The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1939
Page 2
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'-PAGE. TWO UMPBIT Wai-Jn Europe Reflicts In Market JLYTHEVILLB, '(ARK.) :CQUmER^w* Mountain Folk Culture I: Threatened By Touris Influx WAYNESVILLE, N. C, Sepl M (UP)-rRapjdly Hearing compleliq ID the" heart of (lie Great smok.\ Mountains National Park, America s newest playgiound, is a unique group of museum buildings wlilcl will hold especial Interest for Americans in years to come. The museum, being established by the National Park Service, nil house a cross-section of the nalhe cultuie of \\esterii Noith Carolina's mountain folk, a highly individualistic band of people now being fast pbiltaated by the in flux of tourists and visitors to th new National Park. 'The'Smokies Park, decoding lo present plpn-s, will be offlciallj opened 'early In Octobei by Ptesl- dent Rcose\e!t. Following 'ripening of the park nnd completion of the new $35, 000,000 Blue Ridge Parkway leau ing into It, tourists by the thcus ands will 1mado the formerlj isolated mountain region and coin pletely erase a)) signs of the cul ture that existed there loi generations. Tools, Firearms Csll«<«J _ Anticipating this, Park Servic officials have spent the past thrC years 'collecting tools, firearms furniture, books and other accouterments of mountain life that wll' give posterity a cross-section view of a true nallve American culture Tiie collection will be housed li tno museum biilldlngs, cnc on the Tennessee side, the other on the North Carolina side of the park In "addition, field exhibits consisting of groups of buildings—n house, bain, mill, etc—will be established In the uaik. In these exhibits, mountain folk will continue to Ihe and pursue their nntlie arts and''Crafts. The North Carolina section of the museum will also contain idles of the Indian civilization that once flourished in this section Finns call for the reconstruction of an Indian village neai the museum pei- haps on the site of nn authentic Indian mound Museum or> Camp Mfo The museum building will be located hi the Mingus Greek area of the Smokies Park, ((self the site of an old Indian camp Milieu's Mill, that once stood at this point, has aheady been restored nnd 'will form part of the exhibit group The 'building will contain 10,000 to 12,000 square feet of floorspacc Inside, seven dloramai will depict the hislorlcJl develcpmcnt of the western North Carolina section Irom peaceful Tnalan Milage lite to the gradual encionchment ol pioneer settlers. iield exhibits win be established at Cades Cove, Cattaloochle, Sugar- l.mds, and Melg's Post, all in me heart of the PaA. 'Already In tile Park Service's u>l- lellon aie some priceless pieces the gmi that belonged to and reputedly was used to kill Chieftain Tsalh when he saciiflceri his life m order that his Cherokee Indian tribe might remain in then eastein home, old millstones that have been jn use foi tno cenUnics or more, dishes, trajs, ulciistft cairat out of solid wood, watersheds spinning wheels, and many other primitive and rugged Implements that reflect the atmosphere of pioneer dajs Luxora Society — Personal Mississippi County Methcdfst League illccling The members of the Lu-for.i Methodist League sere hosts to 65 members of the leagues of the Dell, Osceola, Blyllicville. Lone Oak snd Luvrn Metliodist cliurchcs in a union service Tuesdaj night Three ministers were also present the Rev. George McGchcc of Dell the Rev. Paul V. Galloway of O*cc- oia, and the Rev K B L Beaiden Jr. of Luxora. P.