The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 9, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 9, 1931
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVII—NO. 279 BtVTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI IIOIrlE EDITION uiyttioviiie courier, B.ythevllle Daily Ne'vs, m VTHIPVII i r.< \IH'\V<;A<? Mnvn\v I-I-HPII MJV a nvn Hlythevlllejjeraid, Mississippi Valley Uader. lilj ' _'.'„.„__!'' 1A '' '' '-""UAH' •>< 1!) ' il SINGLE COPIES FIVE jOENTa ' escue Ten From Floating Ice Charges Dropped Hundreds of Men at Work Daily on Red Cross Public Work Program. Clearing of trees and undergrowth from 42 miles of Drainage District 17 ditches had been completed by Red Cross beneficiaries in tile Chickasawba district of Mississippi county Saturday niyht. Last week sruv more men at work and faster progress than any proceeding week, and if the weather i this week continues fair It is .;si : mated that the 50-mile murk will "Miss Turkey" lo Visil U. S. ilG.LITHE ThreeMen > INSESFIO) 60 Horses j ranim; HIClll *\.« u T^« i Ul LlllJillU liluli Die In F«e; unmrT nil i flur UN lit Wife of Bank Head, Long . in Failing Health, Succumbs at Hotel. Last rites will to conducted at '.he First Presbyterian church at 3 c'ckck [Ills afternoon for Mrs I Litlc, executive vl&e-presiden! i the First National bank. 1 Mrs. Little succumbed suddenly I at her home at the Hotel Noble last night at 10 o'clock. She had OAKLAND. Gill., l' - Cb. 9 (UP)— A foui th bcdy, a man who -tad been burned beyond recognition, was found today by firemen in the coolins; ruins of the Oakland horse] show stable. ! Coast Guardsmen and Fisb-i crmcMi They Went Rescue -Reach Land. to P1NEHURST, N. Y., Feb. 8 (UP) —Seven coast guardsmen and three fishermen wlso had drifted on nn OAKLAND. Cal.. Feb. 0 IUPJ—! Three men, porsibly iliore, and W) horses valued at more than S1CO.- 000 were burned to death here Kettle secoy Little, wife of A. c. ^lesh^ 1™ ^eTSaS ^ ««* "> ^ ™* *»« ^ of used to house entries of the Oik- land horse show. Three human bodies hove been recovered and firemen believed. at least three more would be found ovc. b?en in .falling health for a number of niontlrs. Although she had be passed. The district 150 miles of ditches. , - — - ~. „. In addition six crews have start- marines will not stand trial (or his' Generally considered critical. Gen. Smcdlcy Butler of the U. a.' Drcil confined to her bed for scv- tla -' s ller condition was not in parte of the smoking ruins not sufficiently cooled this morning to iillow searchers to work. ed work on the district's ditches in the Osceola. district of the county, attack upon Mussolini in speech at Philadelphia. Secretary Kcv. Roric to OfficJate The Rev. P. Q. Rorie, pastor of near Etowah, and some 'work has °' Navy Adams withdrew the order! »'«. First Methodist church, of been done on Drainage District. 1G j im a <™>'t '".ardal after the gen- j which Mrs- Little was a member. 1 cral • had' said he Was sorry ho I « l!l caused the government embarrass- men'.. CflLL OFF T ditches west of Big Lake. 20,000 Hours Last Week The ditch clearing work and other activities have largely removed Red Cross beneficiaries in the Chickasauba district from the class of recipients of charity. All able bodied men whose families lire de- I pendent upon the Red Cross arc ! earning their- food allowances. Las. I week approximately 20,000 man hours of work was put. in on the District 17 ditches alone, while oth- j er men were employed at the Red | Cross woodyard and on the city streets. Besides this crews have - be'ert-engagE-J- ca- county void work in the Clear Lake district, and on various public jobs at Dell, Manila and Leachvllle. A recent check shows that over 2,600 families are now receiving help from the Red Cross in tin Chlckisawba district. In tr.c Osceola district the total is much lari;- j United Press learned today, er. approaching the 5.COO mark. I; The president on Saturday officiate nt the services. He assisted by the Rev. Marsh First ' M. Callaway. pastor of (he Presbyterian church. The following men will serve as active pallbearers: Joe Isaacs, John i Snyder, Judge Zal B. Harrison, T. J. .Mahaii, VI .D. Gravelte and C. ' M. Buck Members of the Blythe- j vllte Bar association will act as honorary pall bearers. Interment, will be at Elmwood j cemetery. Funeral plans are in obb Undertaking Caruthersville is estimated that the' average family contains