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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 1

Nashville, Tennessee
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Monday, March 13, 1933
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. (T' r wmmt : MEAD OF DISEASE 'ADDS TO TROUBLES .; OF QUAKE DISTRICT Shocks Continue yWilh Populace Still on Edge; ; Relief It Organized While Tremblors LOS ANGELES, March 12 AV-' l(Fear of disease getting a foothold through water Pollution ' or unreg ulated sanitation added more woe today lo the predicament of homeless thousands. ' , United relief agencies went Into ...aotion on a wide front, however. . and first aid, hospitalization, food. distribution and even reconstruc tion wortc . gathered momentum tWhile the. earth. was still shaking, -The thirty-fifth major shock oc curred about 4 o'clock this morn Inc. approximately 14 hours after vine nrst at 5:.6 p. m., Friday, MikLL 1 . ... J. . mmuii wrouKiit (no greatest aura-age.' ,a v ' '-' ... ' 1 The continuing shocks did little damage except to shake down more bricks, glass and masonry; but they kep the populace on -edge. - :: Water. Pollution feared. Long Beach,' center of the greatest destruction, discontinued the use of city water because authorl- . ties suspected sewage from broken pipes might have seeped into the ' water mains where breakage might have occurred.- Precautions against uyphoid and smallpox were taken Immediately. k Aii waters arunii in ine ruineaifor the injured was handicapped srea naa o d Donea. ana tnere was' .no en in fnrnlah hpat th 'supply having been cut off to prevent' fires. Fires were kindled in tyards and . other open places, and (water waa boiled v in - primitive . fashion. - - -- - a great portion or i-ong tseacn s 140,000 residents refused to return ; their homes,' fesring for their j llvesi They stuck to the i open paces, tenting where they ' could, . fcut many sleepinsj with - only a mbnket for shelter. ( The weather ' was warm, however. ' Bread Lines Long Uread lines stretched for blocks n the city park and food camps elsewhere passed out emergency.1 Church services were held in the bpen throughout the area of greatest destruction, ' which extended tfrom Huntington Park, just south of the Los Angeles downtown see- I tlon, to the ocean shore at Long ' -feeach, stretch of some 10 miles. maa their change In direction ot movement, Friday' night, during the heaviest tremors, those' lying in beds running east and west said hey. were rolled aldewise. sometimes, violently. Last night the motion J seemingly changed, with Aleepera lying east to west being snaked. edzewlse. Casualty and damage figures remained generally unchanged, although the Loni Beach, "figures .were subject to alteration. The ag-'gregate.toll still' stood at apprdxl- Matolv 1U itaad AIL mlillnv K flflil injured. 4,000 of the cases being first aid matters, and property aamag roughly $50,000,000. ; School flemaln-CloeeoV A force of Inspectors today mads aurvev of all school bulldlncs In s Angeles county to determine n. Prnlimtnarv estimates Indi cated 60.000 pupils of the 260,000 in the county's school system , would have to remain away from classes aintil the damage is repaired. The Los Angeles city schools Will Remain closed all week, pending a rnmnlera checkuo. An early sur howed 142 school building were damaged. - , : Major Building Safe ., ., IjOS Angries autnoruies saia an 4 major buildings In the city proper Tiad come through the seismic ordeal without having shown any t . (Continued en Page 3) J Rain, Warmer '.' 1 1 1 1 , 1 WASHINGTON FORKCART TBNNKHNKR AND KKNTIUKTl Or. Milml Hrht rals siM nnwr Mos-dfi Toendar nils, Mlder TucMlajr af- 4trnooa and alsht. 