The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1949
Page 10
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PAOB TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 10,1349 Local Option Vote Set MARSHALL, Ark., May 10—W—A local liquor option election Is sched- uled In Scnrcy County, now legally dry. County JudKc Z. V. Ferguson set Ihe clpcllon for May 27 after ac- cpptinfi petitions., requesting a ' 'st. SAVE S 174.50 on this Cooleralor Freezer Tliis 15 cubic fool "Family Si/.c" Coolrriilor l-'rco/.i-r . has 'been used less I ban :i(l (lays and is really :is jti>«<l as new. The regular price, $li)i).i>0—now only ¥:!2f>. It's your cliance In |)ick up a bargain. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Phone 551 Blythcvillc New Homes Line Holly Street OUTSIDE HOUSE PAINT Gal. Yes, <licil's right! Nnw, fur only ?5.1"i per gallon, ynu cnii buy uulsulc House I'ainl Hiiaraiileed l» he lop ([utility. So when you plan li> piiinl your htnue, t>c sure lo sec Ilic pitinl that promises hislin;; homily ... at this aniiv/.int; hnv price, ('nine lo Huiil's I'aiut Store, always, for expert |),iiulinj; .service. Deal s Paint Store 109 E. Main Phone 4469 Attached Garage Best on Small Lot Built-on Structure Gives Rambling Effect to House —Courier News 1'holo Among (lie new houses constructed recently on Holly Street arc tliese four In Uie 1SOO block. At fnr left is the Monroe Grain home at 1524 Holly. Next arc the homrs of W. H. O'Keefe. 1520 Holly anti Ben W. Harpole, 1514 Holly. At rinht is the Rassell Biuigh home. Radioactive Iortlne-131. which Is being trie.; for treatment of can- ! cer of the thyroid gland, loses half Us radiating |>owcr In eight days. Appliance Wiring In Advance Cuts Costs in Future Because many post-war purchasers of small homos dirt not need garages, builders saved costs by eliminating them. Now thai automobiles have at; a in become nvn liable, these new home-owners require car shelter. I Questions tnnsl often asked sue whore the parage should be lo- catcfl; what material should be used for its construction; an ' whether a fully-enclosed structure Is ncc- c.ssiuy or whether a car-port will suifire. If the plot is small but has side yard l:ti «c rnouj>h (o moot Incal '/.oiling lnw tc't|uii'emeiils, the Rnr- ;IRC slioultS lie attached to the By build)np it of tlip same niHlerml an ( [ of i tec turn] rie.slRii. and garage will form a pleasing m\il. The al- 1 ached, fully-enclosed garage gives a rambling effect to the small house and uses a minimum of valuable yard space, A Sonu driveway to a garage in the roar takes up about \G'',, of a 50'xlUO' ploi; if ihr sarnie is near the frrtnl of ihr house within l!t) or 25 feet of the street, only 4 r ,'v of [ \ yard is .sacrificed. I j Jj) atta<-hinjr a parapc to the [ hou^p, dn not let it extend forward i ;ui iher than tlie front of the house ' ii:-icK. Mine pleasing archileotural j Allhnngh a ffimlly may not purchase [it one time all the electrhrsit | equipment wanted, such as vasher, ironcr and simitar nniLs, considerable money win be saved if nt the time of consideration- the house is adequately wired f" r possible future needs, says the ConnU'uction Ue- ]-(-h Bureau, New York clearing house for building information. The future cost of the circuit for an fiutomnilr washer might ho as much as SI00 greater, due to the extra labor and redecorating expense. Heavy-duty circuits are needed for wnshrr. dryer, troncr and w:Uer- hcatrr. while additional circuits should br provided for such np- phanc-es ns gArbngc disposal unit, wall clock, ventilating fan, hand iron, toaster and hot plate. Plan- nine this wiring in advance is true economy. Bank Bandit Suspect's. Trial Reset for May 24 MKMPHIS. Mny 10. OT 1 !-—A 15-day i ami nuance wa^ granted yesterday in the tri'-il of John ?hiseiiR Anderson, of St. Louis. 27. on -state cliiirccs of bunk robbery. AtulerMin,already has been senl- enced to 2U years in prison and fin, , , cd 55.000 bv a Federal Court on ' lines arc achieved if H is set back I, rnni ',, P _ihat ho participated aJinut « feet so that a job is formed in Ulp M3i00fl ,. obbcry of tt Memphis Applications For 8 Building Permits Filed Eight buildinp permit applications placed ou file during the past week in the office of City Knuinccr Joe Carney listed an estimated. $15,55(1 ij) planned residential construction and remodeling. Applications were placed on file by; R. A, and Gladys Ellis, for a three-bedroom ranch type frame residence In Country Club Drive Addition; estimated cost Sfi.OOU. Henry Humphries, for a private garage in the rear of 819 West Main: estimated