The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 5, 1934
Page 6
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(AMD coufina j«wt SATURDAY, MAY 8, 193 Mil til IS fiX RIDDLE Would Be Second Filly Winner; Sees Discovery Second,' Cavalcade 3rd BY MAX KlDDl.E NBA S»tvke Turi WriWr LOUISVILLE, May 6.—It Is time for all good — and bad — Derby prognostic lors to step In, so to speak, and wet their feet. Despite Hie coldness of the water, this observer plunges right off the deep end and comes up with a mouthful — Mata Karl first; Discovery «cond; Cavalcade third. There's lite winner, ladles and gentlemen, free, grails and for nothing. Charles T. Fisher's loin boy, Mala Hari. She can run like Top Flight, and asks no favors from the gentlemen In tlic party. She Is reported to be merely a front runner, and we know all about her unpredictable temper. JJut any Derby candidate Is on un predlclable quantity at best, nn should Mala Harl get out in front .with racing on her mind, she'll run off. : and hide from the rest. \ c * * * ' Sir Tbomas, you say? Well, give him consideration'in the mud. But on a fast track, remember Uie excessive miles of training lie's had In preparation, and his 11 straight failures last year. -Discovery? . Here's a ground burner, certainty, but don't forget his penchant for getting Into trouble — and making -It. Should he start swerving, or boring In, he won't be first at the wire. Too many bent on racing for monkey shines. Cavalcade? Now here's one thai might really. get fresh with ou: little ladv, especially since his rto- or.d-equallng win In the recen Shenandoah Purse at Havre d Grace. .Possibly, If- you combine Derb facts with fancy, you will come, a near ..a winning prediction as yo would by any other method Hunches have been known to pu )h chips by the thousands, an fancy, permits a wide latitude. - example: PlltS BETID I BridfM. Tij«r pltcbtr, give up but | five blowi. i BTOVB Thai Nat* I The Boston Red Box defeited the St. Louis Brawns t to 1 at Boston. Welland went the route, | holding the Browns to six blows. ' The Box got off to a two run early lead and stayed In front. Bewsom was the losing pitcher. '. The Cleveland Indians beat the Washington Senators 5 to 3 at n i i r, o . Washington. Brown, former Nat Ked Lucas best L»mnt Ace; hurler, turned back his old m&ics. f All T p hurling steady ball and contrlbut- VjOm«Z ftllOWS llgers ihg two hits on. his own accord. TV..-.- \\\\c Harris of the Nats hit for the clr- iincc iiua cuit Averlll j^ t ne Cleveland at„ „ . "T . , ' tack with a triple and two-badger. New York continued to boast Whitehlll was the losing pitcher. the leading teams In both major leagues today despite a loss sus- n • n I II x talmd by the world champior | Kaln Breaks Up loumey Giants and their star hurler, Carl Hiibbell, at the expense of the Pittsburgh Pirates yesterday. The Yanks won over the Detroit Tig- era with Lefty Gomez on the mound. At Country Club Here Rain Interrupted the " lournameni scliediiled betwcon members of the Pine Hills club ol and Blylhevllle country Harry Grayson SOUTH BEND. Ind. — Spring'! football practice has old Notre Dame whero there Is more football. enUuisl&m than at any time since'. Knute k. Rockne fell line in '2i.' Laydcn .weighed o: 160 pounds,- ajiU the big' Coni .ers wer* pllcil 'on top pf:;hlm ll cordwbdd .•'. . < : •: . "'Mr. Birch, will you.ptewe tell the 1 .crowd' to go ^back;'-W the stands,' cracked Layden',''as 1 'Frank Birch, 'the 'referee, ^travel-to gel his .hands .on-thc ball/', '/y.!.' Bmck'-W,Salmon attd; '•. One hw to^kw^at'-ijiyden's legs for the sourceVof: the power thai . . Jfas his when lie wus making Wy.- to .his untimely death. The prln- 1 kolT-lIke starts aiul bucklm .lint* dpal reason for, u spirit reborn 'is! for'tlrtl'dowrisV ';•'•'" '''' '" •'• ' the slim-bodied Elmer Luyden, Whoj The upper part of his body ap- has returned to lead his alma ma-|pears. to be anything but' that of ter back to' Its 'former, gridiron a once vicious charger,. That• und glory. ..'. . '. •*•-"-•- -- " • "Layden contlilfts tint nis worry, la hit iiuarterback and!.