4 ALABAMA 1 Partly clondjr Maadajr) Tawday probably shower. HOtJRT.T TEMPEHATCFKS " ' ' ' Weothsr Baraia Official 1t a. m.. .50 -8 p. n... 7 p. fe'ooa BS 4 n. m...M t a.m... HA . la.m...SK S p. m.,.U p,in...M j a. ,.. p. m... 10 p.m.. N 3 WKATHRB RKCORDS i The weather btirrau report for tha 14 houra airHlns at 7 o'clock last sight la m follows: - HlRboat tomparatura: 4J dorree. low-Srit l. ; Tha mean temperature for tha riar was dosraea. Ho far thla month (there haa been- a deficiency of , it de-rees. Hlnro January 1 the axcoaa la It decree . t Amount of prerlpltetlon Inch. Tha "total for thla month to data Is .4 Inch, .which la !. Inrhea leaa than tha 'normal. Tha total- precipitation for tha year 10 otie is iu.ij incnaa, or .TI lacs tleea than tha normal. N fiunrlee Huneet. I:tt Total aunehlne, 11 hnura 04 mlnutoa. . Baromater (men level) t a. m., t0.ll : 1 p. m 10.04 --'i''. ., WKATHKR TABI.S WASHINGTON. March 11 We.ther" bureau rarorda of temperaturo and rainfall for tha 14 houra endlna 1 a. nr.. lis tha principal cotton growing1 area a ana eieewnarot Station Hlah. Ijw. tne. Alpena .......... 31 II 10 41 tn -Sail M a A.. .viii .? .00 I ..(10 10 Atlanta , ? Atlantle Cit-.... ...... At- Hlrmlnrbara ......... tl Chlcaan nnelnnatt til it . . .u tt ' ".no ixinver II 44 ,ao .91 I'elrolt It , tKt- Paaa 10 ualveeton 70 ,00 . -.0 Jackionvlll ..,...., tn -' . n . . . riw ......... aa Key We.t . .' 10 , T.ittla Rack .......... 14 41 1 .oi I .00 IM Anselas 4 14 le- ioai I.oulevlll. 51 14 44 III ta 1 aa li li 11 II 14 it 4 44 .04 aa tMemphla .............. II '.Si Mermiaa .............. i. Miami Ti 'MAblla Tz New Orleans , Mew .York . . . , 14 ; ...... V .4 Itlchmnn4 .00 .00 Ft. haul , , . 'Sen Antonio . , in! Tmta i,khur .... . Wllmlnt tea .. .11 ,0 I Hospital , Scene ... ' r I I - 1 s Scene ln Los Angeles General' 1 the tremors. central Press Photo, RUSSIAN SECRET POLICE NAB FOUR BRITISH SUBJECTS Raiders Visit Homes of Engineering Officials.;;, ' MOSCOW,'. March 12 Four British subjects representing the Tirm Metropolitan.-Vlckers In Rus sia, and four of . the company s Russian,' ! employes, including two wonien, have been arrested follow ing raids unpn their homes and of fices by secret poliee. Beginning last night and con finuing In the early hours of today, more than a score of raiders, carry ing search and arrest warrants. first visited the suburban home of Allan Monkhouse,. ",- Metropolltan-Vickers director here. They. seized papers !and documents for which they -gave receipts and then took Monkhouse, his assistant - W. II Thornton, their Russian chauffeurs, a Woman typist and a woman sec retaryaway under arrest "Later another raiding party vis ited the Moscow apartment of John Cushny, another of' Monkhduse's assistants, and sentedr tsaperr there. They arrested Cushny and W. L. MacDonald. on of the-company's installation engineers, who ' had been In Moscow only two'days nfter MetropoUtan-Vlrkers 1s one of the' largest English firms doing business in Russia; It is engaged In selling, and Installing electrical machinery , and turbines and ; In I furnishing technical advice to the Soviet, government. AMERICANS ATTACKED Nssis Asssil Two In Berlin; Pro , . rests Ar Filed. BERLIN, March 12 (JP Two Aanericans were the victims of as saults yesterday.- .. - -Julian , Fuhs, a New Tork mu scian. waa beaten by men in' Nazi I uniforms who demanded money. A Storm Troop leader ; Interfered, giving an alarm to police. . Herman Roseman.- of Brooklyn, N. Y. a medical student In Berlin tTnlverslty,' was attacked coming out of a department store with a package, lie showed . his ' passport but a 1 policeman refused to intervene. At police station, police fold him they could not ,'lnterfcre ; with the Nazis ' , . .. Both Fuhs and Rdseman mad affidavits at ,the American, -con-sulate - - . .: - , ,-. ,.. .'. i Farm Leaders Hopeful ! WASHINQTON. Mafch 12 (JPH- firm orKanizmion lenuern ionisn( were confident. 