cost. $400. L. F. Hodges, for a four and onc- iialf' room frame residence r al J104 Holly; estimated cost. $1.800. S. T. Freeman, to add t\vo rooms to a house in Pride Addition; estimated cost, 51.500. R.A. Wilson, for a five-room frame residence in Brawlcy Addition; estimated cost. 53,000. W. M, Wallace, for a frame par- ape in the roar of lf>09 West Walnut; estimated cost, $4on, Lloyd V. Wise, to convert, a npc mid \ house, into a three room residence in the rear of 101)3 Chicka.sawba Avenue; estimated cost. $700, Andred and Apple HilK for a four- room frame residence in Patterson Addition; estimated cost, S 1,750. Courier News Want Ads WASHABLE WALLPAPER with DREXEl FIXTURES by CRANE Easy Terms and (tie ravage is not unduly prominent. Any attached carnce should be buik \vilh a view to firp-satety. especially as regards the wall ;uijoln- iui; the dwelling. M<xsl bniJdci.s meet this rrqiiirement t>,\' Installing full- thick batts and blankets of fireproof mineral wool in.sulattrm in vai'aue walls and rnoT. Should a fire break out, the flames will be hr!d back jmm an hour <o an hour ' and a half. Kurthermore, the in• ^illation will protect the living quar- uns from a a,ild garage. bank Feb. 8 The trial \va.s re-set for May 24. Clyde Mi!ton Johnson, who wns wounded in n turn battle with FBI agents In Indianapolis last month, i.s scheduled to be IT turned here Read Courier News Want Ads, soon to facf: federal charge,? in the case. ONE OF TODAY $ GREAT BUYS IN PAINT! Thinking about the bathroom for your new or remodeled home? Then focus your attention on this beautiful Crane Drexel Group. You'll like the harmon^ing panel ilesi£n—the gleaming whiic, casy-to-clean surfaces—• (he styling thai spells bathroom comfort, convenience—the Tetrt- /rie faucets of sparkling chromium with Dt\if-cse finger tip controls. us about this beautiful bathroom group today. "Pete" THE PLUMBER If)!) North 1st I'hone 2731 For every budget Decorate your rooms wilh Wards Washable Wallpaper. It's so easy to keep clean . ; . slays fresh-looking longer, tool Soiled spots wash off in a jiffy v/ilh mile! soap and water. Sunshine won't dull or streak, [or these papers ore Eadeproof ioo! A pattern for avary room in your home . i . priced to suit youl 42 C Singlt roll Buy For Ui» at Wardt Today THE GRAMS COMPANY OSCEOIA Phone 521 \|nrta Phon. 30751 IT LOOKS LIKE A NEW HOUSE' And it will stay looking new . . . season after season. Here's beauty iliat prolcm—lias cxua hiding |xnvcr — longer lilc. ONKKOATT covers any previously painted surface easily — tjiiiikly ;mil cronomii .illy. Give your home a "new" look uxkiy — I'cc Ccc ONEROATT will do the jobl $6.55 I HARDWARE CO. I nc FAMOUS... SHCKWIH-WILLIAMS COMMONWEALTH RED EXTRA RICH! iXJRA PROTECTIVE FOR BARNS AN!) OUT-BUILDINGS! Economy... that's the number 1 reason for buying SAV Commonwealth Red! H'» not just the low, low price. Commonwealth is n ch.impi'on in durability! Once you've used this super-quality paint.. .you save through the years .. . realizing the benefit* of the lonR-lasting good looks and unbeatable protective qualities. Compare it with any other red utility paint you can findl WATER IS FREE! BUILDER'S SUPPLY, Co., Ire Building Service and Supp/,ies W. H. Pease 111 South J. Wilson Henr Blvlhevillo Wherever you find it, water is free, Deep in a ,\ve!l or out of the sea. Get all you want wherever you go,— Read the simple directions below. Tut a barrel under the spout. Collect the rain the clouds give out; But watch for wiggler and bacillus,— Some bugs are almost sure lo kill us. Melt yourself a pan of snow! (It's a crystal form of H20) Or just apply a little heat To frost or ice or hail or sleet! ])ig a hole both deep and round, That's where lots of water's found. Pumps are needed, so are tanks,— You pay for them with more than thanks I Put muddy water in a kettle, Leave it for the mud to settle. Kvcn the water in the sewer Is ninety-nine one hundredths pure! Kuild a dam across a creek And do it well so it won't leak. Then lay a pipe. (The cost ain't hay: Be sure to get a right of way.) Wring the water from a blanket of { fog! Strain the tadpoles out of a bog! Gel up earlv and gather dew! Sprinkle a cloud with C02! ' With a bucket you can bring All you want from pond or spring. Two hundred trips or so a day Are really fun when you don't pay! Your water works adds this last line: Delivery is where we shine! We can't sell water because it's free,— We sell only PRESSURE and PURITY! BLYTHEVILLE WATER CO "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity"

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