} guards. Poor fellow, he .only has 225 athletes to pick from. And only eight complete sets of backs their gaunt faces, gives one the only Wea that Oil Dobie must have something like Layden In • A Futurity wlnner ; never has no from which to select a signal call- the : Kentucky Derby. This fact'er. • .•.; >,. .. ••, 'elipiinates. Sinking Wood, .even ihcKild -Mrs. : John Hay Wltney cnaiige. hex mind and send him to the, potl, But, a number of horses which finished .second: In the .Futurity . hftv,e won the Derby,, such (S Heigh .Count 'and Sir Barion? , : -;,This brings Sir. Thomas Into cpn- skJeniUon. And moreover, -Sir. Barion was : a maiden like Sir. Thomas '. And all jthree- bear rtobte names.. : , E- R. . Bradlty has pulled many a^-last^onf on the. Derby pundits, as ^witness- the publicity . for Brother Joe when. Burgoo King really lias the "Kunnel'sMKit bqrse. The year : he 'slipped over He no: doubt will struggle along somehow, for the Davenport Irishman comes.. back .to the campus from which .he .rode us one of the similar, coup Beari.hg this Bwaar, Boy . Valet, Dozen., That .• kaves i with Broker's Tip. in mind, eliminate and you Baker's full brother to Blue Larkspur, named Blue Again. ', Throw out the Bradley horses In case of .rain. It's tradition that they.won' in a muddy Derby .track. Remember Blue Larkspur. • ,••*'' Set, Byrne will.burn up a mud dy track, as he demonstrated In beating Wlnooka. And . moreover ha appears the best sprinter tha has run for the prize since Morvich. Morvlch was named after Russian and Sgt. Byrne after cop. It you know your stuff you'l make some sort of hunch out o that. ... But the best tip, and tlw ves hunch this department knows this: . The late Jimmy Howe, a great trainer, said that if lie had an entry that could run the.last quarter of the mile and a quarter In 26 seconds, he had a real Derby candidate.- Mata Hari recently ran that last quarter in :24 4-5, pulled up. Four Horsemen with pleiidid, reeord • as a coach and rgantter at Columbia College, of Dubuque, and . Duquesne. R-0-C-K-N-E was stamped all ver the. master's carriers of 1924. 'hree.of thein, Layden;: Jim Crow.- e'y, of Pordhmm; and .Hurry ' Mlp Harry' Stuhltlreher,' of Villa Nova, re outstanding successes -follow-: ng In. the f obUttps . of . the .man hey so greatly i Admired: .'\ . As it Was, MlUer- .was an-'lnval u able -assistant to. Bill Alexander «t Georgia "Tech ;and Sam Wlllaman at' Ohio State, spending four sea- soiis al each i^istltutton. before his egal business :.' demanded all o uls attention .In Cleveland, wliere lie Is the .partner of. his brother Ray T.. who .was, defeated ther last fall wlien he. sought to .be re elected mayor. ' and Missouri School Draw On Track PAYETTEV1LLE. Ark.—What is '•«lleved to be a new sports record <vas crealed here yesterday atter- •x>on on 'Razorback Fild when the 'Iniversity of Arkansas track team ~nd the Bears of Southwest Mlss- uri State Teachers College or Tprtngfield, were tied with 68 •olnts each after the final relay '•ad been run. The meet was held r n.a muddy track with two final elays run off during a light show- r. The only bright spot of the af- emoon was the sensational dash ~t Ralph LaPbrge. Tn o streaket he 10» yards In the record time ;f ».« seconds. The Little Rock LOT nad » stiff wirid at his'back OU Tenramaie' Lunis Layden Don Miller Is .very close to Lay den. They completed law course together and lived In the same ha! ut school. "I never met a finer chap tha Elmer Layden," says his runnln mate of college days. "He on Harry Stuhldreher w.ere tlle rm» Intelligent and thorough footba men it ever was my privilege t play with, if 'any coach can re gain the prestige that was Noir Dame's under Knut« Hockne, tha coach is Layden. He was a fli student and one of the most coi scientious chaps with whom Ie\ came In contact. "Already he Is respected an_ iiked, which I knew, he would be. That's the most Important thing in coaching. If kids don't respect and like a coach, he might us well give up. "As serious u lie Is. Layden has a keen sense of humor. I always get a chuckle out of a remark he made when a small army of Ne- TRIMS Pebbles Smokies; younger days, although ' the ew South Bend strategist, is nol i tall as the Scot. Don Etser, the 225-pound sprint- 1 .from Gary who was Injured In ie Southern California scrap, uu ill,', attracted, inore.. nptiqe /than ny other player In . the' spring rills. Members of. the old guard •ent 'way back, .to Red Salmon nd 'Ray Elchenlaub In, their ecs- sy orer the young fullback. . ..; George Mfcjlu)(ov]chi..w'lio .