'that', President Roosevelt wlH support their pre posal for ' delegating broad .emergency powers ot crop and marketing control to Secretary Wallace-', They' forecast that farm aid will be the subject of any early Whit House message o Congress recommending action on farm relief slitiJ liar to that the President already has urged In the case-of banking and economy legislation. They expect' the President' to ask that lb action be taken before a recess. 1 Pope Pius in Addressing Cardinals Today - Is Expected to Rebu ttLlICAir ciTTr March 12-ffl Pone I'lua will voce open nl sharp 'disapproval of King Boris and Queen Giovanna of Bulgaria tomorrow morning, say Vatican prelates, when, he delivers an al-. locution -, to ' th cardinals ' in - the holy year consistory. The .pontiff. they say, will denounce the Ortho- dnr baptism of the llttle Princes Maria Lulsa. born In Janhary.- . j Th consistory Is called to ere. ate six new cardinals, amonsj whom sre Archblshon. Kumnsonl-Rlondl, until now apostolic delegate at Washington, and Archbishop VII-leneuve.vOf Quebec, and to noml-nate three cardinals to open the holy doors of three Rome basilicas Saturday, April 1, at the. moment th Pop opens th holy door, it J. ' . X V - - -: - , "5v . . . ' -' !.: .-'. 1 Y -.. V.:' -.-.,,.; .V, : . :-y " 'uf.' - S. : . hospital: where the work of caring by, damage done to the building; jby , 1 r .. , SENATE AWAITING HOUSE ACTION Oil APPROPRIATIONS Assembly Convenes Tonierht: Committee Meets Slated, . ; By JOE HATCHER- ' With all ' important matters H- fore "the ; Assembly giving .way tol the general- spprnprlntlon bill, ovr which the lower House has haeeled for the better nart of'tWo weplta. hnth houses return Mondav plant with hopes for completing tbit conslde-atlon of the bill this week. The House has some 31 imnd- ments to the bill yet pending, but plans on completing the slow process ot considering the bill some tim Tuesday. c... ,ni, I. .t MVt.l.i- ..... ...V " -1" and Indecisions on the appropria tions, has th calendar- cleared for Immediate consideration ot the bill when the House finally decides to finish Its work and pass the mess ure. in fact, the senate stands ready to work overtime In getting the bill passed this week If physi cally possible and thus make jup for noma of tha tima the. House is cred Sted witn wastlnar throus-h two loni week-end adjonrnments. . Littu ch.nee ' - - rne Houses teoious consiaera - tlon of th -bill through the past two weeks haa changed the utti- '"' "" -IM.iiiu- uttlon or tn amendments reveals. 1 ine cuttingana siasning on- ine nigner urvn v. n """ aiaricu im.wuui r'x". gave way In the., last analysis raises. tnat orr-set to t large - niii .... icuuviwtio. nWlft, 1110 ; icuutuuin . urn largely aireciea at me larger aa - nc anu liicrrnura ureii wivh min.i tnat accrue to tne oenetit or in schools. 1 inmates of Institutions, and more such general benefits. " lit-this connection th presidents 01 ins siaie normals wers cui . (Continues) on ' Pag 3)- ' VICTORY, FOR EVERYBODY Both-Paraguay. nf Bolivia Claim v Game In Gran Chaco. ASUNCION." March Ur-V-The t. , w 1. . fcii.. "'""'" "r ' ""'" fih .today saia the tnird Bolivian rtlvl.ion hnd been' overwhelmlnalv defeated'afjw a S2hour battle with Paraguayan . forces ', in ' the , Qrari Chaco, where the two nations have " ' ' . ' ' " I been in conflict for several montn. The communique declared tha Bolivians ' suffered mor than 'S. 00$ casualties while fleeing from 'Para guayan cavalry. , I Bollwlan-ofWr!au,va-MM, naa launcnea a general. auacK in hnvy, fighting was going on- In I - m - - 1 ins vicinuy 01 rori juanawa, ri- I guayan'. forces were said to have annihilated a compnny, of Bolivians, . ,,Jj!.L.,- , .A. i nt., uouvm, (r, -Newspapers here today announced that Bolivian soldiers had captured Fort Allhuattt, In th Gran Chaco territory; .' ke -Boris and Giovanna ?trPeter'-to- inaugurate the holy .rear . ' Thr Pflpe 'iwlll tpesk nearly - an hour, delivering an allocution '. of approximately (.000 words: In -discussing the, world situation.. . 