The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on September 30, 1982 · Page 110
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 110

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 30, 1982
Page 110
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You " 1 4 Pare VThursilay, September 30, 1982 flooArifleleoffiimeo ASSEMBLING A CAR Pantera and built a custom chassis designed to use Pantcra parts.' The Tanlra-Pantera Reproduction kit costs $13,500. It includes u body with the doors, deck wood and hood all hinged, fitted and boiled to the custom chassis. The builder must supply the wiring harness, drive train, some suspension parts, upholstery and paint. Two engine versions are available. The V-(i version uses a Chevy drive train and rear suspension; the V-8 version uses all Pantera parts (Ford 351 Cleveland engine, ZF five-speed transaxle, rear suspension), although a small-block Chevy engine can be used. Construction lime is estimated at 200 hours. American Custom also offers kits for replicas of a '52 XK Jaguar, an '09 Mack truck, a Lotus Super Seven and a '32 Ford Woody. Antique & Classic Automotive Inc. 100 Sonwil Industrial Park, Buffalo, N.Y. 14225, (800 ) 245-1310 or (716 ) 684-9540. This company offers two basic models of a replica '37 Jaguar SS-100. The deluxe VW-based version costs $5,995 and includes everything except the engine and chassis. Estimated construction time is 125 hours or less. A front-engine version costs $7,500, including a custom-built frame. The buyer must supply the engine, suspension and running gear from a '71 (or newer) four-cylinder Pinto, Bobcat or Mustang II engine (can be modified for a six- or eight-cylinder engine). Construction time is estimated at 200 hours. The company also sells VW-based kits on special order for a '34 Frazer-Nash, '34 Bentley, '31 Alfa Romeo or '27 Bugatti. Dave Bean Engineering 925 Punta Gorda St., Santa Barbara 93103, (805 ) 962-8125. Dave Bean is the West Coast dealer for the Caterham Super Seven, the continuation of the Lotus Super Seven, built under license from Lotus. The Seven is one of the original English kit cars, and it's still the yardstick by which other kit cars must be measured. Its acceleration and handling are superb. On the other hand, it's louder than a speeding locomotive, and driving one in the rain, even with the top up and the side curtains on, is like driving a bathtub on wheels. Bean will sell virtually every part needed to build the car except the engine and gearbox for about $8,100 (prices vary with the exchange rate). A simpler "collection of parts" partial interior, frame, suspension arms, aluminum body, wiring harness and brake hydraulics costs about $6,700. The builder needs to supply front suspension, steering and brakes from a Triumph Spitfire, as well as a Ford Cortina rear axle. The usual engine is a 1600cc Pinto engine, although the Lotus Twin-Cam is the hot setup. Estimated construction time is 100 hours. Bean also sells a Dutch kit, the Donkervoort, which looks like the Lotus Seven but is a little bigger. Blakely Auto Works Ltd. 124-B Fulton St.. Princeton, Wis. 54968, (414 ) 295-8861. Blakely makes three models of sports roadsters. The Blakely Hawk (formerly the Bantam) has been recently redesigned and looks something like the Super Seven. The Bearcat "S" and the Bernardi are similar to each other, although the Bernardi has a longer nose and a chrome grille. All three bodies have a foam core covered with fiberglass for noise insulation and strength. All use a frame built by lilakcly. The builder must supply a four- or six-cylinder engine, transmission and suspension from a '71 or later Pinto, Bobcat or Mustang II. The body comes mounted on the frame, witlivall gluss, doors and other major parts pre -assembled. The builder must shorten the Pinto drive shaft and the rear springs. Construction time is estimated at 130 to 200 hours. Butler Racing 11811 Major St., Culver City, 3U1-1785. Hon Butler worked for Cobra builder Carrol Shelby in the '60b, so naturally his kit is a replica 427 Cobra. The Butler Cobra's rectangular tube frame is very similar to the original. The basic kit sells for $6,995. It has the body pre-mounted on the chassis, with the doors, hood and trunk installed. The complete kit costs $13,300. This includes the radiator, pedal box, windshield, headlights and taillights, upholstered dash with wiring, fuel cell, upholstery kit, bumpers and hardware. The builder must supply MGB front suspension, Camaro disc brakes. Jaguar rear suspension, engine and transmission. The frame is set up to take a small-block