown ruffie "Dutch Boys"! MONTGOMERY WARD Enjoy the Ihing. you wont lodoy ... pay In coovtnitnl nwlhly Iniloll- menit oa Werdi Poymcnl Plon. Any ^10 purrfioia opens on account. Buy oli ycxir ntedt ol Ward.. Our Catalog Order Smite bring, 1 you Ihouiondi of iltm, H 0 | y,, hoy, not room to »t<x* in our ilarel 406 W. Slain St. OWNIil) ANU OPKRAVKI) ItV TUB. KKOOKK (IKfKJKIiy & HAKINQ COMPANY" Fresh Slock, Firm, Com pact PEACHES ",' GINGER ALE " Sf 29' CORN FLAKES 5 BRAH FLAKES £, l !it Id I'l'LH, Himipitio, No. 2 SH. 12'/,c Hal din, CVustii:d ,(\ c ONIONS Yellow Glohe 4 STRAWItlCItHY 100'^ 1'urc, 2;llj APRICOTS No. 21/3 Can FDFF 1 nfcii. C'ulm atnfoh, H Boxes 1 nish Clnlh OATS C. Club Large Ho.x, 2 For 35 Tomato Juice PEACHES Armour's Tnll 20 o-/,. Can, Only Cni.nlry Club "°"7 I / S J', 1 ' u l l Sliced or Hrtlves No ' 2 ^ Clm > 2 for 5c •••• 29c UKANS,' lilythevillc ir t NO. 2 (Jim, 2 For 10 Cronm Stvle No. 2 Cnn, II for CHERRIES ""''piS'SrW APPLE SAUCE No. 2 CiuiH c Oulv ) JiKANS ' 1,-JHt, CHUS, « for OCt M SPAGHETTI No. -2 Can 10 TISSUE (i5Q,Sheets, 3 Holls 10 TOMATO JUICK, c. Club No. 2 Tull C'nn. 2 for ... C. Club Halves in "171c Syrup. No. 2*4 Can If 2 KIDNEY: Avomlalc No. 2 Can 2 for I5c C. Club No. 1 Tull Can . Cc UUTTKR C. Club PL . 'lllc , _ < 15 - c HINSO, OXYDOf,, Small Itox 3 f or 25e Box, Kach 21c MILK C. Club |Ac 1 fi Km. or 3 Lge, Iv COFFEE:""" %±T 22*' Peanut Butter Spotlights 1 •Kniliaasv . Qimrl 21c;'Pint lie 43c EATMORE OLEO 2 , 25 | CRACKERS 2 Ib. Box 10 Clo.k Bread Large 10 oz. Loaves 2 for 15c Don't Forget Majestic Waterless Cookware PICKLES Sour or Dili Quart *2 IT Juice, C. Clul) IjTc No, 1 Tali, I{ f9r II, P. & G. SOAP 7'linrs 25' SALT, .MATCHES, TOMATO ' • Cc I'ASTK, MACARONI, 2 for '. 3 Sliced DAPAU Kroger's Hi-Quality Aindless BMUUN Meat, Pound BEEF ' Roast Ib.l9c Steaks Ib. 33c Neckbones Meaty, Ib. 7c Pork Liver and Brains 12c Oysters-Shrimp-Fish Phone 676 Leg-0-Larnb Tender Lamb, Fine for Roasting, 11). CHEESE 17'c

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