7 -. -H will recall.4 prelate' bellev. Boris' tnd Qlovanna's verbal, and written promts to him that 'all their children war to b bantlxed I Roman; Catholics, ; Including- ' the uwir iu inv inrune, lie win rrmmu them that It was on this promise that he granted permission for the I' catholic . Prlnrers (llovsnna to marry the Orthodox King Boris In a Cstholio wedding service,. This would be the second time the Pope hai publicly reproved (Continued . tip Pag. S) NASHVILLE, TENN., MONDAY SENATE CONCEDES SEEKS WILL BE HIS Chamber Will Pass Pill Tuesday or Wednesday. ' Bi-Partisan Suppor Will Offset Iti Opponents WASHINGTON, March li (IPh- k smashing victory for President Roosevelt in bis first major tilt with Congress was forecast today even by senatorial opponents of his demand . that Congress give him unprecedented powers to shea $500,000,000 or more from govern mental - costs. Approval Tuesday or Wednesday in the Senate without" change ws seen -for the measure, already passed by the House, which would per mlt the chief executive .to slash veterans' benefits and federal sal tries.".. - . - 1 This development today hearten od Democratlo leaders who are de manding that the President's sec ond request, for broad authority tn cope -with the depression be met promptly to get the govern tnent on a balanced financial level ; Claims Bl-Pa'rtlsan ' Support - Senator' Harrison (D Miss.) who as chairman of .the finance committee will be In charge of the legislation, will call up th mean ure tomorrow. Before the Senate convenes . the Republicans will hold a forenoon party conference to lis cuss the leglslstion but not to bind the minority one way or the other. "Republican and Democratic votes will pass .this 1 bi-partisan mean ur," Harrison said. His prophecy was echoed by Senator Robinson of Arkansas, the - Democratic leader, who Introduced the bill on behalf of, the administration csiiewi int-ndir ur . viviuu, .inc Republican leader, is inclined to favor the measure, although he had not made up his mind definitely today. There will be many Re publican votes for It. In th House yesterday (9 Republicans contributed to the 264 votes cast for the feosVng'S to JM? opponent conod pasaag Senator Connally D'-Tex.),) one of the two senators In ths finance committee who voted against fa vorably reporting. the bill, conceied the bill would pass in . its present form. Bo did Senator Walsh (D., Mass.). who is a-member or tn special committee appointed to study vet erans' economies, but which was not consulted in the framing of the legislation. "In my Judgment." Walsh said today, "tne sentiment of a majority M th senate is. heartily in favor of supporting the President regardlesj f individual views of some of the oiu s provisions. ' oenavur -irn tu., mo.f tne oincr (Continued on Pag I) State Legislatures Consider Dry Law Changes. U. S. Repeal CHICAGO, March 12 vH-With sessions -in many states drawing "wara a close, legislatures of tne nattnn ar iiwwiH Inrr .nn.littatlnn ., ... n-- .nn.m..i . g0ttlng up machinery, for cltliens , .vn... .h.m.oiv.. nn th. ,. tional repeal proposal indlBna na, adopted state repeal i-..ioMnn. whll. .Imllnr hill, ara pending in a number of assemblies, survey today showed. The pre .tntu8 of the ,,.. Illinois Stat repealer awaiting ... alirnatura nf llnvernnr Hanrv u.,... hn ke Icrniet.J iiiiinin,. ... r..dy for introduction i. nn ! h. I nun. ..rfl idlnastat prohibition laws Mn..U -1,1. .h. ,Hnniin. n kiii. .....i.. n,.n. far-rne- ni ..u nf ki. th. mm awaited action of tha a-nvarnor an a measure to