from five to six members. The relief program here continues to consist chiefly of the issuance of food orders, although some clothing is also being given. Issuance of feed of any kind has been r\cr r 1 charge of (he Col Marine Officer Expresses! company. r> ~\ IT- r I 1 Native of Ca ACgret . and Is rreedj -.Before her mama ge Mrs. Llti'J! - \Afi-tU i P „,.,'„, 1 ; was Mb s Het'ie Secoy of Caruth- Wltn a Keplimand. jersville, Mo. Soon after their mar- i riagc Mr. and Mis. Little moved to WASHINGTON, Feb. 0 (UP) — 1 (his city. Tluy made their home Court martial proceedings against; here for many years while Mr. LH- Major General Smcdley D. Butler; tie v;ai engaged in the practice of were dismiss'd by the direction of I law. Later they moved to their President Hoover himself, the! plantation at Half Moon, a farm"-'— "-— ' ' i ing community several miles south- In- west of this city- Several years slruckd Secretary of Navy Adams! ago Mr. Little disposed of his plan- charges against i tation holdings and became the to withdraw Butler and issue a reprimand in-1 active head of the First National stead, an authoritative source said. I bank and Mr. and Mrs. Little again Cowboy Humorist Raises Funds in Other States and Returns to Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, F«b. 9. (UP) — Will Rogers, drouth relief paigner and Internationally famoui humorist, was greeted by Arkansas today in the first of a series of benefit performances In the northwest prtipn'^oCthe state. , •^•••-•..-••i Rogers' will rhake'a tour of Arkansas after spending two weeks in Texas and Oklahoma, his home. His total receipts for Texas and Oklahoma are $172,000, Rogers having raised 582,000 in the Lone Star slate and 590,000 in Oklahoma. The cowboy Rogers during etteville this afternoon and will give a night sliov; In Fort Smith. Captain "Frank Hawks, trans-conti- nental air speed record holder, will attempts were disrupted last night a broken line, were lakcn from the ficc ioday, the const guard announced. The men were rescued by guardsmen who had set out shortly nfterj dawn to trudge some six miles! across an Ice shelf lo reach the flue. Surfman Fred Nlrscliel of the coast guard was the first man to; reach shore. He rcporled his nine' iompaiiions on the Hoe during Ihu night-were in good condition, although hungry. .The thre'e fishermen who hall been stranded on tjic Hoc sine: Saturday afternoon when. H broke Sway from the main body of Ice while Ihcy were fishing, were none Ihe worse for Iheir experience. Tiic "even guardsmen were Iclt on the ice with the fishermen when the floe was rolled by the Lake Erie current last night line connecting It ice shelf. and broke with the main wit will appear in the morning, Ftiy This action was formally announc-' mad? their home In this city. Withipilot Rogers' plane "Hell Diver." stopped pending authorization from Quant ico. Va. ed by Adams on Sunday and this; Mrs. Little in 111 health for some morning the marine general re- i time, they have made their home sumcd command of his post at| at the Hotel Noble. headquarter Two car loads of contributed supplies, one of flour from mills tu Salina, Kans., and the other of potatoes from Carbondalc, Col., hav-; been unloaded and issuance ol these on Red Cross orders has The deceased is survived by her which was loaned the humorist by the navy department for the tour. Rogers flew from Tulsa, Okla . today to northwest Arkansas after showing before a record crowd last The president decided against the. husband, her mother, Mrs. Mary = court martini of Buller after aiSeccy rf this city, two sons. Tomi,^^ w ))| c h |, a lengthy conference Saturday with' Lillie of this city and Hamilton, wiu j^o,,^. a rml t n rc ]j c f f llnd To _ !UnJor Henry Leonard, counsel for Little, Memphis attorney, and ^ ; morrow° Hawks will bring House Committee Report Fails to Reveal Irregularities in Funds. •LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 9. (UP) — The report of the house committee named to investigate payment of Will Be of Great .Benefit to Mississippi County Farmers Says Critz. The heaviest rainfall In over 'a year ended the winter drouth yss- Itrrtay and eliminated the danger that lack of moisture might interfere wllli early planting and soil preparation activities In Mis- slrjUppl county. The rnin(nil was exactly two Inches, according lo Hie official wea- . (her observer nt Ihe Chicago mill, nnd wns UK heaviest precipitation since January 8. 