The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1930
Page 5
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THURSDAY, OCtOkER 1C, .1930 BLVTttfiVlLIiE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS •r»o eenu t word lor flrrt la- itrUoc tod CM cent • w«d lor Meti wbMqumt uaa. No (or less thin We, Count th» word* ind lead UM Pkooe SO* FOR SALE FOR SALE — Large wild pecans, IUUQ cents F. o. b. Lwwui. Ark. Pete Brown, Box 172. 11P-K21 K3R SALE—Slightly used O. M. C. truck. Lee Motor Co. MC-K17 Eat FISHER'S FROSTY NUTS—Fresh Dally. DO- tf. Al'PLES—Jnst arrived. Good grade crcluird run. Per sale cheap. Filler's, across from clly hall. 16ek31. FOR SALE—5 1-2 acre lot on paved road 2 miles south of town, also a ream, itiu 0 room house for rent cheap. 1031 Ash St. Mrs. C3. O. Tucker, Pace, Miss, 10pkl3. FOR RENT FOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main street Telephone 191 and 571. lot!. t'OR RENT—Two room house on East Cherry. Phone 888 o r 450J. 9-CK-TF FOR RENT — House, completely furnished, G rooms and bath garage and servant house. Good location. Call 505 or 678 after six 13C-K-TF FOR RENT — Light housekeeping rooms, furnished. 700 West Walnut, Phone 678. 13C-TF FOB RENT — Steam heated bed room, ad join ins bath. 603 W Main. Phone 042. HCK-Tf FOR RENT—Front bed room. Garage. 710 Chickasawba, Phone 295. 9p-k20. FOR RENT—3 unfurnished rooms to parties who will board 2 men. Sec J. W. Sisk, 111 W. Rose St. FOR RENT—My horna on South Elm St. Mrs. Ed Hardin. Phone WANTED WANTED — Family Washings '.Vashed and Ironed by competent wlilte woman. Mrs Brown 704 3- Lake St. 17ck-l: Eat FISHER'S CAKES PIES—Fresh Daily. . AND tf r AT ONCE—SOUTH AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. Pcrmanen positions; ^clerical, mechanics salesmanship; e.xj>crlence unneces sary. Salaries $25-$100 weekl; transportation furnushed. BOX 117 CHICAGO, 111. LOST AND FOUND LOST—One brown horse mule, or blue mare mule. Finde r nolif W. A. Oats store, Holland, Mo. HP-K1 LOST—Oct. 4th ladies wrist water 1 1G jewel Milos with baby pictur on crystal. Finder relurn lo Mr G. W. Titylor. Reward. 15p-ki: Eat FISHER'S BREAD--Fine fo Sandwiches. If TAKEN UP — Oclober llth. tv, mare mules, one black, right ey out; one red, weight about or pounds each. E. C. Thompson, PI: Lake. 16pk? LOST—Black leather purse betwee Steelc and Blythcville. Rewar Return to Courier. IGpklO TWO INDUSTRIES TMPROX'ET) HARRISBURG, Pa. (UP)— Th mining and textile Industries show ed general improvement on Ocl her 1. a survey of industrial coi rillions in Pennsylvania by Pet Click, State Secretary of Labor ai Industry, showed. » WERT He Makes 'Em Seej NOTICE With our recent partnership wi(h Mr. Geo. Carney, we now have ihc best equipped independent shop In town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE I'lckwick Building "We know wo know liow" PAGE PtVEi .... LAURA LOU BRPOKMAN W AUTMOPQP"PASU BOMANCE*- /,„ Ay © 1Q5O /y NEA OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheru atti.m HKHE TODAY .Atlvriifurc CH(m 4ke life of <:i:i,IA MITCHELL, IT, like, ike IrnfMH tlu< fnlkrr ftkc kai•Uuyo»f4 ili'H«l U ullve nad wrnllky. Ske lr:ivt-H Lrr unprrlrntfoiii konir JM ll:>ll!aiiirr (or it binnr IK N«MT V.irl! »l(k kcr JOHN .ill K IIKI.I,, ill ktr arlitucralle IIOUER9, ktr mnilicr, 4lvnrcrd JUKckfll nud r*« mrirrlri] fii.ri In Him a llldoWi 1IAHMOY .sllllvMIS, Timlin ur<t«- l»ii|irr vknliiKr:ipkcT, im Im lova ullh Hie girl and lirfart lrnvl«f IJjillhinirr C'rll* pruBjtiri to k« !o),,l |u M> lure, .Ullc-hrii ntka I-VT:I.V.