can a state conven tion on national repeal. Main Thre plans for repeal conventions ars before the lee- s- lattire. Rhode Island Public hearings are scheduled Tuesday on a bill to ' On the same day "i iie uuu the state liquor commission expects to Intrnrluna . ma...r. hnMle. . -" "I,, XJSrf$ a 5?nvent on to tct on repeaf," " . Ml anAllVil flAiisanAa m flaa . Missouri Governor - Is . expected to sign a bill - legalizing manufac- wwniinHfu , tin y jtj PROBE CHILD'S DEATH Murdsr - Indictments Against Cult I,,.ii Trio. Ts . B Asked. . . LINDEN. Txas. March 11 OF) iis uBin fit nnrniiTssi vinn. s . year-old paralysis victim In wierd rsllglott rites tt a cabin In a ra mot .hill . community near Linden will be Investigated by th Cass coiinty grand Jury tomorrow, pau, naklev. . 20. a.lf, divine healer , . Coy Oakley, JB, nis orotner, wno terms himself a "dlaclple' of Paul; and Sherman Clayton, 30, father of ' tthe girl, have been held since th girl's aeatn isst December is. Paul Oakley testified at a lire llmlnary hearing he was trying X6 cur th child wnen a "devil" told him to chok her. t ', , - . Dlrtr ct Attorney K. L. Lincoln said he would seek murder Indictments sgainst the three and that, if the bills were returned, th cases would be tried within the next thre w.eas. . - x . King Extend Sympathy LONDON. March 1 S (JP) King George today telegraphed to Presl dent Roosevelt Of the Ignited States follows "I am deeply concerned at the heavy - loss of life which was oc cnsloned by the disastrous earthquake In California and I would ask you, Mr. President, to accept this expression ot my sincere sympathy with all those who have sus tained bereavement or Injury ta th result of this calamity." r POWER ROOSEVEL MORNING, MARCH 13, 1933. "D riiaef r"ljTii iiMinia. ji'iiii iinrcnriinnr - ' -T'n1" ii 1 V ,-v--'-"--"-E'i"Wfflw"wl I,.,, 1 J VIENNA MOBILIZES GUARD AS PUTSCH REPORTED LIKELY Restored Monarchy or Hitler Union Is Feared. VIENNA." Msrch i(Py Rumors of Imminent Nasi - or Hapsburg putsches r have led the Socialists to order the moblllratln of the Schutxbund the Republican guard to forestall any action from either direction. , : Schutxbund men remained . In their barracks today. GTovernmeni troops, to the number of 12,000 are concentrated In Vienna and also are subject to call. The military guard at the chan cellory was increased from ; eight to fifty men. .- , , Th . average resident, however, apparently was not worrylng..for streets and parks were filled witb families enjoying a beautiful spring day. . , i Meanwhile- the sovernment of Chancellor Knglebert Dollfuss to night decreed a new economy pol Icy designed to revive trade. This Includes an embargo -on new business ventures in -overfilled' lines, prohibition of "fixed-price' stores . (those selling mercbandlsi at extremely low prices) and the rapid extension of highways. , Dollfuss Bags Support A fervent appeal to support th government of Chancellor Dollfuss In a strong hand regime and thus to help Austria avoid th. fat of Bavaria appeared today In . the (Continued on Page .3) MACD0NAID IS HOPEFUL British Premier Still Expect Seme . Good From Geneva,. GENEVA. March li-KrP Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald of Great Britain, who has come here with hi foreign secretary. Sir John Simon; in an attempt to break the deadlock, in which . th Vor Id disarmament conference ha found Iti self, conferred for a second time "CiTtwith anwnbf- -eleRate n ins wiiernce. Tbey were Hugh Gibson vd Hugh Wilson,, of the of he Rudolf united fs; NJTlolny, ot rmany and Baron Pompeo Alois., fcJtaly. Mr. .MacDona. , lescrlbed British quarters as undaunted by the' conference difficulties -and as determined to continue' th Geneva conversations, expecting to Jtirlng (he conference to tn early' and , useful termination. DR. A. J. LAMAR ILL Mathodiit Leader In Critical Con dition.ln Florida. ; .j, br. Ai J.