Ford or V-8 engine, but with a little work it will take a large-block engine. Recommended transmissions are a Borg-Warner four-speed or a GM 350 Turbo automatic, but a Doug Nash five-speed will fit after some modifications to the frame. Construction lime is 300 lo 400 hours. California Custom Coach 1285 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena, 796-4395. A number of companies across the country build replicas of the '35 Auburn Boat-Tail Speedster, but this is the only local manufacturer. ( Esprit offers a kit based on the Auburn design but it is not a replica.) The Speedster was one of the most remarkable automobiles of its day, being the first car to be timed at 100 m.p.h. for 24 hours, and it's still flashier than 99.99 onthe road. With its chrome exhaust manifold emerging from the side of the hood, it's as far from modern automotive design as it can get, yet it looks as futuristic as Buck Rogers' rocket ship. The basic kit costs $5,995. This includes the fiberglass body parts, hardware and trim, headlights and taillights, windshield wipers and wooden bows and brackets for the convertible top. The buyer must cut and weld a Ford LTD frame to fit the body. The deluxe kit offers a complete rolling chassis for $1 1,500, including the modified frame, engine and transmission, radiator, dash instruments, gas tank, wheels and most other parts. All that's required is bolting it together, painting, upholstery and chrome-plating the accessories. Construction time is 160 to 180 hours, and the estimated final cost is $15,000 to $17,000, much less than the $55,000 California Custom Coach charges for a completed car. California Touring Coach 5332 Greenwich Court. Newark, Calif. 94560, (415) 794-5415. This company produces the Panzer 935, a replica of the Porsche 935 race car designed to fit on a VW frame. The VW suspension must be lowered, but no other cutting or welding is required. The Stage I kit costs $2,495 and includes the fiberglass body parts and VW inner panels. The Stage II kit, at $3,995. includes the windshield and Porsche window glass (not installed), headlights and taillights and light brackets. The deluxe Stage III kit ($6,895) includes everything except the engine, chassis. wheels, tires and paint. Kstimuled construction turn' is 120 hours. The ready-to-drlve vvrxionK start at SKI.MX). Classic Motor Carriages 10050 Northwest 27th Ave, P.O. Box 10, Miami, Flu. 33054, (305) 025-9700. Classic Motor Carriages makes five kits. The; Gazelle is a replica (but not a very authentic one) of the '29 Mercedes-Benz SSK. The VW-based kit costs $4,1195, while a front-engine version designed for either a Pinto or C'hevelie drive train costs $5,905, including a custom frame: All body parts are mounted on the frame, and the glass is included (but not installed). The builder must supply instruments, steering wheel and other small parts, in addition to the complete VW chassis and engine (or Pinto or Chevette engine, transmission, drive train and suspension). Construction time averages 170 to 220 hours. The Classic TD is a replica of the '52 MG -'I'D. The VW-based kit costs $3,995, the front-engine kit $5,495. Three other kits are designed for V Ws only. The Classic-Speedster, priced at $5,995, is a replica of the Porsche Speedster. The Custom Speedster is the racing version of the same car with a slightly rcslyled body, flared wheels and a roll bar-, it is priced at $6,495. The Classic Custom Bugatti is a replica of the Model 55 Bugatti; it is priced at $3,995. Both Speedster kits require shortening the V W pan by 1 1 V4 inches. Classic Roadsters, Ltd. 1617 Main Ave., Fargo, N.D. 58103, (800 ) 437-4342 or (701) 293-8866. Classic-Roadsters makes two kits, the Duchess, a replica '52 MG-TD, and the Saxon Mark I, a replica '62 Austin-Healey 3000. Both kits arc designed primarily to fit on VWs, but a frame is available for front-engine versions. The Duchess basic kit costs $3,995 and includes the body, outside trim and interior. Two other stages are available, at $5,995 and $6,995; these offer increasingly deluxe interiors. The Saxon basic kit costs $5,795, with a deluxe version selling for $6,495. The frame for the front-engine version of both models costs an additional $1,295; it can take a Chevy Chevette suspension. The Duchess uses a Chevette or Ford Pinto four-cylinder engine; the front-engine Saxon uses a Ford four-cylinder. V-6 or V-8 engine. Pinto or Mustang II suspension is used with the V-8 engine. Estimated construction time is 100 to 120 hours for the Duchess, 75 to 80 hours for the front-engine Saxon. Contemporary Classic Motor Car