The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, MAY 10, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN HOUR HOME-REPAIRS-IMPROVEMENIS-'R FREE CEILING PAPER Yes, with every "urchiisc of sidewiill und border at our money saving low prices, we will give fc'KKK (lie necessary reiliiijj piiuur. This special offer is good for jusl Hie next 10 days. Come in and see our complete selection of pallerns nnd colors. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. "Friendly Building Service" Phone 551 lilylhcville, Ark. W Ailt ui for plani end luggejtiont to Improve the •fflciency and-valu» of your horn* by remodeling, repairing or refinlihing. Bvcaus* of our unuiually complete service, •vary requirement—planning, material, labor, financing—can be done with one responsible party—ui. Our advice ii based on facts . . . our knowledge on experience . . . we know the aniwers , . . let u* Jiefp youf Just Phone 551 for "The From (he Lumber Yard E. C. Robinson Lumber Co. "Friendly Building Service" NOW THERE'S A FINE PAINT TO SUIT YOUR POCKETBOOK! 4 Beautiful White HOUSE PAINTS It Is Important for you to know the extra value that you rccrivt when you buy Tom Sawyer Paints direct from the inam^ac- turer here in Blylhcvllle. All these paints have been rigorously tested and found to be of exceptionally hish quality . . . and you make a big saving because you buy from the manufacturer. We invite you to try us nnd discover what many Mid-Soulh contractors have learned . . . Tmn Sawyer gives ynu much more for your money. Prompt, free delivery service, of course. 100 OUTSIDE WHITE A truly top quality paint unexcelled in whiteness and durability. This Tine Tom Sawyer 1'ainl will actually add many extra years of beauty to your home. SC25 Gal W (In 5's) 0-1 COTTAGE WHITE An inexpensive house paint with slightly less hiding power Ihan the other house paints. Contains lead, zinc, and titanium ground In pure nil. Guaranteed to h;\vc niorc tban 3 years durability. SO76 (Jal. V (In 5Vs) 125 OUTSIDE WHITE This paint has the same bUli pigmentation as the 100 Outside White and has been proved lo have at least 3 years durability. H's as fine a paini as >ou can buy In the IOHCI priced field. S J50 Gal ** (In 5's) 1- WHITE CREOSOTE A truly pure white paint . . a companion to the 0-1 Collage White as far as oil nnd pigment Is concerned, but irilh a refined creosote oil added as a wood preservative. Be Her llian 3 years durability. SO70 Gal. O (In a'.s) Air Base Trend in Rooms 'Open' Planning Allowi Varied Use For Same Space Modern smnll home nrchltecliire j hinges on the open planning of ! rooms so that they me flexible for vailed activities. One room thus performs lite function of t\vo or more, it Is pointer) onl by ihc Con [ruction Fle.seau'lv Bureau, New York clearing house for building Information. Space formerly divided into living-room, dining-room, kitchen and breakfast area lias evolved Into i single gcnerous-si/ed room ingcn i usly combining all these facilities while stil] beniijg beautiful ant comfortable. This results from n complclely chanted mode oj American family life. WLili the passing of large-scale formal cnlei-taining, there Is smnll need lor a dining-room. Architects logically nsked "Why devote space to a room used informally only a few hours a day?" then logically eliminated it. The public accepted (Ills reasoning- because double-duty space became essential as Ihc size of houses decreased In order to compensate for .soaring construction costs. Cost Savinj In Walls By combining functional space into one large room, spaciousness is provided within restricted floor area and there is an important saving in costs of partitions and doors Today's room [or llving-dlnlng- cooking is dcslgii'1 so Hint there are long, broad vistas, yet proper planning screens kitchen Bcllvitles from living area without partitions. This is accomplished In countless ingenious \vnys. One of the most popular Is to arrange the room In an L shape with the kitchen tucked into the L, Further separation is achieved by a low counter or storage wall: or by folding doors to be closed nnly wlier the kitchen Is In use. Modern