-La mar, tt, agent emerl tus of th Methodist Publishing House here tnd widely . known throughout Southern Methodism, Is critically ill in St. Petersburg, Fla., where he went In December with his wife, according to word received here Sunday by B. A. Whltmore, Mr. Whitmore, publishing agent for the House, left, last Riant tor Ft. .Petersburg, Dr. Lamar retired a year ago after, 10 years' service ss publishing agent Prior ta tbat time he was a minister In the Alabama Methodist conference. Dr. Lamar Is the only man in the connections! of tlcaj of the Publishing House who served during th Civil war. , Attack I Repulsed TOKIO. March II (Monday) W) A Reneo (Japanese') news gency dispatch from Chlnchow. Manchuria, today said that after n all-day battle Rummy at Jl"i- fenegkou pass In the Great Wall, Maj.-Gen. HelJIro Ha,t tori's Ktb brigade ot Japanese Infantrymen had repulsed a desperate Chinese attack. Farm Life Takes "On a New Aspect Von Hindenburg Forbids Flying Republican Flag. BERLIN, March 12 (P The ' Republican '. flag ; waa pushed Into the discard . today as the - emblem of the German nation , by a decree of President Von: : Hiridenburg effective tomorrow. " whlcbr" made the "-old Imperial blackn, white and red the national colors.' -V ; The decree, which wa announced nation-wide in ' a" speech by Chancellor Adolf Hitler, also - set out that the swastika flag of the Hitler Nationalist Socialist party should share full equality with the ' 'imperial, banner. ' - It provides tbat until further notice, the swastika emblem be flown on public buildings simultaneously with the , Imperial colors.. ' ' Nazis Triumph in ; ..Prussian Commune And City Elections BERLIN, March II Ph-In municipal arid communal elections through- Prussia today Chancellor Adolf Hitler's National Socialise won an undisputed leadership. ( Hundreds of thousands of their bitterest opponents, the Commun ists, helped the Nazi cause by ab staining from voting. ' - . Although only eighty per cent ot th electorate eight per cent less than the number who last Sunday balloted In th Reichstag election-participated in the voting today. thlsfaetor merely helped the government parties, the Nazis' and the Nationalists, whose victory was the most outstanding in the 'nation's capital, hitherto known . as "Red Berlin.,,? 4- Last Sunday ' the '"scrraiist -anJ the , Communists together polled more' votes than the Nazis and the Nationalists. If a similar vote had been cast today, th government parties could have obtained a majority in the -city hall only by t coalition with the middle parties. "Now th Nanaf Socialist and thejr allied' party do' not need tha help of th middle groups- Hit 'bl cleftnout" of opposing force! "Ity. who is named a prosecutor v- v- ' a -V-1 ,: V." ' MX be Indlctmeht. ', ' . , Confinuf en Pg 's :r'-. fording fo' ;th''V'iioM FISHERMEN ARE SAFE 1,0CQ Were Csrried to Sa On lee jj -Flo in Caspian. MOSCOW, March - uflV-A wireless renort from Astrakhan, nn th ''Caspian Sear tOfllh -woorte4 mat l.uuu iisnermen who had been carried out to sea on an Ice floe during a heavy storm were safe, v The Report gave no details. An earlier message, which told of the men "being carried to sea tatd two airplanes were . searching for them and that a change in the direction of the wind Indicated that the Ice floe might be driven back towards shore. - . " London Sunday Press, Believes Britain -LONDON,- March 11 (P) The part .Great .Britain . would play In the vent,of another European conflict attracted the attention of the London press today. ' , " tim since .114 has there been so much open and alarmed talk about war or a situation more immediately threatening," said th Bnrtday TImea .. The opinion was widely " held here that what Prime