-»Uerj. at fullback., with. " ' Chicks Trounce CHat- :;: tanooga and McCool ''The Chattanooga Lookouts lost :o-. the Memphis Chicks yesterday *lille the Nashville Vols were-wln- (ing over the New 'Orleans. Pellr lans and the Vols and Lookouts M^ In a tie for first place In the Southern league race as a result. <i:^lex McCdl the reteran right- Hander went the rout* for the jiokouts but was tagged by the The BIK-JS eot to Hubbell and his . . .screwball for 12 solid hits send- club B ° lfcrs llore yesterday after- ing the Giant «ce down into a 4 " <xm csllsl »£ 'he tourney to be to 3 defeat, Red Lucas was on the P°«POM<» indefinitely, winning end ol the hurlers duel I , re of the contestants had' The Giants Mgged him for 11 c <™P* ted H'elr first round of the blows. Pittsburgh got off to an "™ ''° le cou ![« when r »in over- early, start, scoring twice in the '., , ' nem1 whlle otners »'«r on opening inning. The Giants got nrsllrlparound. one In the second when the Bucs ' D ~ ; ; cot another and their second in fTOtest AfailUt Pastimr the sixth. The Bucs scored their I - • •«««« fourth run In t>* seventh but the [Giants were still in the ball game adding one in the ninth before their rally was smothered. The St. Louis Cardinals defeated-the Philadelphia Phillies 3 to 1 at. St. Louis. It was the sixth straight win for the Red Birds. i™ Pr»m«r urf ' ik. «"'._• hi t Joe Medwick's homer featured the 1 The Hoblnson team, it was an- [".Tli!? $Z.*W*** Card attack while four double nounced during the' game had protested a decision by John Soft Ball Win Withdrawn s ' _____ Protest of Thursday night's soft ball game between the Pastime Billiard Parlor and Robinson Drug company, won by the Fust liners, lias bf<?n withdrawn, it was an nounced today. Th»' 'tTinrV/L.v^Tvi^.iiii, .iii'iirf puly3 w<nl ' turn « d ln t> v the Card •The Little Rock TraytJers rallied taM ^ Hurst 0 , the phlls a ^ h|t n the eighth. InnjDf to score five tor tix drcljlt glvlng the ph|lj5 Kn'oijlBe SmokiM. Nugent was the winning""^"'!}. DBVIs^thr^osing winning ,apd,u Moon -tjie u losing pitcher pitcher, urofflmar.;-'Akers and' Ma- The 'veteran Guy Bush was In of -the. Pebbles.; hit for the torm yesterday and the Chicago .1 : Cubs beat the Boston Braves 6 to The Atlanta Ctacters defeated 1 at Chicago. Jordan greeted Bush the Birmingham' Baroos ,6 to :J at with a .home run 1 but after, that eirm.ifcghain* ;Hayes) who w«* a the. Chicago hurl*r"-settled 'down fookie with trie Parons". last fear)' and pitched scoreless ball. The held his old rnates to six hits while' Bruins got to three hurlers for 13 the: Crackers gpt^to p»nkls and hits, Including Camilli's homer. circuit. Smith, umplre-in-chief, early dur- ng the contest. The protest was over the umpire's Interpretation ol the blocked tall rule. Decision to withdraw the est was reached yesterday ;ives the Pastlmers on undisputed record of three victories and no losses to pace the Commeraal Soft Ball league. Shoaf .fof^lO.'flViJor.aiidVrMcKee Zachery was the losing pitcher, hit homers J •'.'•'-.•', .':'•' The 'Brooklyn Dodgers had 1 . . The • Voltnteers • defeated 'Brooklyn Dodgers had lit- the tie trouble walking over the Cln- Ofilcks for a 7 'to 2 defeat. The Pelicans for the, second straight clnnatl Reds 6 to 3 at Cincinnati, time, 7 to 2 at New Orleans. Staf- The Dodgers won with Mungo ford went the'route'for the Vols hurling six hit ball. Cuccinelto hit holding New Orleans to 'seven hits, for the circuit for Brooklyn. Der- The Vols';got to Moore arid Bryant ringer was the losing pitcher, for 15• blows. .Three 'runs' In the The Yankees trounced the De- nlhth inning made the 1 game eer- troll Tlgera 3 to 0 at New York. tain .for'the. Nashville ''cr«w. • AMEKICAV LEAOtE )i(«mphlans garnered If hits off fait offerings of McColl with Itychstone limited the Lookouts tV,eight blows. McColl .hid .».»•. turn;, trip :tick«tv;US 'rvyi^iirittan' ^h.lcks 'down in ImpresalTe fitH- St.. ^xiis • at Bosiii.. 