1930. J. E. Crilz. county agricultural ngenl. said that prolongation of the ( .lry weather experienced since the first of the year would have seriously Interfered wllh farm activities. While some moisture remained near the, 1 surface, the subsoil wns dry for many feet down. Yesterday's rain will make possible thrr Immediate plnnling- of cats and • other early crops, and will alsri benellt early gardens, beside. 1 ; help- lo insure proper soil condl- ions for later crops. LITTLE .ROCK, Feb. fl (UP)— Farmers, uruuth relief workers and RgrlcuUural officials Joined In re-. Jolcir.g (ixlny followine Uvo days of steady rainfall which should prove highly beneficial to Ihe cn- lirc stale. All fears of a second droulh were dispelled with the heavy .rains . which fell Saturday, night .'and ., continued in most portions of the ... stale yesterday. Agricultural of- ; flclnls estimated that benefit to j fanners In .the state will rufTlntov'. voted-her the most beautiful girl In Iho land. She Is coming to-,the thousands of dollars.. United States soon—and maybe clu'll inalie the Hollywooil' * ' ""' nates "talk Turkey"! road improvement district bonds bs j l;ole , n ^ _ (he state highway department uii- an( , rcleMil , s t , le lock . p Dllce der the Marllucau roac, law of 1927, not lmcovm , d ally clllc as lo snbniltted to the lower charnter today, failed to reveal any irregular- Hies as hinted on the Poor when Butler, it was learned. WASHINGTON, Feb 9, (IIP) _• of] daughter, Mrs. J. K. Garner West Helena. Ark. Sh-s is also sur-1 vl ved by four brothers, Tom und c ] | to Little Hock for two appearances. 1 ' started. Over 330 sacks nated flour were given out Saturday. Truck loads have teen sent to Manila and Leachville to be issued there. M. L. Swiliavt of Leachvilb, fnmcd RS a watermelon grower, brought a truck lead of turnips t: ' The BuUer-Musilnl Incident W Pleas Scry of this city, Byars apparently a closed chapter today i Flint. Michigan. She is also sur- with all 'figures concerned declin-; vived by seven grandchildren, ing tc give further enlightenment on the abrupt ending of the inter-; nationally famous cose. The nenci.-al court martial of i Major General Smedley D. Butler. ! . scheduled to b?2in next Monday in. Red Cross headquarters here Sat- | pi liIad e! P hia. was called off will, tirday, and these are bsmg issue:, • dramatic suddenness last night by In addition to the regular foad al- j secrelary of Navy Adams. ! lotments Ai th( , s!1|n( , tinis Ad ., m5] , vho . Continue School Lunches instituted the proceedings after: With another S500 appropriation B ..., Ie , v - b philadclplila speech concerning; Premier Mussolini of Italy,: mnde public the text of the repri-i mand administered to the veteran, marine c^rps officer. j In cancelling the court martial' from the national Red CrDss, tiu> feeding of hot lunches to 1403 chil-1 dren In Mississippi county schools will be continued until March 15. | _ There are now 16'white schools an;! I . It was reporteS that Arkansas national guard planes Mpl conduct him. to smaller cities of the stat; where flying Melds are not suitable for landing the plane. high speed navy Other cities to hear Rogers will be Hot Springs. Jonesboro and Pine Bluff. : Rogers will appear at Jonesbsro • Wednesday. Tickets for his per| formance at the Craijjhead county ' capital will be on sale at Klrby and M l .• J 'Klrby- Bell drug store. Borum's dru» aiKeling ana; t t cre and Robl nson drug store lii Acreage Reduction Will!' his dty - Proceeds fra " a » Be Program Topics. sales here work here. will be used In relief Rushing Grocery Is Robbed Sunday Night; Allan Rushlng's grocery, Main I and Seventh slreels. was enicrcd by thieves some time last night and a miscellaneous assortment of groceries and lobacco stolen. Entrant; was gained by boring a back door of tho stcrc hnd any clue as lo Ihe Identity of the intruders early this | afternoon. BC SYSTEM TO GfliiR[l!PPEIlL Governor Parnell, Jud^e ZS *•' •V2*'^-- r '*'J' "W^lj^v. tcrologlsts trial untll'SatoftMr-ra In Arkansas during the pnst three- months had been greatly below normal nnd In some sections farmers were beginning to feel - the need for water not only for crops, but tor stock and human consumption. T. n. Reid, assistant director In. charge of agriculture extension service here, Issued the following statement: "We have noti had the usual supply of rainfall and we have need