\ PAR. SON'S, l.ruullFul wliltjiv, (a Intro* iltirc thr Klrl tti raunff |irni»le. Mri. 1'nrBDHM runftlJvri Crlhi a He-tin To i\l« Mllckrll'a affretlani nnd nun-fa. She lnvKci the fflrl lii hfr l.cnjc Inland kome for * 'vrrk-mri i ; nd 1ker« O1U m«t» Till) JUIKDAN, fn«rlnn(ta|r bai of (Jnlilmtji rknrnolrr. Blrn. I'nrxom i-hcuurnccji Ihr M/Llek, Crlla (refill Jordan rauliy o( llril hut 1i *yyn hjr kin rnmnnllc lave MmkCnK ti'Jtt-r hr kn» rt«rurd lift fro» ilruwiitna. I.IS] IMIN'CAV, torlfillr prfmil- ni lit. li:r.,nir> CVIIn'« loynl (rlpni. Will, .Mr«. l>a»on>< m»l«niura ^llti'hcll nrrnn^CK nn rliilmtAle t-.rtj In hinuir lit hl> daughter'! J^IN Ijlrlhilny. ' JiirdiLn |i«r»iiadp| rdt.i (ii Ir.ivr thr iifTHlr enrly. \\ hen Khr nrrlvrft kouic at 2 a. ul. ^Illc-hi-l] IH furliiUH nnd forbid* h^r t-rrr In KIT JurJnn nKnln. l.alcr nn n shn|i|i[nK (rtp Cclln otlrnilM |T{ ernnilinnllirr nnd the eldrrlr ivoinnn fHctiM lllNr*^ nnil druitrta fur n rcxt. CYlla rrturnji to Mr>. I'nr.ictuit' hnnir on l.iinf; l«tnnd. 'J n I Jiinlnn r.illn fn *re krr. MI'IV oo i\ WITH Tin: s'iunv CIIAITEH XXX JOHDAN took both tlio girl's ** batnls In lita. "\'ot nnsi'y nt mo., are you?" lie asked. "! couldn't reacb you by ttieuhone, Celia. What's been the matter!" "Oil. Tod—I'm so glad to sec JT.Il!" Sl:c sunl;e eagerly. Celia raised Blihitin; eyes lo meet Jordan's t:ool dark ones. Slie ivalled ei' rcctaiitly, but ho only stood there. Tlie girl drew back. "1 wanted to sco you," B!IO said. After I ferent matters. Tod's Idea o£ con< vcraatloa was whispering to Cellu how much he mtescd lier. Had Blio missed him, toot Didn't »h« know that wtcii oho turned her bead that way ho lind to Idea the pluk tip of her car? Celia garo up tlio attempt to bs lerloiii. She really did not try very hard. For days «ha hid been unhappy, and uow Jordan's netlc nearness Ecemeil tho uiiwei to all her longings. H» left tt mid. night, and Celia vent UDilaln to tho room tlnit bad been hers on her earlier visit, happier tbaa eho bad felt for days. In (ha morning slio and Evelyn had a long talk over tho breakfast table. Cells cama downstairs dressed for a morning lu tho gar- deu. Mrs. 1'arsona looked chnr'm lug and languid In morning paja mas ot champagne satin and palo green chiffon. "Oli-ho!" she said coyl? 03 C«Ha appeared. "1 can gucsa wli; you'ro looking BO happy this mom lug!" Tlio glrl'a clioeka flushed. "It's a vouclcrful juornlug," sin begau. "Isn't it! But I'm surprised Ilia you noticed It. Cells, you'ri blushing! And no wonder, with I certain young man calling lien last night!" "Mrs. Parsons, you don't think there's anylhlng wronB In my see- ow, to -never IrU!" goci with other ing Tod ouca In a while, do your* "Wrong? Why, of courso not(" "I mean becaiee ot what lattifer said. Of. course I promised I wouhln't, but It's such a mlxup— " "Sit down, Celia." Tho widow E VEIA'N PARSONS' liughter was 'a scornful trill. "My dnrllng," she Mid patronlt- njjy, "when you've llvej as long a I hare you'll nerer bellcvo pr«t- ,j epeeches like that from m«n. Ob, I won't tay that they dou't mean them—at the (line! Ne«r mind about your Carney! K«')l take caro of himself. Tho thing for you to do U enjoy yourself nnd f young men wuut to show you attentions, thank your tiara!" "I suppose you're right," agreed hesitantly. Sho did not