^lomng a song service and .1 reading by Miss Lela Bowcn. (he LUxora young people conducted a panel discussion on the subject, "The Christian Youth Attitude To- of Mii R. H. Owen Tuesday nflc'r- noon foi a program meeting. After a (levotlcnul, given by Mrs. B. w. rhoinnb, on "Bonds of Living Fcl- lOWihlp", basctl on Ephcsinns'SM- il, followed by prayer, mid R sh:il mnlncsi session presided over by Jie president,, the leader of the program, Mrs. Sue Brown ,'lntro- -luccri the topic, "New H:rlzons 'of chc Koine Mission Service" with mleicsthiE -discussing hoiud iiom Mrs. W. li. Head, Mrs. B. R. Bogiin, Mis R II. Owen and Mrs. II \v opann. TIio Benediction wns said by Mrs lilDllll A social hour' followed (ho program * * * AtlciHl Southern I'cilcviillnn of Clubs . . . . , Mr! and MI- E . \vi])iaiii Ellns nc- coinpaiiicd by Mr. Ellas' -brclher, ••led Uias, of Ciilro, -ill,, have 're- luincd fiom attending a meectlng Jf the Southern Fciterutlop of Clubs lelci at Jacksonville,' Pla.; last':Week Tlicy alsa visited olher Plorirtn points of Interest while there and envoulc home. * * t Attend Jcwi.'.l] N'civ Year J Mi and Mrs. Abe l,kcraiit and laughter. Frances, were in • Memphis Wednesday evening atteiullng the Jewish NOW Year services. KnlciUhib Trusjicrity Club •mbw-i of .the Prosperity club from Steele, M;,. and •Hlythcvlllo ittende<l the mcdthig of tliciv clii'o on last, Thursday at the liomc of Mrs..G. A. George, Uixom. After routine business had been -aid, the group engaged In n wiiocl of bridge before Ilic serving ol a salad refreshment plrtlc. * • * Mi IKK! Mrs. R, E. L. Beardcn Ji line! as (lielr guest' from Sun- iiiy to Monday afternoon. Robert \iljnuijh, a fonner clhssnuitc nt 3nke Unlverolty. who liad iciunicri from Europe viherc lie spent the summer touring the c:iitinei)t and England besides iiUciullng. ns a delcgntc from the Methcdist cluirah n AincriLa. tlio World Conference of Christian Youth at Amsterdam, Holland. Mr. Arbnugli lives nt Paragoulci. nml, os. I burning to Duke University this week. Miss Fiances Reid Biwrii wns nolorcd lo her school, alup Moim- aln ColIcBc. Blue Mounlnln, Miss,, Wvnday by hfr motlier. Mrs, Sam Uowcn. This will be Kronccs Rcid'n ophomore year. They were accom- lanicd by Mrs. Jesse Brown. Mi- S J. Smith left Tuesday v.lh her grandson, Clarence Criuv. ord f i Ms school. Columbia Military Institute, Columbia. Teiui. Mu j T. Butler, v.h'o lias been visiting her son. Rctic! ^V. Bvitler. and Mrs. BulJer in the Wood-Butler home for the past Ihrec \vecks will .return to her home at Hope Saturday. She will he niptorcd home by Mr. and Mrs. Buticr. Mrs. Kays Cowan nnri children, " Mrs Smalls mothei Williams (Over the arc Ui St „ file fall merclun York its ^lieir guests over the Mrs.-Uveranfs brother, Mr „„.„.«, Lyon; Mrs. Ljon, their daujhter Ruth, their son Herbert Lyon, and his bride of August fourth,' as they were ( ennute to their home m New York city from Los Angeles calil. wMre they had attended the wedding of th,elr son, Arthur, on Aug 3S. * % *• - Mr. and Mrs,jl,iverant and daughter' Frances, accompanie'd Mr and Mr? Michael Ljon, Mr. and Mrs Herbert Ljon, and Miss Ruth L>c» WTyronza, for aMsit with Mr. and Mp •- Lester Spiel before they left Sunday via hi. Louis for home Htve h-o|rim r Meeting • Ten,members* cf ttte Methodist MUslohary'Society met In the home Mr ' Gowan The lolloping Liixria tcuchcrs Mil be at home to (heir friends: Mfs:.