Minister Itamsay MacDonald - and Foreign Secretary John fcilmon may .have intended to be a conference with Premier Dtladler of France on resuscitation of the disarmament conference wss , turned - by th French Into an opportunity to mak an sppeal for a new Franco- PRICE BANKERS TO STUDY ROOSEVarS PLAN AT MEETING TODAY Scrip ! Operation to ontinue Here " 1 nis cl iniie Here Morning. A meeting of the Nashville Clearing House Committee will be. held this morning for .discussion- and consideration of the announcements released Sunday from Washington In regard to the program outlined by President Franklin D. Roosevelt for reopening banks through-out the country, according to Edward Potter, Jr., chairman of the sub-committee. Steps . to be taken toward restoring normal . financial business here 'will probably be announced after the meeting. Meanwhile Nashville' banks will continue operation today under the same regulations observed the latter part of the week, It waa state J7 ' ; . Reports that the national banks In Nashville had already applied to the Secretaryof.the Treasury for license to open Tuesday morning .on an unrestricted basis were not confirmed Sunday night. Whether or not the. local banks will take advantage of the banking holiday extension in Tennessee through March 18 by Gov; Hill Mc-Allster. will also be taken up at the clearing ' house ' committee's session this morning. President's Plan , Under the President's apian for the. resumption of th nation's (Continued on Pags 3) . EVANS TRIAL TODAY Woman 'Wid" Kill t4tibvcr Slstad T Face Court. Mrs. Catherine Lane Evans, charged with murdering her husband, Clyde J. Evans, federal bank examiner, . last December tl, I slated to go on trial this morning In second criminal court. . Chief, witness for the state is to be the defendant's mother-in-law, Mrsr. .Laura Evans of New "York th dead dnan s mother W- Inves tigating authorities here, on the morning ot th tragedy Evans had locked himself Into th bathroom of their, home, 229 Leonard avenue, refusing to come out .until after repeated hammerings on the 'door Iccma - throuch -tha Hoop that Dy his wife, it was when Evans his young wife shot him, the mother- in-law said. Seth M. Walker. Jack. Normtn tnd Charles Embry are to be attorneys for the defense, with AN Torney.Qenerai. Richard M. Atkinson and - his assistant, - Mai II. Goldscheln, prosecuting, Th court opens at o'clock . this morning Judge Charle Gilbert will preside. Eyeing War Clouds, Intends to Hold Aloof British- front In-th event-of- r f newal of European hostilities. -The Sunday Times added: . ' ' "The danger spots are plain to til so plain that It - ought' to be possible for clear sighted statesmanship to sterilize them.. " ' "Eaber-rattllng, which used to be a familiar feature of ' pre-war Germany1-imperial policy has begun to be heard again from across the Rhine, and In the Polish corridor. In the la-'t fortnight the tension between Berlin and ' Warsaw has heightened alarmingly. Both Franc and Poltnd ax anxiously on th alert, A .': "In the Southeast the situation I no mor reassuring. There ar ' ,. "!ontmtid n Pags t THREE CENTS riv ety ON TlUii PRESIDEIIT URGES PUBLIC COOPERATE WITH CONFIDEKCE .... ... i .. , Says Even Hard Hit Ones Will Be " v Given Help. Reorganization Will"' Assure Soundness, " ; Explains. '.' . ' " ' '1' ''i'f'' " .'" ' : ' - . ' ! i, The text of President Roos- - . veil's speech Is on page I. . WASHINGTON. March 'liVPh-President Roosevelt told th na. tlon tonight that th banning system was ready - for reopening to-, morrow on a progressive basis- and asked for renewed confidence and faith by the people. - . - "Let me, make it dear that the . banks will take Car of all needs," he assured. ' . Catching a spare- moment almost for the first time In his eight busy days In ' the