mechanical ventilation prevents odors: acoustical materia slop kitchen clatter. Dining \rea Separation Generous built-in storage space eliminates the need for the tradi- ! tlonal buffet and china cabinet I hence there Is no real need to separate Ihe dining area from the resi j of the room, espolally If a drop-lea or gate-lcR table is used that cal utilized fnr other purposes /here separation Is desired, low ook shelves, storage walls, plant •oxes. or even grouping heavy lllr- lnr», such as (he sofa and a wing lair, across the room will divide he areas yet preserve the long vis- .s of the open plan. Nearly all open nlanning makes enerous use of glass (or R greater lusion of .space. Huge floor-to- cillng windows bring the outdoors: ifo the room, meet the desire for feeling of freedom. Real Estate Transfers lo Family of Ten Has Big Housing Problem Pearl and Willie Hue nnrt C. B Howard lo J. E. Stevpuson. Jr.. l.ol 16 of the- Ban, in mul i,t|]y Subdivision ot acre lols. wtik'h Is rnrved pill of S'2N 3 of the SI'M nl Section 15-15N-11K, $10 ruiil oilier con.sUli'rallon. 1, O. GUI nnd llulUo (111) lo Churlcs T. nnd Louis T. Punic. 2b of Ihe Replnt of the O. S. Rnl- ll.son Subdivision In Uic Cllv of Dlytlicvlllp. »6.000. Willlnm H. nnd Euln Mrfiii'w H, II. nnd Kuthnrlim K. Mi'Gr :i!l «( the Ovn-lon Smvoy In Section 31-15N-S1K. 4135. Sally I. Wllsoti lo Lrontud ami Inn Campbell, pun 0 ( i/it 5 of the Ednn Vnll First Subdivision. Lot 10 of Ihr Ertun Vnll Third Addition of NW'-t Section H-I5N-11K $1.250. John and Leslie. Nnil nnd l-'rnn- i-is. iuut Owen nnd Oenevn Mln- vnrrl to A. M. Mitivajd. 118 litres In Section 10-15N-10K. nnd section :10 15N-10E. $1 nnd oilier ransUU'm- ttoiis, Hnrvey A. Lynch to Curl E. Al- berp nnd l,ublc While AIUPCK, 12 acres In Section 1-15N-10E. $5,000 J. I.ulher nnd Ada Thompson to E. V. and Minnie Treadvvny. West S acres of block 1 on the J. H. Jlnrk Addition. $3,500, Susan Moore to Charles nnd l.on- lla Mltcliell. Lot in of Block 3 of lie W. w. Holllpetcr Seeoncl Act- Itlon. $200. Willie Hill to Willie Hill, .Jr.. and .illle Mnne Hill. Lot SI of Block 2 f the Wilson First Addition. $1 nnd ther consideration. Dota Rny lo Helen Armstrong Senders. Lot 8 of Block "F" of tlir orlslnn! Survey lo nell. $1,100. Leonard T. and Evelyn Inez Campbell to Frrd and Chlor Carock. part of rx>i 5 of Hie Edna .'nil First Addition. Section M-I5N- 11E. $10,500. Willie -Neely to R. A. Wilson. M D.. Lot 16 of Block 1 of Brnwlcy Addition, $450. Albert Ncely nnrt Willie Nerly to R. A. Wilson, M. D.. Lot 15, Block 1 of Brawlcy Addition $GOI). Myrtle Orsbnrn to Cnrllon Orsburn undivided lf i Interest Iti Lot 5. Block 5 of the BllRK Addition, and the West 24 feet of Lot 4. ninck 9 of the BiiRfc Addition. Jl and other consideration. Herman and Margnrct Murie Hoff to J. C. and Cora Wallers. Lot 13. Block fi of the Gosticll Eslnte Subdivision. $10 and other consideration. Johnny and Mary Kathryn Marr to Hnys Houston Spradley and netln Lucille Siiradley. South 90 feet of Lot 8 East 20 feel of the 50' of Lot 8. Block fi. nf the Cliicneo Mill and Lumber Company Addition, $4,800. ST. NEOT'8. England W—Ernest dale. 43-year-old factory worker, told the SI. Neofi Rural Council he wnnled lo rcnl a house In the council's development for Ills fiun- ily. The caiiuc.ll counted noses nnd told him It would Id him have two adjoining houses—anil knock out llie \vnll between. Dale's linnlly coiuilsts of lilmsrll. his wile nnd eight chihhon from seven lo 16. Slot machines paid the lodeinl Kovermnent of llic United Stales $8,000,000 In luxes In B single ycur. AlllwiJKl) foollwlls coiiitiiont.v nro referred to ns "pigskin.," they nl- moM always arc inntlo of cattlchiclc Itend Courier News Want Ada. NOW—choose Wai/papers w«i, CONFIDENCE nlllKiitoi'B have lived 401 F* ir M! ycius wltlioiil showliiK nny .Inns of riit.v It ... Willi Mowers THE FLOWER SHOP C.leiU'OU llulldtnf; I'hnne VIUl or 14747 I You Are Cordially | Inyittd to Visit The | Accessory Shopj j Feminine Apparel i • Mabel llogan Jessie SriU ) Hole! Noble Bldg. j Hlytheville, Ark. ' mcmherihip of about 5.5DO rall- rond employes li^ MKsLs.sLpp!, Tennessee