tell Evelyn tlmt what really, worried bur was tho fact 6ho liad received only one letter from liarney Shields. Tliero woro tlmca when Tod Jordan, for nil Ills fascination, paled In Importance to the youth lu Baltimore. That afternoon »ho went to her room, wroto n long Idler to liar- ney and walked to tho postbox at tlie corner of the drive and mailed It Tho days at Larchwood passed pleasantly, Often Eho and Mrs. Parsons drove to tho country club 'r>r lea, or later la the evening Evelyn enjoyed her bridge and Celia danced or amused lersclf with the younger crowd. Llal Duncan cams for her on wo separata afternoons and they rovo to the beach. Cella's father adopted the habit f driving to Larchwood two or hrec evenings each week. Occa- Invented excuse, ot course. She would havo tlm luiioh pnckcil. nlr-li up tho u-o men and call for Collii »t four o'clock. • "Hut father's coining ilown to- nlslit!" M:o gir| said. Hill liolillug the telephone anil turning lo Mrs. Parsons. "Wlist'll 1 dot" "Oh, vn cnn man a BO tlmt. Him along. I'll tell him you're having dinner with friends, il will bo nil rliht." /~"El,!A Iiitornictl I.lsl nlic would ^ bo waiting nt four. They set off gaily. List was In holiday spirits, and lo prove tho poluI dio was attired tn. flowing white linen trousers, n blue shirt arid whlto beret. Celia woro HIT favorite yellow tennis ilrcs.s, n rnl nnd onute scarf about her curls. "You must believe get homo tho other evening—after tho parfy—father nnd 1 bad a terrible scene. He was furious be- caiiso I came home so late." "I see. So that's why you wouldn't answer tho telephone?" "I didn't know you called. Nobody told me." "H'm. Well, then you really aren't angry at me?" Celia shook lier head negatively, entiling, with lowered nycs. The Binile Eaiil plainer than words that Ceiia Mitchell was far from displeased. Mrs. Parsons had wltlidrasvn, leaving tlio pair alone. Celia and JorJan sat on tho flivaii. It Eccmcil natural for Tod':; arms to slip around the girl. A minute later his kisses were on her : llps and on her cheeks. Celia experienced that quick, sluirp ecstasy she always felt lu Jordan's embrace. Slie ted meant to talk lo him seriously. • • • T)UT reasoning with herself and " talking t> Tv4 ---=ro two dif- archcd her brows, Indicating that Iho maid was coming and would overhear. Celia drew out a chair, seated herself and began lo nibble a hunch of grapes. After Hilda had brought tho muffins and disappeared. Evelyn said: "My dear, I thought we went over all that. There'sJust a trivial misunderstanding on your falber'a part. He'll come around all right as soon as I've talked to him." "Then you haven't said anything yet?" "How could IT The poor man lias been so upset with your grand mother 111 nnd getting her awa; to tlio country and trying to ad just—cr—strained relations. I'n sure you see It wouldn't have been wise." "Xo-o, f suppose not. Only won'l be really settled In my mini until father knows Tod and admit ho was wrong." The younger girl broke a niu! fin and buttered It, "There's on thing that worries me. You se Barney—remember, I told you about htm? Well, he Isn't going with any other girls. It doesn't seem quite right for mo to let Tod crime to see mo when I know bow hard Barney Is worklns and never having any fun." "How aro sou so Euro ot thatr "Why, ho toJU mj -o. And any- bandanna fashion. Slic nml Jordan rofln In tlio rninblo Beat. I.lsl drovo the car, her precious