- R. w. Nichols B nd Miss Sue Whlpple nl Mrs. Uallcy; Diidncy's; Miss Bob Williams, at Mr', imrt Mr^ Joe Hires: Miss Maxlnc Halstead, at. Mr. and ^Mrs. R T Sallow's, T c. Wmjfield at' Mrs George Carter's; Miss Iva Crabtree and Miss Ruth BulUch. Home Eco- for the ensuing tenn Miss Mirtha ft ill cntci fci his freshman jenf Winnc Aik \isHed 1 uvmi frlcnrts Monday, The many friends of J. r Uncle Bud Morrow v,lll reeret lo leirn that his condition shows no )m pi \emcnt He has been 111 for Ihe past two jenrs nble to be tip some every dnj until last Thuisday Mis H b L Bcnrden Jr his resumed hci expression classes, nl her home on Cmial Ureet Mr nnd Mr-i Tom Cnlli-; and son TXmmle and Mrs L«!l«h Ljuch niotoicd Miss Anlce Escuc lo hci home In Djcrsburg Tcnn Sm)ilay Miss Eseue hiicl been the house k«es( of Mrs Lstich foi ific p-ist ten dajs Mrs. Dud Shanks 1ms ns her guest her sktei Mlsa Luclle Dliwa of Memphis Thirteen b ji fiom the \ouitlonnl ngrlciilture dtiiirtmenl of the Ln\ ora high school marched In the Tri-State Fair phrndc Monday, representing the Kuturc Farmers of America. Mis Sam Int-ram Msileil her liusbiind, n piitient In Ihe Veterans hos])lla) Memphis St'ndn} Mis Chcstei C Dinchowoi \\tli BO tj Afemplils Fi'ldny after her daughter, Patricia, who has been u patient, in the Baplibt hospital for the pasl week. Mrs. j, T. Lassiter WHS accompanied to Memphis Wednesday i>y Mr. and Mrs. B. Tlnvealt rind'Mrs.' O. -Howlun for » vi.>ilt to the trl- Slnlc niir. Mis, Lasslter will visit for a lew days with Mrs. J. C Spann. Memplils, before returning to her lionie in Houston. Tex. Sue' wns a guest In Ihe hcino of Mr. c and Mrs. B. 'rhwenll and (.lie Howton-Tliwcall home while In Liisorn. Mrs. iLotiis Spumi's ilaiighters Mra. R. L,. Cox nnd dnuglilcr, Gladys • Lee, of Bouo, MJss. and Mrs. BllEs Ynncey cf Hughes, ArV:.. liaVe retiirned home alter a visil of two weeks with her Mrs. R, W. -Nichols spent the' weekend In St. Louis with Mr Nichols, ' ] Mr. and Mrs, w. iiardeccey and Hor? thin week Includo Miss Mar j C Cook Sr Miss tva Co^Xe^Mrs (William Tl,wea{t Mrs R c BrV nut. Mrs Julia Owen Mrs John flmeatl Mrs Ed Lucas of Sfepli ens. Ark Mrs J H Sims of -it Petersburg Pla MI and Mrs R W Butler Mrs J i Btitlei R T Bailew ind Mrs Amia 1( , m PORTALEslTM~(UpT-At least on e bird his learned there s some good to be found in this machine aee. Farmers near here repoil n hawk wheels a short distance RUOVI. tlieii triciors and pounce? upon ti-ouml iqulucls rabbits and field mice tnrnpd out of then bmrous b\ the plonshoie . j Of Steele Succumbs ^;. Mo., St^t, U. - Mrs. Bessie .Trtyls; wife 'of J. A. Travis, W?d ijtthe' Missouri .state-hospital at farinihgtoh la t* yesterday 'afternoon -loliowlng, -a lengthy Illness. She was 47. ; ; ', ....,-.,-...',« -Bteele, she was the daughter of 'Mrs..'-Emma Bovi'en anu'the lute G. (i. Bow'eh. Piin'efSl rites will He'conducted Friday aflefnoon,- 2:30-o'clcck at the -Steele Methodist church with tlic /pastor, the Rev. H. s. Holley, assisted by :thc Rev; p. Gaincs, pastor of Pol-iageville;. the Hcv. J. W, Cunninehan), pastor at Caruth- 5"fi>vllle- and the Rev G R Ellis pastor at- Korncrsvllle. \Burlal wllj be mjdc at ^lount felon ceuieterj Besides her husband and mother. Mrs Travis Ik -survived by foui «HIS G G Joe and Ooync linvls cf Steele and Bowen Taivis of Luxort; German Undertaking Company Is In charge Everj 1000 pounds cf se^ walci carries nboUt 27 pounds of com man salfc tn solution CHILLS AND FEVER Were'* Relief From Malaria! 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