nnrt Arkansas. This will bn the second nnnunl convention. Officers Tor the coming year nre to be elected at the meeting. House Repairs n '49 May Cos* $3,100,000,000 NEW YORK. W>Keeping the llion's non-farm houses in prime j Condition will cast American home owners lieUveen S2.500000.000 and $ during 1*49. That sum Is being spent on rool- ng, painting, carpentry work and >tner repairs this year, according o estimates by the'Tile Council o[ America. Painting and redecorating, Inside and out, are expected to account for about $30 of every $100 of ionic repair expenditures, the report revealed. Repair and replacement of heating equipment will lake $25, and roofing about $15, on the average. j rnstallation of showers, tiling of bathrooms and replacement of pip- will lake $6 out of each »100, and cariwnlry work will account for the same amount. Miscellaneous repairs will account for the rest of the theoretic 5100, according to tne report. Most common of all home repair work Is painting, the report showed. Either the exterior or some room of the interior is painted in about a third of all U. S. homes in every average year. Read Courier News Wnnt Acts. The SECRET of Rotfrock's EXPERT Prescription Service ifolhrocK Drug Co. THONG 4451 ARKANSAS PAINT GLASS & WALLPAPER F. H. A. LOANS EXPERT SERVICE Laundry & Dry Cleaning • Cold Storage I'"iirs, Woolens, Itluukels and Drupes — NU-WA — Laundry Cleaners I'lumo .t<174 • To Buy • To Build To Refinance INTEREST TERRY ABSTRACT and REALTY Co. Abstracts — Real Kslnle 213 West Wulnul i'lione 21181 ATTENTION Soybean Growers! nouTCHsoy NO. 2 sunn SOYBEANS Re- clenned, Te.slcd mul Tugged. PKICK $2.75 Per litishel. 11)1!) Soyiiean Support 1'rlct !I07,, I'arlty. Rent a Camera lor Color Pictures The lilral way to rrmcmbrr KprrinJ iH'c;iNi«ni.s. Also other types nf cameras fnr rcnl. BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 200G \\'. Main Phone S<;47 Martin Trenkle, Inc. PAINT MANUFACTURER Hlj-lhcvillc, Ark. I'hons 3Sf>3 Tri-State BRT Association To Convene in Memphis MEMPHIS. May JO—MV-A two- day convention here June 10 anrt 11 ol Ihe Tri-Slale Association of the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen (Ind) Is scheduled to be addressed by A.F. Whlllncy of Cleveland, BR.T. president. The Tri-State Association claims ELECTROLUX Cleaners Inspected • FREE • Prnrnpt, Esprrl Repair Service at All Time* Phone 6138 Guy Wright 112 Kast IUv!i Nf-iv KIcclroIuj Vacuum Cleaners Are Now Available Expert ELECTRICAL Repair Fnr Hie finest in electrical repair work . . . whether it's fixing appliances or electrical wiring . . . yon can he certain of prompt, expert service at Charley's Klcctric Shop. Yntir licensed electrician can he depended ijp»4) in any emergency. Charley s Electric Shop "Service Is Not Our Motto, It's Our Business" 112 So. 5th St. Phone 2993 I'rmliire mure MM|IC.IM» pi-r litre hjr pl.inUn( Dorlohioj No. X, hlKliusl ylclilrr hi 1II1K yirlil cullUsl. Sued For Sale By BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORPORATION 1800 West Main 1'lione 85B-857 D.P.L. No. 15 COTTON SEED Delinlcr], Trentcrt And Sucked R, r >7o Ocrminulton L Year from Blalkon A TON OR A CARLOAD Also Good ALFALFA HAY l r or Sale Magers & Gill Dell. Ark. fhnno ZZTt I Have At All Times For Salt luvuraJ tractors and cqulpaunt, holb new and used I have fibn Itccre, (•'armall Kord and other muktB. 1 now haw new Fard tracltirs and equipment readj (or ilellvrry at dealer!' price. I will trade for most anything y*» have. Terms can be arranged. See F. C. CROWE .1 mile aoudi of Braggadocio, Ho Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickosawba IWIFT'S PREMIUM ; BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plcnly of (dirking Space \Vlict\ You BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME Call D. C. FREEMAN 32 Years Experience • Dul'ont Paints • Imperial Wallpaper I'lione 4291 Soybeans For Sale State Certified Ogden Soybeans - - - bu. $3.50 (Blue Tag) Burdette 19 Soybeans bu. $3.25 (Improved Arksoy Variety, Red Tag) BURDETTE PLANTATION BURDETTE, ARK. ' Phone: Blythevillc 782

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