Whit house, th President used the press and the radio to tell the people tn his own:-words of what wag -don and what he Intends to do. ' -. . . Going Into thorough detail of the story of the closing -of the -banks and his steps to reopen them, the President scored some bankers as "either incompetent or dishonest" but he said . th government It "straightening out this situation ts quickly as possible," . He expressed his own confidence,, and called for the cooperation Pf th peopl. ' ,, ... Pros Will B Slow Outlining the progressive plan for reopening of the banks beginning tomorrow, he gave assurance that every effort would be. made to put into operation even those bank. Wblch are "sorely pressed.'' - 1 "I do not promise you that every bank will be reopened or that In dividual losses will not be suffered," he said. -""but there will be no losses that possibly could be avoided; and there would have been ' more tnd greater losses had w continued to drift. I can even promise you salvation for at least of the sorely pressed banks. W shall be engaged not merely In reopening sound banks but In th creation of sound .bank through reorganlxa. tlon.--.' i Mr. Roosevelt spoke to th na tlon over a. network of radio hookups that carried his words to every nook' of the country. He reviewed his hectic first week In the White tin.,- e-M. m. ,,k - . .k- n"t e executrve maroon- ne nau naa uanHins; situation," he explained. "Some of our bankers, had shown themselves either Incompetent or dishonest lo ' their handling of the people' funA They had osed the money en,rutip,., to them In speculations and unwise loans. This waa of course not true in the vast majority ot our banks.-but it was true in enough of them to shock the people for a tim In-, to sense ' of insecurity and to put them Into a frame of mind where they did not differential, but seemed to assume that the gets ot sthat the a fen Pags S) t Continued Dr. Dyer to Open ; Lenten Services j: ' : For Week-Today "Citizenship in the Kindgom ,o' Heaven" will be the general theme of the noonday .. Lenten service tnls week, to be presented at th Princess theater by a layman, Dr-Gns W. Dyer, widely known editor religious leader and member of th Vanderbllt Univer;ly faculty. Today his topic will be "The Interpreter of Human Life.' ; Tuesday Dr. Dyer will discus. "The Nature and Scope of tin Klngdon"; "Struggle and . Rest," Wednesday; "The Necessary Limitations of Reason," Thursday concluding with "Every One May Win", on Friday. ;. The midday, services begin t 1:05 o'clock and close promptly at 12:10 o'clock.: Dr. Dyer is the "Jtft ta conduct these ser vices here. On Wednesday night he will also be the speaker at tha union services at ( o'clock at the ' (Continued on Page S) v FUNERAL PLANS DELAYED Bryan ; U - Undecidd - "ie .. Howll'e Sueeoruw,w' OMAHA, Nab-. March '12 STmer!,, services lor united SIh(as se:nwr -f rfoWrl W. Lowell - w- held In tbeyance ibnlght penii j arr.val here Tuesday of the wi i t with tn body. Du to the throng expected, r officials and civic leader said th. y would tuggest holding servlr-,! at Trinity cathedral which the Howells tttendctl , ,3Ar. Jloweil, however, announced previously in Washington that the services wouM be held at the home. Meanwhile Governor Charles XV. Bryan In Lincoln had made no decision as to appointment of a successor; to Senator Howell. DOG GONE? . Don't worry to many peopl fiavfl-ecnt!y lold uj of their success In finding lost dogs and lost articles . that w Just bet you can find iyour-doiv-tooi-" --7- -Why not call an ad-taker, now, describe your dor, ani tell all Nashvlll about it. Just phone- . . ' ' 8-1221---sa-tskerrr -TENNESSEAK PAPERS CLASSIFIED 2 for ! Your ad appesii both morn' j and evening at en cost. jeaaseVi'as.- 'CX

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