Uh-liy »t her sltle. "Where tiro wo EolngT" Cclta askcj. "Don't know. Some place I.tsl likes. Lord—sun's liol, Isn't It?" "I don't inlml." They reached tho picnic silo, a wooJcJ hill overlooking a wldo ralloy. "Very pastoral!" Jordan com- menU'il. "Sorry, l.lBl. but I'm not the rustic type." Celia passed sandwiches nnd poured coffee from bottle. Dicky, not thermos bo Bup- lonally ho arrived In lima for Inner, Eomellmea later. Ho ncemed drawn by ths home-Ilka stmos- 'here of the place. On these eve- linns Evelyn Parsons always, spent a Ifltle moro time at her dressing ,ablo. When tho three of them wcro together Evelyn found frequent op- jortunlties for showing her nffec- :lon for Mil. Blio praised tlio Irl conslrmtly. At anch.'times John Mitchell looked pleased. Tod Jordan called oflcn. Sometimes lie drove down In the afternoon. It illil not seem strange to Celia that Jordan never was hampered by business ties. In this new world men and women Ixjth lived leisurely. No one sbo knew seemed (o work eicept her father. As the days slipped by she began to take a new Interest In Jordan. Cella's changed nlllluJo was not lost on Evelyn Parsons. With Infinite pains ami care Mrs. Parsons was setting tlio stage for her trl- nmpk. On .1 Snturtlny morning Llsl nr- rmiged a picnic. U was to tako place tlmt afternoon. By a mlr- nclo Dicky Ciiruthers was oblo to get away from town, and Celia and Jordnu were to join them. Lisl had wheedled from her father per- mliTlon to drive the coupe—on an pressed, talked about tlio new piny. •Tho lunch was excellcnl—he- cause, as I.lsl said, she hail had nolbiiiK to do with U nnd bought It'all at a delicatessen shop. When the last crumb of cako lincl disappeared they burned the paper: anil packages. Celta anil Jordan wainlercd up the hill to look nt the sunset. The man's mood had Improved. "Like this kid stuff—picnics," ha said, "don't you, honey?" "I.ovo 'em." "And somebody loves you, tool" .Thc-y rejoined l.lsl anil Carnlh- ers. Desk had fnllen when tho quartet sinned homeward. Gradually tho sky darkened. It was wonderlul rlillng through the darkness, but Cella's wits wcro at'work. Iltr.v was she lo uvolil u clash with her father? Mitchell must not ECO Tod Jordan. She would liavc to find a way lo dlsinisi Tod. Possibly her father would have relumed to (own. No, that was not likely. They had nearly reached Larchwood now. Cclla would havo been aniaicd at tho Bccno ou the ver.amla there. Krclyn, pale and lovely' In "tlie moonlight, lenncil attalnst n plllnr. DO use Birr M wee Be A wHo wria -fHis PUBLIC OR A HAS A LAM M'AVBE To His PIC-TORE 15 QLJI&t' MlMPS HIS OWM THAI* Purfs KIM Heft M GRCrfe-SfRA . WE7JeS' ib KWOUJ WHAT" v ti PLAVS BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A U!G HELI By Martin John Mitchell stood beside her. Ho' hent his head, lib eyes meeting hers earnestly. "Evelyn," John Mitchell's voice camo unsteadily, "you know what I'.vo been wanting to tell you!" . (To llfl Conllmipin A'ew York Cotton HIGHWAY PROBLEMS STUDIED and as her husband forced her to men's Christian Temperance Union PITSBURGH, (UP)—The Society j live with them she wanted :i di-lwill be held here, October 17 to 21. NEW YORK, Oct. 16. Cotton closed steady. Open Kirn Low Oct. old 1032 Oct. new 1027 1028 1011 Dec. old 1043 1053 1032 Dec. new 1049 1053 1032 Jim. o!d 1062 1062 1046 Jan. new 1062 1065 1046 liar 1082 1087 1058 May 1101 1108 1039 ... July .... 