i f* * *-* piy ui rumitiii BIIU ^" imvc nccu and UtherS Un|for on accumulated reserve. There i iaid $20.003 toward he resolution authorizing the probe was adopted. The report was offered by Representative. Kitchens, Columbus coun- .y, chairman of the committee, and was flled wilh liltle comment. The document set out that under the terms of the act known) ns the Martlneau- road law $53.000,000 ot the highway bonds were to b^ Issued by the state for construction of new roads, and out of the collection of gas and automobile taxes all valid road Improvement dtoicl bonds . outslnnding when the law- went into effect were to be pri:d. During the special session of 1D28 Relief Program Thurs. LITTLE ROCK, Feb. 9 (UP) — . A nation-wide appeal to be sent out over th? red and blue network of the Notional Broadcastlns system Is scheduled for Thursday nieht. R^d Cross officials at the Arkansas hendqaurters snid today. The program will be from 8:30 9 P. M., central standard time, through KTHS. Hot Springs. " | Interest In the broadcast will be Red CrOSS Medical Direct-^ stimulated by" participation of Gov,, . , ; crnor Harvey Parnell In the pro- Ol" LoinCS 1C Arkansas tO ; C vam which will be opened from Washington by Judse John Barton ! Payr.e. chairman of the American 1 Red Cross. Following Judge Payne's Study Con'ditioiis. LITTLE ROCK. Feb. , , j in cancelling tne court martial The cotton marketing outlook for; six negro schools in all parts of the Adams rave as tl'e basis for his 1531 and the cotton acreage re-1 will be subjects! b: Teacherd * edciurs county which have this feature of the drouth relief program. At a cost of two fourths cents ]>cr ned to make the (ions, supplemcntCi from patrons and denis, give all these the bon'd iisue was increased-to SI8,000.000 per year and now there are outstnndlng $57,000.000 of (h;sc highway bonds. In addition S15.- 000,000 In short term notes were sold last month to make immediately available funds for construction and to be paid off when the bonds of tlie like amount are [ he Dr. William Dekleine. Wa has been a fair amount o* mois-. ture in the top soil, but last year's drouth drained lh?. subsoil and this supply must- be replenished.. The rains should make breaking of ground for planting easier and vill be materially helpful to early crops." It was also pointed out that the rainfall will act to prevent forest fires, several' of which have broken cut recently In the state. Will Probe Bishop's Campaign Activities WASHINGTON, Feb. 9. (UP) — Activities of Bishop James Cannun. jr., in connection wllh the 1928 9 (UP)— • introductory five minute talk Gov- a?V,i:igton. crnor Parnell' will ^penk from his.- national medical director of the execm i v e mansion here and will! presidential campaign will be the American Red Cross, lodav bc«an n( j(i re E S t i lc radio audience fcr five;subject of an inquiry by the sen- a survey of health conditions of, m | nu tc$ i ate campalen funds imtstlgating The) third flve minutes of the' committee, Chairman Nye announc- the drouth stricken nrcas of Ar-| knnsas. , Dr. Dekleine arrived at Little Rock yesterday and conferred with' program will be consumed by Governor Case of Rhode Island. Governor Case will make a reply to ed today. The bishop was subjected to n lengthy Investigation last week by ccticn a Setter by Butler expressing : duction program regrjt that his "indiscreet remarks, of discussion at a meeting to Cross officials here. Today i GoverlKir 'parnell's talk rellccting! a church board which decided late r . . ... ., .1—- - ••••-, --— " I ";" t w111 dls «:ss health conditions thD understanding of the public Saturday night that charges made LOUnty Association MectlfoW^^^n^^jrill moke wlth^statejlealth Officer Or. C.; rK | ding outs!dc o( thc strickenjaCTinst him by four e!d3rs did not areas of the plight, of this and 'warrant a church trial. The church W2,COO,000 of these highway bonds outstanding January 1. 1932, according to evidence submitted to Ihe committee. j state, gathering rtata for Secretary] o{ War Hurley, returned to Little „ T ,,. .IM, Hocl . lnsl nlglit from s ,, rcvcrim .t,! iSsst Traffic Alibi Fails to Save Timei Inquiry was understood to have W. Garrison. „._ „ J ,.. a ... Colonel Campbell B. Hodges. - Q . hEr nl[ccted s .ates. President Hoover's military aide' T]l , rcn)Bnu i er O f the program covered Cannon's political p.ctlvillss who Is conrtiiclin;: a survey o, the! rfll ^ (levol(H i .