1 .] drily aSiwed the TigerT'lrlree'^hm' Detroit at- New York. : ' Oomez administered the whitewash, while Babe Ruth accounted for two of the Yank scores with twiner;and a run.he.counted:hbn- self •»hen"a"single v arid Iwb 'infield outs pushed h.lm .across., Gomez MERONEY WILL MEEHLLIDl Promoter Accepts Blytr. ville Man's Challenge Caruthersville CAROTHERSVILLE, MO. — | grudge match" is billed here Thursday night wnen Mike roney. promoter - matchmaker-J feree of the • weekly Americl Legion wrestling matches, lakes John Elliott, Blythevllle mat a| isi In a two-hour match. •Elliott came here -last Thu day nigh; and from the ring ch tanged Meroney, or any of t| Kiesllers who have appeared the local nng. Ulliott claimed hud been trying to get matcl, liere and at Blytlieville, and at tl only one he secured 'at Blylhevill pinned his opponent in elgl nines, a man outweighing hf ni least 40 pounds. 1 In Issuing his challenge, Ellio] Id; "If Mike Meroney or restlers aren't yellow, I'll ven a match here in the la ng." Meroney crawled Into the n<! took the challenge - hi'n« llott is a graduate'of the.Blytl lie high school, arid was'an andlne fqotball player. The other' bout on. the' 'rnati Iso over'the two-liour route etwecn Ray Meyers, 'L6uisy'i| y., and Johnny State, 1 Cleveis tote has been 'liefe before,•'•._ will ut the..first time. Meya as appear'd • locally. ; ' '' pro- This NATIONAL l.KAGUK Boston at Chicago. New York at Pittsburgh. Brooklyn at Cincinnati. 1 Philadelphia at Rt. Louis. SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis at Chattanooga Atlanta at Birmingham. Little Rock at Knoxville. Nashville at New Orleans ! L. G. MOSS Blytheville's Cnt-Rate UNDERTAKER Why iPay A Btg :JPnceT* ., . .. as;m 19S3", a'hg Abe Zc«s v huge ;pe^-, er : are back, }n tlib.Jthick'of . thlrigs alter be)nj( '. out 'a ,'year. -M*|lnto- ich'n*>fly''. j dled.'as:,Uie result ot n 'infection. .., '-.;, .'.;.,. ... ,•.-.,.,:: Hunk'.'A^rterspn'.'. : had a tough' Ime following' Jfockne^ as' any tu-; 1 tir'woi;Ul,.tiKv.«/-tuu1, ^nd-.^. pre-1 Imlnary close-.^p' of .<he.-'lB3f:vair' lly; 'leads oi)e. to believe that ropv ponents ' liencefprth' will -have>-«' ough 1 1 m'e • fo! lowing ; N otre .Dame, Bead Courier. News Yltml -Ads. J braska forwards sieved .through our oDAY Pays for p. Beautyrest Hubbard Furniture Co. Sunday - Mohdaj MATINEE .& NTTE-riOc-31 »ARET AVA HERE'S RML BATTERY ECOHOMY WRESTLING EM1L FIRPO RALPH SMITH TITANIC SINKEY MIKE ROMANO ARMORY. MONDAY NITS GUARANTEED BATTERIES Battery $5.55 oU Battery 15 Plate Battery $7.55 Plus oW Battery 17 Plate Battery Plus old Battery PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. QUICK SERVICE STATION Walnut am) Fifth St*. f~- ! NQ'-'-OKrB'exf^ to go on^. forever. . For you—or hiiri-—to .get;all-of-a-twitter every time :\,', .you see ea6h' : other.'wbuid'be asking just a little too 'mucH. , ";'. sew^rff th'&stodginess of growing too mat:Wp£'always wearing "practical" clothes, 3 (|,oing 5 fthe practical thing. asly feminine negligee, a new of it, can set your own heart-Ringing'and.get'a word of appreciation from that:seri6us fellow who pays the bills! 2|fjo : ; Heye'^•-. : ah'"end ^o Humdrum! . «Xurn i (how il :to;V;t|ie.\ advertisements and let them ta^;'you on an ad Venture of shopping, and revived romance. Advertising is one of the reasons why so many women today are so charming. They .teach the secrets of the great beauty specialists. They giye hints on health of inestimable.value. They take you into the confidence of the famous dress authorities of New York and Paris, An epic of human •motion, picturing tha tremendous bottle of woman's love against man's forgetfulness. Bythedtrector of'Back Street' LY YESTERDAY A JOHN M. STAHL raooucnoN. Prwhcid ky CM! Lvurnk, Jr. Simnltd ky UK keek by rW trick Ltwi* ARu. PmwrtMl ky Ctrl Li I alula. A UWVtKAl PKTUtt. Paramount News Broadway Brevity "Plai Crazy" with Dorothy Arthur and Morton B COMING THURSDAY - FRIDAl George White's Scandals Featuring Rudy Valee, my Durantc, Alice Adrienne Ames, Gix._,, Ratoff, ClifT Edwards *Sl George White DANCE - SONG - COMET) ROMANi.'K - BEAUTY

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