1122 1121 1108 1108 Spots quiet at 1020, off 20. New Orleans Cotton (UP) — Close 1016 1011 1032 1032 1046 1046 1068 of Automotive Engineers will pay larllcular heed to the problems ol maintenance and supervision at :heir coming national transportation meeting her.;, Oct. 22, 23 nnd 24, according to an announcement NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 1C. (UP) —Coltoa closed steady. Open High Low Close Oct 1030 lOlOb Bee 1047 1054 1034 1034 Jan 10S3 10C6 104C 1047 Mar 1080 1086 1068 1068 May .... 1102 1106 1088 1088 July .... 1122 1126 1108 1108 Spots steady at 1010. off 13. PLATE LUNCH 20c Sandwiches and Fountain Service WRIGHT'S FIVE-AXU-TEN CENT STOKE —Auto Parts—i Why Pay More? JACKSON AUTO PARTS Main at 21st C»U Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing | n Incoms Tax. Bookkeeping Syslems Phone 52 BIdg. Blythevllle, Ark Kead Courier News Want Aos. vorcc, she said In a petition filed The speaking list Includes Dr. Ella here. The divorce wa.s granted. SILK TASSELS 1'OI'ULAR LONDON. (UP)-^Silk tnssels in colors are latcst tlml e for Boole, national president of the organization. MTNNEAPOLIS t Minn. -<UP> — Scvcnly-nlne members ol the Uni. verslty of Minnesota faculty are tnriav Thn utiiHv will hp mnrip in ;modern funiilurc in f __ . todaj. The studj will be made In ^ ^ ^ madc ^ ^ ^ ^ . M jn .. wl)c) . s who ., T , ]c , otn connection with recent develop- n:-?nl in highway problems. WHISPERING DIVORCE GIVEN FORT WAYNE, Ind. (UP)—Every time Mrs. Edith Stephail came near her husband's relatives they; began whispering lo each olher the color scheme of the room, and is seven more than last year, can be changed with Ihe seasons and the curtains. TENN. W. C. T. U. MEET UNIONTOWN, Pa. (UP)—The MULES SHIPPED TO INDIA HURON, S. D. (UP)—A shiph»< of Soulh Dakoln mules purchased by the British Army for service in SVSOWb vn&wr Oft CfcObt t\ NtW . ot *v If V>t~< VWOOT, 600T«> fr'.M'f WOflW\EO annual slate convention ol tlie Wo- ' India are on their way lo Karachi. ToONV 5A\D VOMD \to\o SOME or- 'EM o» vow a We J 1 il^ \<IWW\ CP,<=OftY. l.V>CE WUZ. BftWN' SOME KXCE U\_' 0 \OM6\\\ , V\HE t> hVX. SO OT FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS GGETTING H01TER AND HOTTER! Hy Blosset FOR SAI.K Complete inclcnr gcif game w^rlll S3iO—«ill !>; LDid for Ltoragc. AVas formerly located in Meyers Cotlcn OfHce building. apply GI/KNCOE HOTKI, T-BONE STEAKS THE BEST IN TOWN 50c. Good Coffee TOM'S CAFE 103 N. Second Sf. I'honc 17 V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up ind deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rales on carload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-93! OUK PRKMIUM is s°ods lo suit your laslc antf the best workmanship. We deliver promptly. You pay for what you gel and ^ct what you p.iy for. BlylhcvlIIc Upholstery & Repair Shop J. H. JcnWns, Mgr Fhone 4G9 117 S. hi. St. see; vaHAT oioTue TELL TWEhft TV AT FOR ? MCLS C«-S(A HAS PICKED UP FARBAR'S AMD BUT IS STlU. BEHIND lUfiY To TWE RESCUE.... HE3 COiW-WS EVERY BE 6LAD R)B "itoO To/i_oon,iF IT'S TWO OF OS AGE OOT TO 66T "THIS RJ6CKLeS DEAD Ofi'>\-Ng...TM' LA.ST Of HIM UG THIS VWAY... GUESS \JE' A Looii IHTO O.V- BfrMCrt To TUS VAUCy of MEM ..... REASON TO SQUAWK V \ V-OOW •WOOOICO.ITS THAT 60V OF t OO -r».l!G WITH BOX,' t w\^\l TUfeT WA.5 IT ! If HE WAO, orr HANDS f,V4D O\JT MOUSE NEW TIES 6.MO COur SOX BSLfOPE

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