Co. Inc. 5-7 Te-cumsch Ave., Mount Vernon. N.Y. 10553. (914) 664-8906. The Southland Dealer is Russell's All Custom Engineering, 1325 E. Franklin St.. Pomona. (714) 594-6869. Contemporary Classic builds a 427 Cobra replica that comes in three stages. Stage I sells for $6,595 and includes the body and custom frame. Stage II, for $8,075, adds the fuel tank, radiator, instrument panel and windshield. Stage III, for $13,220, includes almost everything but the wheels, tires, suspension, engine and transmission. The builder must supply Jaguar XKE front and rear suspension; the dealer can modify the frame to fit the builder's choice of engine and transmission. No welding is required. Estimated construction time for the Stage III kit is 250 hours. Custom Classics Sales, Inc. 16900 Lakewood Blvd.. Bellflower. 920-7301. This 11 -year-old company makes Please see BUILD, Page 13 Continued from First Page When deciding what kit to buy, don't be swayed too much by the pretty color pictures in the brochures. Ask the manufacturer for the name of someone in your area who has actually assembled a kit, then talk to that person. Only by doing so and, if possible, driving that person's completed car will you know what you would be getting. There are dozens of kit car .manufacturers in the United States and Canada. Our list Includes many of the most popular models. For a more inclusive catalogue, the best source is "The Complete Guide to Kit Cars," an annual buying guide published by Auto Logic that lists more than 175 kits, both American and British. Auto Logic also publishes a supplement to the guide, Kit Car Monthly, which contains many useful technical tips as well as listings of used and partially completed kit cars for sale. Both are available from Auto Logic Publications, P.O. Box 9187, Dept. LAX, San Jose 95157. The annual guide costs $10 for third-class delivery, $12 first-class: a one-year subscription to Kit Car Monthly costs $11. The other major magazine in the field is Petersen's Kit Car magazine, published bimonthly. Some of the manufacturers listed will be among the more than 40 companies at this weekend's Threshold Experience for Specialty Cars at the Disneyland Hotel Exhibition Center, 1150 W. Cerritos Ave., Anaheim. Hours for the auto show will be 6-10 p.m. Friday, noon-10 p.m. Saturday and noon-6 p.m. Sunday. Daily admission will be $3 ($1.50 for senior citizens, free for children). Allard Motor Co. 5309-Maingate Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 1G6. Canada. (416) 625-6860. The original Allard J2X was one of the best race cars of the late '40s and early '50s. Built by an Englishman, Sidney Allard. and powered by American engines usually Cadillac the Allards were brutes to drive, but they won more than their share of races on both sides of the Atlantic. The Allard Motor Co. is one of two companies making replicas of the J2X. The kit costs $7,950. This includes a chassis, an aluminum body mounted on a custom frame ' with pre-hung doors, an interior and lighting. The builder must supply a Mustang II drive train, suspension, steering parts and miscellaneous parts. No cutting or welding is required, and there are no windows to install since the original Allard never had any. The car does have two small Brooklands-style windshields, one for the driver and one for the passenger, but they're about as useful at 55 m.p.h. as an umbrella in a hurricane. This is a car for someone who's looking for a toy for sunny days on the Pacific Coast Highway, not for basic transportation. Average construction time is 250 to 300 hours. Options include leather upholstery, windshield and roof, wire wheels and side-mounted spare tires. American Custom Component Cars A division of Threshold Corp.. P.O. Box 3045, Boise, Ida. 83703, (203) 344-8584. American Custom has re-engineered the '72 GREAT FALL SALE I SA VE 20 Our entire collection of diamond jewelry You'll find your favorite styles in rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets at our Fine Jewelry department. Many have the luster of precious color with rubies, sapphires and emeralds. All are set in 14K gold. All weights are total. Illustrations enlarged to show details. Fine Jewelry 725 in all stores except Cerritos sale $120 960 reg. S150-$4,950 Buy now, fly later with your 2-f or-1 coupon ' We'll give you a free flight coupon with your $100 purchase on any one day before October 11. may company i '"'m r- t IIIIiiii.iI I 0 maJeSI wm??mmmmm 1 - It's easy to apply for a charge card - just can toii-free 1-800-422-4241, ext. 115 1

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