„ mus ic. 1 as well ns his personal affairs. Nye did not announce wiien the new Investigation would I EVANSTOX. III.. 1 Magistrate Harry Poricr fc.?ard . what he regards as the world's best i alibi for traffic violations when j Active Trading Sends -police, Mar!«t Trend Upward Patrons and teachers coopsratinj ' with Miss Willie A. Lawson, coun- j . ty superintendent, Miss Cora Lee ' greatly u llliw _.„.„. . t - -ecn mailed lo all mer -, • . . . ---' marks have" ca"ised'"embarrassment ! Mid-South Cotton Growers Uon'^ent, 011 ^ ^ ^e^M. 1 . to "« BWWnmfnt " h ' "^ I Crowe, county hcaltri nurse, the committee in schools mothers prepare the hot' ' , ... ,,, , dred is soup or stew in their homes and , CaruthfirSVllIe Lhurch ; nfso- clfttion' In thls.terrlton'. All farm- i ers. whether members of ,fhe as; sedation or no!, will be welcome, charge. At somsi 5} P v Rnrin tn Talk af and nn attendance of several nun prepare the hot'*"• n ° n , e W .,. " , , dred is looked tor. W. 0. W. Now Located j ^ First 'Methodist church, win! m ^yjj, American Coast 1 V J D *9J* ^ c *" c 'i»'"""LCipal spe? et the, in ford Building Men's banquet of the First Metho- : WASH INGTON Feb dUt church of Carulhersvillo, Mo..;^ ' department was Thr- W. O. \V. has moved Its this evrnir.g. ! ^ . b ,< the C0 mmandsnt Place of meeting from the Elaine Ernest Jcnes will sing a solo and Wc . t r\ a , nave! station that the building at iho corner of ^^aln and members of n nuartet. C. G. Red- j s s ' British Chancellor was r:- Eccond to thc Ford building across ma n. Charles, T. Kramer. R ' from the First Presbyterian r,. Morris and Ernest Jones r '""-ch. - I mso render musical selections. Caraway on the senate floor I warned Chairman Smoot of thc M TL TI •" n ' nnance committee he would move More 1 nan i heir Share, to discharge lhat committee from Charity Patients Pay NEW YORK, Feb. 9 (UP)—Mar- Frank A Williams. Chicago, was j kets generally spurted forward to- arraigned for running past a stop •, day under tlv= impressive fhow- llght at 43 miles an hour. , in? of New York markets wheie "My wife and I", explained Will-1 prices advanced into new hljhs of Colonel Kodgcs was uncertain as j l»™f- "*™ ZT^r.hpVnt*? 1 "* ym ' to his plans for today but indlcaui J^.^^J'fht^neJeUto-j Onc stock Baln?d 15 „.,„„ and I ately me In the leg with I Wothinston should favor (her conditions prevail. CHICAGO, (UP) —Charity pa-:provldlng full cash payment unless tlcnts In clinics and hospital; tend some action on various proposals is' to pay more rather than lcs< their assured. , V ni ,tL n.,.,.. r; np just burden of expends investtgat-1 Smoot said the committee w a s > * l uln ^'aWS I me tion has revealed. ' merely marking time until the | p or Jheft of Shoes A survey of six Chicagi hospitnK' house franicd R bill satlsfaclory to • and clinics showed more than 20 : the majority of propon:nts of th;. A rC Q.h ea( ) C( ] youth was fined! "That is the test alibi I even i heard." said Magistrate Porter. I j "But," he added. "I don't b;lieve I trading was the most active sines December 17, 1930. You're fined $10 and cosis." End Ginning Season WEATHER ARKANSAS — F&lr and colder with a hard freeze tonight. Tuesday fair and not so cold. According to the otflcla! wea- j ther observer, Charles Phillip;, the minimum temperature here yesterday was 36 degrees and the .....^^j ...... „ .ww... ,.._.~ . — -t - 'V ! maximum, 63 decrees with two Th.5 Investlgatlnii of physicians publican caucus today he "would One white man entcr.jj a pica o,' since December. Only five balss | Inches of rain. On the same day . „. .,. who wished to determine whether not be a party to proposals to pass: gul'.ty t-- a cliatjc of public drunk- were ginned last week, and It Is: a year ago the ir.lnlmum temper- Charles, T. Kramer. Roscoe' por tcd ashore off Gallenas Point | the charity clinics and hospitals • all appropriation bills and then go | enncss and was fined S15. A ne- said that there Is not enough cot- > ature was ?& degrees and th« max,,,-, »«j vr,>«d i^ no wlllj,.,, tn e coast of Colombia and Injlreatcd patients who could affcrd | liotne March 4 without acting o:i ( gress stood trial on a similariton left in the fields to Justify fur-! Imum. 70 decrees; cloudy with .02 I need of assistance. | to K to a private physician, I the compensation." charge and was also fined $15. Iher operation. Inches ot mini

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